The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 18, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1898
Page 2
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- s s f TIIK DAILY 1U0NKKR-TIMES. WEDNESDAY, MAT 18 1833. ADVERTISEMENT" j OMAHA THE DULY PI08EER-TIMES. sue of the war with Spain will show that ws can get along very well with I . r. 9r. OIJEJOTACT AdvertliemeBU under Ula hssi ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run less than ods month. Three lines S1.0S per month. Payable Is advance. FOR FARM Harry DeLeray. . . AND QARDi J A1,A".?'. Clov.r. AUyk TtowtU 1 uras, muirv, n uur Li'irn, CMC and Koraire 1'Unt Seeds. Veesiablea. i cV-eli. ". , mllle vy tne n, uur U'ira, bW Korae 1'Unt Seeds. VepubleiaS hi is one oi ins best reari knowi fa. v.. Stfimm ssssij flsssBBaw rM MMIMl jft ii i L- r IS SELLING CLOTHING TEN PER CEN r LESS THAN. EASTERN PRICES. 63 Sherman St : Deadwood, S. D, IDE ! pkwiiih mui, I rioea are i.K weather fsvoral.le. " ,0 M Prices furnished on application, c. TlY.V, UUftt Tlsa Nebraska lui Cc-i 1300 FaiMm 8t. - Omaha, TVrBX 4-S-dftw KODAKS AND If you want a Camera or Kodak write to us for prices, and circulars of the new Cameras, Premoa, Pocoa, Ray. Adlake, Cycles, Cyclons, Quads, Vives, Uuttela, Bull Eyes. We are Western Agents for nil Cameras, Wholesale Jobbers in Photographic Goods. THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO. 1 215 Farnam Strret, .... OMAUA, Nebruk. C3r"CJG3 ST "FIT iT iBHf 643 1 8 Main Street, t- Deadwood, B. D., - Daaler in Choica MEATS. Steaks, Chop?, Hams. Lard, Etc. Flsli. Game and Oysters. ' fleet Occds. Qreat Receivers ale OF THE Smith 6&Whealen . " - - - - Lowest unices, am Ml I AI... ....... mods, biass mo iiiisreatii, ... ,1 M ... fapsr, tic. H. STEVENS, Recslrer. BARGAINS! DAYS. The entire stock will be sold regardless of cost as it has to be closed out an soon as possible. First Gca First Sirrtl AfiGAIilS! FOR 90 10 Per Cent Discount. any other Will be era on Leather are marked returned on all 'ash Sales to Custom Oods in the Shoe Line. They in plain figures, less in price than Come and Supply Yourself at c. E. ZIPP'S out foreign allies, and we have no a : the kind of friendship which Job huj fur Abner. PRIZES AND PRIZE COURTS. w the Spoils of a Captured Enemy' Ship Are Apportioned. Any ship of the enemy may be mad-) prize on the high seas, even th u4'h it LcIongH to private ctLlteti. The question of the legality of p ixes aken is settled by a sporlally li ed prize court. The prise court now In session at Key Wf-at Is composed of three Judges appointed by the preelilenL The senteni-e of the prize court is oncluMive upon all the world. Tb? original owners of a prise welled and ondemned have no appeal from Its de-Islons. One-half of the value of all prlzod aptiired by the navy goes to the gov. eminent. One-twentleh of one-halt the value ol all prlsos captured gotw to the com- niandor of the flee-t to whU-h the cip-tors bwlong. After deducting the fleet commind- er's twentieth and the fltM-t captain'n ine-hundredth share from the half ol ihe prize reserved to the captors Iheie mulnder goes to the men and officers ot thn capturing ships, being divided anion thm in orMxmon to inr imoirnt of their regular pay. All vessels of the navy within signal ing distance of the vessel, or vessel iival'lng a capture and ready to render ifnclont aid if required, share In the prize. AVhen a vessel Is captured, the com Ti.indlng officer of the voasel making tho rapture hi required to put her in harsce of a orlxe officer and crew to take her lnu port. If a raptured vessel and cargo are not takon for the use of the govern ment. In which case the captors are paid their due share by the government -the prize It sold at auc.lon. When