The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 25, 1900 · Page 12
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1900
Page 12
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stales uum permit its nati., I.. fnr in ex- vears ago tne supy jears 6 T- intonsc com- vention to be doiuiiiated hv i pr.iSLA.TIVE TICKET. and th- Map iiuug i.tri. ou&s i weei Pi Fas.ern South Dakota will go ,re- eood an.l decent, but ' longdistance ehp.ropi.m goon dun c , . nr.,,r or man i no Orator or man cess of the aemauu. i petition has been relieved, by enlarging the field for labor in the country . 1 i ti r Tl I Croker. ...... .Kinu- that a wun ma;-,""" by 10.""" ; one eijiiwun. .., ,D,ha tn nnhlican WEEKLY PIOPEER-TIMES- es will ue in"" is free .iM 1 ahle eandidat sail. After his "theatrical cared i, fr, cpt a. salary ami law- when it comes to man.- ' the Terry miners and members of the '...,..wi i:hr union, he is very ef- legislature tor - legisiau... - - WHAT IS THE ISSUE. Militarism is not :,n i.-.. ' . by the mvM or ouisiue myuw . of a min SOUTH DAKOTA mint.- must ue county must . ' " . , .V... Viih. raDital the owner renre m UEADWOOI) - In fatt, ne i ' rt- 1. n r.i looze to sit around a saloon as an at traction, as old John h. Sullivan is now doing. Pioneer Times. fective tails... 13 a- lame I n UStS an SSIOH. Ilieie the proc. inc: claim is power derive any The aver- . s 1. 1 e . for the mie lor t in in . est priced orator who ever auuresse.. On the 20th day of ,f local lmporun." benefit from his property nipasures S. . . I . v a Terry audience. silver (lead, and A --i :naldo an would starve to death with makes a aoue 00 PKR YEAH age person ... month h l-lliuppiin-s a iiian.r on w SLItSCKIPTlON on his hands unless excellent legislative ticket I" ,, the republicans to attend to th s -n-,..r The p-.ple of this ;ount hav the llomestake -, and altho he nas Kept ith money to hpe. pai nes as prest-nt CROKER AND BRYAN. TrokVr receiverl Uryan imprersiv ly seeins ),e could interest men w i,.lv.. v. ar.s no one but diner as to th- f -it nr. foi TV. rt lo I lien. a. i..-- at th ... tn nrodll. l Oil. n -r ha.l pr. s.'nt ..1.1.. nr- ..VlieriellC for open i.n i - ,u,.n,,l ,1 of men e1w,m1 a second -H"" matte I)M'lWOxl I'uitofflct'. weary of trtvt him issue apparent change? Have ell - for the There are hundreds j. tin' m notony oi . f having selfish motives .ire short and pointed when the pilgrim from the I'lutt tered the Kingdom of Tammany : i.., a iwitftdial kin.: in 'e ' ''' Tear, .u1' ' 1 . . . .,rt n II I th. : in tne Black Hills tooav honors, and tin- "i-i""- ...I- 1 eW h-pislativ His ad.lres.-oi ....s reouiiiicaii pros m , v nnfl " ""' " ,.,:,; them and I for oo.i -- ...... Lup tv is affor.l tlj printed ann partly ;:liOiit They .'!! pa Ir the worn oi , r- ...,... then, to a point where anv world. Croker is that individual. He entertained his visitor at a bampe t iv is, a sameness , never reduced wages or encour- Hctlrht . C ,-. are to be obtained from Ulittctl in then. They ...! uisnes. either X ( OopiT lies, i II Think of al'a making laws for th. ,. of this state' Jenkins and H the suppoit of ; gher and C.eskey ellliKhtelled peO ise of four years ment and all it, made us indilTer, to tht'()w this con to carry it forwar ot all he'.'in like this ,i wood. S. 1 Shall . . ... tinned it 1 s essential tostiiiK $12 per plate, exclusive t r,,i ntlwM-wihe showed him I)' 1 belli is to oe i , n .... - ., ...t condition of the com aged the reaucnun v. personal.ycr professional., but have a,wav, favored maintaining our pres- honor that Tammanv could bestow o 1:11147 American National Bank, t or t ' 1 " Dollars $ 1 MR. BRYAN DECLINES. Mr Croker did wen. o...... been define 1 to he a sense of fa ... .t,ndards. Personally I have em- WHAT DOES B R Y A M Dcoor.. I!,.;;, an-ia. system,, maintained. The only way to insure a-L n, the suppression or withdrawal ,,. capital now coming into the roun-'-, i' to continue the administration io:l- II MUMS KU ANKM.N Independc in ' .ti.