The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 12, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, JL'N'E 12 ISM. Javs iicriixl of Jtiblicat ion hereof, or they will t.e !.rr.,l by virtue "! fhe iirovislons Mi ltughlia & Mclyaughliu, M A. No. 1J12 N TDK I'MTKIi STATKS "!:. K.ii I'I I'i'y. Sianl, I ak, LEGAL NOTICES. I'd win Van Cise, Attorney.) p'K OF DAY KIXKD FOR HKUUNL Attys LAM' V K. (1 KDNKR Kegiiter. I UN (F .SAL V. Hi' KBA1. ri( ala a KM-r. Ai'nr U A. 12ni m s No r;:i , I m Fun A :' . K.ii . I ' 1 1 y Coin i Llf .SuUlli .-I- ..r 1 1..- I the Dako slate oi b-r, ,1. t hat ho loreKome; I. ill. ii far 1 I l.K TI' Fill; I'TI-:.T L-l m m t h.-i( a a h-' IP-Ill be pub-Plolleer-Times i 1 1. ulwooil, b i-.1 . Ibe said I- plb lulled . ,. :7l; '...71 P I i. I THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES," DEADWOOD. S. D. DEADWO Lincol., Omaha Chicami . S t . J o 1. 1- j i ' DenV(!, Heiens Butte "flip Sai,La and j west Kansas c St. Lou :v . point south , 1 a, Na : a. I a n c I. J M. I a I: iv. li.l! 1 1 , 1 1 p i ' all poa West 21". I.,, o. k s. A la II' h riy I :) to ir ill .i i a niii 1 l!i. ', a a : h 1 1, ikut . halalrr'l ai 1 ior. tally a aforosaia a y mad, ' a a ' v , v llin sum of i hii DR. TODD, Office ifi Waite Mock, corner Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D. 1 M t ri ,, ai.i ' "I" 'tci.,,. a.tau, mi i I, ' nel . dav. p. Spearlisl la, -, . ab, ia ' r,aara lil v. l a li r.'f.a . r. ;.. 7 r, ir-a ; s. ,. hear, N ar w i i s 4V or dih i, Miiimi; I 'aKoi.i ad ,,tli-,.a No i;e 1 A ' I aal lol v N'n : 'it- v. et tr, cm :.". : f No. )l. Fi; -.4 i: to. in . rliland Vary 'hi "'. N No 7 Ha a . nni.T " '' t.. ... ria r an 1 I auniia -I by l lie 11,. bl not, . lal plal mi 111,' la llll- iilti, ,' , 1 .hi, ia Iu uvliip liv.- ".".I i.'l't'l . J i. .-asl , II II M. I ill'MIl an .illy HI w r,m s i'.y, a.s.-.;.-'..s.ii:nt Mil !!:. . lo! v ,M iln a.; , ni!iia li y. I'i iiaapai pla, a ( lai.i in.v, Hea.i-a,i,, Sninh Dakota. Location of works. ( 'ar la mute, Law-i cm f county, riout h Dakota. Notice is hereby cjYt'" t fj ;1t lit a meeting of the hoard of diria tors of the' iiljove named corporation held on Satin. lay, April L'Mh, lyuo, an assessment i. No. 'J) of tour mills per harc, was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately to the treasurer, John Treber, Ovil lwood, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Tuesdnv, the nth day of June, 11)00, will 'ie (ia-liiniueiit and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction. "taunt Sun 1 and Sundays Trains Kik this os"1 or k. v. N. 1'' i ilon t It-iil nri He i I la i'llcr i that i: , of ,abl I relief , i-ael and i al I Ion I and .f ' ' i f.-. K. r ,,; Kreildirs; i.oiiuaiiy '-ii.ti u. ' I'ari CIleL'o, Chicaio, i'oly- ,1 ( , i ;t. 1 mil i Mi-ilbal ! I thoneo, S' i n .". . than corner No r, of Anna No . V l.V K r;"i7ht leav , ' fellow ''nwr, (liu,i "2 1 od i1 of - fr.a I . r Ni. v. Hats t'ni i i'i -it " Hopiial 'I.' !(ush M.'diea clinic mill I' puitlllcllt .It'll ''nil. go NO. ).', K;,.st No. 2"!b Sp,. r.r. 1 fact irti-h Tra a No 1 a.; bi a'desaribedas folfeA a I (IKXKHAL J ( K lldUKKH I.DDK ciimmit a ' corner No. 1 , a la ii. e I caiain Monument No .11 bcaia X v 17 :::ar: l feci .bsirini . tin ia e s v: .", ::".! led . i laai. e S 7v lb W 1 i h.-n, e S lb II K 1 I'.". 7 f.-.-' i h. a v: .".a' 1" ::i 7 feci iln ia e v I 1 fa.i; feel lo pi ii'. of beuilllillll.' MAI A'A I'll I!TA l.dl'F Heal Vn 7 -In nr.-. N 27" 17' K 707, 6 in. I-.trl a An.l noli. a- N Ina.