The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 25, 1900 · Page 16
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 16

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1900
Page 16
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. J M A NO 1220. .APPLICATION FOK A PATENT Given Free to each person inter.-Mei i , 1 1., Auc. THAT BRYAK1 BOGEY. f. S Iind llfflee, Kapid t Ity ... . u.- . 1 1 1 . I Al'.-M ;iftet They's a big blac k bogey that is "Lena Houta, he says, the girl who killed ner father over near the Wyoming line nearly two years ago, Is In the insane asylum at Yankton.' Her mind seemed to dwell constantly upon the crime she had committed until her reason gave way. Jl no ,ni 31st, l'.H'". , , -ti,e is.h.-r.-l.y jrtven that Frank J. Washabauph. whoso postofflee addren is J iuwKl. UwTfnie County. S. D has this clav BIihI his applical Icm for a patent for H "il 4 feet or the Joplin Nc 1: H" -f.t f .he Joplin No. 2. 1420 4 feet of tl,.-i, ,...., ,, . IPS'. fi--t of the Julia ht'e ai.'l "l :'' ' ibi-ar feet "f the Magnetic ,, Cr l.arii.i-- cM ith sulfa. e .-round::"" ft in w"Hh on .Icpli'iNos 1 ami , ,,i,,nifi c theJopliii No " .mll: K"" '"' 1 a3aiSN00 oi su3wmvj uoj (By Ueorgc II. Crumb of MIorl.) I'nder the Wilson tariff, farm products and live stock sold lower than ever before: the f i.-tciries were dosed; th shops were empty: and the country was filled with tramps, asking for work and bcn.'gintf for bread More than half of these tramps had families at home, suffering feu ll'" necessaries of life. So bard was their lot that thousands ..I d. -pai' icg women accept-d .mi !.. iiei.i ''illa me an' you! Now, Hilly tiryan seen It onct, and it up an' bellered "Moo!" It had a fearful, scaly tall, an' waggled It eround. An' It was breathin' smoke an spittin' sparks out on the- ground. Fund. SubtMrih anv Subscriptions as Io-a- : doaor to Ids ilniniiiv "I'll I 1 Flowers'' i . p.-certificate of suhsc-.-l; : c oii'ains a si'lc.-'io:; . most i v.. v fer deliyery. IS'it for the ,,,.1 ; . - orl N fe i. if- fund. ..-I'l's .1 n i ARCHBISHOP MR ELAND. Tell Why He Will Vote for McKin-.. .. ley NEW YORK, Oct. 22.Arcl.l.islicp Iieland today gave out the following personal Htatem.-nt an to hi attitude ll the present c ampaign : 'How do I intintl to vote' It run not at first Might but m-em more or L'ss import Ineiit. for any citizen to toll the public how he int-r.ds to vol.-. voting each citiz. n oh.-ys the, of his " m i.-. of i v i . duty, h" should niniply do tliif- I,;1V" "' .tiers to .!o like-wise. Ilow.v.i. , v. r sin. e a c etlnin iiurnl- r "f n-ws-pupers 1 1 a e mil I. riaken I" 1""' , ... . , ... -,t,,i in so lining 'ia lo,, -. -:t i.r.-d : i iroona-. "n i- Hill. 'My! Want I says to Itl.c' . t .-. . T c oil II' V i I .. 1 . i ' . -' ai.i i-h D-ik.ii-i -:el -!-:--: I t v t!i- ,.,.. and i.O'rl.ll I I' oti I'd. Ill '! . ing lot : , , ; in 1 , - 1 I"1' I" -. ttshp. ivi ! raiiL-c , ,-,.- I.f 1! II M said lot tion Wages, to llW I ll II ,.!.'. men out of em pl.c. iic ti t . Wh-ii 111- !- Il-a !' M a n a ssio a ii. .- of 1"-: I - r Tim . , a : 'oi 1 , A ' lo ' i- I- - 'hi; 1- ! qji E:t -.. 1 1 H ! I ". f .. ! ' : c.-i the. f.,: 1 I an 1 t!..- i-lI' o t c f ehild'l. scared?" An' lilll Says. -.Me n :i red Naw" Why. I kin lay the biggest ghost -u siiia II kids wr!" We all thought that was splendid, an we all want Hill t'.