The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, a D. CASE DISMISSED THE UNCLE SAM SHAFT. WW izations, holds -thousands of conventions every year, which bring together persons far and near to discuss plans r says he willingly gave them all the information he could aoout them, permitting them to look thru his stock without producing their search warrants in lact, he did not know they had the warrant.s. . j -.nil rCinUBM Work On the Famous Old Mine Has Been Progressing Favorably. :t at the Sam mine at Per The si ry, is d eompleti compan If that nealnst .loseyu oCC..B, (Caf Sviiw stolen property ', the Ikum-stake company, P Jert iD Justice Nathan d!Sffl Wednesday on the , n :'.i',i feet The Clover '-'in, Ii is r.o'v " t: '. to aid is about Leaf Mining the owner of trift from t!: i:i !.:. .' !...- I !..-::l ,;:i i '.. , worl.. for improving and uplifting the great Sunday School work of this country. Their value is becoming more and more upparant every day. People must get together and learn of each oth'-r f t(;,.y would aUvatiee. .1 PREPARING FOR FIELD D'.Y. Toe Olympics Have Been Tim ning For the Events at Sturcp -.. la ru. . la.-.;, of Oi nip,, m, !.,!,, ', fcnS . , K.'lkir. of Moody A VACATION N CHICAGO. Four Deadwood Ladies Start Out to Explore the Windy City. Mrs J. P. Hymer nml mm.-i. Hlanche Betz. Mrs. S. M . Kan.- and si, ter, Miss .lcChlland. h-fi l).-a,i wood yesterday onthi- Burlington train tor nofl"aJ" .. ; ,,,-ed for the i "u ... I .urns Fein- I the prop J bottom I The , with th two I'll j ing oat I ut--. Si- present T!ie oy n III." 1 until tn- ' and Fin ' pinups a:-.-i- soon a t!. ! mi.m! lev, I. III U-e at shaft has a st.itiim ion. was con-! I his montn. !,oth showed an in,' matter, and ,1, Feinberg was ,-, uvi-rlim all of he could re- - n.iiiiing lor the anoiis 'he annual Held ilav in Sti It. K. Flmtei man. the instil a dozen or littei n out every lit- at ..c . ami tor, has i".'- ning. s,.ttl.'J so ' -ned. t - reached pump w com pou : has bee:: -put ill. I ii, r, , L-u mg a a, lam of steam. The shall :i ledge matter all the wav good assays have been oh It"1'3 1 '..I ,,h,te missintr Wear- int ,t p;nr of irdtn;irv shoe; in ttb'tit h, put him into out- Tk.,n IS .lU' ' I down, ai d i 1 u.- - M,l, lo rii-lig to Feiri- 1 .. .V... !taj ooen tained. Th;-, was somt thing of a surprise. .. :t was not expected that ore won! ! lie found at that point endeavorn..- o aDdas hoou as it is done it is ,hat his case will also ue ula- Armored Cruiser. ,d one of the officials, in speaK- tbe matter woaue&uaj, dui.u ... attribute anv criminal , did uui - --- - jtlon to eitner -0 L thought thp had not exercised Pain, - nf the metal. niui mrj o.u. known must have been stolen, -einberg cond'i.ts at largo busi-- . .... -nel.flie nut-chased This, s,hoc will stand the racket of the wildest loy that ever kicked out shoe leather. TIIK U1TKRS are made of -,ol call Uniform Methods of Practice. For th, purpose of securing a uniform standard of the prai tice of medicine and surgery thruout the country Representative Palzell has introduced a hill authorizing -to- ;-r -m-dent to .ijipomt a coiiini ission to report on t ie matter. This commission, if authoiize.i will consist of three physician-., members of the American Kclectic association. , ae commission tute. of Honieopathv . and American Klectric association The commission will examine the laws of the prions slates .-ii'., I territories on tin- s-ilijeit of the r.giila'ion of the practice oi medicine and surgerv and r. ioit to i oiigres. .-, bat is lie, e.-,, a ry to : cine a unifoim ai.i 1 1 i lent stand iid nt I bey do most of their work in the club rooms, in the i veniugs. and they nearly all take runs and walk., in the morning. The athletic association of th-.- three clubs held a meeting i;i )ead a few-days ago, ami adopdrd the 'iv-laws submitted by the committee appointed to frame them. The issociition is called the Itla.k Hills Amateur Athletic association, and the by-laws fully cover every contingency. Two events have been added to the list- a lliu yard high hurdle race, and the discus throw. It is the intention this ; ear to make field day an exclusive affair, and no one will be sold a ticket for the exclusion from Deadwood .-cept those holding invitations. All member.