The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 15, 1900 · Page 15
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 15

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1900
Page 15
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Tfinal effort. had to come, lint it is past. Those who forced the issue doubtless still feel the dismay amu soreness of defeat. But even they will see that a continuance of the baleful system is impossible and they will johi squarely for the good of the com-m unity." vided they would wear iuKn white huts wrapped wjth ireye. Polly spoke up: "Mr. Chairman I dont thjink there are six of those white hats left. 'i neu Up jumped Hen Dwmnel aud said he saw five of those white hats in John '1 ierney'a saloon today, ami 1 K-rni-y was using them tor .s,ittoou,. jUtlK,: .;ttI1KUl said he could find enough, as some of his neighbor ranchers' wives took them home Saturday night for egg baskets. Kepre.-.-ntative John N. Mawgood of Terry, who is ipnte a litnary ntle-man, arose in a soli m and dignili.-d manner ami sain "Mr. 'h m speaking of tin- pop iiim ral n-minds me that 1 have an i-niiai.i, ,i, ,, strikes have been made on Blue-stone creek and its tributaries which are as rich as anything on Anvil creek. Ed Grossfield of Spearflsh is up there and has a "lay" or "lease," as Black Hills people would say, on some ot the most valuable property along the creek. He will stay with it all winter. The liluestone is about sixty miles due north of Nome and about the only way to get there Is to walk. Very few people own horses. Hay sells for $1"5 a ton and oats for 4 cents a pound, so that a man must be something of a capitalist to keep a horse. After the sleighing is settled and good, dogs are used but in the meantime people walk. from him. It was the chief iam-paign appeal on the republican side. No other utterance in behalf of the republican cause can be compared to it in power and effectiveness, except tin- speech made at Canton by the ciretary of war. Mr. McKinley's h tit r. and Mr. Hoot s spi-i-i h are documents of a very high order. Their statements of fact were unshaken, their arguments unrefuted at the end oi tin- anipaign The in esideiit n led neither apologists nor defenders in the campaign, i lal be had none. To tell the plain 'null about his aits and policies, to maie- i I. ;ir to the mind of the voter t:n u. u ore of questions with ..VJ'.l'J1, Jl'l. JUii Jiuii-Ui l eu- that have , onfront ml him, and I' -iiits ,t. hit veil or in process of ailia-vt nniit and to expose the 'errors. -I.: -tepl lolls it 11 1 1 ilelllsiolls l)f '.'life who a-sailed It i in -these were ,l " lablil - these the duties 111 tile IV- i "1,1' ;!!! i .imapigiu is so far as the "baiiiisi ration w n - i oneerned . Pe-.' "lid ' li.H they w ere un upieil in the Male-, un I,;, ,,, . , ,,, I,,,;, ling the '-' "' i i-i; h up to Hi v an in order '' I'l" OeMl.le ll 'gl't se, hilll lis ll-' IS 'I' ''' Kmle .. d'gniiie, altitude in "lir i;i'.H iin.l th- eiiinplnln JUSti-tie.ltleil bellll,. the people Of the IllOUd '"- b. . hi -in , in i -lib. i, in the 'tub;. pun and in ( hnia have m et e.eetl t he t-in-el lllhl , ollthlellee ''Uli which the nn-ri.aii people ro-al! Ho '1 , h if hi.i -1 -1 : ; 1 1 . - l,-n who '''i' ' v 'e, to tin- t-iiiotion of '''' i' 1 "I .til IV Will I "' 0 1 e , . , il t t Ili'V '' vi!-,.- to mat i on behalf lin- " e tor his eomlic t ami to his friends and associates as "Dutch." had Lis hand badly hurt while at work yesterday. What about those prizes offered by the Wilcox Pharmacy for November 12th. Are you a candidate? If not you had better get on the band wagon and blow your horn. They are worth blowing for. See their new ad on the fourth page. Miss Leah Pease and Charley Wltzel of the Early Bros.' orchestra, returned from a very successful concert tour. The orchestra, witn Mr. Franz Albert, gave several concerts, closing at St. Joe, Mo., where Mr and Mrs. Uube Early remained. The trip was a very successful one, both artlstfy-Uy ,amL.. flhariciaiTy". The ladies of the different churches have shown themselves quick to take the title at the flood. On