The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 10, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1900
Page 2
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SUNDAY JUNE 10 llA. I THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. In the town of Bast Franklin, Maine, A Connecticut Democrat says one reason why he can never vote for Bryan is that he would not like to see Alt-geld in the supreme court of the I'ni-ted .States. There are other Demrx' rates who object to Allen of Nebraska as secretary of the treasury ail'! I - t - - Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co, After Dinner T'i assist digestion, relieve distress aft. r eatini," m drinkiiif.' too lnnrtily, t.. jirevent I'unstipation, take Wood's Pills two churches, the Baptist and the Methodist, have united upon a plan to t'HtabliKh a new religious society on undenominational lines. The movement thus to coalesce is the more remarkable because tne diuretics have hitherto been eiiayed in a tlt-norni national warfare tlj:it has kept tli" oin-imitv in a lon-tant turmoil. Tin- line THE DEADWOOD PIONEER "ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABI ISIIED AI'KII. 7. 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. j tai v of state Successors t Ayres & Wardman Hardware ;i v, a s s A I'l.l II Ic orapany. te- i: u.i':n in t tiv- united ! om.-t say s Hr t .in-l hi. i:i t.'i hi i four state I iv i'i:t s In; tit !! ha- al W- I and i-:n ! 1 1: I h ! 1 1 hi tile I'hr:' ailie..--, i : h Hi II ' ion i i-I liy the Iie tl, le.f.o:- Sl.eiet... tin li' 'oriiiiNi; prn-v ule that all ib iniifiiiia I :. l!aiti-l- Tb . land tll'-l e ' . lit nt me ra silver im . I: i ' iiiiiimmiiiiiiiillilillllllllilim,,,, III. I!,..' Miiiua ! n M. tire.'; 1 .UH,.. all .1. .iv d mi! that ! ii k. 11,. 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 : i a 1 1 of Wm li I Hi . ,-e male .:;. m" i ' Foim: in. I li . epUllli PIONEER-TIMES 1TBU.SHING CO. TERM--i OF Si iiSCiMI'i I'IN. DAILY Ev( iv Moi !.::..'. i:.- ept M.i; da . One eai JI" Six Months "'' : One Month 1 , WEEKLY - Issued Ka; y '! I: . j i s.lay . I One Yeai - M Sll Montho 1 t. a- . Tnu d that tie- r i hool. : Inn '. n a i Fan a "ii i of a toaJ .in banquet WW v i nt.o and I' in . : i il propon . 1. ii.-. I of N'i ' d at a Host n di -minima t lona s, 1 1 . r ! 1 ie- nivaii -i h iol i hall le i.-ie Known. Tin i that the tine hi I ;i n i:i I U ( tin -'.an En ' i ' -a m i. i it . a ml one Sn ii'la.v Oiaj IIii'd. to lie Ill.eW ninth a; ' ii ! linn s' re.aie.-t llam-liir. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. tile y -m::. n ivelled Zaza a r! ,ad Apl ll se eIOI ted $ HI I i-et t i omit kin tshrldn mi lium we imported, and I if .'I'M ;;o. mill more of An, is a nd ma nil faelui i I I Vl'. I ; pansion still in: In ed film ire I M 1 1 I I i prod 1 1 April j shall lie epnaiiy dnided between the l!aptit and M -1 li i e I i -1 jireaehers. j '''he .sc lli'lie- Will li Ildo.l lited ly lie bed Ultll ll:lei t y linn lli.i of I a II deiinin inal if Hi It may prow to b" !the small liei'innitm or a ru 'i h lai'wr t-'ni ri:r: tun lan'y. Xotercii at; S -eoiid ''last. Matter at Mr iJeadwood I'oHtedliee. REPUBLICAN TICKET. She Beats Them All. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM What lid h til ins i. ho !' ai,., i -tellllil.-d effect M Ml" YV. H .Iiee tl,. im .. an.-, iii.i.i - of 1! ' Mil A Main St. Deadwooi S. D. ;1 r! th a I ' t ! i Mm. hers f CuiKr. - BOERS AS AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS. '.!arv AY. W. MAItl IN. '. 1-'--er - . ' -l,..i -. CHAKI.KS II 111 IIKI.. ..: Ilu ',. 1 ' :' mle it'-e':- , , ; n.rnoi- " '' .- :: .-"al n A i ! a '.Mil w it ne , 1 i C. N. II l-:ui!l i:i i. nf M- i'le-i-.i.a ,.n, , ., ;, ,, ,, i'Mt- "'- LliUtiluUll dc.v.lli-l - '.,::..!. I I , . , -, I S t . . I - ioi I , S.- rei.ov of . ' e: ei lf ' - "1 !. , y 1 1 i '. 1 1 III ;i ., . ' " - ' :, i e , i 1 iii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - to ! ! i i . i i i Tf :isii.-r i -. .v .. t. . ;i . . r linn- n: 1 1 ! 'i - , , .ii mi sa ii a Mi!!-::;. -'!.' . , . , , , Al, .,,,,- ' v':,!l '- .i. .. j I, - ,s, of 11 1 ' " us I I. :.:!: the i : u 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 r i . s ; A i i.,ri. v : n-i.-l i . ' i e i - 1 1 1 .,r -.. i::.-;ii- hi ii' ! i , !""v- ''' " : . , , .a Ih, ..- .:, so,.,.- . ,):..; ... . SunL. vt lad , - i a 1 : ii ;.. i: i.. nu.u.v-,. ui'i i ' "' ' ! I '..III. ..f S, Mm 1 1 and I 'ill. I I. ., . ! 1 1 I ' i 1 . ' 1 1 t I ; . 1 1 - ; j i ; ; j ' t J j f i f ' j 1 1 I. WIH K STI N. ..: i: , ..-.( il li.t . I I ' a rin d Hial m.iii.- of . He Hailr...el ,, i- , - 'liie ra.iread e,,mm.