The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 9, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1899
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 9, 1899. fiSHl Co., ONE GENT A WORD WANTED A man wltb a team and wagon for two months. Apply to A. Large. FOR SALE Desirable residence lota. Guild additions Enquire Baggaley s FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by dej week or month. Inquire over Ladlea Baaar. Advertisements under this head ONE WANTED Billiard and Pool tables, one "f each. Must be in good condition f'li reasonable in price. Will buy or T'li: Ad.lress.Mox 2, Terry. (ft) CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run less than one month; three lines, (1 00 ufaoturer. and Jobr. ol .. Steam, 6as and Wafer Supplies ol all Kinds. NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable rates at Noble block, 721 Main street. MRS. GARR. per month; payable In advance. DESIRABLE building lots on incoln avenue. Ingleside; lumber fkrnisbed to build. EDWIN VAN CISE t tf. ) FOR SALE Bedroom, parlor and Dining room sets, cheap, as I am goiri& away. Mrs Warren Nelson, li.l.h. Central City. r a ranch. FOR RENT A six room house. Enquire at L' I Hart's Turkish Bath rooms. WANTED HELP. WiNTKI. Man an.) wife '')', 1 I'J rinlieer-Tiines. l'OH SALE. !)i;.NT AND HOLYOKH FOR RENT Three furnished rooms sult-al le for housekeeping. Enquire of Ole Lackous or at No. 52 Taylor avenue. WANTED Engagements In private families by first-class dressmaker and ladlea1 tailor; work done at home If preferred. 766 Main st M-E tine of the fin. st farms In ! .-,,H SALE The Pioneer Mea' Mai t. at OMAHA and SWBX OITY . i.utury; L'lin acres, price $3,000;, s n. ,.-or fur,hei informarii.ti cash; balance one, two and three j enquire ,f ( W. Konaii. Prop Mm) Km; tin l. cars Hf I N.E.WOOD. A. M.. IV I. D.. -.".-room house for $10 pe Centennial Ave. FOR KENT month WANTED Ho muse oieaniiiK and sweeoiuK at 8 i'r cent. Chicago Medical and Surreal Institute, 017 LiiS lie Avenue. Chicago, lit. ( t. ilili.hJ ia I hirMi. siur Bay l.t.'lsTv , Off Sachs n. a. Mcpherson. by competent woman. No. 8 Water St. rear of i'lsh tc Hunter's mill. FOR RENT. .'Nulllf M'ld KIIOI-? ftuftll I 111 nttlrt. r.irK.--, in tneitli'itl In. Hi in ii. ii i . 1 1 . I'rl.M'f mum. I'nr nut' LOTS FUR SALE Howard's Addition I'.-'ll. lll!l l'. Hill, fr u,ty pt-rulloiiH iirrliirmi'il In the emiTtf.-iii'v . .urgl,ii nmt tMititllli' iiiiuiu Mantle Warner MacPhetrite Will receive PUPILS in Vocal and InstrumeritaL Music ait bar reeldetaoe. ' No. 20 Denver Arev. Deadwood. 8. Ob rili- I i . -it- - - 11 I.. I . Inl, His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Parlr bench, adjoining the Dudley spring, in the First ward. Fei-t. lUll;,!,..,. ..( tin- Sen.,. I'll,-- 'l..,,.r Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath ana Electrlo lights. Rent $10 per mouth per room. Fine view from every iwi i n, iir tl'll,,,- K i't n- . lijrtit ,xvo. Pianoforte Lessons pencil Classes Daily. terouap'1' llie 1Jlack 1111 Steaiu Laundry, u'i.-. I'i.:a i.u, .. "I I I , der, fcr, Kai 'lerHiifis.. fur the mi,-.-. Men to learn barbur trade. 60 monthly guaranteed. New field open Have made arrangements to place graduate on through trains east an(J west. Last year we placed f,00 biirbcru (15 Weekly: Eight weeks completes ' Send for catalogue. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. M.i-I a,l N'difi'-al i aii'l ixiik-iii-!- iL. 'Ml tn nun. -lit .,t pi, Is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE, I room. nirl'itf in. iMOIIllt-lv iriiiii u n I ur- erf i-inac uf uniiu i..iti hi. ii..-. ,lCrOII ir.