the night of the ivoosevtdt demonstration the ladies of the Congregational i lunch gave a : uppt r in the old lielmoiii. o restaurant iin llrvaii day the is .. opal ladies in the I lelHionb o. and the Catholic in the Wagner on Main street, catered to the crowd. Now the Methodists announce a supper for Saturday, the night of the republican Jubilee. The city and county are doing good work on the roads lending into Dead-wood from the north and northeast, making the city more easy of access from those directions. The grade on the Spruce gulch road has been very much improved and a good road Is heing mailt! past tho smelter. Idle Rumors. There were several reports alloat yesterday concerning the smallpox scare. One was to tin- effort that there had been developed several new rases. None of these rumors were substantiated and there are no further developments in the case The one case In the city is getting along well, anil there are no new cases. However, a large number of people are being vaccinated to protect themselves against a possible chance. Kiican Headquarter., Novem-: W""" 7th, 1900. ' rtune to order gentlemen, ,iplege ,,. ,ho chairman. i - t r nyAic U ' nrrect the minutes of a r-ish to correct rcnnal- i"rtB!.ni Knowles that is f. 11 'f'he stomachache, and not L bed jawjers is sound .er8'. ,n..r and just touching the golau , lertion returns be- igh Pl&ces , ,n; Gentlemen, 1 con-n to COIIK victnrv even r , vim on ' ' k1 rice '"lt' ,Dly BaVe 900 jorit', f..,,,-e spoke up: "Mr. Clone , .,,,u it cut moro-sfigure rf-r-" Wh efl 4'il4-- i5 tUttUl oar mdj"' You .U1 know ot!r;,;, u,.tii Monday night . i . . s. . 1 pat " . it VkAH " lection mai ioiuuei ben ,teele deniolis lii'd r roeman rvuuwica 4Pen. 1. suggested that the Colonel ju - tPb,iwS ,-ould have had one e Hat Parade before idee tore "r"'" ion- xplained: "The Judge plow man , ...t more votes was ..... ,,,, committee held back tsorv Wuinaldo joe. If they St jo maKea few more speeches "etJ , ... i ....! ritv Monday m he roam- " ' - Ie renublicans would hfrot 80ii more majority." kg0t. -,,-v. reasoned that Tie military - - ., Freeman Knowles' Equality could " hlislied and circualted kirs Dtjru l ... ti z . . ihn rennnlienns M weeKs ion. . Lid have pot 1""" nlo, t' ajoiuv. k. trouble was mat me ru i. notor f mm trip Ud not taKe ' ' ' " f T ..II....- t 1 r Iwiv'u til oe nor anon Lve It at tncir mmies Ltoo vile a sheet. airman vnier spimo up. "Gen imen. I io not want you to be too U on Freeman Knowies i-quaiiiv, pecially while me is u... - ifith'cohl sweats and cramps and L newsboys are hounding mm ioi Lir pay. I received sonic- nee .iu-Uising in the Equality last week Ld appreciate it. More than tins he Equality ln.1i came mil iou.iv, Member Tib. is much improved. u ays everything has gone all one ray. republican and that the people ate voted to become slaves and w in EOlinUe 10 III) SO Uimi r.qiiaillt loif lesthe voters of the I'nited stales, (article, "A ltig Grasshopper," is Cable interrupted, and said: "Mr. 'toil-man, I think that piece about 1( "Big Grasshopper' was written iter Knowles heard how Jim Minin Id such tall jumping on the sidewalk after the returns came in. "Then the arti'le." continued the iairman, "knocks I heir Shoes on. Mery good." here Kid Simpson in Imupted, saying that the article referred to the actions of John Maker, If. G, Rice and' Kirk Phillips when liey heard that i'ettigrew did not Jarry his own city or county." 1 was going to say," continued the halrman, "that the article on "Avoid toadstools," is," but here he was in-errapted by Sol Star, who said that lie article must refer to Mr. Potter lad but the chairman demanded or-ler, and continued: "I do not think la right to not give Freeman ivnowles credit for some things. You re too severe. Kirk Phillips .should (B lined for laughing so loudly in ohn Gllckauf'g barber shop. Mr. Plickauf is a gentleman and deserves fetter treatment, especially so soon per election. Then there is the ar- Weoo 'Heart Disease,' and also the "Mon'How Man's Brain Tires,' ap- In today's Equality. This F" must be by Freeman wlei himself. He is in a position how how to get