The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 11, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 11, 1899. yATCHES, ONE GENT A WORD Advertisements Under this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run Ikba than one month; three lines. $d 00 THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE , 1171. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. per month; payable in advance. Fine... Solid Gold Jewell home of the Holy Terror. Every little ride from this point Is full of beauty and many are grand. The journeys on horses can And plenty ol pastujage in the long grassy alleys between the towering ranges on either side. There are ot nice places for camps. The other plan of making a tour of the Hills or a ten or twelve days trip m some of the most Interesting localities rs'ts more on account of the teams inline. I and costs more work. Making and breaking camp every day or two is a maiitoss to the half sick and worn out people .but a pleasure to the young and strong who want to move every day until they strike tonerve himself to the sternness which the duties of his office sometimes demand. He finds it hard to lay aside the private feelings of William McKinley and become the incarnation of this mighty republic and the decisive factor in directing i" un-avertable destinies. No man regards war with greater repugnance thau Mr. MiK'i-ley, intrepid soldier tho he was when h,s country's peril called its patriotic sons to Its defence a generation ago. An a" of that kind, from a man constituted as he Is, showed heroism of the grandest type. It was his atniableiu-ss, and almost ras-sionate love of peace, which mt'de the president so long resist the force of the current that finally swept on- -Tinny In'" ih. ar ulth Snain knd i-weiit McKinley WANTED HELP. WANTED Engagement In private fam PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO lllea by flrst-clas dressmaker and ladle' tailor; work done at home If preferred. 766 Main st. Nack Hills Gold 4 Sterling Silver . At Special Pnces Next 20 ft TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Ererr Morning, Exoept Moodar On Temr H0.00 SU Month $0 Ob Month I-00 lor trout nshiiurjff'Taml Creek I he WAXeEBJSHouse cleaning and sweeping wiltKLT Tuiied Ererr Thursday. by competent woman. No. S Water St rear of Fish 4i Hunter's mill. On Year M SU Month 1-00 reeks up in that vlcinit, where three or four days is not too hum camping trip of this kind can be in very reasonably or carry with it .1- m as the purse will buy. Panics can oiitlit either in 1 - ' with it , among the lal of i.n.-.e who were chargvd with tb. reH:i.-it'ill 1 1 b'i of government, and struggling against it while there was a Tool of k.'i. I to stand on. It is this quality- call it not weak- t the -: at Men to learn barber trade. $ou monthly ,e,mnr I Ww Held own. Have made Hate red as Second -Claa Matter Deadwood Poatofflce. .....,.. to obn n graduates on i.hau rnn a-hn lielti-i In I Iff. f:fefti!in A. F. SNYD tlnough trains east an, west. Last ycai ';i-'c-u. hill, ret u -ji l.lwoo.l I I , ' (Mft4nml or !ailtsh and-,. lUM-ke that will cover no place twice an the ouilit to the martin- point 1) religion and worship the Prince of Ivac uc olaced ion barbers. $10 weekly. Eight which -makes it certain that there will not Wain street. is central to all the points of be a dron of blood shed in the Philippines REPUBLICAN TICKET. Buprem Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. 0. FULLER. DICK HANEY. more than our president can possibly weeks completes. Send for catalogue. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. WANTED-To buy, laying hens, by the dozen. Apply by mail to A Smith. 9 While the manager of tin- i-ariy Is getting together his ou'lii 'lb- bjilnnee of ihe bartV can w.ll avoid. We may be perfectly sine " HMvHMwJ shot that Is exchanged between tne American soldiers and the mlsgui'tcd f lt..wct- Ct Dudley St. f in l.l, Mi.rcrs the heart of this good me I gentle president, and ill; t nothing that he can do to bring the war to -in iiH the moment it can be done honor entertain themselves with lie in dustries to be seen in lleadwood no I il-lm tr its mil-Is and smelters and the nine-- ami mills of Lead only three milles di-tuiH. Trips over our narrow gauj.f Vlma.l-to the mines, are pruuotinced by vi-iuu-as one of the best things we have in show. Every year camping parties residing in Deadwood and Lead City go out fm a ten or twelve days Itinerary, sometimes iak- WANTED A man witb a team and wagon for two months. Apply to A. Large WANTED Billiard and Pool tables, one of each. Must be in good condition and reasonable