The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 22, 1900 · Page 12
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1900
Page 12
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a i n's sake, what has. i 1 ai t done now that VF KIT A EST. F. .CHOP POT! i-!'. CN - 'I HE prl.Li.V together tin. . I ' '!;', Hi . ;.. , 1 I .I'd! ady i: I'Jtle ; l WEEKLY i-'-L.NESS- ay I ',. - ad 1: s'0! i'JI IAfOTA lu form l u ' if - ' - '(J4 ;.'-.' n.r - '-on ,t I. ailbli an J j 1 1 II- ( lit he will he a I yid'-r ; mori ,r the on ire -vinei in V.'a hii. ' ton. Added to'ihi If.- i - !,: .!..-in nnt witlf the n of thU o'-r.try. I!'- ! a !: ! i.i . o ; ;.,. i - a ' ' h I .'!il.(t:i .:.! ,v fitiM ;i ; I::a;l u.t-l!''f) it i pie !.' 1 r, ij.-,n I !.:. w. .!''. r what nil...'-' . i.-,--- ': : . ; 0 ( . o i ;o , ... , .- 1 1, , . 1 Ot flf,,.!-1 lo O " 1 ,,. ...I '. . ado, i , SUBKCHII 'I I' ISnlei-il a i i i . a . .; ; i ma..-, i ' ii-.'.,. I : ii K ( o :ncy to te'i i i. k tor John- out 111 lei I 11, return." !..oe oj ' Oft, ... I. :t;i;,. d f.Ol DEFEATED UU IV iel -on f )! l. nil. 'I- . . ' V 'I.llv v tie at I1'" i 'hi r;:m 11 :;o 1.;.. i. 1" 111. .on ineiil ei 1 ho j,,.,. Creek, the ,IV., That fiiiiii'J.t . t don K i : j .v.- 1 "Mr. It. Cn.k.'i- c. doulitlur.o inn :n tiun tliu piompt which a jdnasj I h F helo.v. .i ad i an beat or v.ho ba: iparent ease, ,:,! ; u;, h.o. ' 1 It llil ,1.1 I.I 'l d by 1 1 i in in hU o. .1 i i no niiii' to .'hat low a.- .. I, Mart'n can iml it would to ro to tie ife would -'O ill polif'enl honois, he jus- natural for him si unto in a fev vears. ' -jt. V:' ' ilt Cripple 11 a,'e about ' " ores, :1' rL',iUire ' ' '"-11 tot ' ' 'lie ,.Ve). The '"J'iies 0! i'o- yours awch of it car. telegram o, ( omiolence lu -Mi'. 1 Hie nieinin ; al'K r elc lion, ha.-accepted liy tliat, i-eiitleiiiaii an n:ost distinKuism d ; upportei s a keynote and battle cry of the . .. mriMlL'ii which thev are a! t atl ;-;o b'air p Mill. eo!ii";inv is imttiiii; in the north end of its plant to treat the free In -tin' new In - the avei age- 01 h 'i lie Cl'lpplo (',.,.:. , less linic ,lon,. ... iu I 1,0 I per ,-,.,, , . .. ., ty-foar per ( m Colorado mine.; iion pyrito -some (,; is nearly barren, hut. ries some value. Lin,, exists everywhere Ih vhile cok( is vi r nn IAe sl.ltiile i h i or in at ion I . - re : ii ; i 1 i . v. j.,.', ... ', ... ' t! . m ei- hod t: ' i ' And '.'.'it incline s m V . : i . 'ilion Who riielllls to Il'.'ille a eon -' 1 tioii:, tiiid enlightened use of his per-Minal influence. Til'' hislllip ll('..'ills lis statement of the "problem" with an outline oi' the hUtory of Spanish rule in the islands. This is of importance, as it "O'cs to show the opinion which the natives which has been enconnter- l'l!i!il! ,r OI ' :.l o!;i dlor tor the load. He i. ! : i." .' o, . -:,:,!,. i; i - i i ra ill"- '. OlV.-JCi- ,!!,. II-- t.l Ill't'iv t.) Wlltch 1 asp"' -' pays ?1. a year, it is i li.O'iy 1,,. will :-;,.'l hi e his chances o.' promotion for the senatorsliip. II. -is and has for several ears been used as a senatorial bogie man to fiighten timid people. It he wanted the pin. e be would declare himself openly, it ian be said to the credit oi Mr. Kittredge that he is loyal to ids friends and usiui'ly gets what he goes after. To support Mr. Gamble it'fr not necessary, a. some republicans fill the position uracefully and lo,-r cally, giving South Dakota a states man in the senate such as she has never had before. 0 THE VOTER'S LEAGUE. The Voters' union of this state, which was an adjunct to the Anti-Saloon league, did not effect the result , d in the liiihl Mountain mine's. In several places in that district, veins of free milling ores have been opened up while mining the high grade refractory ores, tint nothing has ever been done with them before. of course '"' '!"' foothills' i( 11 ' '"'apw than 111 s" better rail. with you. We hav man luciiuies. Alter tion Of the shi,, , ..' 