The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 17, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1898
Page 4
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ft w sr-VILal TB DAILY l'MNffEB-TIMEt TUESDAY, MAY 17, 1SS3. the CITY. Reyet the toes' sere. For as artUtto hair cut or neat shvs or shampoo, yoa caaaot do better than to go to E. F. Hart, at tits Bullock barber shop. Bob Burdstte May 10. T. J. Kramer, of Alliance, Is a guest aft the Bullock hotel. Eugene Wright left on the Elkhorn GIL ZGELLC3 1 T IEBMANN'S. JDsrtettoUalxoct AB76. Main Street, Dead wood, South Dakota, ' Tor elegant slippers go to Elpp'a. S. M. Geary, Plerson, Mich., wrltei. DeWltt's Wttch Hazel Salve la curing more piles here today than all the other remedies combined. It curea eczema and all other akin dlaaaaea." k. O. I'hinipe. N. E. Franklin. Hat a you tried the new awant Down Flour There la nothing to equal it Try a Rack aud you will use no other. Sold ly all grorera In Dead wood. 1 for ttoe easit heat evening. I J. T. Craig, niansLger of the VVV et- tls outfit Is In the city. A. W. Meyer, of CMcogo, arrived at eh Bullock yesterday. Meeting of Soutb De&dwoQd Hoee to to-olghu M. M. Moore, Bee j 'lue greater Include the less. Hood', , Baraaparllla curea hip disease and Elm m m m mm 4J ft I km , I soiuteiy Ihtrm Mtttln Murray, of LoulavUle. Ky., Is spending a few days In this ofty. Lane K. Stone, president of the Key acrof ula aorea and It may he depended j upon to cart holla and pimples and j humors of all kinds. aood's Fills are the favorite family I AtHatlA Pur feAStia hiraa V stone mine, ia here on a bualnees trip, POVM tMIM 0M OO.. Ml VMM. Will Bertaxmey left for Rapid on TTems-MlsskwIpipl Exmsftton business. J. H. Graham, D. U. B., dental par Mm. Hale, Mrs. Oraham, and Mlae lors over First National bank. Dead wood. Crown and bridgs work a OorneUits, of Lead City, are visaing Men da in Deadwood. up a OOld. It you want the Mat ot meata rail at Kargo's market In the First ward. Ws hat, oysters, fish, celery, poultrt and everything Ir. the market. We will please you every time. tf The Cuban question and political Issue sink Into lnsnlflcance with th THE FALL OF MORRO CASTLE. Will occur i'multaneously with the Low Pries at Zoellners. War will raise the price of our Commodities and the price of Clothing. But we will tell Lower than ever. The Standard of our Clothing is Lilio tiio Flag of our nation, It is supported by a solid guarantee Which Means Full Pro cdion to all. They are Union Made. They Fit but Never Rip. Special offer for Boys Knee runta, Suits, Long Punt Suits, Boys Shirtx, Boys Waists and list. Headquarters for Men's Furnishings and Hats, Trunks and Valises: We Aim to Please and do It Louis Lobe, of Rock Island, who has beon naytna Deadwood a bualnees visit S. C. P. Jonna, MUeeburg, Ptv writes: "I have used DeWltl's Little Early Rlaers ever ilnco they were Introduce! here and muni ay I have never used went east last nljrht. Mies Kate Kotrman. of Yankton, who man who suffers from pllea. What ho ha bean teaching at Hot Springs, is most desire Is relief. DeWlct's Witch the cueet of Mr. John ccle. any pills ln my family during forty years of houaekeeptag that gavs such atlifavtory reaulta aa a laxtive or ca Hasel Salve cure piles. K. O. Phillip. The tna which was advertieed fur this afternoon at the CongrcgaJtlonal N. E. Franklin. BUILDING SALE. ThU U uot a cloning out sale, an auction nude, clearance eale or any ot Ui old chestnut sales, but a genuine caah oust sale to gut rid of the good while rebuilding our Are proof, which caved In the other day. The good are In our way and we need themoney. 