The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 27, 1898 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Thursday, January 27, 1898
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VOL, ii. No. DKAUWOOl), SOUTH DAKOTA. TIIUKSIMY. JtftUtHY 27. ISM. .'HICK, FIVE CENT tll.ACKTAlL DBAL. The I). C. Holey syndicate, of t'lu- Mi AM MILL fund the amounts so subscribed after an appropriation be made by the legislature. The commissioners think the project b,4,IBI sllrt s. COCHRAN IN ALA8KA, J Frank Cochran, who started from j Deadwood for Alaak Im"H three ; mouth ago write to Al Trudell, at I Bi-lUX City, as follows: ventilation. I'pou the strength of thla iiifm nuitlon and in behalf of a syndicate composed of A. It. Liter, H. C. Iruliell, II. L. Lwli.K and myself, 1 left my home in U.ileua Ifcxeiiiber 23,1, for the purpose of visiting the camp and proving or disproving the report tliut had reached me. After a tortuous Journey 1 arrived In Cheyenne on Dec. L'tith and found the air full of rumor of the "finds" In t.h new camp and all of Lhem favor able. Here I secured the report of Mr. A. K. Slack, which speak of the camp In Nattering terms. Still doubtful of the truth of iher ipur'j In circulation the truth of the report in circulation I went to 1 4i ramie and stopped to Investigate the reports of the assay eftl cugo, yesterday purch.iHeil from (Incur Klllott. C. K. ..(Inn. J. McOlllla and W. MdiHon, Hie Mi Klnliy and Fre- uiotit group of claim, which adjoin the K!( kliiK Home group on the north. The pi irr paid Ik not known, but we uriilerMtarid Ik upward of 130,000. The pr pcrly lie on the course of the ore formation developed In the Carroll Kruup and I considered a valuable pin e of ground. CHALLENGE MINING CO. The annual meeting of the Challenge .Milling company wu held yesterday afternoon at the company' olllce. All the atock was represented and voted. Ja. Hradburn, of Chicago, president of the company, arrived yeterday. The ! newly elected board of director con sist ot the following: Ja. Uradburn, John lllatchford, N. E. Franklin, Jo. Hattenbach and J. W. Fargo. Mr. Hradburn waa re-elected preildent, Mr. lllatchford vice president, Mr. Franklin secretary and Mr. Hattenbach treasurer; Mr. lllatchford waa re-elect Is. SEN. MOODY RETURNS. He Talka to a Reporter Concerning the Homcstake Timber Cases, the Land Office Removal and the KL Meade Matter. Judge G. C. Moody returned from a month's sojourn at Washington, yesterday, where he has been on business ?onr3eted with the forestry reserve question, the Homestake timber case, the Fort Meade abandonment matter and incidentally to Ulk with the administration with reference to the removal of the land office from Rapid City to Deadwood. The Judge seems well pleased with the result of his visit and Indicate to the Ploneer-Tlmea that In all these matters there will be an ending hlgn-ly satisfactory to the people ot the Black Ullli. Fortunately, the Judge says, the affairs of the Interior department are in the hands ot broad gauge sensible men who understand the situation In the Dlack Hills and have agreed and already set In motion the machinery for a plan that wilt give our people the use of ample timber for legitimate mining purposes and at the aame time ii away with speculating In our forest tree,: and shipping It out of the state. The plan Itself was drawn up by Judge Moody and submitted to the department and accepted by It and will be .iromulgated by them within a few days. Further than this the Judge appeared before the committee on publu .1. d of the ictiate and briefly review-d the furentiy reserve matter and th ommittee unanimously agreed that 11. he absence ot some action on the pat 1 the administration looking toward a u ditl.atloii of the forestry reserve or ler. they w uld Immediately formulat law some provision whereby the ; "i. ! of our sei'iuiit would have sunn cliff. .'d superintendent. An assessment of alia arnvt'" ttl "i" aionuay even-ix cents per share was levied, paya- lnK n,'re 1 Uft tl,e rot to take ble ut once. The officers have good re- tllB taBp for lhe ncw ,a"")' Ever port from the shaft being sunk on the "" n"rc a diking of Grand En-Noble Grand claim at Two Hit and the rampment and the fever seemed to be work will be pushed down to the ore luk1" u,'l' h,)1'1 "l"11 1,10 P"Pe' Thp :onu on quartzite. KI-ONDIKE ZErilYiU Thcie I not an Inch of ground n i-.:aked In the Klondike. Ni ling new .f con. dei able value was f iuiul unrig the past summer., (in r ispes ting in the ::i n,'it:ili:s a,' you. Woi k as hard is ) i w i i d i Alaska. You will mtike nio.e m 11,17 d will neither freeze 111 r si 1 v lo . a h. Ibr'c th iiistnid men In Kl 1,1 l.l " t ie avemge cost of $1 boo ea. h ... . 