up such articles "ft originality. Mr. Zlnk. what do ffctaiik about y?" "ur Mr. Chairman. I don't think r Wght to be too hard on Knowles pkilcalamltv &a i ....,.. .n.iMniK i1" be appointed a committee of- to look after Knowles' bull pen "fl Kaowles gets better." Sixteen Wieconded the motion, and it was with a whoop. Tie Bill Frazer spoke up: "Mr. I will go, but I heard John , ay since election, that it "dshty chilly, and I don't care to J o chance of catching cold nor JJjWM diseases in that bad at- Porter moved that Pete JJ appointed a committee to j WBill pra,. with pienty of dis. iJ i I wWle watching Knowles' fito Carr,ea- L7l?.FranWin rushed in and Wrft 6 a telePhone from S. U. Si d' 8ayinS h has sold 27 WhL? 'ccount of this campaign ltr?onated the use of his rigs to LW." a vote of thanks was f?0S.'R. smith. WZJ- P- Wilson of Lead City WttTf1 and sald: "Mr. Chair-miners and laboring men of 'aw"9 guested that since the l tT.n ty Board ot Health re" jlft. "l0w the POP burial In any f W breter,e8' they request that kuL at Annie crek and that t Mat"tin be a committee tM. u h 8portation for Coroner itn 18 4116 on,y one wno ttend, besides the pall iioTf0' Uad City 8ald: "s- M '-J I " -I & IUUI Ul" ""tiM i wou,d haul 1,16 . Wio the nail bearpra nro. Gould to Pay Debts. The Gould .family has decided to pay the debts, amounting to JLToo.OUn. incurred by the Count de Casttdlane, husband of the vounger daughter of Jay would, at once ami in full. George. Hi ! n Howard. Ftlwin and i rank Gould will, u is said, contribute to make up the sum necessary, and H'AiHL ,L?i'OJDi'..( iiUihl wi.ll go to Pa and liqul, belly his a: ; oiiilnn nt as trustee, virtually it-it..,:, neither the Countess nor her h: -n.nnl. Count lioni. tan contract an., debts without George Gould's pe. a. ission. The Goii.-i millions have nearly doubled sin.. Jay Gould's death, ami the Counte-s share is nearly if IS. null, -i.oo, giving In r a larger income than has been quoted. The total value of the Gould , -late is now $1 LTi.uilU.iluU. The it is said, feel very linn h chagrined because the story of Count Hon. s imkless extravagance became pubb, property. Their pride is touched and by paying his debts and putting him on a fixed income, which he (iiiinot exceed, they hope to stop liirtht r gossip. The Goulds Iravc de, bled not to order the sale of the palace, yet incomplete, which Count Honi constructed in the Hois de Hou-logne. Their pi iue stands in the way of any s.u h radical stop heing taken. A friend of George Gould, who was a friend ot his father before him, summed up' ih.. sitistrtjoii ,vi;st vrday as fol lows : "There have been family (inferences members of the Gould family site e the French authorities appointor! George Gould trustee for his sister's foitiine. They have have .imply tall.- and an interchange of opinion ns to the best, war of caring for Anna's iihe Countess Castellane's) llllelesl ' No member of the family feels h. ii. -lily toward Count Castellane. It b- simply i. alized that be has spent iii'.u, v Willi too free il hand. The best v. ay of paving the debts he has in , -in e,l ha hi" n discussed, and. as 1 lave .-aid. ,v, rything will he paid to t he hist ci :i! ime." Geoige Gould will be obliged to go to Palis very soon in order to assume ii i harge a tiustee of his sister's fii: t ion of the Gould estate. Hut the laiiiily fib mis say that the Countess e ("a tellai,, - will not come back with him. .0 - . Weak. She complains that her eyes are not s rung any more." "In what way? "Well. I believe she can't pry with tlietii as she used."