The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 6, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEE-TIMES, THURSDAY MOBSIXO. JU Beport of the Condition of ATCHES, )lAM0Ni? THE DEADWOOD PIONEER THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK At Deadwood, in tho State of South Dako- ij. at 'he clotit of business, June JO, 1SS3. RESOURCES. , ,! discounts $320,686.91 In prosperous time, id so did tk Armour Packing company. Neverthelea the labor union leaders concluded not to forego the fun and excitement of a strike which never coat the walking delegates anytbhlng. The outcome will probably be the failure of the strike movement In these shops. STABUsHBR JVNB S, U7C THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T, 1877. son in this age to discover the scientific nature of the teachings of Jesus. Theologians did not consider that Chlatlanity was a science that Is they did not dream that it could be demonstrated in this age as well as In any age past or to come, by healing the sick and works of lige character. They relied upon argument backed by history to prove that and unse- Overdrafts, secured cured ' . Flue... Solid Gold Jewelry THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Bonds to secure circuiauou ju..uu I bonus aua Lawrence county school bonds . . . 70,500.00 CONSOLIDATED MAT 14. 1S97. Jl,330.Sa Jesus and Hie disciples healed the sick by Pioi ks, securities, etc the sole means of a power given them by 10,500.00 nONEER-TIMES PUBLISHINQ CO fixtures and Other Real Estate Sterling Silver NnJ 5,318.43 939 73 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: i;acs owned I me from national i -....rvt iiL'ellt.St i me from' awim. d reserve ug'ts. lo:t.3J4.C6 God. Christian Scientists who have gained the spiritual understanding of the, scriptures by studying Mrs. Eddy's book. "Science and Health, With Key to the Rcriii4res," are proving the authenticity of theftspiritual accounts of healing by doing the same kind of works. There are JAILT Ererr Morning. Except Monday On Year (10.00 U Month 600 One Month 1.00 2.'.ilo.73 At Special Prices 37ti.54 C.G3.00 WEEKLY iMued Ererr Thursday. . ,-ks Mil l oi her cash Hems . . ,,,, evelile stamps - n! nt her hanks Kra. liomd l..-r currency, i.i. k.-ls an 1 "His HOW Id THE WORLD USING YOU? (Hy Henry D. Nunn.) "How Is the world using you?" is a salutation often heard. Your response could be pretty accurately inferred from the answer you might give to another question: "How are you using the world?" Mnet people who complain that the world ha ubI them bailly have not been very conspicuous for their good treatment of the world. To treat the world well, solsly for the1 purpose of winning its smiles would be toadyism, and would disappoint. U i true On Tear 1.00 BU Month 1.00 13.0: Next 20 Day at the Second-Claaa Matter thousands of Christian Scientists who are La,Af jiuiiey Kescrve in HanR thus successfully prqying the truth and viz: VI 1u power of Jesus' teachings daily, and they ,,' ,,1, r n-.i. s .. ;,:'"n.iw are now found In almost every part of the if .l.nition f iml with I. ? world teaching and healing as the ancient; Ft .'-. ( '"e : AT Dead wood Postofflce. 10,701.10 2,250 00 $i.n.:;t;i.2: apostles didj I Total A, F. SNYDE UAtm.wlfiS fi... l 1,;.ili I .... 1,1-. Hailf 'r that the world is somewhat ttkc a-mlf- IlEPUHLICAN TICKET. Supreme rou'rt judges. ' KIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. UICK HANEY. ror.ln that it usually gives you bark rrown for frown, and smile for smile; but it is Main Street. 10, 000. u i;a,.770.33 40,000.00 '.'L'.'f.ln . v ' Capital stock paid" In not of the highest importance, but taken gllrj,)us finif us a confirmation of the teachings of Undivided . ruins, less expenses Jesus, it is of supreme importance, for N;i! 'i'1',I1,.;,X V.a n'k ' .'-i " oii'tstauil i'u'g we are encouraged thereby to try and j Mlt. tl, ,,tii,.- natinunl hanks ... mirror that often plays evil tricks, for sometimes when you, smile It will frown. ti, rate hanks ami nanni'rs - Emerson says: "The sour faces of the multitude, like their sweet factr, have tro prove Rlt nts precepts, even I tie one mu- . ! Individual deposits subjuct to ding us love our neighbor as ourselves, j (.u.(.i, Whenever a man feels that the world is Demand certificates of deposit... i;.tr, ;i4 ::.'. 