The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 6, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONPETIMES, . THURSDAY MORNING, JULY6, f" MM mWIMIMIIM IIIMWHMI imMHMW IIIMIIItllMtlHMI IHIMIIIIHIIIMHI IHtlllMlimi Will WIMIMMHIt WW pVfV flf V - 4 ' inn TkiAvrrn tiimt.o 1 fillip BClVarC ! LEAD'S LEW) riUllEC-lllTlE. ! )not take anything at all than those positively dangerous mixtures so widely adverted to relieve her discomfort and nausea. Sl;: ouiit to know that outside . external treatment is the only way that LEAD S. D. 1899. j JULY 6, SlllHhiiiMintn. Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! Oar S'osris ars ajw complete and full in all Departments 6 car posstriy Deer aryocretu. Sheoueut J I t-. Imow that Wj tnsr's FrlsnJ is ( P I W. T. lligler. the carpenter, returned yester'hiy 'rmn the MrAleer ra. h e:i ite.l-wat r. wii.f" li" sjieiit a v et k .r !)- the only remedy inat will help her, ai.d J it is an external liniment. It takes ncr 1 tiir -tj.;i the entire r :ri.-,d mcofnpata'ivc : :.: ! rl, shortens la'-w, aiW chiJdt.rtk : f ' "iT rtvb- TL.-.ded. Mere than t-.u', t - tv,- i. r A i.:? z rflcr tl." r .. ', and K r ! , 'e on.", 'vlil come into ! w rid ;n lorm and health. v h. I JoyaUy .ii ll.-hiiig and Liking farm work ltM la! Milii v SEKIOI S TII)EN'T. Little Hugh Honey, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Flunky, met with un accident on the Fourth came very nrarly cot-Ing him his sight. If not his li'c He. wjfth several companion, was out celebrating the day with firecrackers and a toy cannon. Young Roncy was manipulating th vaunoD, and had his stock of powder In a water glass. In his strict attention to the toy ordinance, he was not careful enough with the powder, and a spark from the firecrackers dropped Into It. exploding '1.1 i I :ervl at : t-c (trfjj r 4; b ttle, or ft-nci ui J. K. ."-'nwler lias served iu during the Fourth of July ru niany on hu( h occasion are boisterous, but they all kne Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, 1 Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies Dry Gocria, Clotbicg, Millinery, Wrapa and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. ( iSRr!-. :'EutXAT08 CO.) v IjcUit than . . . r.. '.til, ga. I WH . - f- N k. - ' -' ,r Til' V is BTrn." to monkey with Snyder. (Jolden Center loddge No 26, I O ). F.. has postponed the Installation until Fri-ray evening, the 14th. The members ear Mortgas'S," has named I. A. VVl.t, as the representative in the DIack Hill- will collcit and compile all data that will he imlrlinhi'd In this flusttcfat -jnni itl: The edition that was published ly Mr. It with terrific force. The boy received the force of the concussion in bis face and eyes, burning him terribly. For a time It was feared that he would lose bla vision, but Dr. Freeman is now quite confident of restoring it. His face Is block and nestly Invite sister lodges to attend and participate In the festivities.' Bald MotiirUdiii lotigo No Hit. I. D. ( ). f, will Install officers on Thursday night; July 13th. Members of sister lodges should bear this date In mind and go up Webb In March, 1898, on Industrial irmiiiiK In the Hlaek Hills has proven to us that Witb unequalled facilities for buvin and selling we ; your iLspettidn of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. the: nay show permanent powder marks. The father and mother are almost frantic over the accident, but at the same time are thankful that it la no worse. and make the boys feel good by their presence. The bands Nos. 1 and 7 of the First M. E. church spent the Fourth of July picnicking in the nice grove at A. J. Maroon's In South ead. All spent a good time and are glad that they speut the day ho Is eminently qualified to compile the matter pertaining to the tnlnlng Interims In a manner that will be the most. I -n o -ficial to promote the development o) the mines In the Black Hills. Mr. Ertel has given Mr. Webb full authority on all matters pertaining to this edition, aa the following lettetr will show: To Whom It May Concern: This la to BAD RUNAWAY. The team that did so much damage running Into the crowd In Deadwood on the Fourth, got awway from Levi Chaus L see Just above Dr. Bowman's on the certify that Mr. I. A. Webb, editor of the Deadwood road to Central. It was dim there. J. L Marceoux's place of business Is now In