1 1 1 o Invested and a il" 1 1 . . 1 piodiiced this year only I'.i lt.llli'1 1, I lie J.'I.iiihi.iho In the K 1 l.t 1 mi. lain iilIuii and would 11 r :1c ,1 ulits be surer. If Hot highel ? CONCENT IIATKR. Captain Marsh and Mr. Wheeler, of he St. E!mo Mining company, near lifvllle. In the Southern Hills, Inform n that things are looking good down lu ie. The stamp mill building Is eti-1 si d and Major Thump on has a nice force of men ut work putting In machinery. Captain Maisli has n et Messrs 'Ihompson and Wheel-r that the mill will not be ready to dart up by the first of March. If lie t rs he will treql the boys to a chain-alga 1:11, 11, 1 and he wants to lose. J. W. llurnes, of the Hnwkeye Min-n g compuny, arrived yesterday from 'hlcago. Mr. llurnes Inform us that he property Is longing better than ver before, that the new shaft I going down rapidly and I all In ore of a high grade. There Is a large amount of the ore on the dump. Dave Hunter I. expected toCay or tomorrow and it will be anown definitely In a short time when the mill will resume. F. S. Harris, of the Hercules Mining company, yesterday received word from Chicago to effect that two more cnrloads of machinery had been shipped from Chicago. The company Is ptittln" I i fine hoisting plant, air enm pressui', pumps, etc., and a fine elec tric lighting plant, capable of lighting the mine, the hoist, boarding house or hotel, and the grounds surrounding. Mr. Harris has a fine photo of thp crew taken last Sunday. There are about 25 men all well-known miner. GRIGGS CONFIRMED. Washington. Jan. 25 Special: The Dyia, Alaska. Jan. 1, Ma. -Friend Albert: 1 ha been here for aome time, and now think I had better lei you hear from me. Thl place is do- ng a land olllce business In the wsy of building. 1 never saw building go up o fast anywhere a here. Thee would be more building, but there is ahortage ot lumber. And you talk of a place for a variety how here it Is. Hut It would cost so like to get open, aa a person would have 0 put u? their building themselves u. there are no places for rent. Uy the ast of next week there will be 4,0(o people here. 1 may go on the lnsldu uext month, I cannot tell yet lint Al, It la enough to make a man craxy to tee soma of th people whe come out from Dawaon, and aee th gold they bring out I aaw an Indian yes terday who came out, aud be lis I (U'y pounds of dirt and nuggets, about t'J.- . 000. 1 have met aeveral who have cotno out recently and tbey all had money, and they all tell the aame story, that there Is plenty of gold there. But pro Islon Is scarce. I met John Walkur in Seattle, also Bob Scott The weath er here it One. I have not had an overcoat on for ten daya, but tne winds ere something terlflc. And you have heard a great deal of the hardships of going over Chtlroot Pass. I went over last week, and to show you that it la not so very bad, 1 made u with lest work than going up to the White Rocks out in Deadwood. There will be a lot of money made here thu spring, and a man with a little capital can do well at almost anything. I ahould advise anyone going to the Yukon to start now, and to buy their out fit in Juneau, aa they can save at least fSO on one man'a outfit, and another-thlng. It Is put up In better shape than they do tn 3eattle, and you have only things that would be of ute to you. THE 8IMMERINO POT. Jos. Ford wsnt up to Lead yeaterday to accept a position aa auctioneer with the Silver Clothing House, which is closing out ita large stock of gents' fur n linings at auction. Yankton Oaaette: "We hear that Col. Ed. Sterling, of Huron, father of the late W. B. Sterling, will be a can didate for state treaaurar. Thla Is tn third candidacy to be announced from Hurn. A fact which ia liable to lead to a complication of Interests which will result disastrously to the ambi tions of every one Involved. Aberdeen News: "Senator Kyle has set himself to the t'Ak of preventing the abandonment ot Fort Meade, and from present Indications la likely to meet with hit usu-1 good tuccess. Hurcnlte: "Our senators In Wash ing ton have both given ua an Illustration of their ability and statesmanship in the recent discussion of the Brockway confirmation. It would eeem to be In order for South Dakota to elect aa Ita representatives tn the national senate men brave enough to be above pea-nut politics. Pierre Journal: "The Huronlte nominates Kirk W. Phillips, ot the Hills, as a candidate for congress. Tbe Jour nal la not acquainted with that gentle man but would tuftest aa a tubttltuts the name of Kirk O. Phillips, th present state treasurer, one of the most popular men In the Hills and the state. There haa been aome mtntlon of Mr. Phillip in connection with the guber natorial nomination but aa th