The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 7, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 7, 1890. lUmUlllUUIHUSUWHIMMMHUHU p., i LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. ial to promote the development of the inee in the Black Hills. Mr. KrteJ has given Mr. Webb full au-lorlty on all matters pertaining to this dltlon, 89 the following lettetr will slow: To Whom It May Concern: This is to LEAD'S Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Scocrts ar3 now complete anil lull in all Departments 1899. LEAD S. D. j JULY 7, rtify that Mr. I. A. Webb, editor of the teadwood Independent, has been appofnt-l general manager for'the Bpecial Black llill.i edition to be issued by "Bonds and Mortgages" in Its July number, with full j.ower to contract and collect for advertis Mr an I M erdav i Mary J , Willie. lit ili.Tllh laughter (if M I in licit ; MM I') hel Mo. unci : i cm S INSTALL the n'W officer 1). of It., 1. O (I. Hi-uilrirk.i; V. Hi't-ri'liiry. MIc-- KEUKK Mi The follow inn .uf Dakota ahhi- N. 1, N. (J., Mih Minnie MIbs Lilian Jiavlti. i,1 V : G , At r.HM'i v ..I Til Kf) Mild :HKEY Real Estate. Loan lanta Fuller. Treasurer. Mrs. Aim a ail kinds of Legal writing ing ami subscriptions for this issue. Any arrangements made with Mr. Webb, nr any contracts entered into will be duly recognized as if made at the home olflce in Chicago. Any courtesies extended to Mr. Webb. In connection with th's work, will be duly appreciated . by Respectfully Yours, Agent of the Union Sa- ;.J live men wanted as Pry Goods, Clotbirg-, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets. Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Gram, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. ilulie. ;, IliK As.' aolli i tors. Ihe h-ua dc-'l insurc'l f lirakke; Trustw. Mrs. Mall. Mrs I telle Giveiis of ItcaiUoixl wan Ihe iimiallin oWrtr, ami she diJ the work creilitaMy and with Ilia diKiilty ihe hitch offlc-r ilc-njundeil. Socially !t was a repetition of the many ulo c rimes the ulsters have ha.J on BUeh ucciislnnx. Supper was si-rn-1 ;ii . it ii i of Frank Fellows w hich mil !iy tile Tuesday night, was v S'hi. which amount will be BONDS AND MORTGAGES. F. II. Ertel, Matiagi 1'iicl, i'. ly. The borne will lie rebuilt and carpenters are already figuring tin I liu . inl-. . .. .t, . .. Stale Inspect it '.,T Slin.-s J.uui'i Cusii k wuir 'iiver : i i - ' t til- V.dlow crenK MAY FIRES. the I'opular realauram ami all 'lid ample Justice to tu excellent spread There were present meint ers from the neigh-(MMte4uia . well m H, Jew from other atat en. The new officers are euthu'sl- An Ancient Scotch Custom Which Once Involved Itumun Sacrifice. mines ve.iterday. Mr. Cusiek Is on the go aatlc Hebekahs, and will make thhms all the time, and when his first year Kir John Sinclnir's "Statistical .W'-eouut of Scotland' -i m ta ins notices of Witb unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ut your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. the: move during the coming term. Hires there will be no operated mine lha he has not' viiitwi. L. B. Orton, successor to Beemer & Or ton, is constantly receiving new Jewelry DRIVER WAS ALL RIGHT. Harvey Hawley Is the name of the teamater who handled the "ribbons" over the six beautiful horses who hauled tbe barbers' float to Deadwood on the 4th. In our account of the trip no men and offers better Inducements than any other firm In town. Special attention Is called to his fine watch repairing. (tf.) mauy old customs, w hicli still continued to he "observed hi the Highlands, thouKh they were even then fust dying out. From the decent Ii v olume of that aroat work, which was imblislied in 17'Jl anil the siiceeedliiK years, we learu, on the HtithvM.v of the minister of Callander. Perthshire, that the hoys of flit; township ussi-uililed In a body upon the moors on .May day, and proceeded to di4 a circular trench, leaving the soil In the center undisturbed, so as to form a low table of green turf, sufficient in size to accommodate the whole party. They lighted a fire and prepared a tion was made of the skillful driving, as A passenger on the I). C. yesterday tried i I.o,ci. S. ID. to talk Conductor Taylor into receiving It was not thought necessary, for a man that would drive that rig to Deadwood time card for bis fare. There are many over tbe rough roads, steep hills and nar schemes tried, but this Is something new. It didn't work, for Taylor must haye the row bridges, has won for himself a com pllment that has a deeper meaning than pasteboard properly stamped or the cof lateral In coin. Idle words can five him. The allusions