The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1900
Page 1
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-The Daily Pioneer-Times. o4th YEA I DKADWOOD, S. P. (BLACK II ILLS ), FK'IDA Y k I M , .n'.!-: FIVE CENTS. PS WILL GO FROM MANILA ST. LOUiS STRIKE NOT YET SETTLED i en prci inn m are i tit at the open. in: I iit. ; Ason u a -. a : , ; , 1'b- ,,. . r red thn o,. d , a: na : , a e a ga ins; rMitor 1,1 u as put oft" until later. 1 1 ' Will 11 I I I I I v I he s, litem e if e I polo ... -. I I j.; not e thai i ( i , la, - . 1 1 a pologize. Lo .. -a The ' H.e l: pc I, d how ,1, r t ra - , i n en d, : t,, -e, ,, i o: it Alii ,i, bniblim. Mr M.,.,,-, ,., very creditable, altno it Is not nat' , - man ' ,,t tin- ,,th, ,- !,.,:! heAdmistration Detrmined to sists of lr. Straight of lieSmet, ),;,.,. dent, lir. Collins of Vermillion, se, -retarv ; llr Hlimt o: Yankton, and In I'almer of Madison. I-' a Mill, r e: Hudson ami .1 I' Hedge (pf ;, p, ' Olirehe. both epeef to collie hi for, the board of examiner,,. Dr. C. X Johnson of Clin am, Ills . an invited guest (,f the society, who is professor of operative dentistry in trie Chicago College or Dentistry, which is a branch of the Lake Forest university, delivered an address hist night. Dr. Robinson is considered the finest exponent of In.-. particular branch of science m the Tinted States, and this society is especially uivored by his presence and invaluable instruction, lie bezant, the evening address by stating the In-thought best to pursue was to modi OMAHA BEE FINED FOR CONTEMPT Owners of the Bee Fined Five Hundred by Supreme Court. Individual Case Against Editor Rosewater Put off Till Later. and arc 1. I 'a i is. w.-pn p, tuie Soiisa s band is pi Protect the Americans In China. Strikers Have Been Out a Month And Settlement is Remote. Special Train With Men to Supplant Strkers Expected to be a tremendous aura, turn a' tie-expe-:tion. and is almost as '"' ' I'rea, h ,,s ith i. .m, ,. 'A lien it plays ail the Ameri can oy H e g omuls II,,, k to t lie pa vilion, and there is one plan- where " d i- lorelv Am,,!,.,., k m More Gunboats With Mar Flowers for Confederate Graves. Columbus, .Ohio, June s - -A largo pnant't of flowers 'Aero received llele lo,ia fioin a ew (Ii leans sin -let to do, orate the gi a e - of , onto, i orate soldiers. .Mr, Win. Krauss a I ninii Veteran will attend to the dec-oral nig to morrow. Southern llhnios Editors. Caibondale, 111 , June S. The aunu- la i ling ol the .southern Illinois l-Mitoral ssociation oieiied here today and will continue i o uiorro w . Tbcc paper trust question holds a prominent piac c - m tin - .1 isc iissions, o - Pleasure Trip of Commercial Clubs. Fal.v an- , . II . June S A largo pa in c on -1st i ng of the ( 'iiiiiiiii'ri in I ( Inbs of Cinc innati, Chicago and St. I a, in ., under t bo esc ort of. and as no-1 s of the Huston ( 'oniniei ,- ia 1 Club ines Will Proceed From Manila Today. I ' ts ' ii g'onnd , J fnr. . a- h, but a lai -nuniboi- ,,; i th. i . .-on sabs, mi,,,! lor pi.-i,n- I" '' o;!el i I e ,, I o , l ,, - I ' i ' , .Old j man ..: t hes,. H,.r,. ,w f.-d ,, , fy the ideas he expressed to individual wishes He tool, for his lirst topic. "Preparation of Cavities liefore Fill ing ' The bo-i u a of work I t,u- t lie ( aVltles In ' lean o It the decae, pll inn. lb- deplored ibr appearance oi so in u. h cold in the f rout .... h a. pat I tint s i wen- I a lid . a : e ,., I WASi I i V ' 1 ' p-dal. 1 1 pai Mafekiny, jjlministi a' :oi. M 1 INr"'--N'- N I - .lone ; Sp. , lab ' '"' 'UllS -mo , oil, I today !le, ( he -''1,1,' t h,. ( I,,,,, p., n,.,. j-,,,,, '"' 1 ''"tilctnpt ,, court ' "'' ""' Wt , atlelnpl ,,, "'he, I. :i, airi mile, n.-e ,. , ,p., , ..,, ' ' '' l"-i. dm holme the , ,,1M longer at t oi ! ol M till be I ,.resai I.. : They 1 1 , d Mi ';t h mgl on tc I i b p., i t this evening. 