The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 20, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1898
Page 2
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TllJb DAILY I'lONEEll-TlMES, FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1898. OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. and entered parliament Just as th ......... ..1 ....... a f t a halvht THE DAILY nOaEER-TUIES. 0I1EJMA.VMD Advertisements under this head ONE fmmmm" ssksj SM-iisM ""k FARM . . Harry DeLeray, IS SELLING CLOTHINC TEN PER CENT LESS THAN EASTERN PRICES. FOR 4-6-dftw ii ii 1 1 iii L Alfalfa. Grasa, and Forage Seeds. Thi Intf and weather Prices FKKK. Tha 1309 . . AND GARDEN. Clover. Alvke. Timothy, Bias Millet, Cane K illlr Coi n, Seed Potatoes Plant Soeds. Vegetable and fftower is 0110 of the best years known for bay sowing seeds. Prices are low and favorable. funiinhed on application. Catalogue Nebraska Seej Ccr;::y, Fai-m St. - Omaha, Vabrask. Deadwood. S. D. 63 Sherman St. 642 1 2 Main Street, Dealer in KODAKS AND HAND CAMERAS. If you want a Camera or Kodak arriie to us for prices, and circulars of the new Cameras, Premos, Pocos, Rays, Adlake?, Cycles, Cyclons, Quads, Vives, Huttels, Bull Eyes. We are Western Agents for all Cameras. Wholesale Jobhers in Photographic Goods. THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO. MEATS. Steaks, Chop?, Hams. Lard, Etc. Fish. (Jame :md Oyster. (3esi Occds. fi reat gi "J eceivers DeadwooJ, 8. D., Choice Lowest d'rices, T11K Furniture, Grocksry, Lam? 6oods, Glass and Silverware, Wail Paper, Etc. H. STEVENS, Receiver BARGAINS! DAYS. OF Smith &Wheaien . . Entire Stock of . . The entire stock will be sold regurdltss of cost as it has to be clos d out as soon as jtossible. First Goir.a First Served. 1AE1CAIUS1 FOR 90 10 Per Cent Discount. are marked any other Will be erg on Leather returned on all rah Sales to Custom Q ols in t' e Shoe Line. They r.Oome and Supply Yourself at C. E. ZIPP'S bii ihiQ ui Dl III? w na a.i ..o " p. On Jan. 25, 1833. he entered Llncoin. Inn. and when he had been a member for nix years and three months petitioned to have hla name removed fro;u the hooka of the society, on the gro-ir l his having given up his Intention ot being called to the bar. In the house of commons his mer -in tile origin, the success of his unlveri.'.y career, his habits of business and hU Igh character recommended him U the notice of Sir Hubert reel, wno ir December, 1834. appointed him to a juu or lordship of the treasury, and In I Vb ruary. 1835, under secretary lor com inl affairs. Mr. Gladstone retired rom office, wlih his ministerial leadc April, and remained in opposition ntll Sir Robert reel s return to powe n September, 1841. On accepting onice niler Sir Robert Peel in 1841. us vice president of the bom l of trail 3 and master of the mint. Mr. Gladstone was tworn a member of Jin privy council. n his new position he had to explst.t md defend In the lower house of ppx- innient the commercial policy of the government. The revision o: tne Tar- ff in 1842 was almost entirely the re mit of his energy and ip-iustry. When bis work was brought before the house (f commons it was found aumiraoiy xecuted In Its details and complete In ts mastery of general principles, and t received the sanction of both houses with scarcely an alteration. In 1843 Mr. Gladstone succeeded the earl of Ri- pon as president of the board of trade, mt resigned that office early In 1845 In January, 1846, Sir Robert reel an nounced his Intention of proposing t modification of the corn laws. At the general election in August 1817. he was elected for the University if Oxford md until 1852 agitated the removal of Jewish disabilities. He was Appointed to the chancellorship of the