The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 7, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1900
Page 6
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THURSDAY. JUNE 7, l90a THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. 8. D. LEGAL NOTICES. ASSESSMENT NOTICE Victory Mining company. Principal place of business. Edwin Van Cie, Attorney.) K Oh iAY FIXED FOR HE A III N'' j UN OF SALE OF HEAL. ESTATE- Dead- NOTICE TO ARCHITECTS. 1 The Lead Hotel company respectfully requests architects who desire to compete free of charge, to furnish pre-iimiiriry Sketches and drawings for a iiinposoil hotel building to lie orectei! S Elder. Attorney.) M. A. 12 W. "I DEADWOOD ounty Court of the Coun' Stale of South lakota. la'ti-r of the estate of i- lilt No. 1374. FOR A PATENT. ItjiiiO. r-ity So. Dak. Auril ', '. 1'""' la ' Ill V.i- ! W, !.'.. 1"' I 'ill -11.11,1 : el- mi i Ol'li T Denver Helena, Butte, ' Portland APPLICATION S. Iind Olli.v. O' t I" i - tl I ''I.V ii'.H '. -Mi..-. , ihh.hi s.i i : J ! -1 1 '! '"" I l;i..-,ir . r. t : i N . - Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Leu is a -id all point i e lot and SOL. til. .n I ha T A ii :.a ' !.!!:. i- :,.!! : - has this .!.. : .r.-ot fur :l .1. Smith Hakota. It st'iri.-s and base-nf bri'-k t iiiniiie.i n. i u py a pace ;ci I Ir.veslerh ciir-n ,il Mill and Line : he City of Lead consist of till'. II. el, I alld be built a it!, -time. It will ; teet nil the ;,. , of the llllel-cct! -t : lets, and "ill la i . I v ,, th of i tie count; .f May. A. Ji . . n i lial K r of she est 1 ' lie -ai'l rnii ' i.f,. on saiJ h,:ii on ii, i.i, ;.r a .. ill.- foliowr.. . , ii.K sum. : ..I the no: i ati.i two i . y i:ini of to.' i ' M I -I ri V. -ael I!. I I" an allev on i n r lh Ii Ni i I Vistll,;;: made , til Tl .m l "111 l .1 ii!1" . .-a ija.ii i.i 1,1, 1 iil. oi... ' 1 ) 111 Sei I ion t tl i 1 1 north lantfe linn I i - lew-l a:.. on th it 1 :? I ti.ini1 'it' Ii Mill Pine IM" Side- :l'.-l-t fioiitaii. street si.l- it i hi . on"" as ' hi ' il.e Ii II" ill east rises from Mill wood. South Dakota. i i Location of works. Carbonate. Lawrence county. South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the lioaid of directors of the above n .u.e.i i ..rporation held on Satin. lav, April .vli, U'-i", an assessment i No. : of iuiir iii:i!s per share, was . -viiii upon the ci'i'ital stink of th" cirp. nation, payable immediately to lin tieisui.r. John l'lcber. I) a Iwo'"!, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall leinaiu unpaid on Tuesday, the ath day of June. 1900. will ie delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction, at the office of the treasurer, John Treber, Deadwood, S D., on the 2Jrtl day of June, 1900, at 2 p. m., to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. JI LII S REBSAMEN, Secy. i. Mini;.! ;ttrt XI , 'V' '' 1 & ... j DR. TODD, Office in Waite Block, corner Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D. University of Freiburg. ;.-rmaiiy ; llopital des Vcrierh ns, . Pari: ANNA I.HliE c-or No 1 'i Hill- .'.l.ri.lian. i o.'ii annul-' 14'.t.71 a.'. I-awi'ii... iiaiiiH. Soul li I lakota. f.e street about eiiilit feet to rear of ho liliU, Hot S; c oin. Omaha, i all points East West No. 210. Local dailv day, Ftalil M Spearfish in. k -.1 A hen. . Ill' E l.;7l i..ih .!,!-. Ie,l 1A I. -' ir : ,', Mi.,ijn. of i Km Moll 1' li-:4 r, fe. t t. -'I S No 7 1.,-trs S 7s , mi No " mirvf.y tel Tre company wishes it to have fif ty or sixty rooms besides tin- usual of hoes, dining rooms, sample rooms No lux rs N. 27' 17' E. IDS V 11 S feet to cor HlL'lilaiid Marv lu.le I., .'eel : 'helli e, ' "I No 2. tie in e. S to r'orner No .'