Huronlte suggests, the people of the Hills want a representative In congress and the republicans of that section in the next state convention will, no doubt demand a place on the congressional ticket ao as to have an opportunity to defeat Knowlea, whom they regard aa a crank and a demagogue. In supply ing a running mate for Mr. Phillips we would aak the huronlte not to over look the fact that we have a very lrre candidate for congress whose claims, by reason of long and valuable party tervlce, and whose unquestioned quail ncatlona for thla Important office must not be overlooked. What does the Hur onlte say to the name ot C. H. Burke, of Pierre, aa a running mate for Kirk O. Phillips! Aberdeen News: "The populist papers of the stale ar not satisfied with receiving their news through th regular agenclea and talk of atartlng a newa factory at Btous Falls which will print only stuff that la agreeable to their stomachs. Thla Is one way ot running newspapers, but It la not aa hoaest way cr a way that will be approved by the public, It la tbe duty ot a newspaper to publish the newa no matter whose og la gored, and thla la the baala upon which practically all newspapers are eendurted." IN FLORIDA. 8t Auguetlae, Fla., Jan. 34: -Special: Surface bathing In the winter months cannot be appreciated by peo ple living la Use States ot the North ha now assumed a tangible form and they consider that It looks quite prom ising. They are giving their time and work to the enterprise, only from a pirlt of loyalty to the welfare of the country. If our people will take hold a they ahould. a Hlack Hills Exhibit will be a Bticceus. Gov. I I now enrojt to the Hills to help what he ran In atartlng the work. He Is expected here today. The following resolution was adopt ed, which shows thst a general Invitation Is extended to all our rltlsens to assist all they can: Whereas, it is to the Interest of the people of the black Hili Individually and collectively that suitable eihlolt of the natural resources, agricultural and mineral, be made at the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition at Omaha, Nebraska, and Whereas. No appropriation of public money haa been made for the purpose of making aucb display, and that we believe that the people of the Blaca Hills generdly sppdeclate the great Importance of availing themselves ot the opportunities afforded by the aald exposition of bringing our great natural resources prominently before the people of thl and other conutrlea. There fore, Ut It resolved that tbe undersigned commissioners from the western part of South Dakota Invite the o-operatlon of all persons Interesten in the wlfare of the state to do all In their power In the way of raising subscriptions, collecting matter for and other--'-- advancing the intc--'.s of the state and advertising Its r.'hourccs at the said exposition, and loi ire that each person of the Black libs consider himself especially lulled to take an Interest In promoting 'ic welfare of this part of the etate. A. MrKINNEY. HARRIS HIANKLIN, C1IA. . fj. DAVIS, JOH.4 8 1 ABLER. WESLEY A. STUART Dated January 24, 188. UNITED STATES COURTS. The February term of United State irculi and district courts will convene 11 this city Tuesday, Feb. 1. We are ..f, ,11111. 1 there will be several luipor-a..t ciimlual cases tn the district 1. u. t. 'i he law and equity cases In thu it . nit court are as follows: Nos. and M. Black Hills and A yomlng R. R. Co., vs. F. E. it M. V. t. R Law. No. 1.19. United States vs. Home- uako Mining Co., Law. Co. 10, United States va. B. H. Ik Ft. P. R. R. law. No. 154. C. O. Fargo va. C. B. k VI R. R. Law No 169. Urltei States va Otto Ba rter Law. No. 168. United State vs. B. H. Wyoming A. R. Equity. No. 141. Buxton Mining Co. vs. Ool- den Reward Mining Co., Law. No. 168. H. L. Jewell ra. County of Lawrence, Law. Nos. 98, 99, 100, 101. Thos. Sweeney vs. O. I. ft W. C. R. R. Equity. No. 177. Walter u Belbte va. Jaa. M. Woods. Law, The following have been summoned a grand and petit Jurors, with Instruc tlons to appear and report for duty at the U. S, court house, thla city, 01 lun day, Feb. 1st, at S o'clock p. m.: Grand Jury: Wm. Qulgly. Whlta-wood; E. J. Farrell. E. M. Mltcholl. I. W. Van Horn, Belle Fourche; U. M. Trimmer, Pat Boyle, Paul MMlrr ail H. C. Little, Hot Springe; J II. Rus-sell, Geo. C. Favorite, W. H. Harlow and John Wolsmuth, Spearflah; Ed. Kenan, Oelrlcha; 8. McBratney. Oa lena; John Hunter, Olaf Selm and 01 Nelson, Deadwood; P. W. Jackson, Mlnnesrla; H. j. McMahon, L. C. Trow bridge, Rapid City; A. P. Jones, Cutter; John 8. Fuson, Buffalo Oap; Bert Rogers, Nssby. Alternate grand Jurors: E. McDonald. Deadwood; John Scollard, Sturgls; John Wolf, Prlngle; T. O. Mitchell. Whllewood; Edward