The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 11, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1899
Page 4
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503 Cold and Silver. Ispriiig valley ranch Assaying LADIES CAN ffEiR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot- STYLE! (Continued From First Page.) The Union Assay Office, I Ease, a powder to De saaaeu into m shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel tajy; gives ins'ant relief to corns and bunions. It's ine greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures swollen feet, blis Thf Form and Make Are What CoQDt Look at our Clothin. The wide eon bad always fancied the place from I i-first time he had ever seen It, In 1876. Lan in the fall of that year he was on bis way from the northern Hills thru that seoii... with a small party. The Indians lad. and there had been numerous jlii.i.' ishes in the coihii.;. The taptaic and ':i-( ontpaniun.s had beVr-'rtdinK all day ,ut sr-iijr a sin ot civilizatij.i or a ter.-, and callous gots. Allen's Foot-KasSj is a certain cure for ingrowing nails,, stealing, hot, aching feet. At all drug-j ( and shoe stoics, u.V. Tr'al package. NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. 'Will Giire Correct Results of Gold and Silver for 5Cc. suuuiuvxo, Lu.n uiuau lapeis, the Kracefuj hang. FltKK by mail. Address, Allen b. (Jim-stead. I.e Hoy. N. Y. Kle whit'' lu-rb n auud had become e --- 1 iiuly anxious oer the Indian situatinn . from the evidciii-i'.s they obtained. Y1" n tiny came in -:lit f the Svin V.i 1 1 y ranch. with its immense stuck. :1", I.ui'". On. All Scbmples iJjrougJi (o Uta OJJlcc Established In 1889. II f IT T o - M. H. Lyon & Co Agents for the Blickenderfer $35 00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by us is especially mule for us. We know all about it aS will guarantee it. uut"ani AT SIN DOWN YOU WILL FIND COMFORT IN A barns, warm cabin, fireplace and bun.i'i robeii. they found it a touching invitation : to dismount and remain over nii;li'. Fnnn that time the captain had a d".s're u U- ' come the owner of the old lar.'h, an I in 1SS3 this ambition wis gratiflel. The i taiu had been living at Spearilah. ;inl ii" immediately moved his family down to the I tHllllllllttlllllllllilllllllttllf ItttllMIIIIIKIIIiltlllllEl Handsome line of new laundered, nnlmati ni ... . UB 0 r i I MINES AND MINING. MIIIIHIIItlflllllHmillMI MIIIIIIII MIMIHIHtlllf I III lllllillllfllli II II Mil iilllllll IIIIi.K ranch, where he has since made his hn J The ranch w as originally located by George Adler. George Garvey and Col ! Fred T. Evans, early In the spring of !.: j Col. Evans did riot retain his hl'er-st lan-'. I and in 1S77 Adler killed his partner. Cat - vey. during a quarrel. This left Adler In i JOPLIN LEAD ORB. -4 The crude ores of the Joplin district ytxj in their lead contenti from 6 to t up Brutus to About 18 per cent It Is often claimed A CHEAP HOLIDAY. Spend Sunday out of town. A brief recreation will do you good. You can do more, and better work, next week after aj little rest. There Is no more delightful j place to go for a little trip of this kind than to Sylvan Lake. It is Just an hour's stage ride over a most picturesque road from Custer. The lake covers an area of "v w uiw ouirts wit son Bros Best are not too good lor our CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's OlotHinsr, Extra Knee Pants shirt and Waists for the little fellows. ' OUR Tics are the talk ot the town OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. 0 CIGAR 1(K possession of the place, and he pers. stent-j ly declined to' part with it lor sever ih years. But he became badly involved financially over the killing of his partn i, during the subxequent trial, and al'h lilt tool ore run higher than tbe laat named proportion. The average of all the SlM one mined In tbe district will be between 8 and 10 per cent zinc. Tbe concentrate aa prepared According to I he practice prevailing in tbe dressing works, will run from 55 to 62 per cent zinc. jj A.DAVIS' SONS SCO. MAKERS Black Hills Justice of the period acqit i- .g-LTit lat.,'Ta., fifty acres, and lie at the very door of the hotel. The cost of reaching this, the pret JOHN G WOODWARD & CO. tiest spot In the Black Hills, is BliKht. The atandard adopted by the Missouri Kaniaa Zinc Miners' Association Is 60 per WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTERS - COUNCIL BLVFF5.IOWAri cent; concentrates running below that pro The Burlington route has cut tbe regular rate In half, and will sell round trip tickets from Dead wood and Lead for 3.15 every Saturday this summer. These ticket will be good for seven day, giving a week' pleasant outing. ted him, he found himself deeply in dei'i. and In eorside. aole disfavor He accordingly disposed of his ranch and left 'bf country. The last heard of him he was in Chicago, but whether or not he Is alive at the present day is not known to many ui the Hills. The old stockade that protected the cabin and the other buildings has