The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 10, 1898 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1898
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7. DEAD WOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, MaROU 10, I6VS. I'RICE FIVE WLTT8 VOL, 22. SO. 19. ed that there uever ha been a mlntug suit In the country where lh around the .:;;:i:5 industry WAR IS INEVITABLE, LEE IS HOT RECALLED. D. AUD D. SHELTER DESTROYED BY FIR! recommend to coogreM that sups b taken to end the war In Cuba at once; that if Spain will not submit to the friendly office of thla country a an arbitrator, other measure be adopted at once. Senator Chandler introduced a resolution Instructing the sen at naval com mlttee, that when Investigating the causes of the Maine disaster, to seed for any persons or documents needed to assist In arriving at a lust conclusion, Indicating that a thorough Investigation will be made by the senate. Caught on Furnace Floor from Overturning of a Pot of Bed Hot Slag:. -Loss over $200,' 00; Covered by Insurance. At li.-ilf punt two o'clock this morning the Dead wood nnd IMinvuri- unif ltiug plant, in the Firat ward, this city, ir. light lir' lv the ovt'rturuiutf of a large pot of molten hif, and wu burned to the ground. I'orciium Jan. MryerM, who was on duty at the time, informed ti reiorter of the Pioneer-Times that the tdrig pot overturned and th red-hot liquid completely enveloped 'he water Hand, on the furnare floor, igniting the wood work iiiHianlly. What little wood work there was about the plant wum as dry as powder and In a very short time tin flames had enveloped the furnuce floor nnd shot up ptnirn to the feeding room. It was as much as the employed in this departmen could do to escape with their lives, losing their clothing. 1'ort man Meyers started the pumps instantly and got a Htrotig Ktreaiu on but it wu impossible tc check the Humes. The entire pluut was destroyed, together with the trestles of the Elkhora and It. & M. companies, and a p nmber of tars of supplies. Ir. Cai'in nter, manager of the company, though in a crippled condition from nn Injury received a few days ago, wat mm hi utxiu the ground and directed the work of sav ing equipment from the laboratory and office and taking rare of the books. lie informs us that the Ions in about $230,000 and Ihat it i full covered by insurance. He could not say s het her or not the plant w ill be rebuilt, but it is probable it will be. This is a serious calamity to the D. and D company and to the city. About 400 men are thrown cut of employment. Rami "trip has been goue over mot thor mghly CONCENTRATES. Ttie Laiton ground, on Ulackta'l. whK h is owned by Uu. Oberg, John CUncey and associates, Is looking good The ground is situated on the -pposit side of the gulch from the American Expcea group and the owners uellev they have the ore shoots of that prop erty. They are taking out a fair grade ot ore and expect to commence ship ping about the 20th Inst Tiie Bangs Uros, who have a lease ou the Yar.koe'Boy group, at Carbonate camp, have struck a Due ledge or ore of a very fair grade. They have already about a carload on the dump and will commence shipping to the Kansas City smelter In a shorttlme. The or will average about $6 in lu metal val ue and carries from 15 to 60 per cent lead. John Mclaughlin was lu from Car bonate camp yesterday. John Is sinking a shaft on the Dlackbtrd gruuud. The shaft Is 62 feel deep at present and has reached a flu looking gouge mat ter. This assays as high as $1.40 pr ton. When Is reached th formation will be developed by a system ot tunnels and drift. Frank L. Laugaa and Jaa. It Hall, of Minneapolis, who hav been her several days looking after their Interest in mining properties), left for their home last evening. Mr. Langan will return to Dead wood next Tuesday. Al Holmes, foreman of th Rua mine, W down from Squaw Creek enjoying a short vacation whll th ngln and air fan ar being put In at the mine. Al seya the property la looking gooL. O. P. (Jack) Stewart 1 In th city. Jack haa been out In th Bear Qulch country developing his ground "'and says things ar looking ' good over there. He will go down In th South ern Hill for a short ttm and will return to Bear Oulch to pursue extensive work. Frank Bryant Is In from Carbonato. Frank says th owner of ground In that camp ar doing constderab' mors work than usual at thl tlm of th year and th ore formations ar being slowly but surely opened up. John Clamaon, who baa spent nearly th past year In hard work upon a group of claims In Hornblende, th