- of tie- club will be- given invitations, which they will be required to present al tile ticket Ollice before securing transportation to Slurms. This will keep the , rowd dou u. an, I the park at Sturgi.. will then buve no difliiiiily in ' 1 ol n,oi .1 I II g I lie p, , I i, ,! , HI CIRCUIT AND COUNTY COURTS. Tao Boys Charged With Larceny Ap- m ueau"1"'" - Chicago, where they intend to spend three or tour weeks of n vacation Miss Betz, Mrs. Kane and Mit;t, Mc (Telland are teachers in the Ileadvvood public schools, and they will haw a little more than two months at their disposal. They intend to secure apartments somewhere on the north side of Chicago, where they can have good lawns, drives and quiet, and will spend about three weeks taking in all there is of interest about the Windy City museums, art institute, public buildings, parks and pleasure resorts. They will bo far enough out from the busy center to escape the oppression usually incident to life in Chicago, but not so far out but that they will have street car communication with all parts of the city. They intend to patronize the excursion steamers plying between the Chicago docks and Hen-ton harbor, South Haven, Milwaukee and other famous lake shore resorts on both sides, and will niak" the trip one of intellectual profit, as well us pleasure. They will be gone from Ileadwood about six weeks, intending to stop olT on their way home at various points. Conventions and Conevntions. Of convent ions, there j nueml. Ail kinds of oi ion.-, now hold em-volitions. From tin- , unv cnl ion , held by a sinule whole-ale house for the ben-lit ol their salesmen In t!:- gleat religion-, ,n,l political ioIle,- ion.-, nearly every piolcs,.siuii and Had" has its meeting to talk over things of mutual interest. Tin- Sunday School work, through its various township, county, state and International organ ...rniatcs u question irom nee- He says he considered Seelig a lbje business man. anu mar ne ,een done an nu""- "-& tbt into this ' He paid See- W .... 1 f..w t. ' r n i w 1 1' jne cents a pouuu ii i'i'. Kd it east and l.-ei-ived thirteen I for it, after;: the freight. jh diJ not allow I, ,ni to mane out l-led- it a pOUIM Oil C nr s,i lie in kin. with oak tanned Mile leather bottoms. $ r i TIIK SOIT.S a,e tilled with -Vlee! , it- let t -n 1 lie nevel Wr.l lull! q i jai t ami . 'ii will lis,- tp , ,,(.h. i . j vnrinc to i onilii'-t a legitimate t ; 1 1 ; 1 1 j I ; , . : mc favor o long st. o, it Me Ims and has a dozen or .so men r - . , s lor the practi, , e IS 11 si tl 111 g ' en ! 1 1 pit ss a ,'e. is : I on I Hie illl'e, tan, . f -I, i. In, tor evil ( i;Si i' . v ; , employ, out inlying .limit ana He said t he cop- in? it i" to ho llates in U'l' in the County Court. pe Ittered state. , n i a me to hi in in in, I h- had every 1 1 , y had been lavv-U 'hi ii the officers nf business last ' fcn to l.-li-w i ii,:., and Wilb an. M I mm i a a 1 u bo wi i ai- i, - I 1 1 1 1 I : obtained, to bis il ;i plates he savs looking for Hi illingly gave them all the infor- ,sle, I,, 1 , ,lale,, e, I,,; , olllpall.v . . vesterdav 1 W ll.s lo llelel I ' iv I , I I' - 1 CI , , II . , , I I t j I 1 I Iglllg to III" I ll illiestillo In fore the county court ,,- I h.'i r pea i i ii .v. who 1 1 iiii.e vv bother or not they Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. on be could about them. He jring and Summcrl 900 i cKru WLrjjrfru runjnsuj JIufnTUTJfJuuufuJsuJ in i W lake "Teat pleasure in ollVrino- this sea-soii's purchase for vour i nspt-cl ion, beiiit; full v aware of (he fact that it exceeds all our previous I'forts. - xotn TnisTANiiN; Tin: i:i:ci:nt ;i:i:at advance-in .mkimmiandise in n; I, INK, WE HAVE NOP ADVANCED ni l: BABY'S BIRTH looked forward to with expectotioni of Joy and gladness. The ordeal of bringing the lltU one into the world, however, is a critical MM for the motlier-to-le, and her anticipations at the coming event are shadowed with rlootn. Half the pain anil all the danger of child-blrUs out pel's. Nil tax s 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 1 , f , I ; .net . p ,1 1 1 1 g I 1 1 I ' i I I n '. , il Ii, 1 II : ' 1 1 , , i , 1 1 ', I .-. i f i ,, 1 i s, ma ! c , ipei I i ill vv h 1 ! 1 I a via; hro e !, .a, allowed to I in, ,1, In, IHMUit l; ,! , . ,,ex ,.J law will 111' resorted '" unless paid at mac Several thousand of these statements are to be sent out. and unless responded to nrompt'v the property enumerated will he l.v el upon hv the sheriff and sold to pay the taxes The treasurer made a good clean-up on personal t.ois i !' long standing deliiupiency last year but it is frequently a diffi-i ult matter to realize upon such cases where there is no real estate to fall back on Purchasing of Our Wholesalers. M. 