-tome.l to hear f rom a many miners at differ- -t friend1 VII that is ii ii I i; a i ,. in , i i.,i. en is th.- I" llev-It Is Mr vors y. t to i ouie. and Tamilian ,., does anythini: for nothini; . . ....If .....I unv.t'l in a p!e are not a candidate ni'i1 .. ....... ,i-i, ,eiv the president pioyea m-"- ' ... t times and have paid them, wheth- lor - a radical . .. ,1,.. :i .lirer I lie IINi.i -.- politics. If th. :.-of visionary . . t ti i k a tl to sell, the ; I . - 1 tl f h .-. r in pontics, o" i" . " .... a-.,,- ".in the- make." H ;. .. fnr what tie tia has the Kiniey. an atta ,f th" ..rnrlses have been success- President Mi addn- s'l the lea.bls opposing i ., 1 1 . , St ates not follow i .-' Hryan, it :pon E W. Martin. a!,,, puts his moii'-v in ..., enmlovs labor at good ON US. ii'.s hannr , nil or PLEASE to be pointed out them all. will pi i- managers demagog Alexander Dowie. party "The i-'publican ,i, v every vote that er file mil ..I'M "' FRIEND. promise of controlling the federal patronage of New York, in the ewnt of Mr. Bryan's el.-, tion. He will have in that event, the sliakinK of a plum tree laden with ripe and juicy fruit- Hie U v. .Ihn ,a be bought. THE LA30RINNG MAN'S achinir the ho ri les into t'fiee hy pr who caused riots and outbr.aKs in ionist ami healer, one 1 here l.iv, .11. I..,,. .... They will coerc. reinperino of I'eter inois as ;i i-pe! of discontent . .-,n the labor. ng men m... f f'uhiv it!- vide with the tml e ectlOIl.N 111 1 hi. 1 iilintpv a,.. oerced l n ,.,-v voter that can w ill intimidate ev-vho can be intimi-bril very eb'C- he ,1 in the ' ... , ,,. niil.lish. has tin-is now livinely inspired irom a..o. . Tain t tiru He will I"' able to build up a , thrnout the stati for, do , he heli liL' n M.I'ij their own tnones miu ii who put .,, l,..,l London, wneie t. I11..I1 will MM erv laborin dated. Th- a v n of mines and liuiKi- things a . development 1 1 1 .in ... these appointments, while netting i eotelv in saying mean for Congn tl, i'KIIieei . .. flluiTi , ... in li at bribed. lliev "w.'" " ' .. , ..(,.-, it and tret other men to oo so. fol- mills in. I'n ted States an.i h" ." ... .....i to the miners in th tion judge who can will corrupt every . that can be count always a pretty index Col. I k.-y Wei... is after it-elf. lavish thru about tin out to ;i lone on tin; firmer urip upon the metropolis Whv should not Mr. Croker be ;., .....ert.iininent of Ml' Bryan ol will uii'. with the men wlio ' Treat it as liht- who will listen that his . a 13 lice "- lowing amoiitits .or work drive capital away t , is to see r.nj,""". corrupted." These were th words of Mr Bryan ill IV;i. ii in. .i. . T . . U'r.m l..v; h(il t'n. il ,,r lull r.. Almeda mi"" but it a cold i.u i Amt. Iv as von will with tne i ... stnch wild and rep, ,. county poes for Hry l.e says, he ( t ,. 1 ill, , i.t . 1 ....... 1, itia.'.ir that if Law ticket, no Days. . . .21 . . 64 . . .67 wall in great shape. at Salem last week. r ; kless charges are in the heat of a pop leglslativt sometimes mad. ii.i.naign hy tin 73.50 234.00 234.00 an ami in'1 etmaged in a war States, in which will K to Canada l lliteil States to There is sonic' h and pray "for tlj. : licked ." Name. Peter Temperino Dio Ferdinande . Gio Gaspero F. Marchiando . . Gio Verenzo W.. eV will he put into Lawrence s for the next two years. 1 -i. . : . . 1. , . . ..... ... . e ii... r.i-w money countv min win. is 1 1 . 1 ' 11.11 .- r.. ng direful in this small frv orators or a p.u.- - . ......... things from the head ol , .29-2 103.25 28 2 99.75 inate.i for state.