Mlllsack. Hill City. Petit Jury: Thos. McKtan, John Sundberg, Jaa. Alexander, Terry; John Cary, C. C. Hall, and Nicholas ZInk. 3pearfish; H. L. Sanderson, J. C. Jones and Ar ssa Rlcbey. Whltewood; Frsd J. Cross, W. H. 8mlth and Thomas H'.alre, Keystone; John F. Street, Thos L. Monaahan, M. R. Maxon and J. H. Carey, Hermosa; C. M. Lam son, and J. II. White. Oelrlchs; Sebastian Kocnlgi berger, L. R. Oravea, Anson Hlgby and Wm. A. Remer, Deadwood; W. W. & bin, C. V. Gardner, H. O. Anderson, U Mattlson. John Wenke, Mas Hoehn, Chaa. W. Snyder, Lyman Lamb, and Wm. F. Gardner, Sturgla; J. C. Sherman, Pactola; Felix Posnansky, J. 8. Somers and Jamea P. Buck, Rapid City; Sharon Evsna, John T. Parke, Wm. E. Reeder, D. O. Hayden, J. A. Wymer, Alex 8. Stewart and Ellia T. Pierce, Hot Springs; Geo. W. Dorrsnca, and Martin Cuapman, Lead; Dannie Carrlgan. Chaa. Conger, A. Wilcox. Henry J. 8tone, Custer; Calvin Hampton, Tllford; Wm. K Perkins, Darld Power and Henry Cushlng Mlnnesela; C. B. Green. Cheyenne Falls; W. H. Stewart, D. J. Arnold, Bella Fourche; C. V. Gardner, Piedmont; Geo, Bait achy, Sheridan; H. A. Ooddard, Sdge-mont; Melton Fraaae, La Verne; Frank Stewart. Buffalo Oap. Legal E&sta at fete eCse. MAY MY HAUNKV I'KAK MILL. Dr. Franklin It. Carpenter, Ki-ncral manager of the 1 ;il wimmI and D In-ware Smelting company, ti .1.4 purchased from the Harney Peak Tin Mining company ut Hill City, tho lino holmlng plant on the Addle property, a pair of good boiler and a diamond drill. Thla machinery Is now being moved to 1M-by Basin to be put In uae by the company. Dr. Carpenter la negotiating with Mr. William, resident receiver of the company, for purchase of the tin mill, complete, and inform ua that he will consummste a deal If he can pu retinae it at proper figure. The mill 1 a complete concentrating plant, ilrt cla in every particular having a capacity ol 2G0 ton of ore pur day. Thla look a though the D. and D. company contemplate opening up the Two Dear property on Strawberry gulch again. Should the D. A- M. company build to the property and give a low rate cn the traua-portation ot ore, the company could put the concentrating mill In shape at Hill City and operate It upon the ore. hipping the concentrate back to the amelter here. That I not likely, how ever. Tim company own a fine mill It at Strawberry and will d mi lit I cm erect the concentrating plant there, if the deal la made, and xhtp the roiicen-tratea to the smelter In thla city for treatment. HAS WII.H CATS TOO. r-awara J. i-ivei', one or the com mlttee appointed by the niliicisat ha.' aon to go to Ottawa ami end avor u ecu re a modilli niion ol the mini:, law. Is enroute to that p are. Mr. I.U ernash said this winter's output of gold would not exceed Jii.iHin.DDii. In an swer to the quest Ion wh her any new strike had been made lie said: "None; next to liolhliiK Is known ol the Klondike lieyond what ;h knowi, last sprlim. I he expectations us to Hunker Creek are partially realized, and the Indications are favorable for Sulphur and Dominion. The public should lie wary of rosy reports of marvelous lllids. The Klondike has wild rut schemes as well as good mines and aome of these schemes have hurried i the front." Fred Stevens, foiniei'.y of ha Just arrived al Si att.e from Haw on, accompanied by his partner, J.n. It. Dougherty, or as he Is familiarly called, "Nigger Jim." They have number of valuable claims on lUwanita Creek. They will no to New York, where It la s aid they have been offered $400,000 fur their properties. Stevens estimates next year's output of gold ut 120,000,000. Ho said since the two aafes of the Alaska Commercial company have been tilled with dust the company Is packing the dust in wooden boxea which hold about lot) pound each. KILPATRICK3' PROPOSITION. The Kllpatrlck brothers. Collins and Dacy, owners of the Flora E. group at Ragged Top, are working on a development proposition of considerable magnitude. The owner of claims situated on the tint ndj-il-ilng the Pney property have hud within the puat week offers from these parties to take bond on the ground for one year. Fair price are offered for the proprety and as far as we have been able to learu the 'proposition I a reasonable one. The syndicate proposes to drive a large substantia! working tunnel from a point on Spesrflah canyon, about a mile dlatant from the Dacy shaft Into the center of the district. It I estimated that such a tunnel would be one mile In length and would tap the formation fully 1,000 teet below the surface. We are informed that the company has a fund of $200,000 raised for thla purpose. Upon Its face this looks Ilk feasible scheme and a good proposition for the mine owners. The tunnel will be constructed