The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 6, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1899
Page 5
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THE ftAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 6, 1889. v. THE CANNON HAS ARRIVED. D0 RIDE YOUR WHEEL a layer of nice brick work. This Is not so good. To sustain the pile on the top of SEAMEN FOR THE NAVY. shoes Allen's Foot i.w into you" Vf1 . ... .ho feet It keeps your the foundation, use an Iron bar formed In a triangle, as shown on the drawing. It feet, and How .the Scarcity of Available -i nreTeu" durance ten-fold greater. is cheapest and best, and any blacksmith could make the iron triangle. The calcu- The Captured Spanish Piece from Cavite Reaches Deadwood. The Captured Spanish cannon, from Ca-vlte arsenal Manila harbor, arrived In Deadwood yesterday fnmi Mare Island Navy Yard. San Francisco, and w lying at the Elkhorn freight depot in this city, awaiting to lie brought up town and Men Will Be Remedied. " -tilion wheel people are using liiiions are based on a bar of one and one- m . n e v il 11 ninioo - - V" . m smartine. hot half inches in diameter and this is the best Me. The in. ingle u ,.,,i,. at,out one-half KEW WAY Of MAKING SAIL0E8. wd COIl""" o. i and i a certain cure -klntP in.'T, I .. . .. . . . V' ,,. ( ,11 .iiucirtsti and mounted. It Is a ione f,l i3P 25c. Sami'l.' FREE by mail. Lb Roy, N. Y. ' "-'. en I'd. II sine I li.ill you will suppose is i,i,s,,iii, lv ,,.. , ss.iry. It must be ilM,e '"" large, or the Lolls wiill not s'.i', I ih, re uuiibl be no barm in h.ning i he maiighs a little ton large, ' "' 11 "ill not .iiis,er to hnvc them too Allen S. Oln.M fctn. Ln.t.inrr. In B.. :n1l.trd nnd Kent OB to ,. m , n Wnrhi(. Where 1 Will ll.-e.-lie ftprrlftl Atl'-iit in ti huiI Inntruollun-llpHkiMii For I neW f Inll.te.l Mrn. . aid weighs illttlcnlt to sec dt'lll. Il U ' it'll' "i nine : - In. re is cm n looks i Is rilled, and The -'HI I'liS ar al the de- -." H)unds, although it is where il Kets this alllilll eight fei t limit. Hi,, inches I ll loll Kh a! the Ii.i-i three and one-half in. ,, s to lie four or live indies. 1 the t ,Uil is pielt v lie.n unloiideil from i,o fi c iUi BSXCK H"K.-h. ,.,,..,-:i ,': Midway horse sill. ill To itrt thf larnenl u' '"' 1 l,.,,,a fu,.l- prevent anyone from ca; l ying off .lie following pi. mts suggested: e the fuse holes of of the shells ,ortiist. t'.'1' ipecially arrant' I !'' handling range the llav l.iPl pot yesterday and wa ''I I'ljee one of the shells with the Iving on the plat-' '.MIS inspected liy witb large enrr.ns aim po.u. .u oo and itn stablea midway 8 ..,..o.j,u.i- an .1 St. Paul, where lapped fust form last night, w here ii quite a number of 1 urioii hoi. people pro. i. i'y boll layer. up, in the middle of the 'crew inio it an iron bar wuh a screw thread two l,eeD in""' I im he.s lung horses n 1 n-ioseu in iu a uet- 'u . ... i .u h ii ra Vf i n n oHraf a ulnnUge'inin. . w.. Fnidmo rcitisiileriilile difficulty in getting a Milli. i. nt number of seamen to fill ttie VHCitm ies existiDK in the (liipH of the navy, tlie department at Washitig-torj lias devised a Dew wheiue to remove the diflknlty. Orders htive been sent to the receiving ships at New York, BoHi.ti and I'hiladelphia to enlist 150 landiiieu if Kood character and in all ways the most desirable men who ran lie obtained, and as aunp as shipped these men will he transferred to the vessels of the north Atlantic squadron, coniiiiuiiiled by Rear Admiral Sampson, without reKard to the authorized complements of those ships. This body of men, none of whom is Ur, St- P"ul' M"""sota- ' because of the histoid, im idents i: had been through, for its muzlc gaped while Ad-! miral liewcy was accomplishing his re-1 remarkable victory in Manila harbor on I May I. I S!ik. I lie 'gun should have beefl here by the Fourth, but it was delayed while in the custody of the I nuin Pacific, JOSEPH FORD AUCTIONEER. art leaviDg Dead wood and have indies long cut mi each end of It to fit the thread in ihe tapped fuse. hole. Then pile oil tin either 1, id slim around ibis bar and screw Hie oilier shell, which is the top projeetille of the pile, onto the lop of this bar. Screw, .low 11 light until it binds the, pile. If you have a tool Jo draw il down light It would be very difficult fur UI15' llH'iblles.JHi,'. liefjnll tO UB" ttBt to sell or anything else, get Ford and could not get through in time. Dead-' , for you. He will get you more I or jour gOOUS limu Biijr who eiao. wood was fortunate in securing it, and will probably be the only town in the JOSEPH FORD, state of South Hakola to get one It was stippii-ed to know anything