new free-milling camp, near Rochfsrd, la In town. He say the camp la looking very promising and h xpct to see a number ot bonansa opened there this oason. The tututng Industry In lh Black Hill district la In better condition than ever before. There ar doubtless mors miner employed and more work being don than at any other period in our history. The mine ar producing a greater number of ton of or every II hour than ever and th output In gold la materially larger. The Hills ar gradually approachlrg a mot prosperous era, whan outsld capital will be offered In abundance for Investment Eastern people who hav been skeptical about our resources and declined to even Investigate promising propositions are opening their cyea to the fact that no mining district In the world offers greater promise of safe and large rtturns on Investments. Thla ta absolutely true. Some of the owners of property hold their prlc too high but as a rule ground can be bought even In the most promising districts st price comparatively cheap. In thla vicinity to 110,000 a claim 1 not much of a prlcetor ground. Only a f year aga some of th beat ground In the Ruby Basin and Bald Mountain dls trlcta sold for a few hundred dollars claim. Now It Is worth way up Into the thousands. The comparative cheap neas of developing .mining and treatment, In thl section enter largely Into an Investment W hav learned, after year of ex pensive experimenting, th geology of th country, th depth of th ore for matlona and how to open them. It I now a simple business proposition, and th coat of reaching th or can be fig ured almost to a dollar. Those who hav com In her during recant yeaia hav th- benefit and advantage ot this knowleog and experience which It haa taken us year to learn. There la mora capital enlisted In th development ot property In thl district than over before and we ar awakening ta a new Uf of great activity In the m'nlng In dustry. PUBLISH MY LETTER So That Women May Know Wher to Find Relief. Such la the request ot Mr. U M. Haynes, Springfield, Ma (General delivery.) A part of Mrs. Haynes' Utter reads as follows: I wrot to you In May, lt7;I waa about to r glv It up, tor I 1 I had the beat J j J four doctor la f In th city aad f? they could not car m. My X disease was .V fy n male weakness. I vf'fXI had bevj troubled with It for It year. Four and a half bottles of Pe-ra-na cured me, I hop all suffering women will tak P-ru-na. I know It will cur other also. I cannot oral F-ru-na enough." Bear la mind that female weakness I pelvic catarrh, to which women ar peculiarly liable, and front which few ar entirely exempt Pe-ra-na wur catarrh wherever located. "Health and Beauty," a hook devoted to th phase of catarrh peculiar to wonMa, wlfl he sent tree by The Fe-ra-aa Drag Mannfactarlng Company, Colas&cs, O. Court of Inquiry has Completed the Investigation and Shows Spanish Treachery. Drownson of the Navy Goes to England to Buy Warship. England with Us. Washington, March 8 Special: A' list the commission of Inquiry appoint id to Investigate the cause of the Maine disaster, bus complete I It in-' estimation and w ill soou submit Its leport uud lludliiK. Stenographer iluise, wbu ha charge uf the testimo-1 y taken before the board, it now In Washington, and while he duet not d's-i lone any of the fact, he says that war with Spain cannot be averted. TO UL'Y WARSHIPS. Commander llruwtison, of the navy, .as been commissioned, and will sail for Kurope at once to expend u port I n f tOu.OOU.oou placed at the disposal . f the pretildi'iit by congress to bo used fur national defense. A council of the leading naval ulllclals was held this liornlng and with the advice and content uf the president, Commander ilrowusuu was commlsslouJ to ?o i.b-oud and purchase warship. His instructions are to buy for cosh, the liest there is to be had. This move I regarded as the mont significant step this country ha taken i-luce the war spirit ha developed. ENGLAND IS WITH US. Sir Julian I'uuuct-fort, the Drill., embassador, accompanied by Secretary of Slate Sherman, called at the Wh'le House this morning and were Irame llately received by the president. It is ;iva out that Sir Julian conveyed to :he president, In no unequivocal term, the approval and support of the Urlll-h j.