xchequer In 1852, resigned In 1855, re. iiimed In 1859, became leader of the liouse of commons In 1866, became first ,ord of the treasury In 1868. The prln Ipal events of his administration were he passing of the Irish church (Uses ablishment act (1869), of the Irish and act (1870); and of the elementary duration act (1870); the abolition of purchase In the army by the exercise of the royal prerogative, in coris- luence of an adverse vote of the houe f lords on the army regulation bill ' 1870) the negotiation of the ttreaty of Washington respecting the Alabama hums (1871), the passing of the ballot ict (1872),and the Judicature act (1873) From that time until his retirement his career la familiar to all readers of current history. ON TO CUBA. It has seemed a difficult thing for the army board to make up their minds what to do with reference to the occu. patlon of Cuba. At first it was thought unwise to send troops there. Just at the ipproach of the rainy season. Then, t was decided to occupy the Island with an army of 60.000 men. and sol Hers were rushed southward by the ihcasand. Then when It became evl lei.t that the Spanish armada was like y to appear before Havana at any lnie. It was thought prudent not and soldiers until a naval battle had been fought and the Spanish defeated jn the seas. All this has caused delay Now, however, as the Spanish com nander seenis to be unwilling to meet the American fleet, the administration has decided to throw the troops quirk ly into Cuba and to make an attack up on Havana both by land and sea. Doubt less this is the wise course. A blood less victory Is very desirable, but after all. the way to win a victory la to fight a battle, and a battle at and around Havana w uld be the quickest and surest way to conquer the Spaniards in Cuba. If the latest plan is followed out some progress will be made. The Spantarda are brave. That Is they do m seem to fear death. They have killed thousands of poor Cubans md m dewperuUon many have preferred death to surrendw. IVrhaips It U imt'tor so. The fewer Span rani the .ti ore room on earth will ZQ &- X more rami the eartl will afford fo." (utter and nobler people. MANY CURIOI S -'NVENTOR& The officials wf the patent office lay ;hat they have never been so bothore' is during the present fiscal year by applicants for patents whiwe claims up-n Investigation prove to have neither novelty nor merit, and whloh are aim-;ly crazy qullia, so to speak. Hut .imong all people who investigate, and ire susceptible of oonvtrtkm by proof. here ran be no doubt that Modeler's -iummch Bitters Is one of the finet ton k- and regulators of the stomach, liver and bowels In existence. Nervous sub Jx'ts, the blllousi and malarious, tboi, troubled with Inactivity of kidneys and bladder, the aged, delicate. In Arm and convabwranl And In this medicibe a moMt reliable auxiliary of health and preventative of disease. A POPV'LAR HOTEL. I'nder the management of Mr. Carl RUnk and his wife the old popular Oil-more Is more popular and prosperous han ever and la now the favorite hotel of the city. The houee uaa naturally the most devtrabla location In town, and Its arrangement la such that its guests can at one obtain every accommodation and comfort. The lodging rooms are barge, well lighted and heated and airy, and are furnished In the homelike fashion. No such rooms ran be obtained anywhere els In town. Tha table service la faultless The dining room a, spacious and inviting, the tabto linen ks kept Immaeo-late, and far eonakrta ot the beat food that culinary art can prepare. Regular boarders and transients should give the house a trial, and they will be convinced that It sotulHnea everything they desire, and aX reason abls rates. TWO SHIPS SUNK By being overloaded with furniture for tha receiver's sals at iVnlUi ft Whsal- (Xatabliehed 1878-7 ) FlOtiEEK-TIMES PUBLISHING CO TERMS Of SUBSCRIPTION. DAIL E.ry morning, eicept Momluy. On Yor $10 00 8li Montbi 11 On Month 1.00 WKKKL.Y tuued every Thursday. On Year I 00 Six Houtbi 1.00 I'lONEKIt-TIMES. Dt-adwooil, 3. L). 