--1 let roi t Journal. Insult to Injury. And he stole the 'possum from you,' said the judge. "Ves, suh an' wuss dan dat he not only cooked it. en eat it. but pick his ti i th right in front of my do' !" Atlanta Constitution. FRIDAY'S PERSONALS. David Jones of Custer is in the city. ('. C. Polk of Siurgis was in the city. John Siollard of Sturgis was in the city. A. P. Hanson of Cheyenne is at the Bullock. J. 1). Hardin left for Chicago and Omaha on business. YV. A. Roberts of Philadelphia is registered at the Hullock. Thomas H. McCallum of the Detroit & Deadwood, was in the city. Mr. McLaughlin of the Leppla & McLaughlin tie (amp. is in the ('il'- " J. Ji. Taylwt.of the Cornier l&ftf Mining company, is in the city, and spent yesterday at Galena. Mrs. W. L. McLaughlin and little daughtflFM-s arrived from Portchester, New York where they have spent the summer Mrs. E Long and son, who have been visiting the family of W. E. Adams, left "for their home in Hillings, Montana. J. C. Haines of Rapid City is in Deadwood looking after the preparations for removal to his new store in the Waite block. V. A. Hampton, who is still having serious trouble with his eyes, expects to leave tonight for Omaha to he absent several days. Mrs. Gro-diong of Galena, who has been visiiiiig friends in Rapid City for the la three weeks, passed tnrn the city ,"i her way home. BACK FROmT NOME. Aiex. Cameron Tells of Rich New Strikes North of Nome. Alex. Cameron returned last night from Nor;..- where he had been with his fathe:- since last spring. He says everything was frozen up when nt left, most of the people who rould get away were gone, and probaTdy not more 'than six thousand people are left to winter there. There will be plenty of provisions for these and al-tho wood is scarce, there is plenty of coal. It sells, however, for about $70 a day Just after the big storm it was as high as $100 a ton. Within the last two months rich Gran 1 FALL i:0 Vtrn-'trrw- tirwrr'AffitcTi lias" sprung Tip on the Hluestone is Teller At Nome 'City. the people who have lived all summer in tents, unbuilding cabins and preparing for the all degrees below zero. I-M Doniielson and Hoh Cooper are intending to spend the winter and so is Jim Frawley. who has a large clientage among men with valuable ground but little money, and Jim himself is getting hold of some valuable ground. Alex. Cameron left Nome on the "Uth of October on the Ohio ami I cached Seattle on the 2!Mh The boats were making their last run out of Nome for the winter. Wind and Dust and Cold. After helping the republicans to win their glorious victory, the weather man got tired and just turned on any old weather he happened to have. The result was that yesterday was a dreary, disagreeable, uncertain day. Tin- sun shone at intervals, but couldn't keep it up long; it was cloudy and cold with that raw penetrating cold that makes you feel as tho you would never be warm again. Hut the most noticeable feature of tho day was the steadily, dow ll the ntrs and noses of who wert wind which blew almost swirling the dust up and streets and around the cor-into the eyes and ears and all the poor, unfortunates - abroad on business. No body went out for pleasure. Everybody but the weather bureau pn dieted a snow stotrm. and that sim ply said "Fair and cooler." K icked By a Horse. William McLemore's little hoy. aged about II j ears, w as seriously injured yesterday morning at his home In Ilald .Mountain by being kicked by a horse. The blow struck him square in the face, blinking his nose and ruling a deep gash on the right side of his face, besides inflicting numerous other injuries. The little fellow was brought to Deadwood last evening and tal. i n to St. Joseph's hospital, where he was treated the physician taking teveral stitches in his face, and doing what lie rould to repair the damage inflicted upon tin- little boy's nose. He is resting easy, and allho badly hurt, w ill pull thru. Serenading the Successful. A half dozen or more singers from the colored republican club serenaded some of the successful candidates Wednesday night about midnight. Their voices were mellow ami musi- t al and blended beautifully, suggesting "The Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee," and banjos, and moonlight nights, and all sorts of things more romantic than politics and as charming as success. The candidates thus favored were the Hon. E. W. Martin. Mr. Star. M Wringrose and Miss Helen Bennett. and they are very much pleased with the honor shown them. THURSDAY'S PERSONALS. J. C. McMillan of Sturgis Is in the cty. Mrs. Frank Peck returned from Rapid City. W. J. Coyle of Newcastle, Wyoming, is in tho city. K. A. Haynes, auditor for the