in price. Will buy or rent. Address, I!o 2. Terry. (6t) CA5H TALKS ALCrER PINO H EE AND TRUSTS. It will not Increase (Ha general respect for or confidence In Secretary Alger that he has gone Into a political alliance nun the socialist "Potato" Plngrec of Michigan In order to secure for himself a seat in the United tSates senate. There la an appearance of elap-trap about the Issues which the Alger-Plngree bureau an nounces with bo much flourish the alleged wickedness of the trust movement and the bad practice of electing senators thru state legislatures. Up to the present moment Mr. Alger baa never beeu known, to worry over the danger to the peoplj thru the trusts, and we do nut recall thai he has ever raised u serious pleu for the and safety, will be omitted. Those who charge William McKinley with fomenting this war in Ihe Philippines because lie I" an "imperialist." or Is using the bodies of bis countrymen as pawns in a sanguinary game of politics, most strangely misunderstood or shockingly misrepresent this faithful, loyal, humane spirit, who "still In his right hand carries gent I.' peace to silence envious tongues." mg in the trout fishing anail Iievn s tower to the northwest, and again g g we-t for a rnnih. WANTED Mim and wife Apply to Pioneer-Times. anil south, bringing up at Sylvan Lake One party has been out for six or -ceti We have got the goods and want your Wde,- 'e- wars in sin-cession aud never lire of It WANTED A girl for general housework. This is a party of ten or twelve. g-n-:.ill ne half or more being ladies. 'I "n , v ne ihrce seated hack and a !.i..: o i-AMI'IMi IN THE 1111.1- This article is written solely In Hie In we vagon and do ihcir own driving and -io, k Come and see us, will treat you right. ! direct election of senators, so that the coincidence of his seeing a new light ;) these subjects at the time when he wants the assistance of a leader who has always blown with the popular breeze. Is likely Ayres & Wardman Hardware Ci terest of outsider. Moved by c jinipassiot: for those who are fating the lonid summer in such cities as Lincoln. Omaha. St. Joseph and Kansas rny and in scores of lesser places, people who will In' soon, if they are not already, gasping for biv.uh in Ihe palpitating heat, wretched suffering people who in the morning would (iisl it were night" and in the night ' would dud it were morning." It Is no use to deny there are thousands an 1 hundred of thousands of such people. Black Millers sit on at a good salary. Apply at this office. roit SALE. I Hi; SALE of the fini st farms In the country; .on acres, price $1,000; 51. 0"') cash; balance one. two and three years, at 8 per cent, uf D. A. McPIIERSON. LOTS KOK SALE Howard's "'Addition Ills addition to Deadwood. beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley spring, In the First ward, is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN C1SE. FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on : : Ofll their porches in the cool evenings with a light wrap' even ( in August and thank Ood they do not have to endure the languishing, enervating heat of their former home in the valleys of the Missouri and Mississippi. They call to their Bear Butte valley, 160 acre each; over to be regarded with more or lesj suspicion. Mr. Alger may have the abstract right of all citizens " to aspire to as many honors as can honestly be secured, but in projecting himself Into what promises It be a bitter factional fight between the partisans of himself and the able Senator Burrows he la likely to make trouble In a party that has alresdy honored him liberally and stood by him faithfully when he has been under hot fire from all sections of the country. Hut it does not appear to worry him that in making a bold play for a seat in congress he probably will injure the administration which has manfully stood by him thru good aui evil report. Nor doe It appear that he realties the ludicrous Inconsistency of running on an anti-trust platform with the backing of an Alger-Plngree combine which would like very much to squeeze out of existence all political competition in the state of Michigan. - )1,000 improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Tlmes office. FOR SALE Desirable residence lots. