The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 29, 1900 · Page 20
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 20

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1900
Page 20
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it is not bonded. I would uoi ! hut i-oreman. I. a. I :i the lllack liilis Is ofteu a v. ,itn a bond, but 1 signed an agree i.i-nt. to put my properly in with the c.a. and 1 am prepared to deliver the dods. 1 am getting u trood price for r. and b-iieve I would bo dv-iii.; the ,vi. e thing to b-t .-.nine one el - go A New i. George K. i;.i. put In as form. Kaolin day . near Cuslrr. man m wn. . that lU ii., i. . . i. , Jeu'eison, Lincoln and Bryan, while . life laU. lie wishes to he understood hy his iliioilshout the HWl.s that le-i ; l:i'e tlie:r fealty to him, ami ., a,, i the ne t. .Oil whi h his i.j. ,.-.i'. ,iti ii,,' to - ast the nti':in:i of is not likely that either would be the choice. Rather would some dark horse have- the best of the argument. There will bo some excellent sena-tin lal tiinlir in tlie legislature it. i ll ami plenty of it about the capital I tiite,! States Senator Kyle wa.. tir.-t i , -,! v 1 1 r i a iiienilier of the .- tale torpid or i: . i troubles may i,.i ellicicitt ii,.- , ,, liver iron. i i nous, yet that will not be likely to Keep them from becoming popular. Sadness is what the people seem to want in songs of to day. 0 Mrs. Do I. isle, an amateur actress oi Boston, has brought suil ngait.M ;. il-i n. ilolo-'i-1 for improperly ch.:ii;iii lev ;., c Mr-. He l.i.-le adtn.t . I, had two wi inkier, whi h not only at I : I. it,. I I. ' tl ' lull . i'l.! I'd cl' ! ' I I t and look after it 111 the meantiim I. the .'ion:.' hi - I, :!...! ' ..It ItlUe to Mil mii tin ,11.1 lit: I I unt:l t While tl,. I' I tu!--paid f 1: was si, in losins 'In;, is a pre, 'I ait o: ,'l t I pi ic, fiil, r.i tl.-y .1., II, i -ion. . i n 1 1 ' i . i on en lie- 'Alii' , out in an, I Ii dcr a com; , tv.. Ill roil. . DM II or (h 1. , an aliirniiti 1 ir ii to to pl.iy le i ;i'.:e t t.iit. In her 1 1 1: .: 11. ,-. uiuler iit inr.iht follow. t .. t ll llll.'l' he I loll. 1.11 p.'ll! (tin l::il h iv,- a , at all die. (J. i. 1 i luira, ter. St us- or .are-; a whole ; lit i ,i. u a1, ; ',1 We; e 1,,. ,,, '. i n il le- would .tinpa, ' Ii '.. h a'-tn, 1,-Wl piltv1 O.Ille till' I, I'l'' li-a re-litell w u - r 1 1 f 1 that , II - ever phi i'l to lll.ll'!: y he went t, and a -i,. ,1 him to li. ho- In- tend o! a -.-.I t In -r si..- am 1 1 : . : i ! : . a --.I t In -r size and . I - bite t ;i ..v . tin- be t III, ,1. II. 1 1 Kt ,: 1 -our; I h I'll, and eu.p.inv will u ! i . 1 1 ) 1 1 i . ; i ,.' in the . olillt ry be! 3ich, Warm, riealte y Hood :, Sarsapai ilia. . i , . . I the t, l.l f.'IHI ihi.: ; . , I i , le . , t i i a in tal' , that anil Ihu.' i: . ii y ,.)i lit' i i - not li!;. 1 v to h linn- u h n he takes hold at i In,- of he. first le ts of ni in , I;.-, pinu' will be to o'i.-t , lit insuraii e commission and a i. pii'li an. This office in.- .- in' l'i-ri e. Il.'i.ll I th,- tiU t h it li- iiH a-, elite I their po-itions by two larg, -ears. As to the merits of th- cas- i! is not piop-r at. this Inn- to : p. ai. Hut it mil t le .-aid that sympathy i .i..t iiIIdlo tie r w ith the lady in th- as,-. 'I he nuestion wlnth.-r the f.-at li. - moulder drilled when be should hav- i. lasted, o. excavated when h-. hoiild hav..- lill-.l in. does uot cut' i I he I.,' 111- I'l, 111 '1 V -. ' .1! in-.' ..I,, e la. , o; - r h, li .: cms. h 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 l.-.n. ami oi. luaa . an-l oil athart i do. . not i in ry a law salary, but a siinl il'.il of .-eil i on-ii-'e goes with it. It is p i ' pi : t"d that the of!i- .-h.ia been offfercd to Ivlitor C- -I. Mc- il'l, a'. ,1 Tie tills. kV.V t i' I It I play th ii I ;! ly tin- ruin : Tim wculi i largely on tl 11,111 hie I'm: l( i ll ;!1 ' Ii mi a has ) ' recently. Th the .sub tail' tal i- o il I.. i 'l'lii- l:.