-' atturnn- the mines cannot ne Without money ... , UL'age in .o pi ci iiei ' i. . .. i, ..iiei- regaitt ii - . - - threat veloped or more mpiov mem f,.v.. ii great party s in m .. . for the dignity of the offlc to which that th. I Quelle II tn inqiiit. w ith Knglantl "ie know i. ..),. i''.,,,o,is 'ionist had moved K, miners. Without plenty 01 w.m at good wages there $734.50 ore which i otal. better sense oi u" 1" " . iv.r to ! Woiild it not be tie before hand' important ofti.-e' ..ite-ite nraving as for miner out ... t.,.1- TOOK whose election these gootl things mi himself will come? Croker Is in earnest. He will carry New York for Hryan if it can be done He boasts that he will roll up 1"".-noo for Bryan in Creater New York But there his power ends. When it conies to the state a different set of conditions rub'. It will give a phenomenal majority for McKinley Should Croker be able to make his hoast good -a thing hardly possible the electoral vote of New York will be McKinley's by a. b-ast 7.."oo ma jority Croker is openly coercing tin- work ingmen of tin- metropolis, lie has .i... . ..timlove he aspires, a prieties. Mr Hryan and was inc.,- ,,,n.iv for our defeat, would tak in these attacKs, cut attempts to t ;.n , a to the Spearfish Cyanide wassbu-ped to the Ma. ,,, .,.,!, 1 for n cash before me he no prosperity. Every votei m count v-shonld think these things . '. , ..i.iir,,ted )iv nreiu- in his rt , as .wen as the n,e strength from our guns and l.'ave hatred, falls to a plane excite clas Is this state pi , 1 1 1 ' I .if a senate ,, a...., A3 B nKltter ,,.. f,.r 11 i.ise . IN,""."1" c i" , , , ,,..0 and cowards ai no- i.. , .eilklillgS ore was an he ha, ll.'.'ll loctet us lower than anv dice, unbiased by the propnet- 01 . onact Moore drew $200 more than the 01 U( L . .. ...Hi..h i, refuses tore- I . , . , . . . 'ri. . .1: ii We do not Know clion of the country heretofort who fatten on calamity, it is a se, .- upon ,v of Knglau'i. w hat we of this - vaiiinui lii. "- . ... h0 . .. -.L.itl.staniling all tnis in. ,s question. Will you u, ' - - ,vful tlca t 1.... .. ,i,,,,.. 10 inspire this t. ran. es 01 1 11 ., .- u: I ... . ..ill. ,! ..jlHUTrrir'.. THE HILLS. PROSPERITY IN r,,iu- of the east to ,e the nn,i that he has True it. is that the how tin . 1 1 : 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , . ' 11 1 1 . 1 . . the $20"". the $..1100. me i-., $- 000 th" $Mi 000 a month orators. ,n will'you vote to replat them with . . r,,r ttm ore of tar and bedi.en- ii worth while to observ. bestowed ' oat ings 00 v: ;.th.'r sa, of M t ,,,i Mr Howie, out issued orders l ua .oi ' " - of the Cii's in nii'rast ,,.u'. binin-.--. ' :i'i-.- & id ot 1. aili' i ; , ,.. mack 11,11s have le . n l..-ii.-iit.-l hy "'e a.lmi.n.- 111. only interest in you is ..... .. i. lntmrine man. On b ni.ui w ho; of the tranquil West I all men workitr-' tor '' " ' ami i- .bollhl W( love ' .' mpeti.12 I 1 1.1... r , v -n ,1'' them In office W n:u nas e I . i 1 i . ,. 1, 11- vote to plac contracts, shall vote tor I .t rcfei'lll'-; I" a J"1"1 luring me .asi line. on city for this outburst 01 no... , ember l-r. nation T suit Freeman lnowies ev. i tnl.-d dog discuss neet Joe Moore or rn.l.r tin' Australian ti.un. an. of the labor unions ty ....ciofinii he said in he coarse mil. v We hr.'l no part in the Lead Call It is not nece; the results, nor l iven vou in reli m for the thousands v have drawn from the ,aiv to go 'at ' difficult to trace them ..fleets ol' the restnra-, .... Son., order legislation, however. he is powellc-' craven hearts may obey tli 1 , 1 . i 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 ' i 1 .:.liZi'i 'lis; applying the of dollars they , .,1.11,. t rea sIll'V tar, bv vour votes w 11. o of that date; v-l tnlnl rvtAtina directly to the I :,in ti onlitlen on the vulgar. County. Illinois' furnishing tl"' leal iiei's. and must sit helpl Dowie nravers of the union in commercial hy tin ill-man win 1 . .. .. Uri. hut it will b" disregard.' i,,,l of these men. On 1.... .1,1,. to I he eleclioil called for the purpose of decid- congre - '.'' ' ' 1 '"' m" ' I ,-,. i- 10 !..!.