The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 3, 1898 · Page 6
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1898
Page 6
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BUXTON VS. GOLDEN REWARD CASE A Skin ' Diooaso T7EEILY PIONBBB-TIIIES THE CITY. uv,J The Plaintiff rtestt and the Defendant Opens I t Side. Eruptions Covered Head, Neck OaASWOOD - SOUTH DAKOTA, quilled and could not. In the opinion of naval authorities, do vrry effective fighting. One of our first-class battleships ought to be able to destroy a score of such craft In an opou si-u fight It is dealiug with a very different sort of fighting ships, observes the nd Back A private letter received la thla city says: "The Dead wood -Terra Mining company has published so reports tor IVBSCaXFTXON, PES, TIAX. 'll.ii p.rfi.... ; in l :e big damage case i-.sied ).,i't..tty alter occupy ins the . luiitiou 01 iuu jui for almost three weeks. 1 ho I'loue'.l -Times In order to Parmanant Our Accomplished by Hood's arso.parllla. MWhsa I was riding la Montana aftet f. . 1 rvn r-v-iTH r "3 U iW-s "" . m.mswi Cpni r 1 1 ' tit sssnBBBBsaBSBBssxassenBBssBSSBBeaa C;;;!::. Fa tzi L::7-"U? u Cleveland Leader, to compare count de ive us leuui.s iuu uiaio.) ui ia - cattle, I was obliged to rtesp wkereref iihoui itulj.i.'hing U evidence In de years, but the officers say that on January 1. 1898, there waa a balance of $97,000 In the treasury, and tLe miss Is paying." 1 (Satarlay.) I. II. Chase writing from Minneapolis, says: "Business cl all kinds Is Improving here, except values of real Entered aa aieoad- class matter at the Deal wood postofnos. " 1 IN CASE OK WAR. fense v,els, of which this country has nineteen and Spain only one. Our per day and show this for the purpose j of demonstrating to you gentlemen that the amount of ore tnkeu out of those two stopes Is necessarily greatly exaggerated by the plaintiffs. Now In s Ultlun to this we will show you the exact returns of this property In dollars and cents from the reduction of It and from the returns from the United S.ales mint, and that tbe average du.lng all the times that they were et v rk In these stopes li almost perfect and that the returns do not show a value to exceed $17.73 per ton. We will show that the ore In these two stopes was no rlrher than In other parts of the mine end that the average of the yield Is determinable only by the actual working of the ore body Itseir aud the results of surh working from tho redurtlon plsnts. We shall show to you that one of the wit-nettses who haa testified before you as tail published the opening address of the p.unuiiu ciuEiel and this morn- alght overtook me. By alswptag ea tho grass I became afflicted with a dlsesse whloh broke out oa my head tad back sod finally affected my eyes. I kept get coast defense vessels Include the moni tig m bcfoie thjin th defendant' JrsssiasBttOTaiia-iad. , tors, which were the fuvorlte fighting ule of uie i ujo a ( utllued by Its coun ting worse, and the praaerlptlons 1 triad did not do me any permanent good. I t. ... t tfia mala streets of rhslbyville. ths p i a Ths Bret 6 oat saipw mm, wmm SU'tbo f Hi boa had ships of the period Just after the civil late. All the Scandinavians ars re sel. Ju.ige .Moouy, at delfuuants coun war, and some of them would probably joicing over the acquisition to thlr paid oat a large sum of mossy trying so gel relief. The eruptions spread aalQ a dlntreot $uu auie -- mediates end when she had tokea sial sci, adlrvt)&ed th) Jiry In a speech that was Untuned 10 will deep attention for they covered my fsos, head, aesk aid ranks of the great man Ig. Donnelly, who has Joined them heart and hand wo hours. Spate prevents us from prove tough antagonists for the bettt battleships In smooth water. For purposes of coust fighting these vessels iMlisaaV rssld Mrs. Emily Ujniit and EretvMtma ytsr eld dasghter. Cora, The WwTli oM of the oEsrmlng missis ef the sltr, ahs being known ft her bessty, sod Mrfset health. . , . ... "Uttesuh snjoylsg good health w" asld her Biothsr to a reporter rsosotly, "ahs las not slrsrsbeessofcrtuBst isuppoai Cera. maUl te yesrssgolsst Msw-ss fcssithy and strong as any girl ef her 1 m Upon the two Important nations that next engage la hostllltleu must rent the tank of testing new war appliance on sea and land. Old conditions have paasod away. Modern fighting machtn ery and material, while reudered appar ntly fox mure formidable tban before, are practically untried In actual con back. At bst 1 decided to try Hood's Bsrssparllla and after taking only a lew fleeh and blood. Look out for tha lit riming the address in full and we boias a complete ears sao " dht Is new stronger, can eat mora, alter betur, and wslglwsaors than ahs dti before aha wsj 1 Ukto tick. I ass sure toe ataeh cannrt bTilld about Dr. Wllltls Pink Pills for Pais Ptopls la her ej-e, as lUy undoubted! fared her hh. We hss is-torn manned the m w ,her of Sttfiarers." t.i i.t m.j9A t ant9aAal. tle giant In the next campaign." moiely glte un outline as caught by our bottles I was eured." WlLm TXttTZf in, Orlska, Korth Dakota. would be uotrly u match for the whole Spanish r.avy. In close quarters. Tbe hoard of directors of ths Black reporter. 