1 Eatrnd as second-clou, matter Deadwood roatofflc. at the OUl CANDIDATE FOR CONOKESS. It Is generally conceded that the elec tlve olll' ea of a state should bo distributed so that the different sections mny be recognized. If this Is correct as a principle of Justice In govermental polity. It is equally appllcubie n partisan politics. As mutters now stand in this state. every officer elected at lurge by the republican purty lives east of the Missou ri river, except the state treasurer. That party is largely responsible for the present vacancies In congress. It elected I'ettlgrew, the political desert er, and without Its help, Mr. Kyle would now be in the shades of retire ment; and had It done Ha duty at the last general election, this statu might now be represented in the lower house of congress. We are advised that there is, east of thit river, quite a unanimous feeling that the next republican state conven tion should concede to the lilack Hills country, one of the congressional can dlilates, and we should not be slow In comlnp together and Improving the o p-irtunity. We have many interest here of great Importance, to conserve end in whl- h an active, competent man acting In harmony with the adminlii trution, might be of Incalculable ser vice to our section. We are glad to be able to annotinc that such a man baa been found fo the place, who Is willing to make th race. In the person of Mr. Edwin V Ctse of this city. One more competen worthy or deserving couid not be four within the ranks of any party. Mr. Van CIse Is a thorough nlmbll can. a broau-mtuded. cultured gentl? nu n. liberal in his political views, ye; conservative; and being a close and In telllgent student of political economy he Is well posted on all the live Issuer of the day. He holds tenaciously hi. political views, and defends them wltl courage and consummate ability. Hi Is an able lawyer and has been unusu ally successful In his practice; and In his profession has made an envlabb record, both as a man and a lawyer For twenty-one years he has gone It and out among the people of the Black luu. wttii n un.nllleri character ane a reputation untarnished. As a representative In congress hi would take a position and exert an In fluence of which his constituents nilgh. will be proud, and make for hlmsel and his state an enviable record. Laying aside all local jealousies am. animosities, let us rally to his standard and with such a leader redeem oui state and place her once more whollj where she belongs, In the republlcat. column. THAT TRAP. For the past few days the press bul let Ins have persisted In the assertlo:. that Sampson has had the Spanish ad mlral Cervera In a trap." The firs' "trap" was when the Spaniard was re ported to be at the Island of Martin lque, and when Sampson net out to d siroy him. Cervera disappeared, however, and two days later was found ti have gone 700 miles westward and wa.