-ini:ii opened in ii anil sti on :' i was i imm.. i. clay ,'ippnn is appeared. 1.' lam's ii " is nut .lumped I. II I. 1 1 I - 1 out t -ii lis- li t a ml I In- ' I.eoil of Aberdeen and the governor-(lect is very anxious that he should accept. Mr. McLeod was receiver of tne Aberdeen land office under rl'ea dent Harrison and has prime qualifications for almost any public position. ( . S. Swcnson of Sioux Falls, chairman ol the Minnehaha . ounty committee for the three past campaigns. in i !. r-K-Jt.! Tope. s. I; ; a In at s lo he very ii.- . t i ti his, and idiicy f or -tales senate, l-alher hied Ii is i a n.hilaey for I Vol' Blood Humors Il d jesn't n.ake an di'.wr- ;ie whether yu believe in the modern theory a:ij speak of the causes of c;:;-asesas referable to gerrr.s, mi,-r.tbes cr bacilli, or whether you u.;e the cli -r and better understood ter mi of "humors" and t'ni 'I l.a ilin in another anil was :i, , IV To rem to till. it. to (1.. i. ' '. liin.ii :,.i i, i..,p :d njiiayiii ' I mail, 'i iciu.d ps .... I I t V he lniires.--e.i villi o, M i . (lanible. M r. not in i lloyt . :'ii. I ' t ' nit th - Well :t h lei "blood d!:e-r 's " Hood's Sarsapa-rilla cures them ail. It cures scr.jfuh. salt rheum or eczema. c iMrrti, rheumatism, malaria and all o'h-T blood poisons; nervous troubles, debility and that tired fee'ir.i; (i.l.l into the iiui'stion. Nature intended . very human being to have but on-t;o e. 1' awards the face aci ording lo its nil.- or whim and with that a mortal should be content. It is iinfoitun ate if the countenance is painful to oneself or to the beholder, but thai affli Hon should be borne. The si;ht of the less fortunate may inspire pity. Iml th" effort to interfere with things as they are cannot inspire sympathy or encouragement. 0 East End Grop. Mose Kaufman, the well kr.own Sioux Falls Brewer, left for his horn-Tuesday night after spending several days In the vicinity of Dead wood looking after his mining interests. He is the owner of the Fast Fnd group of claims, in Lost Camp gulch, near dale na, and is getting ready to apply for a patent to the ground. He has held the claims for over a year, and lin:-liad considerable work done upon them. The property is sliovvin-; up well, and Mr. Kaufman is highly satisfied with bis investment Mr. Kaufman vi.-ite.l D-adwood in August, lS!i'.i. at the institution of '!;-FJIks lodge in this ily. and i' wa.. : to pro! ill , Unit. For ' ' ' HI i- t it i-ff.-.-t : air ill'- llllire This is not m-rsly modern theory; it Wrti.i ti& I.":. I.- i. a -oo,l i . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i . 1 1 1 For nan-.- veins he kept the republican ha li i s ees-ins", and to him more llinn any oilier iml I v iiliinl may he at-tiilmt.-il republican reverses in this State Durin;; the lato campaign Mr. 1 .',i I. made fifty six speeches for the republi an mumpers'. He went, into the old time hotbeds of populism ami his wmk no douht counted immensely in turning them over. The vote .-hows some wonderful gains were- made. His letter to the farmers i- erpls of who li were printed in th- .lournal. was L;ivcn an extensive . i iiii hit ion hy the state committee 'l'i at -iiii ts were used by other peakcis. For three years and a half I'-- ha ' ' nt ". oi 1- No one will at- I n.: - tone it would r will eventually succeed John Howler as warden of the stale penitentiary., and Dr. Mead will be returned to his old place as superintendent of the state hospital at Yankton. Colonel Ainsworth would like to be reappointed superintendent of the state reform school at I'lankinton, but there appear to be some obstacles in the way. .Imh-'o S. .1. Conklin of Clark, "Old Conk." is said to be a candidate for adjutant general, and he has a host of warm friends who would like to see him win. David Williams of Webster, icnsus enumerator for the eastern distri. t. will no doubt be appointed to one of the state boards, a poi-'tioit which he once held wfth much ciedit. It is the intention of lovernor.