upon a sllgnt Incline which will drain the workings and at the same time facilitate the handling of ore in lurge quantities, much more ( lien ply llinn eou.d lie handled through a shaft. The scheme ll a similar one to the Great Setro tunnel, the Orphan liollo and other whim disclosed numerous veins of ore. The mine owners are considering the propo altlon carefully and it Is more than probahU that the deal will be cousum mated. THE CLEOPATRA. A fine shoot of ore was encountered a few days ag j In the drift on the Cleopatra ground, on Squaw Creek, which waa recently purchased by R. U. Hughes and associates, who reside In the eastern part ot the state. A main working tunnel has been driven l&O feet on tbe course of the ore formation, following alongside a shoot of ore for nearly a 100 fe. i. The ore was a low grade alllclous proposition, however, anJ would scarcely pay to work under the present circumstances, conslderlnn the fact that the ore would have to be hauled by teams several mile, to railroad. The new shoot ot ore was encountered In tbe face of the tunnel and has been penetrated about eight feet-A cross-cut has been started and the ore explored at least eight feet to the east The shoot I from four to Ova rest In height and the ore Is a fatr ahlp ping grade, assaying from 116 to $30 a ton. From appearance the ore shoot ll extenelTe. (). FflVD-il Absolutely Pure OTM KU Ml MloliM ., M V (iOVLKNMKNT iFSAT OFFICE. A repor er of this imper yesterday visited the new government assay offloe and waa shown through by Mr. Mlnlter H.HVer In cliai'ire. TI f office 1 Com- P',,u x.eiiiiK the :i;e. and on thla account Mr. Mlnlt'-r h 14 refused to take any woik. the linliutlon waa evidently put In sliupt. sooner than anticipated by the depnrim-int. Mr. Mlnlter Inform u that some I tit'.ue haa been ottered but he could not accept It The change of director of the mint will not In any way affect the office here. Mr. Mlnlter any Director l'eeton has been connected with th m'nt department about 4 year and It's resignation wag handed in owing to hi poor health. Mr. Koheit, the pew d! ector. Is a prominent newspaper man ot Ft' Dodge, Iowa, and I very competent man. Mr. Miniter hopcr to have all hi equipment within 4 week and be In shupu to receive work. There hat been coiihMcrabl speculation a to whether or not th office Wit gut all the bullion produced tn the Hiila Including the HoinouUko compasy'a. Thl of course remain to be Been, but there la reason to bri eve It will. Uy depositing Ita bullion there the Home-stake company will iav upward of 120,000 a year by thj g-ixernment paying the LauKportallcn charges to Naif York or l'hliadulpbla I nd It I there fore reaaonable to auppose that the company will .ak bdrantage of the opportunity. LEAD, K1LVUK AND GOLD. Superintended McLaughlin, of the Yankee Hoy mining company, haa been giving the Deadwood atockhoidere reports that they wert inclined to believe were largely fair tale. Yeatar- day one of thorn quietly procured a HampUt of the ore and had It assayed, with th following result: Gold, 11. SI; Silver 248.G ot; Lead M,4 per cent Aa-tonlshed at thl, ha tulccted the poor eit sample in the lot, which gave, gold 76 cent, stiver 2.4 oa, leiC 30.1 per cent HUH another aaaay cave sliver X oa, gold $20. The shoot of ore or vein mat ter is wide and six feet high and haa every Indication of widening out Tbe Biiperluteudeut hopes and confidently believes that on the 11 clalma owned by the compucy he can find enough lead to warrant the erection ot a lead furnace. CONCENTRATES. The new air corr prnt,or cf the Golden Kewsrd Companv at the Torsade hoist, is running smoothly aad doing good service. Five pewor drills are la uae and are a great xnving of time labor and expense, ep-claJly In hard rock. Ill Ellington ll down ftom Raji, Top and aay th Badger abaft la going down rapidly. It la ICi tut deop and la est 1 11 In blue shale, vthleh haa bea th material worked In the last 109 feet Eighty feel havo teen gained tn two month, a good tecord. Mr. Ellington aaya th IndlcMiots are quite favorable. R. Q. Young, who la aesoclatef with Fred Evans, haa just ccmpleted a & map of tbe Two Un district which shows all the prominent mining properties, hoisting plant, mountains, ravines .etc., even to the contour of the hills. It waa drawn from maps of the various groups and rl.owa the section line Indicated by government lurveys. The map I absolutely accurate and la valuable to tho lnutcated In the development of the district II. L. Durch came Ui ft cm the Cutter Peak district, Tuda. He is developing a group of claim and aaya the Indication are very good. Tne KDpaV-rlck brothers have a bond oa tne Phelps giound, near Ly. and ars asking a shaft It Is a hundred feet dv? at present and follow a strong of Iron carbonate ore, come of wkkk ta high grade. The roc ran aa fcla ia ISO at the surface. Tho shaft will l put down to 110 feet when tho forrca-tlon will be explored by a aytUm cf cross-cuts. GOLDEN JUUILES. California Is having i'i goldta Jubilee. President McKlnlcy baa touct? 