The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 6, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1900
Page 6
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TUB8DAY. JUNE THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. I a fTlTlan m . NOTICE TO ARCHITECTS. 'I'he Lead Hotel company respectful LEGAL NOTICE :: Ui.i Van Clse, Attorney.) - TI' i: OF lY FIXKI) FOR IIEAR1N' mm nmm ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Victory Mining company. Principal place of business, wood. South Pakota. Location of works. Carbonate SALE OF KHAL BHTA'f'K ly requests architects who desire to Dead- !.(. . t . i- eompete free of charge, to rurnisti pre- i , , , i v Court "f ttie oiiii I !'. I' ( V. .S Kl'li'i', At'.jni'-y I M. A. l-'OV m s .n !i l,ikola DEADWOOD La w- 1. S 1'Ok A I'M'KNT limiiriry sketches and drawings for n li-o!i.l,e,r")ll,tel l)ii:blitig to 111 e:'.er,.,i i a : lie ( Mty of . Smit li I i.ikn'a. It AI'I'LU'ATl li:i. Ulle luk. Denver Heicna Bjiii. l,r. email , . A. 1' k Il:e C3t. Lincoln, Omaha. Chicago, St. Joseph, Kanras-,v, St. C i-.j .; nd an per .-. t a at ;rui south. stories and liase-1 brick t ri in mod ., cipy ;, sp.H'e I I ll W es .-li . . . ,1 - leiue county, South Pakota. Notice is hereby given at a meet inn id the beard of i i r. t s s of t be above li.niied corporation held on Saturday. Apiil LSili, Llii'i. an assessment i No. 9 1 of lo'ir mills p-r shot-, was levied upon the capital stock i.f th" Port Sal- consist of t.l: i and be built o S ' , lie ! ! U 1 i I ' t,M t OH til,' II, 1' t be i litersei't n ,11 inter I U I i ei i hi l and, C,t F,anct! : h. ,,r .o- i ,., !,, ! 1. 1 in on i h -V C . !i I ' ". i: ; -! i a p. , -a !' : , -1' 1 ; I . of ill,' lol ! in . : t.-, and will ha'.'e d wi I. r ili.l I'ine on t lion til- 1 on th- if Mill :m alb an corporation. Payable im hied i,; t' I v to I 'I'd ' I 'A O i'es st reet froiitag Ni I I. Vi st Ml.-. I , nth. Mi'i I sfrc :t It', W I f a I! street Side it ti-es tfO'll Mill t about eight feet to rear of ho- tel. The company wishes it to have fif- ty or sixty rooms lu'sides the usual fices. dinitit: rooms, sample rooms. DR. TODD. Office in Waite Block, corner Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D. University of Freiburg, (ierinany; .'.' I.OIR I. '-Iri'iihi; .'it ir Nu 1 i sh.ile nk s.-l ill lll'.llll'l "T si. .lie I hi-' 'led 1 V-UTI Wjletl.-.' n . Mon V S Nu T lie.irs S ;v to K ll;-;4 r, f,.,.t lo . ,.r No. ; survey N'. ."!ii Hklilan.l M.irv ,le l-ai-s N. 27' 17' K HIS ,'eet; thence. N. NX' nr W. 11 1 feel to corner No 1' th nee. s 4 ; or W '.12 7 feet to corner No. :t. thenre S. 2!f or W. 0.1 r,.,t lo corner No 4 ihenre.-P US' Or F. :::t(i 'i feet to corner No . them e. N. la daily. Hot Spi.'i.. e.ilu, Omaha, Chi. ... all points Kast. s., , West N. -I". I.oi a! daily day. fluid m'i '. Spearflsh No. 204. I''rieRht, duly Punpv. Hill Pjiv and Edgemont Sundays this freirfit le:lv Trains arrive an full..,.. the t re .tsiirer, John 'I'reber, P-a Iwond, South Pakota. Any stiK'k upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, the fith day of June, 19U0, will he ,ie-limiuent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have bcn made before, will be sold at public auction, at the office of the treasurer, John Treber, Peadwood, S. P., on the 23rd day of June, 1900, at 2 p. in., to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising ami expenses ill.! - Z) p in-ei. I 1 i'l p. i (.; isr S:4!i al - S 90 1 ,-',!, .i ri, I ., '!i.