The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 6, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1899
Page 1
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s The Daily Pioneer-Times. jhTEAR. DEADWOOD, S.-D. (BLACK HILLS), TIU'KSDAY MOKNIMi, Jl'LV ; wj. FIVE CENTS. 'under in chief THE CHIEF FEATURES water being cloud bursts and rains. Many towns along the river arr Inundated, and in some places the river is a raging torrent live miles or more in widtdh. The loss of life is tremendous, and it is feared that it will reach three hundred. Over one hundred persons are known to have drowned. The damage to properyj, iH estimated at from seven to twelve milliun dollars. 0 ... Dreyfus Examines the Evidencde. RBNN'KS, FRANC.;. Jy 5.-SpeWal.- President the Head of the Army in Name and in Fact. A Description of Some of the Star Attractions of the Fourth of July. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of Reductions " - brass coat buttons, it is more difficult to were represented by .Mamie Lackous, Myrtle Laekous, Ruth Hlgby, Dora Higby, Olive Cani.l,ell. Jessie Campbell. Mary Feld-hausen, Mildred Berner, Edna Gerhardt, Leota Sh.. Helena Randall, Mabel De Mouth. M;Ue liisrhoff. Valesea Hornb.f-ger, Zeia Merrick, Grace Barker, May Barker. I -i 1 It.- Werlenb. rger. Ellen Law-ton, Ha.-! Flshel. Ernia Maloney. Anna Howe. It'll, y He, we. Gladys lidding. Gur-sle Belling. Grace Ford. Zola Arnold, Mary Mil ghliji. Al.-ester Rose. n0lle Dunn. Trsiie Clninn, Myrtle I, kes, Lizzie Hillin, Ruth Ma I son. Olivia Melgren, Fannie Kittr.-n, it,,,), iilin. Edith Hulin, Kdith Ilainler, Kva Waldschmldf. Sorchn lilumeinhal. liuretta Cameron. Kathleen Marker. Claire O'Dnnnell and Mabel Wood. Francis Goodrich represent i allium Dreyrus has just finished a tuor rilllrh o Y :i 111 i ii l ,1 Low on He Will Personally Summer v .....,,, v,,, ut i nc ace eilCIS.Sler, OJ1 Goods. The Floats Had Been Prepared at Considerable Expense No Little Labor. wnicn no was convicted. II. says he was pjrect Movements of kept in irons for two mouths on Devils Island in lv.ia. the Campaign. -Special. A Wash- fORK, Jul)' -1. lleroulccle, one of the most violent iu opposition to the revision, has experienced a remarkable change of front on the question, and has announced that if Dreyfus is shown by the court martial to he innocent of the crime of which he was charged, no punishment is too severe for his persecutors, and no honor great enough for the martyr, the World says the presi scil to ed Cuba. Katie Goodrich. 1'ortci Rico, and Gussle (Irani, the Philippines. The lied Men had a float In the parade representative of pioneer days. A number .l- f tha armv find kitting as iat uc-au ... L, directing the campaign In the IT. inlands. He has said it Is his W il - T"V. Ill li make toe army in me i-muy it beet in the world, and that noth- LbelackiDg to bring the present La to i speedy and successful ter The I'ioneer-Tinies had neither the time nor the space to elaborate upon the most attractive features of the Fourth of July parade, and by tin oversight incident to the hurry and confusion, the star attraction of the parade was omitted In yesterday morning's paper. That was the representation from Clan Stuart, of Iead. There were fully twenty of the Clansmen in line, all dressed in the regular Highland costume, cap. plaids and kiits, marchiLft to the music of the -bagpipe. If there had been a prize offered for the ulOat attractive marching organization, they would undoubtedly have received It, as they were applauded a 1 1 along the line. In point of originality and clearness of design, the tloal that had been prepared Owin& to the lateness of the Season we have too many of these goods on on hand, and they must be sold, no matter what the price. 100 pc Organdes 5c yd. value, 15c. 50 pc. Brandeburgh Cloth, Tissue and Satlnes at 10c yd. these Goods hav been sold at 20 and 25c per yd. 10 pc. Cold, Dimity at 10c. yd. would bt cheap at 15c. Piques, our 25c quality at 19c. Madras Cloths at 15c, Talus 20o. White PIPques at 10c. yd. 30 pc Dimity at 5c yd. 10 pc. Dotted Mull at 12c yd., the latest thing out. 35 pc. Dress Goods at 10c. yd. worth from IS to 25c yd. These are all New and Fresh Goods, BO old or shop worn stuff, it will pay you to call and see them. W. J. Werthheimer & Bro. L, He Is fully advised of every fo the Red Men were dressed and decorated like Indians, wore war paint, and carried tomahawks and knives, and had on the float with them the surroundings of the primitive Indians. The Prize Drill Teams. Everyone was intensely Interested In the prise dtill between the Knights of Pythias Lead, and the Red Men of Deadwood, and people would undoubtedly like to know who constituiefr the competing teams. Th.. Knights of I'ythias team, which .aui,..! off -the first prize, of 17.