-overument lu the present controversy with Spain. The visit of the Hrltl-h Ambassador to the White IIojjo sprea ! rapidly to all quarters of the city and reated tUo wildest enthusiasm and omment. PATRIOTIC CONUUKSSMEN. The Cannon bill appropriating fifty million dollar to be used by 'be president for defenses, passed the bouse by unanimous vote and was the .tccaslon of many patriotic spewhes and tte wildest enthusiasm of the galleries, vhlch were pin ked. Congressman C. F. Cochran o? Mlii-nourl said: "This Is a notice to all nation, that while we are a peaceful nation, we are ready for war when It is necessary to protect our rights and otic 'lonor or avenge the death of American ritlzelis." Congressman R. Z. Linwy, 3f North Carolina, suld during the course of it remark In favor of the bill: "! would io God that 1 could think thl i a peace 'neasure, but 1 feur the time Is not In .he distant future U at we ihi'l hear ,he booming of cannon." Congressman Mann, of Illinois, said-"The passage of this bill do not men ihat war Is coming; It Is already here." While there was a very strong under urrent of feellnk among the congressmen, there were no extravagant outbursts such as characterized the recent speech of Senator Mason of Illlaol In the senate. The cublnet remained In session one hour longer than usual this morning. The situation was discussed In all Its phases. After the session the cabinet, officer gave It out that a. fair had taken a more pacific turn. SPAIN CAPTURED ESTHER. Havana. March 8-Speclal: Wo'J has Just been received here 'hat tho Spanish guntxkat, Ardllla. has captured In the Inlet near Casllda on the south coait of Cuba, the American jchooi ?r Esther, from Edenton, North Carolina, bound fr Jamaca. The Captain of the Esther, when questioned, said that h'.n rudder was broken and he had put In for repair. No further details coul. be learned. If the statement of the captain of the Esther Is found to be true, the vessel will be liberated. The captain mado a strong protest galnt n -Moderation In Prlo. IsialvT3 Daknn Potto oo cood. Bltmtrck and Dig Hit Prop erties of Keytton Giving Satisfactory Results Hercules Comcany, of Two Bit, Preparing to Start Hoist. Harney Peak Co. John 0. Matt, aanatsr of th n . marck aad Slg Hit props-ties that are being workad under bond by John Barth. of Milwaukee,! In the city at tending to txuln matter. Mr. Matte says h Is working a foro of 24 men, two chtfu and thy ar mllllna 40 ton of or per day from th Bismarck th Ingram 4 McEachron custom 111. Th or average about 16 ner ton and thsr I a large percentage o concentrate la th or. carrlJ In the Iron. Th concentrates run 130 ner ton. A carload a week la being ahlnped to th D. and D. smelter, this city, for treatment Th ledge In the ground 1 43 fee wide at present aad give a large face for breaking ore. It la reached by a tunnel that Is 275 feet lone, tannin the ledge at a depth of 1M feet below the surface. The mill ha been running since th lth of February on thl or and 1 doing satisfactory work. HARNEY PEAK CO. Receiver L Doux, of th Hsroey Peak Tin company, ha notified th au thorities of Pennington county that h stands ready to pay th back taxes standing against th com pan when the condltlou of an order of the board of county eommlaslonar regarding cer tain rebates, I compiled with. Th taxes du by th company amount to upward of $16,000. F. P. William.-, who haa been successful beyond expectation In disposing ot th company's personal property and the machinery ha been sold at good prices and the affair ar being cleaned up quit sat isfactorily. TUB HJDRCULES COMPANY. Th Hercule company I pu::lng up a pump hous down near th creek and built a dam. A large addition I being built to Hotel Oooch, which will dou ble th hotel facilities. Fir hav been going under the bolUr th past week and th brick work la dried out An Insurance holler Inspector 1 expected here from Chicago to Inspect the hollar, aad when h haa paed upon them, th company will resume sink Ing the shaft Mr. Harris Inform us that he haa ad vice from Chicago to effect that the Ant lssu of 200,000 shares of th stock haa all been subscribed and th company has decided to lssu a second series of (0,000 shales at 15 cant a lhar. Thl 1 on of th most prom Islng compantea In the district CONCENTRATES. Jaa. Hlldreth left Saturday vnlng for Bland, New Mexloo, to worn for J. 0. Merrill, of Montana, who operated at th Snowstorm property, la Neva a gulch, a year ago. Mr. Merrill and aa-eoclatea hav purchased aom promts Ing property la New Mexico. J. J. MoLaurtn, who ha a bond on th New Eldorado group, belonging to the Smith brother, near HU1 City, ha sunk a ahaft 100 feet on the ledge and expect to commence developing by a system of tunnels and drifts in a abort time. The ledge haa varied from a few Inches In width to t feet A mill teat recently made netted 1 22 per ton In gold, mostly