-IMIIIT Hil l t lStU and iii.h. i. n . i- ..f 'i'.Mirli ami Unl 1 Mpfrmalor- FOR SALE Three of the best ranches on HMfalalIII'aTl tJ.. .vn.. i irMn . I, nor nnn : . odu i u a In 4t honra Ooanrrtanw n tur iMilmtMK tv.. vU:, rhiara;, - lt-noiiublV J an.l 'kTi)-u t- ar. i in .. .rtant N , iiit r - ?n v i ii. ur i u- m-iln-itif !i-f, ,r lif ! nr in.J No tiM-uruhlt t-itMCH uect-pli-tl, i - int-'h i m- i t ( r FOR RENT Six-room house. Just newly papered and In fine order, at $18.00 per month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 403 William street, or at YOUNG'S office, Lee street, (tf.) iilsuiiairtwfmn. th iirtruirv Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over $1,000 Improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Pioeer-Timcs office. , arrflrtti'ti ty H I) HUM I I WANTED To buy, laying hens, by the dozen. Apply by mail to A. Smith, 9 Dudley St. 6t rmiuir n uiihllw ti I . 11.. we th H W-- Iwvc tt-i. ttiLii-aii l Ic-Ihii- .mi l.-ti (;aptijlwittK)unnoonwn'n4ieiHUfci i j Drukrtrii JJruifKivK, PrJ . of AI-Jj or P. O Hm gQHl. New Ynrk B-ran hi, ptM.iienm .-u.l. U Hi. u ImI iatX'lits t...i a i-iaiirf tit-nfil ,y n,, I,,,., . f.r fivr(,rA- r, fr.. from-fi-. ...,, ,v i AMES P. WILSON . t I I opinion aim te-niiM i n-i I tai ).n .n H.r-..,ily.., M i.ttrr 1 ,,HE.- K.M.Lon all I.r.M.lo iti.d Nurifl- al IM-t umh md lUt of lttO uu-l1on free. ttorney-at-Law, (Men ii" 111.- ( J Olvmplc Club Building Corner gurman and Deadwood Street LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE LEXINGTON. MISSOURI. GO TO . . . nwOOD - South Dakota. FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh .and Salt Meats tf. H. MOORE FORTY-FOURTH SESSION. No. too Sherman St. tea g 1899 1855 acksmith and This Institution is one of the oldest and most substantial Schools for Girls n the State of Missouri. Its Alumni Association is the largest and most i- Fhe Henshaw . jrr 'xt- x r xr xt " r 'irf x c "f 'f " t ........ t- Jj note-worthy of. any School for Young L.adies west ot the Mississippi Kiver Wagon Maker, European Hotel. & -rl li a.VAl..lilna Bi:H)sM3 AM GEMFRAL RE- saSaBsBasaatrc Faculty From .fliffiliil IRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. lev Berlin university, Cornell I H Klndi of Carriage end Wagon ftol Work; alio Carriage Fur- University, Chicago TJniver- T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. ILllI Omaha, Neb sity, Missouri State Univer- Mj) 1509 Parnam St. ri raj full graduate who has tne h highest grade, which admits (jp any of the leading Univer-f aities of the United States. A Prosperous Yea r tjjf The school opened last fall with a larger lalllPlns Street, Deadweod, I. D. sity, Elmhuist Oollege, Wis- M consin State University, Wll- fej Ham Jewell Ocllege, New York School ol Expression, Mrs. Liebmann, Painter, Oldest Female College In the West. ::ice Gut Flowers fM enrollment of boarding pupils than It had ' iMjever had. Rooms had to be rented In the. fllilclty to accommodate a number of thenu Llri It was an overflow; a fact of which ft p! schools have had the privilege of boasting. Plans were immediately formed lor the Paper Hanger, New York City; Royal Con- W servatory of Music, Berlin. ILri Kalsominer. Germany; Royal Conserva m. enlargement of the buildings, and the tory of Music, Prague, Aus ' Potted Plants jAlways on Hand. jOrders for Funerals and society tifems promptly filled. Having secured a shop on Selvor street. tria; Metropolitan College of m J plans have had a successful result. Tw fd valuable and oapacloua lots have baeax. d purchased and added to the Campus, al. I Ml most doubling Its size. AddiUons will be opposite the postofflce, formerly occupied j u9ic JJeW York City; Chi by the Singer sewing machine office, I am cag(J Art gchooL Chicago. Ill ; 7( 31 Mi AfisV prepared to promptly execute all orders for Jmd Qther Leading IUStltU made to the bulMlngs, which will anahta them to accommodate over on bundft& boarding pupils. "SIS bouse painting, paper hanging, calcimln- I jJqjj8 Ing, glazing and all work of that char acter. J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public Agent In Black HUli for U. 8 and Guaranty Co. All klnda et ant and ludtrdsJ Ixwda wrHien I shall employ only first-class workman and will guarantee satisfaction. It will not I be how cheap I can do work, but how Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Hot and Cold Water. LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST. j ittajr. Pleas get my rates before good. Trial orders solicited. LEADING iw mends to sign your bond. J1 lor Ufa Insurance policies JHrmpfc) Block. Dadwood. 