-r paid Whil- that big black bogeys up in I lill s b.e k yard. We waited en. I to see it tilt we b id 1" g.. to bed. An' i'. .am.- a-snilfiii all eiound light aftei w aids, Hill said ; to y :., sli-p: 1 "'Ml tf p. :-i 'i - a -noiai l ! i- Moll 1 " '-It ill I . r .y.i llah 1 a s t.a i Th w a s i i ii 1 1 ii 1 1 i 'Ulrl ' ''I jlll' III i"ll t.-.l hV Demand Full Settlement. SCKANTON. l'a., Oct. 22 Special. - The miners have refused to return to work thruout the strike region today until a f".i .settlement is made. The powder ipiestion still prevents tin- settlement. There were riots near Wilke.diarre this morning, and the lion union men were l.adiy beaten. 'I I..- -ti ikers' wives threw stones. O" - CYANIDE PLANTS. Eight Cyanide Plants Built in the Hills During-the Last Year. Few people not directly interested i air.- how much i.-. being done in and lor the Black Hills, by the cyanide process. There are now twehe cyanide plants in operation in the Hills, and of these eight have been built in the last year, and three within the last two i.ars. All are proving en (irely satisfa. toi y. and as a direct result, mines are being opened up and developed that have heretofore been worthless on account of the low grade I- I pi I'ti. al I" lllisillti r.ot l.e i : -nital 'hi: iiir.ull.ii ii ..I ii. i - (lc-.-l I ' ! wis a will t.-. An' be jabbed it with I In- pile an' I l Kt h :. ' ion , i, .!.. c t he 1 I.'-W-.l .lei I'll! I I. II tdlV HI I I r a !.! : I,,,. I , .al i.' ! 1 1 s. !!. and th K;ve lie-ote i .eld- 111 II: d. aid mi , I -.ill I it,l,-inl I" i iimi--l.,ikalile p,r Willi. uu . Kl.o-ewlt. ,. ,aiidi-iate: am satisfied t I s. rve the II-' I : ti. n am I Ull.' udol'. ul' lil ! I V. I . 111. I e.l the SH.i job. Til- V . ,, the- fa l iners ha .Iv in al produ. is in er s McK ii!. v and Tl 1 1. cj itn.r my M'11' ,f the repuldi'-an . m my I " i ' '' " Kt it:'- -i ' r ill, I al.n. el. 1 1 . ' I 'inn Hit ' ma n.'" of lie- ' !'i'-'r t. ue. The tramps li.,.-,.pe;,. e. Tie- . oti- . . niiiit i v at home , ,.!, ihiit.. to the i limit ry's pneper- i:N'':i i'ii:: si.; :i-r :J. -" mil- ; . f ti.iil.v. t : 1 1 : 1: s ;.i.. . v sheds. Iiarus : -. sc a li s. t hrcc ino-A . . sweeps, one ,:iv . . llitioll Of the Mile U. e 1 1 fi I I lv . ' ' No t De U h. II. c I '"1'i'als; s two r.ik I , 1 I 1 1 .1 v II. de I. S i eond will l.elwei n .., -s el its population. if s-ir, Mallir in- ami or p. a. .1... e. . . i at i la .No I,- . .I,--. I ' kT ami le a. '. V "ace - fill O. coin,;- No 'll nincn supplies t,, numerous tome ot the ore. It was only a few years ago that no ore under eighteen or twenty dollars was worth mining. When it became possible to treat $S and Sin ore at a profit it was a re i based it ill a ca e. I isbl we all bad seen it, but we ain't so a w fill hi a e. Now, I I. .Id Squire Mek'inley what illie I'.ryan saw. Hut hi only bl.iw.-.l his nose- an' doubled up an hollered "Haw!" .lest bet ef he'd a;,,, seen it oil. t he w.uildli't latT so hard At thai big Ida. K bogey that's in Hill's bac k yard. H W. W' re K cjiii ii cl f il n . In spite of the drawbac k of war In China our exports to Asia show a good increase In volume in the first eight months of H'liO. as compared with those for the same time In 1M!. KxpurtM to all parts of the world are Increasing, showing the value of commercial expansion. The following table shows our exports to eac h of the grand divisions of the world during the first eight months of l'.IOO. compared with the corresponding period for IVH: tion. la miles from Alliance f I,., ..... ,.: v-i i f,.,., . No theiire j p .... 