The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 8, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEiyrilfES, SATURDAY MOBNISO, JULY 8, 1899. In hi view the grandest agency In this I that feeds people of all commercial Da "Every Well Man BATCHES, DIAMOND tions. Its fruits nave a aencacy oi navur tt not found elsewhere. .The flowers are Hath His III Day. work of asslmulatlon Is the public school. o GOOD TIMES. How quickly the dead past Is buried most fragrant and the foliage forms a picture more beautiful than Is possible to m DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 187. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. transfer to canvas. Its streams an 1 and forgotten. Man stands upon the Dresent and lives in the future. He looks lakes, clear as crystal, abound in fish pot sensing a flavor that surprises the epi-riire. All Its grains, grown in abundance ' Fine... ' Solid Gold Jewelry, Black Hills Gold L ahead during all the years of his active life. It is only some pleasant remembrance that succeeds ni leading him back are of first quality, its vegetation sound and healthy, the fame of its potato. flONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO eHpeciallly reaching in all directions, anJ its people have a degree of health and ap Sterling Silver Novell TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: A doctor's examination might show that kidneys, liver and stomach are normal, but the doctor cannot analyze the blood upon ivhich these organs depend. Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood: It cures you when "a bit off" or when seriously afflicted. It never disappoints. Dyspepsia-" My husband had dyspepsia and Hood's Sarsaparilla cured him. Our little boy was nervous and the baby had ulcerous sores. It cured both." Mas. Kmma Bebe, Portage, Pa. Indigestion-" I con Id not eat for some montb.s on account of distress and indigestion. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me so that lean eat and sleep well." Mks. (). A. GrjNTZ, Taylor and Walnut Kts., Wilmington, Del 3(ocdS Sauafmii petite sufficient to enjoy to the fullest extent the bounties of its soil. It has ore in abundance, of which its Iron stands first lu auality for the manufacture of BAILY Ersry Morning, Except Monday Ob Tear $10.00 SU Month COO Om Month 1-00 At Special Prices i?" over auy part of the past. He erects no monuments to mark the places of misfortune. Hard llmea that effected the whole country such a short time ago are already like a ilream, and we are prone to beiieva we exaggerated the situation and that the public mind was under the Influence of abnormal conditions. I'erhaps the earth had gone out of its orbit and caused everything to seem out of order. When the people are out of work and have no money in their pockets they think something is the matter with the WIBKLY Issued Every Thursoay. On Year tM Sax Months 1.00 Next 20 Da, Jff. meel into implements of peace and engines of war. Occupying a natural position to command both Atlantic ami Pacific markets, there never will be trouble In supplying all dumanads for its products. A priceless boon of this great country Is its pure, . fresh,., Alwaya A'!rUJUng at stored as Second-Class Matter at the : at 9-1 icm.ui MStsmr Deadwood Postofflc. X A. J, SNYOE government. They will never understand that It is all owing to the inexorable laws of business, and they run to politics with a determination to overturn some tli if -infill ciijm ' i- rr -i I T'T:'- 1 " ' V"' .'. REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. G. FULLER. DICK HANEY. Main Street. mosphere filled with ozone, a tonic that gives health and activity to everything that breathes. A body filled with languor and a listleses mind are not found mil irrinitUifi and Hood's IIIln cure llvr Ills ; 1 1, l' Sarwapitrllii enly cathartic to take with I thing. They are mad and destructive. The moral aatmosphere fills with the pestilence of disorder, breeding all sorts of in this climate. Even the tramp loses Report of the Condition of his desire far utter repose and In tb THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK NO ARRESTS MADE. pride of station turns his steps again to socialisms, finally ending, if long enough continued In anarchy. During this time the south, feeling that If he remained At Deadwood, In tho State of South Dakota at the close of business, June 30, 189K RESOURCES. The Ploneer-Tlmes has no disposition tn vnrV th late Fourth of July celebra- business is gradually regulating itself, his new being would compel him to work Loans and discounts $320,686.91 . . ,. . . v,,,. and by and by Invites the people to again tlon for more than there was In It, but ' Pure air to breathe and large expanses ICASH TALKS m- h- engage In industry. They accept the In vitation, the air clears up ana me country signs a treaty of peace. The sun of prosperity long hidden by thick Clouds of adversity, is now shining Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 5,879.22 I'. S. Bonds to secure circulation 50,000.00 Lawrence county bonds and school bonds 70.500.00 Stocks, securities, etc