!. theni et. . of a thorolv modern hotel. It will 1 OK V M? 7 feel No. 204, Frieght, it. S. 2'.f w. col s be healed by steam and lighted by ami U'jj VCVp; ' '' 's at . .6 , !il,.i. cbttririty and is to cost not more than t thence. P. W or F. No. f; thence. N. pi corner No fi. Iilent leal fe t to rnl tllT No .",:!( I' feet to COIIII Of E 1.12 .' fei'l t 1 1 ti corner No ' $,1.1,000 when completed. The right to .-,ii. I Suu lav. Hill I'n and Edgemont ... Sundays this freieht i-av. Trains arrive as follow n No. 43, East. Pas'nger. . No. 2'V Spearfish T-nr except Sunday . of Anna No 2 lo.le of sum of i hirt -1 nr. e huii.tre.l an.l fif i hits,, as will more fully nppeai .K.ii.l reiurii filcl ns aforenahl, an which refer, roe is hereto- made for I particulars. An. I notice N le n-hv farther giv. Tin s iay the i-'th -lay of June, A. Ii at. 10 o'clock a. rn at the court room court, at the court house, in said Lam county, has been tixeii for hearing tie return, when and where any per-..:, terestert In said estate may appear file written obje-ctions to the confiiii. of the said sale, and may he hear-: may produce witnesses in support ! objections. I luted Mav .list. H'Oti. FRANK J. U'ASIIABAIMI Judne of County i'mu i First T'u ti June 1st. 1900 . in - all. I loll 1 lid '""ii. 5 'iailv lU;, reject any and all plans is reserved. The plans or sketches to be submitted to the company at the office of the Homestake Mining company In the Citv of Lead. S. I)., on the tith day of No. 2fi3. Fre,Sht UK, bundays this tin !1 ?nvn.. 5-jJ thl siirv.'v: thence V 1.", P..V E r.J." 1 feet to e rner No 7: th.-nce. N.27M7' R.2W.6 ct to eon.e' No 1 nml ilai-e of heniiintng. ANNA NO 2 LODE rtepinnlne at corner No 1 a nhale rock jet In (rrrnn'l with mourn! oj motie chls-. le.l 1A-2. ri7t, whence corner No S survey '.im; Hiirhlnn'l Mary Iine hears N. D 02' V 'i I I' I- Mon No 7 hears S , 2D' R Llill r. feet- then'-e. P 1" "2' K yv , f,.oi to corner No 2: thence S. M1T W "27 2 f. et to corner No 2; thence Nl". E r.T, 1 f. et lo corner No t tlienre.N. " .11' E t 2 feet to eorner No. 1 an ! place of l.c'Innii'L' Th" nrcnnicl cour of the I ,,!.- line of llic n'i-i lieinu' N. 1" ii".' in" Itush Medical College, ' hicago: polyclinic mid Post Graduate .MmIi al Department of I'niversity of California, and College of Physicians and Snr-KPonB & Cooper Medical College. Duly licensed and registered physician and surgeon In the Dakotas. The oiliest, most successful and accomplished European-American educated physician and sui-goon on the American cnntinent in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, :'.pecial. "m-pllcatcd and lingering diseases: foun 1 ...iiik emu ''"'J train, ''k'-'s 6014 ui Sleeping, dining an. seats frep, on .ill way and steamship t gage checked to all i .dine. 1900, at o'clock a. in. Lead. S. IV. May 19th. 1900 WALTER K SMKAD T,-n Socretarv tal.K. maul J. FEAy For information tin tickets, call on or r t'cneral Passt-rigi i , V ; i k s r a : "nana, sj UKRTSONl I 1,1 ll'l IS I. 1 I. I lie ; i nm. -ision, i will re. cive .-.-al.-d I I rktli:y Cnn: mi :v 1 i,f "lie llil.l l.olc No 2 N of I'ul'lie I' .....-als for He S.iuill Ilakot.i r 'i'V laws .. ,1 c." r r.-i of i.('i I.ole in-,,; aer. s. Iiiiii tor tin- Siai.