free-milling. Wm. iDlxey, Jan. A. Ogden, M. D., and Prlc I. Patton, of Philadelphia, were arrival yesterday and expect to remain several day. They ar Interested In a proposition to wrrk th tak ing along Whltewood Creek, below Crook City and believe they have solved the problem. Manager J. D. Hardin and Harry Benedict of the Hardin and aasoctat mining companies ot Two Bit, left Chicago last erenlng for Dead wood and will arrive tomorrow. Pat Smith, who la sinking a ahaft on th Star claim, near th west side of hi group, on Two Bit haa attained depth ot about 68 feet The miner got through the porphyry and struck lime hals yesterday. Tho naUrlsi 1 more or lea mineralised and la broken wp so It can he handled by pick and shovel, without blasting. BUXTON-RIWARD CAI1 Tho damage suit In the Vnltsd Btnt court ra which th Buxton company la suing the Golden Reward for damage, ta auu in procreaa. The ease has been on trial the past four weeks constantly and haa been on of the moat vigorous ly contested case in history. The a tamers for the defense beUere they will be able to finish taklnc thalr avt dense this erenlng. Then two days will doubt lest he consumed la taking evi dence la rebuttal. One day . r more will be Xiven the attonera la Bsakin their argument to the jary and Jndg AmMoa will take up part of a day In ha charge to th iarr before fneaday of nxt week. -Every point ta th case u tteea dkaseetaa vttk th greatest ear aad preciaioa nag it may be atat Spain Demands Withdrawal of Consul Lee but the Order is Rescinded. Charges Made that he had been Hostile to Spain but are Found Groundless. Washington. Murcii 7-i"peclal: A nu;iy of excitement and the arouang of uu liitcuae war fueling was aroused thM morning by tle auuouuceuient tbul Spain hud d-tnauded Ibe mall of Couul Uuneral Lee and the withdraw al of American warhtp (rum Cuban water. '1 he'u wu no fuundatlon fur tho n port of a dinaud fur the witfi druwul of tfie buttle. Lip. A request fur recall f Gen. Lee wait received at tint hul d.'iiurtiiiuiit, but a ihurt tlni tlnTi'uftiT a communication wu rwrivwl from Minister Wuodfurd withdrawing U'u reiuut fur the recall of (ii ti. Lee. The request fur Genera1 lull's reetill was bawd upon a charge thai lien. ao had been hostile to the .-luiiiuli and opeuly tw the limuiKcuta. Further Investigation proved the charges groundless. Tho hoiirte thin afternoon punned the senate bill providing fur two additional regiments of artlll-ry. Ilila Is the suunr bill that paftxed the senate last week. Counoti, of Illinois, chairman of tli house approprlatior commute", ha preavnted a bill placing iirty million dollar at the Ul'uuaal of the premdi'iit fur Immediate expenditure In national defenae. The money 1h expelled to lie expended In buying war ablp ready equipped to fight. The Con not bill wait the outcome of conference between the admlulatratlou leader held at the White House early this murnliig. Thl art la considered a splendid vote of cuulldence congress haa In the president, ahowiiig that the executive and a majority of congress ace In full accord; and clearly forebode early and decisive action against Spain. I'ltlii'ARINU FOR WAR. Lieut Robertson is receiving encouragement beyond his utmost expecta tion In the organization of his co n pany of volunteers to go to th war. It Is now thought be will have .o form several companies. Lieu. Robertson lost evening received the following tel cgrain from 8pearflh where upward of 60 stalwart young men have been prom led. Spearflsh, March 8, 1898. Lieutenant Robertson, Recruiting Offl cer, B. A M. passenger depot, Dead wood Referring to our conversation- tolay have the promise of several jecruits from here. There Is plenty of hay and straw here In the valley. Wire hw much you will need. You will cot need any straw for Spearnsh lecrults. J. I MURPHY. such sale, then the present older of things wli! continue; but It a majority vote against such sale, then no perm't ran be granted. The vote one year ago was pretty decisive fur license, and the friend of that principle and method ct regulation would probably not be dl turbed if another vote 1 taken Still, Aberdeen has a large and earnest no- license element which always has and i-SJi today poll a good-sized vot-j. Many years ago tho city actually carried fo- prohibition. The content between the opposing forces, therefore, would not be altogether a jug-handled ,1tr, but on the contrary would aid to give the coming election additional splc) to that which a content for the offices will a-f ford. 6ETTIN6 READY FOR WAR. Washington, March 