The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 6, 1898 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1898
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DEIUVHNM), SOUTH DAKOTA. TUUKSDIY. J HI It Y ft. 18V? I'KICK, KfiViE CENT tor adjoining: Horaca C. Clark bai and the F., E. M. V. of th North- Li iriLL. DEADWOOD. western system, liolh of these road were built through th Hills to Dead- apparently th Amerkau I the favorite with the general aL'ppets. Dead-wood haa always been a great express patroa from the start, and the busl It 10 ons ot ths origins! own: of th! mine. Th Keystone mine wss sold ui U92 to Lane K. Stone and associate.', Ik teed r,, WSetweatar, aa sW-8is. wood about als or aeven years ago, at large eipenae, and at a time when it tout on bo secured In DcadwtMid, a re-uiu .itiu plant cither a cyanide or pyr-Itle moltliii plant will be put lu for Ju- Uekiiiicui tit t,heo orea. While t'i'i. j ... fcljout tho uvuiage value, much of t.iu 0.0 goes a uut deal higher and --,, isub.i.ii fiu'.u that amount to have beeu ucelved. The Black nee I still increasing. It U believed j the purchase price being 140,000. !t was thought the whole buslnee could that Deadwood Is the beet e pre is was operated successfully by the n hi Miau.;; and Cumin rclal 1 also bunt a Lli rue aioiy aud baouuieut brown sum frout, Svaluo, adjoining the Mai tin 4k alasou buildiutf on ma corner of bead wood aud tibeiuiaii; alaiiin k Maaou have added a thud story couueullug wuu Air. CiaiUs third story aud luaamg ouv hail to a luu, to be occupied by the Olympic association, u. V. isoum is buuuiug iu fine street a two-suuy bunuiua, 44 IM, to be used priucipaiiy by the Dud wood Lauudiy. The lulUioiu r. 9 i. hardly pay on road. Th mining and successful reduction of ta Uald Mountain ore made It possible for both owners until a year ago, when tt ws , closed down but It has cow been pur- : chased hv ths Tl'nl Trei.i sniimin. ' CeilLlci. Ud Klutitbt 100 i... a ik! run rierre i.liroad runs i1Li,va equate and will soon bs In operation again roads to pay, and the road la turn made th smelter possible and have ,e-s 1 Ths Holy Terror was discovered by in r aciots tour of the claims and can ar- ia;iBvuii'iiU be matte with that compa-1.;, salpiiieiit will begin Immediately and with l lie akkii.auce (bat profit will bnefltted all th concern. Tna f. W. B. Frauklln, who also located tho Keystone. It was In Juns, 1 i4. Th.i 4e, A Mud'jia Citj W.4.Q All the & M. haa a standard gauge from Ho-glewood to Spearflah, now doing a good or business and a fair general first rock found was covered with lia, f.ou. the first consignment of town of 1U site In the world. The poet oClc buslnee Is always consldeied a reliable Index of progress. Without attempting any statistics). It ! pertinent to say that during th year the post offlee ha moved to large and commodious quarter la F. D. Smith's uew three-story bui'dlng 1 on ting on Deadwood street, and within half a block of both pasieager stations. Mr. Martin Gerard, the efficient and obliging postmaster, fur-nlshca the statement that the receipt of ordinary mall matter and the money order business ba Increased over one-third during the year. In the raiuotul couipauy baa compiw.4 a Dew paMOi depot buuttmg casUug oie. ihu owuuie. all of whom are G,G ANTIC MiMNU DliAL. A deal of coua.uu.aole magnitude Involving a Uuct of valuablu giuuud lu the K.ik.cwood district, to-geiiier wuh 2oo acres, suuaied in thi tiioiu ueaiiabie puriion ol tbe Two lilt diHliicl, la pending aud will no doubt be coukummaied m due tint. Mi'. 0. J. Jjairett, of thicago.and two, auto of that cay, aie lb Mr. barren arrived lu Utauwod two months ago to investigate our uuucikl lesouices and since that, iia.u bus been busily e Quaked in UK UUoUt tllO CUUUtl JT for Ueslia- bie g...ui.d. Tbia deal wait worked l.y P. A. tud lieiiry Schnitzel v, far u ih Enklewood property la cou euMi!, which, embiaces l,6uu ucres ol moss on top but beneath this It wss full of trie gold. Tui original own srs wsrs W. B. Franklin. T. C. Blair. iuaJAood pvoj,)la, feel turt that they llb.buw. It la situated betweuii ieaa- EaWsli s v -' sa!Peasjk wood aud Fine aueut, aud boiwtmu 1 a 11 get any amount of backlag necee- traftlc. It also ha a narrow gauge system formerly knows aa th Dead-wood Central, running up Whltewood creek, branching up Gold Run le ixud .uXUiKb. ttelver atreet and H'hilewood eieea. .m to carry out the plans which they AL Amabury and J. J. Fayel. With but a small vela of ors and a Bre- have made, and It ths matter ot trans- liUC PtuUC HC11UUU. This city aiaiuialua Uia iei.utaUuu Lead, continuing up th