The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 7, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1899
Page 5
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- THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FBIDAY MORNING, JULY 7, 1899. WILL HELP BRING THE CANNON UP.'tnie afternoon under the auspices of Far-The Deadwood Pioneer Hook & Laadder ragut Post No. 62 of this city. Mr. Cow-company decided a. a regular meeting t" Possessed many admirable qualities last night to assist in the cereTnonlee of ""! as well regarded by tls friends, and accepting th,. raptured .'oanlsh cannon ved and resected by his family.' Me h The eompany discussed had bet'" 'ailing slowly but surely for se- 'ei niL'iu. ana is j-"c-. inererore his Mem v-di not ne i all or th,. mayor. The unexpeete.i, though none the 1 ess ilviilore l u- m n erm mm MONEY SAVED! We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. '"" I Ins de.sjre that the While f 11 p; i h y is but poor aolac-e to Ifl.iuvi-s iu t i llli- of diMl'l. yet .-M.-uded by all. Mail , 5th. will uudoubt- niouiniti 'it is fre i j! V. A,f aW "TK, !'-' . ,s was trans A THOUSAND TONUUES. t Vail lli DM o v rF.,,.. . U . m honorary n ui Limre ot an- n..e of th 'nle sPri"Ser. of 1125 Howard st., a member: PhlladelPhia. Pa., when she found that i Dr. Kind's 'aw ntkuniapv f . . . ey wen s of Ih f th. . THE BEST U cumra nnui mm bumpuon naa completely cured her ot ex foreman; . , , J , an e n. an ex Keb-' uacKln8 cough that for many ysari We also Save money in buying goods in lare quantities. This s made possible since we have six large stores in which to placs them' Our customers receive the benefit of our close iaji ..imv ryvv ulk :rr--,:r"r samen, who was seilelaiy of the naa maae lite a burden. All other remedies and doctors could give her no help, but she says of this Royal Cure - I .... . a resolution was passed thanking F. X. Sa.nh for the donation of half a barrel of T purchases and canh discounts. 1 "It soon removed the pain In the chest j and I can now sleep soundly, some t , - - ... picnic recently held by tjie WrrfiN U 'LOCALS. - e,uM Bri" .Hm "" f'!r hridge eaugM fir tern, a 111, rKin-. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only ;LH11V a . I'Ollliani r i oumo of iiuii nun uiM'iivcr. 1 t th- Some a tion men discover, 1 thai thy for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other III' eOllll.anV Slllokeri rilZar anil .Irnnlr bridge had been humeri, anil ll.iggni L t, , . freight train. The briilg. was replaced yesterday forenoon. Lut lllPP"8 8 t0 Z1PP'1 4 peoples bad accounts, Consequently -you will X l"-er thiii had been presented by friends, ami votes of than.ks were tendered. thing I ed eeapesljr rfcsismhsr do'sg before. I feel like sounding Its praises throughout the Universe." So will everyone who tries Dr. King's New Discovery for any trouble of the Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 60c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Phillips A Steen-sen's Drug Store; every bottle liurant lunch, go to Frank Dark. ? find big - o- hrtf- laous Hot Springs water Costs 75 I'HE ItlltTII OF A FASHION PLATE. Ah' for Ihe good old times when artists real ariitsts eould he persuaded to de- artoy; the pure Crystal Sprlngi MONEY SAVED L water, cents; the celebrated Springs water, 25 cents; fresh lu-, delivered to' any part of the EDISON'S LATEST WONDER. Har- , s-it'ii a costume line of the priiieipalitems ''I'etise lo a lady of old Italy used to be the -'retainer she paid to a V Vinci, a llr.iinante or some cither artist of note to furnish her with designs for her court and cither dresses of ceremony. Today someone who can draw is given Idl American Express office. C Black Hills, 111 Clothing: Shoes, I YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS Judge Moore went over lo Spearli.