9 Special: Wi talk has been less vigorous to lay than for several days past and affairs are more pacific though preparations for defense goes merrily on. There Is more of a feeling that the affair may be nettled without an appeal (o arms though It all depends upon thj report of the board of Inquiry and now far Spain will recede from the lofty post tlon taken. At the morning hour of th senate, the Cannon house bill appropriating fifty million dollars to be expanded by the president In defenses, was passed without debate. Seventy-six senators voted In favor of the blil and no. against It, all the senators present voted. Commander Brownsou sailed for Eu rope from New York In the after- Boon to purchase war-ships. Th president Is preparing a stronr. Cuban Intervention message to be sent to congress at an early day. II bat al ready completed the first draft of the message which ha been submitted to ud approved by Secretary Sherman. It Is understood that th president will ens uCTohj Both the method and retnlts wheal Sjrup of Figs is taken It Is blaaarat and refreshing to the taste, aad at gently yet promptly on the Kidney liver aad Bowel, oleansaa tb tyw-tern tffaatually, dispell oolis, nttJ-aohee and fevers and curt batltasl constipation. Synip of Figs Is tbo only remedy of its kiod ate? trf dooad, plsasiDg to the taste aaa as-oeptable to the stomach, nronpt lit lu action and truly beneficial u He aff oota, prepared onlr from the naoet healthy ana agreeable aubata-vxta, I its nanyexoolient qnalitiea commend 1 to all and have mad it the most popular reroody known. rJyrup of Figs is for seat in M wtftit bottles by all landing drtf -fists. Any reliable drarst ws) rosy nt hav it on hand wiU pro ore It promptly for any oca who wlaheato try it Do not aooept aj anbeUtata?' aurczzu n3 trzv? ax $40 fKAHOmO, J 'UU tt. aw resist Th on cent stamp ta out In all Its Is a genuine grsen and sho Ud be popular with the Irish, . CONCENTRATES. Dr. Rothermel, th mining vxpert, has devoted lh past week or tsn daya to prospecting In th lower portion of th Two Bit district H haa dlscov red a quarry of fin marbl whr block a large a three feet la width and several feet In length can b takta out He also discovered deposits of mineral alnt In five colors, as fin a quality as can be found anywhere. C. E. McIIugb, th Two Bit mlnr,re turned on Monday from the east He started on the 2nd Inst for New York but waa recalled from Chicago, by tel graph, Informing him of the strloua llluse of hi child. Mr. McHugh says hs haa organised two strong mining companies, vis: the Boston and lilac Hills and th New York and Black Hills, each company owning a group of valuable claim la th Two Bit district A contract ha been let for a fine f 000 hoisting plant by ons of th oota panle and xtnalv development work will be don by both compn! THIS IS PERSONAL. The facilities of th mechanical da pejiment of the Honest rime 'is well Illustrated by the amount of work being handled at the present tlm and th ease with which It la dona Th regular Issue of the Dally and Weekly, are gotten out on time, and th type la set for another dally and weekly. In the Job rooms a finely Illustrated 41 page edition, 8,000 copies, of th Mining Review la nesting completion; type la being set for a fifty page history of the Black Hills; a It page Illustrated catalogue, 1 under way; as.OOO show tickets, hangera and programs ar being printed and In addition to this a large amount of commercial and mining work la being turned out every day and yet such ar th facilities of theofflcethat cards, raffle tlckti,toare printed "while you wait" It has taken years ot time, hard work and the Investment of over flz.OOg to put the plant where It la, but w have an Institution hat la a credit to the Black Hill and In advance of very other Industrial enterprl front a comparative point of view. We have the type, K& presses, the machinery, the stock aad th skilled workmen. The mechanical department la conducted under union rules, by union tner, who are paid union wage In cash every week, and th spend It AT HOMJB like lords. Ws Co ths printing tor the Homcstixe, the Horaesho and Ooldso Reward Mining oompnni, all the beet lawyers of the city and a considerable amount for other printers who are Judges ot that class of work. If yon ar sending east for your work a trial order might Induce you to hav It done at noma, tt you ar a patron ot any Black UUi newspaper office, we dont want work, they can do. They art doing what thty can to build up their respective oonuna nltles, making thetnayslve hoars howl. Ing "Patronlas Horn Indostrlsa" U.7 your benefit and are entitled to your patronage as well as gratitude, NOW IS THH TIMS To purify yir blood with Hood's Can aaparllla. March, April. May are tne trying montls of the year. At this sea oa your bl'iod Is loaded with Imparl ties which aava accumulated during th winter, and the unit be Immediately npellsd. Hood's Bar-aaparllla la ths On True Blood Purify-ef. It Is ths medicine which has accomplished many thousands tt remarkable cur ot all blood diseases. It la what ths millions taks la th spring to build up health and ward off aicka. Th Cuban war Is costing Ipata t:V 000,000 a year, tt Is a good thing for th army contractor. Doa't fcl tie trft3 c;-l-j at A, The house committee on rivers and arbors voted not to report a rive' harbor appropriation bill thla season. The committee was of the opinion that all the available funds should be expended In war-ships and coast defends NO APPROPRIATION. The county commissioners were In session yesterday pursuant to adjourn ment to that date from last week, for the purpose of acting upon the pro posed appropriation for an exhibit a. the Omaha exposition. They remain ed In session all day adjusting tax mat ters, etc., but not one of the committee put In an appearance. It was just as well that they did not, however, for tho commissioners had looked up the law carefully and found they could not under any circumstances appropriate money for such a purpose. Section 1605 of the compiled laws of 1S87 des ignate as embezzlement the using of county funds by any official fcr any purpose whatever of this nature, ani makes a violation punishable by a fine of twice the amount of money so used and Imprisonment for a term from one to twenty years. WYOMING PEOPLE LYNCH THREE. Rock Springs. Wyo.. March 8 Val entine Hoy' friend have caugnt and lynched three of the murderers of Hoy. The men lynched are L. J. Johnson, a man named Memet and a third whose name cannot be learned. Some days ago Johnson, who was a cowboy era ployed on Hoy's ranch near here, shot and killed a boy named Willie Strong for a trivial causa. He escaped and joined some of "Butch" Cassady's out law. Hoy joined a posse which went In pursuit They came upon Johnson and two others In Ladore canon when a fight occurred In which Hoy was killed. The outlaws were, however, surrounded In the canon and finally captured and lynched. Detail of the af fair were meagre. The killing of Hoy, who was a prom inent man, haa stirred up the authorities of Colorado, Wyoming anJ Utah and It is now proposed to send the com blned military of the three s'aies. II necessary, against the Cassady gang, which occupies as almost Impregnable fortres. known a "Robber' Roost." near Vernal, Utah. ROBBER ROUNDUP. Governor Adam of Colorado, Gov ernor Richard of Wyoming and Ocv-ernor Well of Utah, have agreed to ro-operate In exterminating the Holc- In-the-Wall gen of outlaws. The special reason for co-operation la the present location of this gang of desperado at point lx mile from the Wyoming line and about twenty miles from the Intersection of th Colorado, Wyoming and Utah line. A murderer In any one of the three state escape Into one of the others to escape arrest, and I taken ears of oy the gang. Th Immediate cause of this governor's alliance Is the killing at Brown's Park, at th head of Ladore canyon, of a ranchman by the name of Hoy, by Pat Johnson. This Johnson Is the man who also killed Willie Strong a short time ago, and has been an outlaw and fugitive from justlco since he murdered a man at Thompson's Springs, Idaho, six years ago. A dispatch from Vernal, Utah, re port the arrival and jailing of two of the Ave men engaged in a wholesale cattle stealing. The two arrested are Tom Meggeraon and Tom King, other wise known a "Tex." The dlspateii ays this gang have no connection with the Robbers' Roost gang that killed Hoy. It would seem that nothing short of organised posse from each of these state combined will be sufficient to cop with these gang of cattle thieve and murderer. It I to bo hoped that the escapees from Lawrence county jail may b rounded up with the balance and not brought back for trial. Prfotion In Quality (?m finr 'tlta3Vw Li V U nor:s I 1 i i SUFFERING ALASKANS' Tho following letter was received J' terday: Dyea, Alaska, Feb. 22, 1898 By way of entertainment for the past week we have had three dance, forty man to one woman. At Sheep Camp three men were caught stealing and tried by a c immlt- tee of thirty men. They were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Two then pleaded guilty