373. ix i' l:'l.i::s.3r, 1,400.00 1 deep cause but are put on ertifi. -ales of deposit Ti iih nd off as the wind blows and a new- Cashier's checks outstanding. paper directs. rnia is irue , mi, m everyoneknows from experience, but this does not excuse any one for his contempt not using him well, he will find by a rapid analysis of his thought, that he wool J not J be unhappy if only he were loving his neighbors as himself. To get a good sur-j vey of his thought, let him say: "Now, If I loved every man as myself, how ,a UKCCNSOIQUS HEROISM. The most nutlcable thing about Trooper Hallett of Fort Meade, when he had topped those runaway horses on the Fourth, and was holding them by tbelr bits, was bis entire unconsciousness that he had done anything at all notable or unexpected. He appeared to think that luckily he was right there and on his horse, and what else should he do but stop them. He seemed astonished to see a of the world. To use the world well Is Total j.;ii.3.;i.:2 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, 88. I. Win. Selhie, cashier of the above-named hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to Ihe best of my know ledge and belief. WM. SELHIK. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this GASH TALKS more than to toady to it. It 1b to use the world wisely, that Is, to rise above It Into the consciousness of the Divine order, constant and unchangeable where the would I feel about this matter?" He will find that the change of his point of view will do him good. How U on to love a low, brutal, vulgar, 1st day of July. discords of self-centered sense cannot dis Correct Attest : VL'I. JOHN R. WILSON. Notary Public. HARRIS FRANKLIN. W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TKEBKlt. Directors. . 'thousand men crowd around cheering and congratulating him for such & little thing as that. When be looked down that flf-teen hundred feet of crowded street and thought what might have happened, he thought It lucky that be was right there, but it apparently did not turn his ' head to throw any boqueta at himself. He turb. It Is a rulti which never varl'es that the man who consistently loves the world after the manner of the heavenly Father who so loved it that He sent His son to redeem it will have no complaints to make, even tho the world fail to appre We have got the goods and want your trade,- Come and see us, we will treat you right. X "A Fair Outside Is a Poor Substitute had probably done the same sort of thing thievish man as himself? I canuot Imagine how one could possibly love r. man If he thougtit of him as being low brutal, vulgar and thievish. Jesus did not love brutality or vulgarity, and he did not ftsk his followers to love suob qualities. No love can possibly be manifested until the Christian can to .some degree put these evil qualities he sees out of bis mind. When he does this there will be opened to him an invisible line of communication with the real man Cod's man who can always be found when one brushes away the evil appearances. It is safe to say that Jesus did not talk very much to prostotutes and thieves, for the prostitutes straightaway became purified and the thieves honest because his thought was so pure that it caused iniquity to flee. Ayres & ffardian Hardware Hi For Inward Worth," Good health, inwardly, of the kidneys, liver and bowels, is sure to come if Hood's Sar saparilla is promptly used. This secures a fair outside, and a consequent vigor in the frame, with the glow of health on the cheek, good appetite, perfect digestion, pure blood. Catarrh " I have had no return of the catarrh which troubled me for years, since Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me." Mas. Job Martin, Washington St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Dyspepsia " Complicnted with liver and kidney trouble, I suffered for years with dyspepsia, with severe pains. Hood's Sarsaparilla made me strung and hearty." t. B. Kmiktob. Main Street, Auburn, Me. ciate him, for he will have peace anil holy Joy In the midst of turmoil and contention. One who depends up on the smiles of the world for happiness will be repeatedly disappointed. The world cannot confer happiness. It may give wealth power and fame, but happiness comes only with the understanding of the ephemeral nature of worldly things and the permanence of the things of mind. Wealth, power and fame bear the same relation to happiness that pianos, musical notes and musical energy bear to harmony. Harmony or discord may