-,, ! Latud Its result by cable. , jSfllXGTON. July 5. Special. Gen-Otji bu forwarded his weekly death L fbjch shows fourteen aeatns in hill lince his last report. Two of re members of the Minnesota Ovation to Spanish War Relic. The cannon captured at Cavile by Admiral liewwey is in our town, ami on Saturday evening, Jully at s :;a p. m. Unpeople of I lead wood will mve it a royal reception. The cannon is licinK polished and mounted preparatory to its introduction. The entire fire department, assiled by the He.l Men and Modern Woodmen teams in uniform, headed l.y the liendd wood hi ass band, will receive it in torchlight procession and escort it from the !' . K. A- M. V. depot to the City hall. Mayor Star, who has been working tirsl, last and all the time to secure the cannon for Dead wood, w ill make an address, seconded by our relouuenl orator. Col. Steele. The entire opulace of our city will (urn out, and an invitation Is hereby extended to all the Helt towns to join us in the festivities. Lb, one belonged to the Iowa regi- ul lie remainder were regulars. by .la. oli C.ildl.erg was entitle.) to the first consisted el' James A. Heck, captain; J. C McU'iiinrc. tiist lieutenant; Charles Var-ney, W. .1 Clark. Charles Edwards. Sam prize. It represented Mr. ColdbcrgY gro- ry. and had required a large amount of LET OPENS HIS CAMPAIGN uel irezona. Harry E. Hillings. Jhn labor and pains. The different depart Dawes, J. I). Caroll. Geome Howard ments of he store were represented by lit tyi That Bryan Would End the i.eorge u Wells. George llrlman, William J Harvey, William M. Lyon, Ralph 1 A 00 o o 0 0 tle girls, who had been dressed appropriately, and looked very pretty. Midge hrin Forty-Eight Hours. ilioglo, Tex., July 5, Special Adamsky. Dennis Shea. Thomas Hrownlee Downing lnd. Doyle represented Yeast Foam; Clara Flanders, While Satin (lour. Francis i ne Ke.i .Men drill corps consisted of ff. Bailey, the democratic leader but, ku opened his campaign for I'lanagan, Bakers Chocolate. Francis Homer Hoshtwick." captain; Soren Jensen Carr. a brand of tomatoes; Claude Cha Wmhlp against Chilton. He said W l bis opening speech that if nruiuuvinnsuvuvirLnjwiriru- nsnnnj ujtjtjiutjtj uuuutjxtu-u uuxnjnn aorup County Court. James .Mediums, James Hartsell, Walter Simpson. ('. C. Hohl. Mr. Peterson, James man, Quaker Cats; King Chou. daughter of Wing T-nic, the Chinese merchant, the County court convened in the court HI the president of the I'nlted !ALL PIPER! WALL PAPER! house yesteiday. Judge Frank J YA'usha- astir In the Philippine islands tea department, and Chauncey Rikard, ln- Nelson. Mr Lehman, Mr. Frixel. J. B Lerch. Mr Thomas. A. M Van Buaklrk, C. H. Nelson, marker; W. H Ward, marker; Arthur Armstrong, Frank Mur baugh presiding. cle Sam. Francis Carr was sitting in the ilkwr within forty-eight hours. I o Three cases were caled for trial, one of center of an immense tomato, wnich had 1 Anna C. Hornberger against Charles Mc- -UNCONSTITUTIONAL ray, E .Vhwarzwald. This l.lam took the been made of a red fabric; Claude Chap Hugh. one of Jeff McDermott against man was dressed like a Quaker; Clara Mallheww Carroll, and one of Joseph Ford against Thomas Whittaker. A Jury was demanded in each of these cases, and they ji Supreme Court Holds the Cannot Own Street Railways JjSSO, MICH., July 5. Special The f'Wau court has rendered a deei- weer accordingly set for next Monday. Ac- second prize, and considering the time it did remarkably well. Captain flostwick had held but seven drills, having been elected captain but two weeks before. The Uniformed Red Men. or league of Red Men as I hey are officially designated, have been organized in Deadwood but Utile more than a year, and have never been drilled thoroughly. Captain Bostwlclr is Flanders, was attired In white satin, and the brand. "White Safin Flour," was very conspicuous. Chauncey Rikard was supplied with a large store of sample packages of biscuit, crackers, cakes. Celluloid starch, and other articles that are featured by Mr. Goldberg, and was kept busy cordinlgy court adjourned until lhai time. "Some time her