W'hltewood siamp mill th Holy Terror compan oo. tstlon can bs satlfactorlly arrang THE CITY. paid oft all ths elalma that were ot thriving wuaiern cities gnutnauf, ed It will not bs many weeks before am Dead wood lias a vuyUiatiou of about against It enlarged ths mill to doubts in its libxiaiity in uuuuiug aud iuo- the reduction plants of Deadwood will to Kirk, where it receive the or from Yellow creek, and continuing up Whltetall creek and It branches to the mine. i.wi'U. 10 vviuy ot uopiuve 111 .s quarter now eudlng, over 600 register- CONCENTRATE". receive a valuab'.s addition. lu original capacity, havs th flues' concsntratlnf mtchlnary obtainable tiuiaie it la not woitu wiiiie to teier i ed letter and parcel were seut out vi Ths Llda croup ot mines, situated on poitiug nisi-ciasa puuuc stuoo.s. 11 baa school properly woilh ueany Ju,-uuu. 'the school levy for Urn eurteui auy ceukus, voim or OvUur cntei- The F.. E. M. V., locally called the The Deed wood and Delawars smelt and ars saving N par cent of the gold, lorth Bar Butts Creek, consisting J i he period of the boud la one which Ig ftndoubtsdly better thsa any I twelve claims, and owned by ths sam ing company le constructing a stone luoia tnau one year old. 11 la tint wyiuiou ot ihite piouiiuelit aud cou-wiisuva uieu. ihtt popuiaiiuu dus year, the tonsldeiatlon la about $1. other mill In th Hills. In Marcn office building si the works, In ths year Is Is nuns, producing a tax of over 317,000. In the ceutial ingu school buudlug aud the two ward paulee, hu been continually worked for the past eighteen years. Unlike Elkhoru. ha a standard gauge line from Whltewood, ulna mllsc. Ssfim Deadwood, to Bells Fourth, the great tattle shipping point This Is operated a a Deadwood and Boll fourch ooo per caun upon an average. The tiact ma adjacent to the Dcadwoou First wsrd, thl rlty. Ths old trams building wsa moved and ths new one uot, However, fuiuikU kuy tuuicauou the Piedmont group, this group of school, there are employed ttiieyu ut 11a couiuicrciai tmpoi uiuce. it has u.itl Uiaiwaii! lotnpany'a ground upon occupies the ait. It is a substantial claims Is free-milling, and while lu owners do not claim that It Is a bocaa- ai. ways been aud sun la a batter mar- liir i., .;.. d.nk from Eiitflewoou agalnat 376 In the first quarter of ths year. Two sections of boxes, making an addition of 810, have been added and nearly all are taken. The whole number ot boxtte le now about 100. Masy other svidswses s grswth sad prosperity might be added but the above ars sufficient to prove the assertion, that while there Is no boom and no effort mads lo create one, th city of Deadwood Is Is mors prosperous ibaa ever before la Its history - leachuia, bcaiUvs the, Air. Aluxuuder bliachau. 1 hu of lUe aaaik.auis, oue gdulittuiaa Use fir geaeral traflU. Tkts rsad alet hiiK a narrow gauge road to th Bald i iwi in wuoitkAiui' iitau umuy ClC- building of rut e hits sand stons and la considerable larger than ths old one. Th new office will be completed and occupied within thirty days. 01 luik Of liity luounaiiu iUupti. H.aunii t.i l i hk. n t. ami Includes tlu 'beat ii(vinm r that territory. latttt wcck a xliuft wa s.arud abou is, Billl tbsy say that It Is a good thing. Aosays from ors Uksn from ths different workings have gone as high aa 130 and fourlveu ladies, ratine from $.u 10 lUtutt aitt kcoiik Ol fcooil lukm kuu ow per biouiu, tiuuoiiua the boa. d to .ituiiil poiu k ail lliiouu lue toa.'a l.&liu feel uoiili of W. A. Claik'a homi Mountain mines, passing up Dead-wood creek through Central City reaching Portland and Crown I'lll l.y one branch and Terry and other pi'lnts by another. This line with Its Horoeetake stock wsnt up to 4I a secure the best Uleut. Ibe euio.i- per ton, but this la not Uie value claimed, It being suted that 14.00 to rUO share on the Nw York board ot ths uui buii tm uub Um ucttuwuuii. ilia tuy sutti Utueul Wa u.tu.wu INS, rranklin, Amsbury and Rial, sold thslr Interest la ihs Holy Tsrroi 10 John S. Osorg and eomrany, of Milwaukee, for 1100,000. J. J. Fayel, th present vice-president aad general manager, retaining his fourth Interest Ths Holy Terror Is now paying regular dividends aal with th addition s ths KsyejtsyM wtU U as tt ft leading mine of ths Black Hills. In 1334 ths custom mtll was tmllt by D. B. Ingram and associate! at Ksr-stons, and has been running on ores from ths different mines surrounding Keystons almost without Intermission. HILL CITY. The prospects of ths mlnss In the vicinity of Hill City ars most fiattsrlng at ths present tlms. A numbsr of th" will eever all that is good la ska satase. oienl at thia Hum is 700. Noiw.tu-juudiiig the tact that tniee buw room and four additional leachuik 1091, WUliU II1U luWU btl.UUlO Ot a' miles of spurs and sidings, cost big They have struck ore In all the workings and ths ore body seems to be con jta.i, koiutj uiuuius o. jti utv money, but It haa proved a great BOUTHEKN H1U.H. ..wilt iiiuu tue o.uui.aiiou la Uu tinuous, running through all the group. uae been added the past year, sotnu A the rooma are again crowded, and utore room aud leachui will be de which will lit; mink to nnartzlte rrai 1 less of llii' depth I iiilicd to leach it. 