The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 1, 1900 · Page 15
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 15

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1900
Page 15
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McClintock Friday evening. They wprp nilttinr tbe vhno; nn hin.l walk between Miein when they passed Town-end is a large h,avv man. aliout six feet tail and weighing 1S' BIG PARADE FOR MINING RECORD Of B. H, LIEN Charles Zoellner and family are in New York and expect to come home this week via Washington City. Mrs. Zoellner arrived from Europe last week. They saw the Bryan and Roosevelt demonstrations, to attend. A collection will he taken for missions. A. H. Graham, formerly of l-ead. Is at present a resident of Orant county. New Mexico. haviRK been there for Hie past five years, ' He is the republican candidate for the legislature from the Fourtcerifth district. William Craliam his brother, who formerly lived at Belle Fourehe. is also liv-inir tin-re r V W Tonence returned Friday afi, i no.ui fotii Camp Crook and Had-iiiL... where he went to examine appli- Amercan Bankers Meet in Illinois and Tal! of Prosperity. how F:.r.Ti:r.s enow weal'iHY lion. in il ' ' s I.""'-. 15 ' it,-.) . i I pit ll-lllll ' US- ((..III. ! I .die I Ml H l-l"g. I : 1 ' ' : ; "'" , i h - ' " " ' 11 "' ' ' i ' , , ' , . i I " i's in "10 1 ity , '." , ' - , . . ., ,, ' John Miisselman was a llurlington ,.1 . ; !.. ' arri al last, night, ar'-v . - ..!' Mrs. II. II Muggby and two (hll-n-'ii ' - :'- 1 ' dren left for Chicago. - ' - ,: .lu.lge IMowman went down to Fied- li nil . . .1 - ill-! ' lllll 1, d 11J. 1, I l.eli. d Slat the I niied Sin - d ie 'be . :, , il;- , nun ' 1 .1 ; tl I' ,1 - - lo il,' a 'I "1 ii -1. ' of a -1 -1 111 bii 1. -11. t -e II.. y 1 -i.i. IT ii. .,r iii New 1 ill ,owc, lie- II I S, li'lr. link.' the I I li I'll ,lc ,lf ( it all I i- to 111 I- p I ..I' 1 1 till' ill U ilii'in. all , w be c, . .1.1 .1.1 lor I'M'.'I't l.-lllgl'd il d'lb a I ' "H for . el ci.l- lie lion i. nn,! M. ' - i-i !' 1 r 1 1 - 'v . r - 1 .' ! e -". : 'i-i 1 " ' ' ' of this 1 Hy. vi-:. -a " ' ' ' ' V, Vi Haines ami his two children of ' ' ' " 1 : ': ' ; ,hjs , i(V Albert 0. Ilaianes and wife ,', '', , ' ,' lot Fort Dodge, and (5. F. Haines, left ,, , -,,,.1 . on the liurliiigton for Spokane to , 1 c 1 visit their parents. ,. , .1 en, Ifarry DeLeray and wife left on the ' Flkhorn for Woonsocket, S. 1).. to at-1 tend a s( hool of deputies of Woodmen . J. .'J..-1.:! .. Lai ..Lu hultl Ikcriv .The yexpect to hg, or 2m er. ni. As t': a ( rein a ('roi-:. hi' ! I : ! pounds re cim:; v pass. Wllib- 1'!..' t and nio h is .-inall- pint-, u!ar d reached , k Crou h .1 Town-' and sti the ti-or : ha.' f- elld '1 and .and. i i. ill, lied ;u hi . II kll !:i . III- ' ! 1 1 1 1 1 . . n and in tb . . f. o, .d i I,.- to I'ea l and w .11 ,a in urn , 1 1 1 I-'i a w Futu to ., i: ( ), to! of George Fisher. ,;, a! sen ices of t he late Fir-llel'. who died Tllllls ( r 'J.'e at Ills boine at Web will be licl.l this afternoon Woodmen's hall in Lead, auspices of Cohl Hun Camp. Kev. Mr. Foblen of the an Chun h oflii. ating. The be shipped by the Hurling now inoiUiing to Vermont 'I ! o nn .'HI : lllldel tin Pre- byt. body wil tola inteiineiit A ,:'.,! itetday telegram was n from Mrs. Nettie eaesed. at that the body for burial, known in Lead ll oil. -i-t 11. .not i'. oil!, I be Si Mr. I'V !:.'