The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 22, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 22, 1898
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Fhe Daily ItflONEER- IMES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEAD WOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 22, 1898. FIVE CENTS VIGOROUS MEASURES. the r.!;;i;;s oustoy. Censorship at Tampa. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes) Tampa, Fla., May 21: The strictest government censorship over the telegraph and press that nothing wa allowed to go out until 24 hours after the fleet left THE CYANIDE PLANT. kind of censorship has been established here. Absolutely nothing pertain Wardman Hardware Co. Ayres ing to military or naval movements Terribly Avenged. (Special to Plooecr-Tlmes.) Key West, May 21: The loss of two from this port will be permitted to be Mr. Mulr, of Denver, has been here for the past two weeks superintending the alterations and Improvements at the Cyanide plant In this city. He has The Administration Has Determined to Vigorously Push the War to a Close. sent. Official bulletin of such news as Hardware and Mining Supplies. of the cruiser Marblehead's men off the army officials consider advisable Clenfuegos has been terribly avenged. ill be provided for. It la intimated long been associated with the MacAr-thur Forrest Cyanide Co. at Denver, The number of Spanish dead is now put at 300. Cuban officers say private that the censorship will continue until after the final movement of the troops to Cuba, It being the purpose of the houses In Clenfuegos were turned Into hospitals and morgues so great was the Giant Powder, Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, Steel Rails. Gas Pipe and Steam Fittings, Belting, Hose, and Packing. number of dead and wounded. Plumbing, Tin and Sheet Iron Work, Cook Stoves, and Steel Ranges, government to keep the Spanish government In Ignorance so far as possible of our plans for the Invasion of and is a chemist of national reputation The changes being made In tie plant here, are Important and will tend to greatly facilitate the handling of ores, will Increase the capacity of the plant and Improve Its efficiency In the extrme tlon of gold. About another week will be consumed in completing the lmprov A Remarkable Situation Made More so by the Numerous Conflicting Reports. Fifteen hundred artillery, cavalry Cuba. ments at the end of which time a full Dakotans Mustered in. (Special to Plonesr-Tlmes.) Sioux Falls. May 21: The First reg and Infantry fired on four boatloads of men sent from the gunboats Nashville and Marblehead to cut the cables. They were or a narrow strip of land on each side of Cienfuegos bay. Into these 1,500 the Marblehead. Nashville and Wiudom poured a murderous crossfire. The Marblehead tired no leas than 100 account of the changes and additions to the plant will appear In the columns 8 Gret Ouv Prices Before Buying. m iment South Dakota volunteers was of this paper. Sampson and Schley Have Been Disoovered but the Don is Still at Large. nimra;KipgpngflggflgromMiuiMioio THE D. D. SMELTER. five-Inch shells. The Nashville fired mustered In this morning at Camp Dewey, after which the oath was administered to the field and staff officers Lieut. Duff, the recruiting officer, was present and counted the men as they stood up In company column on the pa of the convention to be the election of Dr. carpenter is making prepera-tlons to blow In another one ot the and material progress. The rector hss grown with the church. He came here 500 four-lm h and 3H secondary batteries. Scores of sharpshooters kept up the deadly work. The chips fired shells exclusively. The men say that where large furnaces at the D. D. works. young In years and young In the min fifty-eight delegates to the state convention to be held at Aberdeen on June 22nd. The secretary read the official call and the convention got down to They have one In operation now. which rade ground. In Fancy many exploded, scores of rifles which like the one to be added. Is only a tem The Ttlrd regiment of cavalry, two istry and has risen from rector to arch deacon, next In Importance to the Blih op. Aside from his public work, his charities and benefactions have been had volleyed steadily became