- i.ill- he thought that we ss under the lire of from Canada daunts We should send a tinarn ial ''in President McKinley in l'"' ln- na the dimensions of the growler has a citv contract, emplovinc 1 men. was told h" must line m for 1 . 1. . ,1 , . ,.r a has any lor in.- lature on the democratic ticket ever ilone for labor or the puMie good . PULL DOWN THE LIE. Mead of being a matter of pontics lt in and alTrigliis us. ctiiiimi.ssiooer at 1 ( I naii. .11 f"i' ,;l ;Ul'" ., , The ,'! '. way f'r :t He made inquiries .miotic nlaiu busiiie.-.s propos.. ..... once to l.ono,,u . - A POP CAMPAIGNER. Bryan. IS ..... 1,1....,- 1 1 1 T that at least them, and find . . ...t ia n railroad com treat with Mr wit h r',01 1 which every citizen OI tne n... " ' ;ii. the citizens ot every Dowie and plead Failing ill the 1 to support .n - el als to r.'i ' ' '- them are determiu 1 igr:r..-a ,-ital- in common 1 other ci.niunity if Hie ' ountry. i U'inlev on the issue of p iperitv him for intd'. y. to touch his hard seek the Kindly 1 1 1 . 1 .ii... . - the b. M Ii i . v. rasiiK- lied heart v.e sliouid offices 01 other nnt- ly concerned The Load City Call, owned and edited hy Joseph B. Moore, candidate for congress, has Kept standing at the head of. its editorial columns for a month or more, the charge that Mr. brought into to M..i.. anital has been I linn ..1.0. ..... .. missioner and a candidate or -election ou the fusion ticket. e dW8 salary of $i.&00 a year for about two work a month. He also gets free transportation on all the ra.lroa 1 H. made a campaign tour of the , JU at This is a significant c.e.urtentary on the howl of coercion 1y republicans sent up from the democratic bead-quarters in that very city by Chairman Jones. That gentleman is trying rial el'fort aitist us. no means the Hla. k Hills .... I, ,1 !H '-T, ft for the purcliase ami mining property dur- ions to divert this tea arraign the Almighty iir Of ( oiirse. we have .,. i,r in -it what infill eie 1- 1 ' of iin nroveineiit of rHii in w 1 lanuary 1. Dow Mr iio' the period since ii . i, ci. oi hai'A I,...- an during any con cuptimliuK bluff, that is all, to aiv.en ...,,.... powers above, anu ie thti the clli.llgll 1 11 '" 1. ie has with tin may be only from Croker'a attempt to coerce- 01 the past iwe.nj - .' "four Mushing, to use of. a . lass he despises; The Hlack contract Pm i : " More labor is employed in tin the language , . , , 1 -,,.-, a. workingmen or .vow mm .'.. Australian ballot is a perfect nirninst coercion, and th behooves us to Martin, his opponent, said to a committee, coursed of the-lwwWwftU of fcur labor unions in the winter of KSU4 that: "Your scale of wages is too high. If you keep your hands off and let us reduce wages from $3.50 to $1.75, there will be twice as much work, etc." No one ever believed that Hills today than ever neioie ... .... !.,.. nevertheless, it "!- " ... . ..,.1 collie on. " 111 ,,,-y; that Ik' e ..' I'l'V'ti renubli. an ie n :" - '"' mnals of the region. The nuir.oe. lied evil. We SllOillo threat avert a ter know it. If a man has red blood men drawing day s pay nas i.e.-.. , I ..... .Tlf'-l' . . .i ..; tt,oto!.d nf dit.hwater. he ily increasing ever since the li es. ..l return and he can liv nnfeathered In evidence I niiilM Fr.tni, will i plead with Mr. Dowie to settle in Deadwootl. where unharmed, untarred. and ,.. ii, of his days: epublican administration came inn. ! n 1 run a bill of 75 cents at the week and inn a niu . hotel for supper, breakfast an.l lodg he left for the local comm t- eo to pay. At Hot Spr up at the iobliers' Home wh.h is be ng run as a P9P hoarding nous , by oh mn T inn II H. Smith and wife, ot Sioux Falls .pent several days a he Home at the state's expend All the peanut pop orators and cam na gners put up at the Home, crowd-Kut theold Folrtlers for whom the Home Is maintained. will vote as he wishes, and defy the boss of Tammany and all his minions willing 1" tr-v. In fact, it began to gi power. count of votes in i." . ... .. l.