The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 12, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1899
Page 1
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Page 1 article text (OCR)

i The Daily Pioneer-Times. hYEAK- DlJAim'OOI), S. I). (BLACK HILLS), W LI ) N LSI ) A II LV FIVE CENTS. 0 -0 00 00 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 X M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Oiler the Following' Unruard i-t i'e-c'UL'ti'. ns r ricr? f r rii's witk, all illV :r.(i Seasonable Goods. Children's Hats and Bonnnts at 10c, 16c and 25c each, worth trout 25c to $1 each, r.nd thnt is what you have to pay for the same things elsewhere. All the latest Children's Hats in Straw and Muslin at 50 to 75c worth from $1,00 to $1.75 Each. Special Reductions in Shirt Waists and Skirts. 100 Summer Corsets at 20c each, value 50a. Cheek Nainsook fit 5c por yard, 200 piecps French Ginghams Brundburget Cloths at 10c .er yard. 20 piecesCold Sctines at 10c per yard, value 25c irish Lawn and Crepon at 6c'per yard. 50 doz Children' t8t black Hose, sizes 5 to 9- at 10c per pair. W. J. Werthheimer & Bro. Officers of the First South Dakota. . ' I int ii i ,..,.(,, i 1 1 , i. , , . I oo onflo on r oo no r. oo oo o B- SUri,l":,: " " I.. v - ' ' ' ' vi ,: . , li. M.,j,,; u ,.- ,, - Fj,, Lll . ,, , ,,, , , t 'Mi0 A. II. I!.im r . mi:u.,ii. i-h ..,:-, i- ,! ., , , I ' i ; - ;, . . T . j !.. I'ull. i , f ',i :i , .,i : i ('aii;, r A ' ; .' M ix Tin-: i:i: ah i: wk Sqdiscink, "D I hi- 1 1 : l in lh. i . -r i i 1 1 ,,'!.. i ' - i,i nihi'.' i ' ! :i. , i, !.n ii i i ,ii i I 1 1 1 1 , :, 1 1 i! . - , i ,i '"impany L, l.i, uii-iianl I'. I). Sin I lmi. -..m, ,,t. I'. I.i.-iit. :..u: I. E I'", r. ,. i:i I-: l.i. ,: ..n- ; . ,,. ,, , li Com pant- I: '.I l '. .I j I William M. I:in -1 1 1 : 1 1 C.nii.iii I I mini ii I. ,.,.,l. u .- WALL PAPER! ML PIPER! epany H Caj.i.,io '.. II. Iln.-r m.i:- i'..m..i:v K. 1 . , . i m- K. I" V mi- e , ;.Hi, M i'i,:; iii ; ,i, , .. . , - - g n'ompaiiy K. i :i (jij- i. K. K. )ii;r,-i,i-. ( ,,n,:,ny i; Inn: p. mi u M ;- k. 1 1 ,;i m- i;. I.i.m.: ;; . r. ,-,. , .. 5 'mpany I) ikill,., ii, ac-ljonl; I.I.- : am l-'.ank W. lams inii,n,y .1 in a,ii.,ni; l.i. u:, n., : i-; ,i -., . ,; :,.; . , 5 'max M. XI. '.. C, iihr!. Coni,:i:i . . r.i.i,ini . H'l Srsfi uiv ' II l.nni. nam K. ;. iiiitii.i..ii . i.i.i-. . ... . -.11 C "mi J Q. A. lia,fj;. Company I.. I.Hi.I, Itunl I. I.. I!n:-li,;, I ,,i:.;...iiv XI I .i, li I , n.i n I K K lla.tki: I", :n;,i,y i: l.i, m, S C i..i i, ,: i v ,- . S i LAW IN FORCE SECRETARY IS IGNORED :::: :,r::r;.:::r , lull six .ll-atll!.. an, I lii !. an- .. - !.,i,- that 111.- 5 o ii,, in ..tin ,i I,- v.. . !,..- h.:- i-fiillv put C n ; t-. ii..i..:h r "Some Omee her n arrow kitchen walls Stretched away Int o stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially Inrlted to aee them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your house. Remember Chat my store Is headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last fiin Troops En Route to DdViilldil 3UUIdllSl!i Vlk'UIIUUb. , I In- , i ,, .ih-a-l ul i 3 :.M'Nic. ......ana. ju.y ... ,-ia..- The President Ignores Alger .,- '.,..,,,.,., I v..M,niays ...,.,-ti , ,. .... ..-ana,, Completely at Cabinet 'r" "'; . ''"""'v, 1 The liutTiils f!f c ciiiiiilt-i, ly loutt-.l. Meeting. "' 'h" lllv,"lh- ; iis -"l'lf l n 5 q iii a tair way fur sin pricing nvt-rylMxIy q Murderer Gives Himself Up. u"" ,;s "'"p,lt- Murderer Gives Himself Up. sreupine to Enforce the Law longer than any paint made. Oom in and get color and atndy color affects. Tho Old Reliable Drut, (JHAY. W. Va . Julyl 1 1. Spft ial .- Kli is Hatfield, who was wanted for the munler of an otflter. gave himself up at Kings More Elevator Capacity. I'M Miners are Armed and AWMdl'R. July II -Special Three new elevators are to be erected in Armour this The Secretary of War Is the First to Leave the Meeting. Deadwood,S.D. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. fy Resist Further 5 ton today, and was taken to the Hunt ington jail. Hatfield Is confident that hi summer to help lake care of the immense dxrunjTJxrmnnrtnririxLriAJvnr crop which now promises to be the largest Interference. will be acquitted on the grounds of sell defense. in the history of Douglas ami Charles Mix counties. With the exception of two days about three weeks ago the weather so A Million in Gold Dust. f'GTON, July ii.ser.- The SEATTLE. July 11. Special. The Tiir AHnrninnii niTinim nainl re proceeding to the steamer Queen arrived today from Alaska f Strict, British Columbia, o with a million dollars in sold and three WASHINGTON. July 1 1. -Special Secretary Alger was the first to leave the cabinet meeting today, which is sometbiiig unprecedented since the beginning of ,he Spanish war. Other m mbc-rs of 'he cabinet remained for some time talking wiih the president. It is statt-l that the president did not ink Secretary Alger a singl" (pies: ion con " CMdin Hen laws. The far this season ha-t been uniformly favorable for all crops. Krom recent rains the ground is now well filled with moisture and the prospects are that the it heat crop will be harvested without further serious injury from drouth. Corn is making a splendid growth and the grass crop is fine. o hundred and fifty passengers. I1 tT rmed ia& in an W the continued Canadian .. E Wth their operationa, and tlnxwt certain if the Can- nc MmcmuHii ha i iuhal bAHlv Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 Return For the Summer. r" r om the avowed tt cerning the process of the war, or con-icrning hi department, and this is also unprecedented. Secretary Alger seems to I), c. Holey and wife, and son. llliam. fI 1 aliens to abandon their arrited ill the city Monday morning, and nun, j,, Negro Appointee Declines. MONTGOMERV, Ala.. July 11. Special. -The president a few days atm apimint .