The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 7, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEIi-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 7, 1899. vation of this disappointment by the long Your Liver delay in the ratification of tbe treaty; to WATCHES, DJAMONjj GRANT CALMED THE3I AN INCIDENT OF JOHNSON'S FAMOUS tbe belief, strenuously developed by de TT'M 1 k a m-toAsl " ltd nafnrol Hlltlftsl famatory papers widely circulated, partly fHE DEADWOOD PIONEER BSTABLISHBD JUNE 8, 1871. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. and your biliousness, headache and SWING AROUND THE CIRCLE. constipation ir cureu " yuu w.j by Spaniards, partly by certain Filipino leaders, that the Americana were a race of Hood's Pills A Palnfnl Suertfifle Which the Gen buccaneers and butchers whose methods Sold by all druggists. 25 cents. of government were Illustrated by the Fine.., Solid Cold jCWC CONSOLIDATED MAY IS, 1897. lynching of negroe in tbe south; and by eral llronuht t" k 4 lone by Forcing the Til m u II noli Crowd to Kl.teu to the lrsldt ul. There is iiotltin;; in history that or the further dissimlnation of tbe belief, thru exaggerated reports of antl-exijan PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHINQ CO Report of the Condition of THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK responds to thiit wonderful swim: of sloulst editorials and speeches made in President Johnson from Washington In America, that the Americans were not Chkat'o ly way of Itoliin Hood's Intra united In their determination to maintain TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION: KAILT Eyery Morning, Exoept Monday On Tear 110.00 Mr. Johnson planned the trip with in Black Hills Gold Staling Silver Notti At Special priCes (lr( sovereignly in the Philippine islands, and finite ouuuiUK. He prided himself on If resisted, would presently abandon the Hi Month 6.00 On Month LOO At Deadwood. In tho State of South Dakota at tbe close of business. Julie 30, lSfif). KKSOl'KCES. Loans and discounts SUlIU.CSti.'Jl Overdrafts, secured and unsecured fi.S7! 22 1'. S. llonds lo secure ( in tilai ion ".ii.hiii.i iiij Lawrence county bonds ami school bonds T..'.'H.i no Stni'kM Securities elc '1 .'iilS.'. being a commoner, aud be belieod that lie understood the neoide ami attempt. He believes that "It was good tv jLc.tvLi i issued Krerr Tnursday. One yar 100 policy to avoid war as long as possible; but the same knowledne of Asiatic c harac that If he could meet them face to fare he could convince them that the presi SU Month 1.00 ter that Impelled me to avoid fighting, If Next 20 Da dent was rl,'ht and congress wrong. To get the love of the people he carried possible to reach an understanding with lianking-house, furniture, and lixums 1" Other Heal Kstate aid M .1 l - at toe with him (Jeneral tJraut. Admiral I'm Smtered at Second-Claa Matter Dead wood Postofflo. out it, now Inspires me In my desire to rarut, Secretaries Seward, Welles and : AT : see It carried throuKfo to early aud com gages om lied :: 43 line from national banU 1 not n,M .1 :ii'o t,t '(".'. 7:1 Handall, Ueiirnil Clister and other nun plctti jMj;cess;." He repudiates, the notion wt'U known tu the (leaiilc. He .rayisi Hi I Hie- from iiMff-mvi! ihtc ,tg i.. hm.;);i .j that there is any considerable complaint ed that, aeconiliallied hv the A. F. SNYD t i Idols of the day, he would be sure of among our soldiers, that the American REPUBLICAN TICKET. Supreme Court Judge. DIGHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. enthusiastic reception every where. That regiments are disgruntled or anxious to i Milks an. I otter ca-ti i . m i - .. . Inttitial liewnile s t .1 ni is ;:;ii 04 N s of other Nut. banks ."COO Fractional paper currency, nickels .i 1 1 1 , cuts 13.05 Lawful Money licscrve in HanK, viz. was all that he asked. (Jive him a Main Street. come home, and he Is of the opinion that big crowd, and he was confident that the present warfare In the Philippines lie could win them over. should be ove-r : by the end of the next J lie- prcsUient starred from Wash pcio ta3...'il 10 dry season, which begins in November Legal tender notes .. 