-h., Mrs. Wiiiiimn left lor Broken How. N,.,. Miss Allie Jenell armol on th- llui -lingtou. E. L. (iraiii ham of ' u I r spent the night in the city. Fred M. Ilnnii turivecl from the eastern part of the state. J. Shouily came in f i oni the nun h ami te let at the Holzner. ; Invent n A ntomohile That Mar Revolutionise Tret-nt Makes. ' As Hiinoniit'eil the other tluy in New , York. Thomas. A. Etlisou is at work on Dry Goods and f lmtSO YOU WANT TO KNOW BY BUYING LIFE INSURANCE, ESPECIAL- an idea by a costunier--ihat is, by some one who has made or cut dresses under i nABDINO THE NEW YORK LIFE some other cosluiner's tutelage. Neilhe Notions at me has studied or cares aught for art spent the day with his wife. HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT. proport ion, harmony, or the other super F'eter Kiekeii. proprietor of the Key .('iiitites; they are costuniers. what have stone hotel, left for Nebraska. hUU new at the Holzner. WHERE THEY ' they to do with such details? A wonder ! CHASE'S fill assemblage of ideas is the result t par ayes examined for glasses dine by A. F. Snyder, the op SELL CHEAP i W. I). 1'arker. the iniiiliiK man, arrived from the southern Hills. Miss Dermic lligby left for lleatrice. . "confer! ion" in silks, satins. chiffons to at charge. and laces. These ideas ami materials flaw Mr DAVVff Tll.silr Ttaa "IwytsxsvI Nebraska, for a short visit. lil PEOPLE SAY about Hood's beautifully and painfully drawn upon pa WM Jay lOl 4 Jf AilUVAa JWCftUWWVIe 1 1 1 f ill .f. .f....f..f... t -M t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t per and draped upon an alleged female 0. S. Jaekson. the photographer, went iartll if wax it cures wnen ai. an anlc iii.djile. which, he says, will traiiHcend in utility any machine of the sort that lias yet been produced. Of con me. beini n Edieun production, tbe new marvel will be run by electricity. Thongh the wizard will not now make public the lull plans of bis latent crea-tion, be gave some of the details of it to a reporter of the New York Journal, who found him in his workshop. "My eiperiiueutB are practically completed," said Mr. Edieon, "and within a few weeks we will have muter bicycles and tricycles in tbe roads hereabouts. 1 have been working on tbe motor for several months, and it now fulfills all my expectations. Tbe French naphtha machines will not be in the game class with mine, and the inventors will hang their heads with disgust when the one which is now being completed is placed beside those of French make. The mechanism of my machine is far more practical It is greatly condensed, the clumsy appearance will be done away with and tbe ! figure at leasi seven feet tall, with head over lo Spearflsh in his private ear. OTKUDS laii. iureiure you John Meriill and W. E. Crant, of Rag slightly turned, auburn hair, sylph-llke waist, a stage smile, and a background of II tab Hood's Sarsaparllla in Ma to all others. ged Top, apent the day in the city. palms and ferns This drawing being re HiliMi,..j.,.,,l...,l,,i,i,ill.t M'lPUli cure biliousness. Mallea Miss Jessie McMillaD, of Slurgis. return produced upon thousands and thousand of ate by C. I. Hood ft Co., Low ed to her home after a visit in Ieadwood. ! sheets, lo! a fashion-plate Is born, with cDcnmr cnicnnvcil Miss Jessie Ryan returned to her home the name of the gTeaet designer In the left a frttan, D. D. B., dentil parlors in Spearllsh, after spending three weeks In hand corner. the pass-word, the hall fit National bank, Deadwood. Ul LUIfiL UHLL UH O the city. mark. Every woman (or, rather, nearly ni Msgs work a specialty. every woman) studies it. admires It, and Miss Grace Foland, daughter of Rev. C. MONDAY Furniture, all Kinds. Begin the work right by buying be she lean or fat. tall or short, her next H. Foland of Whitewood. spent the day In dress must be like that. Perhaps he Deadwood. whole affair will be lighter." m watch work and engraving to tjsr, the