Spell n announced (hat she In tended to send a flout bo the Phllnp-ilnra It won not generally supposed hat flee would canal of the tingle cruiser Ckvlao and that efhe would go Aere to ttraigtlwn Dwwey. But such la the fact. The captain of Che Oalao had heard nothing of Dewey's splendid victory and vailed right Into the Amer- iuan float. He surrendered wtohbut fir ng a gun, and thua Dewey baa ont more wanthtp. Spain 'hue. hard liM'k. Poor Sagaata! Perhaps he 1m to-da the ablest man 1c Spa to, but he la hKp es. It la not his fault that Spain i" vwwheimod with disasters. He wn iiitumoned to take charge of a Unking -(hip, and when he oould nut save hoi he tried to resign. But, to knowing wHMt. else So do, the queen regent tells iitm he must eta. in office. He cs Mm, and he cant go forward. Poor dagoata! The apectaole of mighty aatlor ittlmly laying aailde ordinary bulr.i tnd pending 'hundred of mdUlona ot dollars and rtokkng Wbotasanda of Mves to assist a etniggMng people to achieve the priceless boon of liberty, ks an In 4plring sight that will not be over top led in the tiwentUnth century. The old nation of the world view the epecAacl" with amazement and will 'have a high r opinion of the alma, purposes and lusttny of the wwfter powwn. No honest American will ever advise the breaking of this country's faith wltih the Cuban insurgents. All we ask la that a permanent form ot govern ment shall be established on the Island and that peace and order shall be main tained. We must maintain a protecto rate over Cuba, however, until this ls accomplished, if It iakese a thousand venm. Several twte dtstlnguiMhed rx-rutt have leon added to the army of the un employed. For Instance Oeneral Wey .er, Dupuy De Lome, Pofo y Bernabe, and Admiral Mbnitejo of the late Span !h Pacific fleet. Preparations are being mode to renruK Governor Oeneral August! of the Philippines, Governor General Blanco of Cuba, Premier 8a masta and Alfonso XIII. A POPULAR HOTEL. Under the management of Mr. Carl Blank and his wife the old popular Oil more Is more popular and prosperous than ever and la now the favorite hotel of the city. The house has naturally the most desirable location In town, and lta arrangement Is such that Its guests can at once obtain every acoonv modatljn and comfort. The lodging rooms are large, well lighted and heated and airy, and are furnished the homelike fashion. No such rooms can be obtained anywhere else town. The table service ls fault! The dining room spacious and In vttlng, the table linen Is kept lmmaoa !ate, and fare oonilsta of the beat rood that culinary art can prepare. Regular boarders and transients should give the house a trial, and they will be convinced that It combines everything they desire, and at reasonable rates. DR. BABCOCK'S OFFICE. Is now located la room 14, Syndicate block Entrance from either Lee or Mala street TRANSATLANTIC NEWS. Reuter's Telegrams, the Direct, and iMackey's Cables mwiDlv tha readlss ana commercial puDiic on mis si te ot the Atlantic with faithful newa. Ocean communication with the other aide ha also rewlv, Immense Impetus through the Improi .set. of stesm vessel-, and the Increase of their site and motive power. Passengers across the Atlantic are, In sptte of splendid accommodations and the lessened vibration by Improvement In the hull of ateam "esseli, aiwaya liable to aea sickness. The na-i-aea which the complaint produces It curable with Hoststter's Stomach Bitters, which qts and Invigorates the stomach and relieves biliousness. Ma-Sarta and the disorders sensed ot changes ot climate, exposure In Inclement weather and unusual diet, are also rsmsdled by (t (Established 1876-7 ) PIONEER-TIMES PUBLI8HINO CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAILr Every morning, except