K9 TIMETABLE 1 W 8 DEADWOOD. Walter Wllmarth, Jr., of TerravMle, had his hand badly tut Wednesday night to rough roads did not reflect upon the driver In any manner, as be could not be responsible- for that. Tbe great wonder custard of milk and prrs, and a largo oatmeal cake, which they baked upon a stone placed in the embers. When they had eaten the custard, they divided the cake Into as many equal portions as In a peculiar manner. A young man gave I HEALTHY OLD AGE. him a tap on the back with a huge butch le tbat he ever got there at all, and he Is perhaps tbe only man in tbe country tbat i er knife, and Walter, thinking It a stick, grabbed It, with painful results. The Bad news of the death of Clarence Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louis and alt points east and south. Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City. San Francisco and all pefevts west- there were persons In the assembly and daubed one of those pieces with charcoal until It was perfectly black. They then placed all the pieces of cake together In a bonnet, and each in turn drew one blindfolded, the bolder of the bonnet being entitled to the last piece. Clark at Hot Springs was received by tc, Bhnto'. Co. Abk , Aug. 4. I am e years old and buve be?n safferlns; with Change ot Life. I had flooding -"ll so bad that none thought I could live M husband got mi-Wine ot Cardui and it saved lay ate. I aiu iike aaether perso since taking it. MR8. E B. TOWNSEVD. Burdette Moody yesterday morning. " The young man Is a dentltst wno came nere some weeks ago on account of bis tailing health. He was a brother of Arthur Clark, who is eoganed with Ibe Home- The boy who drew tbe blackened portion was destined to be sacrificed and was compelled to leap three times through the flames. stake surveying corps. Arthur was wltb his brother when he passed away. Mr. Although the ceremony had degen eOUld accomplish tbe feat. It Is the motto of the Pioneer-Ttmee to be fair In everything, and If anyone has a grievance, let him state his case and be will receive justice. Q. DR. DiCKIWSON RETURNS. Dr. D. K. Dickinson, the chief surgeon for the Homestake company, returned home Wednesday from bi long aojourn la California. Tbe doctor and wife have been with Judge and Mrs. Moody all summer, the doctor giving his skilled attention to the Judge to restore him to health. The latter has Improved wonderfully and Is almost hlmseM again, Is bright and cheerful and is good for many years of usefulness yet While tbe trip had Ms en-Jcable features, it baj not been a vacation fo rtbs doctor by any means, as Mrs. Moody went to the Hprligs last evening erated Into a mere pastime for boys, it Is evident that It must once upon a time have Involved the actual sacrifice Train leave. as follows: o. ; .' tibuled Express, dally, Hot Springs, Llncolc, Omaha Chicago and all pointa East. South and West 2:3 p m Se. 210. Local, dally ezMpt Sunday Ball Mountain and Spear- nah 1:16 pm 204. Freight dally except Sunday, Hill City, Custer and and Edgemont 7:50 em Sundays this triight leaves at. (:00 am Trains arrive as follows: Vo. 201. Eastern Paas'ns'r. Daily. 11:M p m No. 20V. Spear&sh Train, Dally, except Sunday 11:46 a m Mo. 203 freight. Dally, except Sunday 11:00am of a human being, In order to render to render what Aid he :,u'1 lo the if-fllcted brother, as ho lias held a very warm personal friendship for him. The boys are nephews of Senior Pettlgrew. K is the devout wish of nearly all people -to live to a rip oU t None of us want to die young. This universal desire can be reiEadI care be taken of the health in early and middle life. A little precaution tha will add many years to our existence. Death an be kept away ibsj time. Happy, healthy old age will be the lot ot the wuman who romft corrects the ailments which afflict her sex. In youth. Wine of Carduiwl take tlie.female child safely over the dividing line between glrihoodsd the coming summer fruitful. dentle- man's Magasine. w onian noou. as a wue sne neeus it to neip ner inrougn iucuasi rrTninrw -im hiMhirth with littlA Ai ,mf, ,i-t 2 rviiWfc k It ' (Advertisement.) A BLACK HILLS EDITION. A Woaderfol Book. The Chinese Almanac Is the most largely circulated publication In the world, the copies printed and sold Change of Life it will help her over the dangerous place tha1 appears! j her pathway between 40 and 50. Then will erne manyytarsef tr blissful existence. She Will erow old slowlv and lrracefullv. To thettl The July Number of Bonds and Mortgages Sundays this freight arrives.. &:61 p Sleeping , dining and reclining chair ears Will Be Devoted to Us. The owner and manager of "Bonds