-i haw he.-;, mak I i- II. N k Id a 1 1' ii. i' I 'M. i , . , ' i ni; pi'' -I'lo- it urns lo tl mini.- loners i x (lookmi: O tile Set I I III ' T 1 t II f I O 1 1 S 1 1 I' !'- j ; ' ' I 1 1 BUSINESS END OF WAR. j iiuniliei, ,,f t,e,r .-oiinirymeii in . i-' .1 : - 1 I I LIVERY FEED Al SALE STA I t: teioa Saddl and D'dvii.g Horses I i.rni.h. d. 'i'earuH Hotight and Sold. Contracts taken to d. or to move household jods hn,i furniture. n i;n r.p 1 1 (;r;o( 'i:kv. t"i;m wort r ill and I I. I.. i:- i i!.v xoTici:. . . i 1 1 1 - : m will l)em., i.ina-i- in. dale me i in elU 11 i :;ii; in imi me of I',, 1 1' i mil m i. I v ..Mill' : al.oist 1" e. GEORGE BENNER, 'H. 509 Ma ml Ha'. ' i i In m:--bt star Tl.. Rudyard Kipling and a niiinln other prominent Englishmen are orously ennai,'ed in denoimcin methods of the lirilii h War Office tin' We.-t 'I'lim part toner expressed lime;. lllip!'e.-Sed with lb" the A mere a ns tow a i d tli.mks bi"hl of i be a. ;. I id Wattle and II f I I''' held, :-r. (iv.ner lf a , favorably J Im iid'in. '- et' I his people, and i lvaiit.i:;. s w In. h I in if thev should l liranded on If; ran have horse by Pavis at Smith's l'ark. proving prop- : w I .,! : is a!wa "Lira in 111 i nllim; on (li oi u'r sawmill. Sonldi r would be afforded th an! paying for this notice. We a i a iidm-; E, iir surnlti- d gold. 'I amount Hie M)bl also in pointiim out means for brini;-inK about greatly needed reforms. When the South African war broke out, (treat Britain was found to be use lng the kindergarten war methods of a quarter century a no. Too much theory and too little practice and com mon sense caiiHed untold suffering auing of gold exiioi i -. Muse Walk to North Pole. Tor years we have struggled to n-a. h the North I'ole. by ship. Thru hardship and danger bravo ex locate in tin- I ' u 1 1 -i I States. thiHmh he says that mo.-l ot tin :u w ill remain at home and live under the llntish flag. lint whether the majority of the Iloers remain in (heir own land under the Hritish domination or not. it Is reasonably certain that manv of them Tillman couldn't dislike the idea American armour plate any more if I were a Spanish admiral. among tne troops in Kouth Africa, re The Ladies Bazaar 2: Silk WaiStS for this wtvk at a liar-tin. n New Dress Patterns for si nil"; ji'invih, Slimmer GOodS in IVrcak-s, Metvenzot Ciin?-hams, and all fashionable fabrics fur Mimmer fc: dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s v. g Mrs. flott, - Main St. Deadwood will bo found among; the annual influx of immigrants of this country here after. Thus far tney have not figured with any alien arrivals in this country but a change in this respect is reasonably certain to lake place from this time onward. plorers have endeavored to reach the coveted spot. The fact that the pole is still a mystery points to the conclusion that our method was wrong, and lends .credence to the recent utterance of a learned scientitst, that we must abandon snip, ropy the Esqui-mo's customs and walk to the Pole. The same common sense reasons should bo applied to health. There is only one road to recovery, for sufferer? from stomach disorders, and that is thru Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. If you have never tried to cure indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia, liver or kidney trouble without it, you have simply been on the wrong' track. The Bitters will cure you. n BURLINGTON. ROUTE. iiiiaiUiuiiiiiiiiuuiiiiuiiiiUiUiaiiuuiUiiiiuiuiUiuJ Once there was a time when the United States could say, in the words of the song that "Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all afarm." This condition is true in a considerable degree to this day, although the country has three time as many inhabitnats now as it had at the time these words We've Get It! Yon want Let's make a deal. Our Mil transactions are strictly ccniil tial. We've got the moner, I were first heard. The public lands are still far from being exhausted. The quantity, the fertility and the cheapness of the lands in the United States coupled with the freedom from oppres want the money, so come ui i sion and the opportunity for every us. one to carve out his own desetiny In We have on hand a large B of unredeemed pledges at pries 1 below their cotit of maDufatfflil I The Democratic National Connvention Only a few weeks until the big convention at Kansas City. Time you decided your route. Time you found out for yourself how quickly and comfortably you can reach Kansas City if you take the Burlington's 2:30 p. m. train with the only thru car Dead-wood to Kansas City. Close connections and only one night en route