4.,. K ,.- s feel ti. . -oi I" I -No- 4. i h. :. n tj :.:' i-: -'';.'" 1 '" r. sell with or with,, 1. 1 jV( tons or hay m stack. Conip ncd J No - tl N : : .; I ..... v.. .: ih,.. .. v :-: ::'.' w 1 1-'" 1 f'--t for yniirself. u ill hell cheap, ( so; to corner No 1 the place of heninniuK. j Claimma 1 K" - f--t iihrnit the vein there- , of -..0 feet lllereof r'lllllilU-' llol'llll Tlv and . soon. A HAGl'i:. Alliance, Neb. 1-77" Vet ilien-cf running son'licily front I ............,, rr markable gain for the country. Now it has been demonstrated that $4 and $." will yield a profit by cyanide and plants are springing up over the country like magic, for there is practically no limit to the supply of this low grade refractory ore in the Hills. There are twelve cyanide plants in active operation, two that have been closed down to enlarge the capacity, feur in process of construction, and a number in contemplation, among these a large custom cyandie . These plants have added so materially to the t I,,. , . - I. r C.I HI-. io en .... - loplin Nn I I.e. do II. Kinninc at corner No. 1. be inn id.aitical ulth the N. V. curlier of the hi. alien and with earner No. 1 I Joplin No 1' Indent this stirvev. and corner I No I lit I i u n a v lode and c-c.rner No S N.inKi I'ch. lode, lioih of surv. y No. 127. lSli'.l lium. Oys'peps;a Cor Kurope ....... North America. South America Asia TL'.7s-J.7L't :'.'i. m;-,.:ii i --'ii.,".; I l.i'.:: 1 on; ii'.'.'vi i i.r.:t,.;i::T Diacfets what you cat .$.7.1(1, HI 1.7!I4 , . P)T.!i60.:ts; . J4 L'ao.e.iit; . :: I. "in!. ''..". i; . '-:(. 4to. :at . l i.s.'M.ii:.:: ?T!'".I"! O.osj :iM;t ' 1 i. 1-."1 aDaaidd ( iceanic A I'rica ' ' !.' Ml MOt ' - -tii'icr Total. " ' lilt. tc-tnr. t..i . - I ' i.n .11. . a- : r 1 1 -1 ... :.: 'vera iicintiLti Tlie IVuple MiinI -National politics cal c! ust i v a lid c -c mini"! . ... for th'- jeop!" lo pie Iheai on." William Mi i .. . - i . !,. Nfjia :. '.' ' ' ! -: 'i vmiA - -o . .- o rjo. Cl)ic(ig t M.t, In K i. HHil.t.lPH whence 1' S IMlllillU Mllllllllletlt No. II .,.flr N 7 :;:: !"'' W t'Tils ; feet dDtant: I hen. .' N 7-' V. I feel to corner No : th. in . N 7 ' cej- p f... t -n c orii. a-- No !. n. s :-.: p.- i- i-.'.i i . ' in in; n. r No 1 theme S 7-' "-7' W. ',V v.' ' I '" t f. . . n:-i No 1 tin' j !a. e of I., .-e iiii- Cl limlec M'" I fe.-l al t lie . Ml ' In I . i -C Vim fee 1 ' I f I " I 1 1 L' 11 a'l ll '1 all, : .-,i I f.v I I'ltll-o-L- -oel)i r'v !. i , ,'. ,V. -.- P if T 1 1 1 i . i !"". 1 ..i.e. Heeiieiia- a' .one- No. ! .-:il I''- N K .rot -I. - -.' t'. I.. .ii. v - . r S I.... i'.i.-- M .Mill.. "' N'i I -1 ,. v 1. -.: r "t -v 7 f. r i. : t'l. .e... s: -7- if I' - - -.... t ',, , o.-e r N'.i t 1 -i' i. :": ' V 1 117.7 f. . to . .--rer No ". tl" n. St f e " oe. -,r Nc ' 'n "ce v."!' ' W "v 1 f ... ',, , ..-r v " .. v - t "V - ill r. a .,, ,,.r,:,r V,. i. il....... V n fill" F r. feet to eo-ller Nn 7- ill' N" F 4? feet to rnriler No 1 t'e' pine., of lieuinidtiL' Cl.iindni- 1 fin f nt thereof alone: ttie vein pio fe.t, re'.niiic coiithetlv ainl 1 eon ci f,.et ruiinii't- northi i ly fr.eii eo'iter of disrnverv ait. - Mairiielte T.ode- IleirinninL' at eorner Nn X uhen.