nantical. CJohnaon at 11111 City, S. D.. U ex- will receive h;h cial attention and in properly thhe light of llovernor ,e, to say where it should go, bin lieadwood applied strut tinti on board the seagoing ships in L, agent and headquarters for the rich uj tree milling gold mines and cop- for this gun through South lukoia's na ord. r to make of them efficient men of s lew ii. .111,1. of ,01ns. in coins,, of time 1: win, id nisi so as in make it still more d 1 lib u 1 ; 10 uiisiTe w . The sn should be p.iinteil about once .1 year iThis remark applies in the guns 'bo 1 ny painter will know ot a suitable 1 heap black paint tn us. and he will know 1 hat this work should be dune on a tional 1 epreseu t a 1 i es before i hut ruling war's men Just how this plan will jnpsrtiea of the Southern Hills. Sev-jroapocUi aa promising as the Holy . . I . . V.1 of the war depart ineiil was promulgate. i. worl; will be watched with interest A child fresh from its bath in clean dainty clothes is a suggestion of Ivory Soap. All dainty washable things may be restored to their original freshness without injury, by use of Ivory Soap. A WORD OF WARNING.-there are mnny white soaps, each repre- ?!! tnLt, . " just as good as the ',vory';" they ARE NOT, but like all courf terfelts, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon getting it. owwqmt mm av im moon a oaimu oa oinoimmii lid the governor was not apprised of the Ljj ygg are IOr attic vu iwwwuam progress of the evetils until after the mat- UhuhHj raw recruits for the navy are broken in on hoard the receiving B"hip8 before being sent to sea, hut by this Telephone or write for particulars. (tf.) r of securing it had passed the doubtful .11111 day. when the iron is warmed by th new plan they will be sent to sea first. stage. It is not likely that he would have caused any alterations of the plans, but it is not known that he has any particular gun inimnteil o It is expectud that the ides will appeal to many yonng men who have a desire drawing shows tl ne pedestal. This The Farhous pedestal sfeou sun. Th a st i. have s. l ib howe for the navy, bnt have heretofore been a stone foundation similar to that de unable to ship on account of the nsnal d for the shot piles It should be, ADDITIONAL LOCALS. LACK MILLS ler. not lo;s than three feet square. If you coub! .ifford to place a coping-ston Six as silver plated knives free ts users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. Go to the Delmonlco for tha beat meal la the city. Summer Resort on top of the eonerep' and stone founda For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. For an elegant, lunch, go to Frank Dark, at the Derby. lion it would be better This stone fur. nishes sp : e for an inscription on It you nhould so desire. The drawing p Late Hotel. Save the wrappers around Diamond 'C" Soap. They are worth money. made so that any stone-cutter will under Jtatloo (,200 feet. Dry air. Hoi stand how to cut the stone. Your cutter Lkruknown. Mountain scenery un The famous Hot Springs water coats 75 ents a carboy; the pure Crystal Springs may desire to ornament the stone with hand. Barney Peak by donkeys. mouldings and you may possibly wish this love for Deadwood. and there is no telling what he would do under pressure. Charles K. IlePuy. a former lleadwood gentleman, who was for a lung time stenographer for Martin & Mason, in this city, but is now in the office of the chief of ordnance. at Washington, was particularly interested in seeing Deadwood get the gun. and sent Congressman Gamble the following letter, accompanied by plans and sugestlons for mounting the gun. The plans are fully illustrated on blue print, and, it followed out, the matter of mounting the gun will be simple. Mr. DePuy's letter Is as follows, having been forwarded to Mayor Star: Office of the Chief of Ordnance, United States Army, Washington, D. C. June 26, 1899. j Hon. Robert J. Gamble. Yankton, South' Dakota: I My Dear Sir I have your letter of recent date, stating that you had succeeded In getting an order for one of the cap also. A plain stone however, would an swer Just as well. ledmont water, 60 cents; the celebrated vidney Springs water, 26 cents; freak very day, delivered to any part of the Ity. Call American Express office. Har-Ison, 166; Black Hills, 1U surplus of such applicants. The great increase in the navy within the past year or two has caused a scarcity of enlisted men in certain ratings as well as an absence of the necessary nn in her of officers. There seems to be a good snpply of petty officers and apprentices, but seamen and ordinary seamen are scarce. There does not seem to be the usual number of re-enlistments, and this is said