Bur- linglrui i at th Hudlock, Miss Helen Baker left for a visit with friends In Missouri. William Spencer, bridge builder for the Elkhorn, is In Jie city Dan Kills, who came up from the University mine to vote, returned. F. W. Johnson- of the Sunset, left for Omaha to be gone about a week. A. H. Bern is of Salt Lake City and R. Kandall of Alliance are in the city on mining business. Mrs. Robertson of Beatrice. Neb.. mother of W. T. Robertson of this city, arrived on the Burlington last ninght. Mrs. Dici-ey left for her home In Chicago aft' r a visit of a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Lloyd of this city. E. G Whit ford, chief clerk in the of fice of J. L. Bentley, accompanied by his wife and baby, left for a visit with friends and relatives in Nebraska. F A Harmon, division su i.vint"Pd- ent of the Elkhorn. came in on the morning train acrompunie 1 by his wife ami her sister. Mr 3artlett of Omaha, who spent the day w'tl. Mrs. H. P. Cheairs. THE CITY Mr. James Wethrell was removed to the Homestake hospital yesterday. He is still in a very critical condition. Herbert Allen hag been appointed deputy clerk of the court In place of Walter Simpson who has resigned to go into the coal business. " ' Vollard, one of the linemen of the Harrison Telephone company, known u'. m.HHTHT-itiri?- rrr'f'T-m " they want pla- i ,i on tin- iv, by t he i oi uni r. S- on s m ailed for the leading of tie-and Mr. llawgood pjur.-i deil t " i'etligii w. ,i-i- and An nual "winni -1 a v i ri 1 re d 1 1, nning pulit i Nov einlier utu d. x ,,t, Here fin s In , , i, ever let tin in ,,-I'romissory Jm n r, III ri. l, I S Spoke ".i ' let 1 In , 1 ' Moo;, Moore." Colonel Gl-orge jiuii d up an, b, gap a s)eerh congral ilal mg Coio'i-Slei-h. and Hauls 1'ianl lin. vvh, n h was interrupted by Colonel St.-, , wlio staled the ele, Hon was i on: illations enough for him, that thought part of the yelling at I iat he cad Monday night was pop jells, Iml .-oon found his mistake and .-tin . , ,- u,m it is all the satin- i . an client - W. II. Moore wanted to sa some thin ; about one man l.iep. a mine operator from Cutty Sail,. 1m! the .!, unopened and Jawjers and Jim Munu rushed in and beg.,., t ie,h n,,. (,.,,. grains from New Vorl;. I;idi;iu.i. Illi nois and all th,. other e;i -ten, ; giving a landslide for MeKiulev l!e-nier climbed on a - h.ur and shouted. "Here's a telegram In mi S.tii.'-lmr; to McPherson that I'lali has gone fur Mils inlev ." At tie- : -aitie l:iii-Sharpe and Cabi,- r i he, I in ai.d v t hat Mi Kinh y ha . a h, g ma ji u I 'IV-rry. Speai fi.-h. Kir-j.-uood. ': Peiiii'iigiotu. I'.ill iv. r and -i:i lb l.ia. II, Is ida S. Ih I'm the . row,! fioin I'ha-Mai t ii b n majority." I ..',,i i:..i lor oiilei ,l, .1, in ,i I !: ,n Wr, :te-i th 1 :::i.l ' il'l ,;.!, ' hall in m 1 1 ' l -1 up al the Hum ,n i a I.e. ill a r: el ! a led ,1 t ) l. :, and an . alai-'hl at arraage- old a nic n I li and till: lln-lit , ! to go lliUne. bi i -ii nanl. - to st. r Ilia k Hill :.i t Saturda;, .1 ill 11 'I'lernev 1 . pi: id, i i.'.ng l man ii : : : a e, -hoai.d -d. ' Mr. T am fi om tin- ba k pai t of t In Chairman and fi How ei a d- inei'i al but M - 111 :ile di nt. I'm in down Ii d' pay the expense night." This wa-nm! I 'lllilliled I i :i raliv Salurda) greeti I with )o:i. in in:', and tin i hairniau failing to inainta longi-r. got dow n and w.-i-prolonged i In-ering tor Koosevelt and .Martin. " i I r a n v 1. -I in lie MeKinley NEEDS AMENDING. The member., of the I-'gii,n are elect from tin- several Itlaek Hills counties should go to Pierre in January as a unit lor the amendment of the present liquor license law. The license is none too high and the regulations prescribed for the conduit of the business is about as good as can be enacted, but where the injustice comes in is that the statelets one-half of the license and the county only one-half. This is unfair. The Tountien having few,i any ealeoas ut the benefit of the large amount of license paid in Lawrence and other Hlack Hills counties. If. as is claimed, saloons breed crime, .the counties in which saloons are maintained pay for punishing the criminals and they need all the license mom y fur that and other purposes. The Caddy case and alleged perjury cases growing out of it afford a striking illustration of the facts cited above. Already these cases have cost the county over $.