-elect Herri. -d to : iv- the slate a thoroly ;',no-l and eft'o ient administration. !! '..Ill ; 1 1 - i 1 1 - I l.-bllilv ami i-'larai:t,-'. ' Mi-wftic ,1 in lYV- ) fer, . ,- suitiil, c ,1,'l'IIK'l! I ' I n warded l,y Ir-ledi;e. Ii.--. not only km-.:. mtn-li lii-tt'; still at miiI; moot in" v, it ! i It is impiaet oi;raph stone without lia in" from tin- tin ' of produeini; i re: HI the en thin,' on tin- 1 posits this wil l a heavy out'; biiililin'-'s. . i tel visahle to " Miea i I att i tendon in o' tii int,' laioly li ' lar -e i iittipa' 1 proiliiet, the :' New Vo-K ; or of mi a ii1 the Chi a n " eel a. tU -( ived I I ' inilii tiy i'' i; Til.' flj!,.;, thai It i ; ' vein "i'l : ... Is solid up-to-date fact. " Salt rht-iiin en mv bmifN so s.-vi-re I hnd tf Tr.-ar I . . v 1M..--I ,t' lli lime, am! ,-,,iil,l not Flint my Ihiinil, .-in,! tinker l,,i;, tie r, whs riirc.l hy !il .sm--,:it:inll." Mks. A. U. Si-Al'U.IN'l. N.,rth !-,ml''irt, .Me. " My thn . iiii.i'!im ..l.l ).., was cnr. d .? a v.-rv lim.l .-astf ,f -..-rtuia Pv t I's Snr.--aia- rilla." VVii. II. I cvkm.i., West h iri, I'.-i. Hood's Sarsaparilla , - .-, -tin- prin ipiil at 1 1 1 i winter, ow .', 1 t llf til-' IH'II ' handle ily oniptiny '!! t pu 1 1 !i ,i ' -I St '!. end Promi to cm 1 1 ti i 'f to ill "a a 1 : i I- i t! rrom-"t i like part In- ion off 1 1 ' I ; -I in i ise. No: Hood's : t r o i"' t h .1 s. 1 i ' i curing that, visit that he pup 1 the Fast Km! rroup. H- is on, n1' the mi)' I i n I! 1 1 1 u t i a I lili.-n- s.-i nil I hiatii h M r. Lour: I ,i ,- , I, tin to f 1 will appom In l'i- p'a , five men liin t m-n in the state til.-d by the ,,i'i'ii ni.-il ability and e will seek the exhibit a di.--po-i- I i - - ' - i in t! :-i' tv I i t , k :v l ' I Falls, am! at .! ' - inter.- t ni, Hills i gr, he i a n s that t le that lie is a 1-. ;.!,- -i. . laitti ; i :ui, I the alive of av thai nn, I the the Black te.l here. illtclTltV Tl man. Tho-o to sc-ranthl-pii.bal ' i i'a;i for th- positions will tl' I 'll 'n r . Ill 'S'S llepilhli ,lili 11 eil to sa I n" 1 mil-. f,-i"i:)eil th ' r tsamling as an agrii-ulliir Having i HI-IS. 1U '-nt'- i:. c. Tt)Ui;i:v. ii t . Last Pa nil nt on The final payment ! Hi" ;-'Peaiii-h I) he Hcirii;av. has been made vi lopiii. nl, coin IV All. I V- I i t' l h .t i ! puts ol I ) Hills at to ontii.u an h nun Ciist"r. t And the .'. . v A l.lillVv I-. -,,l I", Mil I ,-f . IIII . 111,' I-'. i hill a n.l fer tit. i i'i in Hi,- ' f kola. tv A I An - v. tt.-UU. 8 ' : Eth.- i. Sec.ll. StiU in Oil t of pany upon th mining claims. I l-i milage group of near Ragged Top. The t livv, el il , : IK I ' M f ( ,un : v ,,r I, a - -per. I r, n, ,-. N'.llie I'utt 1 1 1 rr pin Hermitage group belonged to Sol Star. Kirk C. Phillips. R. X. Ogden. John Musselnian and William Selbie. of this city, and wan in- In. led in the .il't) acres purchased by the Spearfish sailed ri'-',ht aion'?. Today it. is run-e.-ili il Ih.if he hn ; I,, ' honored by the tenitoiy. stato and nation, as much us :mv other man in the nation. He has been a student of political economy for many years. Mr. Loti' ls tontends that if e'o led;) to congress ho would be recognized as the representative of the fa i niers and would be able with bis championship of their interests to ilo more to keep them in line for the republican party than any ..(her camlMate teentioned. PRESENTS FROM THE CHIEF. ' ( irite Inr.vV all l ieht." renrit k' ,! City Tr. aati .-r Herman l!is. holT yes terday. referring to Hp- chief of po-lii e. "He sent out sixteen Thanksgiy in .-, tut beys to the mayor, city aldermen and other city officers this morn in g. When 1 left, home this morning my wife told nie to get a turkey. I stopped on the way down to order one, hut Joe Hattenhach advised me to wait, uit'il night, as be said they Oi l. in,!, i f it t. r-.-n. I i-f. n.l us Sl'MYI'iN.