by some nsval officers who have given tbe matter attention to be due to the workings of tbe recent order that hereafter all enlistments are for four years instead of three, for general servioe, and the doing away witb special service enlisments of one year. This, it is thought, temporarily discourages re-enlistments of men who think four yean a long time to ship for. That tbia will be anything but temporary is not generally believed, although it causes some inconvenience while the readjustment to new conditions is going on. Another reason for tbe scarcity of available seamen is the number of men who are receiving special instruction in Positive, soap; comparative, good Soap; superlative. Diamond "C" Soap, W. L. Nell, D. D. 8., Crown and Brldgo work a specialty. Gives gas for painless) extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Pharmacy. Frank Dark is conducting a first class Anon counter at the Derby. HAVE YOUR SHINGLE ROOFS PAINTED with Ford's roof paint It Will last longer on your roof and do more good than any paint on the market. Joseph) Ford. Diamond "C" Soap Is a high grade, laundry soap that can be used In hard till tie lake. low II uw and modern in appoint tt. Mkt aoutrenlr views. P. B. COLES, Manager, Cirtter, S. D. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS Rooms to let at the Holiner. If you want a nice lunch at any time, top In and see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee nd rolls for a light luach In the morning; Edward Cook left for Omaha. W. B. Dwlnnell left for Omaha. Mrs. McKinnis returned to St. Joe. D. O. Dennis went down, the Elkhorn I EITISH-AMERICAM COLO IS cents. It's Just as easy to buy Diamond "C" Dr. E. E. Clough left for Hot Springs Soap as Inferior kinds. Your grocer Lee R. Phillips returned t6 Hot Springs. sells it. MPPRMININC CO. Wsay orraoo. ! 8. 10TT, Manager and Aamyer. lBMiwar,StMlwood,8. D. ltl Nat'lBank I It satta amount of eostom work. .Mrs. W. R. Steele returned to Hot tured Spanish guns. 3.5-inch, captured at ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW or soft water. The Burlington passenger train did not arrive In Deadwood yesterday until nearly 6 o'clock, the trouble being caused by a bridge burning out four miles this aids ot Rochford. The train was unable to est Cavlte, and congratulate you upon your -Springs. ABOUT LIFE INSURANCE, ESPECIAL gunnery ships and schools, at tbe torpedo station at Newport, in electricity success In this matter. 1 ne ravy aepart- Guy Knowles has returnedd from Salt ment is Inclined to be more liberal In at New York navy yard and elsewere. Luke City. Maya of Ooppcr ore'by lctr(-WM and dry tasting. All these branches of special instruction these matters, with the result, (as I learn designer for Ackermann, Mise Peters, across, and a train was mads up at this) end running down and making a transfer. take men away from tbe cruising ships from the gentleman in ehargte), that their ( f or 0niaha ""HI M, These branches of instruction have been added to tbe naval establishment, or, if allotment is nearly exhausted by Issues. H. E. Seaman, the reliable representa R. II. Hughes returned from Rapid and tive of the reliable Carpenter Paper Co., D Line of existing before, have been largely in went out to the mine. I inquired at the department to learn whether a carriage or mount would be Is creased and their scope widened, since Miss Florence Keats of Spearflsh is vislt- arrived yesterday. The Pioneer-Times and tbe best firms of the city, who deal 'n paper goods, trade with Mr. Seaman, not sued with the gun, and learned that none tbe Spanish-Amsircan war. It is in line LY REGARDING THE NEW YORK LIFE SEE HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT. One trial will convince you that Diamond "C" Soap is best for laundry use. Everything new at the Holzner. Have your eyes examined for glasses free of charge by A. F. Snyder, the optician, free of charge. Ninety per cent of the people have some kind of humor in Che blood, and thla causes many diseases. Hood's Sarsaparllla ourea these diseases by ex polling the humor. , would be, and knowing that the people of "B tne Ml89e8 Bennett. with the policy of the navy department to keep tbe service up to date. Tbe Deadwood would want to mount the gun P. N. Hanson and wife returned to the only because he represents a good house CAMERA'S AND SUPPLIES. but because he Is a gentleman and custom in some way, I write to enclose some sug-, camp, on Squaw creek school of instruction in electricity at the New York navy yard takss in offi gestions relative to the mounting on a coll. M. H. Day came up from Rapid ers do not have to pay for "extras In the way of