and said the thh 1 party was Innocent, as he was working for them and did not know the goods were stolen, so one was released. About this time one of the other two commenced to run, and a the crowd pursued him and were about to capture him with the rope, be turned around and shot himself, falling to the ground dead. The sentence of th third man was then commuted to fifty lashes with a heavy rope, and after twenty-nine were applied, the man being nearly dead from the whipping, they were persuaded to Hop. Th victim wa bleeding badly, and his back swollen and black and blue. His hands were tied behind him And a placard tied to his breast saying: "Thief, Pas Him Hy." He was then marched down to Dyea and paraded around befor th 3.000 or 4,000 people there. Th next day he returned to Sheep Camp, cured the body of hi partner and put It on a handsled, and pulled hlra alone, as no one would assist him, back to Dyea, fourteen mile, wher be burled him. FOUR OR FIVE DYING DAfLT. The water I ery bad her and make everyone alrk. Th beer is worse home-made and very oor. The whisky la also home-made, vary xpen lve and warranted to kill at forty rods There Is a great deal of sickness, both on the Dyea and Skaguay trail an average of four to five people dying dally from colds, exposure, freeslng. pneumo nla and over thirty cases of spinal men Ingltls. All proved fatal, caused by exposure. The winter her ha been very severe th put three weeks. No one has been able to travel, anl the past week ha been so severe hat few ventured out even for a few moment. We have had no mall for fifteen day and when It come In people wilt stand In line all day to get up to th Jeltverv window. EIGHT OUT OF TEN DISCOURAGED Eight out of every ten Klondlkert 1 have talked with are badly discouraged and many are turning back. Two trn coming out from Dawson were froien to death yesterday after reach Ing this side of th summit They were supposed to hav considerable monejr on them In th shape of draft It Is a great pity to spend a year or so In the Interior, and, after making a fortune, die within a few mile of reaching the coast People are sick all along Ui lln. with every disease known except th gout. It Is almost Impossible to get freight enough here, as th steamer capacity I Insufficient, a a result of which th town 1 always out of something. Sometime It I fresh meat for a week or so, and th past ten day th tore have all been out of flour. There are plenty of restaurant and bunk house. Th poatofflc haa been out of tamp for three weeks. VERT HARD PROPOSITION. At th present Urn thsr art twenty PH 41ffrnt kind ot boat Utwatrn JLvlutc Krw Seattle and her loaded with freight and passengers. You hav probably read In th paper that th nam way over Chllkoot paaa wu finished and carrying freight Thla la not so. and It will not be finished for two or three month j. Th merchant are nit do Ing muck business, a most people se cur tbelr outfit befor leav'r.g the coast Th restaurants do aoiu business, but thsr I not much doing I-the saloons, as people hav vsry little money to spend. Th mora I ?e of th country th mora I am convinced that Alaska la a vary hard proposition. Yet tber ar many chance bar for men of mmna, but It la a poor plac tvr working men, as thsr ar hundred her Idle In all branch of trad. DEADWOOD DEVELOPMENT CO. President Zlpp, of the Dead wood De velopment company, Inform n that work la going along atadlly at th shaft on lower Two Bit gulch. Lang ft Co.. who had th contract lo sink th abaft gav It up Tuesday aad quit work. Kocer Dlppo hav taken th contract to sink to quarUit and wlli commence work today. Mr. Z'PP be Hevea th quarUit will be reached In from 10 to IS feet Th ahaft la lbO feet deep at present and th material 1 a bat, which la highly mlneralLed, be ing red as the mineral paint substance of the Two Bit district Th shale car ries a little free-gold, specimens having been found wherj speck of metallic gold are visible to the naked eye The Indication are moat promising. Is Striae esSs it U N MntMMl'SUM im lr SkrMf wans IM rKTiMi ( Uxaal tS tans mm I, ka kA Tfc kM I always th I sfciM'! rJ naa mmn tot I I -III 1 r T 2 f ? 1 W a-S Fit eis ms pum eniiums Afr IMMl Saa aaaMl (TO. i.artntitM.,Mm. Job printing In th Ploneer-Tlmea Job department la being turned or daily ol a quality nerer befor don in th Black Hill. The Improved machi nery, new type added preaeea, ete., n able as to do more and better work thar. over befor, qnlckly and promptly giving splsn did aatlsfactlon to nil i wria, i 4

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