1 1 (' . .i u n 7 :. i Here that tin' r notify Minister ;ir American troops -. :!, Philippines if 1 NnierlC.lIl illtei'e: ts ' ; el llllll'llt lllslikeS l' ( ii ienial entangle iiiiiiieil that Amcri- .' ' i' out rages. T wo ,e idit iniial marines i il to proeeeel from ('iinei's ( alls. Ail- n China. Ti.'- : Ve, t ho le drawn urn Hie ! ,. C -1 1 1 1 1 i, TI alb, dial fcdit, bin :.- not being arti-tic and that the tilling should be o adjusted and of s'h h nia-lerial as to make ihe loa-t distiguro-nient to the front tooth, recom iii'-tid-a ',: xtec, ,,f ,.,,i, and f , I ; 1 1 iinini, w In, h , annot be seen at a i oiiver-a-tional ill-tam e. Ho continued bis remarks on this subject until after in o'clock. The dose attention given by his hearers showed the interest they all take in their profession. At that hour the society adjoin ned to meet at '. o'clock this morning. This evening there will I musical given in honor of the society in the Hearst library rooms. -miii I e 1 a o 1 1 ; , , w , , We;, ll ,i,e 'l, Id 11 Hie J There is a lime and place for all Things ' t'inbnal- wtt. S'l I.Ol'IS. Mo . Juii. : Sp, , iai It is just a month a-o s nne u pv- ,( i r ' if three thousand i n,plo. ; of ! I, . Tra asit i 1 ' i r 1 1 p a 1 1 c t ruck , and tic .... Is lll'-llt seel 11 s as 1 , II ,1,1 , a ' V , I The . oiiipaio i- dim.:; I - i or n i . the una m and t l.,r : ' , m pic ,-sbon 1,1 belong to the union, hip in- i-i on 1 el a i n ; ii g n, in es, i, i , in p lo s TIlU tile St II kel S re II so , ... li t , and the strike is likely to oontiiiu. , spes-ja I t ra i ii boa ring t hi oo h imd i d na n from the east is exne, ted tomorrow to take t he -tl lki'1- place.. A st long force of polici ami a , it r Zens' posse will be at tile Uepot, as trouble is feare.d. Three lioheinia n .gi rl s here are under arrest, charged with stripping tin-clothes from Minnie Hansel Sunday because she rode on the Transit com- lave been in'!' e,:ii, and this ,n - than a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 g , -1 , , 0 tlanila In a n .n lices from IVkm .mil Ti-n Tsin arc tbea end: tor : ed , W el e 'out. London look a holiday oci a -ion, and no one at ! empt-uo any business Tin - . r,.ets tilled With people, V,),, were ana row is the lime for you to buy your ,o the effort outrages by the 3o$ers continue Serious clashes are pported between the Chinese troops 0 0 0 0 mnd rebel troops1. I'lay ins all Kinds of pranks It was bere W at li and .Mrs ilium In s t observed tin- London practice of tickling "ith neaoork feathers The DEFAULTER'S MAIL HELD UP. r w I Conference of Railway Presidents. lirooklin, June x. The oflicers of the Railway I'resident.s opened in this leathers were carried hv m,.n an, Bovernment Garnishees Package Ad women alike, and they were unmind SPRING SUIT ful 'f whom they tickled. Men were DONNELLY SEES DEMOCRACY'S END. seen tickling ladies under the t hins dressed to Neely in Cuba. Mt'NCIE. Inil, June' 7. Special. package addressed to C. W. F. the Cuban post office defaulter, here in the postofflce. The gov- Irnment authorities have commenced tamishment proceedings to secure possession of the package, believing with peacock feathers everywhere. When the wife of an American is the object of some burly Englishman with a peacock feather the first impulse of the American is to thrash the fellow for his impudence, but lie soon sees it going on all around him, and learns to accept it with complacency. This lug it contains uncanceled stamps. CONGRESS HOLDS LATE SESSION. I custom is one of the Knglish methods 13 lart M . II til r,f -k--.'fr,i Deadlock On Naval Appropriation and ours tin place in which to buy it. You will ii nd in thcsiccial tine clothes f department, those made by theHKJH AKT wholesale tailors, just the suit 0 you want, and the difl'erenae in the Bill Causes the Delay. WASHINGTON. I). C, June 7 Special. Congress failed to adjourn lecording to program Wednesday and ne session lasted until late into the light on account of the deadlock on ie naval aprpopriation bill. The louse finally acceded to the demands If the senate and after a stormv