'Ihls nyiulirau has Unlimited i lta command and plana ha.e ho . matte for extensive operation. Oo... progress Ik tn'liit' made by douli.e ah.t. of mlue.s ami a h .'Ut.nK p ant will .. win n needed. A s.ea.u hoi., and pump have been puichatd a... a'ft now upon the g.ou.itl. The boil. llie Itiiaim iU feOteiuiu C1I11. the visitor to Deadwood who falls Renewed Activity aud Flatlet tug Prok- What makes this ground valuable la the fact that It is so closs to a railroad, to take In the Elkborn Bald Mountain iu u.kv cakn. lue cuy owua a tuhauuia Cikj Urt.i, kU.w kfcU.lVk kuu pecu for a Meiltorlou District ibe peopas ut the southern Hliik, lino or thu ltu iliiktoil ttpeailiah Hue, manded eaily lu l&'Ja. Ihuie Is -iliool population of V00 or iuoe et .uls II lue. I'rofcssor St.uthuu, who and easy to transport lu ores. During all of last year and the year preceding uutiul, buiou. lUu Uail lixeil is t.t, and 11101 Vkpeeiuily m lue lowua 01 sijuaia. liie tuned Siaics tuun hree men have been constantly at I V. 1 t J3 cuetvr. Hill City aud Keysuiue, aie u iiiu omcuis 01 me coun uau a po 24th Inst. This was a Jump of 8 a share and waa no doubt due to the announcement of another extra dividend of 25 oeru this month. There Is very little of the stork to be had at any figure. Ths Deadwood Mining and Development Co has Its nsw engine and pump In place and will steam up tcdsy aad continue to sink, President Ztpp thinks the ore body will be reached within from I to 10 foet from th bottom of the present shLft, but Is going to sink until bs finds II If he haa to go through to China. The Rapid land office will this week forward to ths gsnsral land oface the large mineral application for paunt on record in the United BUU. It Is will 1 1' net nnn.ediatcly and piping 'j uW.h a nuMaka. Ou bolh he will .ti iMil. iit ia of h!,:u class engineer a 1.. iy tinkling of expensive Jons d a i n.' ,t toad ua he ever travaleu. 1 In I. ui.i: ii ou all of these roads work upon the ground, and some of th tuuie thoroughly cuuviuted thau svei uu ol tilt) bunuibg uudei a leawv, .as been In chuigu yens, has -f ti the schools glow fioru live aaaUt-.ats when he cauio huie to l.ittcu. t he quullty of tbu work done huki pt put In mh that the pump may be plac. time five, and the result of their labors properties ars oetng worked on a small scsls and all ars showing ur that the aecliou lu wnich Uiey aie lu-Miieaisd wul eveuluaiiy itacu Uie place uytug a leuiat tiiut govs lur lowaius In pi.Mtlim when water la encountered hss been ths exposing ot excepting -lueuiig the luteitki ou the boudk. well. Ths Ooldsn Summit la work he llomestake ons of the largest free it deserves lu biaca Hills utlulug biat m . 1.11 1. ut 11 .i.'.uli.y over alure iny pace with the nuruerlcul krowth. I Ik lUuiu aie lour uud a bail tuiiea leia. Ibis eouviciioa has beeu raining ore bodies la the Black Hills, ing ateadlly and lu ors U being treated by ths company's own sump mill aueu stieeia, about two luncs o. latent etiulpmeut is a complete cu, .,. ,ul Uboialory, lu which the pu, . , In faet ths group constitutes a moua slrebgtheued lb ih asv tew days b) dcauuuiik.d kneeik, lu.t u and a ha Th Tm Oood aad th Golden Slip tain of ore, and a mill Is all ttat ti e mi Ii. but this year haa ..,.i.i.i u; uid Increase than , ioi iner year. 1 be Elkhorn trains ii way ire; one passenger, mall and li.iKi, one acetiiiiiiiodatlon, two reg auke ail the experiui ;.( J llliiHtiuti .. the isubwed activity in luluiag lu that inkiou aud by Uie sa.e ot two Import oii.t'S ol kowf i s aud uai sis nines 1 needed to make It productive. par, the 3. R. aad many others are rlalml-ig; mors than passing Interest ..slcr uittiue. tuciliiv luhts, pubui. in connection with these groups Is a am piopeiuua, the Kvysume, aud the Whit' wood deck rroHHPa thn num.. llToidlnn lilt ii'iiindance of waier K a. I ui.liii.: paip..sH and out.' of th 1.-st !;, for a induction plai t In tl o 'li-m T . 1 1 lit rtiuy bo selec cd. M 1 :i nil !i i nis us that It U t lie liuc. i . 