silenced. business. A committee on credentials porary affair and quite Inadequate to handle the ore being -shipped. The companies of which were mustered Two of the enemy's batteries were consisting of J. A. Harding, Timothy ere, will start to-morrow for Camp new one. It Is expected, will be In work Foley, A. T. Adams, Harry Deleray and large. He has been equally successful silenced in ten minutes. One man Jumped to the fortifications at Colo Thomas. Chlckamauga. It will leave at 9 o'clock a. in., over the Omaha road In ministering to the spiritual and ad Ing order this week and is the best makeshift that can be secured pending (Special to Ploncer-Tlmei.) Washington. Mny 21: The situation to-night Ifl the moHt remarkable at any time during the war, considering the position of the hostile fleets, and it Is doubtful If even the board of strategy can form a conjecture an to what turn affairs will take in t!io next fuw hours. The news was made pub'ic that both Samp-wn and Schley's fleets went Into poit at Key West for coal on last Thursday, but that the government exercised a strict censorship over the rado's point to get bearings for a com Sol Burns was appointed and reported delegates present from almost every precinct In the county. in a train ot ien cars, seven of which slatterns Smooth, soft faced, goods are more the thing ministering to the financial And musical tffalrs. He has also exercised a the erection of the new smelter. I ill be utilized for the transportation rade. He fell backward the next moment at the crack of a score of American sharpshooters on the Nashville, It was decided to select at least one wide Influence for good in the commu f the horses. AMERICAN EXPRESS. A new ore shoot has been encoun nlty. A farewell banquet was tendered Col delegate from each voting precinct In the county, to attend the state conven this Spring for men's wear than rough fabrics. Grigsby to-night at the Catafact house Marblehead and Windom. The Marblehead with two live-inch guns at the tered In the American Express proper THE RISE AND FALL OF THE and was attended by 209 guests, includ same time blew the light house off the MOUSTACHE." wires and would not Nrmit messages tion and to select sufficient delegates-at-large to make the total number of fifty-eight The committee reported the following Hat of delegates: Lead ty on Blacktaln. which Is likely to double the output of ore from that mine. A new drift was started from the main ing Gov. Lee, Col. Frost and staff and many prominent men of the state and earth. It A red at 800 yards and kept When Bob Burdette lectured the oth to be filed on the subject until after they hid departed. The public had it up until the Spanish ceased firing altogether. Estimates of fearful havoc ity. er night everybody laughed. Yes, every we offet to-day a ve;y choice assortment, comprising in all some tzventy- City, 1st Ward: Jos. B. Moore and Tim shoot to the northwest and two sper-ate vertlcles have been crossed within Pierre, May 21: The banks of this been led to believe that Sampson's body, stern men, dignified women and are confirmed by Colonel Oriz and ity to-day advanced to the state $3,000 othy Foley; 2nd Ward, A. McKenney; 3rd Ward, A. Q. Smith; 4th Ward, F. fleet was off the coast of Jamacla and that Schley's fleet was well on the way Lieutenant Alvarez. giggling girls a'il bubbled over with a distance of fifty feet The ore In these vertlcles is of a good grade and B. Coram. Terraville, Jas. Terry; to Join him. but it is now given out mirth. When be tells you In his earnest manner about the truths of life, with which to meet the expenses of the state troops up to the time they are to be taken In charge by the general gov- they seem to be widening as they go Garden City, Sol Burns; Golden Gate, All the Cubans who reached the Marblehead In the open boat had been In the cockshell thirty hours until they fiv6 patterns direct that after filling the bunkers with he shows a depth of feeling and a north. If they keep their present di eoal, the magazines and even the decks rnment. This amount will probably M. O. Berg; Portland. Lloyd Bos well; Central, Henry Gibson; Gayvllle, Ed. rection these shoots will converge with world of sympathy with human nature that Is very touching and o. . the other with heavy projectiles, all