Monde. One Year flOOO 81s Month One Month 1 00 WKKKLY Issued every Thursday. One Year I 00 Six Montba 100 1'IONKKR-TIMKH, lM-alwool, a, 1), Entered aa second-class metier at the Dead wood Poetolllce. WH VT WILL UK TIIK OUTCOME? JiMt how much longer thn war wl'.l Spain will lost Is at tills time uncer tain. There la no doubt, however, (hat thn Ion kit It hurts thn worm It will be for Spain. At thn out net thle country thouKtit only of giving HbiTty to thi pKplfl of Cuba. We spwlllrally tUsu vowed any dee I re or Intention to ex tend our domain. The fort un en of war. however, have practically given uh t hi Philippine Inlands, while I'orto Kino If all but In our handH. We have Ip1kI oiiret'lvne to thn World to allow the peo pie of Cuba to entulillHh for thetnuelve- an Independent form of government. and this In honor we are bound to Jo Hut what about the other Inland? fthlnilil we (five thorn bark to Spain uixin thn payment nf tha war Indemnity? Thin would be a natural thing to do unctar ordinary circumstances. Bu can we consistently do so? The 'on dltlon of the pimple of these lalamli It substantially the same ae that which prevails In Cuba. There le the lamr repression of human rights, the imi eni'orml Ignoranco, the name blttei cruelty and the aamn ravenous extor Hon. No, these Islands ehould not. hi returned to Spain. Hnail we eel I thorn to Englanl. l Germany, to France, or to Japan, li payment or our war indemnity: ir w anil them privately to one power. bal we not give offense to all the others' Shull we put thorn up and knock fhnn down to the highest bklder, and the. give the entire world an even chance i. secure thetn? Or, If not either of theso, shall w keep them ourselves? Of necettalty thl. will neceiwltate the annexation of tit-Hawaiian Island, and this will be radical departure from our tradltlona policy of staying at home, politically and minding our own business. If w retain possessions In the wist ho wit this affect the Monroe doctrine; im: hall we then be able to hold ourselve-In splendid (eolation from the politic-and Intrigue of the Old World? Rr Ulnlng the Philippine means an arm) of occupation and a navy two or thro tlmea as targe u that we now hart Well, what of It? It would also mean a settled coijnlal policy. Hut what -J I that? Suppose It should mean that th United States should take a hand li the world's politics. What of that Retaining these island would mean ai enormous expansion of our forigi trade and commerce, and shall we uj hold this prlxe which we have won a .he mouth of the cannon? There I till another phase of tMs questoi which cannot be Ignored. Port.) RIC' has a population of 1,000,000, while th PMUlpplnas have 8.000,000 or 10.000, 000. In the providence of God shall w not give them their deliverance fro oppression, Ignorance, heathen super tltlon and extortion? Shall we oo lift them up and help them to beonv able to appreciate the blessings of self government and to breathn the ful spirit of civil and religion liberty' In a word, when so great an oppnr'.uni ty has been thrust upon tM un song hi tuulmlred and unexpected, shall w. Uhrow It away umimprovexl? What i our national duty? Never has th country faced a more Important or fai reaching question. What shall we d) Are we at the parting of the way What will the outcome be? WE MUST 8TANI) ALONE If the lesson were needed, this wi with Spain ha shown ua the Isolatlo of our position among the nations u the earth, There Is not one of the con ttnental powers which would not vie' our humiliation at the hands of Spa!