- folio . nig Willi, I , - I I.- ., ,ti i !i, .i -i ,,'; , r ,,: l lie hoi ' ' ,,t, a: - r. oil l"-4 "'a' tli a ii' I Ovo i 2 i a'. I ih,..,. , :i in turn lllirly CI'l) of tOAii.-l'o' -n i', i north range four ill east k MilN i-uiitaiiiing 1PV71 acres .': Iiriii, e coiiniy. Sour h I lakota, for i'e sum of thirty-three hundred and fifty l"l-lais. cash, as will more fully appear from said return filed a.s aforesaid, and to which referei is heiehy made for fur!:' r partieuiai- And notice Is hereby farther Riven that Tueshty the lL'ih day of June. A.-l). I: at 10 o'clock a. ni at the court room of said court, at the court, house, in said Lawrence county, haa been fixed for hearing the said return, when and where any person interested in said .-state may appear and file written objections to the conflrmaiien of tho said sale, and may be heard mid may produce witnesses in support of his objections. li.Ced Mav 21st. 1 'too FRANK J. WASH AilAl'tlH Judge of County Coin" i First Pub June 1st. lftW. Hopltal les Vt'iH-rU ns, &c, Paris Rusih Medical College, riilrao; I'oly clinic ami l'ost (.nuluate Medieal I)e No. 43, East. Pas'uger '.hilviVu No. ;o'. Spearflsh Trim ,aiv except Sundtiy . . jj.j. partraent of University of California. of safe. 04' K. 1.1.'. feet to corner No fi. identical with corner No. ?. of Anna No 2 loile of this survev; them- N. If, 3.V B.S4i 1 feet tocirner No 7. thence. N 27' 1 7" E.2!r. 6 '".t to corne- No 1 and plaee of heglnuin ANNA NO. 2 LODE HeEiriiilng at corner No 1 a shale rock et In (ftriinl with monni of storm chisel. .. 1A-". 1.71. w hence corner No r survey :( 11 ig hi ii ml Marv I.oiIp t.enrs N. 0 nr V 'i 1 fent r. Ixx'. Mori. No 7 hears S sii' V. ;n31 " feet- thi-nec. p.ft' 02' K Jl'LU S RHBSAMKN, S(y:-v. 11 0I '. :i an; chair a 'rains ft, S'l'l sl I, etc.. (if a thoroly modern hotel. It will lie heated by steam ami lighted by electricity and is to cost not more than $:;.". 1100 when completed. The right to reject any and all plans is reserved. The plans or sketches to lie submitted to the company at the office of the Ilomestake Mining company In the City of Lead. S P.. on the fith day nf June. 1900. at 10 o'clock a. m. Lead. S. P.. May l!)th. 1900. W'AI.THR Iv SMKAD. 5-20 Secretary Notice to Creditors. Instate of John li. f)Non. deceased. N'oti.e is hereby given by the un-ili-isi-tp-d administrator of the estate of John It. Olson, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claims against tin- said deceased to exhibit 1 1 1 . - in witli tlie necessary' voik tiers, witiiin I'niir months from the ti i-st publication of this notice. No. 203. Freight Sundays this tr.iin i-r Sleeping, dining and r-. !; seats free, on all t:-way and steamship tl. i..;. K.iKe checked to all p,.,i For information, tin.. tickets, call on or w ri'.