1 the electrio button, Ute machlne.-r U et la aotlon and the to'i.:a aviui la celebrating the discovery of U"y f t &m ago with floats and Uterary c aion from the state, btt i t cession on January t: four feeble wh!te-ha'r$Jt ! were ble coat anions t"? I abundantly eve to cu-t ; Both th method and reralta irhen Syrup of Figs la taken j It in pleasant and refreshing to the taate, tvd note Bntly jet prompt) 7 on the Kitaea, tt and Bowels, cleanaee the its tern effectually, dispels 00 Ida, head nohec and ferert and enree habitual oonatipation. Syrup of Fig la the w'y raaodr of iti kiul duood, pleasing to the taete sad ao eeptable to the atomaoh, nroapt in ita action and truly beneficial in lu effects, prepared onlr from the most healthy end agreeable eubetaaoea, ita manrexoellent oitfaootnmtnd It to all find hare mA U the moat popular remedy kaown. Syrup of Fige ii for sale in B0 at bottlee by all leading drag gitta. Any reliable drnggut who may not hare It on haadwlll pro oars it promptly for any one who wiahee to try It. Do not accept any ubttitut. mmnu. a. m rear; at A FALSE REPORT. k few weeks ago a report waa circu lated that Alex Cblaholm and Robt. Floonnan had been convicted, In Brit ish Columbia, of salting a mine and sentenced to terms tn the penitentiary at. Victoria. The report originated, at near a we can learn, In Terry, and reached thla office via. Rapid City. In republishing there waa no thought of malice. A letter waa written to Ross- land for the facta In the case and here they are The denial la published with more pleasure than tue report. Roeaiaad, B. C, Jan. 20, 98, P. O. Box 33. "Alex Chltholm, whoee name, in connection with Robt Floormann, has been unfortunately associated with crime in your paper. The poor fellow la badly hurt over the matter. I tee him here frequently and there never haa been aught aald against his good name and Integrity of character here. On the other nand no man in thla coun try standa higher In the estimation of these people In an honest business re lation. A plain, honest, harmless cltl- ten who goes along minding hit own buslneea and prospering accordingly He came to aee me and waa fsellng quite badly when talking over that ma llctoua article tn the paper. Ha la all brok up over it. I feel truly sorry for Mm, there la not the slightest foundation for any tuch an attack. You aee we should know it here if so. Ha la a free man, going around here dally at tending to bit bnelneae, which be could not do if condemned to the penitent! ary, and nothing haa ever been aaid against him In any of the paper here, It he bad committed a crime here, It certainty would have been known here. Mr. Bonham, please set this matter right It la a shame that an honest, Inoffenalve mat reputation ehould ba thus assailed, without bringing the true criminal he malign!- to his Just dues. Aa to Mr. FTorman, he also at hie home hare, Boundary City, Washington, and the two men have never been associated In buslneea. 80 you aee the whole matter la a fabric Uon. A RADICAL RUUNO. . Lawyers and mining men have been thrown into consternation within the past day or two over a late decision of the Interior dspartment with reference to the amount of work that la nscessa ry to be done on mining claims when groups of clalma are applied tor. Her tofore all the showing that haa been necessary waa that five hundred dot lart worth of work had been done on th entire group without respect to the number of claims provided that Ute work done waa for the common benefit of all the clalma. Under thla scheme a great many appllcatlona have been made embracing In so.. 1 instance as high & seventy-five cialms represented by only a small amount over live hun dred dollars. By a late ruling of the department these entrlea have been held up and ordered cancelled for th reason that It waa not ah own that an amount of work had not been done equal to Ave hundred dollars on each claim. Hereafter It will be aeeeesary to furnish a certificate of the surveyor general that the amount of work called for haa been done oa each claim before entry will be allowed. Thla will be rather hard on aome who have been eal culatlng under the former practice, but in tbe end It may be better for the coua try and laborers. FROM A FHYl lOAN. A physician of New ork la aald to have received the following oomwoni-cation from a rural practitioner: "Dear dock, I have a patbdot wLoa phlatcol atnee shoes that the windpipe has ulcerated of. and I fear his atumtck tub la ton. bar giv ttn cvry thing with out efecjt Hie father I wealthy, On-arable and InfluetahlaU he Is ea active member of the t B. Chlrch and god aoee I don't want to loose hym. what thai I due. aaa buy retarne male, you re ia neede." to have 1'','u "'ale at the Slate Cniveralty. These ait.