-with perfect equanimity, If not exult tlon. Self-Interest or fear, nof frlen 1 ship, has dictated the action of such the powers as have declared their ne ' trallty. Had a reverse, Iniitead of a overwhelming vlctiry, met Dewey fleet In Manila bay. there Is little litnl that several of the continental powet would have found a pretext to open I Intervene by force of arms In Spain behalf. France and RusmIs we have claim" as our traditional friends, yet France I today oponly and offensively hoe; I! Russia, which won our friendship du Ing the previous war, Is now rang' unmistakably ot. the side of Spa!' The Russian press are urging prlvi teertng upon Spain, and openly exnrer hopes for the monarchy's success, thl the czar's ambassadors at other Eur' pean capitals publicity manifest the. partiality for Spain and their Ill-will i us. Austria an" Portugal are almn. Spain's allies. Italy has had no love for us since the Malta Incident and is in sympathy with our enemy. Grman ls endeavoring to repress the hostile expressions of her press and peopl but both have made It apparent tha.' we may look In vain for sympathy from that quarter. Even Bismarclt whose old age and usual restraint would suggest at least a discreet silence, vehemently denounces "Yankee arrogance" and criticise our diploma ry aa "brutal, dishonest and hypocritical." It U well for Hi to lam how shall jw and fcypocrttfaal tiara Wn the pretetf-eloM of friendship of the continental nations made In times) of seace. it will be a guide to vs hereafter, and will vmphulM the warntag of Washington to avoid enUnglrag alliances. Tie ls- I x 8lKill be la every launly Pillo mmiriiie rnnt ani tvef travrlli-r's grip. Tlwy are tttvKluKlil hn III itiMtwi-h It out of order i cur hasitMli. MIUwmsm, sns all 11 rw WaublM. SUM sail sMsst. Mais. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I will not be responsible for any bills routrs' ti'd by parties living In my bouses iM-miwood, or other places, for bouse nistirtul. without a written order from the umUTiilJu.d. WM. H. M'MASTER, Belle rourcno, 8. D. IFwELL ifficuit, Long-Standing and Nervoui Diseases are Curable! No Incurable Cases Taken. No experiments, no failures; instruc tions obeyed the cure Ls certain. Dr. L Miller, formerly of Chicago, III., whj is here to stay, devotes his undivided attention to the relief of these and other diseases: RHEUMATISM, ST. VI- rUS' DANCE. 8!.EBPt,HSNKS3, STAMMBRINQ. HAIIITS, PIIJCS, (without the use of the knife,) CA TARRH of the nose siomach and blad der, and diseases of the ear, chest. throat and stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder, producing wasting, weakness of functions, nervous prostration, de bility dizziness, loss of energy, mem ory, etc. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIV EN TO DISEASES OK MEN. CON SULTATION FREE, AT OILLMORE HOrSK, Wedneiday, May 18, from 1 to S p. m. Address: Dr. U Miller, Lead, S. D. TbsusamU a.-s Trylsg ti a order to vruve th rri merit of Ely's Onsai Ualin, tbe m'Mt effaotiTS our lor Catarrh and CuU in Head, we bare pre. pared a g-ineruiu trial tlx for 10 eeuta Qt 11 of your drajgul rr ssnd 10 cants to ELY. BUOS., 03 VVarrsa 6t, N. X. Oily. I iuffsrsd from enturrh of the wont kind var aiuce a boy, and I never hoped for ore, bnt Ely'i Crenra Balm seetns to do STsn that, si my aoiaalutnnors bas asil It with szosllnut rasullu. Oscar Ostrum, it Warran Ave , Chicago, I1L Ely's Cream Balm Is the aoknnwltdsl ears for satarrh and ooutai&s no socalne. SMrssry aor any lnjnrious drag, fries. M seals. At druggisU er by aiau. TWO SHIPS SUNK By being overloaded with furniture for the receiver's sale at Smith ft Wheal- n't. WHEN RETURNING HOME Prom Sioux Falls, Tankton, Mitchell, Ab erdeen, Rlous City, or similar points, take the Facia Hhort Line train leaving Blous Cltjr at S p. m., making close connections st O'Neill with trsln for Black Hills, thus avoiding all night lay-over In Sloui City. Same fare. Like connections Eaatbound. Buy