- tit'liernl I'nsscio;. r v W I' i . 1.v X feet to corner No 2; thence j!. 41"??.' Normal School. Ar.nial f'omnieneeinont, Jur.e, l'.tuil. WW I 'A I. PKItMDN - Sun. lav ..vning. mie In. Normal Hall. Kev. Id.i W :"J7 2 f. "t t" corner No. " ttien.-. N 1 . F r.'C. 1 fet to corner N'o I th'-nce.N' r ?.?.' V, 4 2 feet to corner No 1 .m l p1ae ,,f 1 , i n ii i t u' Tie. iri" i'iie,l ,-onr- 'h and College of rhysiciann ami Surgeons & Cooper Medieal College. Duly licensed and registered physi-clan and surgeon in the Dakota. The oldest, most suei-essCul and accomplished lCnropean-Aincrlcati educated physician ami surgeon mi llie American continent in all branches of Medicine and Surgery. '.:; cial. ruin-plicate. and lingering (licenses: I'.iun-ler of a system of sjm i lie .-.-iiion by which hr positiwly en, -ill ni'-i-Ide forms nf 1 1 II i VAT K ' 'I I K "NIC. Itl'.OOIi. SKIN' ami I " : -T I ! ' Y ! N'( i niSIvSKS of Mi:. SYHI'l.M and IS I ni. "s. mapj t "'aha. Xei i-:i:ton A sent r ;!: print. of Public I'l d'Kul' The Woni.dibii f. i:i helm of 111 ,l,. 1 I. - for Ih- ; V mission, r .S.'.ll.d '0 of S, r.o-i V 11! IIKVTI.KY c cn'ii. r. F lie 1 'be '', F r.-i I'L SS iV KXl'Ui'lsKS W'e.liii siiay. tune I :. en p iii II. ill. I'r Ml ar m . i : e.l g for li I.O 1" Mill i ha r er Sonlli liakola ' '. Ia'. s o' Iv,:,, ,in,i ih,ti'. 1 of of : YV. i! r )i.m::.i i:mk'I' i u''i-:it i 'I ! . 1 el - "., la a . i he S for S: V ri'i I No .l-'i'l's ', till- 'Ul, TI"- b" I , .. '., ! , Id , -hall -I. lie 1 ,111' I p Hi l)it'r;L llolM" .Hi!-.- !,v KU'.i-i i'l' li i . 1 1 1 1 . li of .'. I - ra 1 1 tie-d.iv. June s i'!i.. i:..i l . v ui . .1 i'iMM::' I'.Ml'M S. !,, ! II I'hir, ploni.ts, 'I I 1. 1 'i . . II ill V ! :i - v ." I I . YKN'KUl: AT. ItlSi:.SKS in ail st .!..; J sa.d administrator, at Ib-nl- it l.awn-ii' i- Count v tip 'or ill" ,1, Hiflilind ' nr.' i! iik n ii" n 'I'n Is Mill lie cliaiROiI. i i i ,.:.-.: mil 1,,. . ;' ih'1 1 1' in n i w Un ii. I to th wood. S. I) Pat I Via. I f i Mav P I al I I. M'lwillnl. a n I 1 n' ,' t ion of STUICITKi: liVliKiHT'l.i:. I'!C()- vva.F,, coN'oituiioi: . ;i.!:ki'. SrERMATOKKIIDi: A. LACK (K SIC V-VAL YM'.OK. IMI'O'I'KN'CV in YOUNG. MUlDI.K-.UiKn and 01. 1) MEN and all I M I'KOI M KNTS to M A r. RIMONY." " ' 1 1 1 i - r h l.-i. !.. Tier ill I'll Ii Mi si I I . I'r. '! i.i 1 1 ir l d -h lr. r i I.- f I .1 : J i .. . k -II (.. ,f I he S .rf-ii. d ",i ih- ' Iv. I 1- ,1 (,, pi, Mo . ... o' It - .ii.i.l Cilv cv-nl of f.iiii'r bn .! :'ir i-;i r... o h 1 i ik III Mil-1.1 l-l.'l- Hi.- r l d;lc . .. , 1 ,..,.s ill I '0 it, i l.,ii' 1 ni,-.. in Mi,' couiiiv ef S I V 1 V '1 ' V - P'Ti'"l SIMPSON, estate of Ji -,i. 1 Vi!i I .I i WALT ICR S. Administrator of the It. llson. deceased. I First Pub. ay 1 1 I ' : -I 'I rill 'T into con ! r;l.'f . 1 1 1 1 red t.iilld I ' tli II 1 1 1 1 i ' ?-. 1 1 I i - ,i u .i rd-d ( fr EST It AY NOTICE. I 'lie li.iy jri lilii'i; about 1'i yiars old: star in forehead, branded on left should 'i ny. nrr ran have horse by calling on (Jeorge Davis at Smith's sawmill. Boulder Park, proving property and paying for this notice. il.l front .lulv 1 1'"'". Hid com vui. fff?. . T.''Twr. i',":,'.''