41 f 'i . ml. rale to eiert t'lcli ui r i'iic': u plant ant) that It will i doubt in; a amelter. ';tu "two Ult pro. erty bonded h: v . . o.d r.s .. grou ' ,i . . .v!i; h nd;oiua tint Uni d pilvuie, weie t.tuuiikiicd luo'n now, and It ! merely a question of water ditch which contrails all the wa- ular frciKhi wlih extiai, and ou trip at Li mo. fcitrviyoue who IS lauilUa" jf their atudiea. THE CLUUS. '1 he Deadwood lluslueaa Men's 1 was oikanlzed lu May, laJu, and the oldest In the city. 'lhu uieuil auu teu yeais ago. An e.ueulc luci the Horseshoe Mining Comjeay'i for or Cowing through the mala and north wiih lb miukial lormaliou ut the low tlms whsn capital will seek Investment In these splsndld properties f thn inn row gnuHu ore train. 1 he I.. t M. ha ore passenger and Jure Butte Creeks, a aupply ample In er H1I1B knows thai ilieie aie nch bod IU property In tb Iron Creek district, and ths application conulns ST claim. Ths recent sals ot ths 8t Elmo and taelf to furnish all the waUr neceesa- r ..pi I'M 1 hi 11 way, oue train to espear- ies underlying luoet ut Uie vwuuiry mi in eysiuiu bus own fk.aj.isU.'d. iU sulueu boacs distiibuivd lu tti'j . lue mounts. Tha wa.o sh.. .11 a giavity piussuie syiciu, the tuaui j uhlp, numbering about ne. nty-live The largest application heretofore, 1 ths preparations now under way foi y to run the extensive milling plant of li t a. ii way, two regular freights -!i way, uud thirteen trains a day uiu all leading buslned men w ho r.i r aud the uuiy thiug lackiug t'j biiug tue couuuy to the tioui is -auuicient cap! 47 claims. ths sxtenilvs operation of this mint. he Homeetaks company. Besides this I net the club ou the cun.oir. rr tin il is a wonderful stimulant to tnlnln wster right there Is upon ths property, . Lead n.i.i ret it n, with one or train .kurvoir bviiig totaled .14 l.t aoove bo Intersection of Main and Lea ! of commercial clubs, lurgel, .ai. Maii7 uiiuee Uae beeu openea up In which the luuicutious itavs betiu matters la and around Hill City. ilneteen claims, a very heavy growth In 1396 the eanoysld mine was dli treets. 'Ihcie aie thlny-eiKhl II. jf timber, and for year to oome It will in li a.i to and fiom Uald Mountain, to ie- t .,fi her uiuke twenty-three .im, ta. h way In nutl out of Dead- marveiouaiy rich, but Uie ouly ouo the plure of a board of trade.. tj.i"s tlona of public Interest and ment are discussed, and tbu Idcan Bnr covered two miles from Kill City ani d. unlit dlstrlhiiteil throuah the city. iUal has been worked success! uliy is JUMPERS AT TWO WT. Claim Juru&xira ars numerous la tas Two Bit district In every valoible mining section such barnacles as claim Jumpers, who are little ' better 4 than iot be necessary to go oft trora ths (-round to get ths supplies of this na- Is a very small ledge, but llks ths Holy he fire department la a volunteer do- wi ...I tiaiiy, to say nothing of extras. i' j i V ' ty i,;. the w. .. . ii .. I a ah.. . .i n i :t . it ! r tho .ucn a i i- tt a p. I i.iiK d . . .i t ... at la.i. i a t a p hj. i lii khlift Will ulai; - ;i .1 . a .?a th .. . :. . i :i..v r. v.. ii ' ; .,i ( ., id . e.. a n h ... 1 . t :.. .!; U. uipiiMU of the bunlness nien are nr. forror, i sxtremsly rich. Tb ledf litnicnt. -(iil pri wllh nine htrnv' :ure necessary to work the mlns. How 'I he ore traiuc ha been so much In- the Hoiy Terror, in ceiebiaud mm which is now woiam auaduj at Key-ktoue. Ibe success ol luut uiiue has en form and impetus, lue club his was expoeed by ths uprooting ot a bis aits and two honk and ladder trucks, tver, what Interests ths people) ot Dead cr.u.ned thai forty new oie cars have fine suite of rooms on Main stree ires by the wind. Osorgs Coats, for highway robbers, infest ths community rated ill 'lintr' iit parts of the el'y. wood more than anything alas In this e n sddeil to the equipments during ueeu owing to llie latin ol lite ueuert, where stiRiigers lu the city ure made If a claim owner, or a claim holder, iirrylng a, TOO feet of hoMe with 500 connection, Is th fact that It will not ie yeur, making more than 3oQ lu Mr- who have loweied a auatt to a depth merly of Hill City, now ot Alaska, war the original owner, but It waa latei welcome and secure In trod in lions to falls to perform his repvvsenUtlon s long before a plant to work Uie ores v ire. uf a0 feel, wheu It sueiued at lor pass- it In re .ive. The department counts of five cimipntiles with It'. 