The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 15, 1900 · Page 9
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1900
Page 9
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tmat 24 th YEAH. di:adyo u. s. n.rurKSDAY. Nov ,a i;kk 15, 1 FIVE CENTS. i in 11 n ii m w n FFIGIAL VOTE Star's majority . States' Attorney ' Policy, r, ,,',,, . I . 1 1 1 -1 1 . 1 1 . AND MAJORITIES l'o;. County Ju, 1 1,1. ii awrence County Commission Supt. of Schoo'- ers Complete the Canvass of the Returns. M l: MINNEHAHA'S OFFICIAL VOTE. Smallest Republican Majority 656 Pettigrew and Lien Ran Ahead. SIOl X I'M.I.S S D. Nov. 1 1 :; -'i lie official return.- from the election Ui J DJii. l.M.Uiu.eltu ha I j uiiiiii. .gi.wc.. tlui .. Mi Kinley ele ors''i;s majority. Con ci .--small Martin v",;,, and Concress-n an lliirke v.n. Herri. -d for go . nor. has 7J; majority . 'I'be legislative ticket has majorities ranging 1 1 om i ."a; in T'.v. The Smallest majority re-ieic, i.j anyone on the lounty ticket, was K.-lly, for clerk of the courts, Mho lias 7 S It will thus be seen that Sinator Pettigrew ran 210 ahead of llryan and that Lien, for governor, lan 2 12 ahead of Ilryan. The dis-I'tcaiy amendment was killed in this c nit v by a vote of 1 120. Drops Twenty-two Hundred. OMAHA N. b.. Nov. 1.'!. S ial. Fred Grant of the llhn k Hills of South Dakota, dropped $2201) In money last night tit the gambling tables in this city. 7:' I I : ' : I 1 I" 1 1 Su rveyor- I'' I " 1 !. i 1 1 ;,! on. tu.-ion ft0th Uonsmuuonai amena i: .lull ments Given Tremendous Majorities i.i County. lias not been mm h information obtainable on i.l. at legion in the past, for the reason it has never been explored to any great extent. The only ho-tile In i-an of A'.i. Ka occupy the t.i i ii , ,; y ai o.;n, t ii, load wa ters l tbe Ta !i.lli.:s. ,r; .'.;!:, 'l'U.ei...iU'!; tin- Chill. cot tub. and ale ling l (tea herons I'lcv aii found near the la I. a rau.'e of no einl a : u -. and ale q u ,t e nulla : mi-. A number of pi o.-pi ; o s left Atlin weiil down the y. IlLon liver ill a boat and wrote back to some of their lib mis to follow, saying more mom v could be made at Nome than at Atlin Mr. Duffy says the men who wete advised to leave Ailin for Nome were taking out six dollars a day on their Atlin property. It is a very easy matter to go from Atlin to Nome, as the entire journey is made by boat, coing down the Yukon to St. Michael, and where steamers are leaving for Nome, less than 100 miles away, every few days. Will and Frank Tierney. who have spent the last two seasons at Nome came out to Seattle a few weeks ago The former was In Seattle when Mr Duffy left there and Is expe ted to arrive in Deadwood tonight. lie lias done well at Nome, anil has a Rood sized fortune that he made in the camp Frank Tierney Is now In Ctah A PIONEER OF '76. Short Sketch of the Black Hills Ca reer of Nebraska's Governor. Charles Dietrich, the newly elected governor of Nebraska is well known to the old-timers of the Black Hills. Coroner 'ha rli-- 10. '.' i hog. republican A 10. Moiiali.m. tii-i 1 . 1 1 2010 . . t 1 n ... Xei Hi ik s A M Ii,' .1 Toomev 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 y Assessor republican . 1 11 i m Thi' ( nnimissionoi s ui i.ami'iiii- ..1 ...1 .1... ,.ff...i-,l .....v, . I i:;:: .in:,; if the election returns yesterday and jdjourii'd. The. result of the vote, Senator Davis Near Death. ST. PAUL, Minn.. Nov. 13 Special. Senator Cnshnian K. Davis hovers near death and his recovery is a matter of grave doubt. totals ami majorities, is as follows: For President McKinli-y and Kooseveit Electors... nan and Stevenson electors. . . .-on Mooilic's majority 377 Justices of the Peace Sixth 1 ist ii. t -Nathan Oilman, republican .... 0.7 I .i t i i i k II lOarly. fusion f,:;r, Third liistrict William Ouimliy republican 127S Seventh liistrict - .1. W. liailey, republican Ml Second liistrict X. F. Kipley, republican :!.'!:! Constables LAWRENCE COUNTY MAJORITIES FOR PRESIDENT McKinley Electors s 818 " FORC O NGRE SS'- --- Charles H. Burke, Republican .766 Eben W. Martin. Republican ". 762 FOR GOVERNOR Charles N. Herreid, Republican 762 LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR George VV. Snow. Republican . 