! I Wil- il s r of de quest ing lit home whs wid ,ri-, i ml 11st 1 ions man lb' ale, I , onsiderable prop imu O A II d luable miming pi op b Horpitnl Notes I .ibolt . w ho I "!i W p. la! , anie to in.' w ilb t p!u .id u iv 1 i it n al in ... I- -til In !'i uinoi lit i.M leiibi'. who lud to Inn n out. is getting along n 'olliwall. who has been his sidy. M.k r. is able Mr. 1 tak Mr. I -ome t line w it h typhoid feV' 1 11,, 1 :,n,l will soon be up hargeii from the hospital. I'eters. who is also sick with is imporviiig rapidly. Conner, who was thrown arriage and sustained slight was brought, to the hospital. remained a few days. Molit. r. who is suffering from trouble, is improving slowly. Wells lias a very sore hand. Mr .1 phoid. Mr. .1 from a in juries, when- h Mr T stomach Mr .1 but is doing ire Iv and will be nospital in a dis few char 1 from th days-. Mr A he. p till as Well Hon. rmstrong was admitted to the on the 2lfh. He is doing as (iill be expo-ted. A 1' Frank continues to im- prov lcav. Mi mitt- and expi i'ct; 0011 to be aide to his he.!, ster S. Treloi' d on the 2:ird Lead was ad sllffel ing -v i t h rheumatism. Mr. I'. Orant of Hill C stiff, 'in - . and no erlainr.l with heart tumble and !' Ml :. r w im 1 bore - im n wen and PP- ami .auii'.iited they- ould ,,,,f 1l1cr.11 Hut thev dorm : , tti. -t gowns i,'t"l forrot all it t!ie biiss of enteretaining ' in h r without anv horrid men around, v ', t, tbi b' mpic club gav e its regn 1 .. f... 1 .o,.i,i K- lion on Fidav niitlit. Tin- Cy. lone orchesta played its best, wbi h is perfe, tly intoxicating, the tlooo was good, the hall was comfortable filled, and altotgethe it-wos one. of the most delightful dances of the season And yesterday, girls with Inavy ees. sard colds, and feverish leeks, sighed and said: "What a good time we must have had " One of the most attra'tivo social features of the weeK was the luncheon given on Friday by Mrs. George V. Ai res at her home on Forrest avenue. Cards were played during the afternoon and prizes were won by Mrs Nathan Franklin.. Mrs. C C Dennis. Mrs. William Selbie. and Mrs. 1). C. Holey. Yesterday afternoon little Hazel Fishel entertained a number of her fiiends at A musical at her home on Incleside. Thnrsday nieht the Altar Society of the Catholi" chunh uav.. a very pleasant progressive euchre party at the Citv hall at which prizes were won l,v Mrs. Fishel and Mr. Lawrenson. T-ast night small novq with transparencies, bells and shrill voices, an--wHWfil - that -society might -atmtw- itself with roller skating at, the Opera house. feet when he suddenly reared up and before anv one realized what was happening had strucK toth men with front feet. He hit Saxer on the top his head, throwing him down with I such foree that the men in the .-hop thought he was Killed. The doctor i ef his -b r.lay i. - at Moore v.. wa-v.- Vi ' took several stit. lies in the tot head and he was too dizzv ye do any work hut hi in in i believed to be was stru. k in the fa bla. kened. he had a below the eve. ale! nose was split op. n it. lies Wefe 11 -erio'is. e. His , severe ' the , ,d -., that INDIANA AND IL INOIS SAFE. Bartlett T pp Declare Republ ica - Btoh W,H Gc Sit 1 1 X e .I'll I!.,:', I i i. t t I t'pp . i . .' n. ea : .: n ! v - w 1 1 L 11 l ,k diaiia M. K:n 'it v t- t. rd.iv to i:n k . e- in his own -late !.. "While Indiana wa- llje VolV dliliiltfll-l col Tripp. ' ihe munii,-. r- an pa rt y tin-re no ion so It ha- been i 1 1 in Mr it ; 1 1 -.. IMil .r publ i. a in-m for ' le-and from now until majority for M. Ismb cry .l:)y Voters win fence are i lilllillbillL