and she will preserve that charm and beauty which -are arayscharicten5tt of perfectly healthy jranomoaes seats free, on all through trains. Rallwa and steamshlo tickets sold and baggag Mortgages," a financial Journal of Inter aWked to all points. UIIU' AIYII0IY KPAITMIIT. For advte In eases reqnirtna special or information, time tabletv maps-f .1 It is for women alone to ttsu whether thev will be heaksj sick. The remedy for their ness is close at hand: direction. mdilrfiM. riitnaifmntninL yearly reaching several millions. It Is printed at Peking and Is a monopoly of the emperor, no other almanac being permitted to be sold in that country. Although containing reliable astronomical information, its chief mission is to give full and accurate Information for selecting lucky places for performing all the acts, great and small, national reputation and standing, published in Chicago, has agreed to devote the July number of the magasine to all eco tut' MrlnrjBvr'l, TWCHltTAItOOMA BUIICIII CO, Cbattaaooea, Twin. and tickets call on or write to J. f1 FRANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Kd Omaha, Neb. nomic features of the mineral resources LARGE BOTTLES OF WINE O F CARDUI SOLO FOR $I.OO BY DRUGGISTS. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. Dickinson has been seriously 111 for several months, requiring his constant attention. He left her improving and able ta sit up some, hut far from being well The doctor returned home on argent buil Bess, and if his wife continues to ImproVr ha will not return to the coast. The party pent the time at to Angeles, where thi etixnatie conditions are considered the best tor Judge Moody's case. They expect tc return to the Bills nest month. ' ' 0 . WANTED Dining room girl, a Hlme-Ukc hotel, Lead, at once ' . fresh cat roses tod carnations tor ml. of the Black Hills, providing the financial support will warrant tbe consumatlon of everyday life. And as every act of J. L. BBNTLEY- life in' China, however trivial, depends for Its success on the time In which Commercial Agent and the direction (point of compass) to of the plan outlined. We expect to make this collection of data the most important from financial standpoint ever prepared for publication in the Black Hills, and the co-operation of those who are in ward which It la dona, It Is of the ut a a TRAINS BETWEEN DEAD- WOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DEvJDWOOU terested In mines and mining will con most Importance that every one should hare correct Information at all times available to enable him to to order his Ufa aa to avoid had lnck and calamity and secure good luck and prosperity. Daily ..... .. :05am tribute to make It one of the most cam-plat advertising mediums ever sent from the Hills. Bo great Is the native faith in its infallibility that not long since the Chi Has Received This Journal reaches more and a hotter Father Stanton called en Father Red aond yesterday. " i's-' " ' ' The Pioneer-Times Is on sal at L. I) Dally, except Sunday fcSOam Dally ..W:S0em Dally U:Um Dally :00 pa Dally, exoept Sunday 1:15 p m Dally, except Sunday 4:20 pm Dally CSOpm nese minister to Oermany refused te all on a day which had been appointed class of Investors In to United States Three Cars of Wagons, Buggies inwnf smr. . vbit. -vn sab iuo because it waa declared In the almanac to be unlucky. Cincinnati Enquirer. and Europe than any other publication and pre-eminently enjoys the confidence oTtts readers. . " ' -t;V;4 r Dally, except Sunday ........ 7:00pm It is an undisputed faci that this coun Baareus's sharp Aaswtr. 'John Bunyan wrote 'The Pilgrim's Progress" in Bedford JalL where he Dally, except Sunday 8:00 pm Dally l:upn Daily, except Sunday ........10:80pm Surries, Carriages, Rockaways, Road Wagons, Blackboard. Ra Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons Etc. .was confined for his religion. A Quak Itta finest smoke In town. (tf.) I. r W. A. Renter was a visitor in tbe dtjr yesterday. ' - Mesdamee Uebmann and Travers were Lead callers yesterday. . ' ' - Ohlorodyne Cough Mixture) will cur that cough, or ws refund the money U P. Jenkins, druggist , (tl) . A girl was born ta Mr. and Mra. m try, stands on the verge of a mining boom,' and a very largo volume ot Investment funds are now available tor mining purposes, which formerly sought bonds and mortgago. er came to the prison and thus addressed him: . LEAVE LRAD CITT. 'Friend Bunyan, the Lord hath sent O" I:U am Dally, exoept Sunday t:55sm There arc not enough bonds issued to TT U T!. nr j - . VVnrki. An DHJ .......11:00am supply the demand, and mortgages are be me to seek for thee, and 1 have been through several counties In search of thee and now I am glad, I have found thee.