beeu torn down, and the plows frequently encounter the old stumps in working the portion bringing a lower price than the tandard, while those above It bring a ! etveti fclgher price. The object of tbe concen (rating Is to get rid of the silica and other The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. A 140.00 BICYCLE GIVEN AWAY DAILY The publishers of The New York Star, The Famous Black Hills Summ r Resort tbe handsomely illustrated Sunday news Impurities and bring tbe product up as nearly to pure blends as possible. The lead ore In the Joplin district Is found only near the surface, There are BO positive data as to tbe average yield in lead. The galena concentrates In the district generally run over 70 per cent lead. garden patch., The old cabin, that bas sheltered so many on their way in and out of the Black Hills, is still standing. paper, are giving a High Grade Bicycle each day for the largest list of words made by using the letter contained in and is good for fifteen years more. .It has "T-H-E N-E-W Y-0-R-.K 8-T-A-R" I UiVlDi I UiNfcb. R0N FENCINf Sylvan hh ilel. -o- been Improved, however, and there Is little left to suggest the bachelor quarters no more time in any one word than it is ft. a Johnson at Hill City, 8. D.. U ex-Astadre agent and headquarters tor the rich found In The New York Star. Webster's of Adler and Garvey. The old ranch still bas Its picturesque surroundings, which' Dictionary tp be considered as authority. rvwffletf tret milling gold mlses and oop- Elevation 6,200 weather unknown, surpassed. Harney feet Dry air. Hot Mountain scenery un-Peak by donkeys hav been heightened by a cottonwood propertlee of the Southern Bill. Set MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marblk and Granite ra proapeoU a promising aa the Holy Terror was are for sal on reason bit grove, of artificial origin, a few hundred yards to the east, and another grove of ash tree growing, beeldea the other improvement that have been made to the land terns. Telephone or writ for particular. w . (tf.) Bating on the lake. House Is new and modern In appointments. Send for souvenir view. F. B. COLES. Manager, Custer, & D. scape In the way of meadows and fields Two Good Wa tehee ( first olass tin keepers) will be given daily for second and third best lists, and many other valuable rewards. Including Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, China, Sterling Silverware, etc., etc.. In order 'of merit. This educational . contest Is being given to sdvertlse and introduce this successful weekly Into new homes, and all prizes will be awarded promptly without partiality. Twelve 2 cent stamps must be Inclosed for thirteen weeks trial subscription with full particulars and list of aver S00 valuable rewards. Contest It Is an Ideal place to spend an outing, and 6601 Main St. S. D. Office at N.Colmai's DEADWOOD, J. H. CALE, Agen It must be a pleasant place for a home, for there is not a more contented family in the state than Cap'.a n Gardners If the old house, with its nearly seven annuxnjuiniruuinjuxixnjvu Full Line of gables could relate all that has transpired within its range, It could produce a tale MONEY Mi rivaling anything conceived by yellow opens and awards commence Monday, June 26, and closes Monday, August 21. CAMERA'S Journalism, and withal convey the unvarnished truth. Up to the time Captain DEPARTMENT MEETING I The regular monthly meeting ot the fire department was held laat evening at the parlors. Beside routine business transacted a committer from th department Was appointed to draw up resolution of condolence on the death of Edward Cur-lay, the committee consisting) of Messrs. Ifoere, Whealen and Rose. Messrs. Hurler, Bischoff and B. Carr were appointed a committee to draw up similar resolutions on th death ot James J. Suth-wrUnd. A committee was alio appointed to draw up resolution thanking F. X -Smith for refreshment on Saturday night last, with Instruction to engross them and 'furnish Mr. Smith with a copy. Th usual refreshments were served and the meeting Adjourned. 1899. Your list can reach u any day between these dates and will receive the On all personal property j of value. A large stock all AND Gardner came into possession of the place award to which It many be entitled for there had always been a barroom in connection, but that was a feature that he unredeemed pledges at wr-, prisingly low prices. AH business strictly coofidestiil j SUPPLIES. that day, and your name will be printed In the following Issue of The New York Star. eliminated forth wjth. Here the first ser Only one list ran be entered by the same mon ever heard from a Methodist minister fte Oeadiood Lou Ofllct AT in the Hills was preached, and the place also knw th establishment of the first 21 Lee Street fl UUUnninnjinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnl.n.........n...n,Mn nHlH Sunday school In that part of-the Hills. Fishers Bazaar, 663 Main St. person. Prizes are on exhibition at tbe Star' business offices. Persons securing bicycles may have choice of