80 here goee the entire attack of dry gooda, fancy gooda, Ac., at actual cost for caah. thartic." K. O. Phillip. N. E. Frank Go to McQILL'S for HAT. GRAIN. ! i f ! church parlors, has been postponed. and ROCK 8PRIN0S and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel The Fountain City Social club WlU give a dancing party, Friday evening ephone No. 124. twxt, at the pavllllon In the II rut ward lin. ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLT, HENCE ASK FOR IT. C. L. Slewers repairs sa'si, tks, guna, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, etc. Fresh supply of Insect Powder at Mrs. Bews. S-S-tf Chambers Kellar left for Sioux WV.t on buelneas before the Federal Court In conmeutlon with the Little Blue F. D. 8mlth sells smithing coaL Select your wall paper out of BOO mine. Business Is rushing at ths receiver's new patterns, at J. GOLDBERG'S. FOR RENT Two roots. You can gt sale at Bmttn A WbeaJen's. board across Che street. Call and see Zlpps for fins shoes. L. F. Farley conducts a large mer Late to bed and early to rise, pre pare a man for his home In the skies, eantlle business at Liberty Hill, Ga. Early to bed and Little Early Riser, the pill that makes life longer and bet He says: "One application of Cham tihem at No. 34 Van Buren street, En gleslde. iFrank P. WIlHams, agent for Recetv er Ladue. of the Harney Peak Tin'. Mln tag Co., I In town on business con nected with his company. berlalna Pain Balm relieves me of a ter and wleer. K. G. Phillips. N. E. severe pain In my back. I think It O. Franklin. K." For lame back, rheumatism, neu Telephone orders to the Montana Win. Stark and Jas. Duffy, who have ralgia, swellings, sprains, bruise, burns and scaldsno other liniment can had charge of the cafe at Two BIT corral for pure spring waiter loe. Fam lly trade a specialty. If any has found a pair of gold nose. have closed their place of business and approach Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It Is Intended especially for thro diseases and Is famous for Its cures. For will leave fur Chicago thta week. braced glaenea with ear-chain attached, they will please leave the seme at this Chas. W. McAllister returned from Sioux Falls, Where be has been ln at' office and receive reward. Kelsey A tendance as a delegate from Deadwood Gore or J. S. Kelsey, Opticians, Chic go. III., marked on the case. tt at the A. 0. U. W. Grand Lodge. THIS HAY SAVE YOU MONEY. I wish to announce to ths people ot Lawrence County, and the publlo in general, that I have Just opened, In the Postofflce Block, opposite ths B. ft M. depot in Deadwood, A NEW FURNITURE STOCK, well selected and up-to-date goods, everything that you may need in ths furniture line, together with carpets and rugs, window shades, floor oil cloth, picture frames, etc I will tail at prices that will surprise you prices never heard of before In the Black Hills. I cams here to do business, and Intend to make It an object to you to deal with ma I propose to make it Interesting as well as profitable for you to buy of ma An Invitation Is sxtsndsd to everybody to call and see my stock. Don't forget the place, opposite B. 4 M. depot Respectfully, TOO ZD IPX! VIIVOinBsT'r, LOST. A young, llglu. bay mare, Take your watch work to A. F. LEADER OF Low Prices ale by druggists. A. F. Snyder can do a nice Job ot engraving. One minute is not long, yet relief U obtained Ln half that time by the use ol One Minute Cough Cure. It preventi consumption and quickly cures colds, croup, bronchi tie, pneumonia, la grippe and all throat and lung troubles. K. .0 Phillips. N. E. Franklin. White blaze In the forehead. Return 8nyder. her to Mrs. R. Lyon, Central City and i. Call at People's Cash Grocery House receive suitable reward. 