-e V Tocaiinf t"iiunH-r'- vn O hears N. 1" 11' 1"" V. 1'."7 feet . list ,. it; Ihcree Ft "t J"' F 1-0 1 r, , i ,.0r,,r Ni the nee N. .'.fi' I"." V.. 11 1 feet to rorner No. " thence S. 1 -,1" n' I'd 1 'e. t to earner No: 4- thence N. i" If F 1r.l " feet to corner No. r.: thenee N. 11 ns1 K vl n feet to corner No. fi: there.' N H' W HI" s feet to corner No. 7 ihmce 5! v'. 24' "W r.fii 7 fee to corner No 1 fbe el ' of heirinninir. Clnlmine 1sn p feet alone the vein thereof, LM0 feet riiniiiiu? norther. that 1 aid the count' v in l.nnum-. iliout Ho- sal.-st and most honorable solutions of the om.lev problems which confront it as the n suit or th-late war ami in i t.iinitiK for itself the exalte 1 position which it holds at pres ft,t. commercially and diplomatically before rlher nations of the world. I trust t,o further doubts will he ex-rpess-d as to hf w 1 intend to vefe " -O : JOHN SHERMAN'S LIFE CLOSED. Statesman of Forty Years Prominence Passes Away at His Home. WASHINGTON. 1). C. Oct. 22.-Special Kx Senator John Sherman died at (!:4a this morning. Heath was peaceful, the sick man having been unconsi ions for some time. He was one of the most noted of Ameri' an statesmen, and had been in public life over forty years. The funeral services will lie held hero Wednesday. The remains will be taken to Mansfield for services and interment. John Sherman was the first republican elected to the house of representatives from Ohio. He wa horn at Lancaster. Ohio, May 10. 1823. lie became a lawyer In IS 14. and was a successful practitioner. In 1848 he-was a delegate to the whig convention at Philadelphia which nominated General Taylor for president. In 1S52 he was a senatorial delegate to the Baltimore convention .whlc hnominat-ed Getter! Seott.- H4t prominence in opposing the attempted repeal of the Missouri compromise bill secured his election to the Thirty-fourth congress. He was re-elected In 18(50, and resigned In 1861 to fill the vacancy In the senate caused by the resignation (" Salmon P. Chase, who became Lincoln's secretary of the treasury. He was twice re-elected to the senate for successive terms, and In 1877 Hayes appointed him secretary of the treasury. In 1880 he was a prominent candidate for the presidential nomination. Garfield presented his name in a famous speech. Sherman was not nominated, but Garfield was. Mr. Sherman was again elected to the senate In 1881, and for sixteen years was one of the most active members of that body, resigning in 1897 to accept the secretaryship of state under President Mc-Kinley, which he resigned April 25, 1898. ptoVe.l. Mcil-lltlltrs ll.C ' I II I'.'.td off, or 1 1 ;i ' 1 y ivluo-.l by manv who h.1d h.f.ire lot all ho I : tlllitt out of debt, or s:iinj; their hones. h'artns hae been iibpnoed New homes hint' none up on side. Now. t he uuesi un is Ik. W I : WANT TliKSK TIMKS T : (S. ci; I u i WI-: WANT T' : HACK To Till-. way ti.mks i:i:i: ri:)M ism t 1 Silfi '.' I in' we want the fa tin products to sell at 1S!k;. or at lima prices?- Do we want the work iiiKiiicn to labor at 1W ulces and to support their families in comfort, as thev are now UoinR. or .lo we want to .'end them tramping over the land urtani.inff Coxey armies, while their families are star int? '' Are in satisfied to let w. II enough elone or shall we try a .ham;.