narrow kitchen walla Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my price on wall paper make it possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock la entitredy new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially invited to see them. i - PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the tune to paint your house. Remember that my store la headquarters for all kind of paints and painters supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to oover more surface and laat longer than vny paint made. Oomo In and get color cards) end atndy color sflsoU. Th Old Rella-bl Druggtet, o i koldlng the McLeod law. under f'w proposed to buy and operate Taxation of Charitv Holdings. I8 nilwayt by municipal commis all the way around distributing them The board of county commissioners will ' "Konttitutional. The court an elncienl drill master, and after he on next Monday at 2 p. m. afford a hearing to all benevolent and charitable orga- among the people. In this way an immense amount of those articles were dis t aider the constitution the state has had his men In hand for a month or 'Hat a party to engage in any two longer the company intends to chal posed of. The float was drawn by fou niations In the county upon the question of the taxation of real estate and personal horses, which were blanketed with whit lenge the Lead Knights of Pythias for another contest. The Red Men are handi satin flour sacks. The sacks were genu property owned by them, respecting that Traman't Fiery Speech. capped In a way when it comes to line up ine satin, and had been sewed Into th not used exclusively for charitable or benevolent purposes. It seems that the as- Main Street V1DV C PUTT T IPC ! blankets, and had been furnished by Mr sessor of Lead City has placed the Masonic George Brookes, the Bazille mill man I Deadwood, S.D. inivu. vi. a iiiiwJl.ii ,j. asuninisjnnnTuwjxnnnnsiffTirw and I. O. O. F. building on the assess- I who manufactures the "White Satin' for inspection, owing to the uniforms worn. If a man Is a fraction of an Inch out of alignment it is detected at once by I he protruding tails of the dress coats, and in the white trousers and white leggings, where with the darker material worn by the Knights of Pythias, and th rnent rolls, upon the theory that a portion j flour, expressly for the occasion, at con C. July 5.-8pecial.-tuTaiM delivered a fiery speech to which ho laid: "The l taw,' and tha people are '"to scoundrels Into office. The " People are being misled b'y U eontrols the newspapers, """Mry is going ta tna devlI." of the building Is yielding a rental. It siderable expense. "White Satin" flour is understood by the board that if this I was the most conspicuous part of the building; is properly taxable, the Miners' I display on the float. Mrs. Goldberg, as (Continued on Pag Four ) Unin building, Labor hall in the First J sisted by Mrs. Homer Bostwlck, had done ward and Sisters' hospital on Charles I nearly ail the work In preparing for he THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Belgium Trouble. street from which . a revenue Is derived, float, having made and ntted the clothes are likewise taxable, and therefore, at the for the little girls and executed the moetlna Monday the matter will be taken various designs. The two ladies had been Jury I. Rrwi.1 " Point In the conten- Leopold lias ordered the up for adjustment, and if it is determined kept busy the entire week previous to that the Masonic-hall at Lead shall pay a I the Fourth, and they are entitled to great tax, all the other porperties similarly credit for the completeness of their plans, m " tbe obnolou elec-w- The disturbances continue, VVl lk , Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st 1899, $642,815.00 and for the ercelent taste shown. The maea. me windows of held will be placed on the tax rolls. o Family Troubles. four horses that drew the float were driven by Henry W'ischmeyer, and they were led -"wef, residence hare been gu i v uie moos. Complaiant has besn entdred a second by George Parker and Fred Lackyard. Mr. Goldberg states that he featured the time against the Rileys of Jim creek who, "taW Kloneike Gold. PnJnl.S-. . . - TVhlte Satin" flour because Mr. Brookes It Is alleged, have ben harassln? a man . i opecial.wThe steam had always been so warm a mena or pemed Lewis, who lives In that vicinity Deadwood add the Black Hills, and in so James Riley and six sons, ire the reported Wd