-la,- farther Tu.'s lay th.- 1 1! t h ,lay of June, ul la D'rloek a ni a' i he court r ccurt, at the court h,nse. in ttai ; couiilv, haa been tixd for hear: n i in a. v. hi n aial here any ; icr,--.i..l in sai.l c-aaie may a, file writ ten ot.jeclion to the c. of the nai.i sale an. I may be niav iio,luce wi'n.'cs in u;a obii i i aim 1 n . , Ma v ;:lsl . 1 '""I FRANK .1 H'ASHAH .lu lc of Couia I : r i I'ii I . .liia,' Is', 1 - except Sun IV ,f I mwusity of California , of I Itysicians ;lihI Sur-oper Mi'ilicnl ( 'iilli-K1'. nsi-il and registered pliysi- of i ,.- a. l ml .tvi. iif beginning. A N'N N'O 2 I. DDF. -,c .it fn'tiiT No 1 a shall" rock ond will) laaiii'l nf nnc rhis- 1 '17 I v,ti"iioo corner Nn '. survev No. 2a.,. Fr.'L-ht Sina lav.-. ", Sb eplna'. do .. seats free .,N ay and s'e .-e.hi com ' k I Jul v li 1 - r No I. Iii ii Hi ahb.ed Marv 1 ' 17 N M, a ia ,-t r 1 No ::i ihell b "11 il-t; train arrirMi :"1'1 rf'liiihj' 'H thru t '' tlrk"ii 80iJ a points 'tn. Wm " '"'a in j -'"'. 'hi " ' I'.1 'BEE I,n .la boars N. f o y Mori No 7 beam S i tra il-.. s o (, K 7; th,"iee ! M-'V .. ; ' '!,, ia .. N 1"" f." Race rla i , For iiitora tii'kels. i , (in ii iiii'l .surgeon in tin' Dakotas. Tin- oldest, most sueeessfii I ami rompljsheil I :m " .t D - A ti icll Hi i-ated physician and Miia-ooti nil A hum ii an emit i milt ill all lira la In I I 'lie! N i Da. ollice of fhe treasurer, John i.rn i.r: in .I a! , r 7 V N 7. aa N., .Ml 1 at the Tn la r, ,av of I l. p; D., on the " p. in., to ianiept, tl!( b'aii pay her I )eadw .Illllc, 1 I I ii , 1 1 , i 'I I fill 1 .lis f, Mi -a cry, I a a. a i n a US l,f I Mill fun 1 1 Ml il 111 . 1 ' ' I 1 I : Medicim plicat. .1 i, r r,f a ilv it i sin a; 'a lis, S in, riMWVi i: ( 1 1 1 a in k ' r i ; 1 1 v i x i ; i :i : i is ami III Is I ' i.i .mi . Ml. A" hi.;i: . 1 1 v 1 1 1 ; i : i . I : n i . i a ki.i:. .-; t;:h' m i:i: ecu'. : i ci. ii iii i: i k H : . until! n-: . i. ( SPICKMA'I iii'o'i'i:.( r i, 1 1 ;i hi YOINL, M'lilH.I i;i':i . V i m i m;i mi i;n r. MI A' an, I a I KIMONY ." i.c i: i :c.s ; i a s Notice to Creditors. ni John l',. OI am. d'a- is hereby given by d administrator of tli l! Olson, ilocc'isod, IMat Not ii , ili'isiatii bo im-ostato to thi i la . I I '. I i ins' 'to il.lLVd at of John eiaa I i t ors claims a exhibit vouchors the first lo the s ii' am of d . -, i hi 1 not ' Daily 1 hiily ol', and all parsons having :ainat tin- said iloceased to :licni with tlio 'necessary witiiin four months from publication of this notice, lid administrator, af Dt-id- tli'- Countv of Lawrence, led ! . I . I X C ! L 1 li 11 1 II No 7 u ia a, , Peb Ml Moa I.i I! .17 r s N M' N !' th, fot i r- .1,'S of i a reipiit ar a I , Willi siilli, ietit 1 a, of est i na t i ',1 ' ', a, ait reel i - a a dale-, rales aa I DEMAND m MdNICY l .MM i (N 1 f, W v f, v l; COMl'LAlN'T wood, S. I). I hit 1S:i:. F.ib'lHh Judicial 777 -1 ai 1 I ' 17 107 1 at D.-adwooil. S. .. May 2S. -I X ' 17 eaiae aa i a a; fat a ,.f P feet . i la a, ,e N 7s ." iaa 17 1 1 p Slut-' of Soiiili Dakota ilMUit Si. I n I he Ci n u it court i a tiiuily. John ''.rav, plaintiff bl D i a i n if li, mi and -I. !' Vtre Tr..-. Chs He V K 17 Y V I.i i 'i: lb 1 1 1 1 1 : a, r No ! . n la la ,. P s 1,,.. South D.ilaea, Ms William II It,, if.- ,.f t.t,. an 1 I r of 1'abb SIMPSON, estate' of John -a. ISD'J.l W A I. TICK S. Administrator of U10 li. Olson, deceased. ( First Pub. ay Moa 7 fi . t fe.a adant Mai, -i: NO, .11 b, ars S .if. 17 : -i.iii' t!a i e,. s s.: ;,, r, MeShane, defa state of Soul h I ' Hobcrt The 1171 Is 'hen. .. n" iv v . 