sailed today Blgnaled the Marblehead. They came from a camp fifteen miles west of the main st xt and a big body ot ore be sufficient for all the demands which will be made "upon the state, as the for Havana. Even the monitors, torpedo boats and other vessels of the Knowlton; Spearflsh, H. C. Potter; Terry, M. A. Wilcox; Englewood, B. F. Landers; Crow Creek, F. E. Rush- Clenfuegos. Cubans from the city hand he displays the keenest wit and an appreciation of tbs redlculous that brings your neighbor's fallings vividly la l".ely to follow. This property Is being thoroughly developed and ore has been discovered In every drift and' troops are now all mustered In and a government charge. brought the news of a Spanish slaugR musquito fleet went with them. The ter. A hundred were wounded and all ton; Plums, O. F. Ong; Upper False- Oregon was not there. It is believed to your mind's eye cross-cut. The ore shipments lav to be somewhere off Santiago de Cuba Bottom. J. W. Wilkinson; Centennial, A. T. Adams; Carbonate, John F. Mc troops have since been withdrawn to the city. T :e Cubans received 5.000 Sampson to Sail for Santiago de Cuba. But while hie wit Is keen it don't month amounted to over live hundred The fleets. Bay the authorities, sailed from the shops of those famous bailors Sirouse dc 'Bros., at the remarkably low price, quality Considered, of G10.00 a, 3-uHt. equal the knives and scissors we're rounds of 45-callber amuultion which Laughlin; Ragged Top, A. T. Kinney; (Special to Ploneer-Tlrnest Washington, May 21: The report ca tons, and but for the bad condition of the roads the output would be Increas for Santiago with instructions to destroy the Spanish fleet if found there Spring Creek. V. L. Johnson; Dead- selling cheap; while his mind Is quick" our bicycles are quicker; he Is very the Eagle put ashore with the Cubans near camp. The Cubans also reported bled from Madrid to London that the ed this month. Dally shipments are If not. to bor.ibanl and reduce the for Spanish fleet has sailed from Santiago now being made to the D. and D. smelt that the overland wires to Clenfuegos wood, 1st Ward, Dan Hennesy; 2nd Ward. W. H. Parker; 3rd Ward. John Mansfield; 4th Ward, Fred M. Brown tifications. had been cut. The cable from H.itaba- er. de Cuba harbor Is not credited In official clrcli here. In any event they original, but our prices are more so, at the Ark. Don't think we do not apprs elate Mr. Burdette. It Is not that we love Burdette less but that we love our A report comes from Madrid that the and F. P. Ward; Two Bit. P. H. Smith; say Sampson will know the truth to THE SNOWSTORM MINE. Whltewood. H. J. Grant; Kirk O. How Spanish fleet sailed from Santiago to. day for an unknown port. This, how ever, Is not generally credited in ad day, as he Is there with six battleships. ard; Nemo, H. P. Estes; Crook City, Mr. Maloney reports that It has been neighbors more that we tell you of our bargains. no to Clenfhcgc-r was In ten and a half fathoms and the cable from Clenfuegos to Santiago de Cuba in fifteen and a half fathoms. Sections of the cable were cut out and taken aboard the Nashville and Marblehead as souve three monitors and Ave torpedo boats. These Suits are of I W. L. Lee masters; Galena, J. F. Kelly; found necessary to close down the 1 aInistra'..uii circles and It Is thought It He has been Instructed to. and will. Ruby Basin. Tom McKean; St. Ong, Snowstorm mine. In Nevada gulch, un force the harbor fort 1 Ural Ions and go Is still there. There is some slight fear that It has started for Atlantic Isaac Forrest; Reeds, J. E. Cook; the identical cloth and are letter made til the arrival of pumps, now being shipped from Denver. Several days n after the fleet. CHURCH SERVICES. CONGREGATIONAL. Boulder Park, Pat Walsh; Crow Peak, nirs. coast cities, but the administration in It Is believed that If the Spanish fleet Chas. Hennlnger; Hathaway, Amos ago a large Inflow of water was en tends to take chances. On the return Ames; Mountain Meadow, Gilbert Tow countered In the shaft and the pumps has left Santiago, It will make for Havana or attack the Atlantic rnant. of the fleets from Santlttgo an Imnie Cisneros to be Married. (Special to Pioneer-Times) Rev. Alex fc McCoumU. D. D., Pastor. now on the ground were found to be en dlate attac'; by