- ot Notice to Creditors. Estate of .lohn li. Olson, deceased Not ice is hereby g:eti by the un-i-siLiiieil administrator of the estate itic I'leilieatiotl ,,,,,, v,, .,,, 1 irr-s t,,t ,l :irea of c..i i.i with ohai der of a system of si" bv which lie positively in,.s all i ma- . ' -iirs r, -"i .,ic- ' a i at ill corner of . h.i I . r 1 law Assessment Notice. American Oil company; pricipaT place of business. Deadwood, South Dakota; location of works, Weston county. Wyoming. Notiie is hi retjy given that at a meeting of the ooard of directors of the above naiin-d company, held on i ho f.tli day of June, toon, an assessment i No. :i of three i :: i mills per share upon the capital stock of the 1 1 ii inn al ion. w as levied, payable im iie diat' lv to tin- treasurer. Waller K Sun-ail. at his ollice in the City of Lead. South Dakota. An-. : to k upon Willi tills assess-i,i ni shall remain unpaid on the 20th lay o!' July. IIuhi. will In" delinquent - of Is''.'., and ch..i lid J'l o.os;,l.s shai d.-t's (Lis .survey 1 - F. !. "I 1 ' 1 tiNs i i : ' r v ; i i i.i: : ! . i ii y of Stat. I 'nut inu'" a n Tie '.. 1 "II. "' ' ' ' ' "Cle s i i r -orl...! I .- to I lie .(... ,,f ( .. I' ,.(.. r lice Is o' 'l'.i .e.ils f. r .'. lie. eased. 11 persons .-aid dec of John H Olson c rc ditiii s i ,". and ; i 1 a i 1 1 1 s :t-rainst tin bio forms of I'KIVATK. CIIKONIC HI.OOD. SKIN' and I KS llin'i I M ) DISK SKS of MF.N. SYPHILIS and YKNKUKAL IdSi:SKS in all st-.ges. to the ha vine; asecl to cessar.v s from I'. e. m- :-' I- in I.e., Ws 1 -i-el i 1,0. "..I - r-1 I -. .'.no :". 1 at t.i I ... s ' i'it ."'.' r. spec- , ,,, , ii,,, , .' .,.. s,., retary I.-. Iv 'I''" - ,:.,i-,.o!. or, ., .),, ,,,,, , ,, ,!,,. . ,: f tloin with th.- ni - wii oiii four muni li evllihlt IHIolliT Milt II- ' "" " 1 ' " . 1 ' l : , ii 1 !!-. -.I--I 111" I l cm i sTHicri'iti'. nvni(ti''Ki.i-. tins not i. , r. at I -). i I.awreii. e st publication of s.-in! adniini-tra't in the ('ciuiiiv ci I . ' Ilii-M-cl Mil-' M S " 1 ' ' II ' ' r s, ;,:,,;,.,, 1 . v, , ; ,. u,,"!,. for i: ,-cre unknown .( , ,, h .1.:-. -. ; . i , : . 1 y A 'iv '"' t nil I"'"-" .'.i-..'M-' '-. 'iv , i, , ; ,,, i .i..anv . . i . o i 1 1 . n nf s a i .,. i ...d Tin i N" 2 ,, , I : , 1., s , i.i ,! to the I'll to the v I X li I , CKLK. CONOKItlllli: . CI.L'KT. SPEKM ATOKRH ii; . I. UK til-' SIA'-UAL VKiDK. IMI'i iTK.VY m YOUNfl, Mf 1)111 .: At lid and l.l MEN and all IM I'I'I l M KN'I'S to M A RIMONY." iirer of the ii lie forfeit, I I ,,,.c... a ,,, in, ,.i- . u ,. I. . i:m- w i". tt-e V1 1 , , ' ''. and advertised for sale, and unless payment sU;H have been made before, ' v: Iiaily Haily Dnily Haily, ii.iilv. Daily. 1 i I I I V .!. .- .,' rid. l s'.it,.- i. md int. .. i .i i: ii. et .;tv 9 li .I- . in the .-..Htttv ..f j .', j, , I'. ,,.,i, .. y ,1-ll'ne- 1 '"' sivlV dlV' I.e-i-ld , f . .. l , . . ; .. I. ... .. ,f . .r , 1, . .Ill l.o v en: of fallen oa t h , . nti r into contract iinr.-l l...ii. within ir r.i.t is aw .irde-t c will be sold on tin- lilh day of August. ! ;mhi. at n'eloi k p. in., at the office S I) Ihlteil lit I le,il (Mil! l s:c W A ll'EK S Administrator of ill.-It. Olson, deceased, i First Pub. ay S I ) , May SI M l'S( .. estate of .1' -,t. 1 S ! ' ! c I rs'ii lin of Moody. Kellar A; .Moody. Lee exc-pl i.F. ' la', fi" a .luiv 1 I'-mi an I - 1 III I !' Olio V, a r The e street. Deadwood. S. ).. to pay said issessineiit . together with costs of f I'l'intinir will ., .1 Iv .";, of 'he r,.vi-li.TH Of til-' . .. PT: "rT" ' . -'';""- A i V 1 1 K i' V "I'tN'KH !( -"-..' . . t . ; , , ' 'i AL '. ! y ,., ' v o.-a, r,.,l thit tt- f'-f L'olnir ' " Ml ." Vre?, 5 n 'le.. n I l.lic-H i.C! 'or ..i-lteTlt he Hill- " ' '" f. "U'-- TV" ', b lied 'or the l.-riod o' CO days (nine eon- '"" ' djM - . -j? I. Z ' I 7 .c...'l. e w.d -l. in t'"' ll.illv I'ineeer- ' ' . f e 1 rj Ti ,i il-i'Iv new sp.iper putdlshcd at ':v " advertising and expenses of sale. .U Sun., 1 1 i v . .11 V Pa i.T'ioii tiiiMiin: the iiicnt 'st j--i . v-f discount from the inaxinHim i-ii.cs 'ishod l.v I.i iv , and all hi is niu-' -i"--i .