wagon as rapidly a- I I 'A i ( mbcr ''. the will :--iilv iv- Willi Well- oil the ibing int othe ban.! y as io-.sible. This all broimlit about bv -ion of the political i amapinn Speakers into evcrv nook and chain.',- ha- been the wide discus issues of the ll.'lVe been Sent orner Iv anv of In. liana man in all ami there i i r. its domain w ho has nut beard a republican -p. al-pli,,.. the an! i imi.ei iali-ni t. n ma- i- -ale for McKinlev " - - o FOOTBALL. Deadwooo and Lead will L ire Saturday of This Week. l!!i L n on 'I I I. 'I'll am bad .1 '"II li I 1 ' UN I 11' I .' PI.'I'U ill'ls Of si hool 'I p ;;a:n-I the s and gua (If I (II I re It t ill I. SO ga 111. 111 the 1 of 111 nt ,.. football is dang' r .1. ,.t..., ll i..(ls.. Silt,, t In U so ;s cvujLuiu. " begin- to look a- tin 1 it were not safe i,, 1 1, a.hwiod to sit down on a b.-er lo g or go into a 'binesc n staurant t,, not In. akfast. There are no nil e, bai niies.- amusements any more. ''h,. hoy Mire gathering themselves together, however for another line !,. All those who are abb' to be about on canes or . rut.di-s will play. 01,1 Kalnh Lawi-en-on and Thompson of WlliteWood Will places of Moulton Speartish paper week's game, savs lion tln ir team gc was that they bad lleadwood men so prohabiv take llii-and Parker. A speaking of la-t the only mtisfac out of tin- game fixed some of the so that tin v wouldn't plav football again this season. Mean Ipdl's mi-fol'Mlles were not ended nil, 11 tin- game was over, for on their av bom'e tin il tally-ho tipped over. !lt this was a -light thMig cnnuiied -Ki, ivl.-il llu v had- hi t l.i .11 thru ami tl) Wllloll 11" the I'nited sent to tins ide the Hills, to he oilier district? out w to electing other put up this mill in Ik ; ause he believed tested with a ve plants. M. Long the Flack Hills there were large quantities , grade ore h.u'e that could be . : - ; ..e nt ..ill. bought and tre.rt at a pn 11. has successfully treated different kinds of ores and has treated success fully the tailings from tn. moi 1 e. .... but" there are not many of them. He is ,-ontemplating putting in ' machinery and concentrators, n,. , one o two properties i nthe southern Hills leased ami expe-ts to handle ,ho ores from these as well as custom ores. .heh. avv mortars shipi" ,1 in by the Fnion Hill 'company for tin- proposed stamp mill at C.ab na w dl ,e r ,-turned to Sc Chalmers Chi'a-cngo There are twenty-sewn of thom weighing km I"1''""1 r-, li- K,,t five carloads. John rMMSr has the contra-1 to brine them -oVer and ron1 "trrem and- them over ' (rams an(J driv. wan. - e, - ers to neu ,, one nomb-d It if ' tf ,. .. . I i-l, i- t iikJi.i d' 'courage! Th- ' 1. ,. -,. a ina.-ments 1.1 j.hiy I,,',, ,.,,,i,l team on Novetnl- r Us- . ',,',,,''. s ,t . vpe t- iU ll-'. v '' ,, .' ,., 1,. ;,..- 1 'at :'. "' '!." ;,''',,. v,'.,r .,Utr- "-ei',.'." ,m ,, '.''I'"'! "am-' of 'c ,, ,,,!,,.-, i M Plav a -, ,- Tu.-dav of tbl- ,'' ;', , ,,.,..;.. : I"." ,,-,, Paliofn will he "i I " ' ' ' ... ,1... II-.. ........ ,0. ,1 I ea"l ' ro'ii ' I"- " . , :.v in" Mi', le !' and North j.', , ' 1 e fr.,m -,,-,..' ag- ,'in-1.,;,.al"cfdl.H'e -,f Fargo - """!" ' .. ..... .... Pint. IVIVbi't ,, ,,n- win, o- in tl" '"' iroin '' ,. .., ; running- on ail . e,,, ',i,e .oi.n.ry. Tin- p,-)ess is Mr. Longs own invention. 1 .. .1,.. . v, ,!,-, Ve 11 ill in I, , 1 e tSates and on- has been ,.r,., 1 from 'Colorado and i , , THE REPUBLICANS A Hundred Thousand Under the Banners Sound Money. March of Dozens of Denied Republican Participation Clubs in Chicago Parade. Spc hi!. 