-taking coal at Curacao, oft the Venezu elun coast. This was a puzzler. Bui tht naval board sent orders to Samp son to go lu one direction and to Sch ley, with his Hyii.g squadron, to go li another, and as they were sure tht Spaniard was bound for Culta. it be came certain that Cervera was in an other "trap." Next day. while noth !ti had been an of the Spaniard, b'l the Oregon abd companions wer-tliinitt:'. to l Martin mm . it was more certain than evei that Uiy Lad the Spanish In still an other trap. But yesterday s dispatch", guve tti Lew that Cervera had declln ed to into the trap set for him an-hai suddenly appeared at San Juan I'orto Rico. The enthusiastic and sanguine cor respondents have overdone the traj business. When It Is remembered tha: the Caribbean sea Is some 1.800 mile long and 600 miles wide, and that th. Spanish ships can outsail our own. I! becomes evident that to get the Span lard Into a trap that would hold hln fast Is more easily said than done. Th early bulletins of to-day would indl cate that Cervera Is not at I'orto Rico but fear Is expressed that after amu Ing himself playing hide and seek ir the Caribbean tea he will decide tt bombard some of the coast cities. Per haps he will yet manage to sneak Into Havana harbor and give L.aneo a fresl? supply of ammunition. It Is quite cer tain that the Spanish commander will fight when he ge?a ready and wtll choose his own tints and place for so doing. SKETCH OF THE GRAND Ol.P MAN William Ewart Gladstone was the fourth son of the late Sir John Glad-atone. Bart, of Fasque. County Kincardine, N. B.. a well-known merchant of Liverpool, born there Dec. 29. ISO, was educated at Eaton and Christ church. Oxford, of which he was nominated a student In 1829. and graduated, taking a double first clasa In Michaelmas term !831. Having spent tome time in a continental tour, he was returned at tha general election In December, 183!. in the conservative Interact tor iSevark. of CENT A WORD Mich InaenlOD when run less than on month. Three lines $1.00 par mourn, rajrable Id sdvsoc. WANTED HELP iV'anted Solicitors for the beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard." published ui.der the auspices and indorsed by the V. C. T. U.; the only official book; prepared by Anna Gordon, to;- 21 years Mis Willard- secretary; beautifully illustrated; only $2; tremendous de mand; bonanza for agents; superb book; liberal commissions; credit giv en; freight paid; write quick for outfit and terms. The Dominion Company Authorized Distributers. Dept. 8. 35t Dearborn St.. Chicago. FOUR MEN WANTED To occupy 1 large room with two beds, $1 each per week, over Thompson's wagon shop, upper Main street. Waated. Ciirl to assist In general housework. Apply at 13 Charles 3t. AC.KNTS WANTED FOR "WAR WITH STAIN." Including all about armivs. navies fnrt and wrahi of both nation and graphic utory ot th great victory of the gal- lunlliewry; t'll everything about samp- son. Schley. Hl.hugn Iat and leading COM mamlers. by Hon. Jamet Kanktn Younr. the lnteri'td leader for Cuba llbre In the balls of Connre. The greatest ar boob published; 6VD large page; 100 superb lllu tratlont. many in richest colors. Has large colored maps. UiRgest book, highest roiu-nitMion. lowest price; only $1.75. Each subscriber receive grand $1.00 premium free. Demand cnormou; harvest for uents; 30 day credit; freight paid: outfit free. Write to-day. Address. The National Book Concern, Dept. 15, 6 Dear- lorn street, Chicago. Wanned Two girls to do general housework. Apply to Mrs. L. C. Miller. Situations wanted by two competent girls to do general housework. Mrs. L. Miller. 5-19-2. FOR 8 A I.E. t7Deairable building lota on Lincoln erne )nglcde. Lumber furnish.! b-l' I .iwln Van Clse, tf iJ'Lots For Sale Howard s Addition. rbis addition U. Deadwood. .beautiful y located on tha Park bench, adjoin ing the Dudley spring, in the First ard. Is now open for settlement 8 'ht aid prirea at office of Edwin Van "iaa. For Sale At a bargain, a group of Squaw Creek claims among the oldest locations ot the district. Will sell half interest or the whole group. Enquire at this office. For SaleSeven the finest residence lots in the city, all in a body. Enquire at this office. FOR RENT. For Rent Two furnished rooms fjc light housekeeping at Clark house. For Rent Moaly furnished rooms over Frits Amnion's. Mrs. J. H. Ru- oaatle. vs anted Two rooms, furniahed or unfurnished, with board tor two and child. Address S, Pioneer-Time. For Rent A furntshed house of six rooms, centrally located, to a family of to small children. Address Box 6C Jity. I want to rent a good piano. No old rattletrap wanuc Cash montniy in advance. "B," .