-very instance and for e . rv ". ti -r centum of discount from s ii.l max-j. rices eiept where otherwise hid not, sfrioth- In ccmfai initv P,y order of the board of directors. WALTER K. SMa.,hJ, Sec'y. Please notify the secretary of any ango of address. pcuseiiKer Daily nil t'nilv. fTi'iit Daily Daily Iiaily. exrepi ANNUAL MEETING. The legulnr annual meeting of the Siin.i i stockholders of the Big Owl Mining Imily Daily, i" cept Sun. I i I'nitcd States Assay Office at Dead-wood, S. D , Office of the Assayer in Charge SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the ollice of the Assayer ni ( hnrge of the Assay Office of the Lnited States at OEADWOOI). S. D., until 12 M.. June "0 1900. and then opened, for supplies required for the fiscal year ending June So. 1901. Hlank proposals and all other information may be had upon application to P. J. Miniter, Assayer in Charge. company for the election of a board of wiili reci'tinements will be c.usi.lere.l. Hon. is wiih sufficient sun ties in twice the amount of estimated value of the wink for whii h enntraor is awarded will be reouired. Schedules, rules aiid re Eulat i on will he turnishe.l tij on application. Cnnunis-iioner of rrintl'iu reserving the rlht to reject nnv and nil bids Intel. Pierre. South Dakota. Mav 11. inon William H Roddle Seeretnrv of State, and Kx-Otficio timniissic.iier of Public Prlntinc directors for the ensuing year, and V K 11 F. K. .v M THE NORTH W I ' -TKRN UN! Sl'M.MoNS-MONKV . HE.MAND COMPLAINT FILED. Slate of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial circuit si. In theVirtuil court in and for Lawrerce county. John (Jray. plaintiff V9. Rohcrt C. McPhane, defendant The State of South Dakota sends greeting: To Robert MeShane, defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above such other business as may properly come before the meeting, will be held at the office of the secretary in Dead- I Het. .-ii !'--a U.khI nil TIEI'OT Streets. wood, S. D.. on Friday, June 8th. 1900, Ar-ivfs. In the Orphan's Court for the ,,f Philadelphia. April Term. 1900, named plaintiff, which will h filed In the Trough trains to ' ci. ih.i Chicago. St. Paul. Minneapolis, with clise f'Cr nM'iions for all p. newest and south, at I'ri-niont an.l Omaha office of the clerk of the Circuit court within and for said Lawrence county, at Deadwood. South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscribere at Street. Kail.! (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, Attys.) NOTICE. To the Hawkeye Gold Mining Company, a Corporation: Take notice, that on the 4th day l'J W I : their office in the city of Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day DEPOT: Lower M t Whitewood. Sturm- and intermediate poiii 8:2"i a m. Itelle Kourche Whitewood only '" Except Sunday. .' a m 11 of rervlce, or the plaintiff will take judg of November, 1895, the Lark lode M. .am 'M ment against you for fifteen hundred dollars, with interest st 12 per cent, per an S. No. 753, in Lawrence county, South at 2 o'clock p. m. L. F. BABCOCK, Secretary. Deadwood, S. D., May 25th. 1900. THE CLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Spring. S. D. Is now thoroughly cleaned and renovated and open to the public patronage, with pleasant, cool, airy rooms In close connection with the Minnekahta bath house, the bst of accommodations, reasonable rates. Terms one dollar a day or five dollars a week. MRS. IinXRIETTE CLOUSE. Proprietor. o John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of teams ana carriages and is prepared to do all kinds of city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc.. will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. 