'Wisin, KinninK. "We have been defeated, but we are not discouraged," were the words in which Mr. (hoker expressed such grief as the thought of his "long" stocks left him, and su h determination aa memories of his recent prominence in the councils of a national party Insured. The sentence sounded well, and, coming irom one to uhom more prailical labors have left small leisure for acqulrim,' oratorical or literary Kras, it was a real achievement. Still, Mr. Cioker's popularity tho great, so far as it goes, does not so qnif. everywhere, and it la just a little surprising that apprecia that was anticipated. In a close election of an off-year when party lines KIRK DEAL CLOSED. that theDeadwood IZl weli if not better, suited Creek ores, than for y0ra ? are not so strictly adhered to, it might he a dangerous element, but this vear must have formed of European rule. To them we are the same sort of peo plo as tho Spaniards, who have precariously ruled over them for nearly four centuries and with whom the church lias been one and indivisible. So ( lose has been the union that it was promised in 1 T I J that Manila ransom the Spanish Archbishop of Manila who wbhh four year.- alter was a lending tlieine el' Mri' " h po'it a a ! i : icina the manifest insincerity of the leaders ,B "m," "'interested as there are no patents pon maUe f tng to deter anyone from a,opti if hn wishu V,',. ,1:.. :. , 1 "g 11 if he wishes. V Colorado Capital Will Develop Property on Homestake Extension. . . The deal whi h has been pending for several months on the property lying between Lead City and Kirk is seem to think, to fight Mr. Kittredyo who is not a camlhjate. His Hirvi ; to the party entitle him to a iv.-,t ; I o'ii t lie si ribhlers. i - - defeated the object of the Union, if it had any other mission than that of (in nn take out a patent upon a l"'eiiiiar :, damaging the (dances of republican slag, made only at Iie.-iduoo, not make tin tion of this be , t!: Bryan 'leader-; hit candidates. Circular letters were sent to every saloon keeper in the state, addressed to "My Den.- Hi'Dllier" I ra. t ically i lost i nearly ffniu.iiini a ores of ereiiliil ai d pi .iiinali'y ICIle thin but oat a I. use j! H'liailly ' " nio'!;. el !! as i wo ' . n 1 "is i 1 e . r In 1 1 pa :d to j this day. Spanish ruie in the !'a-t I cd en lu , I -i e .' ' ' v, h: I ' c I ciii1 ion ; aluiut rand on tl.e :l S'l.-pri -i'. " l-i;ttln;? a Tamil ; n- ' would not use in he could yet an speaking, a n, , II a t ion .'. ( ui r an- in- i - liillv n 1 !l The deal involves d includes about 2'.)') ying south of Lead ui tho extension of ii The buyer is : v icii ate of '... ha ; made two ' V.lore IS Of the rued by Itev. Caihart, anil urging tuition as t ! TOO MUCH ENGLISH ON HYPNOTISM Aunt'-nr h pnol i -t , will do wel I I i consider the i as : of William Spins of Kit. hloir Ala.-..- . indole ;nt, c :i; ; I o ;!! t in ;.ei' "i e a ny I la o- ;.. ., , lt; 1 1 t 1 t wl I i for r.ot, hmvever. i fire ilcvin u:. Mr. 1'.)' Bald more than onci - in to support Mi --sr.;. ' 'I. I Sent and olh. , n-p ' I'-s-on th.-'t t,, ,,, 'ah '1 11 noil " I 11 l;.-r . j r bit in l' "I I leated anrahle elfnl T in de m for a I' v.'. r'd l' tiW' I et r 'on t Irs. ate-l it t V i u .ii i i ' : i ' we i tin. .':' j lleaddi ' ,": i Is. - I- w p he Institute Mass., tiotb prnfenrs I i- I in 'c1 1 i e-i . Thai co ''hilippinc 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i pnli-- th'-u f. l-v Pr lloffo of Technology ol whom wen of mine at tin vears ago wo to eliihi: in the i-1-iiv ne) means ac'reo hkIs. While we School o' Mines. Ten built t in lleii'l vnod atil lot.'