ses- price between the HKHI AKT tuade-to-tit, and the merchant tailor's made- of demonstration. English Language Everywhere'. The English language was spoken all along the course of thidr journey thru Europe, and an American has no difficulty in making himself understood, particularly ;,nt the hotels. If the American tourist runs about the ountiy or cities much, however, and sees something he would like to purchase, he Is likely to have soni trouble in striking a bargain. It doi s not take long for a person to be -ome in miliar enough with Italian to b abb to give orders to cab drivers and others, but French is more diflicult i ion lasting all day both houses ad- lourned. to-iTieasure price will be just about cnour hto set vou 0 up in the rest of your Sprin"" outfit, hat, under- ROBERTS RESTS HIS ARMY. Preparing to Clear a Way Into the clothes and everything. All ot which we have in elce-ant pro! usion and at consistent ly luw prices. - y 'yy I M'DDi-E-OF- THE ROAD TOP'S M MlDDk-0F-THE ROAD POP '5 Transvaal for Buller. PRETORIA. S. A.. June 7-SM,.ial hLord Roberts is apparently resting M army preparatory to taking the Freight Agents Convene. t'b i. land. Ohio, .lime s - -The ,.fli cms of the National Travelling Fieight Agen' - Association were all pi, -e, Md in "l-.l a n in 1 Vj ramsha, Id.-, i ,,, t, Pprsoii it is believed the I ROSENTHALS PALACE II b. again Tie lb- pohiaal b. o ; i , ,, i la , : I at J. .... " cuing W I h,, m ,lHv ih n. n , f;;:li lie , . I'd at -t - he- v Cajvtuticii. V i . fom Uings Nek and permit the pas- fWot Btlllcr's armv in,,. ,1... T....... initial convention to day The am is organized w it bo it a i,- ' 10 be I shi p, a lid w It hunt ,, I yard, ana H will b.i,. ir li.-lp I r ai Ignatius Donnelly, c,n, innati I'epi Tribune. at tl Assi gula man , in. i inii- flal. Deadwood, S. I). 0 0 0 a' him, and . Nome Fleet Returning. headquarters It I til'' preside!)! ! i ' : v lor t'i'- p i . p ne in i " a s a I'll:,.-in a -a I . . I ha - id' n , who ! ist.s j nig , SeP SEATTLE. W car. Th.- 1 1, ii ie prison, rs. p. my f tided a-li.. June -7 Special. i-Al,.,.. I "' advices i,ii, :,t, t,t tt,Q ome fleet has reached i.u ,i,.ifl.... J E FEE I SOX CITY. M . J':'.' spe ia! (loverr.or S:- ; !r-rs I. oi ved an a in nr. n io a b ! , i ; ; : .1, " U' OVilittllUH 'He ice ,,i Itehrms sea was nii , 1'' at en til f-veral voss. L ..,. , ,.,... in paii iir; his bio ii n b - p, ... ... , c i city today. A division of traflie is being consldeied to palliate the weaker lines 111 losses of bu-iucss inciiired through the ,1 isconl i n na in e of sec, rs' i iiiii missions. It is ,.pe. tc-d that the Intorstate t'linitii'-n I oiiinr".-, will participate , n t r, pro l-n-: MULLEN . MUNN'S CONTRACTS. Started On the New Post Bakery a For Me arte. Mullen cV- . ' .mi! '1-, ll. adwood . on w Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. j niei- Cof tile ' The 'v. IIII I , 111 cc" na 1 Here "flttlns -for tl.c co , V(lvage. UmH Fl,ght 'W'th" thieves. 'er rJx ' ' "" st'ccial. Ol fi- l4t, ':,s ''""' hero in a Jtwrth three dov,.s, ()np ni(1(in. '3i(1"ef was killed, bv the officers n it .on i a a 1 : GITV, COtTXTTTT STATE. militia to : I ' i '' ' 'hi -i rii-, rs. EUROPE BY LAND AND WATER. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Return Fi so; . Three Months Visit Abroid Mr. and Mr-. Norman T Ma-ou ai rived at home last night after a three months' tour of Europe. The left Deadwood March 17. going directly to Xcw York, where they sailed for .Naples, stopping at C.ibraltar. From .Naples they went to Rome, thence to 4 Drafts and Letters of Credit RncYe8terday's Ba" Games. 13, Cliicngo 4. Bfooklyn 4. j-ittsburg 7. Pltoe,phia 1. Cincinnati 5, t factors, ha . nimn need v o' c on the new post bakery at Fort Meade. The building is intended to match th" new stone barracks at the post, will bo built of stone ipiarried near the J Issued, Good ia All Parts of the World. ? ftrii.. "" Filed For Record, II 'L.w.ii.l t" John .