77'.' . r....t , ile a, I'i' 17. l'J7't l f. ot ; thence S 7,7 17 I iik: i: at. llead- I'liited States Assav Dili 1 I7I', W'hr aril 111 'I',, Robert (' Mi'Shaiaa ,b fan. hint : Yau are hereby Hnnnnoue.! and required lo iiiiKwer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be filed in the olflre of the clerk of the Circuit court within and for said Lnvretae county, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and to Rerve a copy of your answer on th" subscribers at their office in the city of Deadwood. South Helle White 17 V Assebment Notice, 117 feet , to i la, of beu-i nil i nr LI I I LL HILL LiiliK Pet-'iiinliik- at corner Nn 1 when a 17 S Location Minima, -at No SI bears S. U; ' K 2l:li 2 fact disliint; Jheneo S. sTl" Mb V. 7,111 feet; thence N 37' V. 1 1S2 s feci; thence N". N. s7T 7,0' K. :,K X feet ; I hence S. 1 12' K. 1 D7 2 feet, to place of becpnnintr LITTLE HILL No. 2 U)DK Ilepin-nini; at corner N , 1, whence 17 S Ica-tinn Monument No. lil bears S. :,!' 2t)' K. 7' 170 2 feet distant, thence N. VP' 7,0' K. COO feet: theiiee N. D 12' YV. 11H7.2 feet; thence S Sit 70' v. liOO f,M-t - thence S. V 12' E. 14S7.2 feet to nlaee of lieirinning. Magnetic variation, 1,7' Knst. UKA. General Joe Hooker lode. 1.7. 7IJ ai res; Manila Charta lode, 20 2;i:i acr.-s; Little Bonanza No. 2 lode, 7.72s urns, rthur No. 1 led". 2117,77. acres; Yankey Ilov No I lode. 20.7,7,2 acres: Yankey Hoy wood, S. D., Ottiee of the Assayer in Charge SICAI.ICD PROPOSALS will be received at the oflice of the Assayer ni charge of the Assay Oflice of the i'nited States at I HC A I IVYOOI ), S. I)., until 12 M., June Iln i!)uo, and then opened, for supplies required for the fiscal year ending June ,,U, 1001. Blank proposals and all other information may be had upon application to P. J. Miniter. Assayer in Charge. flllll j llWdTlllirrilhiril IglMIIIIM II Hi'TaMMMfcaWiMl In the Orphan's. Court for tli" County of Philadelphia. April Term. lftOO. No. :':. In the matter of tho estate of .fames Mulligan, a supposed decedent. Notice is hereby, given that Kitiley .T. Timer has made application for letters of administration upon the estate of James Mulligan, a supposed decedent, and that on June 22nd. 1900, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the court will hear evidence concerning the alleged absence of the supposed decedent and the circumstances and duration thereof, and will make such orders and decrees therein as in the .Acts of the Assembly are made and provided. Joseph A. Slattery , Attorney for the petitioner. No. 1001 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. (First Pub. May If), lf)00.) Dnkota, within thirty days after the service of this summon?, exclusive of the day of rervice. or the plaintiff will take Judgment against you for fifteen hundred dollars, with interest rt 12 per cent, per annum since January 21rL 1891, besides costs Dated. April 9th.. 1!)00. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin'. Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above named defoidant: I'let'se t ike notice that the complaint In the above entitled action wa filed In the of-ilerk of the above named court on the 1 llh ilav of April. 1 'too Mclaughlin mcLughlin Plaintiffs Attorneys. ( First puli. May 8, lAOO) me; a of bllslla 'cat ioa o mi ng Notice inc. of lil na me.i , , June. P'" 1.71 nulls of i he , ill! Ill, be! Siaea, 1. a Soulh Da Air. -i shall 1,-u -Inlv. I'" , Used lor have b. the 17th p. in., a! Moody. I pay sai l of advert i liy or k No. :: (Me. 1 7 777 acres; Alliance No. 7 lode. 4. 