The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 15, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1900
Page 4
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FRIDAY. JI NE lo, 1900 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. Seebick from wall to wait average between 41 and 42 per cent copper. No state ment as to the price of the two groups has been made puidic, but the amount ia generally understood to be the p. Iirop. -I t. I tor tirand Kn.cani! A pa;, ment of on. - pi n e was mad w . i e phe ed in . t h-' ;-' ,i j I - ii.-.-'iriiiir tie .1 ll, I J.- pap a ' f Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver I The Union assay Office I Kbtahlislied 1SXS. J No. 37 Lee Street Deadwood. I Will Civ.- L'unvd kVMilt - ! tli Gold and Silver For 50 Cents, i; I ON ALL S.A...I-..KS HKOl'tJHT TO THK Of-TK'K j M. H. Lyon a Co. J AgwitH for the Blitkensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, J, . ...,tiT:iiL2T;lt2f .TnnoutK-e an pe,c cf Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode ordered plants of machinery for the Kaief.,, and tor the linn k Tiger lod U i: I. ol li . -I - ll 'lev elnpmelit hi- ,,. :. pvi in oe it,,. I. liter property, tl.--h-.wing i- . eit. ni A new shaft w: : In- sunk 1 en fci t on the vein. With lie- snclter completed, the:-is every prohahilitv that the New hoy mine, owned by a company e-that name, will compete with tl.-Kudefeha for tirst place among tl,-producers of the district. The show ing on the Newsboy is most extrao: ditiary. One deep shaft and a ha': and precept. Deadwood's ! MINES AND MINING, j dozen prospect holes down t'ro:r. twelve to tWelltV feet llllVO Opened exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Deadwood's millinery merchandising this week will up the vein for 4."i0o feet. A shaft p : down to the water level, htty fee deep, cut thru ore good for from " to J." per cent , tnen thru forty feet ,- THE BLUE LEAD TUNNEL. ore averaging about per cent, then thru a second chute carry ing from - i be an attractive arrray of "first bats" and small haU for streets and shoplng at popular prices. And Progress On the Other Claims to :!n per rent across threeand on. half feet. Everything taken out ..: the shaft was ore. A roneentratoi Around Hill City. Tin- Hint' I,ij;il lunm-l in tin- south fiu Hills is ,).p li-ct liiiiK. iM'inn :ui iron Mi'iiilf, which hrcuks j nl' 'I'tic work of pushing (he tuinn l In tin Another Opportunity On Saturday, June I6tt lentil cstiinalcil tn lie iicci'ssmiv to the district, and .Mr. Lewis is of the opinion that unless this is done the smelter scheme will not be a success, owing to the necessity of having other ores and fuels Hauled in. It has been proven that most of the i-opper ore found there can he concentrated successfully, hut even at that, a big expense would be incurred in hauling it out to a railroad, owing to the roughness of the couniry over wtihh it would ha e to i.e 1 1 a n s j hi ; ted. M r. I .KW i was taken .. w n with iiionnla in f. u-r a few i,i , al t i -r leal i ne. a t ( i ra ml Kin a in pim-nt , and v, a . not reeling well all tie- tune In- 1 1 s III' I e He Ijll,, mil ;. ..inn h- w iis a hi.-. ,i ml I- .mii 1 1 1 !' i ; I ' . r will In- limit to handl" the low grai values Ore from the upper at loWef illllles Will he 111 a r e k t -d at tl Boston Wyoming smelter Wot will he resinned next month in the ne shiitt and sinking will ! n-niiii'il t a ih-pl h in' .am . .-' lie results v, or koii ihi- iniri. more i ma li-.a nle when 1 1 : , . e.s.dn . d that I will Have Speceal Sale on Prints, Ginghams, Clmllies and Ladies Wrappers, w I! li' a : t ! Pr:n' - at 5! j cts., worth 7 cts. I're:,. li (Jiimliams at. 8' 2 c. worth 12' , cti. hi Cluillies at 3' j ct. worth 05ct. I. a.... s Wikppei-s in 85 ct. worth $1.20. . m.