'Hi1, money p.i 1 1 CHICAGO. Oil. -' ... . .iv ami sound NM'cl all pri'vioim .I. ni . .... ,..: It ...iv tx.lay cell ,,n-ti aiiniis i .mated v,.!' held in "u " that "Hi- hundred thnus 1,-d uiul. r t in- nanmis ami 11 "iari . in,-perity tv ami Honest .Money, necessary to deny thous i it was ither sany participation ill an-!- "'' might not be Applications clubs all ov or ,. ,i;it the paraoe , ,inw, to bundle. . , . ... ,.r rciiiibliean ,,, ,,ate were thus refused. The , ..... . ,.,.,,in.d ten hours in passing a I line ii..n point, and it was fully equal m tne immense liryan ,.very respect to in New York City Oc- demonstration ....,i...ti..sii. was at a lll-n pihol .;. i i i . n no.. ...... .1,.. veiniblicaiis. and the t .1. in t i . . for M( managers now ciiiun ' nn - i Roosevelt. I ;til ate Roosevelt Reserving Ni;V YORK. ). t. -7 cdve'ruor Theodore Koos. ,! his tour of his own ,ic candidate's party , ,., v here by immense Himself. Sp.- ial. v.-lt . put in state today was jri tei crowds II. , a ddres-c. i-i but b v atcdlv I'll'''! on i I - ! ' k he Si J. briellv Hid uM-rt'or is res. i -. ing la.-t nmht of the : I" I' llK Cjty, which will b. , pfiut ol the l-l'ellt I !i i ni-ii i -ii The f.,r the New V !',,.'. 111! elite t Destitute From Nome. s-rTTLK, Wash.. Oct. 27. Special -The l'nite.1 States transport Law-ton arrived today from Cape Norn-' uith over six hundred passengers. Thev ere all of them de.-titute and lad'tak. n f'ho" required oath That they were unable to pav their passage home This oath required a p.ed-e from them that tney would remibur-c the government, for their passage the fare being set at ten dollars a person, which barelv pays their board on the transport. n THE MINERS ARE IN HIGH SPIRITS. Celebrating the Settlement of the Big Strike in Anthracite Region. SCRANTON. Fa.. Oct. 27.- -Special. -The miners were in high spirits to-...... were ( ebd. rating the sctth- tnent of the big strike thruout th tire anthracite region. H'r orations were seen in progress e e ell-Ilioll-vel'V- where. Fractcallv all of the local oal com panics have posted notice, no-opt m the terms of the miners, and wo. I- i , vnected to resume in all the pnm i re, mines the fore part of ing week. Embezzled Six Thousand NEW YORK. Oct. 27 ! P.eiklev. teller in the bank of Harris & Co.. was an'.' d charged with etnhe7.7Vm.nt sum of six thousand dollar c confessed to the theft of th i. 1 lie had n.i'.nev on the sto' k ex. hatei. spc. illation. He pleaded umltv sentetrre won irsrrved. -- To Assassinate Loubet. mm.' -..) T Snecl.'l A 1 .Aiw n, 01 1. - ' i was unearthed today at I.vons to as sassinate President l.oiib. t wli.-n In . ... !..)... . it.- to unveil a nion visneu ine idiit-i ' ".' ument. The chief conspjfj-afors in the plot have been placed under arrest, and the authorities are watching others who are suspected of complicity. Heavy Punishment for the British. LONDON, Oct. 27,-Spe. ial.-I-ord Roberts reports today that fifty members of the Prince Albert Guards cavalry were ambushed near Springfon-tein. In the Orange River colony, and only seven men escaped. The rest were captured or killed. Will Be Offered to Cleveland. NORFOLK, Va.. Oct. 27. Special. It is stated that the presidency of Washington and Lee university, lately rof-ots, .. rtpath of ex-Postmaster . nr,i.. i -nriiunn will he nenerai w miao- u. offered to ex PresWep Orover Cleveland. Emperor Willing io Return. ROME. net. 27. Special. A Pekin telegram