2 active sold to John B. Oeorge. Brown and P 'rom the Piedmont group will be erect- Uy persistent effort th Pioneer men of affairs, find a well a ippll-'d reading and writing room, and go'id lug through a depth ut tfvu reel thai Rannty, ths latter now being superln work according to lew, it is proper that ths ground be relocated by parties who ar honestly indsavorlng to develop It Hii.tH Is able to give correct figure the urs body had given out entirely, Mi here and neiiotlattona to thai end ire now pending. ii'iiini'ia. 1 no (lepannient is na goou s any volunteer department any- company In the card rooms during tli on thi ore traffic, ins returns are but It waa sncouutsred again with the i . . . . . ia n I ici',. .. ..( a. k i ,!it- in ile. ay ur ipa inn evenings. tendent of the property. THere Is a hoist aad a five-sump mill worktnt In ths mtas aad It Is a paying propo here, and liberally supported by the he u in of both roada combined, and result that the Holy Tenor is now d l- p...i i. w.ih'ni' The Olympic association wasorganl THB BIO FOUR. ity authorities and the citizens. .no a. follows: maklug tuouey for lis owueis on e But In casss where ths owner hu compiled with the law, but le temporarily absent from the ground, nothing can excuu an Interloper's leeliraa. Two in (, ed In February, lblit. The n.Bjoiiiy sition. in addition to the commercial bual- large seal and paying regular dtvl Amonog ths asw companies operat I oiis of oro and concentrates hauled to the local reduction of Its members are young men who tic There are many other splendid prop ess this rlty has within Its limits or deads. ing In the Hills may be mentioned Uie sired to establish a social and athletic r wil :i nk. Bit district bus beea tb scene of much ertles all through the southern Hills woiks 137,000 Big Four Mining and Milling Co. or CUSTER AND VIClNtl Y. club that should be free ft out nia.iy extending aa far north as ths Horn osely adjacent, four large ore reduc-on plants, fully described In othnr liumna, together giving ions of ore shipped to points claim Jumcdni and nefarious work this season, unfavorable influences cf the avciae ganised at Hamburg, Iowa, The present general manager being J. W. Dal- Ths Lallan Investment company, blende camp, near Rochford. where ' outside the elate 4,000 ' J i ; i V'cittt i ' th : t city club. It waa determined by tn.j ut which M. A. Wlllla is superintend there la considerable activity and Intr M . pan, ml I) '. IlllTl t p a o about 400 men and supporting half THE CHURCHES. constitution to forever debar t.he uit by, ot that city, who organised Uie company In October last, aad who many mtnse being opened up. Lara 'iat number of families. Manufac- there aie four Protestant churches ent, is working on ths Lisais group, about a mile aud a halt Irotu Custer, j aha. of Intoxicant In the club rooms, an of space and time makes It Imposeibti L. .11 i.'eadwood and ons Roman Cat hollo. (f A; A luuuel has been extended luu fee. to give a more ezUnded description M. t; - i iies have made but a beginning, icssrs. Howard & U'Donnell have es-ibllshed and are running aurcessful- Jf the former the Congregational many of the projectora attribute the phenomenal growth largely to this spends most of his time supervising ths company's property, a mile and a half west of Central City. The work being done at Uie present Is crosscut f these mine, but the entire southern and a splsndld body ot ors was true a ninth la the oldest and will shor'ly uuse. To become a member, the ap Hills country will bear the closest In I he vein Is now being cross-cut, bu. tvebiRtc its twentieth anniversary, y a foundry am; machine shop an I jllcant mutt be voted In by the gov ih sscoud wall had not been struck at ipection, and the investigation of cap .. O n.cs, O..' a d r..) s, en r rn'. ' t-a ' "II ,' 'H: : . i..Vl i.hti f i re e... i Kt i mp mill, r ard w I- wll w "a; - up . ting Uie formation at about 600 feet be-. ton works. THE BANKS. .m1 long ago they remodeled thotr .jullding, spending nearly 2,000 on it ital Is all that la necessary to bring a distance of twenty feet Ths ors u ernlng committee, pay for one sha e of the capital stork, flvo dollars, and low the crest ot ths hill. Already fow that region to the front siiicious la charactsr and assays hat 1 his year the Methodist people an .ri).: i a d a - y up the r f f.n i:h.i' . d i f I'tils city la fortunate In having two nmg National banks that enjoy the pay monthly dues of two dollars. This dlstlncs shooU of ore have been cut, some of thee, carrying a tree mllllnii been mad showing It to bs high grade atged their brick church, Increasing very moderate Income haa been atiltl- and. Indeed, far above ths average. JIM K ' e- ' f t tv. 1 confidence of the community. The .heir sitting capacity by 1(0 and ad' LI DA AND PIEDMONT. Unusual activity among an al.mstt of Irresponsible p recce la this uity, was observsd yeetorday. Mef