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's Shoes With a Reputation lining. This is wiiliiu ihe miaii- : one who i an take an .oiling at all THE IIl .VliKKli i: Alt 1.1 A Hundred Year Club has been -an-ized. The object is to study ihe iot,di-lions which promote longevity. Afnt much study and research its members must arrive at the conclusion that the only possible way to attain long life is to lai c the best care ortiealth. With all due re-respect we present the study of Hostel-ter's Stomach Hitters for consider. n ion. This is a tonic for one of the niosi vital organs of life the stomach. For fifty years It has cured constipation. Indigestion, dyspepsia, biliousness, weak liver and kidneys. It makes strong stomachs, ibh, red blood, and steady, vigorous nerves Jf you accept a substitute, don't expect it to cure like Hoetetter's Bitters. See that a private reveneue stamp covers the ne' of the bottle. o BRYAN'S WAR RECORD. Huronlte: The first thing we know Bryan will be running for president on his war record, and In speaking of records why Isn't Bryan's war record just as great as any record he has. In congress be failed to Impress the country with any superior talents as a statesman; aa a lawyer he does not stand at the head of hi profession; as a stump speaker he shine nd In this alone. And there are thousands of public speakers who equal Bryan, but as a political demagogue he haa no equal. He Is after the office of president and proposes to talk his way to the white house. Other men In other day have tried this very thing and always failed, So much for history and It is sure to repeat Itself In Bryan' case. i Our Boys 5eaI Skin Seamless DESIRABLE building lota on incoln avenue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) FOR SALE Bedroom, parlor and Dining room sets, cheap, a I am going away. Mr. Warren Nelson, Blacktail Gulch, Central City. McKINLEY 43 A MAN. William McKinley ought to be president of the United State on hit SHOES! I Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. suffering friends at their old homes to flee to the Hills where the summer months are a Joy Instead of a torment. It is recognized that not all who have the means can drop business and domestic responsibilities and take a generous outing. But there are thousands who can but do not; many perhaps form an exaggerated Idea of the cast, and others who do not know the delights of a camping trip or tour of the Hill. This suggests to savfgbt hete that this is no write up of any of the resort The owners and railroad exploit their beauties and respective advantages without stint and yearly draw an tiwreaalng dividend In patronage and travel. They an second to none In the country aal If any reader likes that sort of thing and thinka It worth paying for, he can get as much pleasure for his money as anywhere. And a party whose first object Is a camping trip, may take In Hot Springs and 8ylvan Lake when coming In or going out. Hot Springs Is about the sams altitude as Rapid, Sturgla nd Spearflsh, all foot Hills towns, while Sylvan Lake, a short distance' out from Custer, is 6,200 feet, about 1,(00 feet higher than Deadwood. Some Missouri Valley people find Hot Spring cool enough while others Bit te Sylvan Lake. The writer living for nearly forty years in the Rocky mountains and Black Hills regards Hoi Springs as a charming winter resort and Sylvan Lake an equally delightful summer react, but FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at Terry, S. D. For further information enquire of C. WCTlonan, Prop. (lm.) f v, ihwim wnuwwt i iriauuu III UIO official record. The latter' ha been, Indeed, admirable, nay. wonderful. How much so U will have to be left to h'storr to hpe the enduring truth. The proces-eloa of event since MeKlalejr'a administration came In haa been of such a startling and ImpreaalT character aa to dwarf Individual actors. But many of those L. C. VERPLAST, No. GO "llierman St. FOR RENT. ttttt (IMU, tttn . who have taken a commanding part have clearly been men of heroio mould. In : determining the fitnee for great respoii- Furnished room at the White House, Bath ana Electric light. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine view from every V3BI room. FULLER BROS & McCUMSE IblllUes each man la the teat tor hims.df. It follows that President McKinley could not have to uccessfully met the remarkably trying ordeal Into which hi administration wae eo luddenlyl plunged had he not fully measured up to the need of a - leader of rare wisdom and capacity todl-' reot the course of our country, la the alto- FOR RENT Six-room house, just newly papered and in One order, at $18.06 per month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 401 William street, or at YOUNG'S office, Lee RANGE HORSES. Barrett Zimmerman. Midway horse market, the largest range horse dealers In tho northwest. Have commodious facilities specially arranged for handling rang horses with large corrals and pasture In connection and with their stables midway between Minneapolis and BL Paul, where range horses can be disposed ot to better advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota Transfer, St. Paul, Minnesota. - - (GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Carriaues anl Brain.