says the Chinese emperor is willing to return to FeKin 't v-"""1 Waldersee will send a safe escort, to assure his security from hriganos. ' 6- " Acident in Blacksmith Shop. W.H". Moore and his assistant. Job! Saxer. narowly escaped fatal -jur- ies while shoeing a horse for J- S. of to not -t n i i '' 'A. N',M '"'l:''' " ' .;""""'" bl-t t be I , ""; - I'll" How Lien and Pettigrew Worked the Mines and Miners at the Same Time. They' Leave Several Thousand Ool ars ;of Unpaid Bills Behind Them. ?! . i I. bun tic 'etti 1 1 at ' ! Ill man w . . ! : ' l l. 1 i who 1 1 for tl r. Of I 11 II1 lab m '. :IV : Hi-; mall n, an , I'. r i . ', cry la the .fully u the keep pub I. l,l.c k Hills r. ad !l. am! dei i.b' for him if. Some of tile populist b .I'll Itla. k Hills have I n ti iug . i c .iif.ii uiul win from being n to ad. lie in the iSlack i..lls until alter election, knowing that the true statement regarding 1 Vet t igrrw's .b alings with the laboring men and !. M- I-ieti s i-bemes to beat the laboring man by 1,1- ..i,i.1i-e to nav who h li has , - i - failed to do. weio made pu idi, would ,,-t lhe-e fellows lllllldl il- of Votes at 'he (oming election. Mr Owen, who make.- this tatc ,,.,,(. is well known to many of our !,n am -.i men ami . ili i.s of l)e;id u'oi,,! Lead Citv, and in fact, all over ih.. like k Hills. 1 rut .pi of I , of hi--.( allied t I I'll eW - I a'eii ,,'llt . II . II. I, to b f' ".lb. the and . i.a I IM'il ,'h- I I'' pel 1 10. bed otal $-"' '-'"- Ilill" OIIIII'.HU was president lie- M ' I 1 nt. 1 Mi Tale .Inda Lien and S v. as so. 1 eta ry and iialnr I'etti'giew was 1 11 ' II 1 1 I -U I ei re.-t . d but w as a blind pig l-o int. n the .( "Th.- . ,111-erll. ompaiiv was employing about twelTP nr four tern- Tnvn rbrrtne tins-time I'ay for .laiiuary was set for Hie luth of February. That day ;wne but no money. Lien was there at the time and we asked lor an explanation liv We did not get our money and .also refused. !'! NVI".k ,.""y'lr'. Tl"'" Mr Lien came out and said "liOYP. CONTINCF. ON TO WOltK AND I PKOMISK V(H' Mi WOitl) AND MONOK THT VOC WIM- flKT Vol K MONFV. FOR ! AM' SKNA-T()i; I'ICTTICItFW WILL SKI-- THAT Vol' HO OFT IT ' He also stated that I'd ti grew was a silent partmr in the company, so we took his: word for it and continued work until Mar. h tile 1st. 1VUI. And from the time that 1-ten left here on the 11th of February until the pros, t time I have never been able to g.t one word from him nor not one , , i ,,f eiom v l. -neatedly I have written him and TIIHI'K LF.TTF.ltS I i;ri;isTi-:i:i:i him ani h wf not o.. ,. i.p Co, AN NSV-:it TO - hi ms. reputation of these men and tr. a'mi nt of the laboring man s to be on about the same plan as that of Jos. ph II Moore, candidate for congress. After knowing a true statement of facts regarding these candidates, who are posing a.s friends of the laboring man we do not believe they will get very mnnv votes and they deserve to be turned down by every honest labor ing man in the Iliack Hills. A SURGEON OPERATD ON. Cattleman Bound Over tb Circuit Court for Using His Knife Too Well. J W. Couch, a prominent cattleman. nd Dr. Townsend! who obtained considerable unenviable notoriety a year or more a:o had a little encounter in Fellfi Fourehe Monday in which fists, guns and knives played an important part. It occurred on Main stree. just in front of the po-tofflce and was the rpsnlt of some trouble between Coticb and the do. tor's father, because of which the doitnr had threatened to kill Ihe cattleman. Couch was with n mVmi-wsarB he .ftW Townsemi ermine and remembering his threats, suggested to his friend that he should w gl.v ti. l.i. ;. .lay i ( at No tun for , t uits for a.ltnision to the Order of lo.l, in Woodmen .1 II. Cale. depu-, b. ad coun-el. will organize out i, re about He- I'.ih or of next ninth and . pe- Is to have a good Moil'.