- mo v t-11 fn work. I Color:.. I ! irry ll- a 1 1 i i l I 1, Ladies Wrappers at 70 ct. woitii $'.c; Check Cinuliatiis at 5) cts., w u: ; . 7 French Ciimliams at 11 c. i,e- Ladies Wrapper., at $1.10 v...n . lllli!, and those who wi.-h A WYOMING Ml Ml NT, CAMP. ( )ur -ales are a 1 1 racr, . an ,n:.ot afford t'i ov.-r b il, ll.i cut the I. mIhc l'nu t'ect. will, there- fore he ll slow rilnl expensive process. IlllleSS SOl'tel lock is eln o'llller,-i. It is rninoreil Mr, M:il.iie has in tel'este.l I' p. lilies 111 the nil del-taking New Eldorado. Messrs. la.inil alel I ' I i o; . w in k w ho ha e Im , al u i m k at I Im-New r.'hlorailo 1 1 ri 1 1 . i t v . Ii;i.- siis jieinleil opi-ral ions. The ilin't on the lilH) foot level Lille. I to illsi-hlse a shoot of an c on - i 1 1 -i a he sie or al ne. II i , i u am re, I t hat tins pa ri ot investors is I Ollslllel ill:: til'- iee(ll inent (It the .1 It mine, owned l. S t ' Croi ker. Tin- .1 ll has a ivinnl ol Ifllll.lllMI a lio e the JKII tout level. The vein is one ol lie- hest in I he .south, in Mills, and It is the ceneial opinion of mining men that d v.lop inent will dis(os(. a line it m 1 1 1 . i in t lie propci t v. Lena Property. Work is in progress at "the Lena property, oniiiionly known as the Hiiriny ( iould ki'uuikI. A pat ly of A Recitori That a black Hills Man Main St. Deadwood S. Helped Bring, to the Front. 'I le- hi!,- ..,, ,s r i, : ,; ,j, CHASE'S WhenTC I). Cheap, w ho.-e death o- i .i i i -. ,i i I lot Sie : ii i few month-, a . w ., - one of t he ngiii.l 1 promoi .-i s i ; ra im I an a tup In en I . volume .,,; ow p.. I . i n ; . P a a ' ll Opel IV til. I. at Ike lime. , ! - ... ii of - in .. T!.e f..y .-lr.- Il.l W I . I e I 1 e . I 1 i Oil; IV. - I 111 lie, sin ;'a- lo f.ei ; I.-. ii in. li. - a i the I.-lui'l t ; tie a. a! I . !.,'!: ':.:! j. 'II: I I, i.i Will be ' . . 11 i . ! 1 ' 1 1 I ' ill ! i t I 'Hi-fi ot point ha I !. i-'ii le la. Hit a ra i load ol lie - i -i . V , 1 . M I . . Ihe shift has be.-n sorted. As.,;i indicate n a Hie in ft on: 1 to L'n p eiit . I a ii.--- lb" ore w a.s sa v.-.l I llO he ll i I mil -,ee the f 1 Mil lop of his hope... reei-ni developments pinvo that ie had good j 1 1 1 1 men t A r. cent let lei- I II I lie I I. IH e Tillies COt , lllc d FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. (GEDDES OLD IiARN.1 the follow ing ahoul the district : Palace Pharmacy ' xSALE Beginning at once we offer Sale The organization of tie- Copper Stale hank. ('.rami En a niimieni s in. lab1.- that the- less W.lMe With , A first shipni.e nature cf a tri.i Will he Till,. ! 1 I, sinking it was u i : i should h. lliore oil-Veil after sorting wiil be mad. in : h Regular shipment Inst hanking bouse, was completed Sew Carriajes anil Bodies. Best Driving and Uk te last week, ami contrails have In-eu let for the erection of a model 11 two Boardino- Plcrss hv the Da v week or Mi tory building which shall he its home. :a.'.T. Interested with . ('. Henry of this it y. who organized the hank, are a number Oemtside capitalists. Den Custom Ore provided present able.-, kohl om ; I !" t 't -a drift has be, ., started at lea feet. Three six horse stag. -, me now making daily trips to Grand Encampment from Itawlins and Cut St.-e ,-on the Cnioii I'acitii- railroad The population lias more than doubled since the beginning of this year. Seventy-live buildings are now in (ourse of erection in Hie town of Grand Encampment. Anv number Alinni'iipolis investors lias raised 'some $,lil,iMiil which tho-8 will -('xpend In the development of (his promising property. Spodumene. The niinitiK of spodumene continues at the Etta mine. Three carloads luive already been shipped, and several more are now in the Idns. The mining of this chemical discloses ion siderable bodies of tin-ntone, some of of wnich Is of high -'grade. Persons who have examined- the tin ore in sight at the EjLta-' -express