via this popular route. RATE. One fare for the round trip .tickets on sale July 2nd and 3rd. For rates, berths or any further information call on any ticket agent of the B. M. R. R. No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office his own way, was the chief consideration which impelled Immigrants to come to this country when conditions in their own land were no longer bearable. Millions of acres of public lands still remain in the United States, and other millions of acres can be-obtained at low flguers. Nearly all the states west of ..he Mississippi and OUR CANDIDATE Madison Leader: The convention made no mistake in naming Hon. K. W .Martin, of IJeadwood, for the second place on the congressional ticket. He was backed by the solid vote of the Hills counties and his nomination was made by acclamation, in his short speech of acceptance Mr. Martin made a fine impression. Des Moines Jiegister: Hon. Eben W. Martin has been nominated for congressman by the republicans of iouth Dakoa, is an Iowa man with many admiring friends- in ihls state. He graduated at Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa .about the same time our brilliant "Bob" Cousins took his honors from the same institution, and soon after went to Deadwood, South Dakota, where he has acheived extraordinary success in the practice of law and served with distinction in several terms of the leeglslature. Mr. Martn is widely and esteemed in his state and receiveo his nomination without opposition. Minneapolis Journal: The speeches of acceptance by the candidates were well received and their delivery showed that the ticket is composed of strong campaigners. E. W. Martin, the Black Hills candidate for congress, spoke only twenty minutes, but commanded close attention and made a splendid impression. Minneapolis Tribune Congressman Burke was renominated by acclamation with a rush in marked contrast to the troubled scenes that attended his nomination two years ago. Then came the nomination of the Black Hills favorite, E. W, Martin, whose name was presented in a stiring speech by Rev.' C. B. Clark, of Lawrence. The convention went crazy with applause for a few minutes, and Martin went on the ticket with whirl For the first time in years the Black Hills had the prize of united action. Burke responded briefly and Martin made a rousing little speech of acceptance. Martin's speech was a gem of epigrammatic logic and confirmed the impression that he will prove the peer of any man in the halls of tarded the movements of armies, Interfered with the plans of the field and general officers, and brought the army Into contetnpt. This is a serious criticism upon so great a war nation. England has prided itselt always upon tts army, and it is a severe shock to And It but a toy In the hour of need. It must be remembered by England and by other nations henceforth that ien and arms do not constitute an army, nor is great military ability of avail without proper co-ordination in very department. This councry found during the Spanish war that to handle, move, feen and ight an army properly was beyond the power of the War Department. Not nly did the sudden Increase in the army from 25,000 to 250,000 seriously hamper the office, but the appointment f utterly Incompetent officials rendered It Impossible properly to attend to the transportation and care of the men In uniform. This would ordinarily be regarded as a strange mistake for a businesslike nation like ours to make tit all the mlstaxes of the awful Sumner of 1898 could easily be traced to the absolute Incompetence of the officials selected. Alger may have been n excellent business man, a good merchant and one thoroughly informed on the lumber trade, but he was ao more fit to arrange for the care of n army than a Dead wood bootblack. It would have been a sensible thing for the Government to have selected a famous railroad man to handle the transportation of the army, even thoughlt bad been necessary to pay Mm 125,000 a year. If such a man Is worth that sum to a railroad, he Is certainly worth It to the Uniteu States Government An equally valuable man in practical business life should have been selected to take charge of tne feeding; of the army, while the medical corps should hare been put under the charge of some one of vast executive ability, like Leonard Wood. Of course, such appointment would have thrown into the background the Administration figurehead!, but the war with Spain would have been handled in a businesslike manner, and much scandal and suffering would have been avoided. It is not red tape methods the country needs in such a crisis, but men. The nation that it wisest in selecting the proper men to manage the business end of a war will soon be found to be taking a leading place among the powers, of .ne globe. some of those east of the river have lands which can be got so cheaply as to be an attraction for settlers from all over the world. FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. The composure with which the res ldents of that portion of Deadwood known as -Chinatown receives the Chinese war news is really wonderful. 