who were never known to have an honest pur-pone, nor to do an honst day's work, were observed hustling about with picks and shovels upon their shoulders. This aroused our curiosity for we fcniw theee manlfostetlons of tatet.t rae?y meant no good, It wu dtnoovsred that an organised gang hiid dulled to Jump property In the Two Sit district and this unusual activity wu mads In their preparations. We undisstU&d that upwa'd of fifty men are tacp'tioated in this work; they went out lut Bight well iiupptled Hh tn and many of thtrn armed aad that thoy pro pose to relocate ground whlc'i ta nothing more nor leae than steal. a& la tie most valuable portion of tee Tiro tit. dtitrWt .dent to fit up and maintain the clul proposition in gold. A large vertical will be encountered In drifting about Many other properties adjoining Cus .ist National la the oid bank, dating ding a free reading room, wanned and ; 1 IlV hU..(K: g a ; h If y. M.I ho: d . aci.. P-IHD th.: room In good style. The club bu A section ot country which haa re. ter ar bslng worked, among them bo- 1. Rated every night through th win nek to the very beginning of things, lo feet further, at which time It ti ex xlven about three partlca a month solved but little attention from thi d the American National, starting ter. pected the Big Four will become a reg tag ths Drummer group, In ths Peuob scot bsTt, sla miles wsst of Cuaie during the season, and furnished many alnlng reporter, to north and main : 01.1 ! t 9 j daa hefo e .' i1 'y to be ataited up. ! K ! a 11 t ap p The Episcopal church !s a brick muary, 1895, ha made a most phe ular ahlpper. The men composing ths enjoyablo muslcalea. The clib hnv dear Uuus Creeka. On these stream fhls group Is ownsd by a Milwaukee mchal growth. It flrai official company are Iowa businssa men. Hot.. J. M. Hammond la president Geo. Dei- however, axe located some of the very company and a tan-stamp mill Is now a hat development wot i stiurture, with the rectory on th ground floor. The Baptist church 1 .ii 1 itl 1 1: k la modern and commodious. atemont. reliruary, 18U&, shows re Ing reached a membership of 14o. h is outgrown lta quarters on Main street, and In February will move into Us beat mines In the Black Kills, sllldou oetng erected. A 60-foot shaft ha y f' f, w.ll rpen up a big mln tirees and liabilities, I1X3.X46. white Inst statement, appearing In this and free-milling, aad the tuumeiit been lowered and most favorable In The Homan Catholic Is a brick struo- new quarter, being the third etory .f forth secreUry and Ed. Olllmaa treasurer. Ths com pi "y was organised tor business and will continue the work ua till a good body of ore Is found. Mi'. will be prov2 la a very few days, ai dicailoaa havs been struck. Ths ort W'H PRODUCT. paper, shows a total of I6M.C34, an t tn ei, a little old, but very good yet after the first ot Uie year, regular h!t. increase of a half million In throe n ths Drummer Is free milling aal the Martin si Mason and H. C. ( la'k building on fherman and Iku'1wo.' menu will be made to one ot the Dead concentrating. . h" M nUa Jiduity, publ.hd All these churches are served by abis tnd devoted minister and havt good . oiigresailoiia. That th missionary year. The First National baa tead- Dniby la at p resect tegtged la a Cm A street. The new club room Is Goxl m wood reduction plaata from the Pled . Dncver ay: "There are cnutlnuouit ly grown with the country and lta to- KEYSTONE. One rue hu come to our noiios of claim Junptr's work wLtnh ipts an foet, and will be divided Into ai Involving the purchase of sixteen Emitting claims near ths eompaay's groul. wont group. ly d oiD'.rg In Iw;eno county. 8 ii. aia, aa may also be seen In this pa Keystone laya claim to beta the embly and gymnasium 0"t y fn.-i venue for proescutlee and sr pua- 00 ataxia on free-milling ore, treat ...j.. it u not wauttng la shown In th act 1l1.1t the Rev. Ida M. Sherman ot .lie 1'untlkt cbuith has a Ulbls class er. foot up 1991. 