-uy were upon ore from ten different part of the district and gave an uveruge of fliiu ht ton. 1 called upon the faculty and was ussurcd that the Hssay hud been made and that the result were as published. Somewhat encouraged by these statement 1 proceeded upon my way next morning I took the stage for Saratoga, arriving there ut 6:30 p. m. Spent the night at the Woifu House and the next mornli.s took a sleigh foi the camp where we arrived during the afternoon, the next moinlng took a lei) h for 1'nrgatoiy guMi the centrv of the developed pail i f lhe camp, U begin my Investigation. Owing to the depth of lhe snow t found It ex fid. ugly ilillii nil to mak ' :u UiDio'Kh mi Invi siinat inn as I wished, li.iw (w i I to. k a hi ge number of mi iipn f.lllll the Ml. I IH lir.ispe. t s.illle.ei tin' d ri ll, l will, h I lirough h'Hii" with in, a .d hate h id some a, s.iycl by C. C. Gr'.g'.H, uvsa.ver ll rli. ii pc of the Kdji iipint and I'nloi 11. II Smelting company's labratoiy. with the most sat is.'ai lory results. n showing thai the entire dnstrle, I? mill' i alleil, w hile many of the sum pies cave f Si eedilU'iy llll'll leturtis :n both gold and cupper. I have lie, ti in mining catiip-i and ci, gag, d In nulling fur more than twc.Hv ye.iis aii'l can truthfully say 1 hav" never seen a camp that for the amount of development done show's so llatter-Itn: ) i "-;;ie;'ls as Ihin one. The ledges se, m to be uniformly vertii b and this taken in eonnectio.i i:h 'be fa, I 1 1 1. 1 1 i h" and surface r,n k eai i y v aiiics hh Ii lis I got from saniile assayed Is proof to me thu the ore is there In large bodies an'1 that surprising values will be foui'n when depth Is attained. 1 bellev.' there will be a great rush to this com,) as soon as spring open and with the prospecting aud development tfcat will be diino during the coming sumnvr, I "re,ll, t tlic '-"vrry of some of the ru ncsi mine mm nave yei ueen tou'ia In the history of mining In this country. lAicated a It Is, Grand Encampment will be the center and metropo lis of this mining district and belnn surrounded by a finely Irrigated, weC ettlnl agricultural district from whi. h to draw supplies. It will b li.ilu.v of people that Is sure to rome with the opening of spring, without resorting to extortion of any klnl. Should the development of the mire be lurried on us I believe It will be this year. 1 will no; be surprised to find Grand Encampment a city of ten thousand a year hence. One of 111 greut fuctors in the development of this camp is the splendid stream ol wnter right at hand that can be util- smelters necei sary for tlie treatment of " orf'n- " a an 1'",nt l'PP'y fT the city lor domestic ani manufacturing purpose. If In Jbo future It attains to whni the present prospects tiullcnte, then Indeed wlil Grand Encampment l-e no mean city. Yours Truly, NOAH StEVEX THAT Kl 1.1 MS. n gtntig u n pn.i: Issue tbe recent ruTlng of the Hon. C mit .issloner In the nmiter of V. S. pa enn for mining ground, we did not nn i.n to suy that ;uu work must bo l,m upon each In- dlvliliinl claim, but t:.a the amount of work mlk'ht still he dene upon one group. hut must cinl tr amount $5u0 for ea h claim In the k"up for which patent Is usked. This si etna to ua an eminently sensible an 1 ,t ruling; un- doubt, illy the commissi uer will hold, if be tins not ahead, that the work must tend to develop tlic entire group; that i. that tho cutlf! group of claim must bo so situated that euch would tie developed by the work done, and not bo situated so remoio that the work c ould not be reasonably held to develop them. in "Calumet." Bakin Pou SO GOOD. 2 senate today confirmed the nomination lz,'rt to furnish light mid power for th-of John W. Griggs bs attorney general mln'' a1"1 B,' r f"r a11 the mlIU an 1 With r fevence to the HimelaKe asi i fr Illegal cutting of 1 1 111 be.' nidye Moody say the newspaper ccr . espon lent are away on in their slate :nen;s In which It I said that the ilomestake company hud found Itself in a bad box and that the attorney gen- Mil hud spurned the offer to compromise and had detailed Judge Durch. lute of the Cramp ship cases to come out here and prosecute the cases. The .ads ure that the attorney general act-teg upon the conclusions ui rived at u. . niteil Siute ullorney and assistants lor South Dakota, that the compauv was offering more In settlement