9 Ccrsa- in the statemi-nL of the case Juiigu 3 Hills Union of Women's Clubs met In this city yesterday afternoon and con Over-confidence in our sea power U U psrlua Moody after a ii,r introductory remarks lu eubstanci said: sidered several matters pertaining to BBS WSS aiMDOIDI Ki -- hard. Perhaps ebe was toe stodloas, for ws BoUoad that tis haslihy 00 or is bor ohook was ajftigXw E5 sande. bsysnd shelly Udlaaa, M the tlms, and Cra would havs Is the bett-n fast the One Tree Stood rurtssr. old by sU druigut. gi 1 sis far as, not to be encouraged, but on the other band there is no senso In underrating flict The practically Instantaneous loss of the Maine 1 an example of the new era. Whether suck from within 'Now genllemun, what ws Intend ta having made many ansays of the ore while working for the Golden Reward was not In the employ of the compsnv at all when working across the line and had left the employ of the com J their organization. An Invitation ex rebut, aud what we object to In this Mw4 Dtll arsproapi,sineBaa sswvw la eases, seals. It and certainly au intelligent comparison with Spain's sua power will show case at the ouset, Is the terrible strlv- tended by the Rapid club to meet with It during the second week In June waa accepted. Those present were Mrs, F. or without her destruction was due to KMhAfll and andcavored to set S rait, but snd that aha foil very rratafol for tU baaa. fit rserlved through Ir. WUUsaas Jhk Pills for Pals Peopls. "I eTe Jf' mother" asld ahs, " that I would sot bt lie Ins to-lay had I not used ihaas plllfc" To leart no doubt as to tha SrsthrUaeai of her atnry Mra. Kdwards shearfuily Buds ths following allldavlt I Piiiti BWiiL, Tm. ifsy 1$, 1897. This Is to certify that tha above story tsa. earning the lllneat sad sabaeqntnt raoovary of my dausliter, Cora, it aa asset and Wata-ful repreeeuiatioa of tha stctt la hat eaas, " Mas. Emily Idwastm, "HSLSTViixa, Inn-star 11, lew. Inbeerilied sad iwora to before sse this nr that has been hud from the very pany long' prior. But we will make use a high oxploslve unknown In our pre Ka. health kept fklllne. liar blood wss eolor. I -A Bk. aranld alia have lick our superiority, markedly in the char commencement of this cane to exagger the evidence was established.) of his testimony to the extent that It T. Evans, of Hot Springs; Mrs. Cllft, of vlous wars. The loss of life, placed at acter of our ships. Of course the effec Baadeehs. sonld soaroely eat or alaep, and waa also eontlntialiy la pain- Kothin Defendants' counsel thereupon con Rapid; Mrs. Vlckers and Mrs. Clark, ate It In all Us particulars, both in Its originally, and In the evidence sought will show you that the ore In the stope wss as rich before tbe line was reached tinued upon other phases of the pre- tlveueas of tbesu modern fighting ma of Lead; and Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Walah ws did for bar teemed to do any goou. Distant chvtlclana trsatad and pro- 2 GO, was comparatively very heavy. In bur fatuous battlo with tho Uuorrlere as after It had been crossed, and that to be put before yju. Lardner, Miss Kemper and Miss Cos of -M 1 A k. W aha kaot sett ns woraa. chines must be lurgely a matter of con The Issues In this case are very plain the average gross yield did not exceeJ this city. Jeclure until their flghtlug qualities tSthdayofMsy,lW7, the frigate Constitution lost but seven killed, savun wounded, and the die- Im a Wat. JTotaev ISMU. There are three distinct facts which posed defendants. lie stated that It was the purpose to show the Jury that the books of tbe Oolden Reward company had always been open to the Inspection of the plaintiff where could $17.73. And besides this we will show Archdeacon O. O. Ware haa secured Sne bad farmsriy Wfijnea w pnun j srlng her iilneas bar walght had d-Ml dews to T pouada. Ws bests to tlilok there wss notbW ws eould do for hr Un. It, When I happened to : oilcs aa artlrl In "rj JVnVtha m-ita of Dr. Williama' Dr. Will lama' link Pula for r 1'afa Paapla arT to aivs blood mi f 1'ala I have been demonetrated.but the weight of opinion is that they should do tre bulled IlrlUsh ship but seventy-nine you are to find, an 1 there Is no necessity for any at exaggeration. two very fine soprano ringers for this city and Lead, Mrs. Marvin, of Chica enntaln all tha tiemrata Bee lifa and rlehneae to tha you by the records kept by this gentleman himself, the record of his assays, that his testimony hss been colored in the extreme by bis feeling which he ad frfok PWa for Pals PsolIs. I thoosht that You are not to take the pleadings on go to be located here, and Miss Coon, of Omaha at Lead. The ladles arc ex fcf there wss svar a pale parton it was tar. killed and wounded, though their crews were as large as that of the Maine. The Constitution lost In the actios either side as iru until they are sup have been ascertained the exact amount of ore furnished Its reduction plant during the alleged trespass upon mendous