392. and the manager The Piedmont group eooelsU of sev. beat mining camp In ths southern Hills, and aa air ot activity aad pros lug on an average 3,000 tona every Z sa clslms oa lbs mitt a Bare Butte creek saya that a ier day later the totals square, a reading room, a bli.lard room, a card room and three bath houia, yielding a gold content of ahoi would have passed the million mark. fo.ty China boys. aad haa been worked aad prospected perity marks the canrp aa bslng a rep $15,000." This la an avetage of $S p for Uie past eighteen yearn by lta pres resentative Black Hills mining town Only two deduction are mad from hese statements. Combining them II Y:;. much mors might be said In this ei.iiiintlon. but even this much inn. Mi'kidta tbla the nines of the il ent owners. Oa all ot the seven claims As has been announced in this pepir J licit ua 0 e dmt. ,c a w.thin a .adlua 1 more or less work has heea done, but rooma, The ofiVers are: Piesldent Gorge n. Portsr. Vice President N. T. Mason. Secretary H. C. Cable. Treasurer John Wilson. within ths past fsw days th sal uf woiiid not have been said here, saospt for the fart that many people have the principal part ot It eonaisu of 4M eight mllra of Deadwocd piodurd a if found that both bank have check, demand and time deposit to the amount ol 11,116,731, and loans, discount and overdraft amounting to test ot tunnelling aad MO feet of ah arts read fie PMii.y dreadful Dvadwood V " " i i - 7 v ' ' a the Keystons mine to ths holy Terror -nmpany Is an assured fact, and the "ompsny Is now making preparations iMaat buU ton of oi e a day, mum. o In reduced at home by our amelt er and liquid prcctn plants. Estlinat oa Uie Piedmont No. 1,334. la all of the worklara a good body ot ore hu There are two ladles' literary clubs bhmeat ibtuld th vkstim ciwi to vindloats his rigta The party ta ue-tlea oerns one rlalm a short " siut of us Hardin shift and !uts f wilfully repreuented t'&e ground fJT ev-eiai years. ' He visited the rou:iS oa Tnurky ftccorr panlt'd by a eanrror and found no leee tha i a dm,t a eo-.;l-ed discovery wo'klegi aad utr'itq wtr as thick su the potU.ot a f ines. K atakw had ba torn d B u4 nrry evldones ei his c',m 11 ka fcti'tw-ated wlthls their tovrer, Tl ii l ou!y one Inauitce ov.t cf maey. The mine owner raj pro v( th Biark H'lls coun try are s t. r. : honest, coiisftlerjtlons men but tbr 'il not tolentt - ths ti9:rir'.oui work ot to op-ruts the two famous tnlaee m 1747.130. BU1LDINO N3TES. in if tventy years ago, and bav . .ui I 'tl" or since to change w ir i inprt.Hslon. The fact is I i twi - .I his a 11 up aids and a don i In the city, each having about twn-y In tc this oie at ;:'0 ier ton, which la fat been uncovered, whleh, atsaya prove, aa extensive seals. . Ths purchase pi les ot ths Keystons la rsllably said About 126 dwelling house, large and or twcnty-Dve member. T'm i:otind will avsrage 1X1.19 per ton, gold, and too low. but putting It at that to b tmall, have been built during the year Table club ba held fortnightly nu'i cotiittrtatle, the gold product of th tests have heea made which have givia returns of 3M0 gold, two dollars In und many other enlarged and 'm-, Inge for many years, and the Thn mail rtuttiKt la I'JC.WUV per day. t - (' and t iwiiys had. Just th earns a . .iTi' i, Omaha or lienvsr. If a vi,uri uiHii In any of these places '. to approxlmats 1200,000. Th Holy ("error mlns haa been worked without Intermission aad ths little ten-stamp proved. I day club for two or three ynr pint. vu y lowest, which anion, .t to t'i.Vi silver aad .31 per oaat manganese, Of business building, th follow- The study and literary woik are of 1 w per yiar. We coufldently expect t . i:'it : .0 be tough tbers Is no lack of mill Is clashing oat the gold from ths Walls ths principal part ot Use work hu been dose upon two ot Uie claims ing are noted: On Main street. John blah order In both. A sicet'rc of the t.iiici. 1 His district to p.oduco 12.0U'i i,l".! unity. The descent II easy and t1 K wi 1 sa t sa gen fx. svaaT aiss wsxl s A Vl at si I 1 v is U ) SB) missis i mww eB)vsegraeaw a . mimr iSs . . I .he Piedmont No. LXJ4 tlll th I CZrJ a. llueter completed a two-story brick, Federation of all the U'eiar? clubs of duo lu g 'd in U9S. hf-r ' not a rung missing In the lad ovor the msln shaft of the Holy Ter-1 aUisre have not been overlooked, I Both tbe metbo4 a&i rzz.'. Ji vbsa 2in50: I. H. Chaae, a one-story brick, ZSxtO, for a clothing store; Messrs. th Illack Hilts towns will short)." 'o held In this city. It will be nn 1 : Ibe Hills are up to tta'o In tM reepe ', -r t. poidiipin. On th other hand ' hi- a w ining to be decent and Me Ing, there wre the churches and C')NCENTKATE. ror Ths nsw hoist wu purchased I annual iw worm of wont au pyrupcr, s 1St u tasea, 1 u piii becaiiee of ths InraDaclt of ths old I been carried out The developmenU I and refroshinj to the) tae,r4 V3tS ins to nermlt the shaft to be lowsrsd I de, however, prove these mines eon r?ayrww7 J. 11. No'an. leasee cf the Lackawau 'rir young pcples sorletlss, and a von p. tiiau's club free from all eontam- Liver aad IVtweli. cli2.'i;i the rrs r.a a. hie rti Green Mountain, left las imI II. rMil ttenh CSD fkrt II I POaiflf WIS BT3U6 10 DO TlCtt ores nn us eou iwni. it - - " present ntpu, J ,.1. , 4 ., . . . ... 