-,000 and the end is not yet. The amount of liquor li.enses paid to tin-state by Lawrence eounty for one quarter would cove r 'lie cost of these cases. This is a natter on whi.h we i an. all agree A N IDEAL CANDIDATE. Thruout the canvass the proideiii Of the Vailed States was imndlul of the dignity of his great offi o and he upheld it. He went calmly about Hi" public business before him. i l;il 't n-no unseemly eagerness . oncerning the election, and taking only .-imh part in th- strife of politics a-, custom exacted and propriety sam tioii'd Hardlv any other public man of either party seemed to 'and so far aloof as he from the stir and fer-or of tip- contest. Mr. McKinley s letter of accepiane. .n his onlv public attempt to influ ence the minds and action of the vo ters, and that was an argument oi weight and moment that neither his own nor the public Interest called for any further worn ..?t oT "U'-' 'i ii He-: i In a m c 1 1 g.n ll lias : .-de! el . on .tti,-.- and be-' '! ' I , i ,i :, . n, : ,,. must ,.x a flir- l-'.i.l Ko'n.'its has f.iu.l i.m,. amid bi mull i pin -d labor, and t x it, nieiits '' '",, l fx'in Aft ic.i i.. London a l.'leg i a Ml rel.lll. mg his ho-nn f t ;iy.'aiv i on ri I : v mi n tor t !,. fiirin of ''linn vv i' I- vv h n h I In v li t v ,- iveei v-" 1 in .: , ha' ge i : old!"! -.'d Kolt-' - ii b mi" i a ::ce man of proiion nc ' ' ' W , eV il! 1 - lit' If ,) i.-lo i . ii ' ' i ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ,.i n, :"!.. : in a . ,,;' ,' i and i! i - ri vv op, . ilia! In- ' ' - i: ,ii ii- ! I b t! ,. a ni:i:ts In ' ' ! ' 1 ' l ull1' i i . . ' . i .ii I h a : . v :, el' 1 b.. i . ! i i r : 1 1 limn. "I b, - a: in -! i h: in.-- a " ; up. , "dial I he b'lbhc will I'. J j a.!, : !! : . mr' iim m mv:nb - but ..ill i iil,e- aid '! ' old the pelllli, repllta- ' i i hi ' have v. op air t '., iinpeiial army." 'I'l-.e heroic "Hob;" is a fighter of such apinoveil ability ami det-'r-niiii.itien that, be tan well alTord to do a l.ttl,- pre:i"hing on occasion. His sermons are always tr, ated with respect, even If tin .' am not always heeded --and it's more the pity that they are not always heeded. THn U WITH POLITICS. i , .i ' i .bine heinbiig 1 he Arg' : s I : . a. .hi:.- vv hoi,.,, i Hue things . 1 i : !', .,!!. .villi i ii:t I force to 1 '. i . ,i i . I i : o.: I- all . . vn pi lib li. ' I , ,, nil ..I Ml ,11 heell . : .1 ' i' -ii .-i ,.)'! ' I' alb, ! hilll .1 eW In '1 V lot !.. a :. '!...! , ' i. tin- pulii i, a I I. . fa, a it... t,j I In- -tale as well as T ..iii.n i.i I'eitu-i't w. who has been the i.iost. pioia.iient tailor in the politics ot the . at, The A I' g 1 1 s -Lea I ii r . a - : Now that the election is over, t pel ei.-, , great good coming to Sioux Falls. For four years a large share of ta.s city have devoted eiilu'cay too much attention to politics. Politics ha i entered into tneir thoughts, has manipulated their business, has even (iiviilud them upon social lines. Certain politicians have attempted to win votes anil bolster up their party by boycotting men opposed to them, by throwing a large volume of trade to merchants favoraole to them and diverting a large quantity from mer- bants against them. Hitter personal attacks have ,, been mailt; against diia'liy go-oil Their solely becalisi' of political differences. Slanders have been engineered against others solely for the .amo reason. Men have refused to cooperate in the upbuilding of the city because, they believed that the success of an enterprise would build up certain men of their party. "It has been a long four years of politics. Fortunately, the period is past The overwhelming defeat of the party and the inspiration which brought that disturbance into our city affairs has cleared the field and the ci-v now regain its normal condition, iler. -after when any man or s, t, of ii n't' m: ts to run boycotts or propagate aie'ers or