jeweler. Satisfaction J IHD. D. 8. Modern Dentistry at the "ARK." TUESDAY Curtains, Paints. Fix your bouse, els, bT you're going to travel. Trunks and Batohr dressmaker has not signed her soul Fred T. Evans. Jr., returned from Sioux "Will it takes person experienced in electricity to rnn your machine?" was asked. "Not at all," exolaimsd the ritv uhjir ho had irnnp u-ith the rpmntnM away entirely, and protests feebly that that special style Is not adapted to her itt Oaa administered. Eighteen I .' I . of his wife. pmos, Kosentnal Slock. . I C. C. Green, one of the well known cow wunlco restaurant, which has great inventor. "Anybody can rnn it without the slightest danger. A child will be jnst ss safe on tbe ssst ss hs is patron's particular figure: but for her effrontery she may lose a customer. That dress has to be made in that way and in WEDNESDAY Stoves and Ranges. On of all. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery, terns. FRIDAY Granite, Iron and Steel Ware. Baby Carriages and Jumpers. SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash theee the best discount We have elegant pat-Prices cut half In two. Boards, Tuba, Boflers, on a common bicycle of tricycla Tbe controversy in regard to the M for i short time will reopen i L . elty w"h his wife. m, Jtuw 28. Uhe patronage of i I It solicited. The best service J Miss Louise Estelle Wlllsey. of Omaha. ? meutd and every thing will a sister of Mrs. 0. G. Dennis, of this city. speed of tbe French and American an none other Self-Culture for July. o Ovation to Spanish War Relic. The cannon captured at Cavlte by Ad tniral Dewwey is In our town, and on Sat 4 Buy these today; toniotilei and the proposed international race bad directed the attention of tbe great inventor to the problem of long MbKaisH. Wringers, Ironing Boards, Sad Irons, you'll have 'em ready for Monday. ktt that the Delmonlco restau distance traveling, and be positively as urday evening, Jully 8, at 8:30 p. m. the ate arrived yesterday for a visit. Captain W. W. Marsh went back down to the St. Elmo mine, and Intends to start within a day or two for Omaha. Mrs. Ira Higby and daughter. Dora, left SOODS DELIVERED. serts thst when completed bis machine for postoffloe will open flay, Jtrnt si, 9S. people of Deadwood will give it a royal reception. The cannon is being polished will have a running capacity of from 12 to 1 4 miles sn hour and that tbe motive power wonld last to travel ISO Mmonlco for the best meal in and mounted preparatory to Its Introduc f DEM UTH'S "ARK" I for Omaha, after a visit with Anson Higby tion. The entire Are department, ass I ted miles witbont recharging. "As the demand increases," be oon D. D. 8., Grown and Bridge . and wife, and with Mrs. George V. Ayres. i by the Red Men and Modern Woodmen tinned, "and shonld my vehicles prove wive CM for Painless I nnm qok ,, .ir- iar w thPirl teams In uniform, headed by the Deadd J 70 Sherman Street. the snccess I anticipate, I will sitb i - vtst rouiip roar- i home at Clinton, Iowa, after a short visit bnild s factory for their manufacture or t i t i i f 1 1 f i f i f 1 1 in n 1 1 1 n 1 1 f.i wood brass band, will receive It In torchlight procession and escort it from the F , E. & M. V. depot to the City hall. Mayor 1 .-1 f h Ml- anri Mm R M. Maloney in this sell ont my rights to some bicycle con . Out k conducting a first class , City. cern. Star, who has been working first, last and the Derby. As to tbe cost Mr. Edison said that M. C. Conner's, Mrs. D. I M n. Rdirerton all the time to secure the cannon for Totm when the general demand earns the ZlJSSmaUS ROOF8 U. Daggett. Miss Creta Daggett, and John , Fttrt. root ralnt it will Cag)lner of Spearflghi were De,dwood vis- price cf a two sested vehlole wonld be Deadwood, will make an address, seconded by our reloquent orator, CcJ. Steele. The brought down to the cost of a good Till Dims Bstwoi Parrots. Itors. w