-fU'ell soon as tne Tl. , . ill!. . ' 1 - " of our tolerance and good will toward his class, we can point to the peaceful Mr. Martin over made such a statement, but that it was concocted by Moore and his man Friday, and was McKinley the successful rxPANSION IS NOT IMPERIALISM proclaimed I 1 .1 1 I ' 111' Knowles an 1 latter en. il. ' the presidency. i ne Moore. candidate 4or undisturbed life led by Judge "To call expansion imperialism Is either foolish or insincere, or both. only one of his many unfair cami-aign r nu n wages have been maintained working classes of the Hlack best of and the miners ann The wages an.l II is practicing fallacies upon the unin- methods, to use no harsher term . . . . . 1 . .1 I t , a them iin MARTIN'S GALENA MEETING. Hon Kbeii W. Martin, republican can , i 1, 1 1 . i ," " Intluefi. e ni- Btatement ot the officers of the labor fornied aml the contlding mi Hills are today the nesi pa... ... world. No wage earners of the world ...... ... m.nt their families in addressed tho didale for congress. tho foiiner lieU'I V" an.l y't tr are aoie w one.'"1 - . o tether With a stattment, Utm is aosuru. .ou. unlonB. together piia a ,overnment could usurp the supreme Mr. Martin, appears on the first feov one union hetter style, or ul,l tli. later to .. i i,,.,,ria n( Riven an a boss un ..Jiiini'l. AND THE VILLAIN. HE STILL PURSUED HER. In addition to tne amounts due and owing to the miners whom Joe Moore of the comioris uuu ,." . ., o . uu lo as W of this Issue and convicts Josepu on(y absoUltt. emperor is. the , inwi ... . and me if thev ill. IlOl 1, age ,11111 " u-o - " ic.i, rrl KnW . 1..., ..,...,.. nl.nve .ontress, aDO u.. them f ,l"nE' us.,; exeedintclv responsive IU" ft i v it. ausuiuie I'" " 1 th senate, above the supreme court life None more free to assert men political, religious and social rights and opinions as far as their employers K. Moore oi wiuui iBiu". will he have the manhood to haul lohn Hawgood of Terry, one oi rut for a drink of wdiskj. on the oresldent, 77,000.000 peo off with the false staiemeuw m- puts republican candidates for the legis-mQa n short address before Mr. Mar ro rnncerned. Ii there is a biuKie received pay for the ore down the standing lie and apologize to tu'pntv-u pie, e- . . ... .oi ., r, 0,0 .,....,, omnim-pr of labor in the tui.e m i. .. I r... tin introduced. Mr. Martin made Ii II L . owes a board hill at the Mr. Martin and the unions, or will he If rtrvan is eieciea ne eiK""c "-"i-. J : , ., 11 tsryau i c.c-- iTu Dai,a tn r reumscribe nlili.TS OI iuc ( have th a fine address. He treated the Annie- aneal Of tne lanu tilaCK nius v "JC" I - :ui t,la omnlnvpa in h(8 empl ,,1 at strtKfS Spearnsh hotel of between 10 - trazen n out i -? - n.ffie Btop ii to nav I .,i, Creek labor matter of 1894 in run, aim . r, i.v a democratic "v I . . onri hi. -oi-,n nf oninion or action, 11 i no I onindiaa rlose our t200.00 whlcn ne prou..v . n6 . ,rpt maioritv of his hearers were mtiui ica line caiji coo.v.. . viiio-' .y. nm . , 1 i ever l.i f " . . - i. ! i. net hoen broAeTit to llgni anu h money for the ore. misrepresent ms opyoueu frnaces. This will transfer .ki.. onnv nrpi nerore ue i". " iv-" I v v,v" . . ..... ..non the I 0nfl, td from tne man, but that he t his ... w I . . . man till T I n ar u III LUO J.o.Tll .' Llll'..".. ., . . i . u rtaa tr. ntrflneers I cuctalnprl iuhe,i that he was in no way concern i.l.r W.irK DCYUU.1 u.c . I ... 