7, -Mo 00 40,701.10 lugton with a chip on his shoulder. The Redemption fund with V. P. and gives the reasons for this opinion. He very list crowd he met knocked it off Treaa. (D'.'e of circ'n). 2.250.00 without ceremony. It soon became THE ISSUE NEXT YEAR. Indication now are that the main in tbe campaign next year will be "Imperialism" with Bryan the star performer believes that after our sovereignty is established, "Congress should place the Total .- JMl.3fil.22 clear the people were In n resent fill mood, and after two or three clashes principal positions In a permanent service, LI ARlLhTIES Cardial stoc k nalil In FLO IWI OA some of Mr. Johnson's best frlettds of the anti's. On this Issue considerable where merit, experience, and continuance urplus fund lO.OOO.Hs recommended a change of programme. light 1 thrown, from the commercial side In the work determine a man's promotion uiiuivioea pronts. less expenses and taxes nald CO .",70 33 Many believed that the president, set fcy recent utterances of the Hon. John and advancement," and that If this is lug the mood of the people, would National bank noti outstanding 45.000.00 CASH TALKS Barrett, late I' nl ted State minister to done, and native participation In the gov Due lo other national banks 112. 'M0 yield, but they didn't know the man Hue to state banks ami bankers i. u:. i4 Slam, who wa appointed by President ernment Is welcomed, the natives will I had seen him face all sorts of crowds Individual deposits subject to Cleveland In 1894, at the age of twenty- while he was military governor of prove themselves "capable of a much cneeK "i; 373 is Tennessee. I had heard him scold the Demand cett i Me:i t i-s of deuosit... I'l.Mu.iJ seven, being the youngest United State larger degree of responsibility than that Time cerljllcates of deposit l'l.l3H3f. leading citizens of Nashville as he for which tbey are commonly given credit ( asnier a 1 necks outstanding 1.400 00 would a lot of school children; had and gives good reasons for this opinion seen him, when a mob threatened his Tolnl . . . ti:n .:i minister In the American foreign service. During his stay In Slam he made repeated visits to China, Japan, Java, and the Philippines, and, after leaving hi poet in 1898, went directly to Manila, where also., We recommend any persons who de State of South Dakota, County of Law We have got the goods and want your trade,- life, stride out Into the street and march the full length of the ci t v n t I lie sire to get a full and apparently fair and rence, 88. I. Wni. Selbie. cashier of the above- Judicial picture of the present conditions head of a procession, carrying the stars he wa (ubsequenly a spectator of the re- in the Philippines, and of the events named bank, do solemnly swear tlmt the aUive statement is true to the best of my know ledge anil belief. and stripes, and 1 knew that he would relish keenly a scran with those who which have led up to them, to read this Volt until the middle of March. In addresses delivered before the Union League we defied him. article by Mr. Barrett. W'.Vi. SKLItlB. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this Come and see us, will treat you rignt. At one point a crowd of ."0.000 nenole 1st day or July. txim. Club of Boston and the New York Cham-ber of Commerce he lay great stress on had gathered, mainly to see CninL JOHN It. WILSON. Notary Public Farragut and Seward. There was tre SINGULAR FISH CRADLES. Correct Attest : the commercial advantage to this country of maintain a political position in the mendous enthusiasm over the party, and the president was elated. Itut when he rose to sneak the crowd hoot . Father Fish Who HI far east, as a meanSs.of securing partici HARRIS FRANKLIN, V. K. AIM MS JOHN TREKEH. Directors. lyres & f arflman Hardware El