local tickets to O'Neill. WALL PA PEAS. Make selections at your own home. over 600 new patterns to ahow you In my sample books, which are the aame papers as will be sold at Alfred Peats Co.'s mammoth New York and Chica go store thin year. t-S-tf J. GOLDBERG, Agent. A TRIP TO THE EAST on the New Pennsylvania Limited la sure to be a pleasant one. The grand scenery of the Alleghenles may be eu joyed through the large plate glaai windows of the Observation Car. Fot details apply to H. R. Dertng. A. 0. P. Agt., 248 South Clark St., Chicago. DR. A. O. ALLEN Hss removed his office to second floor .front room, of the new Clark building, Sherman street GUIDE TO WASHINGTON FREE. An Interesting book about attrsc tiona at the National Capital, hours during which government buildings are open to visitors, a complete map, and particulars about the special excur alon rates to Washington In July, via Pennsylvania Lines, ylll toe sent per' sons who address a request for It to n R. Derlng. A. O. P. Agt. 248 South Clark St., Chicago, enclosing stamp. IDA Apply Into tae sonHls. It Is qnk kly shenrbsd. e mis M prnrtws er ey stall samples lfle, ky letll kLT BBOTUgHS, M Vim su lew Terk CSv Muda a Mell of H ltNBOPllejnV V Sa ill N. ,11 Narrou Umm F.l'lne M ParaMl, Slxl' ieM. en, . Haw fit P" i i'."i. e rr ill qsleklt si A in ii f rtfi - oi nvu. Sli for $M.OOii m paer...fee eo eiter c MiSiw harliis INt)AK. If our tOft It. mM lll Mtl It f..nala T Kl'V If l4ITkTIII, sinasiM w s 'ilfcSvQ USSbt cu, rrxm, 1iimm. IU. tr ew 4sa tiris PIwshwT l-i'ruit, r.k, v UKa'Wuii OLYMPIC OAKERY AND GoffccEJauoQ taaenient nf a, a I lurk Rtilidlns, Oppnelte rater tteeot. Sr Arm an St.. Detdi cod, S. D. I Uke great pleasure to Inforn the people of Dead wood and vicinity that 1 will open oo Monday. Msy 16th. A 11 ret class Bakery and Coffee hour under Olympic. Clark building. All orders for Ice cream, pies cakee and bread will be filled and delivered to all parts of the city. ran oomi ajtd ici creak PARLOR! IV COVffXOTXO. ZX&rtin Reuppal, Prop. TSKlWwy WE BOND YOU. We are now repared to write bonda In any amount for State, County WANTED HELP i Wanted Solicitors for ins beautiful Life of Frances E. Wlllard,- publlahed under the auaplcea and Indoraed by the W. C. T. U.; the only official book; prepared by Anna Gordon, for XI years Mlaa Wlllard'a secretary; beautifully Illustrated; only 2; tremendous de- i mand; bonanza for agents; superb , book; liberal commissions; eredlt glv- j en; freight paid; write quick for outfit j and terma. The Dominion Company i Authorised Distributers, Dept. S, 884 j Dearborn St., Chicago. FOUR MEN WANTED To occupy 1 large room with two beda, at II each per week, over Thompson's wagon shop, upper Main street. Wanted Competent girl for general housework. Enquire of Mrs. Ben Baor, Ingleelde. AOENT8 WANTED FOR "WAR WITH 81'AIN," Including all about armies, navies forts and warships of both nations and graphic story of th grrst victory of the al-lamlwry; till everything about Sampson, Brblry, KHuhufh bee and lending com mandrrs, by linn. James Rankin Youug, the Interpld leader for Cuba libra In the halls of t'onKTi-t. The greatest war book pulillihvd; 6i0 large pages; 100 superb lllus tratlons, many In richest colors. Has large colored maps. Biggest book, highest commissions, lowent price; only 11.76. Each ubscrlber receive Brand 11.00 premium free. Demand vnormout; harvest for agents; 30 days credit; frelRr1 paid; ou fit free. Write to-day. Address, The Na tional Hook Concern. Dept. 16. Dear born street. Chicago. rOR SALE. Desirable building lots on Lincoln tvenue, Ingleside. Lumber turniahe.l to buUJ. Edwin Van Clas. tf crLots For Sale Howard's Addition. This addition U Dead wood, beautiful ly located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley Spring, In the First ward. Is now open for settlement. Bee plat and prices at offlce of Edwin Van Clse. For Sale At a bargain, a group of Squaw Creek claims among the oldest locations of the district Will sell half interest or the whole group. Enquire at this office. For Sale Sevan the finest residence lots in the city, all in a body. Enquire at this office. FOR RENT. For Rent Two furnished rooms fx light housekeeping at Clark house. For Rent Nloaly furnished rooms over Frits Amnion's. Mrs. J. H. Ru-castls. Wanted Two rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board for tiro and child. Address S. Pioneer-Times. For Rent A furnished bouse of all rooms, centrally located, to a family of no email children. Address Box 60S, City. I want to rent a good piano. No old rattletrap wanted. Cash moatily in advance. "B," care Pioneer-Times. For Rent Furnished roo.m 733 No ble block. Mrs. H. J. Moonev. FOR RENT Two rootna. You can get board across he street. Call and see them at No 34 Van Buren street, Bn- glesMe. LOST. Lost A sitall gold cross with all diamond sets. Finder please leave at Ploneer-Tlmes offlce for suitable reward. LOST. A young, light, bay mare. White blaze In the forehead. Return her to Mrs. R. Lyon, Central Ctty end receive suitable reward. St. LOST. Between Dead wood and Stur gls, Sunday, a black silk caps covered with lace. The finder wilt reoe've a reward by leaving It at Romeo Marshal's, Lead. a. w. uoxxaTOx i. t. ho vaxix. TOMBSTONES? U0NU11RXTS, CEM&TZBY FENCES. From the well known works of 00D-DEN It BALLARD, Emmetaburg, .own. Having secured the agency for the abae well known firm, for Wester South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraska and Northeastern Wyoming. We re spectfully solicit orders for any kind of Foreign and American Marble and Qranite work, guaranteeing satisfaction in every particular and prices as iow aa the lowett. If In need ot that class of work, drop ua a postal card and we will call with samples and designs. We are permanent resldaafj here. REDINGTON RUNDELL, Deadwcod. ... so. Dakota. E&C.E mil 1ft ft ft A!5 Undertakers and Emb2li7:r3, 8hnnan Strati. Full llns of COFFINS, CASKET and ROBES always on hand. All c dere promptly attended to. Goods shipped to any part vt ti RUla. Harrison TstepCtone 114. HOBI and City Officers, Justice of the Peace, HAND CAMERAS. Hardware Compasy. Wholesale IXftrdw&rtj Bioyolee and Sporting Ooodf, laia-ais hakjikt Oewlwaae CSIee Sjaaleek. - eauaa J. C. CARSCX, A::;t. eu CEXriST, TliirJ n iw P.a Blook, Osaka, Itk. Full Set Teeth, ILN Heat Set Teeth Ml AH07 Fllllncs LM Pure Gold Fillings, tl.00 or orwsr 22X Gold Crown, 18.00 to.... 1M Drldge Teeth, 5.00 per tooth aid Crown Teeth extracted absolutely wttlv out pain. Fifteen ears experlenea The Npw Hut ray, Thoroughly RffltUi. Rates $2 50 to $4 'erDay. Special weaker .apecasf ttsMsa a HiLLowAT' a m. tmatm, rr BUT. Gass, MILLARD J.E. Markel&Son, aK0?KXXT0S, Thlrtaeeth and Douglas Cti LEADING HOTEL OF CSm Most deslrablo loea'Joa. Aiaenoaa Plaa ia 60 dm Say eat SB. irampaii rio el OO peraaee is e. Xlesank Oeiis la humum. Dr. J, F. Hortzmann. aTbeeaXSgesas let whs trsas) a Privets XMaeeses el Malee sad fusnlsi Wsafcasss est Kealkiykneas sw tiee ef Fesaales SO fears la Oasaaa. Oeasaliattea ffNS 4 CaAwAf DR. C. QUE WO. He is eae el tie moat . alii ful ef Cbloeee seekers, fee cause ef kls peat knowledge sad earns HaTtag sees e M years Is the pmhmsJ eollsge ef Ck aa, he ttDderstaads to aa medlars aotea st ever 1,001 remeslsa With sichtsea yeare ef eipsrleaes sad aver elsht tsars ef that Uae la Omaha has Kea klm a repw latlon backed us br tbousaada ef tatala In curing EVERY CHAIUCt. I ef dlseaas, whether CHRONIO OR OTkUta-WIBB. Dr. 0. Oee Wo ru ares tees a