1 Idaho, tiy a Mr.KnlcKeroocae - ; gave .....j .1,0 ..nions into it ana r . . " idln and their it iB interesting to note tne eiieii lnto it and ontl. in ed with it. He IOOK up me i.ii..t.. st 01 ' . ... . i nnn hi i . " suouiu u.oB land leave our iw'" ... I , tv,, ni.i, wills bv t tn nia I ... . i c.m u lrted I imnmvcmM fn the BlacK Mills oy Hent at the request Dill - k...p9 of the campaign in his usuai attempt to mane mem a y w famiUe8 nungry. "w- - nvpr :hf ronoitious cf to ,t,.,-..rniir. i uc ... . ivA nnunntA or lfM.II. 11 V I ill l anv r 1 1 M.I Ulira. wusu ' iiiuiuai iu atvie and in a way entirely villainy u. -y r, . can ne w, " "hiunina uiands to I with those ol five years or longer ago. ri I! I"'- hide vol oftr m-iuHnal with him. producing a re din- .Q - pai't republican thinks he owns iu -- i an inoes m ' . - . - . . r them as he pleases to further his be robbed murdered hy e Taga, It Is ra her s .t,.l,W fovnrnlilB effect upon lue I iui.1 ' - - ..i-i... .villi tne "' unions ...... neople who had neara nnn. selfish ana corrupt euu--.. ana pun uuwu - ... -.. , Aovnn;ne. ftnd imoroving Ol .in . peal pons -have plantea . veuu peuu Uv..-..r - - ,..,k prelum' to Mr.' Knickerbocker the following or- """ ,Deadw, S. V.. 86 1899 John Wolimuth. Esq.. Spearfish B. D-Dear Sir: Please pay to A. E. Knickerbocker, or order the sum ot eighty-eight and fifty hundredths dol; lar, out of any money to me from Barflsh Cyanide Company aid charge to m account and oblige. Yours, etc.. ithe mining property of the Two Bit outfit to CROKER AND BRYAN m it tv A LONG RANGE FIGHTEER. t. . w hand what? n Mc in not. nef This is the ticket. Hitherto the gulch, every dollar which has Deen put to substantial use has come in since in this wh.n loseDh Moore labeled himself . ir.ted he will continue the of an issue m.inieinal rottenness called Tammany 1897. Two Hit guicn neoDle who knew htm . f r!ff veeD our factories tne Deginnius ut iwc - -- i .r - vm-lr Citv has several shafts today that have has been confined to New York Uty. nas seveiai t ir0tl pitv convention it th heelnnlne of ot t at- ni.-nts smiled and cast about him for in- and furnace9 running and furnish The s ray. Fur ,.,..,ui. !iron been equipped witn tne most t ,'v" " ..m, nv.r the ..ooa nf his Drowess. nu"' I rt, anri Kleh wages to our .auu.c.o. ,io mi CVOUVVU - - 1 I TVVMI. .... i n li a.-- - JOSEPH B. MOORE. sive mining machinery manuiacuireo, spreaa .is UUU6 . ;: .nd . 1 much they racked their brains tne oniy That ,g wnat we d0 want Bll.ltru -r , -ot . . j Tnn manilraPTllr- I aronr MTlDire D LalC ivrin", .. . J un a Tint hOH heV U." i. iLfK-iniv is elected ne win ie- at iremenuous . . . -- - . nrvm e, becau3 vanquished foes called to mind was poor old Tom Edwards and numerous lie '- tain the gold standard, preserve sound ers who turned cut the machinery, ana mreatens 1.1 t - 'ZZa the labor thai made the shafts and election to dominate national affairs. reform great hie" being up The Bet the machinery up. have been paid of course tnis orui or2l because there was nothing com-"nfa tbe Honorable Judge Moore had received all that' there , was coming to him and more too before giving this S?er ud at the time 5 How is this for reform and a candidate? No greater damage can nth ,i.i its riii"" in full Mining claims all over the Black told the company $:t.r,d per about tl on the -i money and pay all our wages In money worth 100 cents on the dollar. That Is what we do want "If McKinley is elected, he will keep cur flag floating over all our territory preserving our national honor. That Is what we don't want. tf MrKtnW is elected he will hold come to the loved institutions or mis land than thru the entry into national politics of all the loathsomeness Hills have been improved by the as .... iv r3'J ''. persons who haa Deen financial goes. But now a new light dawns and "Fighting Joe" stands out a- the champion long-distance fighter. Congressman Burke recently spent ten days in the Hills, making as many