-are Pioneer-Times. For Rent Furniahed roo.m 733 No ble block. Mrs. H. J. Mooney. FOR RENT Two rooms. You can get board across the airee. Call and i diem at No. 31 Van Buren street, En- glealde. For Rent Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping or two gentlemen Enquire at No. 9 Stewart St. or this of flee. LOST. Lost A snall gold cross with sis diamond sets. Finder please leave at Pioneer-Times office for suitable re-ward. LOST. A young, light, bay mare. White blaie In the forehead. Return her to Mrs. R. Lyon. Central City and receive suitable reward. 3t. I)8T. Between Deadwood and Slur gls. Sunday, a black silk oape covered with lace. The finder will receive a reward by leaving tt at Romeo Mar-shall 's, Lead. WHEN RETURNING HOME TYom 8louz rails, Yankton. Mitchell. Ab-rdeen. 81oui City, or similar point, tak h Paclc Short Line tralu leaving Sloui City at t p. m., making clo connections at O'Neill with train tnw m.r.w uill. .1 .Toidlna all sight lay-over la Blous'city. 3ua iar. Uk connections Eastbound. Bur local tickets to 0NUL DR. A. Q. ALLEN Has removed hla ofllra In unni Ann. room, of th new Clark building. Sherman Undertakers and Embalm srs, Sherman Street. Full line of COFFINS. CASKETS and ROBES always oa band. All orders promptly attended to. Goods shipped to any part of th HUla. Hamtco Ttwptou w. 1&C.O0BI1IS01I WE BOND YOU. We axe now prepared to writs bonds In any amount for State. County Uncle Sam Says This America's Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite. Purify and Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of Hood's Sarsapartlla and begin to take It TODAY, and realize the great good It Is sure to do you. Hood's Garsaparilla la Ajsnrtoa'l Qraateal Medial o. All druggist BE WELL. Difficult. Long-Standing and Ksrvous Diseases are Curable! No Incurable Cases Taken. No experiments, no failures; Instruc tions obeyed the cure U certain. Dr. L. Miller, formerly of Chicago, 111., wh j here to stay, devotes his undivided attention to the relief of these and Other disease: RHEUMATISM. ST. VI ITS' DANCE. SLEBPLBSSNES3 STAMMERING. HABITS. PILES (without the use of the knife.) CA TARRH of the uoee stomach and blad der, and diseases of the ear, chest throat and stomach, liver, kidney. Madder, producing wasting, wealtnesf jf functions, nervous prostration, de bility dizziness, loss of energy, mem ory, etc. srmAL attk.mio.n uiv EN TO DISEASES OF MEN. CON SULTATION FREE. AT GILLMORK HOUSE, Tuesday, May 24. 1S3S. Hours from 2 to 5:30 o'clock p. m. Address: Dr. L. Miller, Uad. S. D CHEAP 4TH OK JVLY VACATION TRIP. Excursion tickets to Washington. D. C. will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines from Chicago July 3d. 4ih. 5ih and 6th Just the place to spend Independence Day at the National Capital. Plenty of interesting sights and siwvial entertainment for visitors. Apply to H. R Derlng, A. G. P. Agt.. 218 South Clark St.. Chicago, for details. (R. C. Haea. Atfy). 