indulgences. stone pedestal, and have sent in a separate ctly and returned In the evening. cers aa well as enlisted men, and is expected to be of great benefit when those who are receiving tbe instruction are Dlavaiond "C" Soap 1st a waah-day package blue prints snowing memoo. or Woodi of Rapid, passed Chauncey chauncey friend. Cultivate Its acaualntanoe. ' ! through the city on his way to Omaha. mounting a 32-pounder gun and an s-tnoh howitzer on stone pedestals; also an sent to sea again and have the duties ef caring for tbe many electrical devices Frank W. Avery and wife and Miss Ltl Dr. D. K. Dickinson has returned from tshcl's Bazaar, ; Main St. ornament mount for a 32-pounder gun Hood's Pills are non-Irritating amd HHolcomb of Sand creek, Wyoming, spent ' ' California, and was In Deadwood yesterday. which latter can be placed on top of a stone and apparatus now so plentiful in the new ships and which will be even more so in the vessels of tbe battleship class about to be added to the navy. the only pills to take witb Hood's Homer Charles returned to Rapid City, niWtl nr similar mounting. I also . ll.,,. , V. TTnt.rlh with hl fnmllr send bule print showing manner of piling aiier - Tbe workings of tbe school of elec You use soap In the laundry every shell to form a triangle and the enclosed at Gayville. week. Try Diamond "C" Soap next tricity and gunnery classes at Washington and on tbe gunnery ship Amphifrrte memorandum will explain method of pil-: Dr. Clark returned yesterday from Sun week. Ine them - 'dance, where he addressed a large crowd on Springs are such that a yonDg man in the navy i today is enabled practically to choose his J. H. OranDi. D. D. 3., dental pkiiurs The War department will issue shell, if the Fourth. over First National bank. u- ;niooU own course and receive vsiuaoie in the Fourth In tha city, returning to thslr home In the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Avery own the finest fishing resort on the sreek. and are entertaining large numbers of po-ple from the Black Hills this summer. -They own and control over two miles ot tbe creek and. some splendid catches ot trout are being made there by parties from Deadwood and Lead. John Wells, the horseman, who was injured Tuesday afternoon by falling front his horse when his saddle turned.Sis ia St. Joseph's hospital, still alive, and better than be waa Tuesday night. He la application Is made for them, and I would H g Vincent, the surveyor, left Tues- rown and bridge work a specialty. suggest that an application be made for '"l(iay night for Onawa, Iowa, to attend the struction from tbe government, which will not only be useful to bim if be remains in the service many years, but Take your watch work and engraving te 8-inch shell, which will make two piles ; weajing of a sister. live high, as per enclosed memorandum. w g Warner and family, and I. N. Oar- A. F. Snyder, the Jewelee Satisfaction guaranteed. will be valuable to bim in civil life if be leaves tbe navy. Any deserving man ERY STABLE. B. SMITH, Manager. 1 and Saddle Horses Seasonable dates. They can be issued from Allegneny ar-1 caQje up from City and re senal. Pittsburg, Pa., and the cost will , fof the Fourth F. K. Gents, D. D. 8. Modem Dentistry of good record may apply at any time to be sent, to one of these schools of instruction, and Jnst now an application not be great from there. The application r. W. Temole. of Denver, state auditor should be signed by the mayor, and sent still in a critical state, however, and the for Colorado, arrived in the city Tuesday, through rou direct to the "Chief of Ord and went over to Spearflsh. CPH02snB NO. SB Anna doctors fear that he has sustained a fracture at the base of the brain, as he has nance, U. S. Army, Washington. T). C." of all kinds. Gas admlnis-ereJ. Eighteen years' experience. Rosenthal block. There s only one soap In tb world for me. That's the soap they call the Diamond "C." FOR SALE Desirable residence lots. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's of Miss Cowan, of (Michigan, who is spend I shall be pleaesed to be of any further of that sort is pretty certain to take tbe applicant wbere be wants to go. This opens np a new value to "the nsvy, snd in tbe opinion of those who favor the scheme it will attract many of the better class of young men as soon as it becomes generally known that the navy been bleeding quite profusely at tbe ears. ing the summer with friends near Sheri The engine that pulled the Elkhorn pas -?HIHCS SOUTH DAKTOA. tlMMMHiuu service to you In the matter. Sincerely yours EDWARD K. DePUY. senger train Into Deadwood on the morn dan, was in Deadwood the Fourth. o