the combined fleets will er; Mountain Ranch, Jas. Herron; Perry, C. H. Lewis; School District 67, Residence No. It Centennial Are. tlrely inadequate to handle the work. be made on Havana and after the for Washington. May 21: Evangeline Rossio y Cisneros, the Cuban girl late Peter Bars bell; Woodville, it. F. Hall; Hence the necessity for new and larger Spanish Fleet Off Again. (8pecUl to Pioneer-Times) Services morning and evening. Ideations have been reduced and the ly In Mrs. Logan's care, Is soon to wed pumps. They are expected to arrive Sunday Bohool, 12:15. batteries silenced, landing troops will London, May 21: A cable from Ma Carloe Carbonel, a former Cuban bank' this week. and letter trimmed than those which any tailor in this city can offer for $20. Here you are fitted with lut one try-on; at the tailor's? Well, you Itnow. SOL ROSENTHAL, Deadwood, - - South Dakota. Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 8 p. m. Elmore, Jas. McArthur; Elk Creek, Martin H. Johnson; Bear Gulch, Frank Howard. Delegates at large, T. J. Abbott, C. 8. Hudson, Louis H. Moran, drid says the Spanish fleet under Ca be rushed. The government declares that from now on the most vigorous er, who was yesterday nominated by Choir Rehearsal, Saturday, 8 p. m. ve ra left Santiago de Cuba last night President McKinley as a lieutenant CONCENTRATES. policy will be pursued. The president after taking on supplies and ammuni Special music by quartette. The seats are free. and aid on the staff of Major General Harry Deleray, Jas. Seed all, J. M. Bur Robert C. McShane.the Yellow Crock tion. The destination of the fleet Is has determined to end the war at the ealieet possible time no matter how gess, John OUchoff, Geo. Karcher, J. 8. Fitzhugh Lee. Morning Subject: "What Is it to be a bonanza king, has just returned from kept secret. Christian?" great the sacrifice. a visit to Missouri and reports the com When Carl Decker went to Havana with the express purpose of llbera'.l'ig Miss Cisneros. be found a trusted lieu Pratt, Matt PlunketL The committee making the above report consisted of P. H. Early. E. M. Davis. A. C. Porter, Evening Lecture: "Religion and mencement of many Improvements, al' Amusements." A Spanish Report (fipedal in Pioneer-Times.) terattons and additions to the working M. A. Wilcox. Oeo. b. Hart. F. E. Rush tenant In the person of Carbonel, al Sampson and Schley Found. (SiKlal to Plonrer-Tlmes) machinery at the Wasp mine. The In' ton and W. H. Parker. A committee. though like Decker, he at that time Madrid, May 21: An official dispatch creased operstlobs require the added TOUT BAPTIIT CHURCH. C. L, Kirk, Pastor. made up of Harry Deleray, F. P. Ward Key West. May 21: The fleets of was unacquainted with the fair young from Havana to-day says, "Several Improvements. and J. H. Wilkinson, was appointed to Cuban. When the night of rescue from Sampson and Schley left here yester American warships arrived In front of 10:30, Mooring prefer. 11:00, preeadhinc by tfhe partnr. S Win. McOarity.who for the past year draft resolutions and reported the fol the Havana prison came.Carbonel was the bay, but the vessels remained at conducted an assaying establishment lowing, which were unanimously and at Decker's side during the entire af conjiderable distance from the port day for Santiago de Cuba. They had been coaling here for twenty-tour hours, but such la the severity of the 12:15, Sabbath school Just Received Three Car Loads of at Rigged Top. baa moved his outfit to enthusiastically adopted: and out of reach of the gun. of the fair. 1:00, Junior Meeting. Resolved. That we heartily beHeve In fort." 8:00. Gospel and Song service the Southern Hills, and will hereafter attend to the assaying for the Holy Ter Furniture, Crockery, Etc., a4 adhere) to the reforms advocated Another dispatch from Havana says 7:00 p. m., B. Y. P. U. ror and Keystone mines, besides son by the Pop al 1st party, particularly ths and A cordial Invitation to fries I two American ships again shelled Ouat anamo yesterday but without doing tinuing his general business. stranger. principles of direct legislation and bimetallism; that we will use our utmost any damage. President McCallum, of the Detroit G8:ranzvMD endeavors, as Populists to bring them MFTHODIgT CHURCH HEXY1CM. and Deadwood Mining company turned east yesterday. He has spent Into practical operation and to bring bout a mors Just and harmonious con Smells Strongly ot Fish. (Special to Plonrer-Ttsaes) several days here and goes back home dittos of society. Rst. C. B. Clark, D. D., Pastor. TODAY'S WORK AND WORSHIP. 