-, put the men In c hart;.- of Mi.- country who passed the Wilson bill, and try the chances of li.-i t int; back to the . "ii-diiiotis of I ' t r. What iuiproveilient call expect from t he elect loll of I :r .1 II " Does be. or do his suppoiters . re-tend to sa - 1 fa nil prod uc Is will brim? liiore If he is .-. t.-d " Dors be. or do his speakers, sa y that under bis ...liuiaist ra t ton the prices of labor v il! be in. i-"ase.l Do they promise a n t hi i.--,' better in the condition of farmers, or 1 chorine men. or anvbody but investors, or owner of siher mines. If Dryan is elected? -Tan they make tines better for you and me than they are now? If so., how do they propose to do It? Have thev tol l vim of am plan? r'.WT ' TTTKY JI.-UCTr TTMK3 W AH V l-V- 4V - f 4 I'KMI N'-V AND DKTIN iYIN'1 tl'SINKSS. AS TH KY Dll P.KKfiUK? They threaten and say that they will reduce the tariff on manufactured (mods. This will stop the- fac tories, as It did before. and aain scatter tramps all over the c-nuti t ry . reduce the demand for what th- farmers raise and the prices for such products at the same time. Would nof tie- farmers rather sell the products of their farms at fair ptices to laborers than to trlve it to them, as tramps? Are you eoiiur to vote yourself out of a job" Do you want to vote work-lnpmen out of their jobs? Do you propose to o into the tramping business, or to help start tramps on the ria.ds again? fhrose von. now. what should be done and vote accordine; to your honest judement and for the nest interests ef all the people of this country. Vse Common Sense! Throw prejudice and passion away! What benefit have- vol. to expert from the election of Bryan? CKii 11 i'KI'MH. Bli omfirld. Mc Don-t Be Fooled n I ukc t u genuine, origtBil i, ROCKV VOUNTA1N Till K IS. v- -;A Mude onlv Ii- Madisciti UM v- -;t M.ude onlv I.- Madisi n, n il Our irtkl Oi ,.7-J er. Ali en"- Co.. .'.I...' son, F. j 'i ep-i v il v til. ,-Sn3(r'.-- .c.-.k cut or oj.-h v :?-J-iif -. l a., , ..s C. .11 .. v f is ;rt I.. I'.iiir1 of I cirn Proline!. Total exo oils of corn to all foieign countries in 1V1 were !i9.W-.f:'. " bushels nnd in 1VIH th.-y were 174.OS0.W4 bushels. The following shows the value of the exports of beef and hog products In 1S!6 and 1W: jteef i-2il.720.2r. S'2S.t;4...a44 pork 10.S9.727 4.017.200 Bacon and hams. . ti2.rt:U .17.1 4H,1l2.fitO I,ar,l 42.208,462 m.5K9.8rl To China. Japan. Asiatic Hussia. Australia; Hawaii and the Philippine Islands exports of the following two eorn derived products were in lS'.in and 1S!'9 respectively In value: 1S9!1. Pino. Provisions $96fi.77a i.MS.190 Fertilizers 736.7.31 1 14,988 Neirr M N( IK r . t no SUBCff .11. A . 't nc output of the Hills, that, a well posted mining man says, unless there is an unforeseen increase in the output of Colorado and California. South Dakota will, next year, be the first gold pro duc-ing state In the Tnion. - - - n - Homestake Cyanide. The big Homestake cyanide plant with its 1200 tons daily capacity will be ready to stiy t Dec-ember first. More tlian half of the tanks are ready now. It will be the largest plant of the kind in the I'nited States, altho there are cyanide plants treating tailings in South Africa that have greater capacity. It will have fourteen tanks, fourteen feet across and eight feet high, and will have a storage capacity of 700ft-tons. It