surprise that the Harney .fealt company allowed this claim to remain but partially developed. If It were not for the hoodoo which seems to beset the tin Industry, claims like the Etta. Gertie, Tenderfoot, Brown Tin, and others which disclose rich ore, would certainly be developed to depth. We are now prepared to treat ciMutn m. Cyanide process at reasonable ratts. company, ver is represented ill tin- institution by Hon. Willis (.eorye Emerson, of the linn of Emerson and Mi-l'a(-y. The control of stock is held by Tlie Chicago syndicate which has recently made a number of heavy investments in this section, including the purchase of more than half the stock of the Boston-Wyoming Smelter. Power and Light company, the purchase of nearly all the shares of the KurtzChatter-ton Copper Mining company, the purchase of the Kennedy mill and the organization of the Encampment Improvement and Transportation company. Tnese various investments represent an expenditure of not less than $300,000, and are only the beginning of what this syudicate will do in the Grand Encampment country. The snielte rcompany will have a Golden Gate Mining & Milling First Ward, Deadwood S. I) GRAND ENCAMPMENT DISTRICT. ! GATES IRON WORKS I : REVERE RUBBER 00, I of shaft houses are being built and a few steam hoisting plants are beginning to come in from the railroad. Wagon roads are being built from the town to a half dozen of the larger mines. Within the last ten days fifteen or twenty contracts have been let for shafts and tunnnels which have for some time been inoperative. Orders have just been given for the resumption of work on the Copper Queen lode owned by Bernard McCaffrey of Denver. Walter F. Rock of (.ripple Creek has just spent a week in (amp. has made purchases to add to his already considerable holdings in the camp, and has put a force of men to work sinking on his Comstock and Homestake lodes, adjoining the group ot the Gppper King company. The work which the Chicago purchasers will have performed on the Eureka mine promises to be as extensive as any operations yet carried on in the district. The Newsboy force is to be augmented, and a second shaft started on the big estate of the Newsboy company simultaneously with the prosecution of work in the main shaft. 1 ee i Ciivc.-i Tin !vih l'a' ii Soap. !j 5c cake. S.,'1 Cakes Chinese Hose Soap, 10c, ; , 3 for 25c. - One assorted lot Soaps from 10c to 50c per cake, j Ten t axes Toilet Soap. 10c, 3 for ; : 25c. : 100 Curling Irons, ass't. 15c. " I 100 Ass't. Perfumes, 50c per oz. f : 300 Combs, 10 to 50c. j r00 Tooth Brushes, 15c to 50c. r-,250 Boxes Face Powder, 25c to 50c. j ? laO Hair brushes, 50c to $4.50. ; : 1 Lot Cloth Brushes, 50c to $1.50. i ;i. Whisk Brooms, 25c to 75c. ; ; 100 lbs. Moth Balls, 25c per lb. " I 75 rather Brushes, 25e to 75c. v GO Hand Mirrors, 25c to 75c. ; 500 Ass't. Boxes Pills at all prices. ,. I 125 Boxes Tooth Powder, 25c to 50c. 5000 Choice Cigars, 5c to : I 15c. s I 250,000 Glasses Soda Water, 5c. : A full line of pure Drugs and Sun- s - -3 dries. Prescriptions filled at all: I hours, day or night. f ! Palace Pharaacy liL. FanstPt C. s Proprietor, s i - S EEBSOLL-SEBBEAST DRILL I daily balance ot from $35,000 to $.",n,-000 at the beginning. With the smelter assured, the tormation foa local bank became a necessity. At the Kurtz-Chatterton mine a concentrator is Deln built that will have a capacity to handle fifty tons dally. All of the concentrates will be shipped to the smelter. The tunnel, which is In over 15u0 feet, has cut six pay veins. For the greater part of the length of the bore there is 400 feet of stoplng ground from the tunnel level to the surface. A few weeks before the concentrator is ready to handle ore, drifts will be started on several of the veins and everything put in readiness for stoplng. Another Chicago deal In Grand