10:30. Morning Class. Washington. May 21: It Is given out leaving the affairs of the company in good shape and feeling entirely satis That we heartily commend the course by the war department that a cable I Tb C!J H:l of our Congressman Knowles, Con' 11:00. Sermon by Burdette, subject. fied ot Us ultimate success. Himself and several of the directors will return here In several weeks to observe the gressman Kelly and Gov. Lee and that the delegation from Lawrence eornty The Up-to-date-- Dry Goods 'Olodstone, Statesman, Premier and from Key West says: "As the fleets of Sampson and Schley were 50 miles off port to-day they met the Spanish fleet coming in. A battle ensued which Christian. FcnraS!:r3... be and Is Instructed to uss all honor nrocress of the work. Tie hoist for Ll".!!l3'0 FTIC able means, to secure their re-nomlna- the plant has been purchased and Is al resulted In twelve Spanish ships being tlon. 12:15. Sunda) School. 8:00. Junior League. 7:00. Epworth League. 8:00 iSvenlng Service. ready on the way here. That the Lawrence county delegation sunk and two American ships being dls abled. This Is uot official, however, as the report was brought In by fishing also use their utmost endeavors, at the TERRA VILLE ENTERTAINMENT. All welcome. 8trangws In the city stats convention, to bring about a un House . . . A Fine Line of Carpets Through the rain and mad a large specially Invited. ion of ths silver forces of the stats. boats." (Night Editor: If I don't wire on this agUn by 12 o'clock, let It crowd found their way to the Ulnars' That we are opposed to the Issue of and Rugs Just Received- ST. AMBROSl CHURCH. Union hall to witness the performance go In as it stands, as a runner. Porter) bonds In any form whatever, believing Ths services today, Sunday, will hi by the' Terra ville school, and tu say the that stiver and green Jacks are good least the exercises were highl.v enjoyed as follows: At 8:30 o'clock, 1st Mass at Csntral, enough for any American eltlien. Guarding Against England. (Special to Pioneer-Times) ft Offers this Week Special Bargains irn 1 and reflected great credit upon Prof. That we deplore the dilatory tactics Pvles. the principal, and his efficient At 10:80. High Mass iM Sermon at employed by the administration In ths Deadwood. assistants. present war with Spain." from 8:00 o'clock to 8:00 Catechism The drills were splendid specimens New York, May 21: A dispatch from Gibraltar to the World says: "The Spanish towns nearest the British possessions are being strongly reinforced. Thousands ot troops arrived last night The convention was well attended and Instructions tor Children eaJ of dlsclplln end physical training, and i showed that no little amount of eul Adults. and the proceedings gons through with In aa orderly manner and without any Call and Sea me before purchasing elsewhere. lUfpectlully YoWl, BATJ BOnV7AJISWALD, At 7:80 o'clock p. m Rosary Sermon at San Roque, a town of 8.000 Inhabi great degree of enthusiasm. It is ex ture had been bestowed. 0ns of the enjoyable features ot the program was a recitation by Mrs. Jary's little girl and Benediction of tbs Most Blessed tants, who are largely pec ted that very near a full delegation aifpetof Huge, lti& "Window (If ram is. T. W. STANTON, Rector, on "The Maine." As shs left ths stags will attend the state convention. The business ot ths meeting occupied about miles northwest of here on the edge of neutral territory between the kingdom of Spain and British possesions. More Spanish troops have also been sent to the audience could not restrain them two hours and a half. selves, so loud cheering rang from ths ST. JOHN'S CHURCH. Rev Cu O. Wars, Rector. J audience and galleries. 8T. JOHN'S CHURCH. Algeclras. 