L'1,330.85 Banking-house, furniture, and fixtures 10,500.00 Other Real Estate and Mortgages owned 5,318.43 Due from national banks I not reserve ageute) 939.73 In a clear sky. The people are happy of drunkenness and fighting or eves fussing. Not an arrest was made by our officers on the third and fourth and there was no occasion for one. Ten or twelve thousand people, more than half of them men, thronged the streets from morning until late In the evening and not a positively drunken man to be met. A few, very few, got enough to show It In their facea or talk, and were taken by their Any kind of government that will simply of country to look upon create a breadth of mind that compasses great purposes Can't has no home. Morality and religion of the golden rule sort characterize the people. All are epatriots, and while devoted to peace, -if the men are called to war they are heard form. When they come back they find their homes in good repair, kept so by intelligent, patriotic women, whose joy at their return cannot be measured. Nature has provided a system for the husbandman who will come more and lue from approved reserve ag'ts. 109.3-4.66 Checks and other cash items .... 2,915,73 let them alone and allow them to work and think and enjoy the fruits of their labor la good enough for them. Only professional politicians are In politics, and that for what there Is In It, but they We have got the goods and want your trade , Internal Revenue stamps 376.54 Notes of other Nat. banks 565.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 13. 0G friends Into seclusion until they had cool-ad off. Six or seven thousand men, with we Lawful Money Reserve In Bank, viz: Specie $33,531.10 ' probably not on hundred total abstin Come and see us, will treat you right. more the ruling force in this prolific country. Seed must be sown in the spring and reaping comes mostly In the summer. ence men In the crowd, walked up and down past our thirty odd open saloons Legal tender notes .. 7,230.00 40,, 61. 10 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas. (5 of circ'n) 2,250.00 Fall Is devoted to preparing for next sea son s crops, and winter is for rest, stor ing the mind with the wealth of books. i Aps & Warflman Hardware Ci, social entertainments, religious gather ings and sports. Generally speaking, all business conforms to these rules, and in are unable to catch the ear of the people, and will themselves soon be obliged to turn to Industrial pursuits, except during the campaign . year, when everyone gets out and shouts for the favorites, the same as during a game of base ball, and FOURTH OF JULY JAGS 2 then returns to business all the better for the excitement. It Is good to look upon a people in a free land in times like the present, when work Is plenty and orlce Is remunerative. The free citizen enjoys the largest liberty consistent with the laws of community. He chooses his work, collects his pay, spends It In his happy family, with his genial friends, and gives to those who cannot work for lack of strength. His home Is filled with contentment, the Total $641,361.22 LIABILHTJES Capital stock paid in 50,000.00 urpluB fund 10,000.0 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 60,570.33 National bank notes outstanding 45,000.00 Due to other national banks ... 923.10 Due to state banks and bankers. 6,445.94 Individual deposits subject to check 326.373.18 Demand certificates of deposit... 19,510.32 Time, certificates of deposit 121,138.35 Cashier's checks outstanding.... 1,400.00 the cities as well as in the country, every thing is done In season. The time is at hand for the Northwest to be an empire within Itself to stand like a mountain in the plain; to not only produce an Immensity of raw material, but to prepare it ready for the world's con sumption. Its greatest adornment will be Its magnificent men and women, who know their rights and have the courage law makes It his castle and the resullts of his labor fill It with plenty. His children are growing strong and handsome, they are being educated In the best of Shoes With a Reputation Total .. $641,361.22 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. I, Wm. Selble, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. WM. SELBIE, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of July, 1899. JOHN R. WILSON. Notary Public. Correct Attest: HARRIS FRANKLIN, W. E. ADAMS, JOHN TREBER. Directors. all day and part of the night, and scarcely a man showed be had drunk a drop. Now do not let any outsider Imagine for a moment that these men bad no , money. They were well dressed and bad t plenty of money. Probably the most economical anions; them put five dollars In bli pocket and said that would have to do for the day. They all had plenty of money and spent It for whatever tbey wanted. The women and children had money and did not have to hunt up the pater tor a supply of cash. There wer many hundreds of Cornlahmen, more hundreds each of Germans. Italians, Sla-Iowa who are fixing to own home vonians and . Scandinavians, and almost very other European nationality, was mora or less represented. A