u&tq, thousand Branches of Banking Business Transacted, offenders, the former beia Lewis' father- doing he was also advertising the best grade of flour to be obtained in the city. An Excellent Combination. in-law. Lewis had two of the Rileys ar lrn Dawson. UpinanExDlosion. De Mouth's " rk was represented in the The pleasaut meuiocl and beneficial rested last week, charged with an assalt with a dangerous weapon, aui they were rol.aaaA amn hnnd While Lewis was procession I y a small park mouptea on trucks. It was about 8x12 feet, and 2 a.. i.faI; effec'-s of the well known remedy, SYRUP of Fm. mnnrfnetured bv th Califokma Fie Syrup Co.. illustrate DRAFTS ISSUED m ChlM, Manila, Havana, PaHo Rlea, arched bv festoons of evergreens. It was a Afrlea, Eaflaad, Francs, Qarmany anal all Parts af tha Worts), at ) rtaAuwvl a witness in the case , nsTJ on tk. Norfolk A ,t4 lht sear her, and large, grassy plat, studded with lHtle ev loast-.-.rat rataa. ergreen trees, and set with flower Deas. against two of them, the others were hauling off bis property, so that when he got COLLECTIONS maaa carefully anal accounts) for promptly. . .renu, ,nd braketnan were t. Th. engiB, was Gravel walks wound across the park diag back to the ranch his household furniture -"uoiufiefl onally from one corner to tne opposite, We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable ma ine train was "fted. and in the center a tiny fountain threw Its Rates of interest to any extent warranted by borrowers j and other goods were gone, ana ne wm unable to- obtain any track of pa.i of Ir The aherfff i going to make anether trip spray Into the air nearly two feet. The responsibility or collaterals. the value of obtaining the liquid lnxa tive principles of plmits known to be medicinally lnxntive nnd presenting tuem in ,he form retehin? tothe taste and acoeptal.te to tin- system. It is the OE perfe.-t :,tn njril.i ning inxa-tive, cle&nwn? the svsU'm cffeutuully. dispelling coldn. hewlnc hes nod fevers frentlv yet promptly and einib)iii(r one to overoome habitual constipation permanently. Its pef"jct freedom from every objectionable qunlity and snb-stance, and it acting on the kidreys, liver an- bowels, without wear ci .mis' or irritaMrip thena, make it thi ideal laxative. In the orocca of mannfacturinar fin water came from a barrel a ranged at one Camtni lh WW. end of the -float, coverea witn ever out to that section, and bring la some more of the family. T ISTIXC'ri V EIjY .J,n. and effectually concealed from p-1 - . . !tt7jnlr. r-iclaJ.Bl.hoi) Edition, and It 1. t w and m-aa mro.u uu uwm o Frank Kellar has set up his rock crush jet. Everytning on ine uwi wm umui. "v w touri long.. er at the mouth of Spring creekr acros. Main street from the Eikhorn freigh: de and the grass, clover, trees and flowers Individuals Accounts of Baake, Corporations and solicited. were growing. Mrs. De Mouth designed pot, and la ready to begin breaking ma Failure. a-e nred, as thev are pleasant to the taste, bat the mediclaal qualities of the the float and has received a great num pondenoe Xxixrltecl. Oorroi VKQ pa cadam 'f or., the streets of the city The crusher la on the bank back of the old en ber of compliments. remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants.' by a method know. i to .the CAumRMia Fie Syrup The car of state represented Uncle Sam fciw Camefla mill gine house and machine shop, so arrsngeJ that the rock msy be hauled dou from up and his immense ramiv, lojtmw men .ui. Co. only.- In order to get its beneficial Ma t . WtaeoU are DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. - mil bleat the smleli. dumi4 Uto the crasher, com enecxa ana to avoid imitations, please remember the foil name of the Company printed oa tho front of every package. River Raging. V HARRIS FRANKLIN, Preilneat. . BEN BAEN, Vice PraaManl. ing out below, where it.can be received in wagons and aaulo-1 up town. Mr. Kelbvr iBtaada to run th crusher with kls of his greatest helpers,, and the Goddess of Liberty. George Jackson, Jr.. was Uncle Sam. and Stella Parker was th Goddess of Liberty. Albert Carney was the rough rider, and Walter Bhnpsoa. Jr.. th sailor. The different state and territories CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Vat. SELBIE, taSler. SAM YKAJrcsaoo. f- itrnrrnxa. kt. nw tow. bt. t. sr aate r U OtmttU-- c per bottle thresh sr engine, and will kp " for about a month. .

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