Young In His Bfoath. pation in It trade. If the Philippines re In the Nile there la a singular fish ed and hissed and set up a great shout for Grant The people had seen through that has been known from early Bible, main under United States authority, he anticipate the development of a trade the president s scheme and were turn (Charter No. 23M.) times, it is dedicated to the Anostle Ing the tables on him bv uslncr tirnnt wKh those Islands within the next fif Simon or Peter, Is known as Tilapla and Farragut to humiliate and punish teen years of over $100,000,000, mountlig Bimonlg ami is especially common la Report of the ConrJilwn of the First National Bank. him. The president saw the Rtrntecv raiestine and the sea or lake of Tibe up, not improbably, to $200,000,000 of the mover and he whs as furious as rius, Nearly all these fishes have am prepared," he say, "to state and he was helpless. In every Interval of singular method of caring for their At Deadwood. in the State of South Dako prove, if questioned, that a richer isolat quiet he would attempt to speak, hut ta, at the close Of business June notti yonng. At the time of spawning the mother fish forms a little nest amnni isstfl. ed land or group of islands, viewed com paratlvely as to area and population, vir every word be uttered would be lost In the thunder of the shouts for Grant. It was a painful spectacle, and vrv. the reeds aud rushes, in which she de RESOURCES. Loans and discounts It.iniia 4 letjr of agricultural, mineral, and forest Overdrafts, secured and un body was embarrassed. The crowd posits perhaps 200 green eggs, about the size of shot, which she immediate secured IK SOfi ci V. S. Bonds to secure circula ly deserts. Curiously anough, in all tion irio nnn nn the thousands of fishes but three or four V. S. Bonds to secure V. S. De Instances are known where the mother posit inn nnn nn Shoes With a Reputation Pentiums on II. S Ftoinlu 11 0011 no resources, undeveloped as well a those already Improved, cannot be found on this globe." He thinks the dangers of the tropical climate are grossly exaggerated, nd that the man who takes good care of himself Is as safe In Manila as in London or New York; his view in this respect occurs with that of most careful scientific displays any affection for her young or Stocks, securities, eitc 126.800.73 remains dv them. Banking-house, furniture, and The father stations himself hv thn nxtures 23 finn nn nest and presently aDDeara to be dlnina Other real eatJltp and mnrt- upon the eggs, but if he Is carefullv gages owned an A4R 5 would not listen to the chairman or any other local celebrity. General Custer, then at the height of his popularity, stepped forward In his dramatic, imperious way. believing that he could quiet the tumult. The crowd was friendly, but It howled him down, and the dashing cavalryman took his seat, with the remark that he would like to clear the grounds with a brigade of cavalry, Johnson, looking down on the tumult saw smiling, contemptuous faces, but no hatred. He turned to Grant, who had retired to the rear of the platform, and said petulantly, "General, you will uue irom national HanKn observers. He says that the result of I (not reserve azemtjil ana Ri watcnea it win be seen that he la taking them Into his mouth with the I Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless Dewey's achievement has been to make Due from StAtp Rnnko nnri greatest care and not swallowing Bankers H.R27.M the United States recognised power In tnem. iney are lodged In what cor uue rrotn approved reserve agents 109 31 fi ns he Pacific. "Formerly, as I traveled hp respond to the cheek and held there. SHOES Checks and other cnah itpmo 4 t.nn 7K nd down the coast, visiting both collti The eggs soon hatch, the little fishes Notes of other National Banks U6H7.00 al and eommerelai capitals. I was always grow ana tbe countenance of Mr. Tila pla becomes greatly swollen and nnff. ractioaal paper currency, nlckles and centji 9ftR R depressed by the Indications of our seem- Are noted lor their wearing qualities nave ro sneax to them." -Ing Insignificance. When I made my last ed out of all semblance to hit former General Grant said decisively, "I will excellent for school wear. Lawful morjey reserve In Bank, vis: Specie J55.706.00 Legal-tender notes ... 