execution. Our navy, however, ought to be mad stronger than it is and undoubtedly the general sen ttort shattered serve. lPr are sola ta boxaa (never la lones form, T ths doata er hundred) at SO seals s boi. r eta koaat for 3.60, and may be had of Ci innvfs at dlrsetly hy moll from Dr. Jllltaau' Msa sine Company, Sehsntetady Jl Y, mits he has against Mr. Franklin, the pected to arrive next week and will lo the pills aad let her try them. It was ths first ef Us! Miy whea. she begun, and near lac asiddls ef Jsne wbta tbt atoppad aaing ported by the evl lence. The plaintiff, as you have heart!, in its original com the Bonanza lode, the exact value as cate permanently. They will lead ths with Java nine killed and twenty-five president of this corporation. "Ws shall show you that this com timent is favorable to this. The Unit ascertained from assays snd tbe exact choir music at the respective ohurchee ed States should have a; least twenty result allowed after reducing the ore and Intend to teach vocal music. Mrs. plaint claimed, and in Its present complaint claims tbe value of the ore to be $200,000.00 taken out of two stopes on pany entered upon this enterprise of rrduclng those refractory ores, those John C. Bowman, wlp has boon la to bullion and that no request or effort battleships and the number of torpedo Marvin la spoken of aa one of ths fin wounded, aud the Java's casualties were sixty killed, lul wounded. Th combined fatalities on both sides In those famous tea fights were far fewer than in the case of the Maine, a new tho drug business the pat year at Rag hod been made to secure Information ores that held within their grip pre' est sopranos in Chicago, having a beau the Bonanza lode, and claim that ths plaintiff was damaged by the taking boats should be largely Increased. Per haps the number of cruisers Is sum clous metals with such tenacity that from that source. That the defendant would show by the strongest character out of the ore be tides the value of the no human being had ever been found tlful voice that shows a high degree of cultivation. Miss Coon visited Dead-wood several years ago and sung at a clent and also of harbor defense vessels of evidence that the ore In the dlsput ore. In the manner in which it was who could make It disgorge Its wealth ship that sunk at the luuch of a mod especially If our coast defenses are put ged Top, haa sold out as store to Dr. Townaend, formorly of Lead, who has taken possession of thevuslnsss, Mr. Bowman and his brotlr, D. C. Bowman, formerly In ths utchsr business at Belle Fourche, expecjto leave about the middle of next mojth for Alaska. mined to the ex.ent of $20,000. Now concert. She also possesses a clear ed stopes .js mined much cheaper than the plaintiff outd possibly have orn explosive. in proper condition. soprano voice of One quality and It Is not often that a physician reeom msnds a patent medicine; when he does, you may kn iw that It Is a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland, Glasgow, Va. writes: "I havs used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Btarrhasa Remedy in my practice and it has proven to be an excellent remedy, where a thorough course of medicine has fallsd with aao I recommend It to my patients every tlms for eholle or diarrhoea," Many other progressive ahyalolans rsco&v mend aad uss this remedy, because It always cures and cures quickly. Got until this company put Its money, lt time, Its experiments and Its risk Into the enterprise, In order to solve the problem of their reduction; and that As lar as land operations are con as far as the dam tge to the mine Is con cernod, Wherein It was claimed to be $20,000, we Shall offer no testimony, be At all events there can be no ques power. corned that United Stales in war with hoped to extract It Counsel then called the Jury's attention to the fact that the element of guilty knowledge on the tlon aa to our superiority to Spain lu At this tlms tbey lnted to go to Cop- Peter Peterson, the carpenter, who Is well known In the First ward, on Spain would need only to properly ire- during those early years of tbe testing the problem whether they could be cause no testimony whatever has been adduced showing that the plaintiff was every essential element of naval pow part of the plaintiff entered to an im Thursday, met with an accident that pare Itself to Insure success. In sua er. It Is to be hoped there will be no par river and may decje to engags la business of some kind st 111 they nay decide later to prospecjfor nines, this made of use at all or not, It required might have resulted fatally, at li necessity for a practical demonstration the expenditure of capital and labor, portent extent Into the controversy for the reason that if the disputed ground was entered upon knowingly the plsln-tiff would be entitled to recover the seriously, but by ths slightest chance he escaped severe Injury. Mr. Peter they will not determte until they and we will show to you that this very of this fact bars, resources and in nearness to the territory that would be first In dUpute our advantage