will be run on tailings from the Homestake mills and the company expects to build a similar one at the mouth of Blacktall gulch as soon as the work of bringing in the water from the big ditch Is completed. o Big Custom Cyanide. A large custom cyanide for the handling of $4 and $5 ores is to bo built as soon as a suitable site can be found. It will probably have a capacity of from 1000 to 1200 tons daily, and will be prepared to handle all the low grade refractory ores that are brought In. The men who have the project under consideration are men with plenty of capital to back the enterprise and the erection of the plant will be commenced just as soon as a satisfactory location and water right can be secured. They have not yet dFclded whether or not the plant will be built in Head wood, but it will he here or in this vicinity. Ac ."- clru?Fil I n ' a: j W . .. . . i rl -I. ... -1 1 1 leli.ln .- n. .-' 1 .... orc-J , '. irntlKll , , . , ., .. H ll a e . I llli.l e - ' t W-- lor .,- i .. .-, i. 10 i t Curtis . Jelo. SAL x Nasal CATARSc" lv ami 1140 0 feet mnnine southerly from the center of dheovrv shn"t Variation at all corners 1G HO' R. Area as follows- .1cplin No. 1. c fe.r. acres: .Tonlin No, 2 lode 11 1'1" acec: .Ioti-lln No. .1 lode. 11.22 a ere: Julia Ftte lode. 1(1 S-IS aerps: Mairnetie lo4e. 1 f! arrot., fi!14f) acres. Adioinint; claim arcr Delaunay and Nanki Poo lodes. Survey No T27S, on the north: Ella and Little Bonanza. Purvi y No. 177. or. south. On the west. Yie-nr Romoa. Co-Mna Crest, and Cottontail lodes, unsurvoyf -1. There are no known con f i'-ts. The locations of thee minis are rocfinlc d in the tef!:.ter of Deeds nfrlcT of Lawrence Countv Snu'h HaVoia. in Hi" Hook K't I. aces r..S. 171 17" and ":o: Hook 1"1. pnt--s riO. "H: T!o"k J".:. pie" 5 1. resjiec "ivc'v Anv and "all p.-son-- .laimlnr; adves. 'v anv I'ortie" -"-id In, .to i No 1 T.-'iOm la all Btan-should be citdh. ii AY-FEVER ) 1 Ely's Cream Ri'n T y cleno!ii,c..tlii-.!ii. 1 '!'.''.r: ,V I tlie di-en-c 1 i (j ' Ill alio uluK Inorfnuc The total Increase of value of th wool crop, of horses and sheep and of lead mined in 1990 was J23.KS4.9s6. as compared with the values ir. Is9t. That is why Idaho will go for McKInlry thle year. No SenttlinK Policy. There must be no scuttle policy tea the Philippines. We will fulfill In th Philippines the obligations imposed by the trtuMiphs of our arms nnd by the treatv of peace, by international law, ry the nation's smsi' of honor, nnd, more ti--ni nil. by the rights. Interests arid conditions of the Philippine peoples t ! involves. No outside interference li'm ks the w :iy to pence and a stable Ko-ernment. The obstructorNts are here, not olscwliwe. T'hev may postpone.- but they ennnot defeat the realization "f the hivrh purpose of this nation to reFtore order in the Islands and oio,ii.h s. lucjt nncl arenerous eovern- It cures c al .rr!. - awnj a cu.d la 1 quickly. ('rdiltl Fail in CONCENTRATES. A large number of miners are at I hi:)- No .let ll" n.. Jni'i i 1' ' -. a-: 1 pet ie t'l'" ' ' ... are 1 lo file tl. - l- .-..." .''- ' C' ' ter of tl,. I -. : :,.,, .. ... 1 cl Uapid CP- ' '" Count- ." I'-nt-e Fnuth Pal- 1 ' . ir ' ' ''-'' . I over, ti'1-' i"' a j Iiieill..:.' fta I a : , 1 raitpr...!"-.