. .; it ; n... i-if, n!'o;i to L'oM !'':( t'l I V,'h" I'" I he ;v i a "i '' "1 ' T -niinly nnd hn'il the ore to it in lead of trying to pump v iler to the mill ."1(1 it is believed that the- pre flip he hauled just as (heap as th" water could be brought to it. The new company has plenty of monev to thoroly develop the ground, find if it stir-ceeds in opening up another Homestake. as there is every reason to think it may, it will ho of inestimable value to the Hills. Delaware "Smelting Works, recent!? sold to the Golden Reward oompaay. and which lias run continuously since its orection. There has been some effort to re I . ,.i.e a no , lit a v a , e o, 1 . . I I i -i maiih n a oi!. Jane, would ; . . and execute ilii'l'r ult steps of the shir! (lance at the bat of the eye, and the other members of the group, his mother, little srsters and brothers:, were iapidly succumbing to other menta1 vagaries at the occult behest of the young man. But on the third day, while trying a subject, the power, or whatever it may be called, suddenly reversed itself in the inner consciousness of the operator, with the result that he hypnotized himself so effectively that there is no getting him out of the condition. The family, it is said, is bearing the affliction with a commendable resignation. Except as a defense to a murder, conspiracy, or divorce cases, the real use of hypnotism has not yet been learned. But enough is known to warrant the assertion that it is not a household amusement or recreation. It cannot be classed with cnecker, dominoes or tiddle-winks, as a means of whiling v id. h.,-. d i '!., "." ' a font.-.!. !" t no! d ' ' ' Croler i ; not h. '-e . a ; e ! l,y nil but tie : :i'o tie. " 1 and not a fe-v. v ! "',l'' Y.u iiti '" i,! ''"' :'v 1 ; ; fir-lves with hi", rnihition Tie '' e does he rei.iaill defeated, he' " . courni'ed: ri.ds of Idee "liow d-ir sky beyond, and who's a f raid? THE REASON WHY The Omaha Bee gives some reasons why the Pioneer-Times exacts a higher subscription than any other Black Hills newspaper: "The answer la thtrt It costs more money to produce a first-class newspaper than a second-rate paper or a third-rate paper. It costs more money to get reliable news than It does to steal the news from other papers that make wild guesses w"here accurate in formation from first hands Is needed. "It commands a higher price because as a newspaper it is far superior In both quality and quantity. It is dearer because It expends eaeh year many thousands of dollars more for news service than any other paper In the United States published in a city of equal population. "As an advertising medium It commands a higher price for Its space for the reason that it commands the confidence of the public and reaches the largest number of readers whose patronage Is worth haying. It commands a higher price because the men Who advertise know that its circulation statements are absolutely relia ble." with Bishop Potter that it was a ' iilun der" either of Admiral Dewey r- of his superiors, for him to reman in Manila bay, wo ache with him that responsibility for the Philippines is a burden which we would not have sought, but whicli we cannot with honor unload, now that it has devolved upon us. We agree with him in his manly and vigorous resentment of the comparison of Aguinaldo and his guerrillas with Washington and his associates. And we heartily sympathize strict tho term "pyritie i-melting" to a process in which there is no carbon- fuel in tho furnnce This II the outgrowth of the Bessemer froM PYRITIC OR MATTE SMELTING . . IN THE BLACK HILLS. (From Ores and Metals.) Owing to their low grade ores the Black Hills people have been forced to make many improvements in min cess of making steel. After it was In-vented, Halloway. in England, attempted to Bessemeri7n sulphide orm that is, to smelt withe if find. Afterward Dr. Austin patented in this coun with his expression of a faith that the "fn coiner-at ion with sone o!' tic-members of the Voters' union, who were in Mitchell a few days n-.