The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 9, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PI0NEEB-TIME8, DEAD WOOD, & D. THE FLOYD MONUMENT. Black Hills Company Will Submit Bids to Furnish the Stone. Frank V. How it. tin-;ei' ' p mil i -r. t . w tin i on,- n 1 1 1 1 eh ii I' i-i-KM. .,; t!;,. hi.,. K Hills tw.-. be complete wnd readv "i : to the association by the At . January. The old tounda a was laa! sowral years .-ouie iv put mi;, but ' : ::; i i , U L'ue.l enr: ' a ar .: i, ,: . w :i, i, a rjiumj ruvarjxnj-n ruwinsiru nn that '.iMi i 'U. Va;!, !' ! .mi-! 'l'l,';: -i;.i !.!, : :.,i ! temple :! to turn ' lirst of l, tiou. w a,-,u, v:.. en the i at inn. arm Hi ; . i i ; i ; i . 1 1 : ii.i , . . , ... : a' I ."'.'.u'ii' . ' i up;, i' v. , ', ' ' ali'l 'I'' - . ... .1 . .1, . : 1 I lie U.:N ., ,, oy.... ii. I.' i .!. -II -t ' '!- i'.lils !:.U -I;. Ill I.' n Illllll', il . ; . . I . . ' , , ee . , 111 tile ) ' j VESTE1.A1 'i, UtMAL MLtflNG. j W c.i: nil. ,1 p.iu' of 'iiiiin.n v shin.-. 111 Jl 'llillltll Hilt llitll int.. ,mr- 3 Closiny Wi.: a Musical In tnc Hears'. Kiee L.iorary Room. 1 , . : t 1.1.. . 1 1 ai.Li. j. , iujvor o: In l he .- ?T n- - : T - .SH a Inch , iHleJ i i, v:.f v. nsttnin 1.. Ili, icLiiaim i-rv,.,i, 1. : hi-, .iiat-.-, : . c.i;,a ul.u 11. .ilia- 1..., ht't'll iltu,- .., .-..h ,, s , ; ' ' ' I c. - !! 11 I : i : 1 ' t l In! .-. I m- Hi.- nun. 'in., i.t . hut iimil a. i ;. m ha In-, n del. in. I in to gi'..- tin I'lai k 11:11s I ) 1 1 ;i ii an ; ; t r I uni I I" get in .i Iml. n being dt-Mi't-d to ist- tin. Mack Hill.-, stone, if it i a' ccptalde. and tin- price is satiMactot y The State and Government. 'I'lif monument is being built by the federal go ernaient and the State of Iowa, the government a pprop rial i n g $.".iihu and the stale $.",ihmj. and the work will lie in charge of Captain II. M. Chittenden, of the United States engineer corps. Mitchell Vincent ,an engineer of Sioux City, father of H S. Vincent of Deadwood is on a committee with John II. Charles anil Hon (leorge I). Perkins, to accept proposals for furnishing stone. II. S. Vincent called the coin in it tee's attention to the desirability of Mat k Hills marble, and it is i -a si na I d i erl a i n thai tbe k IlilN stone -will (, ( tile I ei 111 Mm, HI allll lie ;i i . t 1 1 1 . . f I 1 1 1 lie I'll, Tile ( HI I 111 I Me,- ,, ., lor sampie ui tin- stun.. , , in ' ul,e. s I i ni lit-, si ii.i ; I !,. , l:W I if i ; til .11 I.. .1,1. ,1 I ', 1 , l ' III .1.1 ..1.1 '. . I I e- GOOD judge must have both experience and learning. A housekeeper should be a good judge for she too must have Armored Cruiser." This shoo will stand tin- racket of the wildest I toy that ever kicked out shoe leather. THK Ul'lMCRS a,v made of m.Ii.I calf skin, with a'ik tanned sole leather 1 lot 1 1 mi ;,i 1 . ui e: i: , 1 U..a.ei.i; .,: I., , , , a , .. .-.-iea .n .lie.- .1.1 ! , I:,- le.l.nv lit ' e I I" I , In- , asu.l.fc, a ' in . M M 1 Ml. 1.1,1, 1 J T.., i.i.'i.; 1. .1 ab'-l. All riiiol. has slil-j, Voted ! !,!!,( t'I'a v. I'. 1 I' . 1 , 1:11 r,,n "IIC. .l. It. 1'. : ,. I ' w experience and learning or she may think that 1 , '1 a . ..'. the soaps made to look like Ivory boap are just as good. With experience she will know that they lack the remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ivory Soap P94.5ibo per cent. pure. Tin: :-st i.::; : ' III H-.l 'A 1 ' !! . 1 1 , : ' -'.1 1:' . I I, MASSAGE BATHS. l.lie; I. Wi: L ,. Sn::ll:. . . -,u v..-r aii.i airo - , s -' icl . .-''I ll!Hj p.. -e of tr Lave you a headache? 'I I, Jure I-,. Opera House A!i;i Heywood and Company List at Fishels B.iz.iar. Siyn and have the choice of reserved seats. 1 I' ipp Shoe Co. our heaJache caiioiiles. PALACE PHARMACY. iK I .. u 'i n I , :,, ,.i , I Ii 655 Main St. .....a!.'.,. I'.ei, ,' , nil I ! I Ji! I 1- I .1 II: , Sii; tl C.I I Utile M w lin i.r. e,i ht r I'.n t :.! ,',,i ' I he I. ' a .,..:. I 'ill! em , I Willi Ml'.' pig and Summer 1900 dxru lAj-ruxaruu 'u-uru muia; uru utj-ltuttu uxriuuvriru LT.nruTJTj-uTj uu utHj .