the old Miners' blolck, on Main street, where he was located when he first came to the city. At this place he keeps sampled and the bulk of his goods are in the cult to get a correct account of the start or the cause of the runaway, as they were 11 so much excited at the time. Chaussee 1 Deadwood Independent, has been appointed general manager for the special Black Hills edition to be Issued by "Bonds and Mortgages" in its July number, with full power to contract and collect for advertising and subscriptions for this Issue. I THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would quickly leave you, I you used lr. Klng'a New Life Pills. Thousands basement of the new Minero' building. Frank Gallagher, one of the proprietors had a buckboard bound for Deadwood, and the passengers say that the reins were In the hads of a small boy when the accident Any arrangements made with Mr. Webb, of the brick yard in West ead, says he has a kiln all ready to bum. They have oeewred. They were driving quite fast, or any contracts entered Into will be duly recognized as if made at the home office as all the hackdrtvers did that day, and at this point they went so near the bank made good time, considering! the bad weather they have had to contend with In Chicago. o.' sufferers have proved their match- lees merit for Sick and Nervous Head- j aches. They make pure blood and ; si ions nerves and build up your health, j Easy to take. Try them. Only 25 centa. Money back If not cured. Soid by Phil- i lips k Steensen, Drnaralsta. since beginning. Any courtesies extended to Mr. Webb, HEALTHY OLD AGE. Lihub, Be.ntoi Co. Arm:., Ang. 4; I am it years old and lmvo been suffering with Change of Life. I had flooding np.-ll so bad that none thought I pould live. M husband got me Wine of Cardul and it aved my life. I am like another person since taking it. MRS. E. B. TOWrrSEND. that the vehicle turned oyer, scattering the passengers upon the ground. Several ware severely, If not fatally hurt, Joseph Fred Clndell Is on his Journey home In connection with this work, will be duly from South Africa. He is coming to take appreciated by Respectfully Tours, Carl, the Central mining man. Is thought to have received Internal injuries and he his mother back to that country with him. j Mrs. Clndell has been lonely since her hus Isbelng taken care of at the Shannon, ho band died a few months ago, has longed tel. He was ulte low for the first twelve to go to her daughters, Mrs. Walter Price hours, but he Is thought to be Improving. James Dahl and wife and four children SPECIAL j EXCURSIONS. ' and Mrs. C. J. Price, who reside In Johannesburg. Fred has a good position over BONDS AND MORTGAGES, F. H. Ertel, Manager. o BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topography of Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price 11.50 Pocket Map showing geology same as above, containing a complete description of the mineral and otbvr resources of the there, and seems to be perfectly contented. ' were in the smash up, the first two being ;salnfully Injured. Mr. Dahl received a 'blow upon the left temple, besides other Injuries that live him terrible ea-onv. Mrs. Miss Alice Scott, a Rapid City school National convention Baptist Young teacher, is in ead, the guest of Mrs. W. A. Fuller. Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, Va., July 13-16. ( Dahl bad one of her limbs badly . hurt. Annual meeting Unite! Society ef John Shoemaker suffered a fracture of Chrtetka Endeavor. Detroit, Mich., It is the devout wteh of nearly all people to "live to a ripe old art None of us want to die young. This universal desire can be realiad I care be taken of the health in early and middle life. A. little precaution tha will add many years to our existence. Death an' be kept awayiku time. Happy, healthy old age will be the lot ot the woman who promptly corrects the ailments which afflict her sex. In youth. Wine of Carduiwi take the female child safely over the dividing line between irlboodui womanhood. As a wife the needs it to help her through the trials f pregnancy and childbirth with as little discomfort as possible. At ths Change of Life it will help her over the dangerous place that appears it her pathway between 40 an SO. Then will come many years of truly blissful existence She will etow old slowlv and cracrf ultv. To the