-o to attend the annual meeting of the Anti-Saloon league, they expressed, themselves as not .being pleased with the outcome, and lay the large vote received by Mr. Burke to the manner in which tho names appeared on the ballot. They assert that it was a scheme to place the names of Burke and Moore opposite each other and those of Martin and Lee opposite, so that if a person desired to vote for Lee, the scratching would not affect the vote of Burke, but would operate against Martin, which was directly opposite of the desires of the union, and which operated to give Burke as large a vote as Martin. The vote, however, does not bear out. the assertion, for In a great many counties It has been discovered that Lee did not run very far ahead of Moore on his own ticket. A great many members of the Voters' union did not like the manner in which the candidates had been selected for them to support, and could see no reason why such a fight should be expended upon Burke and nothing really said against Judge Moore or Andy Lee. when the latter is acknowledged to be as much a license man as Burke. In this county Lee ran ahead only a few votes over Moore, and in the city his vote was no lareer than Moore or Lien. It isn't likely that the Voters' union will take another hand in the campaign, as it. is difficult to impress all the members that a wise selection has been made for them, and they would prefer to use their own ludement. altho that of the committee is hot particularly criticised." American intellect and conscience try a pwoss in which tho converter which have tackled and performed harder tasks, will be found equal to a wna dlsnened with and ?meltins WW nnf enrhnnneeous fuel nttemnM il just and practical solution of "The the ordinary bln-t furnace which is 1 Problem of tho Philippines. " verv nrnmisintr. Indeeil nnd In wnm T-r,r.r. .. tt,,, form "nvrit'e vmHtinS "I usually applied. TiTi FRANK!. !' II i'UIPFXTER away a long winter evening any more than it should be included in the programme of amusement for the Dorcas Society Entertainment and Oyster Supper. Mr. Spinney should have thought of that belore heturned himself loose on his family. He has only hirir If to thank for his predicament, and It is to he hope. I that his fate will deter all others. For variety and interest the December number of The Smart Set ranks all previous issues of that smart magazine. It is not too much to say that, the novelette1 of the number, "Iler Guard of Honor," by Miriam Michel-son, is the tsronnest short story that has been published in this country in S'lB- ing and metallurgy. They built the first big mills for the reduction of very low grade free gold ores. There Mr. John Rothwell developed the chlori-nation pro. ess that is now used by all mills treating siliceous gold ores and th"re tho so (ailed "pyritie process" lor smelting siliceous gold ores has had its mo t. successful application. The term "pyritie smelting" is cm-ployed only in the sense that I'e-ey ui it fifty years ago and refers to a r eilio.l of smelting where the eoiil and silver values are collected in what i ; s-e:n :: '1 - .in i. on ma! to formed - em iron j y i o . .iivying lit t le or no copper. The pi o e.-: i-, very ancient . It ha s been used for bundieds of year.-, at Kongsberg, Norway, and for more than one hundred ir'ny in !! i-- ian Siberia. As lined at ileadwood, it is ofrplove.l to- --melt a highly silicons old ore wth limestone for fl.iix, and iron iiyrit- to form a regtiiu'!;. For u tl: ::.