3t, tVfci Aa mil v aiinnilAA foe rwlf nHfsi ' r K If rw3f TfMMM TVy.Aww mnA O ib for cash. Sherman street, near court ; 1 "cu""1 M, gia, aunoay, a oiaca sua oape ouvervu house. with lace. The finder will receive 6-7-tf 'XJOOOO reward by leaving tt at Romeo Mar hall's, Lead. "You bet I will hear Bob Burdette May 20th and have a big laugh. If nothing is heard from the rela Lilvea of Daffy Dwyer, who eulclded Sat urdlay niitfht, the remains wtli be in Pipcfc Rational Danl tarred from OS barn's undertaking rooms at 3:30 this afternoon. Fresh cut Sowers at Mrs. Llebmann's JUST RECEIVED, our new stock ot High Grade Clothing for Spring and Summer of '88, comprising ths very latest Styles ln Imported and Domestic Fabrics, mads up to our special order, particular attention having been paid to Style, Fit and Superior Workmanship. These goods you will find far ahead of cheap made-to-order, or low priced Tailor-made garments which ln many Instances are not equal to even Medium Grade Ready Made. Having this season mads a much greater effort than ever before ln selecting the very choicest and up-to-date novelties In High Grade Clothing, ars prepared to offer for your Inspection a line of goods second to none, not wlahlng to repeat the "old gag" of no trouble 'o show goods, but In Justice to our effort to pleass, ask you to call, being convinced that our Styles, Fit and Selection will satlafy ths most tsstldsous. for any oooaskm. OF DEADWOOD. 'SOUTH DAKOTA "LTaxltecl States De-pooltorr CASH 74X0 IX, $100,000 IVBPX.T7I, $160,000 C. A. GRIFFITH ilarducro Ccni;::; Fine single-driving horse for sale- kind and reliable. Weight 1,100. Can be seen at Lawrenaon' table. 6-16-is We are offering to our patrons wlih sxmsBcreaasi. o. 1. saubsuby, t. J. onus, f. r. f4Bxa, r. a. oussubst. D. 4. Mo! HSJWOM. every caah purchase of $3 and 16, a orna beautiful souvenir. See them display OMhlr.. , o. 1. Biusbtsr rmUM. ,.D. A. MofHIhSOR J. S. DSMMAX I , T- I. ULi The only store hi this city when the Gsaulae Importei Strassky&ujj Wars Is soil ed our window. Ackerman Millinery iC? TCla space and more la reserved for announcements of the bargains la DRY GOODS MILLINERY OLOTHIKO To be found only at the Bee Hive of W. E. LOW2 a CO. Parlors. Bob Burdette, May 20th. Zoeckler Bros, will receive and have A little hlfWm n en3otjno jochjcx ice, Daconuama price, aocefl CX30CXXJCMJCiCjjiljXjiCiiC-Ji-JJ'i- - a. E. Parker, Sharon, Wis., writes: "I have tried DeWltt's Witch Hazel on sale Thursday, May 19, a colleotlon n pieces ot s of 1,000 potted plants, all varieties, and called cheap easa eled ware. C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith. Salve for itching plies and It always 500 panales ln bloom, fresh from the greenhouses. Call early for choice stops them In two minute. I consider De Witt's Witch Hasel Salvs ths great Ths popular Delmonlco restaurant undsr the postofflce, Is now la charts of M 1. Wsyman. Ths table ars supplied with the choicest of meata and everything In ths market and with competent cocks and hslp ths greatest pains win be taken to pleas ths patrons. A bushel of fun and loads of mirth May 20th Bob Burdette. Our elegant stock of patterns, hats est pile cure on the market." K. U. Phillips. N. E. Franklin. HEADQUARTERS TX r7rt r u and bonnets must go give us a call and see the bargains ws offer In our Veterinarian Trsacy attends Dead FQR-ep-' Div I wLefllwsw Other wares took tike it, but the pew Ine has the aune Strantky-Ste.l Ware on each pten. Do not be deceived. First prise at ti loternaUooal txiA- wood the first Tussday of saoh month. and were under the care of competent