result from the application of energy to a piano; according to the musical (understanding of the pianist. Happiness or unhappiness may result from the possession of worldly things, all depending upon the understanding of the possessor. Happiness Is a harmonious condition of thought, independent of things. When a man continually scolds about the way the world us Is not by any means certain that the world is treat - time and again on the farm or range or In company maneuvres when one or more t nderfeet got unhorsed, and it was not thought worth mentioning at the camp or .In the barracks. To be hailed as a I ero for a trifle like that, was quite embarrassing. But It was heroic all the same. ,. , Another notlcable thing about the Incident was that nearly all of the crowd that moat quickly recognised the heroism of the trooper had crowded around to tell aim he had "dona a good job," were miners from Lead and other mining towns. There la no other occupation that develops s much unrecognised heroism as miners. Scarcely a day passes In a big mine and scarcely a week In the leaser ones, that otne one below or above ground doe not do a brave, quick-witted action that saves life or limb, or property, at personal risk, nd little or nothing is thought of It. - It is a part of the hasardoua business and the man who fails to do what he might -t-AAj tTTTtv THE DREYFUS CASE. A remarkable change has taken place In public opinion in regard to the guilt of Dreyfus and there is good reason to hope Shoes With a Reputation that it will be reflected In the sentence rendered by the supreme tribunal. His feelings must be some thing akin to thos- focd& SaUalmi of the sufferer released from the chains of a weak stomach by that powerful fot to dyspepsia, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Hood's Pills cure ltvr tits ; the non-Irritating and have dona at critical moment is called Our Boys 5ealvSkin Seamless lng him shabbily, but it Is certain that Sply sathsjtlo to Uk with Hood - J""flM A man might as well be in prison as to a, "stupid chump," and the man who does... the man is not mentally harmonious He have a weak stomach. It will bring just as much misery. Hostetter's Stomach Bit SHOES! has the wrong point of v.ew of everything and is miserable, not for anything the world has done or left undone, but because his mind Is not adjusted In harmony with ters will cure constpatlon, indigestion, biliousness, liver and kidney troubles. An Are noted lor their wearing qualities AT SUNDOWN YOU WILL FIND COMFORT occasional dose will keep the bowels regu the divine law which Jesus epitomised: excellent for school wear. lar and the stomach vigorous. See that a private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle. IN A L. C. VERPLAST. "Thou shtH love-the Lord, thy God, wftn alf thy heart" and thy neighbor at thyself. - People rarely think of the mighty meaning of those . few revolutionary words of the Master. "Love thy neighbor as thy- the right thing in the men of time, gets no mora lavish praise than to be told, "a good Job, old son." Borne outsider, or office man, or perhaps, Jhe superintendent, may tell him. thai he is made of the same atuS a the Merrlmao heroes, but he will think they art chaffing htm; if not, why - do his mates, and the shift boss and foreman, who have been brought up In the same school, all take It such a matter of course? It does not occur to him that he Ja In any small fraction of a hero, but has Imply shown that he Is "no chump." It thrills any man with warm Mood In - his ,veln to read of the two Kansas privates who swan. naked with a rape la their teeth across a swift Luton stream, scared fifteen hundred Filipinos out of a SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" P. E. No. GO t92i.orcXs.axi St. i I .Me ""gd elf," and yon will not apeak in of him. A If. V, R. R, offers some exceedingly low round trip rates to the following points: PLATINOTYPE PHOTOGRAPHS; be envious of him, be anxious to overreach him la a bargin or apeak Irritably to him. Loving thy neighbor as thyself, you will not be miserable because he la earning more money than you you will not feel avMtAWaeiW Ul Wi CWIW nMI WWlsl "JUIM . I Injured by. his Injustice toward you, for tograplia colored; Pictures) framed. Amateur work enlarged in Druu""" Kodak and Camera SuDolies. lore will cause you to pity him for his Detroit. Mich. July 1-10. Richmond, Vs. July 11-16. . Los