Ladle' Gentlemen' or Juveniles' 1899 model, color or size desired. Call or address Dept "E," The New York Star, 23 W. 39th Street, New York City. It has been a characteristic feature of the history of the Black Hills and It will al ways be one of the famous landmarks. Aetna Powder Go. FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 SURPLUS $150,000 DIRECTORS: o. j. salisbury, t. j. order, p. h. sparks. p. a. oushtjbst d. a. Mcpherson. REsf ARKABLE RESCUE. Urn. IflcniMd Curtain. FUlnfleld. I1L, make the statement, that ah caught cold, which settled on her lungs; ah was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew won. H told her h was a hope less victim of consumption and that no medicine eould cure ber. Her druggist Dynamite and Black Powder, .tuggetd .Dr,. King's Nw Discovery tor Fuse and Caps, Electric .Batteries, Battery Supplies, Consumption; she bought a bottl and to her delight found herself benefitted trua first do. She continued it us and after taklag lg bottles, found aerself sound and JNBW BOOKS RECEIVED. Tbe following list of book have been celv4 and are on the shelves of the laerarjr; , . Btudiea In the Psychology of a Woman lur Marholm. Children of the Ghetto J. Zangwill. David Harum Westcott. The Open Question E. Robin. Ilea, nod Women Bobert Browning. Ragged Lady W. D. Howel. " Cable Story Boo-Jo. W. Cable. The Bee People Margaret W. Morley. Red Rock Thomas Nelson Page. Stuart and Bamboo 8. P. McL. Green. Esplritu Santo H. D. Skinner. 'Wild Kelln Wm. Black. . Jack BallUter'e Fortune H. Pyle. Master of the Strong Heart E. Brook. Sappho of Green Spring Bret Hart. .Copper Princes Kirk Munroe. The Deserter and Other Stories Frederick Harold. - 1 Outline In Local oClors Brander Mat-4nws. I 1MM II I I Q ' ' XVILL, BATHE IN . THE BIO PLUNGE. OFFICERS: President.... 0. J. 8AXJSBU11T Cashier ....V. A. MoPHERSOfc well; now does ber ewa housework and W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. vice-prssldeiil.....T. J. GKIKK Assist s'ier...J. 8 DBWA" la aa well as she ever wm. Fre trial bottle of thla Great Discovery at Kirk 0 fetes Phillips Drug Store, Urge bottles M iwii Hot Springs and tl-M. i o t - SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, HEADQUARTERS Jf-VaTm TW TlC Th "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. X. ft at. T. R. R. offer some exceedingly low round trip ratea te the following LIVERY STABLE. F. B. SMITH, Manager. potntat ' " Richmond, VaWuly XJ-1C, Los Angelee, Cal-uly 11-14. " Sergeant B L Behoof is a marked a OIL Y LvW characteristic la all he do as th above FOR- Good Rigs and Saddle Horses 4t U likely that several kondred people front Deadwood and Lead will spend eom f their Buadays this summer nt Hot TWs U only tew of the many points out Isdlcatas. A brsva sotdior, a bold ad in an parts of the country to which V : at Reasonable JSates. eurnlon tickets will bo sold at redooed Spring. Especially will the who eaa- venturer, saving fought as a British trooper In Africa, and afterwards traveled extensively tn South Africa and South America he Is well prepared to entertain ' BICYCLE SUNDRIES. Bot cat away for v longer Urn take ad rates during th rummer via "THE NORTHWESTERN LINE." Dais of sal vantage of the eheap ratea every SaUarday en niter Aveass . The Most Complete "Rermlr Shon in tbe HHH-j and instruct aa audience. Mr. Behoof Is a rates and other , Information win be promptly and cheerfully furnished by HOT SPBIKCS SOUTH. DAKTOA. Quest speaker. He will lecture this even rood for ami day announced by th Bur-ling ton route. The regular raise hav een cut la half by th Burlington for thee Sunday excursions. Ticket) t Hot Springe and return may be bought nsxt Saturday for IS JO from Deadwood and ing; at the M. B. church. His large sol lection of curias gathered during hi trav asMArtf i sailing ea r writing to , . Y. A. HAMPTON. City Ticket Agent. Deadwodd, 8. D. I o ' els mostly from th dark continent illus 1 trate his lectures vividly.,Admlttanoe SSe. MANHOOD RESTORED Bob el taiSon French ptaTSfcku, M l'fCllH inVB-lI' plrborVs to Marry. KibscaS "-. fmT Children 10c This evening at th If. K. THE BRITISH AMERICAN COLO AND C3PPiR MIXING CO. Whll coming down Sherman street 45.46 from Lead City. . ' - PLANTS FOR SALE church. . yesterday morning near the old skating rink on of the wheelers In Xoeckler Bros' to Assay Omoo. Having decided 'to quit the Hot Hoiia -fcuslneea. I will sell about SOOfi plant ot Hiss Ksteiilne Bennett went down Rapid City. four horse team fell and th team started Trsn.7. SiwsiHJtoeerioloTolaUliapansl to run, dragging the unfortunate animal l I en !., IM , HOT, nsnag. .ad is. ne. Ke. n areaftrsy, t eedwoad, n. fc fe Hm Bank wins..iv. ' - Miss Qertl Phillips returns dto St urate, after a short visit wits, her cousin. 11 varleltle for what they will bring. , A, DANIELS, V. Deadwood Greenhouse. about fifty feet, cutting hie hind leg quate severely. j Kisses Mamie and Katie, In this city N. E.ITUNKLIN-8 PALACH PHARMACT, De4w0o4.

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