4 .1 :&. CONTEST NOTICE. lepartnient of the Interior. United States T - A tmt u i . . l . . . . . . "i iiui-, naym iiigr aou'a i'.oir Mar 2nd. 118. A sufficient contest affidavit having been uea in toil omce Dr Bridget Evans, cou eatant. aialntt Homestead entry No. b'& nade June 13. lv.'i, for the W't NE SK ana :jk sk. section 24. Town Dip 7 N.. Range 2 k". B. H. M . by Harry Olcoa Contestee, It which it U atlegd that: The said Hart? Olson has wholly ananaonea said trsct snd chanaed his rea Idence therefrom for mor than lx month I nee last making aald entry, and next prior to date bereln, and that unld tract li not settled upon and cult'.vateil by said party as required by law, said parties an Hereby nouned to appear, respond and of fer evidence touching said allegation at 10 ociorK a. m., on jun lltb. Ions, before th Clerk of th Circuit Court within and for Lawrence County 8. P.. at IVadwood D.. and that final hearing will be held t 10 o clock a. m.. on June 16, 188 befor the Register and Receiver at the Unttct' States Land Office In Rapid City. Soutl Dakota. TO said contestant having. In a propei afflflvlt, filed May 2. 1V8. set forth fact. which show that after due diligence, per sonal service or this notic ran not b mad, It Is hereby ordered and dlrecteo that such notice b given by due and prop r publication. PORTER WARNER, (1M) Receiver First Publication May 6. 18S8.) 0) . ftSDIHorON J. T. BI NOELI TOMBSTONES, MONUMENTS, CEM TERY FENCES From the well known works of GOD' DEN ft BALLARD, EmmeUburg, Iona Having secured the agency for th abev well known firm, for Westert South Dakota, Northwestern Nebras ka and Northeastern Wyoming. We rr spectfully solicit orders for any ilnd o Foreign and American Mart e an Granite work, guaranteeing aatisfac Uon In every particular and prices a low aa the lower L If in need of tha class of work, drop us a postal can and we will call with samples and de signs. We are permanent realJeo here. REDINQTON ft RUNDELL, Deadwood. ... So. Dakota a wen n o; IS 'fipeOrttM'rr . Urn n Mt An u . trvatl Kla,ijaBt.vata. . n1 alaa tit - l n m i. t d qvlrkly br ti nwtoran immt fKt t. u - if -Ma Kfcl)y t-stfr1 in r-v i; ..r , . OO patrkasB I ttlt 1 lc'r lM. tHff (( f fun4t. t--t rr ah 4rrTioit. ir ir. ktMVicW IN;-.! Wl. 11 ,oa- tsraWaM W A U. w w i w. ,t trid gvXMLDI 1 Pef. K-.'mr. IB. r mm 4M avBaaV.' t 4J. pjf'. OLYMPIC BAKERY BoffccMouoc BsMment of flurk Rulldlna. Opp.ite B. a M. rawnscr Dewot, ShermanSt.. Deadwood, S. 0. I take great pleasure to Inforra the people of Deadwood and vicinity that I will open on Monday, May 16th. A Urn-clans Bakery and Coffee hou under Olympic. Clark building. All orders lor Ire cream, pies cakes and bread will be filled and delivered to all parts of tha city. rons oorrss ajtd icz c&sau paxlou nr comrxenos. Ilsxtin Esuppel, Prop it jlx :v r, i n.w . - a I at and City Officers, Justice ot the Peace, Assignees, Contractors, Secret SocWty Men, Salesmen, Agenta, Cashiers, BatO Also Appeal Bonds, Attachment Bonds, N THE SPOT WITHOUT DELAY. - - OMAHA, Nebraska Lee-Clarke AEflrosscn Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Qooda. l8ie-81-8 BAKJTET - 9MAMA iwarfwood CSo Sradlaat Block. J. C. CARSOM, Atst. Dr. E DENTIST. To r.t n i w P.i'on Block, OoMks, Heb. Full Et Teeth fS.00 Best fiet Teeth TA5 Alloy Fillings LOtt Pure Gild Fillings, 12 00 ot upwards iZX Gold Crown, 15.00 to.... I.0 Bridge Teeth, $5.00 per tooth aad Crown Teeth extracted absolutely with out pain. Fifteen years experl The Npw Murray. ThorouKhly Rf fitted. Rates $2 50 to S4 'erDay. iipM-ial rauakywwefcer .apoaesy: H. H1L1)WAT' fna. a Mgr. 4. m. nwarrt. Headquarttrs ti E!z:k K'.'