'I Whah n one of Minion's en-t'l prij ng business men is in the city purchnsiiii; sim k tor his business from our wholesalers. During his short slay lu-re Mr. Whah n is making many Iriends who will chce! fully welcome linn hie k to our c ity at any time providence or business may direct him this way. He reports things as being unite lively over at Aladen. and says that they have fine prospects ofr a prosperous future in that camp Mother's Friend," scientific I'KICES IN ANV SINCLE INSTANCE. CM b entirely avoided by the use ol " liniment of priceless value to all .women. Bold by all druggists at one dollar per bottl. A booklet, g-iving all details, will be lent free by Bradiiekf Rgm ' Company, tlauU. Ga. Our Men's Department is replete with MOTHER'S FRIEND the very latest for men's wear. i Men's Knrinr Overcoats, iii all the newest 1 - r-i shades and styles, ranpjinp in price from $7."0 to $22.00. The handsomest line of Men's Spring Suits we have ever shown; the very latest How to Avoid Trouble. Now Is the time to provide yourself and family with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diahrrhoea Remedy. It Is almost certain to fo needed before the summer Is over ant if procured now may save you a trip totown In the night or in your busiest season. It ia everywhere admitted to be the most successful medlsine In us for bwel complaints, both for chlldroa designs in high grade tailoring, ranging should be seal ti) the reform school. They slated to tin- court tha' they were unable to einpiov counsel, and tile couit appointed S. C l'oIle o fthis !iy lo dei'end them. Their hearing was continued until next Tuesday, the 12th of the month. The petit jurors who were subpoenaed to report in circuit com I n, t Moil, lav . .1 tine I I . loi the perjin , ,i.-s are excused until July li,. I reason of the eontnuaiice of the case,. Sheriff Sweeney of Ilutte county came over Irom Iii lie rou'eh,- e. t,-r-da .v,;b laivvaid .MiU.i.-, i -a.cs Iiliiced in the Lawrence counly jail to await the actum of the grand jicv McKay mortgaged some horses, which he was holding on his l ain h hour Seim. South Dakota, lie afterward moved to North Dakota and opened a hotel States Attorney Gilbert of Dutte county, called on him in North Dakota, and McKay turned the horses over to him to satisfy the indebtedness. The horses were then driven hack to this state and to a place near Belie Fourche. There they disappeared shortly afterwards, and diligent search located them in McKay's possession again, in North Da kota. Ciovernor issued a requisition on the governor of North Dakota, which wis honored and McKay was tinned over to tie- Sonh Dakota authorities. His bond was fixed at 900, and one of his friends started recently for North Dakota, promising that he would secure the bond, if he had to put up the cash. The Kutte county sheriff asked that the prisoner be confined in the Lawrence county jail owing to the imperfect condition of the Ilutte county jail, and an order to that effect was issued by Judge Moore yesterday. Police Court. William Adams was arrested recently for drawing a knifo on James Armstrong, foreman at the Hartlett & Phillips brickyard, this side or Plu-ma, and being taken before Justice Early yesterday, he was tent to the county Jail In default of $000 bonds. Adams spent thirty days In jail earlier in the spring for an unmentionable offense. Lloyd Poindexter, the colored man arrested for cutting his consort, Stell White, with a razor, was dismissed by Judge Early yesterday for lack of evidence. from $0.50 to $25.00. Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual meeting-, German Baptists, (Dunkards), North Manchester, Ind., May 29, June 8, 1900. Annual Convention, Music Teachers' National association, Dps Moines, la., June l?-22. 1300. Annual meeting, National Educational association, Charleston, 8. C, July 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, VJnptist Young People's Union, Cincinnati, O., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, Fullv etiual to tailor-made, at just otie- ! half the cost of made-to-order goods. and adults. For sale by Kirk Phillips. Our Boy's Department consists of every- I .. . f 1 .......,1aI outfit thing necessary ior a uoy a nim .mm., reliable goods, and low prices being our SwrtrttlOTbr' TWauin.BlochCo ONLY AIM. the like This season we have paid particular attention to TLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just MASSAGE BATHS. Mine. Smith, steam, vapor and alcohol baths. No. 8 Pine street, second floor. Pioneer Picnic. The board of directors of the Blackj Hills Pioneers have accepted the invitation on behalf of the Soldiers an Sailors, and the people of Sturgls, tm hold their annual picnic at the reunioa of the Soldiers and Sailors at Sturgi on June 13th. Appropriate exercise and speaking will be provided for entertainment and a general good time tm anticipated. All Pioneers are especially requested to be present, and a cordial invitation Is extended to everybody. JAMES CONZETT. Pres. A Common Evil. Tin- Salt Lake Tribune thus refers lo an evil common tn most all mining distiii ts of the west: "History, however, is repeating itself in this country, us it has done In the l.ei'inning of other sections, and that s. aliment of and petty feeling toward one another exists. No two persons can agree upon any given point of general advantage to the other, and consequently any move to further the move interests of the district in