7.12 acres; Yankey Hoy lode, 2 717 mi'ie; Little Hill lode, is.?:: I acres: Little Hill No. 2 bide. 20. -bis aires Total area of survey, 1 pi 474 ai res The presumed general (ourse and direc 'e,Va i-A tion of the lode lines and the number of Hester A Mining Co. The undersigned stockholders owning and holding more than one half of the stock of the Hester A Mining Co. do hereby call a meeting of the stockholders of said Hester A Mining Co. to be hold at the American National Bank office in Deadwood S. D. on Saturday, the 7th day of July, 1900, at 12 p. m for the purpose of electing a board of Directors and for transacting any : i. .,.11101. feet claimed on ea. h side of dlicovery on the lodes en. b raced In Ihis survey are as follows, lo-ni,t: Ganeral Joe Hooker lode line. v .V 17' YV. ltb'.i.ti feet; 2ni) feel northerly and U'bio; frt southerly from dis (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) , . :,.-cs iif ... ...' ' art a i: State of South Dakota. Eight Judicial Circuit. In the Circuit Court in and for Lawrence County, South Dakota, Ple.-I chain?, of a.! ! Hester undcrsi-a ;, -Area? Mining C. iioikW nan one A ViamjC of the stocti aie Co. to The I H. C. HAYES. Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Adolph L. Bernard, administrator of the estate of Peter Dei-osier deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them w.ith the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, administrator as aforesaid at St. Onge, in the County of Lawrenie, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood. S. D., May 19th, 1900. ADOLPH L. BERNARD, Administrator of the Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. (First Pub. May 20, 1900.) and holdii.L- t stock of th. 1! by call a n , said Hester Henry S. Graham and Myron J. Graham, aa Executors of the last will and Testament of Samuel Graham, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. George E. Marvlne, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA M .oral Ba ,,n Satnniar 1 other business that may properly come before the meeting. This call is made as provided by Statutes of isouth Dakota on account of no election having been held at regular time and no adjourned or other meeting for that purpose having been ordered by the directors. Dated June 7, 1900. Harris Franklin. K. G. Phillips. W. E. Adams. s E. R. Collins. Wm. Selbie. the America i Ded wood , S day of July, 1", pose of elii 1 1 a -for transact : tii; covery. Magna Charta lode line, N. 16 447 V. 14!'S 7 feet: 2!I0 fin-t northerly and 120S.7 feet southerly f l om discovery. Little bonanza No. 2 lode line. S. 10" 44' E. tti'S.T feet; 700 feet northerly and 708.7 feet southerly from discovery. Arthur No. 1 lode line, N. 6 IV V. 1482.2 feet; 110 feet southerly and 1372.2 feet northerly from dDcovery. Yankev Boy No. 4 lode line. N. fi" 2(i' W. 1498.7 feet; 100 feet northerly and 1398.7 feet southerly from discovery. Yankey Boy No. 3 lode line, N. ti" 26' W. 1498.7 feet; 400 feet northerly and 1098.7 feet southerly from discovery Alliance No. 2 lode line, N. 46 48' V. 188.6 feet and N. 4 39' W . 