engtoeere. They are better second corset and glov department we car Tslephone Ft Mead. ry the finest makes ln either line. We If you are In need of smithing coal hand than some of the "cheap truck' which la being shipped Into ths coun arlll save you money at Ackermann's "Peace hath her victories no less than war" U aa true bow a whan It wu writ and want the beat, see F. D. Smith. Millinery Parlors. BICYCLE SUNDRIES. AND ten. The proprietor of the Palace Cat on The human machine start but ones P. B. McCarthy, of the International Motel, at Rap4d, accompanied by his broCher-ln-tow C. D. Morgan, late of Cripple Creek, has been speeding a fsw days In Deadwood and returned home laxt evening. The Olympic managers announce a game of Indoor base ball on Wednesday evening. Two picked teams under Carl Dawson and Thomas Hurley, as The Olympic Bakery and Coffee try ss mining machinery. They will outwear and outrun new machinery of Inferior makes. These engines cost and stops but once. You can keep it going longest and most regularly by house Is a new Institution just opened Lr ttrml have do ambition to wla military honor. Their ambition I to keep the beit eating bouse In th country, and ln this they are victorious. 3 The Host Complete R pair Shop In the Hills. under the management of Martin TORPEDO EXPLODED UNDER Reuppel ln the Clark building, opposite using DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills for constipation and all flora ach and liver troubles. K. U. bitiona, Hi f bed award at WoMt Columbian Efcfr tion, Chicare, Pre ferred by lbs bwS cooking autoorits, certified to by t- most famous cbem lata for purity as4 durability. It tl cheapest because PEST. THE CREDIT STORE PRICES. the B. A M. depot, and is one of the money. The Receiver's Agent wro will be In the city until Wednesdsy evening can be consulted as to terms, prices, etc., at the law offloe of Edwin Van Clse, or alt the Bullock hotel. Mine operators who are ready to deal captains, will contest for ths mastery. Phillips. N. E. Franklin. TJLKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF ITS HOARDING PLACE, AND PUT 11 aaa Faiu, Ptm. Iu Ban, CHblw, Joan Tuan, '.-- ne. most attractive places ln ths city. You can get anything you want there by ordering It, and at the same time be as The ladles are especially Invited. During the receiver's sale at Smith Rev. 0. 8. Clevenger, pastor of the A Whealen'i, I will give my personal should see him. sured that the service will be first- Baptist oburdh at Rapid, is in Dead- attention to the undertaking bualnsss. clas 1 In every particular. Mr. Rsuppel wood, on bis way home from Pierre. WHIN N1TWR1 and furnish my hoaree and mourner's carriage free ln Deadwood with every $25 casket sold tor cash. S. R. SMITH. INTO EATABLES BEFORE THE ADVANCE OF WAR PRICES GOES ON. AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE. Get ready for an evening's fun Bob Burdette, May 20. A U. S. GUNBOAT FULL OF GROCERIES FOR CASH AT THE LOW The American National Rank Or S1ADWO0D, bOUTH OAXOTA. Does a General Banking Business. Is a caterer of wide experience and gentleman with whom it Is a pleasurs to do business. The reverend gentleman Is an applicant for the position of ahaplsin In Oul. Ortgsbys cavalry. He has many Legal blanks of all descriptions for Needs assistance It may be beet to render K promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. Ths Remember, th! celebrated SBSm-slsd wars ts specially imported for and sold fs this city exclusively by ua Fish are now ripe, and several par sals at the Pioneer-Times offloe. strong endorsememts tor tlhe position he seeks. ties are out tor advwnture with the ve A customsr