at wane ins cnuursn escapea wun Biigui bruise. The hack was a total wreck, it fcavlng ben dragged some distance by the the hip In Deadwood on the Fourth. He had the misfortune to have a barn door fall upon him while endeavoring to reach July 5-10. National Educational Teachers' asso Ufurtated horses before they freed them- Black Hills; cloth cover. Price $1.26. Pocket Map of Black Hills, plain, containing a description of mineral and other resources of the Black Hills, paper cover. Price 40 cents. Map of the Black Hills. Price 26 cents. ciation, Los Angeles, Cal. July. r selves from it position to witness the street sports. Frank Fellows a resident of Hiawatha The above is a partial list of aome of the more Important excursions to be Park lost his bouse and household effects '..Bora To Mr. and ,Mrs. I Peters, la Lead, a boy. , she will preserve that charm, and beauty which are always characteristic of nerfectlv healthy mndmotbrt by fire Tuesday night The house is supposed to have taken fire irom fireworks For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES, o It is for women alone to deak UIIU' AlVISOIf IEMITIjr.IT. set off In that vicinity. The fire occurred whether they will bt healthy of sick. The remedy for their Wt-ness is close at band given by the popular BorHngtoa route, during the summer. For full information as to limits, dates) of sale, tickets, ets., call at passenger depot W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent for ad viae In cues requiring uncial direction, addreM, slTlag ympioma, l4k,' IMwj D.,'1, Tfc, CHlTTllOOaA siiiciss CO, Cbattaaoosm. Teio. about 10 o'clock while the family wewre at Deadwood attending the celebration. LARGE BOTTLES OP WINE OFCARDUI 80LD FOntLOO BY DRUGGISTS. Tm Iavolv. If tbs fashions in cyclone circles conld Jnst bo changed, there might be greater comfort. Let the weather clerks see if something else than the fennel shape cannot be Introduced. St Louis Star. Advertisement.) A BLACK HILLS EDITION. The July Number of Bonds and Mortgag es Will Be Devoted to Us. The owner and manager of "Bonds and JOHN ELMEHK, House Mover ani Repairer. AB Work Don TOtii Promptness and fTlanaif! . . . HIAWATHA PARE. - LEAD. 8. D, nalw's Ista.ais. Spain took the wrong tack when she offered a bounty for Agninaldo's head. Bhe should hive gone after his legs. Louisville Conrler-JouraaL Mortgages," a financial Journal of Internationa reputation and standing publish M m ed in Chicago, has agreed to devote the July number of the magastae to all eoo-aomle, features of the mineral resources of the Black Hills, providing ths financial support will warrant the conaumatloa of the plan outlined. Wo expect to make Has Received fresh tot rases and carnations tor sals. Mae. the saddler's. Lead. (tf.) - Mra. Maud McPPhettrldge visited Lead -yesterday. A son was bora to Mr. and Mrs. J. O. "Walters, Lead, yesterday. "The Ploceer-Thnsa Is m sale at L, TX Jacobs' Baser, where 70a eaa also got tie finest smoke la town. (tt) Born To Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson, of Terravtlle, a. bouncing son. ' William Feller, the liquor man, has too 0 Omaha to attend the funeral of his brother Joe, who died. Saturday. v :. j . CiJorodyns Cough Mixture , will ears that cough, or we refund the money. 2 P. Jenkins, druggist., . .. .,..) Yesterday was city pay-oay and the usual amount was paid out of the exchequer by Treasurer SeedalL' , . Houses bought ana sold, money loaned, general insurance and notary publlo. Vis tor T. Jepssa. mora No. X. Cotton ft Andrews block. Lead. S..W ' (tf.) M. J. Alllnsoo has money to loan at reasonable rates. Real . estate,' and ia-srance , business transacted; collections made. - No. IS. corner Orand avenue and West McQuillan street.,- ;' 1 THBO K. GESKKY Real Estate. Loan and Insurance, all kinds of Legal writing done. General Agent of the Union Sav Kg . gmy Fesple. Christianity wants nothing so much In the world as sunny people. The old are hungrier for lore than bread, and the oil of Joy la very cheap, and If yon ran help the poor on with a garment of prats? It writ toe" tomer Vif TbW than 'noketa. Henry Dmmuiuuil. j Three Cars of Wagons, Buggi av this collection of data the most Import IS bovrs OoneHtia sad rttrtiitfvc ant from a financial standpoint ever pre r gtotsl Mldyf DTMlMOOet nna, urMed by SmtaTSldy ffTTV B Prici SI. of AlXBiWlrt, Vl pared for publication In the Black Bills, and the co-operation of Jhose wbo ars in teres ted In mines and mining will contribute to make It one of the most eam- Surries, Carriages, Rockaways. Road Wagons, Buckboard, Road Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons plete advertising 'mediums over sent from j tho Hills. " ' This journal reaches mors and a better SSBBB) -. . fi v ASl v Etc. ) From the RactW Wacrnn ad Carriae-e Works. a! class of Investors in the United States and Europe than 'any other publication and pre-eminently enjoys the confidence of Its readers. . 