'United States Depository Dadwood Chinamen are neither cast down nor are they elated over the trouble at home. People who 0U8HCHJH' DIRECTORS: T. J. GRIER, p. t gPARKflP. d. a. Mcpherson. O. J. SAXJSBCRY. question the cleansers of soiled linen and the "lestlant" keepers about the OFFICERS: probable outcome of the rebellion are met with the customary reticence. They know not, neither do they care, what the outcome may be; above all they would Lever think of showing t u. J. BAAJBBURT I Caaalcr. r-.XTllN . . . . J. & LE",'" K Vioa-Prealdaiii t. j. nniKR Assist Cashier rr , any enthusiasm one way or the other or of expressing an opinion. As the Boxer war grows in intensity China Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual Convention, Music Teachers' National association, Des Moines, la., June 18-22. 1900. Annual meeting. National Educational association, Charleston, S. C , July 7-13. 1900. Annual International Convention, Baptist Young People's Union, Cincinnati, 0., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, St. Paul, Minn., July 17-19, 1900. Annual Convention, f oung People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Church of North America, Denver, Col., July 25-30. 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, September 1st, 1900. The above is a partial list of some of the moat important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limjt, tickets, etc, call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLET, Passenger Agent J. L. MARCOUX'S town grows more composed. It seems really less Interested than It was in the late Spanish-American war. a On Decoration Day fresldent Mc-Kinley uttered a sentiment that aroused the plaudits of the whole Union. In his Antietam address he felicitated his hearers upon the fact that the aurviving followers of Lee, New Undertaking Parlorsi CHRISTIAN UNITY. Jackson, Longs tree t and Johnston and of Grant, McCeilan, Sherman and Sheridan are now dwelling in fraternal harmony, the citizens of a common Christianity Is divided into sects by ; jnaay creeds. The creeds, in these latter days, when the pews have begun to ask searching questions, are not brought Into the prominence bf con No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neateet and most complete in the All Embalming- done by an expert. West, j country and bound together by a common devotion to a common flag. ZAZA AND ZOZO. AWew York correspondent says in a resent etter that "possibly you thlhV life to Mrs. Leslie Carter is all one. dream of honeyed bliss. Not at all. With dukes and dukesses tramping all over themselves to interview her. with roya digits fervently clasping her own n a congratulatory squeeze, she still has bitter moments, when life seems a hollow tragedy and fame an empty bubble. Mrs. Carter has the saving grace of a strong sense ot humor, and that's why she says little of her personal triumphs in a letter which tells me of a frightful blow that wrecked her composure a few momngs ago. . It was at a swagger garden breakfast in one ot the great London houses. The titled hostess begged to present to Zasa a distinguished globe trotter Only Funeral Car in the Black H ills. - 11 J .Al , If- wr i infi tinual discussion which a half-century back was the rule. Indeed, there is a marked tendency on the part of a large percentage of the ministry In many denomlnabons-entirely to Ignore church dogmas and to base their teachings only upon such common and undisputed Christian tenets as prevail in all denominations believing in the divinity of Christ . v . Gen. Leoard Wood, military Governor of Cuba, says to at only one case of embezzlement has besn discovered among the 60,000 American soldiers sent to Cuba. The amount stolen was 180. and the guilty party is serving a three years sentence. The papers engaged in slandering American honesty will Ignore this official statement John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of teams sua carriages and is prepared to do all kinds ot city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. M. ans weu prumptiy TalenhdneS Vn. 8 - - r- j ufji i Day or Night

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