-linu nm iiainstahiii'-'. Shapely Herv woiTim cnvfti a itmpety, pretty Mrorc. AM many nt I lirni iejl i e t hr uf their ritlish forma nttrr timi i utf The brut i mk of rhlmren T Mcst ru t i vr intlir tnotlicr's shnpelineHS. This cm ir Hvti tlr--l however, by the use of Mothmb'Sj We take i;it;ii pleasure in ull'cii iil;' tills season's )urcliasc lor your inspection, lni ni fully a w;iM' of the f;i( t tlial il exceeds all our previous effol'IS. otvitiistamh.; tin: kkcknt ;i;i;at adva.m i: in m kkti i a n disk in h:k;, w i ; n a vi: not avaxi:i on; 'i;ici;s IN ANY SINdLi; instanci:. -1 I'irr l.a lt 1 -Mfs, !(, i his lofhsrs Parried Vomen meal prepares the txxly for the ruin iimiii it. Ihm symmetry of form Mutmi-p'h I nd 11 the danger of cfrld birti hum nmn -V other safe! v throuijh t hitt n it i nl iei i. ! ' I'm )Uc li 111 uni lUrscrvcM is.) 1 J i-'i.i tcs 1 " i 1 ( '. . 1 M ! til p. Ml! It IS t-iiiifl 11 vrMtnt blessing, ami thou-iantN j;rntfiiill u U o( the inat uxni It Our Men's Department, is replete with l lie very latest for men's wear. nas oone mem bom ny ii arusibU hi j i o- per hull le . Friend Omr little book, telling nil Mf tins rrtimlv, wilt he nenl lii I Aiii.-i i, . ..,1.1,. i- w !,.. !,, - Ii, . Ill',' nil I j. I : . I , !l, : , , ., , , V. . ! I, . Ii 1 :, l.elll.- Illli.l , 111 i l,,,. ,. 'I'll l . , ;i,-iil lull sl;i i 1 1 1 1 ,iu I ;:i I sii t;. :i ! I , i 1 i i , I .nil -i;ii,a ;ci! i i, i , ' :i - i . , ! ! in I lie I " U i I 1 Sillies ;i ,n,ell hi i Jill Hi ' lile I la I 1 There r - ihii-tj. I'nlir lilt II 111 Hie i;nl whiill - ;l 11 1 1 it 1 ne;ir w here Snn i't m.u -i . ! ' t'loy.l I lie n!i! n: ,i, I,: i .. i who ili. ,1 ilui i im the n.r. . l expedition was mil u;is hiiri.-.l (ill what has nin. I n Known ;m Klo,'.s lllcIT n::e i,;' i;.. Kr;, .( ,; n ' s c.Ni".: I he r. ,.,'.!! I .e:,.: ! I i v . ma rk eil 1 1 a . e.;ir I e.t w ! , i , 1 1 u a 1 1 1 1 ' i a i a :'a i : 1 1 ha r 1 1 1 -. , . t In i.r.i;i llOHt . ,l II1U I'll tile 1 I , 1 The !'; el' l',ei;:1n 1" , hi awiiv the i.hil'i .ill in time I he tail 1 1 t a e, in mi, h an exteiii I hat tic reiiiai ns u ,, , 1 illl Iv e I'CI.-eil 111 I ill, .11- 7.CI1S (if Sinliv Cit) Mink lip the leniaill , and liiiiM-d them to a uiint further liaek on the lilutT. Several eai- :mn ulieli the in I isahility nf erecting a monument in memory of Floy a"; aKitatel. it reiiuireu quite a scan Ii In locate the grave. The monument i-to be placed near where Klmd was hiiried the secoml time. Size ofthe Monument. The ii ,i n nun n t will stand I'm feet hk'h will h" f feet square at the hase. all i. Iiel -.qi-.H'e a I lei I :i!ml e the'. 1 .1 i -i m l; for I' I eel t" a point. It. will stand on a concrete inundation feet deep, -2 feet square at the Lolfom. and 1:1 feet square at the top. The outside will be faced with stone, bended to one-quarter inch fre tm stiy address by Thi V dp i k 1 1 H mvi.A run Com pant. 4UIUI, Oeoria. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all tbe newest shades and styles, ranjjiiiv; in price from luaclice and a nood lea, Inr. A I ei a talion I,. I u aleiitine nl Yaliktnn I'rei: !i iiili inula." 1 epi e..ein in,L- a I'lelnll l!,i.'lel' mi hi., lil'sl visit to I Ins 1 orii.l, , and ill his perileit ies 1 .11 1 a 1. 1 ! e a walk to reinetn In i- 1 he n- .IIIOII Ii! , hoi. I No. . I'nll'T," -1 1 si, 1 !. .M is T i,;rl Willi Mr. Wetliel II a- piauirl. "What 1, tic Si I I el " M I . 'I'e.Ml I; .!!..: ,! . Din; ai 1 1 ' 1 ' : 1 " sea n.-. an . n, , 1: , , : ,' : ' n!, 1 ! ,y I tr. 'nl I in of Ver-n il!:..!! ,i. . onipanicd liy M i s. Hlunl o: Va 11 1. ' :, mi the piano. Tin- nil net ulii Ii I'! Collins used was a present tn h.ia 1 a'ely, u beautiful instrument, with a . i leal'. rinK'HK tone '1 he dilleient iiiiis were executed linely, ami Mr- lilunt showed musical ahili-tv as an a, oililKiuist. The soloist wan encored and played another heautiful M lectin!. A liin diamatic ettoit by Miss Shep-In i'd.son of Yankton followed, the last s ' e n e of til" se ond ait of "l.eah, the I'nlsal., : Miss Shephei ilnii as i.t ah. Mr. Tearty as Rudolph. Mr. Uethei, il playing softly on the piano while . was speaking. Her portrayal of l.eau was one of the linest la aid ., "i" Hills. As Miss Mi, phetd--011 is - tuig 111 Deadwood it is to he hoped v.e will 1" favored again As an en she portrayed the "Negro and the Mute." ?7.."0 to ?l!2.