la clear, la Cuba our troops would have the co-operation of In any respect damaged. An attempt as you will recollect, was made to show the cost of clean: ng these stopes, clean Ing these tunnel of the debris, or these drifts, but It was shut out by the court Now so far as taat Issue Is concerned company and other companies expen) son waa cleaning out and repairing a bottle aad you will havs aa excellent doctor la ths house, for all bowel com-plaints, both acr children and adults. ed much larger sums of money In ths reach that country, ihn's health Is pretty good now and 1 believes he Is physically able to wit land ths hardships incident to life that country. I: locks like there will be no further market value of tbe ore without deduct Ing the cost of mining. That to meet this charge by the most sstlsfactory reduction of these ores, and charged well on the hill weat of the gulsh and opposite the Oolden Reward works. ' He was working about half way down the well and had put In a otull or stags Ths management of the Two Bit ho toe insurgents, now a large force of trained veterans, perfectly familiar attempt at currency legislation during the present session of congress. It is much larger sums of money for their reduction than afterwards when tho tel will give a grand muquerade ball at that popular hostelry nsxt Saturday hardly possible for any financial meas new discoveries were made, and new and was being held In the bucket by ure to pass both houses of the present proof that they did not know and had no reason to know that they were upon other ground tbsn their own. That the defendant expected to demonstrate to the Jury that It was not under mor the man at the windlass on top. Tbe night whsn tbe spacious parlors and dining hall will be thrown open tor the material could be brought In here by the building of railroads, and when It with the country and the beet methods of scouting and skirmishing. Our troops would be sure to accomplish their objoct if not hurried into action congress. The lower house will kill any and all wild schemes for Inflation we will give It no attention, because there Is no evldsnce whatever In support of any sucl demand. Now then, w come to the queetlon in this case, anil that la tbe combined questions of hew much the plaintiff was damaged by taking the ore out of stope No. 3 over the Bonanza line and slope No. 2 over the Bonansa line. The occasion. Splendid music will bs en became more of a commercial enter windlass man supposing Mr. Peterson had landed securely, 1st go and allowed the bucket and Its human cargo to shoot to the bottom In an Instant Ths al obligation to pay the plaintiff a dol gaged and as many of the people of and cheap money, and the free-sllvor majority in the senate will defeat any that section are awaking preparations, a lar, but by the enexorable rule of tha law they were obliged to pay only the prise which was likely to continue indefinitely than when it was In lu in fancy. We shall show you that the market value of the reduction of these sound- money measure that may come indiscreetly. Tbe sentiment of our people Insures a quick response to a call for volunteers, and la six montks good tlms is asaurcJ. well la about 36 feet deep and he fell up. With that situation apparent, It about 20 feet The windlass Jumped At the regular snnual election held would be morely a waste of time an highest market value of tbe ore extracted from plaintiff's ground and with that It would have to be content. the American volunteer Is a soldier, by Oolden Belt Lodge of Perfection No. energy to attempt any further flnan from the uprights and fell Into tho well upon Mr. Peterson, but for a wonder he clal legislation during the present ses 5, A. aV A. 8. R., the following officers The"01d Malds"wnio Terry Friday evening and gave th r superb enter talnment "Tbe Com a tlon," as produced In Deadwood t' weeks ago. A special Glkhorn train ras secured an J about sixty people to : the trip. Ths entertainment was a great Improvement over ths ons gl n hers and ths Terry people were dkgbted. There was a crowded house Id the gross receipts were about $97, bout B0 bolng net, which will go U the Chlldrwns Home at Sioux Falls. he convention will bs given at Cent 1 nsxt Friday evening for the same rpose, and already over 200 tickets ivs been sold. Ths Deadwood old m is ars out of alght as entertainers. The Deadwood board of education met In regular session tlday evening. Tbs principal business is allowing of teachers' salaries and kdltlng bills. Upon the sea tbe war would be tees one-sided, and chiefly for the reason was not badly hurt No bones were sion. This alone Is a source of confl plaintiff claims in lu complaint $200,-000, or one-slxtti of an acre (here counsel was Internal ted by plaintiffs' counsel who objects 1 to the use of certain maps.) Now. in orde- that you may understand the case, and the theory of the plaintiffs case, 1 was about to state that were elected: Sol Stat, V. at; Ira Z. Putnam, 8. W; D. Carrlgan, J. W; D. May Go to the Front broken and hia Injuries consisted only dence and inspiration