1 VU.t kklll m n ifk kn4 hail thai tSm -.(SOttl.iy, QiMptlt COfcaf, McKentle, Urler and Selble built a wo-story and basement gray stone front, 35x100, occupied by the I'ulied State assay office. On Sherman street, W. E. Adam built a three. tory and basement brick bulldrnr 16x100. for the Orlfflth Hardware Co., claim thieves. It they ar ar hU'i money thiy will fall ntterlyi U f: y expect to .atUbliTi a ease la txviri it -rjr will be dlit;pu!uuj. Tte-e : u t' -'J-dance of nnoomic'd grotiii a a few rtjllei of this elty wt!.A Ha t i e nwf.r future wl'l becswni an vk:;a'.!e t.a s-y. There 1 'ot the iStg'Sisst ra."- t :t a maa stteiapting to trl nnetir'9 r ' erty. Will a"d faialllarlty with Uu lltetttry wuk I (tnu would satltfy aiy r.e that our ; ladles are no whit behind thoe f 1 k)onver or any other adv me. d rlty. i RAILROADS. I This city Is the terminus of two ' nMr Influences. There Is a public "My from which he can choose la rwB a nept- -i;-- - " "" " achs ni forer. Had eof -e UX ntr.lit f r Kanaa City and other eastern p iliits. It ha been shipping ore fioni the property for come time and work or sinking uie snart wiu be sun- - -" - . mn.!int-'A. ftt, f I is e'.a -. ii'-; ,on or entertainment ed Ss soon u us nsw hoist U in sully solved, th. property would have gj. j tk- thU.lessn numbered amonj-t th. 3 " to tie atfea Thn rlty and suroroundlng country baa Jus-t ser.i .wo car to the Kansas City smeller. It la In relation to this nd added a third story to his grocery trunk lines, th Burlington A MionouM ......I israaiiflsra mz . n. kiu Hiiia. i km . - - . ore oeptftbie to uie stomaxn, frtnrpt ta lu aotkm mi, tnlr fecsc-il fat ! n:n'tet srid other mining buslnes that mrstloa, whUh will bs within oourse ot a month. The oonsoHdnt lloa ot the Holy Terror and the Keystone, under the supertntendency of J. J. Fayel, will make a mining oompany prodaeers ed the Blaeit Hills. The bodies la all ot the etal&tc constituting the jroup seen to be continuous la tact one aad ths average value carries et.Joy the servlee of two tetephoue ' ron retiiei, the Blark Htlts company, esieiilislitd nearly twenty years agi, pon eii n ir all the towns la ths Hills, ta.:" h'm runt at thl time. e'dcta, prr-Lroi tr. 'j ir.x ti.3 xz nealb,Tana ?faL4 autiXixi, ia J hr. M. Henton, one of th old-tlra- up well with that glvea from the sam many extw' lent mm ! th. B uck Illlls, returned yeter for the southern Hills which will bring and the nw Harrison Tptspbont mm pling made ot the vela or shoot expos Food Prepared With "Calumet" Is Tree From Rochtttto Salts, Alum, Lfrr- tr.- Ammonia. 'Calumet" le the Housewlfe'e Friend that section Into ImmsdlaU promi ;any, wh'.rh reachea th trlsclfal piates and la being rapidly extended. ed la Us Piedmont No. M34 all t vtMfti:iik 1 . : i . tn eritii to f l ' f'y's Ch4bi ikuia. '. n - . tr Cuanh and tVi.i n s '. m Enfd a .(r!"ei tr t !?.! w it Cf ;ir A. ii "--4 i f " i i U,?r;:iiK, r,j tvMi;, :.. s.i. I r fi 1 1 ti ' er i a I..- . I-. t e v, l I i t' , .. ' I, - -ii j, t V. ; - i , of which elalma He Jiut over the divide from Tellow Creak and their to a;l a&J havt t: 's U iLa r.; poptdar roas!y s,;:tb. iyntp of is tat rlt la 83 ec&t bOkUas f all k dit- f'-ita, Asj ril&i Cr- X w-a L.:?jsrjh&v it cn L.. i .. ?t- ore la all of IU charaotertsUos reeem ln l.otn Montana where he ha been mining for icvetal month past and wi'l -e-aln here for some time, looking af rr h's mining Interest In thl section. Mr. Henton speaks very favorably of mining In Montana, but was surprised to find sueh great activity In this region. It being more apparent at this time than ever before, to hi mind. Baking Ponder ble to a remarkf.ble degree, the fere ta nence. Exteaslve Improvements fur the operation ot the new mine are under consideration of Holy Terror officiate. A diamond drill will be Immediately axtaaded tram the Holy Terror to the Keystons. Tas flrst paying mlns discovered In the Keystone district was the Keystone, waloa wu discovered by W. E. Franklin In lttL T. C. Blair wu el- ear tt prcrswiT fit a-w ci. ken from that austlns. The competition of ths new company has 1 alerlally reduced rates, but all the i:. ter offices and stores have both the old and new systsms, making an expended service and an Increased tost Both the American and Adams E 1 press companies run In bare, and each does a proBUbl business, althog1 wi : es ta trj it As staled, sYtfUr atisr ths Enrt of g- Nona co good. 1 r the ysar shipmeau will fee t&alt to ens J et the local refaction plgata, but it U ' said, upon geod authority, that caa a ' Lcftl Blacks at this pfflce.

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