Angeles, Cat July 11-14. This to only a few of the many points In all parts of the country to which excursion tickets will be. sold at reduced rates during the summer via "THE NORTHWESTERN LINK." Dates of sals rates and other Information will be BRUTUS 10 CIGAR 10$ blind folly, and you will hare a sincere de- A 4 , PtwtograiiWin; on BIT.K and Porcelain. Wa toava moved Into BJj dough Studio, No. 6 R Mala street. Lead, and are prepared to do w ... - - . . V. TT Df S"i lire to help him to an understanding of justice. Loving your neighbor as yourself will certainly not Insist on holding the . trench and hitched the rope to post of " the trench, thur furnishing General Fun-ton a meant of crossing on a rait with hit men. It Is not discounting the hero-Ism of this achievement a single grain to say that almost any old miner or mining ipan can match U for daring by incidents that have occurred in his experience or under his observation.' The heroic in common life is as common and as praite-"worlhy as In the army or navy. ADAVIS'SONS & CO. MAKERS outside seat on street car,, thus putting gum tiruuk. promptly and cheerfully furnished" by ugn eraa irorlL Entire aUatactloa fuarancead. raocograv"- ' ua br mall to be enlarged. Oar wort la done ai home. BLACK HILLS PORTRAIT ART PHOTOGRAPH CO, No. 6 E. Main St, Lead. . TXW.KR BTURK4 elderly ladies and other persona you are supposed to love to the embarrassment IJ0HN C.WOODWARD & COJ sailing or writing to : A. HAHPTON, ''-i; "i: City Ticket Agent. Pdwood, g. yj and trouble, of squeetlng past you. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTERS COUNCIL BLVFFS.IOWAf - A sincere effort of making this epltlme of the divine law the basis of thought i Lincoln Journal: The sensational oC the moribund condition' of Cap tnd action, would eventually lead one to the convoctloa that he mutt "seek his own In another's " good." The thought Arc You Prepared? which governs most of us Is that each one C. L. SlEWERS, ' Gunsmith, Locksmith, tain Dreyfus on his landing and the despair of his wife at hit condition are pretrial ly contradicted by the commander ef the Efax, who speaks strongly of the for must seek his' own. good, hit own betterment and let his neighbor take vhls chances. ' : , : titude and resolution displayed by the dlt If the rule of "everyone for himself and HEADQUARTERS Dirvi rnc the. devH take the hindmost,1 tlngulahed prisoner during -the voyage. The bearing of the ex-captain on , shipboard was not. according to the account, that of a man worn out and crushed by FOR marked success in making even Hie foremost In the race happy, there would pos sibly be some reason for holding fast to hit misfortunes. It. but It Is, and always bas been,' a marked failure. The paople are beginning The people are coming up so slowly rt Fine weather has come at - now la the time to get that pair of ,tuB" mer Shoes. My StoW includes all of the late" and neatest summer footwear Ko where can you find the same good for less money. Wa always lead . , it comes to Good Shoes at Low Price ' and oar stock Is the freshest as well s tbe largest in theiU. Qo to - ' .: . r.--'.r:--; BICYCLE SUNDRIES. Tne Most Complete Repair Shop Jn ihe Hills. to awaken to the realisation that selfish ness defeats Itself and they gladly wel come the vigorous declaration ' which Christian Science makes that the system' of living taught by Jesus Is not ha practlcable,ldealittic bat Is the only scion asassslsaV - with contributions for the "Dewey home" that the projectors of the enterprise art much discouraged and hardly, know what to do. The abandonment of the whole affair would be a distinct recognition of the admiral s tigh position, for at Is weU known that the funds are withheld -cause he la supposed to look upon lipoa .the gift with disfavor. " - . o The Carnegie corrpany sotne time ago v. ' jj-i!y raised the wages of all its em- " s to the tV-ebt 0:res of tie past udc system of living possible that It Is the only! system which will make the FUKLiER BROS &McCUMSEY, U (GEDDES. OLD BARN.) Individual permanently fcappy, while It at the same time hastens the establishment ZIPP'S. of peace oa earth and the reiga of good Net Carrie rJ Eup, Erf Dririsi ; ail' Sill EorsEs 111 universally among men. Mary Baker O. Eddy was the Srst per- ""tnniM))t )(I(M)imm " ixxuaag Horses by the day week r month a Specialty,

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