-v f"' Fox Saw Sioux Kail:- h. in Law Kox (oh! I gers early in the were hopelc ' c eluded the batih' such a notorio-: natural to draw Kox made the !: his first ramfiai 'ii on hi: inlc Ollt Ml i is said I , ipst. This I stuck to his claim .at he l recent years. It cannot lie read without profound emotion. The leading c haracters are an actress and her son. The child, whom she worships passionately, constitutes himself her guard of honor, and finds his task difficult. The second story in length is another of tho series of brilliant society tales that Miss Caroline K. Duer is contributing to The Smart Set. It is entitled "An tFtrtlBisfaed Elopement," and deals with events at the summer capital that came near to gaining sensational publicity. In this story Miss Duer demonstrates anew Domestic Felicity. In my own domestic affairs I have effected a reasonable and satisfactory compromise by which life ismadenuite endurable. At home my downtrodden and oppressed better half is empress supreme and her commands are obeyed without protest. She is made the custodian of ninety per cent of my weekly stipend and makes u&o ef it as suits-her pleasure. In the busy marts of trade I' am accorded the precious pritilege of doing about as I ift. 1 was once Ko, " c knowledge! !t he IH ,-. th( y not permitted to i.'.e 1 I public. ' It Wiv !;" not make any Fa i his d'! paign, whereby he v domthan did. Smith V" more wis-l et al. COURTING TROUBLE. Governor Lee has commissioned as members of the board of chaiities and corrections, B. H. Lien, of Sioux Falls, and F. M. Brown, of Dead wood, their terms, to run six years from March 6, 1899. Tuese trentlemen were nominated by Governor Lee during the last legislative ssslon, but the snate ; fallt oJtakg an action on the. nomlna-tio'ns and ft Is now held that under Ihe law, the new governor cannot displace them. Had the nominations been rejected bj the senate, they wouldbe subject to removal but it is now conterided that they are In office for six years. The governor has also appointed as commissioners of the soldiers' home, S. H. Bronson. of Howard, and Wm. M. Cuppett, of Canton. ' Sioux falls Press. That seems a small business for even as small a governor as Lee. The recess appointments will have no standing In tho legislature. In the courts, with the ouditar who will r.fiVPRNfiR BECK , AM MARR please. When political campaigns are raging we discuss in a friendly spirit merly an absolutely barren pyrite, free from gold, silver and copper, was used, but since 1891, copper sulphide ores, also from Butte, have been added. These ores were handled at a loss but cleaner slags are had by their use. Pyritie concentrates from the Homestake stamp mills, carrying tome gold, but no copper, are now Used, while barren pyrite is still occasionally added. About twentv tons of the Issues before the people, after which as the legal representative of NEEDS AMENDING. When-the present tuUoqa liconsolaw was adopted by the legislature and presented to Governor Lee for his approval he refused to sign the bill until It was so amended that one-half the license should go to the state. If all the counties of the state had an equal number of saloons In proportion to population the governor's action would not be open to criticism. His intentions were good, but he evidently overlooked the fact that the burden is unequally distributed, that while his county probably does not pay more than 600 or $800 per annum to the state, Lawrence county pays $20,000 to 125,000. The law can be amended All the State Officials of Kentucky Attend the Wedding. OWENBORO, Ky . '' -1 our immediate family in governmental affairs, it does me proud to go to the .lot flnvomnr luMKIl.oi' marneai her right to her acknowledged place as one of the first of American short story writers. a And now Mr. Edwin W. Markham says that when he described "the man with the hoe" as an Individual without hope, he did not refer to every mant'thus equipped, but only to some of them! This Is very confusing to the mind, for unless the poet was dealing with a type or a great class, what was the sense of making polling place and "vote the republican ticket If I Were wedded to a woman who wanted to vote so badly she e o Jean Ransael Fauna was , --i-l. Tl,,. We.h'.ill nere luuisuu couldn't be Just to her suffering fam oriher. charge are concentrated into one ton of matte, which is shipped to Omaha for further treatment. The plant can smelt 800 tons of, charge ner dav and tended bv stale ily, more liberal divorce laws would s of the 1 court judges and men be strenuously contended for by BIX. of M . . . m... i.