1000 feet. 255 feet northerly and 938.6 feet southerly from discovery. Yankey Bov lode line, N. So" 14' E. 664.9 feet and S. 86 30' E. 630 feet from discovery. Little Hill lode Ifhe. N. S" 37' W. 1482.8 feet: 1382.8 feet northerly and 100 feet southerly from discovery. Little Hill ..o. 2 lode line N 1 12' W. 1487.2 feet: 1462.2 feet northerly and 25 feet southerly frcm discovery I The location and additional location cer-1 , i; noon. I'I baanl o' ::"J SENDS GREETING: To the above FIGHTING DISEASE. Let all who suffer with any form of SYPHILIS in any stase. Sexual Weakness or destroying disease of any nature, who are weakened in mind nnd body, melancholy and despondent nnd on the road to IDIOCY, INSANITY and the GRAVE, take heart before it Is everlastingly too late and place themselves at once implicitly under the care of Dr. Todd, religiously confiding In his honor as a gentleman and confidently felylng upon his skill na a physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY CURE YOU. By his wonderful, Intelligent and marvelously skillful treatment all signs and traces of Syphilis and Impurities of the blood are thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the bones, the marrow and the entire system are cleansed, purified and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual vigor are renewed and the patient Is restored to the duties, Joys, and pleasures of life. LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS, IRREGULARITIES, INFLAMMATIONS. DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS peculiar to their ex. SYPHILITIC and all diseases of EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT uc-cessfully treated. . URETHRAL STRICTURU promptly cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. TAPEWORM expelled. RHEUMATISM, STOMACH. LUNG, LIVER. KIDNEY and BLADDER dlsasea cured. PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured by RECTAL MEDICATION alone. "RUPTURE" radically cured by an entirely new, safe, painless and bloodless method. No detention from business guaranteed; no charge tor examination and advice. Dr. Todd will also furnish those who pre- VP I , h.fore may irop-ra "--.f This call Is ni l" .w rr"J Of South Pake, ,.:, w'fjl naving Deen n ,L- i adinurned or ,,-h -r meftiM ,' r.'iared by 1 pose having ! Dated. Ju'o Harris I'i V, K ,! 3 ANNUAL MEETING. The regular annual meeting of the NOTICE. tamp 1 -f 1. I la , f cnmnusi ,.e fSOUth CI .ste.l t0 BI tlneates of the lodes embraced in this survey are of record In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county. South Pakot-x. in books and at pages as follows: Ceneril Joe Hooker lode. Book 110. page 75 and Book 17,1 pagie 18a. Magna Charta lode. Rook 110. oae 7a and Book 151. page 186. Little Bonanza lode. Book 103 rage 41") and Bonk 151. page 18",. Arthur No. 1 lode. Book 92.- page 612 and Book 151 rage 184. Yankey Boy No. 4 lode. Book 92, page 614 and BooklSl. page 1ST Yankev Bov No. 3 lode. Book 92. page 613 and , on Motif stockholders of the' Big Owl Mining company for the election of a board of directors for the ensuing year, and such other business as may properly come before the meeting, will be held at the office of the secretary in Dead-wood, S. D., on Friday, June 8th. 1900, at 2 o'clock p. m. L. F. BABCOCK, Secretary. Deadwood, S. D., May 25th. 1900. o.lo-kM named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiffs, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their office tn Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons; exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs will take judgment against you for eight thousand, eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars and forty-two cents, with Interest from November 28th, 1898, at 6 per cent pen annum, besides costs. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this 6th day of April, A. D., 1900. Plaintiff's Attorneys. NOTICE! To the defendant above nainedt Please take notice that the complaint in this case was filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court at the court bouse In the city of Dead- ,v;ns eiisS ,, s. ttlemrti (Frawley and Laffey. Attys.) In County Court, county of Lawrence, State of South of Dakota. In the matter of Hugh MeGovern, -deceased. Notte is hereby given that John McAr-thur, of Lawrence county, state of South Dakota, has filed with the clerk of. this court, a petition praying that this court order and direct the Administrator of laid estate to convey to said petitioner, an undivided one-fourth interest In and to the Uunuerford and Maderah lodes, situated on the south side of Annie creek near the head and about 4400 fret southwesterly from Portland mill. In .the Whitewood Mining district. Lawrence county. Sooth Dakota, on the ground ttfat the petitioner la the real owner thereof, and that said decedent, if living, would be compelled to make such conveyance; and that Saturday, the. 14th. day of July,- 1900, at ten o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, at the court room Thereof, In the court house. In the To John H and R. II. 7 Lawrence You ate r cial session Deadwood. ; 18th. lOtin. : transact the endeavor to attorneys f" bonds and and to ai t i. as may pi' board. Witness I a this 11th day YV. A (Seal.) biers of due off-1 hook lhi, page 182. Alliance No. 2 lode Book 83. page 564 and Book 151. page 186 Yankev Boy lode. Book 83. pace 449 and Book 151, page 183. Little Hill lod. Book 144. usee 461 and Book 151. paee 184 Little Hirt No. 2 lod. Bookl03. page 560 and Book 151. page 184. Said, claims an boi r.ded partly on the west by M. S. 1376. Alliance lode, and M S. 1377. fnlon and I'nlon No, 1 lodes Other boundaries, if any. unknown. ar..i o- , o.,ll fer It with, his Anatomical Hernia Any and all persons claiming adyentaiv mty of Deadwood, In the county of Lawrence and atate afbreeald. has been act aim aima Riorwtm, nas Deen set J. E. Bafci any portion of the said General Joe Hook IR. C. Hayes Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Kstate of Lucy A. Henley, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Charles Henley, administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Henley deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claimj the said deceased to exhibit them with the r.eofseary Vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the saUTadminis-tator at Central City In thaTcouaty of Lawrence. Dated at Deadwood, S. D. June 9th. 1900. , . , , , . Charles Henley Administrator of the estate of Lucy A. Henley. (Ffrt Publication June 10 1900.) 4.i,. Supporter, an easy, perfect retainer for hearlnK of pe,ttl(m. when ,nd A care effected.' All Who hare TOP- where, any persons interested in said es- er. Magna warta, uuie Bonanza, Arthuf No. 1. Yankey Boy No. 4. Yankey Boy No. S. Alliance No. t. Yankey Bov. IJttl wm tata may appear and show cause why said ture are In danger . and Little Hill No. 2 lodea. are hmhIii wood, on April 27th.-1900. Invited to free Incarabla eases ABSTRACTS ... to HI their adverse claims with the Re- . MARTIN ft MASON, I later of the United States Land OfflcTat petition enoulfl not oe granted. Dated this 7th. day of June 1900. Frank J. Washab&ugh Judge, (First Publication July 8) The sick are consultation, Nd . Medicines tree. Plaintiffs' Attorneys. J.pla ltr ,n l"e naty of PennJnjrtoo. MOTT- statt of South Dakota, during- ths iiTy Syndlcats blk'

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