-'. I Tin: s-ti- io-' smith : k t SK.N'DS CltKKTINC l company. 1 he .Metallic Streak and It To I le' Almv N'aini',1 I), r,ii,l;iiit Von It',' h,--,-l,- -elln'eeli, , .I'l'l '' '"Sl" "l l i uiiiniT ihe conn. .int if t'i. I'l .inliff in thn ahov.i 'ntlil,-,l act low. whhh wi.: fil.-d in Ihe (Hit.-.' of I'l- CI, r! of I'l- i-,-uit Cunt nf the F.iirhth .t' '"O-riiii In and for Tiwrenro County, Plain of Simlh Dakota, nm Ih" 1st day of N.iveni-twr. A. I. I'iOO, and to serve a copy "f your atfover to said complaint, on the snhs-rrihers nt their oflVc In the Smith C. j Tl! i cli-:.n AN 1 111 cri:i; i CATC'. Ely's Cri-- Itlix-k. in Pnn.lwood, South Dnkofa within ; thirty days after the service of this Summons upon you. oxcliMtve of the dav of I 'in -h service: and if you fail to answer the said co'iii, taint within the tin'c a'nr.'-l Tviny nii'l i would have some good ones in. When 1 went home for dinner my wife asked nie if 1 had purchased a turkey at Zoeckkr's. I told her I had not. She said one had been sent up. and 1 thought some mistake must have been made, and possibly I had a turkey that belonged to Ed Bischoff. My little boy looked at the tag. and it read, 'Herman Bischoff, with the compliments of the marshal." That told how it was. and I learned in a little while that tin1 marshal had treated oi b o"-- of the city offi dais in the Bamo 'way." i-.iipnny is tnl, in -' l he old New York li lies Ft-ven miles i I !.-; owned largely ' Sioux City. V. C. 1 , the Cbicairo Mb a i the first to start mica. i. the ltlack , up of the mica employment to at additional men, be-. who haul the mi, a of mica wore k Hills in the ear-lii ln hauled over-!i,e nuantlties. Sev-, were running, and lime went up to $8 i possible to take la the Bla k Hills .- in the United mines wore work-: were exhausted . i he earth that it : o work them any i t of the water. '. of jomiiv; the ' ;.-in artificially . . oil. vvhi h made a largr- ' ' of t was tireviou !v !o- wide This o ' api-iying a e-ani! r.b'u--t;" ; th" lit to;ether 'to hy Ho virtually says: "Now that from 7000 to SHOO x-republicnn populistse have followed me ba"k into the republican party, would it not be good politics to try to retain them? How better than to give them this recosni Hon? They followed me out of the party and now return with me. The chief cause of the revolt ten years ago was that we were not recognized. Why not recognize us now?" This, in short, is Mr. Loucks' case. In ordinary times It mitiht be effe tive with judge and jury. Rut this is not an ordinary canvass. Mr. Gamble lias the call for the I'ottigrcw succession and if be is beaten out. there are likely to be tioubleoiis times ahead lion will aoplv i ' i Black Diamond groups were included in the same purchase and the payments have been made upon them as fast as they became due. The company made the last payment on the Hermitage on the l!l!d of this month, and the deeds have been placed on record. The Spearfish Development company is paying something more than $til.t)00 for the ground it is purchasing, and is laying out about $35,000 in cyanide plant on Johnson gulch. The plant has been about ready to start up for several days, and it is expected that it will be running by the first of the month at any event. (). N. Drown has been in charge of the plant, since Mr. Moore resigned his position with the company. Kildonan Plant Running Full Force. The i;m. ... ii i hioi'inatio,, plant at I'fTPma is again running with a full force of men r.t work. The plant pni.l. the Plaintiff in this to the Court for I ho r. 1 the entire out -i ml a n- inc. v.-i of town by C. A. I)o Graydon repi" company, and the a t ivity HHls. The it mines has pi-least twenty (h sides the team to the railioa ' Lare shipi'' made from the ly days, the nr land in conshl eral mica in lr. the prli e at u" a pound, and i out larger hoe' than anywle United State eil until tin i' OT-fiOL0 . for - was not iei!',, further on ; Since th.