772 SECRETARY OF STAT E O. C. Bercj, Republican 764 STATE AUDITOR John D. Reeves, Republican . , 777, STATE TREASURER John Schamber, Republican 797 ATTORNEY GENERAL John L. Pyle, Republican 770 SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION E. E. Collins, Republican 786 COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS David Eastman, Republican 775 RAILROAD COMMISSIONER Frank LeCocq. Republican 748 STATE SENATORS- Llewellyn P. Jenkins, Republican 709 Henry T. Cooper, Republican 786 REPRESENTATIVES E. H. Warren, Republican 695 John N. H.iwgood, Republican 713 John Peterson, Republican 743 Amos Patcquin, Republican 748 COUNTY TREASURER H. P. Lorey, Republican 647 COUNTY AUDITOR W. A. Zink Republican 628 REGISTER OF DEEDS John Wrinprose. Republican 864 SHERIFF Fred Dot en, Republican ... ' 719 CLERK OF COURTS Sol Star, Republican 975 STATE'S ATTORNEY S. C. Polley. Republican 706 COUNTY JUDGE F. J. Wash nbaugh. Republican 904 SUPERINTENDEN I OF SCHOOLS Helen M. Bennett, Republican 724 SURVEYOR A. S. Gates. Republican 799 CORONEG Charles E. Zerfing, Republican 728 ASSESSOR A. A. Moodie, Republican 377 COMMISSIONER SE CO N D ' Dl STR ICT Edward Cachelin, Republican 106 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE Nathan Colmr.n, Republican 21 William Quimby, J. W. Bajley and N. F. Ripley, Republican (No Opposition) CONSTABLES J. C. Stout W G. Stufft and J.W. Secoy, Republicans (No opposition) AMENDMENTS Article 27, carried by 2250 Article 28, carried by 2097 Mi Kitil' y and Roosevelt Majorities 81 S For Congressmen Fitz Refuses Jeff's Challenge. NIOW YOItK, Nov. IS. Special. Fitzsimnions has refused to accept Jeffries' challenge for a fight, and Jeffries therefore will sign tomorrow for a tight with tins Rnhlin. Charles 11. llurkc, republicvan . . . :! 10b Iben v .Martin, repuuui an ..-on (j.-cpli Ii Moimo. fusion 20 in FIGHT IN PROSPECT. IihIicu 10. !.'''. nision .lo.-i.uli C Stout, republican ::.'!."," w stum republican ::::it; .lames V Seioy. republican . ...:;:;n; Commissioner Second District lO.lwat'l " : i 1 1 I i ii . republican . .. Ms Joseph i; I'lmii. fusion ::oj 701 Mean republican majority. . . For Governor fharles N. Honied, republican, feurre H. I.ien, fusion .2030 1m; 1 1 le i in s ma torit v Amendment Article 27. He came here from Aurora, Ills., in l lie early spring of 1S70. with Frank Tliulleii. a Idai ksniith. now located at Hello Fouiihe. and Odo lieder. the Custer i only lumberman. He was then just twenty-one.' He went to work lor Fainham Hrown. who were in t In kiii cry business in a log house on the corner of Main and Gold st re. ts, where the Hriek saloon now stands. The groceries were on one side of the store room, and on the other Julius Meet ken and his drug store. An old man by the name of Colin also had a stock of clothing In the building and out in front. John Nye, sold tinware. In a dugout in IHerried's majority Lieutenant-Governor . . 702 . . I! ii 1 G V.-s No George . Snow, rcputiucaii . . 07.' L. VanOsdell Carrieil by Amendment- Article 28. Snow's majority 772 Secretary of State C. Berg, republican 337i Yes No .'2!0 193 Populist Appointees in the State Loath to Leave Their Places. PIlOltUK. S. D. Nov. 13 With the opening of (ho new administration of slati' affairs in this state next year, there w ill be a buzzing among the appointive oflb ers at the various state Institutions. They hold their positions thru appointment from the state board of charities and corrections, nnd a hnnge In the political makeup of that body would cause n general shaking up. At present three out of five of this body are populists. The time of appointment Is for six years, and the appointments are made by the governor "by and with the consent of the seriate." Governor Lee made one appointment in 1X07. which was confirmed by the senate of that session. Hut a majority of the hoard could not be secured until two years later, when a hostile senate was to hp en- Fred H. Smith, fusion -tn the rear. Farnham and judge, held the who was mayor regular sesssiona Herg's majority 70 4 State Auditor D. Reeves, republican 3383 frank J. Tracy, fusion 