to the business that little la known concerning the of painful bruises axd acratr.hea. of the country, which always hesitates weak spots of the great floating steel M. Gillette, Almoner; Frank McLaugh-Un, Orator; B. P. Dague, Sec; A. W, A number of ths Olympic boys ars when a financial upheaval Is threaten The many friends of osteopathy have fortresses, marvels of complex con- talking of organizing a military com ed or regarded as a possibility. The Cos, Treas; W. B. Beckwlth, M. of C; Induced Old E. Johnson, ths celebrate 1 ores at the time when they were actually reduced at the smelter here, was $14, Instead of $8, and In addition to that they charged 5 per cent of the product Instead of 10 per cent." Counsel then stated that the defendant recognized that the;- were bound by an inexorable rule of law to pay these plain-tiffs for the ore that had been taken jut of their ground, not by any moral obligation but would strenuously object to paying any profit to thla plaintiff or to enhance the value over an! above what It was vrorth. That it would show that In both of these stopes, In Justed, that constitute a navy in these pany and employing a man who is up good fortune is that the financial sys osteopathlst, to establish a branch of A. lllgby, S. Exp; A. J. Malternar, J Exp; W. H. Moors, G. ct O. In military tactics and discipline to tem as it now exists in law Is all right, slructlon, ponderous yet delicately ad fice In thla city for a few months In drill them. The boys are loyal to their Ths Royal Neighbors and Woodmen connection with his Chadron Inatltute. or nearly so, and with assurance of Its perpetuity for some years of tbe coun country and say If we havs war and of tha World held regular meetings At the Olllmore, Monday, Feb. 27. times. We have some advantage of Spain In armoured ships and In torpedo craft And the conclusiveness of one the value of thli ore in one-sixth of an acre was $200,000. That would, of course amount for an acre to $1,200,000 end It would amount for the whols Bonanza claim, $12,000,000. Now, the defendant will undertake to show that he general avi rage of the ore In the Bontrua claim Instead of possessing the value which these experts have troops are wanted they will be the first Friday evendug, and each lodge had try will expand and Increase In activity and the whole people will chare the The esse of Charles McLavey, at al., banquet and a very pleaaant time, torpedo, or high explosive, is lllustrat vs. Dr. N. M. Wade. L. P. Jenkins and to volunteer their services. The club has a large fine room, large enough for a full company to drill and go through blessings of Industrial confidence, pro There were a number of visitors down F. C. Corum, In circuit court, was dls ed In the fate of the Maine. gress and prosperity, me outiooa from Lead, viz.: Mesdames Chaml- the evolutions of the regular militia, now is exceedingly bright, and it is Armed Spanish vessels could prsy posed of Friday afternoon by ths Jury returning a verdict In favor of the sous-lit to give it by getting some son, Hanljy, Jacobs, Ding, Duncan, Jensen, Shackelford, Hsald, Graham, the number 2 perhaos more than In No 3, there was a large quantity of material that was not ore. That It cost Just as much to break and remove that ma safe to say that for some years to come and the boys Intend to meet two of three evenings each week and drill, we shall we it plaintiff. The suit involved ths own pieces of ore t ure and there, show that the entire ore body, as I upon our commerce, and it la possible that some of their strongest ships could force their way Into one of our harbors am erhlp of a group -A claima near Deer prepsiing themselves for any emergen and Stone, and Misses Northam and Heald, who attended the Neighbors; and Mr. and Mra. Freer and Mr. and there will be such an era of prosperity that the evils of discontent and financial heresies will seek their own fstes of oblivion. advised, taken of the same character Mountain, which, by the verdict, are cy that may arise. as found In th e stopes in the Bonan We understand from a reliable source given to the plaintiff. terial which does not contain precious metals as that which does, and that the plaintiff haa undertaken to charge thl-defendant with large Quantities of tni Principal Straohan Info a us that ths attendance at ths First srd school Is up to ths standard agal During ths past two weeks the att lance fell oft about one-half, owing to jprehensloni of sickness or an eplden . There hss not been any sickness tc psak of. Tho school board never haa ten la such good condition as at pre- a. Heretofore at this tlms of ye, it has been necessary to borrow mot to carry on ths sxpenses, It being J t before ths date of delinquency of u s, whoa aa a rule most of ths large t payors wait until ths last day. Tha ard now has Mrs. Ed. Harvey, who attended ths za claim, has I; A exceeded about f IB a that M. E. Wells will bo chosen as cap But the lesson of the Maine will make the Spanish commanders of heavy ships wary of operations near land. Al. Lowerrle, proprietor of tho Pho Woodmen