()0. ( Insing session tin summing. leaing I.t atl in tun.- tn take the lliyh Line In Spearflsh The handsomest line of Men's Spring DEPUTY COMMISSIONER. Suits we have ever shown; the very latest : des:ioTw iii liioli rra(le tin orintr, ran inn" i from $).:() to $2.").00. Fullv equal to tailor-made, at just one half the cost of inade-to-order goods. l.lnyd was a fine man. and he it wa.H who brought our regiment up to tho standard at Chic kaniauga Park. He was a strict uisi iplinarian .but every inch a snider and a gentleman, and he haii a friend in every man from the Ulaik Hills. II,- Was in command of our regiment during the greater pa it uf the tinn- we were camp-' 'I in the park, as Col. Crigsby was ,'n ting as brigade commander. If our lieutenant colonel could have bad hu way wo would have seen some uctivo servlci-. "Col. (Irigsliy. I understand, js promoting a big railroad deal." continued Mr. Connor. "He also took advantage of tho bankruptcy law a short time ago. and I have forgotten what his liabilities were, hiii bis assets wore D. F. Connor. Editor of the Sturgis Visits Deadwood. 1 1 !'. Connnor. one of the publishers of the Sturgis Press, and deputy slatt insurance commissioner. came up tioin Sfirgis yesterday and spent the c.i. II" it-turned, Wednesday from the stale apital, where he had been attending the duties of his position. I'ieire, he sav'. in common with the rest of the slate, is suffering for hn k of rain, and farmers and stock raisers are feeling disheartened. Yet not Our Uoy's Department consists of everything necessary for a boy's complete out tit, reliable goods, and low prices being our ONLY AIM. tWawit Blwh Co. something like five or nix dollars." How to Avoid Trouble. Now is the time to provide yourself and family with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diahrrhoea Remedy. It Is almost certain to b needed before the summer is over aad if procured now may save you a trip totown la the night or in your busiest season. It Is everywhere admitted t be the most successful tnedislne In use for bwel complaints, both for children and adults. For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. joints, and the main shaft wilt bo 72 inches in height. This shaft will be surmounted by an aluminum point. The interior of the shaft will be of concret e Lead vs. Deadwood. Weadwood will send a t"am Ik Lead City has an exceptionaJly oiioiig trum, slsts of the following players all of which arf the befl to he hail in the country, and niiwt of which' are well known. Lead City ha an exceptionally etrog team, ami the fans are willing to back them, we, however, think the following lineup will give a good account of themseJves. and if we mistake not. will make some of the Iyeadlte? sorry they were willing to make such liberal wagers. The game will be called promptly at 2:30 p. m A large attendance is expected, and a good game anticipated A meetin will likely be called of all base ball enthusi This season ve have paid particular attention to the "TIE FOLKS. . , Three-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just like 'pa's, from $2.00 to 6.50. Shirt and collars just like Papa wears, ages years and ranis. OUR GENTS' FURNISHING DEPART MENT, eoui in etery detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-tong that is new and novel worn by men. HATg of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, 8 by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades d hades for spring wear. The best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in knew style Plaida and Checks. 