11:00 o'clock, sermon by Rt Rev. Dr. We are sure we express ths sent! W. H. Hare, followed by consecra Sk&deo tion service. Yellow Fever at Havana. (Special to Pioneer-Times.) Ths corner stons of 8t John's was laid by Bishop Hare on November 12th, 1880 and ths cap stone will be laid this ment of the entire audience when we say that Central and Terraville has never enjoyed anything equal to It from the public school. Both pupils All are cordially Invited to attend. YESTEHSATS FEHCCr.ALS. Mrs. Steel, ot Hot Springs, Is visiting Tampa, May 21: Information reach A number of the members ot A. troop visited Deadwood yesterday and retained to camp in ths evening. Felix Ashcroft has returned from Chicago, having completed the first year's studies at a medical college. morning. It will bs an occasion of LADIES' DAT. and teachers have covered themselves ed here to-day from a reliable source, that yellow fever has become epidemic heartfelt gratification to ths Bishop in ths city. A hot gams of bass ball ts on ths with honor. We might also add that the duet bv Misses Matters, was a And all Kinds of and Is raging to an alarming extent at and tie members ot 8t John's to reap ths msllow grain of ths tiny seed plant ed so many years ago. Ths church has Havana. much prised feature of the entertain' ment and showed special musical tal tapis for this afternoon. It will result from the meeting ot the local team with ths Lead City combination. The Lead club has some strong material la prospered and has to-day a baptized i it Camara Returned to Cadiz. (Special to Pioneer-Times.) Troops A., C. and D. ot ths 8rd U. S. Vc:, Car., expect to leave for Chlckamauga at t o'clock to-morrow morning. To-day will be the lut opportunity to see the boys. membership of two hundred and eighty e it as well as training. Long live ths good Influence ot the Terrmvtlle Enter ..DRAPERIES., i live persons, an auditorium comfort tainment of May 20, 1898. Its make-up and ths Deadwood outfit has already shown Keelf to bs In closs proximity to Its occupation. They have Madrid, Mar 21: Admiral Camara, after having had several conferences with the minister of marine, returned to Cadis to-day. The fleet commanded POPULIST CONVENTION. secured a phenom. la ths person Konca ably and substanclally furnished, a choir to accommodate forty voices and a chancel creditably appointed. During the last six years ths church has raised and disbursed ($10,450.00) Ten Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars, Ths populists of Lawrence county A. Roeer-fleld, of Owensboro, Ky., Is at ths Bullock . Harry Milter returned yesterday to ths PL Mesds camp. Henry Frawley returned from his farm at Oaneva, Neb. . CoL Parker returned Friday from a business trip to Btargia, Dr. Boyle, of Tarry, cade a social visit to Deadwood ysstwrday. J. F. Diets, ot the Eberidaa Goal Co. returned to Omaha yestirday. Kiss Nellie Williams, left last Wen. ing oa a visit to her mother st Hot Springs. by the admiral, will, it Is said, sail un At Reduced Prices. Martlnaa. of the U. 8. assay office. He has shown himself a warm article oa ths third eornttr of ths diamond and will add strength to the In-field. Ths der sealed orders. met In convention yesterday at the court house In this city. Ths gather of seven hundred lollsrt ing was called to order at J:00p. m. by I exclusive A Cwelve-vtory, Ml Mock, four-mill- (rtV which It has contributed to outside ob Jndn Moors, chairman of ths county I are bought the St Louis restaurant and will take charge Monday, i!ir 21 I will pay the present proprietors la full at t o'clock, June 33 and "? one having bills agains thena Kut'; prst sent thfcra before Utat dat or t2i?y r.l net be allowed. (Signed) "LUTC::" management wishes It announced that this la especially ladles' day and that ton dollar bote! ts to be butt In New York to fum&m parlor, tod-robm, sad uiramittM. Jndre Moore and F. B. jects. I J. WERTHHEir.IEK & BRO. on lady will bs admitted free oT Tbs present rector Archdeacon Ware Corum, were elected temporary chair I i charge, with aaron purcbaalng tmQi at 81 per flay. It tta gas ena only to fixed so it front blow out, aod fine has been la charge a little more than man and secretary respectively. The 4 grand stand ticket. Ths gams will be six years, during which time the i church baa made most of Its spiritual temporary officers were mads pema-nsat. Judge Hoots stated tbs object called at 8:80 o'clock, promptly. feed bugs and cock'UBjcfces oaa bs bConk ded, ft nuul to to tad for Nw Tor.

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