- f I m-t- or hy ii. . : , l j ELY oKn: ::' work piling It on the dump for the ment to the various cyanides in ,,N'---i .v.v,vi country. Hanna in Illinois. CHICAGO. Oct. "-Special-Chairman Hanna left, for a Veek s tour, spee-hmnking in Illinois. , Cyclone in Texas. FORT WORTH. Tex., Oct.. 2'.'.-Spe-cial. A cyclone visited the interior of the state today. Twelve are reported killed at the town of Lodi. The Black Hillr foreolnin Clav. nncl . 1 ' 1 1 1 . "i .i, - 1 1 1 -t-rw.1" i Marble company t Custer county has Increased the number of shares of in capital stock another million, making ,'',.'-;.;::,- Sit:. of I'"!'''' I (f . - v ' . harred ! v -t ie- . ' ti- ; sliitiwe I '-' c- ' l: It is bere'iv ordered, thai 111" fiii o himi: notice of ae-li'-.-iflop fijr rni,.rt ..e .."I1 II hcl fur I'-e p. rlod ef t "i ej.nseei n i ve ivpikl in Ir"1 T'i-...V1" t'ieneer-Xifneo A e. VP- Tw pulili , h f -.1 at Pead-ood. South rial-na . K. C. ItTNF.ff. ReMster. (First pulilionllon Pept. filh. 1100.) a total of three million shares. ment, in which the Inhabitants shall have the largest participation for when they are capable. The organized forces which hare been misled Into TliKl Mililarxm HnB. Lin est stab meets M'..w that there are about 1-i."'" soldi- -s "f the entire American army v-bo a - now m t;.e tTnited Stat--s. This is ib- fe.v-st nutn-ber" within the h-iid'-is of thfe country 'since the Civil war. and is at the rate- of one soldier for about 5.000 people. .While this one soldier is "overthrowing the libertie s of the people." as Bryan claims th" soldiers will do, what will the other 4.0'is people be doinc? Our army at home and nbroad is the smrllest. comparatively, in the world. Tre armies of the world, per capita to population, are: Sel.tit r pr Tho British-American has found large quantities of graphite on Hs Pen rebellion have been dispersed by our faithful soldiers nnd sailors, and the nington county copper mines. 1 ne eranhlte is as pure as it Is possible for nannln nt th Islands, delivered irorn it to exist In Its native state. A piece anarchy, pillage and oppression, recognize American sovereignty as the sym of It selected at random will write on Hood's the finest white paper, leaving clean bol and pledge of peace, justice, law, juu & ruts wW1t Are prepared from Na, KlH?'l,f M Pills cut lines of a deep, rich black. The religious freedom, education, the se lrteo rM'ulR- company is also getting some good copptr ore. l'el.ul.ii i.m Arrr.v. ture's mild laxatives, and curity of life and property, ana me welfare and prosperity of their several communities William McKlnley. t ln . 14.05 Country. Tern nee . . . . ." r.fio.nno if: IttU.U, i,'Mll UV mv - . ami 1 Policemen to Go Next. TV, thnronirhiv consistent In hi a - TISD1H3 v jo jpBq m qjq m Xq opsui put4 qi uo puno ujojj paip "sbh 'uojb 4 pil V Monterey on Fire. HONNG KONG, Oct. 22. Special. The United States monitor Monterey caught fire In the harbor today and had a narrow escape from the maga-ilnes exploding before the crew extinguished the flames. . 1 A Cabinet Escort. WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 22 Special. At a special cabinet meeting today the president declined o send an escort of honor from the treasury and state departments with John Sherman's remains to Mansfield, o Driven Out by a Mob. LcEXINGTONiL.Ky.7 Oct 22. Special. S. P. Mitchell, president ot the national league of colored republican clubs, and his wife, were compelled to leave town by a mob today. . '.