8. D. !rrtson, 1M; Black Hills, 103. O. C. LACKOUS. Mi n4 Graduates are prepared to do advanced work in the great Eastern Universites. DEPAKTMENTK Classical, Scientific; English and BusineH. COUKSES Modern, Progressive, Thorough. A substantial Literary Course is pniphasized. TIIIS COLLEGE stands for THOROUGH SCHOLARSHIP, REFINEMENT, and NOBLE WOMANHOOD. X CO TO : HOME- abst Headquarters DEPARTMENT UNSURPASSED. H J; DO WD, atchmaker, Jewe'er For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in 'he City. Missouri Conservatory of Music. ANNEX OF LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE. AX OITXOXAlT. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop If Jeweler, Made to Order. Eiaminer for the F. E. & M. V. AMATEUR actlludl will cur tWwtkm In work ud PHOTOGRAPHERS Facilities arc Unsurpassed huesp - DEADWOOD, S. D. European Conservatory,! Scholarship Awarded Each Session Faculty of Seven Specialists. 1. J Glass in the West. Andreesen For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Papers, Mounting cards and photo supplied send to Professors are graduates of the greatest Conserv atories of the United States and Europe, and are. the pupils of the great Hardware Company. oleseJiakrdwara. cyolesimd Spwtlna. Goods. Lincoln PHotoppi Supply Co. est teacuers or we worm. Lincoln, Neb. - OXAHA HOI The Voice Culture will be under the in A commodious building building has been O. C. JEWETT, purchased for the accommodation of the struction ot a graduate of the Metropolitan College of Music, of New Tork City, Musical Department It has been orga Prof. Rudolph Rlchter a pupil of the famous Theodore Kullak, will remain a fourth year aa director of the Conservatory of Muelc. He was formerly director of the Kansas City Conservatory of Music His connection with the Conservatory Insures Hiss Lucy if. Marks. Miss Marks Is a ARCHITECT. The Increase la the number of plaao pu pi Is has made it necessary to sihploy an, other professor of music Prof. aTraaa JU Nunvar, graduate of the Royal1 Conaer-. vatory of Prague, and for sis year DlreoW tor i f the Musical Faculty la the Mon , Una Wesleyan University, , has beear chosen to All the place. Ha will be a, valuable addition to the corps of teacher!.. nized Into a Conservatory, and will be known as the "Missouri Conservatory of Music" Lexington College wlU thus be the only female school In the west which pupil of Herbert W. Green, one of the world's greatest specialists In the voice. The efficiency of this department which CARSCI Arsat. '"''MMMMMMI ialiUxird, ,3M4Doug1aMSiv':J NEBEASKA- isq hotel THB WEsT,. " "' Room 19 Syndicate Block, DEADWOOD, 8. D. thoroughness and progress. He Is almost without a peer a. a manager of a musical department. has been very popular in the past will be Increased. will have a separately organneu v vatory In a home of Its own. SUBURBAN RESIDENCE FOB jsjrt and Elocution are Prominent Departments. ' srfp. For Information or for Beautiful Illustrated Catalogue, sent free to any address, write to. 'iHISriTIl -4 BALI AT A BAlwAin. Good, eobstaatlal S-reea frame aease. ve acres greue, bt-t- k-M aW eaassvaW """fcianii, Beantifully Sitnated on a Beantiful Street JAMES A. OtAUCHAMP. President, nealth Record Unsnrpassed-j LexIngftOHf TaTOa let aa aere laajaaf tM pbw - "V itiniB the Peck Oardena:. for ilATiKZL& SOW. j ale eheafl. rRANCIS W. KUSSKLU I -

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