20O(, Reeves' majority 777 I State Treasurer flohn Schamher, republican 3400 jt'has. D. Tidriek, tusion 2003 of police court. Dietrich's duties in the establishment were to deliver groceries. He bad a pack horse and went up and down Deadwood. Whitewood and Gold linn gulches Ho was a young man o'f good habits and notably plucky among men, none of whom lacked that quality. ift'lien an ambitious man built the titst rude log bridge across White-wood eiei k. he put up a pole and proceeded to exact toll from the travol-ei s. The (li st man to come along was Dietrich on his pack horse with his supply of groceries for the Gold Schamber's majority Attorney General Carrie, by 2(107 The republican presidential elector receiving tile greatest number of votes was Thomas Fitch. 3135. The fusion elector receivinK the greatest number was John P. M Kirov. 2010. 1 id road populist iri'siientinl elec-turs rei'eivcd 30 votes. Klectors on the social democratic ticket received L'n votes. The prohibition presidential electors received 24 votes. Article 27. amends the constitution and repeals the state liquor dispensary law. Article 2S is an amendment to the constitution increasing the limit of loans of school funds from $.".ilO to $luon, and aiithoriini; county commissioners to extend the scope of the loans to state. utility and numb ipnl bunds. Heretofore commissioners have been permitted by law to loan the si hool funds upon bonds of school corporations and improved fiirin la nd : only. . 797 .3383 .2013 Uohn Pyle, republican SEASON AT LAKE ATLIN Ibner E. Hitchcock, fusion.. riiiht In the district. There has been a great (leal Gf prospec ting during the past season, anil a number (if good quartz properties have been lo ated. There is a stamp mill running on Lake Atlin and making good pay. while another is to oiinlered. Governor Lee sent in the names of It. II. Lfen and P. M. Brown to the senate, hut that body refused to take act inn on the names. Governor Herried will nt doubt, on the republican contention, send In other names for action of the senate. These names will he approved, hut it is not at all likely that the populists will willingly nive up to the new appointees and the matter will drag thru the courts for settlement. The re-I'uhli a ns contend that as the np pointees of Governor have never been confirmed by the Kenate, the Pyle's majority 770 Supt. Public Instruction E. Collins, republican 3387 H. Aasvc.l. fusion 20OI Itiin trad. A THOUSAND PEOPLE ARE WINTERING AT THE CAMP. Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy Return to Deadwood for the Winter. . After Spending the Season in the British Columbia Region. wanted a belled. He pillled bis would hai The tollgate keeper dollar and Dietrich ie-w asti d no words but gun. 'I'be toll gate man ti.i co him one better or i. Dietrich was prepared Collins' majority 7Si; Commissioner School and Public Lands be built this winter. i here are about littv nun n the liistrict prospetini? 'and lb v eloping quart, claims this winter. A number of hydraulic com- panics were in operation this last sea e matter in (lie manner Utaviil lOastman. icpublican 3385 Edmund Cook, fusion 2010 b t him pa -s. Ill settle the most in vogu Hie other felb it was hotter l,e to male Mr. and Mrs, John Duffy returned a in mining camps, and w t liinli ing probably t hat to lose one dollar and others, b t bun go un w ay I' at the The fail mi Eastman's majority Railroad Commissioner open for presenting new names tn-xt se ion of the senate, populists will contend that the of the senate to reject the presented ,y Governor Lee th m out of (he line of "recess son, bin at a bis' uisad anta'.'e, and it i - not Ian- to .iiul je t he merit 4 of the rcejon U their return-. Mr. Duffy ;ays t!e:e was one bk: cleanup in his vicinity during the earm. a million dollar.- in told dust lu-in- tak' n out of si i ii pin f(,(t i hums. iFrank I.c Cucii, Jr.. republican -3372 ft'. T. La Knllottc. fusion 202 1 So! Star, candidate for clerk of iinpts. was Inch man on the tiiket. His opponent Cotter, was the lowest man on the oppo-itiou ticket in nioi re - poi I s t ban one The 1'ioneer Times will publMi the oi'lb ial ote of t la- i iunt in t abu bated form l iter and opios of the table will be sold at o i ents. ' For the' Beep 'Waterway.1 mole: te, lie ( a llle Ilea II r t di ide w Io n 1 1. Tni : hot at. him D T. billowed lctu to the m if" prov bled for I in i coin:.' oier t he i Smith took a "is family bad Hills and lie bad m in a wav de- .I.e.. Coca's majority ...... 