83. Dakota, was sold for taxes delinquent thereon for the year 1894 to the Coun No. 27V In the matter of the estate of .lames Mulligan, a supposed decedent. Notice is hereby given that Kinley J. Tener has made application for letters of administration upon the estate of James Mulligan, a supposed decedent, and that on June 22nd, 1900, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, the court will hear evidence concerning the alleged absence of the supposed decedent and the circumstances and duration thereof, and will make such orders and decrees therein as In the Acts of the Assembly are made and provided. Joseph A. Slattery , Attorney for the petitioner, No. 1001 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. (First Pub. May 19, 1900.) num since January Slst. 1899, besides costs Dated, April 9th., 1900. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the above named defendant: ty of Lawrence, for the sum of twen NOTh'K Hod carriers' Iyx'.d I'm'1" No ty-two and 11-100 $(22.11) dollars. Black Hills, ri. I)., d. m.uiJ 3D c. P I'htise take notlee that the complaint in That thereafter said County of Law .In.lntf IVr.m T 1 1 n 1 1 ''I'll Pv order of Hod Carriers' Ci the above entitled action waa filed In the nf clerk of the above named court on the School. Normal rence duly assigned the certificate of tax sale which had been Issued to it to the undersigned, who Is now the owner and holder thereof. That the right of redemption of said property 11th. day of April. lftOO. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin Plaintiff's Attorneys (First pub. May 8, l'.WO) r.imraeO'! Siailai- K.v. Us (R. C. HAYES, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Derosler, deceased. Thirtci.lh Amu., Jin , ANN FA I. SKUV'i' June 10, .Normal Hi" Womehlnrf cl.ass, nv km:: June 13. 2:00 p. ui N slon fr -.. All ar in -COMMENCEMENT neaday. June 13, l 11,1 The Alba Hey wool COMMENCEMENT ' Schell. D. D., Chicai;... :,.r:nal Hall. . a will expire and a deed of said lode will be made within sixty days from the completed service of this notice. The. amount necessary to redeem is said sum of twenty-two and 11-100 ($22.11) dollars, together with interest thereon at the rate of twelve per cent per annum since the 4th day of i'OV'ERT-l Notice is hereby given by the un O. E. S. No. 23, DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mon days at 7:30. All members cordially Invited. ANNIE I. PHILLIPS. W. M. j. ra. Open! dersigned Adolph L. Bernard, admin istrator of the estate of Peter Derdsier 1 Tew ntatil LILLIAN O. HATCH. Sec. deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the ... It. s November, 1895. SPECIAL SATURDAY EXCURSION You will also take notice that on the plonxda, Thursday, J Normal Hall. Wednesday en 1 Tl admission fee of 25 cc Tickets for one or Is. 2nd day of November, 1896; the Lark ,ts will be sard deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this no h rveoitiP lode. M. S. No. 753, in Lawrence coun of the Aim ty. South Dakota, was Bold for taxes Via BURLINGTON ROUTE. One fare for th round trip to Hot Springs and Custer every Saturday, good to return on or before the following apply for them in a.U.'nce not l'J tice, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, delinquent thereon for the year 1895 Monday June li r . i- to the County of Lawrence, for the administrator as aforesaid