-;e . is one pass upon their bills. They may as produces .a very low grade of siliceous ore, about two million doliaro tsiature. i no m m . ..-omen m u,i well retire grracetuiiy. usch a fuss about the fellow? Once W. C. Brann, a fellow out of har 1? our members-elect will form a combination whereby all legislation is blocked until justice is done to the (J2.000.000) annually. The admit that the man with the hoe mony with the rest of humanity, who most beautiful youn, Blue Grass state. STORM IN TENNESSEE. conducted a sheet down in Texas- a is no more a creature of circumstance larger counties. There are other de OUR BLACK HILLS CONGRESSMAN Kdgemont Express: The Black than the rest of us, that industry, am fects in the law, that will suggest extremely siliceous, averaging nearly 50 per cent silica. They are very low in iron the bases being principally lime and magnesia, and afford a practice which Lang in his work upon themselves to the members on a care Hills will bare representation In con- bltlon and ability will enable him to exchange his present implement for some other that suits him better, and KresB soon as Eben W. Martin Ten Live. Lost, Hundreds InJ- takes hii seat, and the representative 'will be one who has the talent to Millions in proper MEMPHIS, Tenn Nor hit few years ago, died as the result of a scurrilous and indecent attack upon a neighbor, and civilised humanity applauded the neighbor. There was in all this broad and beautiful lands of ours only one man whose depraved mind prompted him , to pre-serre the foul screed that caused Brann'e taking off.- This .man preserved It until last Friday, when he brought it out and published It In the Lead Call, word for word, with, paly that progress can be made by him on much the same terms as by the rest of humanity, why, then the most and wont of Its grievances disappear, ful reading. Now that we have gotten rid of that relict of South Carolina legislation the dispensary law, the license law should be ' made as perfect as possible. If there are things In It that cannot he reasonably enforced, they should be stricken out Some sort of organised effort should make his work telL In touch with the prevailing party, Hon. B. W. Martin will he a power tor good for, this mane ssmemng" says is without a parallel upon the American continent. Strange as this may seem to metallurgists, familiar only with the low silica slags of lead smelting, there is nothing whatever new about it At Mans-0eld, in Germanv. thar claL A terrific wina approaching the We", and of the sonjg that excited so many well intent! on ed people there remains In many places swepi. v- Alabama and Mississippi i ft bo made to hare ai the license money go to the county and city .where the mined for nearly a thousand years, a schist which aires abont only a well-ordered sequence of harmonious words. All Its. philosophy evaporates, and lu enthusiastic ad Adotenllvesarere- state. A man of sound principles, oi unsullied name, and who has passed thru a campaign where the opposition has been prospecting with aU Its power of 111 will and Yindictlveness to find one scintilla of evidence that would hart his good name, and with' a change of names and tingle abort saloon U located. This will probably j be the most Important piece of legit-1 paragraph added to giro local col mirers will hare to look around fori slag and produces about the same matte at is now made at Deadwood. AH we did at Deadwood was to put ue property ,J may reach million. - " lation proposed for Lawrence eotnty. 'orinc and claimed It at original another propae. , ,jrn O S

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