7 is State Senators pP. J i'nkins. republican 3308 H. f. Cooper, republican 330 jJohn A. Gallagher, fusion 20.".:' Barnes Conzett, fusion appointments" anu (they will serve until the end of the term for which they were nipoifttr that had the enale. rejei toil ine names sent in"' there coiihl have only been appoint-merits until the next session, but that imder the prevent condition thev will hold for the six years, if will call up a- livi Iv scrap, as soon as appointments are made. week ago Saturday from Atlin. Kiit-ish Columbia, wheic they spent the summer sea.-on. 'i 'hoy will remain at their home in Deadwood about two month.-, and will tio n go ba k to Atlin, whHe Mr. nu!ty holds mining interests. ".Mr. Duffy's holdings art- on 1'me creek, seven mile above Lake .Villi), and he put in the summer wot king upon it. He says he did not ina(e mm h on the claims this year, but he-has them in shape to take out some money next season. He took up the property a year ago last summer, but had only twenty days to work that The route fo: : of -the Y Crossin of Whii boo Cro with on i There i- io t popular ,'ifid feasible ri . lung Atlin is by the . way bifr- I'm -i uiilw, to -Caribou a sheet distance this side Hor-e itnpids. From Cari-'in-r the route is liy water. I'ortai'e of about two miles, another and shorter route. iunniei by tfie 4iiwilrv of the so it was de. ;.. d to arii" t him i..b Ii i in and compel him to d I intigs w Iii lr he ought to do. ri' h was assisting the deputy s Wi it. pun-) De-Diet In. riff. WASIMXCTON'. II C. Nov 1 3 --The tender of the Chiiatii) sanitary canal to the i-ovcrnmeiit,. reported from Chicago yesterday, in connection with the revival by Senator Mason of ls Mean republican majority State Representatives and it was, he who c lain and , brought town I) Toni iptured the vil-him into tried after- 33r.3 3374 33SD 3300 Edawrd H. Warren, republican John N. Hawgood, republican, lohn Peterson, republican . . . Amos Patriquin. fuston known :i the Log Cabin route, which, altho more difficult to travel reduces the lenc'li of the journey from Skag way to two davs ' I The White Pass railway has been This eomplet'd to White from Skagway year before the season closed P-B. Fairbanks, fusion 2058 jA-C. McKinney, fusion pea E. (Jeskev, fusion 2037 f Cardinalfusion 2021 II, is,,.;. wen. numerous dif- "e i.apms. ami trie dangers an.l worn nnnierous ilif- 1 ioLf cncnn tln.i- Mean republican majority V -r . . . . , difficulties of the old Dawson trail ficulties to interofere with the work. hayo b ( n (,inljnated Th(i not the least of which was high wa- railroad is 112 miles long and the ter. Pine creek is really a river, traveler no longer has to climb over eightv or ninety feet wide, five or six P- the- railroad getting thru by . , , , tunnelinu'. From the terminus of the feet deep and very rapid. To take .... , , . , 1111 1 road th'- traveler is taken into Daw-out water it is necessary to split the sQn by ,,,.arnPr jn tnp Kmmer, and stream with a wing dam. and it was over th' ice in the w inter. The jour- 3338 2691 j"- f. Lorey, republican W. Thompson, fusion Growth of the States. WASHINGTON, I). C, Nov. 13. New Jersey's population increased more during the decade just ended than in any similar period in the history of the state ,altho on two previous occasions the percentage was graeter than for 1000. New Jersey's population is 1,83.609, as against 1.444.033 in 1890 an increase of 438,-730. or 30.03 per cent. Colorado showed a healthy growth. Its population is now 539,700 as compared with 412.108 in 1890, ajj increase of 127,502, or 30.9 per cent Idaho, according to theofficlal returns, has a population now of 161.772, as against 84.385, an increase of 77,-3S7, or 91.7 per cent, since 1890. It was discovered yesterday that Joplin. Mo., is entitled a place among the cities having