- ; oi eigh' .r'oie-t iii tin: .M.IIford fraction 1 lb" ' I i '. 1 !' I " I w . , '. ne anil v1, p. wood Creeks, $10. Kr; ; - Holgate et al to N I' 1 i. k-inso; '. pice of g round sit nat. a on the . -ale of Sa w y r .1 o . m Lead " it .ion t'eet south of the junction .; -awyor and .Satnniitt -tr-et'- Ca-elina Gerardi, formerly Mm. Core r i Clements, to llattista Koueh- r-" 1 al ASsnriAxir., 4 n met I lINli. COLLECTIONS ?! o.c oession Meld In i-ean m:i. Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. 1 Kiiynii. South Dakoa n .- Florence, Venice, Milan. Eakc Como, and Lucerne, Switzerland, then down the river Rhine, tnru Heidleburg and Cologne to Brussels, thence to l'aris, from Paris to London and Liverpool, and then home. Ten Days In Rome. They spent ten days in Rome, and visiteo mucn o interest in the city of antiquities. They did not tret an EJB jlpf 1 " 'ii ccii tiaisocia- MONEY FT7RXTISHED etto. .i lar, el of gionnd known a- : h e I Werp a c'en,n 7 o'clock Ilow,; T membera present, as post and will cost about five thousand dollars The new barracks, which Mullen i- Muixn have also built, are nearly complete and will be ready-to turn over to the government within a short time. Mullen & Munn only did the building on the barracks. The plumbing, lighting and gas fitting constituted another contract. Their contract was for JL'L'.uun. They will do the plumbing as well as the gas fitting on the new bakery. These contractors nave undertaken a task in Deadwood in building a big retaining wall for the Elkhorn railroad along Red creek, between Deadwood and Pine streets, on the east side 4 To any extent warranted by borrowers names fir "Odor, t west 1 df of lot l."i."', block IT north of w ' Main stree t Lead. r W, Ilerg et al to All" 1 iC -cien a piece of ground in Hiawath r". Wilier o "5rrne- eb-; Jack- collateral- 9 ID.: Smiv' I UllIette. Spearflsh. w '.i31"8. S. D.; T. M. Itiotl to a Blunt j ',. Madison, S. D.: C. V.en, u 1Ie- Yankton, s. n - .r. audience with the pope, as they did doi care to take the unnecessary trouble to secure the intercession of the American minister, hut they attended the services in St. Peters' cathedral on Palm Sunday. They were in Ttonie during Holy week, and the city con 4 Accounts Solicited and j Correspondence Ihvited. is r I l.icket i t al to ,b. V T V i Wife' Vermillion, S. D Vnrv:,wnSOcket' S" D": Par 1 tine" L. ' Wa ! , the s ship V.: bus :i and I. s',b dr. of inast (jii'irter sc t ion i tov.r,-j i ,1 go 2 with '.v,,i. i' i ir-: a (. I v')ur lon experience in the Black Hills is at the of the' creek, next to the passenger depot. The wall is to be four feet wide at the base, eleven feet high y. v i ali" Tnegart to Ms ' service of intendino- investors,- KSS 5 lt c d, c. w: L V Springs, s r.. t . 1 1 1 i t claim, a certain 'i"1,' 1 in (' r.tral City situated oppnate the j Blael: Hills Hrewing Company's ' '- 1 and nearly 230 fet-t in length. It is Intended to protect that hank of the creek against the approach of the current, which had begun to cut the J DERECTOHS tained thousands of Americans eager to see the pope, making it rather difficult for those who had not fortified themselves previously. The Paris Exposition. Paris also took about ten days of their Une while abroad. The exposition was getting down to a regular system, and they felt well paid for having seen It. The outsides of most of the buildings were completed, but there were few buildings whose :n- If -'uson. Lead; w T. vii perry. bank away pretty baMly. The wall la being built of stone, and is being laid W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, Pres. BEN BAER. Vice Pre. 0 'rf0' of the society i8 Dr All my real estate in Deadwood for sale cheap for cash.. Will trade for Cattle or a good range ranch. . .A. J. PLOWMAN, St. Onge. WM. SELBIE, Caahler. on a bedrock rounaauon. a similar wall was laid o nthe opposite side of th ecreek last fall. CW " TB board of -T"" tie ttt con-

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