mi man ao mors gooa "f Hint m the market-Joseph entire opuiace of our city will turn out, team of horses, and that a one seated baggy complete wonld be bought for from f300 to t400. ) and an invitation is hereby extended to all THE JAIL AT 'SCON'SET. the Belt towns to join us In the festivities, o The employes of the Klldonan milll will TOR. TORPEDO Prisoner Theatened to Ieave If the There are two distinctions to be made In Parrots, namely, hand-raised and trapped Parrots. The first refers to young; birds taken out of the nest and raised up by hand; these will always learn to talk rapidly and easily, and turn out as A No. 1 talkers; tbey are very tame and hardy. The latter refers to Parrots caught wild (trapppedV.fwhich will never learn to talk, never get tame, and as s rule never do well In captivity, for a length of time, taking sick and dying off very soon. Beware of peddlers selling trapped Parrots for hand-raised ones. There are none of tbe latter kind on the market at this time of the year. The first young, hand-raised Parrots will not arrive before the next two weeks. We will take j please take note that a furnished room has Sheep Were'nt Kept Out. Contrivance Tkat Follow the If la i'Uttl Bjri, RiMrl expe, tTom (J " w,onous accumulations, f tit stomach, bowels and liver, .ft Mood.. They drive away dis-j ptU eUncholy, and give j 1W for the dally routina Do r tlcka. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. st I - aid Llarata l Loeatloa.. Joseph R Holmes, inventor of what ; been reserved at si. josepn 8 nospuai in "Part of my last summer s vacation was ' this city for those needing surgical and passed at the quaint little fishing town of j medical attention. This arrangement will 'Sconset. In Nantucket Island," said Dr. date from today. is kuowo as tbe torpedo indicating light. arrived st New York on the steamship M. D. Monglian from Glasgow snd will at F. P. Fletcher, of this city. "Here are i st the White House, order for ujlNUINH HAND-RAISED Parrots now, aa our buyer Is In Mexico at present and will return with -a very large consignment within ths next two weeks. Write us for prices. GE'.SLER'S BIRD STORE. MrBl P. S. I HAVE NO AGENT ON THE ROAD. W. W. TORRENCE. Deadwood. S. D. July 7th, 1899. Site tempt to interest ths government at ectrte lights. Rent $10 per situated the court house and the county Washington in his discovery "But I The employes of the Golden Reward am not at sll selfish." said. Mr. Holmes at tbe Grind bote! the other night to a ""t- Fine view from every Jail. The Jail is a very primitive affair, ';' iboth in its construction and In the way "ft tkt til , ... . it is conducted. The eheep and cattle o' Consolidated Mining and Milling company New York Times reporter. "I liks I THAT TlfROBBINO HEADACHE. will place take note that a furnished room has been reserved at St Joseph's hosnital in this city for those needing , - ciuiw uwjor aallea . F "wily la the jii atButte. Mon the "'S1borhood flnd the Jail yard an at" 'oJ.jjuMopf one of the tractlve ,eedlng place' an1 they WSDder u. in .nd n..t of it at will. There wer.; two miriHcal and medical attention. This ar - . mmm ui a couple or mm 'irimimi In lall whe I was in Sconset, tea in Deadwood. i but at different times. In the case of the 'Und left Wednesday for first the Jailer got tired of having to stay rangement will date from today. W. W. TORRENCE, M. D. Deadwood, S. D., July 7th, 1899. The employes at the Deadwood Dels Would quickly leave yon. It yon used Dr. King's New Ufa Pills. Thousands ot sufferers havs proved their match-lets merit for Sick and Nervous Head-acbea They make pus, blood snd strong nerves and build ap your health. Fasy te take. Try thena. Only SS cents. Money back if not cured.' Bold by Phillips A Steensen. DnursrUta Rmk fitted ot with lt Jall all the time to watch and feed CIGARS u The prisoner was a resident of n Z ? " roun