.li Ps:;b -THI MILLARD J. E. Markel & Son, .t&OP&XXTOM, Thirteeeth and Douglaa Eta lEAOING H0Til""0F CIIAHA Mnat d.airabi looattoa. Aio.ruM fiao a 60 pat day aad aa. karopvao Plan Si OO Nrdsfli l n. Eisaut Uaf. la oonnoouoa. Dr. wl, F. Hortzmann, CTh oaly:Spsl let wh. treats att PrtTttePtsiaesaat Xaleeaadreasalea Weakaae. aa Moatalv UnemM Uea of Pease. M year, ta Oases. Ooasaisattea Frs. Parisrt 5IS I IC3 DF. C. CaEE WO. He Is ee at (as most sklUrul at Chlaeee dootora, cause et hie arMt knowledge aad tsns Haring been e" years la the stew i eollac of CalaesS) endantaade tt fc-BBdiau aeUea et orr 1.600 rmmti'.m. With etghteea fmim of zpriaee aa avar .IrHl vaafW aa that Um In Omaha has gtnm hla a res. taUon backed up by thousand ef Untiaao-nlal In curtna EVERT CHAlUCTtl mt, whether CHRONIO OR OTUXJl- niSS. Dr. C. Oe We sruaraataaa a aara In every ca or th mooT will ha rmf. ma. uonaiutauoa rroa. aad a ta stain (or book aad qvwUoa ktaaka. DR. a OEM WO, til N. Hth 9L. OouLha. Mk Kodaks and Carr.:?C3 Pltaaant and ProSubl. Dlf eraioHa. W HAVE ALL TO2 FOPTJLAJL sriwae's rsAs rre Oswenes ffreme Ca.rse Dm4 Cmmmm fe Cam,w tmtrt-tf Cmmmrtm. MMtttt Caieerw jyf Ceisrwe ClMVBr mt praat la la tea WiSaiSS mmmm Syora aa Si.airy .... IV-Olae. push. 7tla, OhasaHals. Tta eeade ""ie. rr M.aii nftnHit A swUlartaarMnrllla Don't ask your friends to go your bond when for a small payment you can get the beat bond la tha United States and be independent Pleas call and see na. temple Mclaughlin, Att's. j. p. htmer, General Ag't. for the Black Hllla. United States Fidelity ft Guaranty Company, Baltimore, Md. (Capital paid In cash, $1,000,000.00.) 121 rarnnm Strt-et, - - GHSOLIIIE smm. STEAM. GAS WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS. MORSE & CO., uoa Farnam mt, omini, nea. S-l-&8-D. k W. Lawrence Skow Taxidermist and Fur Dresser. . . Fvr Ruts and Robes to order. Taxidermy supplies a stock. Alt work guaranteed first class. 505 South 13th Bt. Omaha Vftbraaka. f Band tor catalogue. I 19 88 L. W. Capitol Hotel Un block m ot f w B . Mortheatt Cor. 18th an1 Capitol Av Omabsk, Nob, A Suietly Ftnt Claa. r.ttllj Boi Braiiu. and r.n-lnl .lUntlrx l Tnuwiaat ruaau bo 11.11 Tran.Mla. atpcalaoa. RATES I Tran.lent. par pay . Tabl Board par Wak... anon ud ttoajil..,.. l t . M.Sii SS (' au4 Upward q krs. a. y. wmi . Plm !'93 KISSM. P. UK N, heps W. S ROBINSON, Assayer and Chemist 1112 Dodge Street, OSfiaVHA, . . Nebraska. Baxnplss by XalL 11998 D. ft W. BISHOP & CO. Luneh Counter m Dining Room. 15Z7 Oap'tol Are., Omana, Heb. Seating Capacity 200. S-24-S8 d andu. LEWIS HENDERSON, FLORIST. Fin. Cut Flowers, Plants and Floral Dwifns Shipped on short notice. 16th and Taraa'D Bts., 0 -a, Kebraska. 1?-8 a ft W. THE MADISON trr F. L. AxteU.Prcp. list Chloao St. Omaha A first class family hotel, on. block north Higfc School, on. block from car line.runnlng direct to Exposition around. 5-i-dw-Jm. DR. He GREW is raa on li IOIALIIT wao Taaars au, Privtts Diseases fOTaaraEiMHMia. Hi TMra la (hnaha. VB.k Frea. 1 Unal-PM. i onatilia. boansvoa J 14Ua4 "snasj Sa A. NKS, FRANK II. MARTIN, Fruit tr. orders flUad oa abort no tlca. CorrasDOBdssiea aniirti&ii 4C2S Bool.vard At mm (7 Star a Bullock. Hardware Co. Heavy and Chelf Mine and Mill Hardware. 1Z2 f Basitary Plumbing-, Sewerage Connections, Cornice Making. in plain figure?, it ss in price than house in the state, MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. Notaries, Administrators. Executors, Officers, Employees, Quardlana, Offlc Officers, or any other kind of bonds. Replevin Bonds, Indemnity Bonds. ALL JUDICIAL BONDS WRITTEN O Cupplico. ivni Vlmnm. Ui,. i- B. rBATT, ml, ELKBABT, DO. T. J. DOVVD. PRACTICAL -Awl Jwsilitwf And OPTICIAN. E!s;k Kills Jtxilrj llii i ti CrSsr. Watea fiamlnaf lor ths F. C ft at. V. R. err trial sad I wtU suoa la In t!rnt, C;. Putcfflci. Cssfssi. T. W. MOFflTr, M. D. Cfflei ifir Duttn'i Ir.i store Ti!t;t!ti Ei 245. Deadwood. - - South Dakota, ur:?ii & f;cuun:ua -Attorneys at Liu- skoS Soar Mama Mam k!fe. aaa.Kn.U4M.a, aaaMMMuTLaS litw t VUii.Im, U Ijlm ml Bums. TM bwum. aw t. ca SamTatMikiris. Ina nww tlM. Sa. ft. Sifffw am Whui ImI W ' I Col io mt til mm mjlm. UXKAXT cAxaiAaa aju &Lm.xss vra. c. ? Flora H. Stzr.lcrd, 11. 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