15,000.00 70,706.00 teir. He cannot begin to close his - ourney in December to these same points. not" mouth and presents a most xtrmordl Then the Dresldent nary appearance. 4,500.00 cionsly, "Won't yon show yourself, general f To accommodate and protect the L. C. VERPLAST. I found America, American Influence, and American trade everywhere the first consideration." He thinks that "there s o question that .after the first few years ef trial and experiment are passed, we Redemption fund with U. 8. Treaa'r (5tf of circulation) .. Due from U. S. Treasurer, other than 6 per cent Redemption fund growing ramily the flan submits to great inconvenience and onlv nermita Grant stepped forward, and, after a ronnd of cheers, the people were as 1,200.00 them to escape when It Is a physical 1.077.916.08 will find the Philippines a permanent pay' qmet as a crjuren in prayer time. Walt lnx an Instant Grant raised hi h.nd unpossiDiuty to bold them anv Innnr ,)aaasM Total LIABILITIEa. At this time the father will undergo ing Investment;" that this will be the made a gesture toward Johnson and Capltal stock paid In (lOOOOO.OO Surolus fund inn nnn An severe treatment rather than roiin. 'natural result of our fulfilling the "un aid clearly. "The president of the PUTINOTYPE PHOTOGRAPHS, unaiviaea pronts, less expenses quisa his progeny. He hat been thrown out upon the beach, bat still clings to avoidable moral responsibility which has Compelled us to assume the sovereignty at and taxes paid Natlpnal Bank notes unrcea states." The incident was a simple one, but It poke TOhimea. Grant's faoa r..n 6,637.72 90.000.00 nis coarse, even durlna- his death struggles. Many of the yonng remain Due to other National Banks . . 80,397.11 of Indignation and reproach, and the Due to State Banks and crowa, accepting bis rebuke, listened in mis singular, cradle until they are four Inches la length- Philadelphia POBTRAITS In 00. Pastel. Water Color, and Crayon a spetWV- tographa colored; Ptotorea trained. Amateur work enlarged to twj Kodak and Camera Supplies. I Bankers 3.547.63 6,000.00 to the president for an hnnr. Ami th Dividends .unpaid IndlvidualCj)inMilta auhWt in l-de president did not spare the people. He inquirer. I T A Catarmet f Owl. cneca tlG,38.0T Demand certlflrataa o' dnnal 1 M9 c PtotoKraryhJjiir on SILK and Pnnmutn havA moved Into coiaea mem to his heart's content, replied to all their taunts, talked back to daDSh Rtrvllrt Mir n lr.i- . . . a , rViltii Consul Macrum Pretoria. Tnnmaat Time certificates of deposit ... 127,862.27 Cashier's checks outstanding .. 1,539.85 - auua avreei, liesva, ana evre preyai cu - , hWk -A - .... . ... M PI these rich Antilles of the OrlenL'To secure these commercial, advantages, he thinks that first we must recognise and ' fulfill our moral obligations. To this end we must maintain our sovereignty In the Philippines .and stand Invincible for the maintenance of our treaty rights which freedom of trade thruout all China. Secondly, we should complete the Nicaragua Canal wthout delay, lay a cable across the Pacific to the Philippines, put larger and faster steamers on the Pacific, establish American banks or branches of American anks In the east and. fin Republic) writes to the state depart v mm ww a. jwiors swistaoUoa aniaranteed. Photograpu -v united nutes deposits 96,842.44 every man that opened his mouth and aeemed to enjoy the performance as a war horse would a battle. The people took the scolding; In rood nart iiuIm. ment at was a met on that the Lteposiis 01 u. 8. disburalnc eXDQTt of Bold from the nnrta nt Rth oiucers 4,167.6 . UTl w w om emistfxed. Our work la done ai home. BLACK HILLS PORTRAIT A AUT