- ' D U:Msa Dully, connects with Bastsra a uui ujc xvacine y agon ana v-arric - . second hand rigs cheap. Will sell cheap for c oroo bstaQments. Bunyan replied, "Friend, thou dost ing paid off or refunded at a very low rata of Interest, compelling investor to look Into other directions. The rick development la the Black Hills, Cripple Peterson of Washington. ' ; William Walsh, the surveyor, went out U the Bam miae last night. Houses bought and sold.' money loaned. snger S:zSnm not speak truth In saying tbe Lord sent thee to seek for me, for th Lord Dally, except Saaday I:40pm well knows that I have been In this Creek, British Columbia and Alaska have I S. R. SMITH. LEAD general insurance and notary public Tic uauy, except Sunday 4:45 p m P7 a:5B.m Jail for some years, and tf he had sent attracted wide-spread attention and con tor T. Jensen, room No. 1, Cotton 4k Andrews1 block. Lead. S. i; (ti) vinced capitalists that mining investments seesasasssaaaaias Dally, exoept 8unday 7:88 pm Dally, except Bumday 8:88 m can be made a Intelligently as In other Contractor McNally has almost com- ..... ... lines. . ' :' 9:31pm pimea me graaing ror outburst's new Daily, except Sunday !)',:.; :' CUiCTJLATION. .......10:85 p.a J thee he would hare sent thee here directly.'' ---'.-'.' . I", , , Coamnara leue stave. Of bright, witty, learned and cuts people we -can find whole battalions In every community, but when you go In search of people possessed of good, hard common sense they are not so easy to find. Punxsutawney Spirit The circulation of Bonds and Mortgages t Fred D. Pratt Is In this vicinity looking Is tbs largest and best or any Investment Journal and amounts to 44M copies each after the Interests of the Sioux rMt th, Didanson-Uay FimilirB wunc - . . . . F. U at V. B JL north w Ban rm inn, MPOTt Betveea Deedweod M n, Keels." aa ..,,..: WrenrttralasOmaa monttv Like all class papers, the high quality of its subscribers oncnmenil it ! ''"'KeetitiWerriei.'1'"-'; ' mora than uaatity. Every subscriber is , Menry Bcnnltael's assay effloe will be temporarily located lav. the basement of aJa residence. No. I Galna street (SHvoa- DEAXER5 IN The greatest nuisance In any com a largo corporation, trust company or to' St Mai. Ml. munity Is the person who makes a spe tea Alley). ; ; j. dividual Investor of mean, whe ha coo cialty of finding germs ta the food. fidsno la tfc attsranoe of the Journal. Miss Lillian Davis, ihe stenographer. Furniture, Crockery I Glassy nails, with dose se. actions for . all points " wsst sn4 aoata, as Fre- ssairt aa4 Omaha ..... . jj, DIPOT: Lower Uaia Street WWtJ Sturgta. Rap-" Th h-iTf"-' Eroupeaa circulation is es Washington Post -' ; Hr laa Skats. - is soon to leave for Boston, tospead the pecially valuable to th Black Hills today. aammer. , " .; R. B. Stewart, the county commissioner from the Second district, had business in Mr. T. H. ErtsiV'the business manager and on of th ovmwers of "Bond and Mortgagee." has named L A. Webb as As President McKlnley entered the station at Omaha the other day tbe crowd lined up ai usual upon two sides ot a passage tbat was roped off and pro the county seat yesterday. tected by the polios. Half way across th representative la th Black Hills, whe will collect and compll all data that ... jiooio uranam arrived yesterday the platform a woman with a kodak dodged tbe guard and sprang out before irom roia, fseb., and Is Tlslting fter an cle. J. 8. Graham and family. V will be published la this financial Journal. The' edition that was; published by Mr. Mr. McKinley. The chief of polios, who MORRIS eVHICKS. , House Cleaners and Cunt m Jake Rlngley, the Carbonate miner, was led . the prooeasloo. ordered her away. Everything' Strictly np to date and prices thatcs"1 Undertakers and Embalmers. Wo. 3 Mam St. ) Lead, Soaih & tut the president Interfered and took off a eaa visitor yesterday. He wears he se- Will eleaa earpeU on the floor with tbelr aew process. reatWrin. .v. . ... Webb la Marco, ISM. on Industrial mining la th Black Bins has proven Jo tf that he Is eminently Qualified to compll the matter pertaining to the mining interests his bat so that she might get a better "M mu "t s has worn for the last - m uiw wiginaj WW take them vn ana clean th.. seventen yar hlch til. thaht ha Is about view of his face. Barking rapidly a few feet tn advance, she got several good to strike It rich. In a manner that will be the most bene st or tele knap shuts and then disappeared, -v. now reference. Call Phone Pioneer-Times.

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