A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER ing ot the Fourth ot July, waa elaborately does offer such chances. Of course the gunnery schools are use SUGGESTIONS RELATIVE TO MOUNT- decorated for the day. It waa covered with flags and banting, and on the headlight Will ofen cause s horrible burn, scald, cut or bruise. Bucklen's A rule Salve, the INO SHELL PILES CANNON. ful mainly to train naval gunners in the ways which will bring forth good marksmen and enable tbe United States A triangular pyramid having Ave shot t ...t. M. nf the base requires 35 there was a largs picture of eOorge Wash- -lngton. The locomotive was a special target for the kodak fiends Tuesday, and at one time aa entire goup group ot then) it!!!? PDnLB Dv.-. " - ' nsvy to maintain the record it has always held for unequaled fighting gun fire. best in the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal It. Curse old sores, ferer sores, ulcers, boils, felons, eorns, all akin eruptions. ' Best pile cure on earth. Only 25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by K. O. Phillips, druggist. could hayrs been seen, taking snap shots. Hall- Off rr Watrdlaiar ArtiUary fice. On July I and 4 meals will be served st 26 cents at the Holzner dining parlors. The ladles Xof the Library association will sell Ice cream, cake and lemonade, Monday afternoon and evening and on Tuesday, the-Fourth of July, In the old post office building. Dr. Collier and wife ot Des Moines arrived yesterday and will be conaectel with the Osteopathic Institute at 41 Lee street Altbo totally blind, th doctor Is one of tbe best operators In the country. The Delmonlco restaurant, which has John Hunter of this city has purchased ' eterans. , Experiments have been in progress at a monument of oOdden A Ballard, ot Km- metsburg, Iowa, through ' their resident The court house was removed from Hem- HE Derby Ingford to Alliance last week, by E. V. 1-Inch balls. The foundation should extend down about three feet, to avoid disturbance from frosts. A pit filled with broken stone is generalry enough for this, but 'If mortar is used with the stons, or the pit filled with concrete, it will be better. On top of this there ahould be some-thing sightly. The best, of course, would be at stone. For economy, this can be placed with Us top level with the ground, and 1U edges need not be dressed, and it can be a square or triangle, as you please. The surface should be made level, about ..... . i. .A agent, W. R.. Mllbam, for 'his family lot In Mount Moriah cemetery, and it has just been set up. It Is a eottag. or upright. Bell, head bridge man for thla division of the Burlington. The distance was twenty-one miles, and the building was moved Home daring tbe past few weeks in warding off by the use of artillery those disastrous hailstorms which each yesr do such an enormous amount of damage to the vineyards and crops' throughout tbe kingdom, tays the St Louis Globe-DemocTat Tbe experiments have been successful and in tbe returns just published by tbe war department at Rome tbe case is cited of a hailstorm, which, having devastated number of vineyards in the neighborhood of Monfer- on four sets of car trucks, on the railroad snd finish. It sands eight and, a half feet. Five days ere required to get the building , - w... , V. . . 1 e V . . fklAAP on tne trucus, dui m high, and oa a pedestal three feet square. The weight la 7, 400 pounds, and It Is one of the most expensive mouments ever brought Into the -Black Hills. The gran- I . . ...mImI n.. -.1. tm ....ur., Thn bulldlna is 34x48 feet, and 'toirtiriFjr jWir and cigars. J.H. CASTER Proj 1 ' ttaJiwl what Is called "rougn duso-uhujiuo.- . . ..... .1 ha. 18-foot posts. It contains 85,000 Teec been closed for a short time will reopen Wednesday, June 28. The patronage of the public is solicited. The best service has been procured and every thing will be found first class. Don't forget that the Delmonioo restau rant, wider the postages) will open for dinner Wednesday, June U,. tf, work." It should be about rour - en the sides, whether a square or triangle. of lumber. An election was held in the county last year, and Alliance took the county seat away from Hemlngford, after iVI.t rato, was about to descend on other villages, when the stormeload was bombarded with artillery, with the result that tbe.clond was Ivok-ia and a light and Is. different from any other' In this part of the country, possessing a peeulllao snd excellent texture. It should be as much as six mcne. If thU la too expensive, or Is Inconven repeated efforts. 1 ient, the foundation eonld be covered with nia descended instead of hail

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