PHOTOGRAPH 00, Na B. Main SL, Lead. . FULLER STUBJtt " Airica amount now to aboutt2.0SX.69S Used that they had come In contact .T?U1. ' 1.077.915.08 eacn week. ouiw 01 ooutn uasota. Countv of m. witn a new sort of president. They heard him In respectful silence, but reuce. as. I. D. A. MrPluruni Cachl. .v. they OlsapproTed W him, as the presl Reeetev Ratehee 0 BreeeU Charles D. Cotton, a farmer llrlni In above-nenMd hank. An w ui amrrs sraumena is true to the aeni anew when the votes were count ed at the election that fall East Foxbora Mass.. a .abort time mm nw "i my BDowiease and belief. ally, furnish, thru our manufacturer and Seward's face at such meetings was a study. The wound In his Subscribed and tim . Wn exporters, what the Orient want, and not .v "US set a rooster on 12 eggs. Tea chickens hatched out and the rooster is now looking after fata brood like an old experienced ben. " . ; . -..' Arc You Prepared? expect the Orient to take what we make only ralrly healed, and the people took a deferential attitude ion but It doee not want- It would give a false impression were we seemingly to in- still everybody wanted to a him tut JOHN R. JONia. Notary Put He P. . BPARKS, -P. A. OUSHUEST, T. 3. ORIER. (First Pubr July tb, ig9 ) ahake hands with him. tlmate that Mr. Barrett puts, the com- THE DREYFUS CASB. Farragut. in crossing the rotunda of xne capitoi, came upon a group of la- mercial advantages first. He lays stress en the. moral obligations of the United States, but insists that It fulfillment pf A remarkable change has taken place la 8PBX3IA1, ECCCSWONa. uies, one or wnom turned toward him and eagerly tnaulred. "in mn n, public opinion la regard to the guilt of those obligations will be worth all that The "NORTH WiMTKRN UKI"-. at Seward V Farragut answered without Dreyfus and there to good reason to hope a moment hesitation: I t R..R. offers some sxosedlnzjy it costs. This Issue la not obscured, in Mr. Bar 'No: I am a handaonuw mn t)i.. r, im ran. to the toOovlng Seward. My name is Fammt ontit. Tetfs mind, bv the bistort.! that it. will be reflect d in the sentence rendered by the supreme tribunal. His feelings must be some thing axis' te tho-ef the sufferer released. from the chains of a weak, stomach by that powerful fat Pine weather has come at laat, now is the time to get that pair of ; mer Shoes. 2Iy Stock Includes all of the late- and neatest summer footwear No where can you find the same goo& for less money. We always lead wbw it comes to Good Shoes at Low Pri1 , and oar stock is the freshest as well s . u tt largest in the HilL Go to cagu inter ioen. involved. These he discusses la the July 3- RWimoao. VsL Jaly li-ll Im Aageies. CaL July u-ii: . M Review of Review," la an Instructive nd apparently very Judicial article. He speaks highly of the Filipinos as a race 'of 1 The Kennebec Journal toll. Atm.. This la ssily a tw ef a. a. to dyspepsia, HoetetteVs Stomach Bitters. who has a fox and a hnmii A man might as well be In prison as to men of worthy character, despite some Sttrsiosi deketa wfll he m . have a weak stomach. It will brlnsr In.t boon companions. When bsth animals ware la tbe .hid sure, the won. ni serious limitation and defects. He ex as much misery. Hostetter'a Stomach Bit sasjeaer via "THB plains the assault of the Filipino forces nu.innuuum UNB.- r.t 1 ters will cure ' eoastpatlon, lndlieatinn es aa4 : etaer : infar.H. . biliousness, liver and kidney troubles.? As la v. It ed together and hare noK enjoyed a year of each other's society In peace and harmony. They sleep together and play with each other modi after the manner of two frolicsome pupa. The fox has perfect freMevm nt lMrn mm. -on our lines as due partly, to the slon, widely disseminated, that the Americans had come to assist them in estab-'khing Independence .and to their dlaap- occasional doee will keep the bowels regular and the stomach vigorous. See that 7WV wnnji to a TtHv Tm.A Cm . .

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