5 - ( . ; e..,4stfi jfiU? I 'second hand ris cheap. Will sell cheap for cash or on installments - t Don't wear your working apron all the It Is an undisputed fact that this coun time it a sign of poor management. Do try stands on tho verge of a mining boom, and a very large volume of Investment f S. R. SMITH. LEAD all your cleaning wita ings As. 'a. ' Good live men wanted aa solicitors. -:--v Joha Rodgkla, who recently had an arm fractured, was down from Terry yesterday. looking after business at the Lobbea store funds are now available for mining purposes, which .formerly sought bonds and mortgages.' ' , . There are not enough bonds issued to supply the demand, and mortgages ars being paid off or refunded at a very low rats of Interest, compelling InTeetors to look Into other direction. Th rich developments la ths Black ' Hills, Cripple where he Is employed as bookkeeper. ' and yoti can chantj yoor workintj dothea for restmr lw3 tha day. It saves tame, work and L. B. Ortott, successor to Beemer at Or. Tllfi Furaitnre Ajargcst package greatest economy,. us aw au raiaaasa cvaraaiti ton. la eoastaatiy receiving" new jewelry and offers better Inducements Uua any thar Una la towa. Special attention Is , aa, 10".. ' . ir Tsra. Bsete ' '-;! Mi l' ti?..' f.ii ? Creek, British Columbia and Alaska have I rauaosvasi. ffr- il ft rtm-!ra,m attracted wide-spread attention and con called to his fins watch repairing. ' (ttl -DEALERS IN Jake Rlngley. the Carbonate miner, was vinced capitalists that mining investments can be mads as intelligently aa in other a sad 'visitor yesterday. Be wears (he ee- Furniture, Crdekery Glasswai rens smile that hs has worn for the last lines. ' :-: CIHCTJLATION. "- . R) Dlicce BstwsEi Parrots. serentea yarn which tils thaht hs is about to strike it rich. ' ' T Jr ateUaeUons to bs mads to Parrots, aamsty. band. nenry BcnniueJ. s assay offloe will be H ... wPPn ramw im nrsi reiers to rrmnm kM. .v.. vupvrmniy locatea In Ue basement of ( to th. aest and nM up by band; tfcew WravslirfS ) talk rapidly and easily, and turn oat as A No. 1 tatter? tZ?. ( verv tame and hardy. Ths latter refers to Pm. ",.TM 'f? Everything Strictly up ; to date and prices that at. his reeidence, No. t Ouina street (Slavon ian Alley). , k (trPPped. which will never lean to talk, never est tinJ mnt II.. .. .. . JUatt's monster don dying- ZuvTZZZS ' f The circulation of Bonds and Itortgages Is ths largest and best ef any Investment journal and amounts to 44M copies sack month. Like all class papers, the high quality of Its subscribers commend It more than quantity. Every subscriber la a large corporation, trust company or Individual investor of means, who has confidence In ths utterances of ths journal. Ths handsome Eroupeaa circulation la especially valuable to the Black Hills today. - Mr. F. II. Ertel, the business manager and one of the ownwers of "Bonds and tl x's ob very soou. oewmre or peoaiers selllnc trs I rots tor hand-raised ones. There are Done of ths Uttmm and off very soon. Beware of peddle I I Ior naoa-ralewl ones. There ars Done of ths latir I this time of tias disputed the right of a man to pass his owner's milk ranch. Veeterdav. and .. -5 J ih.a V V year. The amwannarataS r W. J Parrots win bo arrive tmfora tha nxit I"a that to. th. bruU has bee. Irin la the larders lor CKNUINB HAND-RAISED Parrots now, as our blm- il kt present and will return with a very lam coMlmsnt -wlS? JL1 Jf?f? Undertakers nj Embalmers. No. 3 Mam St. Lead, South $ 7T 01 cr" Th. travels sim. ween. . nie as roc prices. GEISLERTBIED. STORE. " JSLh.?Irt'nU Strwt, Omaha ESTABLISH En ist . s-sDooter nod filled tit beast ."It. lead. Jak. h JjJJ HATsT KO AGENT ON THE ROAD.

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