eors In every ease er the mosey will be Nfsae ed. Consultation free, toad a twe seal stami for book and qiaestioa blasfea. DS. O. OMM wo. Sit N. lth St., Omaaa. Hen. Kodaks and Carr.:.a3 Pltaaant and rrofitable SiTsraioa, ws save ALLTzarcprujL la$tman'i Ktdakt resie Cameras ' ee Cameras Aldlakt Csmerss fre Cmw$ CcisrSS. Itnllrt Cameras rorpii sad seoS tm WklacWilsrSI eiSasuaer t7Olas. faes, niBM, Oheetleala, Flas aeeds Lek-4 Sljles. neo an ol Serk rsess sad bwrs' lasers tar leswn, A soefl esrd swiTOd a eui brlag roe ear UleMraM waUwn. tret. Till ULCS & FEIJCLD (1 Analccr rh:t:-::'j3 Sappllcs. -w . 1403 Farnaa Cty 'C;.'. Assignees, Contractors, Secret Society Officers, Employeee, Guardians, Offlo Men, Salesmen, Agents, Cashiers, Bai t Officers, or any other kind ot bonds. Also Appeal Bonds, Attachment Bonds. Replevin Bonds, Indemnity Bonds. N THB SPOT WITHOUT DELAT.ALL JUDICIAL BONDS WRITTEN 0 Don't ask your friends to go your bond when for a small payment you can get the best bond In the United States and bs Independent Please call and see ua. temple , Mclaughlin, Aire. j. p. htmer, General Ag't for the Black Hills. United States Fidelity ft Guaranty Company, Baltimore, Md. (Capital paid In cash, 11,000,000.00.) GASOLINE EiljlK. STEAM. GAS 22 WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS, MORSE tt CO., uoa Farnam tb Omaha, Neb. 3-l-8-D. ft W. Lawrence Skow Taxldsrmlst itA Fur Dresser. . . .sj .... AY c. i rur Run and Robes to order. Taxidermy supplies fea stock. AU work guaranteed first class. 905 South 13ih Bt. Omaha Sebruka. JV Send (or catal cus. I 18 98 L. ft W. Capitol Hotel Oae bkwk nt of t loif are. Northeast Cor. 18th and Capitol Av Oanaklaav, XSJe. A Suirtlf Tint Clue runlli Botei; OomfoH.ble annsi. end Miwful stlentlmJ Lhio. bo ill Tru.MiM una 1 TraMlent. ear be Table Bnwd per W BrnMB sod Boem.... IS uu eiul m. 1. y. fiUHISOa. Pbom !I93 MISS M. P. DAK N, Props W. ii ROBINSON, Assayer and CMst 1119 Dodga Btreat, OMAHA, . . Nebraska Samplea by KalL 818 D. ft W. BISHOP & CO. Luneh Counter Airs Dining Room 1617 Cap tol Are., Omasa, Heb. Seating Capacity 200. I-34-8S aade. LEWIS HENDERSON, FLORIST. Fine Cot Flowers, Plants and Floral iMstans Shipped oa short notloe. lOttk and rarnm6U..n . a a. Vahraika. 81? 88 a ft W. THE MADISON ISrr F. L. AxtaU, Pr op. 81st Chloago St, Omaha A first class family hotel, one block north Him School, one Wock from car Une.runalng d rect to Eznosltlon rrounrl. M-d.w-Jm, McQn'nw IS TSS OSLf IOIALIST wao rasATs m Piivtts Clseitet Weee ae SMrew ef MBN OflLY w Book rree. '..nH 1 t'oaFrw. kVsTek,oi J lh sad rarasa Sta, FHAHK II. UARTLX, Frait tree orders nlla.4 .kn. wsbjvs sa v tics, ComsipoBdenoe eollettid. Boutorard Are, 0ai Nth. Star & Bullock. Hardware Co, Heavy and Chelf Mine and r.llll Hardware. 0uppltc3 Sanitary Plumbing, Beweraga Connections, Oornioa Slaking. house in the state. MAIN STREET, DuAuWUODi Notaries, Administrators, Executors, kttiMt. M eM. tia tk. W. B. FsUTT. Beey. " . T. J. DOWD. PRACTICAL And OPTICIAN. Eiisk H!;!t Jixs'.rf XLiii ti C.-f:r. Wafoh Cismlner tor the F. L ft M. V. R. bm s anal aae I win nwnsiss una faoOoa la irort and sttesa Hi ttriit, Csv. PistCsi. t::;;:i. T. W. MOFflTr, M. D, Ti!:;t::i Xi. 245. rwood, . . Sou joakota. TEuru c:u'::::ua -MtOIiBJS at LH- OSUai SenMSooekWa. S ttMoaktoek. Deadwood, - - - - Boat Dakota. CTTT? M km eil. 41ml mr a fs -an ml mm. H-iu ww imw ew II !. W VtkMlM, U mm 1 Hums.. ineSutiM.kMif7. Fl:ra H., U. D, HOMCEOPATHl iT, 70S Xala If Deadwood JOHN W. OIBB3, ircU!:cleiS!i3il!ii:lEii ft !'' aiiM.i st ivscnoM. a ptszttar c::i sf (he mwI eaeaf ef Qimimriae Sad OteH, tnaranuwa In frma B le C ears i ae oW insunMii neined. old br .11 tmmu. CHEKUAIICT. QJRO.OGRC.

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