large number came from homes they own, a still larger number from comfortable homes they rent and thousands of bachelor f eland families of their own. So it was' a family affair and that is why there was no drlnkng. some outsider will remark. No drinking! Why man, there were four carloads of beer drunk, ot a glass less, and not a man full. Thla Is tha point we started to make. It waa a beer drinking crowd and not a whiskey crowd. ; These Europeans . think 00 mors ot drinking beer and wins than our church people do of drinking tea or coffee or lemonade. ( No doubt thsrs was quits a lot of whiskey drank. Thsrs were plenty of simon purs Americana on the schools and when grown up will be wiser than be. To be a citizen of a free country, When times are good and money Is plenty, should make a man shout for Joy. to defend them against the world, who will never make trouble for a good government, but will see to it that a bad government Is made good and giives to all an equal footing; a people who love home and make the most of It, who work In the summer and In the winter Indulge, in the exhilarating sports that belong alone to its latitude, who In everything they do give evidence of strength and breadth of mind. I Our Boys 5earSkin Seamless . THE GREAT NORTHWEST. Steel bands havs bound together the (Charter No. 2391.) Report of the Condition of the SHOES! surface. Vague because vast possibilities First National Bank, Are noted tor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. L. C. VERPLAST. THE DREYFUS CASE. A remarkable change has taken place in public opinion in regard to the guilt of Dreyfus 'and there is good reason to hope that It will fee reflected in the sentence rendered by the supreme tribunal. His feelings must bs some thing skin to tfeos of ths sufferer released from the chains of a weak stomach by that powerful fot to dyspepsia, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. A man might as well bs In prison as to hava a weak stomach. It will bring Just At Deadwood, in the State of South Dakota, at the close of business, June 30th, 1899. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $450,193.46 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured .. 16.82S.61 U. S, Bonds to secure clrcula- . Uoh 100,0000 U. S. Bonds to secure U. 8. Deposits 100,000.00 Pentiums, on U. S. Bonds .... 14,000.00 Stocks, securities, etc 126,800.72 2NTo OO 3l3.oxzxa.arL St. 4 street who regard beer as a fairly cooling beverage on a hot day, tint a total failure that appealed to the early settler are now realized many fold. Nearly half a century, has passed sines a few courageous and enterprising men and women went up to possess the land. In Minnesota the work of settlement practically began, and from thsrs ths boundaries commenced to extend, slowly at first, then by leaps and bounds, until ths whols country to tidewater at the western end of ths continent was conquered. . A northwest passage that Carver and others ra ths last century sought but did not find, for nature ; had not creaated It, has. been provided In ths latter part o'f this century by man himself, and now every part of the wonderful domain Is compelled to contribute Its riches to mankind. , : - y : Ths vast country commencing somewhat south of Lake Bupeiiolr and. extending north Into British America and west PLATINOTYPE PHOTOaBAPj as a stimulant They don't hold enough to feel It In their beads. Just have a full cool sensation In their stomachs, that Is Banking-bouse, furniture, and fixtures : 23,600.00 Other real estate and mort as much misery. vHostetter's Stomach Bitters will curs constpa tlon, indigestion, all. Then there was a good sprinkling. gages owned 30,946.65 Due from National Banks of Irish In ths crowd, real old sod man l biliousness, liver and kidney troubles. An (not reserve sgents) ,. 806.64 Due from State Banks and meant, not their sons. Ths real Irishman regards beer as an Invention of ths PORTRAITS In GO. PaateJ, Water Colors and Crayon a W1" togT&phs colored; Pictures framed. Amateur work enlarged to bron Kodak and Camera Supplies. . Photographing on SILK and Porcelain. W nave moved Into i dough Studio, No, 6 XL Main srtreeL LA and are Drepared to dow""! Bankers 11,527.36 occasional doss will keep ths bowels regit lar and ths stomach vigorous. See that a private Revenue Stamp covers the neck nemy; invented to "chats' a man with Due from approved reserve agents 109.316.' , ths idea he has had a drink when he Checks and other cash Items 4,506.75 of ths bottls. JI 1- .. .. .. . m.nhl ffllf 11 hasn't So there , was whiskey drank, but apparently everybody, Americans and Irish as well as the continental people to. the Pacific ocean, or that part of It Ovation to Spanish War Relic. 12,697.00 288.85 70,705.00 called by common consent "The - North ww. Aourej aTiaTarnon guaranteeo. rBvwwv m br. mall to b enlarged. Our work la done at noma BLACK HILLS PORTRAIT ft ART PHOTOGRAPH 00. -No, HL Main st. Lead. ; fuller stub kept far within Prof. Atwood s limit of Ths cannon captured at Cavlta by Admiral Dewwey Is In our town, and on Sat Notes of other National Banks Fractional . paper currency, ntckles and cents Lawful money reserve In Bank, vis: Specie $55,705.00 Legal-tender notes ... 