- Indue YESTERDAYS p-.RSONALS. l-'ra nk 1'.-. k w as a 11. M an ival. F II. Long of Mystic is in the city. M j s s Faiiline ,!one of Whitewood mont to speak last night. Col. V. I). Ford left on the F.lkhorn for his honif In .lackson. Mich C. I-. Lewis of the firm of Lewis & Schraeder of Rapid City, was in Head- wood. ni-ia 4t Micblcan. who Is visiting his brother. John Hunter. Of this city, went to Hot Springs for a f(vv?" (lays. Miss Margaret Hampton of Tllford spent the day In the city, the guest of her brother. V. - . Hampton of the F!l horn. Mrs. .1. Hoffman and (laughter. Miss Flounce, who have been visiting Mrs. Hoffman's sister, Mrs. John Treher, left for their home. Miss Ruby Williams arrived from 'he home in Ferry, and will spend tho winter with her sister. Mrs. James gone about a week or ten days. Mrs C. H. Simmons and Miss Clara I.ouise Favne of La Forte. Ind.. slster- jn,jiw iin i(.(,, of Maj. A.'.I. Simmons ,,f tlljs ,,t, an,Ve,l on the Klkhorn . 101 11 1 1 1 . . " ,, 11 1,... .......... - Simmons. Died at His Breakfast. A (-'inlander by the namo of Dixon died suddenly yesterday morning In the J'hiladelphia restaurant about half past ten o". lock. He had ordered his breakfast and taken about a mouthful when he fell over on the floor dead. Dr. Naultoiis, who was called in, pronounced the cause of his death apoplexy. Mr. Dixon was a man about 70 years old and had been engaged In placer mining on Whitewood creek, near Crook City, with one of his sons. Tli is son had gone down to Crook yesterday morning. expecting his father to follow a little later. There are fwo other sons, one living at Ter- inviHe. and the other at Lend. There was a darky sitting opposite the oh! man in the restaurant, when he fell off his chair, and he ran out. and hailed Dr. N'ault. us. who was driving p.i-t. while the Chinaman also rushed oi-t to the 'ti-. et and called for help. The was taken to Robinson's undertaking room:-: to await hnria'. Arrangements for the funeral hae not, yet been made. B'orlinjton tocaF Surgeon. , Doctors Tin ri in e and Cobul n yesterday re-l ived olliiial notification of their appointment as local surg.'ona 01 the F.urlingtoii railroad at Dead-wood. This is the position left va-, ant by the death of Dr. J A. Padlock on September Hi. Dr. Paddock had b en local surgeon for tho company eversince the road was built' into the Hills- more than ten year sago. o Will Ship Remains. A telegram was received yesterday instructing S. K. Smith to ship the remains of George Fisher, who died at Welcome City early last Friday morning, to his sister. Mrs. Tettie Wilson at Corinth. Vermont, at which place the remains will be Interred. The deceased was not in good standing In the Odd Fellows' lodge, but was In good standing in the Woodmen. The remains will probably be shipped to day in compliance with instructions. The bodv is now at Smith s under- taing rooms. 0 The Carbon Studio of Lead. The neonle of Dead wood are cor- cVtally Invited to call and' see artistic Photographs at the Carbon Studio, Fo. 13, Main street, over W. E. Cowan's candv store. We make high-priced --photographs and - trar tnotto ra, inch. the cheapest, but the best." Open to the public Sunday, October 28. 