meeting. tain. Mr. Welle has something of a Mutball in 1891 estimated the num Tho firu of Dickinson St Brewer, waste. The defendant will underlet ton. Now, I vas about to remark a few moments 110 that the things which you are to trj are these: First, the nograph at the Bullock, haa received all of the latest songs and Inatrumtntal knowledge of military tactics and haa ber of English-speaking people it 111,- to show that when their workmen produce merchants on Sherman street, Spanish battle-ships and cruisers art fine soldierly appearance and boar pieces, aa aung by the popular singers 100,000; another authority estimates crossed the line In the No. 2 and quantity of thi ere which was contain Ing, aside from possessing more than of New York and aa played by tho fa the unmber using the English language ed In No. 3 wet 1 over the Bonansa line, stopes, tbey were wholly unconscious average executive qualifications. The no leas vulnerable than our own. One undetermined quantity Is the treacherous nature of Spanish warfare In an has dissolved arbitrarily on ths part by Brewer who haa decamped, we understand wthout making a full settlement to his partner's satisfaction. Ths moua orchestras and bands. Tboss of the fact nd the quail of the ore In No. 3 boys had thought of making "Bob' can bs heard for a nlckls each, west; the qua' tlty of the o.-e In No. 2 Robertson first lieutenant but Bob does In 1896 at 124,130,000. English Is rapidly becoming the fashionable tongue of Europe. It carries with It pure eth about (1,000 on hand, aofc thing never although It would cost a dollar to hear ago of dynamite. Spain would sot be west over the ilonanza line, and the "Now we shall show further In support of our claims that this ore was not taken out of this property knowingly not know his left f.otn his light foot known before, when funl wore at ths them In an opera house. lowest ebb. I quality of tha ore over that line. Those are th two flist qjestions, ics and excellent mora.s. It createe snd his appointment will be deferred until such a lime as be can go through by this defendant In the first plac Mr. Flanders, proprietor of tho Black whlt h you ar t to try and determine there was claim located called the Hllla Steam Laundry .yesterday eomplet THE RUINED CAUFOfclA GRAPH a drill without having s bunch of hay tied on one foot ad a bunch of straw The first aueiun Is, the quantity, In Intense popular loyalty to government, law and order. It hastens the evolution of man's highest ultimate possi ed moving all ths machinery, fixtures, CROP, on the other. Ths partial loss of etc., of hta plant Into his new quarters on Pino street, and a large fores of mca an Insignificant enemy, but one requiring extreme vigilance. The Spaniad Is not lacking In courage, la spite of his feline stealth and natural cruelty when his passions are arousod. But the claims of this country are founded In justice, and to abandon them at a threat of war would discredit our history and the genius of our people. grape crop order that you i.iay arrive at the value. Second, the q lullty that you may arrive at the va u :. Putting In the quan Captain Welle haa been staying op bilities. There are shades enough In this year, caused by ioavy rains, Bonanza on the east side of what wss afterward ths Silver Case. That claim was located by Martin Chapman, and by his testimony and that of others, t will be shown that the Bonansa lapped over on the Gulden Reward property something like 18 feet; that through In Is sstimated to sxesed I any truthful photograph of the age as la employed setting ths machinery aad putting the concern In ahapo for opera late nlghta atudylng military tactics and will rail hie awkward aquad to tlty and the duality together to make ,000. Farm tho north- era and vineyards all it ta, but thsre are also lights which tions. He hopes tohavo It running by gether early next week for their first era part of the state vs suffered. Monday. rehearsal." Bom eons waa unkind the proper rei'u Hons to which I shall refer, furnlsht t he market value of the ore in those twe bodies. Now, there Is another quest on which you are to try Wr He this ts true It Is ws mutt not overlook, that are bright with the potency and prophecy of a ually a tact some msnner both companies applied enough to aay that If the boys should that lost an d failing si America's Greatest Medicine may bs for United States patent through con firm haa 'been doing business slncsJan-usry 1st Dr. Dickinson remaining at Lead aad Mr, Brewer running ths business. It Is said that on Thursday night between ths sotting and rising of ths sun, Brewer decamped, and aa exatnlnatlca of ths accounts yesterday showed a shortage of about $S50, as far as It had been mads. A hearing was had before Judge Moor Friday la ths Injunction suit brought by Harry Ward against ths B. st M. railroad to enjoin It from building a stone bulkhead along ths north aide of Whltowood creek, back of upper Charles street A temporary la-Junction was granted about a week ago, Mr. Ward's grounds being that the bulkhead was upon his ground and was damaging his property by divert-Ing the current against It JudsM Moors Friday dissolved tho Injunction, It being k'jown that ths wall li not being built upon Mr. Ward's prop, orty, bat some distance away. glorious future.