at St Onge, In the County of Lawrence, South Da SPECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXl sum of thirty-one 32-100 ($31.32) dol kota. lars. That thereafter said County of Via BurliDgton Rwl Lawrence duly assigned the certificate ; 5ft fop ih round trio. Tlci Dated at Deadwood, S. D., May 19th, (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) State of South Dakota, Eight Judicial Circuit In the Circuit Court !n and for Lawrence County, South Dakota. Henry S. Graham and Myron J. Graham, as Executors of the last will and Testament of Samuel Graham, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs George K. , Marvine, Defendant THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SENDS GREETING: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint ot the above named plaintiffs, a copy ot which Is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their office In Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons; exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs" will take Judgment against you for eight thousand, eight hundred and of tax sale which had been Issued to It Mle neit Mondav and TuesdV. FIGHTING DISEASE. Let all who suffer with any form of STPHILIS in any stage, Sexual Weakness or destroying disease of any nature, who are weakened In mind and body, melancholy and despondent and on the road to IDIOCY. INSANITY and the GRAVE, take heart before it Is everlastingly too late and place themselves at once implicitly tinder .the care of Dr. Todd, religioualy confiding in his honor as a gentleman and confidently relying upon his skill as a physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY CURE YOU. By his wonderful, intelligent and marvelouBly skillful treatment all signs and traces of Syphilis and Impurities of the blood are thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the bones, the marrow and the entire system are cleansed, purified and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual vigor are renewed and the patient Is restored to the duties, Joys, and pleasures of life. LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS, IRREGULARITIES. INFLAMMATIONS. DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. SYPHILITIC and all diseases of EYE. EAR, NOSH and THROAT successfully treated. URETHRAL STRICTURE promptly cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. TAPEWORM xpelied, RHEUMATISM. STOMACH LUNO. LIVER, KIDNET nd; BLADDER diseases cured. PILES and RECTAL diseases positively 'cured by RECTAL MEDICATION alone. . ' - J "RUPTURE radically cured by an entirely ' new. safe, painless and bloodless method. No detention from business guaranteed; no charge for examination and advice. Dr. Todd will also furnish those who prefer It with his Anatomical Hernia Supporter, an easy, perfect . retainer 1900. ADOLPH L. BERNARD. and 6th, good to return on or b Administrator of the Estate of Peter 9tn. account of annual ronventloi Pioneer Picnic. The board of directors of the Black Hills Pioneers have accepted the invitation on behalf of the Soldiers and Sailors, and the people of Sturgis, to hold their annual picnic at the reunion of the Soldiers and Sailors at Sturgis to the undersigned, who is now the holder and owner thereof. That the right of redemption of said property will expire and a deed of safil lode be made within sixty days from the tt .-lo. ti,. ! sn n. m. u1111 Derosler, deceased. (First Pub. Hay 20. 