7 8hoe stock is now complete with the very latest in 11 Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. A soprano solo by Lulu I.anoiielte, accompanied by a Lead young lady was nei. Her high notes were remarkably clear and sweet, giving great promise for the future. A violin solo by Dr. Hohinson of Carker. S. I., accompanied by Mrs. Hiunt. The violin under his use of the bow .seemed to be telling story of struggle and aspiration. Small Phillis Cohn, dressed as a plantation darky, next sang "Have l'ou Seen Miss Hannah Brown?" in a very amusing manner. As an encore she sang ,'Mah Black Baby." Mr. Wetherell next played a selection on the piano in his characteristic manner which is always enjoyed by his audience. In response to an encore, he played a more popular piece. Mr. T-earty then sang as a closing piece. The Penitent or the Prodigal Son." The li. ntal society then went to the Hasten: -Star ball to finish the evening in the way of more music and dancing The society will have its Say, Stranger! Don't you know that you can do bet ter on jewelry by going to Central? J. withstanding the drouth, Pierre Is doing agood business. "There is always a good business In Pierre," lie said, "aiiho it may not be apparent to a person not familiar with the place and Its surroundings. The banks of Pierre transact 4 tremendous business and the business men are doing well." '"JSI M. I,. Fox. the gentleman who formerly published the Weekly Post and afterwards the Daily Independent in Deadwood. was married Thursday to Miss Jessie Lee, governor of Governor Lee, at the governor's home, In Vermillion. Invitations were sent out to numerous friends In all parts ot the state, and Mr. Connor says he thinks a number of them were received in the Black Hius. Mr. Fox has been doing well from the sain of his book "Private Smith and the Philippines," an argument against ex-Deaawood. He came up to me and him after his trip to Manila a year ago. He is also editor of the fusion press bureau at Sioux Falls, which is in itself a good position. Mrs. Connor, who la editor of the sturgis Press, has been in the institute of osteopathy at Des Moines. Ia., f ir some time, receiving treatment. Mr. Connor sayg she is Improving in health, and expects to return In the P.lack Hills within a short time. "You might say that a brother of our Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd of drigsby's regiment J. J. Lloyd, representing the Sioux Falls Press ! in Deadwood. "He came up to me in i, dentally and informed me that his brother had been our lieutenant tolonel. anil when I looked at him he did not have to show me hta credentials to satisfy me that he was speaking the truth, for he looks just like uis brother. Lieutenant Colonel C. F. VI lnrcc kcimm ytuj I asts, Monday night next, at which a permanent organization will be perfected, and plans outlined for so'iie good fas' ramefl this summer. The following i B. LaBeau of that city can fl tyou out in anything that you want at prices far below those you would have to pay elsewhere. He has been in the Jewelry business in the Hills for 2! years, and is thoroly reliable, what he sells you is strictly as he represents it. Get other prices, th-n g"t his, and compare. the line up for Sunday: Holmes, catcher: Martinez. pi'. her: nail. lt base: Graham. 2d haste jone. .Id ba-sc: McMahon. short stop: Whitfirrd left field: O'Neill, cnti'.r fi. Id: William-ritht field. ' . . o Masonic Temple Contract Let. The contract was let Thursdny night Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. Caiiimet (h) fl t I t ft by the Masonic Benevolent association, of Deadwood. for the erection of SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Koot-Ease, a powder. It 1 tires painful, smarting, swollen feet and ingrowing; nails, and instantly takes tbe sting out of corns and bunions. It Is the greatest discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Kase makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It I a certain cure for sweatine, callous and hot. tired, achin? feet. Try it today. By mail for 25c 1 ns tamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. the new Masonic temple, to occupy the corner of Main and Pine streets. Phillips & Bartlett, thn brick manufacturers of Pluma. were given the contract to do tb brick and stone () Powder work on the building, and A. Shaw of this city the carpenter work. They will begin work Immediately and the 4

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