Encampment, which, however, was not controlled by the smelter synicate Involves the ownership of the Black Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dafc A Black Hill Man Tells of the Wyoming Mining Camp. David Lewis, of Yellow creek, returned to the Hlack Hills Wednesday from Colorado and Wyoming points. He went from here toCrip-ple Creek several weeks ago. and while there he was "stampeded" to Grand Encampment, Wyoming, where a large number of Colorado men hold Interests. He says there has been a big Influx of mining hi en to that paint, and the country about Grand Encampment Is filled with prospectors and men who have made investments there. It Is difficult to get over the country at this time of the year, there is from four to six feet of snow on the ground In most places the elevatioft , being about 10,000 feet, and the country very rugged and mountainous, ao that the snow lies until JulyTVjfe says copper is the predominating metal In that district, and there are a number of mines opened .up, besides some excellent prospects: -The . formation of the country is granite, and some very rich gold ore has 'been found In small amounts, but the main ledges hare not been fdund. A smelter Is projected for the country, and he says it is - practically assured, as men with abundance of capital are behind, the scheme. It is stated that the Union Pacific railroad is' considering the advisability of tunning a spur into The. The American Smelting Company, through its agent M. K. Lyon, wants to buy a few tons of Black Hills Sill-clous ores. Chaa McKay, of Chadron, who Is an employe of the Elkhora line, la In the city perparing to do some assessment work on some ground he has in the Bald Mountain district. John H. Burns, the well known attorney, left Deadwood Wednesday evening for Cape Nome, Alaska, going by way of the Elkhorn road to Crawford. "Nebraska, where he caught the Burlington thru train yesterday forenoon for Seattle. He intends to sail from Seattle as soon as he can get transportation. He will spend the summer in Alaska. Tiger group on Emerson peak and tne Black Eagle group between the north and south forks of Grand Encampment river. The Black Eagle group includes he Eureaka mine, which carries the highest average in copper of any property yet developed in this district. At the point where the vein dips out near the bottom of a fifty-foot shaft the width of the ore body Is nearly five feet and samples Family liquor store Fine old California Wines such a- Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel At $1.60 Per Gallon or 60o a quart. Fin I Pure Whiskey and Branfly from $3. Hi- Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. H. Richards6n, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 28 City Creek. Leave orders at Fishels Bazaar Main St SILICIOUS ORE WANTED ' '.-' A' ' ' . ' . 635 Main Street Deadwood. ICE! ICE! ICE! From pure spring water delivered ia any part of the city In any quantity Family trade a specialty. Bell tele phone 191. JOB LAWRENSON. J. R. Hickox, City Engineer. The American Smelting Co. ; ' , "Wants to contract for 1,000 to 2,000 ' tons of Silicious Ores to be used at Francis C. Tucker, U. 8 .Dep. Min. Surveyor. Aetna Powder Go, Dynamite and Blact Powder, Fuse ani .Caps, Eleelric Batteries, lattery Sipplies. f . I Al)AMS COMPANY OSTEOPATH LEA0 AND PEADWOOt HAVE 'YOU A HEADACHE? Try our hsadache capsules. PALACE PHARMACY. lr . Argentine or Omaha as required. DR. FLORA H. STANFORD Deadwood office at C,li:x j lM.tU CIVIL I MINING ENGINEERS TUCKER & HICKOX, Surveyors. ' Rooms 301 and 30 Adams Block. " Homeopathit phyalcia. Offloe and rw- day. Wednesday?, 4au " ldrac. 174 Williams stTMt LL H. LYON Agent, Deadwood. Morphine, Uqoor and tobacco habits treated. 4 , Lead office 415 Mam -Thnredan tad Saturday- r

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