1900.) to take, as you arrive at Hot fore dark. completed service of this notice upon (Granville O. Bennett, Attorney.) you. The amount necessary to redeem on June 13th. Appropriate exercises .i-i:. CnntraCtOI Notice of Application for Letters of act sui: I1VIII.9 WW w , ci Ki niii he receitf and speaking will be provided for en the evening of Juno 9th. cartienter work on the ne tertainment and a general good time is anticipated.' All Pioneers are especial vnu Ta!n ctreet, ly .requested to be present, and a cor " 1 DkUl ..leu. . mv ..! l.l.t.ler 1" Is said sum of thirty-one and 32-100 ($31.32) dollars, with interest at the rate of twelve per cent per annum since the 2nd day of November, 1896. You will also take notice, that on the Is tday of November, 1897, the Lark lode, M. S. 753, in Lawrence county. South Dakota, was sold for taxes delinquent thereon for the year 1896, for the sum of twenty-six and 40-100 ($26.40) dollars. That thereafter said County of Lawrence duly nnli-iul in iriro hntlii- Ill t" dial invitation is extended to everybody. JAMES CONZETT. Pres. ninety-nine dollars and forty-two cents. and o 1 with interest from November 28th. suit 1898, at 6 pr cent pen annum, besides the amount of the specifications can Schwarzwald- furni right is reserved to bids. ;.:,!. f'" l.e se ,,-e store eject M. ALB1 Ar- ICE! ICE! ICE! From pure spring water df llvered la Administration. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Hein-rlch A. L. von Wedelstaedt, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that George S. von Wedelstaedt has filed with the clerk of this court a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Helnrlch A. L.,von Wedelstaedt, deceased, and that Saturday, the 9th day of June. A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wlt of the May term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house Inv the City of Deadwood, in the said County oLLawrenc. has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and any part of the city In any quantity I'amily trade a specialty. Bell tie phone 191. JOB LAWRENSON. DR. FLORA ' Homeopatkic ph.s idence. 374 Williams Morphine, liquor treated. costs. t Dated at Deadwood. a D., this 6th day of April, A. D., 1900. Plaintiff's Attorneys. NOTICE! To the defendant ' above named: Please tako notice that tha complaint In this case waa filed In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court NOTICE. There will be 112.480.00 of state school assigned the certificate of tax sale which had been Issued to it to the undersigned, who is now the holder and owner thereof. That the right of edemptlou of said property will expire and a deed for said lode be made within sixty days from the completed service of this notice. The amount necessary to redeem is said sum of twenty-six and 40-100 ($26.40) dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of twelve per cent per annum since the 1st day of November. 1897. money on hand on the first day of July to loan on achol bonds and Improved farm J. E. Baker. lands in Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed In this office soon. Baker & IW and A cure effected. Anwl10 tlT6 '"Hahould not be granted. ture art In danger suits ftt the court bouse In the city of Dead-wood, on April 17th, 1S00. Dead wood, S. D., May 16, 1900 W. A. ZINK, County Auditor, o ROCK! ROCK!! Anyone wanting building rock, call free ABSTRACTS The -trick ar ' Invited to consaltatlon. No taqrrable Medicines free, v-T Dated May 19th, 1900. -ITtANK J. AVASHABAUGH, Jndjre of the County Court (First Pub. May 29, 1900.) ' . " '.V''.-r- :' ' . , . . MARTIN 4 MASON. ; ...',. Plaintiffs Attorney,, WM. R. BAOLET. (first Pub. June 7. 1900.) i and see 1. J. Feldhausen. Ryndloate block,

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