-n a sheets o' f' has hei ! '1-ava'ViMr d the CO". i 1 ' i: -j " on : ment to the . ' sheet . U . '.' f demanded Ir. j j uiisL 111,' 'Onipt'illt Kat- d at 1 1. ad wood. South Dakota. 1st. dm- of N',, r. A. I ). i-lfif) rii.WVI.FV f.- l.M-'KRY. I'liii n t i ff's tiornevs. i.-a.i'.-,-d. S I il'ir 1 in',. N'.iv v if.nn ) POLICEMAN. TH 1 POlT for the republi an organization. von.- ai;o a New York po- Nearly ignifi ant that bil- iceman. uhos,. niinii- we have unl'or-UII1!,-!; fin K''ten. Iil-blish. il a bosk It is ii!'-- l -.iic-s i ti,, ni" i the re-I- make ' ' Mr. they are was staned up siveial days ago with -i : ..a '. w. , e ;,i . t'.neit io (live iir fa'ine. Tbcv were ex el- .:!'- 1'" 'abet e will he too senator i:ih iio, ui . too, for a policeman to ..rite. They weie noble in tone and delicate in sentiment, as we recall ul.l r.-f :. nu. - but we can't remember; ju.'.t ' " -'inl t' l. ! .. a-;i:id ciu rlr," liiiiin. nt e t it i a a 1 .1" .-'.I. I 11.' ! V 1 o what they were about. Still re!i. v in ill) ! '!IIL: so matter. Even If he is wfriting tr.e :nuselis. j ri : There is iioiliin Kke it in 1 iiocms now he will have to fall in be- . Svld I vlll Dm - -i fc.orsc-.t 1 v ; ' nn: riuniiKi.o m-: I ., r- ,.,.f,'f SI nor Iml n ri.liwi .. ah.. ,i.i, (..i. ' hind Policeman Lawrence P. Mob-cy of Chicago, who has Just brought J3 1 out two songs of his own making. I The Police of This Great City" and i " ' ""PfjmnlAr'i'Ta? r ca Ir.nnt foitnrt in many pla es in the United States and Its pie' en o In jee Plank Htlb Is a mcttcr o. iui i rnsequen 'e.. It a ; .'d - '-. . - i- for electrical purpo es tv. oihor, and It la for this that the lv. o "hooks" are desired! The waste ihnt naturally results from drejbln: and rmmlllm the substance is generally used In the manufacture of lubricants. At $50 a ton mica mining is a very profitable Industry, where tne mica la found In such bodies as may be seen in the southern Black Hills. 'I'm Around When Chicago Sleeps Cooks rot l.isi l.v tied iii to him and me not ic i-iting his view of the situation thai, a majority. vote for ljim i . as. good as ast. Mr. tSamble may get the Votes, they say. but he han.'t got , them tody. They believe that the , balance of power is held b. th" mem-, bers-elect who have not yet expressed a choice. With so nut h avai'al-'c I .Inincr for the senate, they see. there-. fore, a chance for a s rap. I It is freely admitted that "Tr. Oam ble has a fine start. Tin Hills, with fourteen votes, are put in hl3 column, and he has Instructions or indorsements from the counties of Union, Lin oln, Yankton. Clay, Hutchinson, Moody, Sanborn, Douglas. Turner, , Bon Totnme, and Lake. These counties have thirty-six republican members, which, with the Hills' fourteen, make a total of fifty. Should there be i a party caucus, flity-nine votes will control. In addition to these fifty . are the titles of Patrolman Mobley's The Bo in the'Co in the'Coontry lovely little things, which he Is under stood to have composed while cover recognize a small forie. a-:d this was increased Tuesday to the full i apa- ity. The bins are full of ore. and it is stated that the mill will now run permanently. The ore is lteing brought "from the 4 jn He mine, neat Bald Mountain, Tne Kildonan was shut down last May, while the company was doing some prospecting and development work upon Its properties. During the time that it was -idle the machinery has been overhauled and repaired, and one new tank has been added. Stella and Marguerite. These two groups of claims, owned owned by George Hoosler and associates, and located on Falsebottom a few miles from Deadwood, continues to show up well. The tunnel on the Marguerite, which some time ago was started on the water level, Is now In about Tone hundred feet and Its face is all in ore. The ore taken out, without any attempt at sorting or selecting, will give an average assay value of $8 per ton, altho much richer samples can be selected. The ore, according to all experts who have examined it, is true sylvanite, and the general opinion is that it will grow risher as developments are made. SUpcrioniy u ing a South Side beat. We notice in Patrolman Mobley's poetry a tendency toward club feet and some reckless LEA & PERRINS' ness in rhyme. The former fault may perhaps be overlooked on account of Ainrr the omo'""' 1UIJCJJ. WO"""'- I IK-tr.