of these cases than could be recovered in in a, Hun or was right that the. com pany should pay, bus derailed a lawyer from the department of Justice and .111 agent of the Interior department to roceed to the Iliack Hills with a view 1 1 a settlement of the matter. The order has aneady gone out postponing the cases until special term of the Cnited States court not earlier than April. With reference to the removal of the land office the Judge saya that the show Ing at Washington la ao overwhelming In favor ot the removal that he thinks It Is only a question of time when tne office will be brought up to Deadwood. The records of the general laud office show that over ninety-five per cent of the business of the office comes from sections ot the country that are asking the removal. Judge Moody called upon the war department with reference to the aban donment of Ft Meade and recolved much encouragement there that leaves Mm to think there Is no Immediate dan ger of abandoning It as a post and that In all probability It will be made per manenL He presented the necessity for a post tn western South Dakota In all Ita phases to the assistant secretary of war and secured the assistance of prominent men In Washington to t&u same end. Taken all In all the judge aeemi hlgn ly pleased over his trip to the capital and the attendant results. BLACK HILLS EXHIBIT. A meeting waa held yesterday after noon by members of the commission an pointed by Gov. Lee upon the state rx hiblt at the Trans-Misslsslppl Expoai tion. Those present were A. McKenn 1, ot Lead, vice president of the commit slon, John Stabler, of Hot Springs, W, A. Stuart, of Sturgla and Harris Frau'. Iln and C. E. Davis, of Deadwood. Tho meeting was called for the purpose of considering ways and means ot raising funds to make a proper display of ou mineral and agricultural resources, it was determined to raise the necessar funds by private subscription, with understanding that the governor wll, urge the next legislature to make a 1 appropriation to reimburse tbe sun scrlbers. It Is reasonably sure that such will be done. Harris Franklin was appointed treasurer c'the Black Hills commission and headed the list with $100 as a personal subscription. The committees on raising subscriptions are as follows: Deadwood: 6 m Star, John R. Wilson, C. E. Davis; lead: L. P. Jenkins, Jaa. Cuslck, I. V. Putnam; Bpesrflih J. F. Summer, John Wolzmuth, J. H. Russell; Terry John Blatchford. Chaa. Romans. Matt Wilcox; Sturgls W. A. Stuart. John Scollaid, H. E. Perkins; Butte county, A. H. Marble, with authority to appoint two others. Th member! of th commission tn Pennington, Cutter and Fall River counties are empowered to make their own sslsctlou. lhe treasurer will be provided with recelpta to ee given to those who asb-acrtfce, ftittaj that the state wUi re- A bill pasied the senate today appro- prlailng 46,ooO to Indemnify the state of Pennsylvania for money expended in the year 1864 for the state malltla. called Into military service by the government. GRAND ENCAMPMENT. Noah 3'iover, ot Galena, Gives Our Reader HI View of the New Camp In Southwetern Wyoming. Galena. So. Dak., Jan. 21, 189H. Editor I'ioneer: Circumstances have prevented mo from sooner fulfilling my promise to give you my Impression of the new mining camp of Grand En- cani) ment, Wyoming, after two weeks stvent In Investigating that wonderful district. When I first saw report of the marvelous rlchnens of the mineral resonr- ces rf Grand Encampment, I conelud- d that some enterprllng newspaper eorrripondent was working a glsantio fake upon the public. Seeing further reports of the same rharnrtnr, I felt Inrtlied to Investigate their truthful- none, and to this end wrote to M. E. Mur hy, t P. resent at Fort Steel, who replt'd that the reports were reliable and 'hat the ramp was worthy of In- "Calumet" Does Not Belong to a Baktrg Powder Trust, but Contumera are Rapidly Learning to Place Their Trust and west but it la enjoyed to Ka Ut- and all the paraphaua'.l of a wn -moat by Uxtrlata at the reeorte along mpUfid labile. On Jsbbait t . the East Coast. The, doe proximity 134$, James W. MarshtlL a of the Oulf Stream to the boree ot wrlght at work npon iU erecifca Florida keep the wwtere warm &nd saw mtlL p'.2ked up at Cdoa. a t pleasant The weather bea been de- fragment of gold. Mth'1 (. VI r a mtttfut thus far thla aeaeon, the daya in a tumble down cb!n. la I i bolng bright and warn and tbe algbU having lived for aeverel t , c . s fPAfl nflPrPTT elear and balmy. Among tbe promt- Bent people from Cakota now eojoum-ing at tbe rcoorta akeg tbe East Coast are Mr. aad Ure. Wm. tWii. ot Dead wood, wbo are now at P&:a Tacb, - noun

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