-Richard Wbeatley In restored by the ptrsla Hood's Sarsaparllla, which accomplish' systeuatW go to the front and get wounded they would be shot In the back, but ws don't because It en:i;s Into the element of tract with a certain deputy mineral uss of ths groat nation Chicago Record. as wonderful euros et blood disss nlc, Hostst surveyor, the line of the Bonansa was believe that tsr's Stomach Bitters, when all other medicines fall to do any bleu ronowa damages In tit is case, as ths court, we apprehend wl l ndvlse you, and that Is, there has beer s -me testimony adducsl swung over on to tbe Oolden Reward and tones tho activity good whatever. ths stomach, ground about 100 feet, making a con CHEMICAL ENOINB. The Lodge Immigration bill which the senate passed, provides only live r and tho bowelsiouBtaracu Hood's Pills ars ths best family eath filet of an acre and a third in area Instead of one-sixth of an acre. That artlo and liver tonic Qontls, reliable, Tbe fire and police committee of the a reasonable sducallonal quail 11 RELATIVE! STRENGTH AT SEA. There Is an Impression that befori the loss of the Maine the United States and Spain were about equal on the seas, particularly in battleships, and that consequently Spain Is now the stronger. This Is a mistaken Idea, the fact bolng that the naval power of the sura city council, under authority of that this surreptitious work was done with body and In conjunction with Chief En cation, and requires physical capacity, so that we shall not be a dumping ground for Illiterate and Infirm paup out the knowledge of the Oolden Re tendency to rheumaUsi and kidney complaint and prevent malarial disorders. After sxhauatlafdlaessss bavt run their course, recry Is greatly accelerated by ths utt tha Bitters, which Improvss appeti and Imparts Peter Zoeckler, of Zosckler Bros., the glneer Frawley, hae ordered a hand ward company. That during the month lesdlng meat market men of thla city, of December tbe Buxton Mining com some chemical engine from ths Firs Eztlngulsher company of Chicago. Tha left again yesterday for Sioux City to pany employed Mr. White to obtain purchase another shipment of corn fed re newtd vigor to thelbllliatod par engine la a No. 6, aingle cylinder t United States la considerably greater patent to the Bonanza claim; that dur beeves for tho firm's market and large ers. It U strange that any senator would be willing to stick to tbe old "asylum for the oppressed" theory. We have been an asylum to our great lnjury,and It la time we should get out of th "asylum" business and look af- slqus. chine, having a capacity of B6 gallons on the part ol the plaintiff to show that the deft .iiUnt had knowledge of the fact, that un derground In these excavations wIkcI. they were making In the ac 1 .unnels that they were running, that tiiy had crossed the Bonanza easier'1, and were therefore out of their ov a ground, the Golden Reward and 'er Case ground, and over Into thr li nansa." Counsel Mrrcjpon continued and stated that (be defense would undertake to show as closely as Is possible the exact an of ore that was taken from thme two stopes, No. 2 and and rebut as oi ipletely as posslbl the exaggerated ta;4ments made -pi the trade. Pets will stay at Sioux City Ing the month of January, Mr. Frank Un, president of the defendant com Ths nsw organ for th church haa bean shipped and will of chemical fluid. It will wslgh about than that of Spain. This country now has five completed battleships which British authorities rat as first class, 1,200 pounds and Is easily handled by Indefinitely buying corn fed stock and will make two shipments a week. He pany. applied to Mr. White and tnado arrive hers some tlms ths fl.'st of thla week. Thla organ will bs opened next nand. The engine will cost $600 and Is American furnituref ta brisk demand abroad, soma fenty dlffsrsa. 00 on tries using 4,(KpO worth dur unrestrlcted Immigration. an agreement with him to procure that is, ships not less than 6,000 tons patent to tbe Silver Case lode claim, expected In a few weeks. Chief Frsw ley says It has been customary for rail Sunday aad will wonderfully add to the solemnity of the scrvlcs. It Is of the The stump speakers who In 1896 as That application for C patent to the SII ing ths ysax 1197. I ver Case was not made until the sura sorted that farm products would never roads to transport fire apparatus free of charge and he expects this snglne Estey Organ company, philharmonic modol and has pips offset to ths depth It la said there Is ovemoat start- rise In price without fr e sliver, are mer of 1888. In the meantime the proceedings fo obtaining the patent to will be delivered gratia sd la Indiana to send noticeably silent now. of 10 fr. giving that much needed volume to all church music. Musk Is bo This will be a valuable piece of ap the Bonanza claim had proceeded, an a Prsaldeat Ear-No batter