general is given a setback on this account. As long as the mining interests are not to blame for this conduct, the country is bound to remain at a standstill until individual whlpsawing is worn out. Should the move now on foot for a consolidation of working interests be made and one property opened to a stage of production and shipments, then a new era may dawn upon the situation and In another year the feeling of distrust and prejudices may have faded away. As the matter now stands, the more one does to advance and attract attention to this country the less thanks he gets for it and is abusively criticised for his efforts. In this particular the country is no tto blame for present circumstances, where if a solid pha-lnax of interest had been shown all along this region today would bo far ahead of Its present status, and to all signs it will remain in a desultory and acrimonious state until new life and new .'.tracters are established hero for th --etu-ral good." St. Tatil, Minn.. July 17-19, 1900. Annual Convention, Foung People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Church of North America, Denvef, Col., July 25-30. 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, September 1st, 1900. The above Is a partial list of some of the most Important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. J. I.. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent pa's, from $2.00 to f 6.50. Shirt and collars just like Papa wears, ages years ami ards. 0UU GENTS' EUHNISIJING DEPART MENT, com f in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-Mng that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, i by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades 1 Bhades for spring wear. The best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in be new style Plaids and Checks. W Shoe itock is now complete with the very latest in 's Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. I Tl - riAAKnnr Whir XVP SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SPRINOS. One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. Hood to return the following Tueedaf . Popular train leaves Deadwood 6 p. m. Via NorthweRtern line. THIRD INTERESi IN DEADBROKE. Sol Rosenthal Trades for Peter Godfrey's Blacktail Mining Interest. Sol Rosenthal has traded his busi I, oi I A Call iTAil Chflflt t m m i ness block in Deadwood to Peter J L- Godfrey for the Litter's third interest in the Deadbroke mining property in Our Shoes are better in She Beats Them All. We have a contract with a lady living near Deadwood whom we know t be an excellent butter maker, who furnishes us with close on to a hundred pounds of the most delicious ranch butter you ever tasted, every week. When vo l are in to ord.-r groceries, or when ;-i i are goin? home, just drop mound t ur way and try a roll of thin butter. If it is not the best ranch Inula ryou ever ate. bring it bad: and get your money, or telephone us and we will come after if. Only 22V- per pound. Better than all your rreaniery product. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. Food prepared With "Columei" ia f re f.-om Rocm Mb S.Jts. Alum, L.n.nil'J Amo.O'i w. "Columei" ijthe Hiajeite's Kie'id. Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Trice than any other House in Town. "FASTER TIME EAST BOUND." A change of time hetween Norfolk and Sioux City enables pasengors ue-: g our train No. 4 to reach SiouH City at 4:00 p. m. dally. Twelve hours saved between MINNEAPOLIS. ST. PAUL ana the BLACK FILLS. Vst houn-t. leave Minneapolis at 7:1'). St. Paul at 7'40 a. ia.. Sioux City at r,:b." p. m. Arrive Norfolk Junction 7:4o p. in., connr--t i r l-with FREMONT, ELKHOKN k MISSOURI VALLEY RAILROAD, No. :! due at Black Hills stations t;;c next morning. PARTICULAR attention Is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITY. 5:05 p. m., daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with train No. 3, thus enabling passengers from connecting lines to make connection at Sioux City without lay-orer. i.Kino' Hlacktail guhh. $"'") in cash and a year's rent of the building Th -Deadbroke is one of the best known properties in the Itlack Hills, and was operated by Godfrey and his associates for the last six years tin to the tin,-that K. M. Malotiey took the bond upon it. Godfrey tc Nelson originally had a Wiswold pulverizer on the property, and supplanted that with a ten stamp mill. When Mr. Maloney took hold of the mine he put up a cyanide annex, and he was treating the ore by that process all winter. At the same time he was doing development work in the mine, and it was announced a few months ago that 300,000 tons of ore was blocked out. NONE SO COOD. MADE BY I THE J V THL'ST.y HAVE YOU A HEADACHET Try oar headache capruW. ' PALACE PHARMACY. J

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