-1 Jack Bishop (colored I postmaster at White Oak. Bishop knew the acceptance of the office would breed trouble, and promptly declined the appointment. o ' Knocked Out By Anti-Trust. FORT WORTH. Tex.. July 11 Special. - be completely Ignored and ostraelael. will spend the summer here. Mrs. Boley o- However, his intimate friends declare th it had been in Chicago since last Christmas aiien at Skagwav. he will not resign except by request. at her home, and Mr. Holey went back -""r ll.-Speclal. The and joined her several months ago. Wil ..::i Itnby has been attending the Col ' '""'"Mmen is here to No Hopes for Democracy. WASHINGTON. July 11 Special Sen All orado s:aie school of mines. ai olden the ,. : inter, and Intends to go back the Four insurance companns hate unman n Branches of Banking: Business Transacted, I B bannnctnH by tl ator Morgan, of Alabama, an ardent dem.i- in - from the state of Texas on account of ta "-inerce of Skagway, Dur- first of the coming September. He it tak irat and silver -ih;i. believes thai no radi anti-trust leglslatio-i of the last session the a. cal candidal, an extreme i nitio: m. an of the legislature. ing the full mining course, and has three years aheatl of him. He says the school h.i.- an attendance of two hundred, and , oppwed to the cessioi DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana. Porto Rltta. territory to Can- -o Battle Ship Inwa Laid Up. Africa, England, Franca, Car any ana all Parta af tha Vorla. at I be elf-eti his party to the presi dent y next year. : O Big Sale of Cattle. EIK POINT. S. U.. July 11. Special. is doing a great work, altho but about nineteen out of the two hundred ever get 3"l Cuban Anneuati thru, most of them dropping out after ion 4 COLLECTIONS ataaa carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish monev at Reanonahia year or two. Colorado people, he says, are . SEATTLE. Julyl 1 1. Special. The bat tleehlp Iowa will e deiayetl at Tort orchard dry dock for two we,ks or more until two of her furnaces have been replaced. They had become seriously out "I repair, and were discovered only by a ,i- beginning to regard the Black Hills as a ni "irney ha. Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers likely field for Investment, and he beard a great deal" of favorable mention of this responsibility or collaterals, Thomaj Walker, of Burbank. sold yesterday to a Chicago firm 4.",T head of steers for $42,360. They have been fed since October, and average about 1,400 pounds. They were shipped today in two trains, and have the right of way. ( queatloo of Lr cob. tc section while he was at Golden. Colorado deot. when the engine crew was making -tt.Wd. He be ! Will -1.. disthvotivelt the fine) Inspection. offers very little for investors now. except it be to immense syndicates, with millions annexation behind them, and capitalists are begin o George Schlosser's Plans. Individual! 8IOUX FALLS. July 11. Special. George Accounts of Banks, Corporations and solicited. Crops Doing tVell. ' SIOUX CITY, July 11 Special Miracles have been worked In the fields of this northwest during the paat week or ten days, and everybody who has been out ning to cast about them for other opportunities. What It was that was attracting them to the Black Hills he did not know. He did not hear anything of the phono- BchkMSer ha devised a plan by which tb South Dakota regiment can be mus- Ground. ' tnj f-Two Brtt- W 0,4 PUrP of Inter, n,. -V wpplle. in the Oorio pondenoe Xx-7toL. teiWout at home and at the same time the boy. can receive the extra allowance thru the country onnp m t" " - lite excitement, as he did not have the opportunity. He was In the wrong part of the state to learn anything of the opera the tonlshlng tales of progress among earlier Sections which during DIRECTORS: C ADAMS. JOHN TREBEH. . which ther would get by a muster out in Saa Francisco. He would have them Drought home and given a three month' furlough voder pay. The extra par would amount to practically the. aama thing a the extra travel allowance granted, them at the coast. HARRIS FRANKLIN, PraaMert. BEN BAEN, Vice PraeMenJ. tions that had been begun In the phono-lite of this region, but he knew that .several .Colorado aoea had been ap this way, and that they ere giving favorable reports of what they had seen. weeks had little In the way of promise for the husbandman are now exhibiting such assurances of bounteous yield as nothing but future calamity ean defeat. Up to .dale the- has been practically in i Week. . ,; i,"' th report """fkrtli decremM SELBIE, Oashtotw i r "i nrnnrnrvvirsTnnrrnr thvijuu

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