a population of 25-000. It now has a population of 26.023 as, against 9.943 in 1890. LLorey's majority 647 County Auditor . . A. 7illlr ron,.,linon 333S the campaign for a deep waterway between the lakes and the Missippi. is excitinir considerable interest in Washinptnn. Senator Mason called at the white house yesterday and after a pleasant chat with the president announi ed upon his departure that he would make the deep waterway-proposition his principal work at the approaching session, and that he would uru-e the passape of a bill for surveys of the route. Congress last summer authorized the board of eneineers appointed in 1S00 to make a survey and estimates of the cost of the improvement of the upper Illinois river and the lower Pes Plainos for a deep waterway between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi. The magnitude of the undertaking is thoroly undertsood by those who are advocating it. and they firmly believe that the benefits that will follow will warrant the large expenditure necessary to make the' Mississippi river navigable to sea going ships. . n Indians and Chinks Barred. NORFOLK. Va.. Nov. 13 Special. The state railroad commissioners have decided that the law barring ne e ;n rnilwav cars almost impossible to put in dams that requiiu over live aays wards to kill him, but failed When Farnhaiii ti Hrown went out of business in the winter of '70 and '77, Dietrich secured an interest in the Aurora mine in Hidden Treasure gulch and went to work up there. The Aurora was for some reason or other, always a troublesome piece of property. It was an ex.eedingly rich cement deposit and when either of the owners needed a hundred dollars he went up to the mine and pounded it out. Hut they were too prosperous to live at peace with their neighbors, and in some trouble that arose, concerning the ground. Dietrich's partner, I ephas Tuttle, was ki.lled. In the fall of '77, Dietrich Fold out for $2.1.000 to Senator Spencer, Tom Piatt of New' York, Brown and Thum. hankers in Deadwood, and William Claggett, who was a well known lawyer here in early days. Because of the old hard feeling whichhad cost Tuttle his life. Dietrich felt safer out of the country, and as soon as the final payment was made, he left for Hastings, Nebraska. Hastings was booming then, and he bought' real estate and got rich. But he made his start in the gold mines of the Black Hills. (ftn E. Suilivan, fusion 2710 The government would withstand the current during fnd h' faro s - making extensive improve- , nas oe freshets. There are about a thousand people f-ents ! the. Atlin district who will spend nr,d tn Zink's majority 628 Reaister of Deeds the ihannel of the stream. i; nothing like the danger hn Wrlnerosp rpnnhllCAn ....3442 thrn Two towns have n getf'n over the rapids that there ver th time. LUC vtiuLW itivt.. .. .. ....... ..o.. -!... v. i,i as at on W. Merrick, fusion -2578 Wringr Tose s majority ftttmritt Fed Doten. republican 3405 PWles B. Hurt. fI 2fiSfi Deen UUllt, Alii!! U. Oil III"" in. aim Pine City at discovery on Pine creek. Mr. 1 ffy says some good strikes There is not much difference in Fize Were n : lo during the summer on the between the two places. Atlin City Tanana river. In Alaska. One man has the recorder's office, and derives took m i f.'oo in twenty days. That some prestige from that. Neither has riitri t i; attracting much attention, government buildings, nor elaborate and is likely to witness a stampede in improvements of any cTPScrtrttion. the spr it. A mimbpr of Dlack Hills There is an abundance of timber in people to wintering at Dawson, in- Doten's majority 719 Center of Population. COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 13. Special. A Washington message says this city is the center of population, as shown by the recent census. Ten years ago the center was eighteen miles east of here. NStar, republican 3497 i " yuuiicai witn whites doe. i not bar Indians and the country, for building and mining tendinc to go into the Tanana in the early There r c- Potter, fusion 2522 purposes, and lumber is turned out spring as as possible. Chinamen. 4-

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