ia- risca to the U. S. as id in measurement and not more than 13 years old, with a speed not under 13 knots an hour. Spain Is credited by these authorities with but one ship of that grade. The Spanish nsvy comet nearer tho strergth of the American navy In first-rate cruisers than in any other department, having eight such vessels against the time for advertising hsd run out lng prepared for next Sunday's sonrloes J paratus to be used in case of Incipient fires which can be extinguished with a very little water and comparatively lection could bo and the Bonanza claim was entered, us. Wt shall ahow by the proceedings had small loss. Aw triad Hlgkaat Honors-World's Fair, 'DEI; and the plats with reference to the Bo nttea roc uta occasion and It Is tho intention to make thla part of the oer-vieee as complete as potolbls from now on, ss no pains or expense will be spared to give ths church going peopls of Deadwood tha boat music rendered Uvin of Xrfa nanza claim that upon it not a clntllls of notice was given to the Sliver Case that it had in any sense impinged up aa- came In with two cars of ths choicest beeves a few days ago. N. C. Cash, the genial and accommodating porter at tha Lobby, will loavs tomorrow for hta old stamping ground, Cheyenne, to look after business mat-tors, snd expects to bs gons two weeks "Cash" formerly conducted a barber shop at Cheyenne and employed at high as six men. He waa wsll and favorably known aad had tho beat of ths trade. Ho Intended to go to Alaska, but has changed his mind snd will return to Oesdwood to work for Carr dt Berry. Cash cams hero about a year ago with T. B. Hicks, ths prominent sporting man, whoa Cash served as his vaiet tor several years, Ths modem way commends It self to tho well Informed to do pleasantly snd sff actually what was fonnsrly dons ta tho crudest manner tad disagreeably as woll. To cleanse ths sya-ts maud break ay colds, headaches, aad fevers without unpleasant ttsr effects, aao tho delightful liquid laxa CIRCUIT COURT. The following cases have been signed for Mondsy snd Tuesday: MONDAY, FEB. Is. on or overlapped the Silver Case. We in tas city. shall show you after the Bonanza had V No. 17. Joseph Unterrslner, admin, thus bees entered and after the time for advertising had passed, the same stand by the drfradanU witnesses, so that you can d itermlne exactly the amount of ore that was taken from those two stupes. "We shall show to your satisfaction that the Oolren Reward peopfe did not know and hud no reason to know that they had cro wed the Bonanza line, but that they ha I reason to believe and 411 believe that ihe easterly line of the Bonanza waa a here It waa fixed when the locations wi re raade, towlt, one hundred feot eai terly from the place where It Is now c! ilraed to be and over and across whW'h It Is claimed they transgressed It. We ehall show that at the time they fl.-st went to work In those stopes thrr' were but from one to three men st work on a shift In those two stopee tnd that there were from thirty to thirty-five men at work ta the entire mine and that the entire output from all th mine was but sixty tone vs. Michael Sellg. SB. Lizzie Lang va Michael Seellg. agent who had been employed by the CEEAI.I Buxton Company proceeded with the 41. John Zerflng vs. Michael Seellg, '1 I application for the Silver Case. 41 John Mansfield vs. J. P. Walters. five for the United States. Our vessels, however, should be more effective, being faster, nwer and better armed. According to the British classification, which Is competent authority, this country has thirteen second-rate cruisers, while Spain is given only six and these are cot to effective as tha American vessels In this class. In third-rate CtUlsurt, un armored gunboats, torpedo boats, sloops and other small war craft Spain outnumbers such vessels In ths American navy, but a considerable pro-portltm of the Spanish boats are antl- IFnt5 Counsel for plaintiff here objected t TUESDAY, MAECH 1. 1191. caw j further discussion upon this subject TO OtR CUSTOMXRS. Chant bertA'u's Cough Bstasd? Is Us boat oeagk syrup ws havs svw used oursftlvos or In our fusallloa, W. H. King. Isaas P. Xing aad many others la thla vicinity, havs also pronounced It the beet All we wtnt is for peopM to try H and they yci a t$avusod. Upon honor, t&ars li ar, betur Oat wo aars star tried, atl wa i n acl any kiada r. re .at-- m ecK3 Qsasral Slarclaata, ISj TsaaaL Va, 11. John Manner vs. Elisabeth Lang, tl. J. A. Armstrong vs. Terry Gro announcing that he would object If W cery company. IS. Henry Jacobs vs. A. H. Smith. any testimony upon this point and desired to argue the admlsssblllty to ths court. (The court thereupon instruct MOST PERFECT MADE W f It. William Feller vs. Saran Monck. 14. James W. Curraa .trustee, vs. ed counsel not to address the Jury un A svrs Ctf Crsers of Tsrtw4swdr. Free w Aasf&t. & mor adulterant. tive romsjdy. Syrup of Figs Mads by I til the question of the admissibility of Rudolph KralL California rig Syrwp Ox AO TSAM in IIMNH ate w aa msSMM. I

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