15,000.00 Redemption fund with U. S. Treaa'r (5tf of circulation) .. Due from U, 8. Treasurer, other than 5 per cent Redemption fund west," Is more actually bounded by the four seasons of ths year, than by stats lines. ' Coming ' into- ths ' temperate- tons (wo and a half ounces of alcohol., , , From these-acts a number of conclusions might be made, - Those who bold urday evening. Jully I,' at 1:10 p. m. ths 4,500.00 people of Deadwood will give it a royal from V ths south, equatorial influences lengthen summer '' and ' shorten wwlnter. poverty and discontent are the parents of 1,200.00 reception. The cannon is being polished and,, mounted preparatory to Its introduction. The entire Are department, assited by the Red Men and Modern Woodmen . Total ............. 1.077,15.08 intemperance, will see in this Incident ! Ths frigid sons equally from the north further proof of their theory. The people lengthens winter and shortens summer, will deplore such a waste of money and! For ths country lying between these two . LIABILITIES. Arc You Prepared? Capital stock paid In $100,000.00 surplus iunq lW,Wn.OQ extreme - points of heat and cold, nature undivided profits, less expenses teams In uniform, headed by the Deadd wood brass band, will receive It in torch light procession and escort it from the F. and taxes paid ,. 6,837,78 deplore still more the cultivaatloa of an appetite for alcohol no matter how much it is diluted.. Their theory is that alcohol 1 potion and that voluntarily using any alcohol except as a medicine Is ths height haa provided a climate with four seasons eprlng, summer,: fall and winter, the seasons popularly ascribed to the whols national nans notes outstand E- . M. V. depot to the City hall. Mayor ing 90.000.00 Due to other National Banks .. ' 80,397.11 Star, who has been working Brat, last and temperate zone, but not perfectly so, la uue to state Banks and " me to secure the cannon for Bankers ...... $.547.53 Dividends unpaid 6.000.00 inmvtauai deposits subject to Deadwood. wlH make an address, seconded by our reloquent orator, Col. Steele.' The of folly and little short of a crttffa: This fact, for an of It Nature smiles on ths class of reformers may be found in the land of the seasons and bestows upon It Black Hills towns, but they are rather, her cuoisest blessings. 4 ...,. v lonesome. So one might go on making j Ths soil is wonderfully productive, conclusions from' the various society j Built up under the combined Influences of cneca. ... 215,638.07 Demand certificates of deposit 48,293.53 entire opulace of our city will tnra out, and an Invitation is hereby extended to all the Belt towns to Join us la ths festivities. nme ceruncates or deposit ... 827,862.27 Cashier's checks outstanding ., 1539 gg United States deposits ..v K,g42!44 Fine weathtr has come at last. now Is the time to get that pair of mer Shoes. - My Stock Includes all of the latetf . end neatest summer footwear No where can you find the same goo& for less , money: We always lead wW It comes to flood Shoes at Low prI, and oar stook Is the freshest as weU th e larg-est In the H UL smnuuoims, out in tns ena every mas , tour aisunct seasons. It retains ths vir xs-ywim v V. . aiSDUrBWa ' will form his own individual conclusion. omcers ....... 4.157.6s The philosopher of the Pioneer-Times ' , BANGS HORSES. :i:t,4i. i o77.ns.t8 tues of oil, and is kept alive and aeUvs thru these regular changes, it grows the richest' vegetation and agaia receives this richness from Its own productions. It furnishes the whits pins accepted as Barrett ft Zimmerman, Midway horse thinks it well enough to say that bs was g'ad to see such an exhibition of genuine u ouuta waiou, OMtBtr of Law-BCS, SS. I, D. A. McPhsraon. ' Ruhia . iv. market, ths largest range boras dealers ia aboTs-bamed bank., do m.imi. the northwest. 'Have commodious facil te mperance, universal good humor and universal thrift; that in all these respects that ths abort sUtsmsnt la tros to ths ities specially arranged for handling rang Qo to j -uvwieuge ana Doner. the prime building material of all woods. It puts forth the grasses that feed cattle and aheep fattened tor .the year's mar th day or July. 189. it waa some Improvement on former gatherings of the kind for ths past twenty years; and that the whole celebration la-dicated prosperity, personal sobriety and tlfl rapid Americanization of tits numer-ous nationalities' of our neighboring city. horses with large corrals and pastures In eoaneotloa. and with their stables midway between Minneapolis and, St Paul, where range horses can be disposed of to a better advantage than elsewhere: Minnesota Transfer, Eft, Paul, Minnesota. kets nd driven to Its platans trom all parts of the country. It raises ths wheat that grades highest In ths world and from which the "patent process" tour It toads 1 .-JOHN R. JONGS. , p. a ePARKs, P; A. OTJSHCROT. 1 :' 4 . ' -. (First Pub, Jul ita, igsj., J MMMwMMMS. SwM

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