persecute opponents for politi- al views, such a man nr men will be crusht .1 by the weight of public opin.on. The old II, ,.,, , ,,f politics whi. h has obtained mor ' less in tnis community for a gi neriitioii and which for the past four vims has wrought so much evil for Sioux Falls has In en shelved for good and a new regime of commercial and social union has t ome. "Hereafter t! neigetic men of the city will co-operate for the upbuilding f'f Sioux FalU Hereafter t!.. re will be no p. r-oiiality attempting to warp everything into politics or "for personal aggrandizement. Hereafter we shall stand together and rr0 ..Mir those impiovements and those enterprises whifi-h will make the i ity what it deserves to be. one of the most beautiful and most flourishing cities of the west. ' "The stress and strain of politics .e him hand-in Pan Francis, L..iornia. He will probably in- Liberty's Lightning Rods. The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor was recently struck by lightning and emerged unharmed. One bolt struck the upraised arm and another hit on the forehead. The . tatiie is protected by the finest system of ligthniug rods ever made. Ligthnlng Is no more dangerous than disease, and yet many peoplo will protect their homes, whllo exposing their bodies to this deadly enemy. The best protector In the world Is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It will cleanse tho system, Invigorate the nerves and enrich tho blood. It does this by strengthening tho digestion. Good health depends solley upon the proper performance of this Important function Weakness hero results In constipation, Indigestion, dyspepsia or biliousness. See that our Private Hevenuo Stamp covers tho neck of the bottle. - o GOLDEN CROWN CYANIDE. The Plant to Be Increased More Than Double Its Present Capacity. The cyanide plant upon the Golden Crown property has been closed down to allow of improvements being made. The plant Is located within the city limits of Lead, a short distance south of the Highland hoist, and Is owned and operated by Hal-loran & McAllen. 1 no present plant was completed about three months ago, and since that time has been running upon ores taken from the Golden Crown mine. The capacity of this plant was not over twenty tons in twenty-four hours, and was put In for the purpose of experimenting. Tho owners secured the services of two expert chemists and gave the process a thoro test. So satisfactory has been the result that the the management have decided to lncreaes the capacity of the plant to fifty tons per twenty-four hours. The ten-horso power englnej that has been itseii Is tiding taken mit aad" will bo replaced by a new fifty-horse power engine,- and new boilers to correspond will also take the place of the old ones. Another set of rolls has nlso been ordered. The order for tho new machinery was sent in on the Ufith'of last month, and the lot Is expected to arrive at any time now. Masons are woking upon the foundation for the new engine and boilers, and as soon as the machinery arrives it will be placed in position. The building which was only partially Inclosed during the test run has been entirely enclosed. The management expects to have the new machinery completed and the plant ready to resume operations between the first and tenth of next month. A force Is kept at work in the mine getting everything in shape so that when the plant starts there will be no cause for delays. Th"y have a large body of low grade ore In this mine, enough in sight to assure the continuous operation of the plant for a long time to come. Besides the low grade they have encountered a considerable quantity of high grade ore which, when cyanided with the low grade, runs the average up so that the proposition is a very satisfactory and profitable one to Messrs. McAllen & Halloran, according to the results received during the past three months' operation. Mrs. James Honey returned to her home in Lead after a visit of several weeks in Michigan with friends and relatives. ., he 1 a strong I co- winter in Deadwood. nued on Pace.. 2 )

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