mvl one man TW freietht train U i "Vol am-umr will nlease take note that a nti mrthis city, and had iy. an i 'Sconset "Go home every day and atay there un- alt t.u Aaran VAIir three maals. See lMn from the body at the America and the Americans, and if I can render ths American navy a service I shall be glad to do so. "My invention consists of a small conical canister containing a special chemical. This is placed in the tube of a torpedo, and previous to tbs firing ths canister is perforated and is immediately brought into contact with b water. This contact forms a gas which, on coming to ths surface, bursts into brilliant flame, and as ths torpedo proceeds under water the location is indicated by a flame. "When tbe torpedo is exhausted and becomes stationary, it Is easy to locate it by the indicating light and to recover it independent of tbe depth of water. As torpedoes are very costly, my invention proves a matter of great economy. Tbe system has been adopted by tbe governments of Great Britain, Cbi.e. Italy and the Argentine Republic'' hip. LU JUU UVU J ttf lame, a j', tj,, - that you're back early to be locked up.' win - ... I i . furnished room has been reserved at St Joseph's hospital In this city, for those who may need medical or surgical attention. This arrangement will date from today. O. H. COBTJRN. U. D. Deadwood. July 7th. 1899. the Jailer said to him at last. u. SS that appeared In the RANGE HORSES. Barrett A Zimmerman, Midway horse market, the largest range horse dealers in the northwest Hsve commodious facilities specially arranged for handling range horses with large -corrals and pastures In j0 'Wwday. that of WUHam ir J ltta. "ot IntenUooally. a taoit of the re-the oversight of an ln- as tM. 0FC0MF0R3: "So during the rest of the tjrm for which ha was sentenced the prisoner went regularly home In the morn ug, and staid there during the day, and came back to the Jail at night Nobody In 'Sconset seemed to think there was anything out of the way In this." s 3; I I connection and with' their stables midway fm ,v T 7in rre '0 SMOKERS between Minneapolis and St PauL where range hones can be disposed of to a bet o , DEATH OF A. C. COWGILL Last Monday Acqullla Coats Cowgill ei-pired after an indisposition of several years' duration, at his home In the Spearllsh valley, surrounded by family and friends, who spared no effort to make h's closing hours ' peaceful and happy. Mr. Cowgill came from oM Virginia ancestry, who trace their genealogy to the days of try on ter advantage than elsewhere. Minnesota Transfer, St Paul, Minnesota. A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER Will ofen cause a horrible burn, scald, cot or bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the AAAVIS'SONS ft CO. MAKERS "krtdg. that was burned 'ul, -av was aoTi, wMtT. the rata iJVv " the bridge un-H, llrnnM' IeD from """th,! tt Passenger ia. 'rtd freight train was JOSEPH FORD AUCTIONEER. If you are leaving Deadwood and aare best in the world, will u u - rnueror. That he descend laiay People. Christianity wants nothing ho much in tbe world aa sunny people. The old are hungrier for love than brt'tid. aud the oil of Joy la very cheap, nutl if yon can help theToor on with a garment of praise it will be better for them than blankets. HeoT DrammonxL. JOHN GWOOOVVARDfltCOJ Promptly heal tt. Cares old .'- m . .y tock eTldencea by ... furniture to sell or anything else, get Fort to sen It for yom. Es will, get yon awns Bloers, boils, felons, soma, all skin WHOLESALE DISTRBUTERS 0 COUNCIL BLVFF3.!OWAtT Only money for yonr goods than any one else. mtttnna- Beat nils ears on earth. vitality and extreme a his seventy-eighth year. He was a member of the O. A. sad win bs burled Sold by - -.iat JOSEPH FORD. I SS senta a box. Curs fuaranteed-K. a PhflUps, druggiat- Jnst ahead of opposed that Us it. k

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