speeches at as many different places. He met the Fighter but there was no hostile demonstration of any kind. Now after Mr. Burke has been gone . j i- - o .ofo riiatnnce way that Croker represents. But it may nilroa.i P" sistance of eastern capital during the last three years. This Improvement has been made by the employment of the sain . .intention Tl' be Murphy has been promised me secretaryship of war. Bryan seated at the Moorish room banquet, with ice- .W tW labor in development work and min reive.!, gllshm the United States up to the front as a world power, secure the open door for . under u"- - ine wnerever a miuiug cia.ui, . trust Van Wyck on one side ana un knew that there was notu.uB - fo llmbut it answered his P J effecting a stand-off of his board bill. He still owes Mr. Knickerbocker. thlprUr of the Spearfish Hotel for board, between one and two nun drerl dollars. . . All these debts were contracted while he was shipping ore from the Almeda mine near the head of Ne-Vada gulch at Bald Mountain, on which he held a lease. - interest In a claim, has been purchas- ?re. ... - r n tho other . i ..!... 1 if ha. rofl.l ton ,1 1 r.'- IV I pnnviripn 11U l Vyiunc, vu ea u V ca i.iai. ,. . . ., . . i ,, . ii,- . . ' f, I . ,,ri tn mnk followers of the a ween anu . . - up among the farmers of the northeast nirmf the state, the Tighter- gets trade tnd the gospel ana uv retuato civilizUion. .Thusfctentag the end of heathenism and the Chris : -i.:" world. That is what union? with t" 01 .hen''1 be ' , ,in:lie ' ditch cone work. Th. the d it'h eonnect'ion the work lowest. rri' wages. Scores and hundreds of men apostle of f reform shed real tears are today employed in portions of the .ii I.--- ... ruad all over and bellows like a young bull. He rushes down cellar to his umtit mill which he calls a newspaper. Black Hills and receiving the union The we do want. Therefore let us send him back to his Job." o .1.1 v- $3 per GETTING READY FOR 1904. From long before the meeting of the Kansas City convention, until now. It has appeared -to some observers scale of wages where five years ago nnre he. n """' J The ore was shippea m " man" there was only employment for men of union nut in nart of the year working ,.... was ilu a loss to the mill men. Joey got the and undercuts Mr, Burke ac- money and still owes for the labor and JJJ.. es laid down by the hotel 'MIL distinguished Duke of Dogberry. He thn democratic narty in mis . . .. ... amkija. I that The trouble with Frank Petti grew is an old one. .Way back In 1890 William McKinley, the house leader, was stinnnM some OI tne nii. L-i.t the men esco. Li e for gruh staices, ana me reiuiuu. - - tnr 1Q04 of theTear prospecUng for themselves. -lJ- JZ tnvra. I - I ... , . j . V. waa tlOt " calls Mr. Burke a duffer, -this man. . . . .nPT. V AHIGH.PR.CED ORATOR. usesj J- M- ;"suw Mines have been opened and are in op- in ucel d" a reTdytarWet in the Ject that Preedlng. wera. mlnkHills this fall. This is notonlt cical. the adoption of a platform a Britif v acco .non Sine, then in the republican ranks and out of it the South Dakota senatorial' disgrace has been-nttering abuse of the man the nation has honor so highly, K 4 McKinley cd npttrilef. Geor'ge Toieo"- esUte ma "' ctm - Freeman Bowles Sowiry and in refined prle.ring cir- pop harangner calamity howler, sneers wer' Mer l8 gating on. lerton and Hurls Franklin, miner -Tbtmu nj, y , that, petty 5r. Franklin may not be able tc hold !m htf future So attenUon of a pop audience .hy $2000 Tjar I . flights of oratory or what woul d h J,, opportunity and take to the a 111 ..ion out on " seeking the support of the and hare .owiooKsajr-.-- - - . . are lre1. The supply and de- MWm.' JfT.:; Ing tour landharThrequVrwhe"fou - latter wouia : v , himself in the republican roia. rade .

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