- Best Drmm MS n .. ... . .v. Cnili street. itLJ get ner unprecedented emergency ' wni.-n puaraiog Horses by the day weeK rr monm -r- be baa often observed that what ho kikes FOR RENT furnished rooms, by day, week or month. Inquire over Ladles' was precipitated by the Spanish war, and tt unexpected aftermath. But, entirely ' apart from President McKinley' qualities a a statesman -and "publicist, he la just the . sort of malt that his countrymen should Baaar. ' "No Eye Like the -Master's Eye." ""'fi nirnisnea room at reasonabl ratea at Noble-block, 721 Main stmt MRS. GARR. Prepare!? Arc You la no rule for any on else. . Tears before tho railroads came Into the Hill," resident, used to remark to one another that after railroads came the Hills would be full of campers from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missdurl, from the middle of July to the middle ot September. While some would pitch tents for the season In such picturesque localities as Spearflah Canon, Spearfish Crossing and Cold Bprings in the northern Hill and You Are master of your delight to honor becauee he . la, simply considered a a man; one of the noblest that ever stepped in shoe. His private character Is. M truth, of the rarest quality. This fact Impresses Itself on all who come Into close contact with him. On of our foremost men, who has occupied aa FOR RENT A atx room house. Enquire health, and if you do not Btend to duty, the bUme is at sa Hart's Turkish Bath rooms. easily located. If your blood ear. relation with Jlr.. McKinley jiu.lo FOR RENT Three furnished rooms suit- this administration as any one poeilbty Mo for housekeeping. Enquire of Ole is out of order. Hood's Sar-saparilU will purify it, could aaid a day or two ago In speak iacjcous or nt No. SI Taylor avenue. tng of the president: I have known many good men In my life, but William McKinley Is the very best man I ever FOR RENT (-room house for $! pay nronua, oe lantennlal Ave. Fine weather has come at law- . now la the time to get that pair of mer Shoea.. My Stock includes all of the Ut and neatest summer footwear ' No where can yon find the sam IjJ for lesa money. We always lead w it cornea to Good Shoes at Low r and oar atock is the freBhestas8 tbe lareeat in the Bill. It if tho specific remedy for trouble f tho blood, kidney, bowels or liver. Kidney -"My kidneys troubled me, and on adric took Hood's Sarsaparllla which rsv prompt relief, better appetite. My sleep Is refreshing, it cored my wife 'knew." It Is not worth, while to recaplti: Castle Creek and Sylvan Lake In the middle and southern Hills, others would maks a tour of the Hills, camping a day or two in a place , then moving. Each of these places ha It advantages and both have com In rogue to a considerable degree, but to no such extent aa was expected. The permanent camp haa the advantage of cheapness, perfect quiet and rest, and by selecting such a place aa Cattle Creek, not too far from Mystic station on tho B. uwr. late the many noble virtue which our t American" president wear) as a crown richer Jeweled than that of any monarch LOST A large envelop full of letter and note. Finder return to Pioneer-Times no gex reward. , on earth.' It, Is enourh to say that he seems to lack ion that goes to make ; ElTiL. Tt". M7J Denny 8 trees, Pittsburg, Pa. J7 SerofUkMM Humor-" I was tn terrible sondltlon from the Itching and bornlng of crofulons humor. Grew .worse nnder treatment of several doctors.. Took Hood's Sarsaparllla and Hood's Pills. The cured to thoroughly." J. 1. Lmu, Fultoo, M. Y. ft M.. one caa keep In daily touch with Go to. - : MORRIS HICKS. How Cleaners and Osrnet home and the daily paper. Over , near the St, Elmo mill, about two mills from Ore-vllle on the & If., U another charming what may be called n Ideal typo of humanity. If there is any one of his characteristics which may bo said to b detract from hi entire fitness for: the high position which ho occupies, It is his tenderness of heart and aversion to strife. This may tend to make it difficult for him Will clow earpou on the floor wtth their new process, rasterta tv. ... zipp camp ground withla easy pony rid from or wffl take tho , a Sylvan Lake, Harney's Peak and the thriving mining town of Keystone, the roerwaosB. Can at !"" jmre! Brw Kb; tm o-lrrtirt i T I f -'-'e 0 i-W vr'ts Book's fan,; phone Flonetr-Tlmes. ' iMMMxmm I

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