- , UunM-iLi'V - THE 8AME OLD 8TUFF. mm a a.1 11 & 1 ft me juage very emiiaiuwu; luun the singer's natural Inclination to club, his way through, but we don't believe that even a policemen has any right to make "land" rhyme with "man" or "sleeps" with "streets." Still, we :r"9 oottte.. For Game, 5tK. "-"" - and evrrv variety of ll most invaluable. . ,n5, AiaiKTs, must not be too exacting in our deal to the editor of the Press that he is Just as staunch an admirer of Bryan as ever, and furthermore, that he tsands today as firmly upon the Sioux Falls and Kansas City platforms as JOHM DlIW- ' rotes, Mr. Gamble says he has written or verbal pledges from many other members, and lays claim fo Ings with the Babbling Bard of Chica total strength of ninety. In view of the congressman's big lead and the ue day iney were irameo. iou av moral obligation under which the j Price nnnni nfrrnr rn hph i n a n st wuhd uits aprty seems to be to him, it is diffi cult to understand how he Is to be beaten. So many Ptranze things hare happened at Pierre, however, and politics is ro uncertain that JSUI finger of soorn shall be polntd at him as a negate to the party of the people hy whom he . has been honored and received such confidence as makes him proud of their frost He says the charge emanated from those who have always Jumped at any conclusion that might tend to Injure 'uuc Otto Qranti Gets Home. Otto P. Th. Grants and daughter, Miss Lillian, returned yesterday from Colorado, Where they had been for a week or two. Mr. Grants -went down with two carloads of ore for the Globe smelter of Denver, and Miss Lillian . i,:r:'v go. We must remember that it can hardly be an easy thing for a patrolman to stand in the shadow of a billboard writing poetry while somebody around the corner is howling "Help!" Police!" or "urder!" That the Chicago' policeman's life is not a happy one is shown In the chorus of "The Police of This Gre City:" "Oh, the plice of this great city, of this great and mighty city. They protect you when they hear an outward cry, And when they leave their dear one for to come, back, they may not come, , Though per h arn they will meet at home to die." - Wholr Our Gt them. Ss:' postage or send you e 17,000 ill- -prices on ' that you cat We constat articles que:. speculation even at a time like this, is inevitable. Should a lame field r-rmblne against Mr. Gamble and re 'ie to be bound by the caucus, and -r-ould the "machine" tak hand against him. be would hi mr'pubted-'y be -dangerous position. a. , v .in: - , 1 too r , 3n.l -'Au c anJ '"';; i v ia st-i aim in the estimation of thote ""'" whom he has always fought and been affiliated. Since ,183 he has ' accompanied him for a, visit with friends. The ore that Mr. Grants took down gave him good returns, and he is well satisfied with the result of the shipment ently and persiFiemiy rougni ror ine m aw1 j 11 r, "My 'property ts included In the bic principles of the PeooleV party.- and f - feaa nerer been convinced thst ' CoL Stover and Mr. Preston will mtrlncioles were wront And. further-1 have their counties and a few compll deal tfeat Is under way in connection with a lot of other ground back of "T""01 hi Mm WarR MONTCOM Indeed, this note of sadness runs ar hn-(" t -ont'n"e th mentarr rotas besides. In the event .. for those principles as advocated of serious trouble for Mr. GamMe, It , through our gifted patrolaaa'a prod- ald Mr, Oraita yesterday,

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