said:" I have had the Will pay Intersil on n as oirild j .lis of dspstlv Will bay and Mil best and most slmols reotle remedy rse lou trout Q. W. Martin, Saturday, best meat since I have been buying ot In the police court Judge Early Is PRICES BEFORE THE WAR WITH SPAIN. EUY NOW. YOUR CASH WILL 00 FARTHSR. COME TO THE laxohanrson ail parts of ttai UaiWJ 1. tteteod Surope. is the Syrup of rigs, manufactured It hunted up tils fishing tackle, and ln ' Xt does not rest Fargo, that I have had for a year." sued a warrant for the arrest of Ra- 4 the California Fig Syrup Co? company with several others who court Till make a speolelty on all ki 1 Is of oolleotions, sad art business Mr. John Peterson of Oatoutvllls, La. STANDARD CASH STORE AND TRY, danger, hied him to Sand creek and will be transacted on busiatss prlnolp' s was very agreeably surprised not long phel 111 Me brand on the complaint of Fanny Worker and Nellie Large, obmrg Ing him with assault and bcUery. The other streams which come tumbling Andrew Daniels, the proprietor of the Ago. For eighteen months he had been Notici. S. N. DACOSTA. OF SI SHERMAN dow from the Hills in crystal floods. greenhouse, located In the upper md oiubc ronik troubled with dystentery and had triad three ot the best doctors ln New Orleans, besides a halt dosea or more pat Mrs. H. P. Cbealrs entertained In a ST., IS CLOSINO OUT HIS STOCK OT complaint was the outgrowth of a quar rel between the children of the different parties. ri BAMPBI. W. ALI.BRTOW. Of Oil' I V& TBtBf B. SSNBIBB. HABUS rB&MKUR. SJ WOUAM B. AO.Mk. charming manner a small company, WATCHES, CLOCKS. Ac., AT of ths city, desires to Inform those whc wish to obtain plants and flowers, that he has some young, healthy potted plants in full bloom, which he will 4W The Lemen Bros, not only bars the Saturday evening, In honor of Mies Cooo, the Lead soprano. High-five ' STRICTLY WHOLESALE FIGURES.' THIS IS NO FAKE, FOR HE 18 OO- nor abaors Srss s s 1 ess set disaster nor catch iDnldeilsftot aftected b;-aelds ta fraits er vegetables l Will boll, stew, roan and bake without tm fartttt ff avor 01 previous! cooked fWL andw: I tor jraus. best Show (that over cme to towa but 1NO BAST. AND EVBRPTHINU they have n Ben Rosenthal the most was indulged In, followed by music and refreshments. Miss Coon Is making a ent medicines, but received very little relief. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and DiarrhcBa Remedy, having been recommended to him, he gavs tt a trial, and to his great surprise, three doses of that remedy effected a permanent euro. sell at reasonable prices. All bills due the Montana Corral prl MUST BE DISPOSED OF BT JUNE L aonotnpirlshed and successful press large circle of friends ws she becomes ALSO CALL FOR WORK LEFT. Jpirac is Vcro Ppcciau agent. The Ptoneer-Tlmea oomroenids or to May 1, 1S93, will be collected by better known In the Hill. WW Job Lawreneon. The new firm, tinder the management of M. B. Bookwfth, A Mr. William McNamara, a well known Miss Myrtle Coon, recently of Omaha t!hle American gentleman .with a Hebrew name to the ffreAernirty. If you don see what you want around tne FOR BALE OR LEASE. A Merry-Oo-Round with full equip merchant of ths same place, is well ac will lake pupils ta vol as cukure and will assume business from that date. quainted with Mr. Peterson and attests show Just ask Ben for tt and It Is yours ments. WALTER SIMPSON. WAR ON PRICES. FOR CASH, AT will give 'lessons in sight reading, ac-cordlne to the Damerasdh system, to a THE STANDARD CASH STORE. Frank Oodiran returned Sunday from bis Ahska venture aud declares csass of twenty-five or more. For par NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEND TOUR WecaotHl . CARPET CLBANINO. We make a soeolaltr of earnet clean Mb i CASH FOR SUPPLIES, BEFORE TUB ticulars enquire of Miss Bennett, 350 North Wlllfams street. himself satisfied to remain hereafter In the Black Kills. He vMted Dm and the era eralnst , - ing on the floor by ths latest process. WAR PRICES ARB PUT ON. tUon Bob Burdette, the great American hu- Skaquay and came back to Deadwood by way ot Sioux CHy. He found chinas ln a raChet quiet oondttxoa la Leave orders at HatCsubacVs. Ham. son telephone ISO. HoNABB A PSRCTVAL. a svas eases sssam er tasvas pswscs aorlst wUl be ln Deadwood one night only, next week, Friday, May SO. The the pieces he rMted but gives U as his Bpworth League is pledged to pay him ft I opinion Chatt there Ismo re aoUrkty In smew' 1- 1175 and will put on sale reserved seat mm CO e:rli:i st:;:i t:3 fi::::: The "RED ANVIL," Sherman St. Deadwood. tickets at Flshel'a next Monday at 75 to the truth of this statement. Patronise a thoroughly conscientious Druggist You will find him al Wilcox Pharmacy, Shermrn street A NAVAL FIGHT IS NO COMPARISON TO THE FIGHT WE HAVE MADE ON PRICES OF QROCERIE8, FLOUR. ETC. T-IE STANDARD CASH STORE IS THS PLACE F0H CASH BUYERS NOW. Dr. Oants, dsntUt over Rosenthal's clothing store. CROWN AUD BRIDGE WORK. tlsn raa fit any foot to perfection, "One Minute Cough Curs Is ths best preparation I have ever sold or used and I can't aay too much la its praise. L, M. Kennon, Merchant, Ga, K. O. Phillips -N. E. Frsnklln. To AH Ladles Interested In Embroid Aetna PoMer Co., ttoe port ton of the country around DC Mkmaets and the mouth of the Tu-kon. It si from the latter ptaos that cents. He will be ln Lead on ths ilsL OPTICAL T.! where they have made a canvass and most of tne prospectors are setting out G'QODf. ; sold over 100 tickets at 75 cents. This ji..tij twj LtA IIimiI will be a great entertainment and it Is for the gold fields. The tax fund sale ot Harney Peak expected that he will be greeted by t aQ4f a Co. machinery at HU1 Crty wtn ennttta-ue unftxl June 1st. This machinery Is Where your eyeelgtit i concerned. If u have the least trouble with your full boose. Reserved seats now on sale at Fish tl's, for Bob Burdette. T"""vA Y'rrs- yes, delays may prove serious. You nn nave your eyes examined here sot "6iA Junk" aa some may (arrs fan asjined. Ths best that such firms ai without cost to you. If yo do nt :ieed glasses, ws will tell yoa so. Ws are expert optician a Jswslry manufactured to order Fli rwatcb repairing and en graving. the iLMgerwood Msstufacturtux Co., "With Dewey. Up-to-Date," Is th Denver market of Charles Sasse oa ths Rand Drill eomaoy, Norwalk Man owners car dogs. The Deadwood police sejsjtaent -j orders to capture all dogs rm&lsj tt large, upon whkh th yearly Ux kis not been paid and are not srsrM with collars uid tasa, as reslrtl If law. Unless this tax to p-ii at t the dogs will be killed. AsUs CLfel U I ". x upper Main street Having made the ery. I will give lessons ln needlework on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays business a life-study, and with ample uSactiurlng company, Fraser 4 Chalmers and Gess Iron Works could make was not too good for 2m Ssney capital to conduct K, he keeps every for S&c until June 1st I have also reduced an stamped linens. Mrs. H. J. Mooney, 7 if Nobta block. thing there Is to be had that belongs to Aw&rdftJ H!s!ift Honor, WorH's Fair Odd AUd&l, KMwisiar Fair Peak company. Many of the hc4 045 Main Street. DEADW00& Mot toft Old Stand, a nrst-eiass market, and all of ths best oomptessuns. etc., were ssed but KtXte, "TT

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