-.(',. o - Roosevelt at' Home. statement that the withdrawal from Germany B2.".oo.ono f.on.000 11.05 Austria-Hung'ry 41.S00.OOO 2S0.0OO 6.07 Russian empire. 129,300.000 700.000 6.01 Turkey 3?.600.000 240.000 7.01 Great Britain. .. 3S.000. 000 210.000 5.06 Italy 29.700.000 210.000 7.01 United States. .. 76.000,000 65.000 . 8U What blaring nonsense do these hard figures make to the Democratic campaign cry that the United States is "groaning" under a "bloated" while gentle are reliable and efficient. They Rougq the Liver Cure Sick Headache, Biliousness, Sour Stomach, and Constipation. ' Sold everywhere, 25c. per box. Prepared bjCXHoxxl & Co. .Lowell, Mas. the racks of the producers or me men now In the army will make It hard for the remaining producers, Mr. Bryan should ask for the mustering out of all wca no usr OIL CO. !"Ti 1 li r ' os pinoHt SIMI jwm eqBtAu 1 U Xjjaqil Sb Sunaaiojd-UB jbui aapun auioa oj Uuiiubm XaBpaujiu ujojj dw lOUUBJ iUqi "S 1) jsnf MlBJ -S!M 1M3 the policemen In the clues or tne coun- TtiA nlriietn Are national Dollce- men. Just the same as the recognized -Uduq .woq jno puu 'auBaui uoDVdnaoo police of the cities are tne representatives of municipal authority. utJutv U1 IBM ino puu 'Pll -0l j3))bui ou "seniunujuioo (vunj 'ssSbj -Ha uo JP 'qiJ oujiJuU qj 1BJ V VUOp UOlBJSUIUip luasajd m op oj s uonnji ud -diimd M1 aipuvq oi Xvm luo aux TheJeslCook$ Old Democratic Prorperlty. (Omaha Bee. Dec. 20. 18i3.) t,o iiirorlnsra of the breadless and . uvw .TfiRK. Oct. '22. Special. bedless men at Rescue hall, end the t.raatneil abandonment of that Insti in tne wjuuu ; ...rinritV 01 LEA tution on account of limited funds, as Governor Roosevelt departed this morning for a two week's stumping nf tit state to offset any possl- ..Al -ntiTi nr -w UBOUieur).. Use Allen's Fobt-Ease in Your Gloves. A lady writes: "I shake Allen's Foot-aEse Into my gloves and rub a little on my hands. It saves my gloves by absorbing perspiration. It is a most dainty toilet powder. We Invite attention ot physicians and nurses to the absolute purity of Allen's Foot-Ease. Dr. C. W. Abbott, editor of the Chicago Clinic, says: "It Is a grand preparation; I am us-w it ronstantlv in my practice." All & PERR1"? - : w jffct of Bnran's tour. Roosevelt published in the Bee yesterday, aroused public svmpathy. It is probable that prompt action for the relief of the homeless and hungry win now be tak imim ind nan janojrt DaiMia SI UXJS jl pus Maoi MH u aJ8BuocnU iJapj qi jnqti,!P JaXOJO W pujo:(l SAUCE WOH"" Is In good Toice and physical condl tion. ''V; A "":", ' ' ' ''r ' ' '' ' In the Asylum.. ' . ; en. iTtO" Vr Bottle. ForCUe.-6 i -in Uaq svn uomsod laujqvo s aaojp XutsiutoJd uXig inov PIB Aq 1 vm ninoui v -rotti ajaui 1 jaj;aq PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM "William Tompkins, superintendent tv. .trm ehnrl at Planklnton, mrtA every vanru donna n beautifiM U h& I jruai8hoeBtore8 sell It. 25c. 'nonuiHuwooi art tKSatqx 'X-mi - mvhnni arrival. He reports r, w'cSos. fl. - ' Hotst rmtll to Hrftor; Orajtt Haiv to lt Youthftot Colurw Fnvrna nndtff d "ir tiun a.nlltPruOT'it. B.Joonn "P vi Sample sent free. Aaaress Atietrn. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. Mrfhinr noTlni smoothly at the school snd all the pupils doing welL

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