11 '.hi - 1 LLTTF.KS Li:T'ii:!;s " - t ,. t In- 1, inoiii.ts of ea h man .'in Society. , I I .;,M,o. ii.v hut the full So. ietv. diio' . 1 .' ha- .,,,,:,, of all 1 - about $22"" lo.-l icht ol in t he nn-b , a ml t u ' v., . Ial. Um nam" sof tlioc ! , , ,f pol i I i - So, :.v 1 po-ibl. ., cl v-' 1 1 .. mt .... n bu : m u : .. ' 111 " a ml PI-:.''-- ...: n. '' "k ,n He- la t l-w v...i- a .r- i'bi.iial I si.,, , Willi.,!,, Koker. KiehaM j ..;.,M. .. ;t.-h .. , (, . . , M . M . 1 1 a u .lobuConwav j ...j .,..., n,-i-t. n- n. ' ol-oti. .1. K , vpnlav ,;.),.. ih- Ha- "!'' . .. I .... I i,,,, .l , rl V lotin Moi l i I M . 1 . .. 1. , I ,1 ,.. ,1 I I,. l,i-, ! . - ill t b' .-'.I" , .' " , ' 'I ,1 . - 1, ' - . , . Vedding On Ing Heniv II K,.,,e,-H,,d l ,,. Fursliu w. re iiiarri.-d last niglil at 1 in, L hi tbeiriiew home on Harrison I street, lnglesiile. Tin- ceremony was performed by .lust ice Collliail ill the presence of a'few friends, after which an elaboiate w.-ilding supper was L. rved. The hrble wore a gray silk I gown and the house was beautifully de. orated with cut flowers. Mr Ki iiii.'i is one of tin- old timers of ,oa. Iwood. IL- is well known here and has i v many friends. Tim bride has hut recently come from New York and is a sister in law of Xiv Moss, the w-.-ll know n 1 attic man. Mr. and -id. In- Mis Ke I ill er have Rented lairison -V''(-t ami will iii.i' tin Mi-s tin n - " l- Fishel Hazel el. tile ,, Ml Entertains 1,1 1 lit 'lb lilt! .b url.t. r 0 1 , lllel t .1 . II I'.lllle II 1 I ill -te.l' II 111 U VV . , - - , , 1 ,1 th on In' il , hi!.!: 1 ' r,: v I, pre !,-!, b 1 in ,1 11 1. in ' p d tab'1,1 . two pb'U'o -on- by 'I i; 1 all. ,! VV, III t . -t i I- . oh pmiio olo bv II111 ry Cant. ..'Hi -mis by II"!' n Whit ford. , ia no -olo bv Kin h ilii'.by v iolin solo by Jleil.C-i ' VYIi,! by tin-ho-te-s, piillin soli, I.V Helen Solliei'S, h ad.ti!' bv Laura I low ma 11 , piano solo by V.ta Merri- k. and,, closed with a political d. bate li. 'tween Albert Car H for iiiid Hay Hynnr for i, Kiril. y of the uianv good things ... ......nt,. tO on the program. 1 in- neimi- be tin- most interesting and amusing. The guests were: Florence DaKiio, Ruth Frowning. C. Marvin. Mildred Franklin, Vet a Merri. k. Margaret Washabaugn. Helen Summers. Gladys Holding. Laura Bowman. Ruth Highy. Helen Fish. Helen Whitford. Tidily Alexander. Ruth Wardman. Paul Martin Herbert White. Harry Gantz. Charlie Koenigsberger. Ray and Albert Carnoy. Hvmer THE CITY. Thirteen first papers and ten second papers were issued yotse.lay in county court. Marriage license was issued yester day to Henry If Keimer and. Mrs. Klizabeth Rurstitn. F.ritradier and Mrs. Taft from Dos Mfrim"' will he in the ctiy Sunday. October 2Xth, to enndnct two meetings at the ArTny hall one at 3 p. rn. and at S s'clock. A good time is looked for. Come and hear them. A missionary concert, will he given this evening by the young people of the Con?rei?;tt corral rhnrc-h t ;30; very interesting program has been prepared and all are cordially 'nvited I j , A ..,. s. .. u , . .bdin lliitm--. " W. F. OWF.N" , , , tl,V i1t a.V.I ! uur to 1 h- a hove state-, . , uvv. f: I met it is a. w-lt kme-Am fact that this ,iVi!l I .-a,, l.b n. and h i-i' a ssociatc T'etticrew . , ... , -a An . -. ..,,,,1 others owe a 1.111 01 L.f ll.a.dwoo.l s business men ami I , ?l , , :,,M,r of neadwonds iHin.- 1 1 , thu'r cceni

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