.'"'- - ' ""'1 K '' TP.MNs Mr; :., . i i : -. : ',:,'.''. " : ; I'",'.-'.'.' - ' a .'"'., . , i - si Haiiv '"' ' iaV :'":. :qi - Ha i iy . . .'lit S .i . i , . i i'.iily j ,, Haii v. ex.-ent S:ii, .,i v ;..., i.K ! I. '. ; V I'.nlv -pi St, I . . - 5,1 "inly ... '.:,i! ii.iiK. .'-i .i S in . ,. i; "4ily ;:;, I '.1 1 1 . r'.- l n u; ..lsenr-r ..... . . . . L' li f Daily . . 2 I'l pi 1 'a 1 1 y. .. . p; S in.! i . . . -I I' pi Daily 0 : J-t p ; Daily 7.2 pi I:h1.v. cyrcpt S'lnliv .. v:!?! 1 ni 1 - . :' p I I i.i 1 1 . i- ri-pi S in I i . ''.is t- i:. m :: 'I 1 1 K N'OKTII'A I. ' ; LINE at Pead- Otlk I'nited States Assay .f iiiilli.-.'lii.ii 1io-.ii'-. or III. v will be 'e'-l-'d bv il!ie of the provision of ih - I :i ' 1 1 1 I' r, t; ; it v i-i: i!.o:isi-r l is b r, bv Oldered that 111" fT-(.golng so'i. r. tr ,i , j i-n t ion for .vinvit b- published 'or the pofiod of HO iVivi (nine eon-""ciuive wir-kol. In the Dnllv t'tonepr-Tpnes. n dillv newspaper published at Drndwood. S 1' A. K n-irdin.-r. Reeii--tor. fFir't T'uh. Mav 2. Il for a linn of one ycir. Th- i- hi I r; i fur -;ii li -l.isrt of i-iiiiiim ii- .I'A'iir.!. '1 '.I r 'i - i.riiin litildini; ih- enat.'t pel iiii'-miii nf dNoount rrom llie iii:iiniurii prict i-t ulilixhcil liy l:i vv. mid all hi N rnusi -ify in .very insturicc and for everv item llie per ontum of discount from ;iid nia-iniiini prici c-oit u here .ol hcrwisc No hid not strictl- in conformity with 111-'SO requirements uitl be considered. Ilnnd-i Willi ufriiieiit sitrtties in twice tile pnio'int of est irn.i ( d vilue of tlie work fot lii-li contract ii awarded will be reii'iired. Schedules, rules and rcmilat ions will be furnished lit dm application. Cnm mis-inner of rrintini.' rcs.'rviiic; the rit'lit t. reject anv and nil bid- r:i'ed. Pierre. South IVikota. Mav :il. Ifino William II Hod. lie Secretary of State, and Kx-Orn.'i.i ronmii-sioner nf rnbli'- rrlnini;. wood, S. P., Office of the Assayer in Charge SI-;aI.I:P I'kflPOSAI.S will be received at tlie odire of the Assayer ni charge of tlie Assay Office of the I nited States at PKAPWOOP. S P. until 12 M., June .,0 1900, and then opened, for supplies rcrniired for the fiscal year ending June "0. 1901. Hlank jiroposals and all other information may be had upon application to P. J. Miniter. Assayer in Charge. SI MMON'S MONEY DEMAND - Si'KNU SI 1iV AT HOT SI'IIIN'OS. I Hie fare fur the mimd trip. ''it Kris on side Saturdays. (looil to return I he following Tuesday. I'.'iailar train leaven liea.hvuii l p. m. Via Niirtliweytern line. SPECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXCURSION. Via Burlington Route. .2 for the round trip. TlcKets are on sale ti".t Monday and Tuesday, June 4th and fjtli, good to return on or before Juni Oth, account of annual convention B. Y. P. U. society. Tho 2:30 p. ni. train is the onp to take, as you arrive at Hot Springs before dark. COMPLAINT FILED. Slate of South Dakota. Kishth Judicial circuit B3. In the Clnuit court in and fur Lawrence county. John Gray, plaintiff vs. Robert C. McShane, defenciant. The State of South Dakota .sciulrt greet ,.1 aa i fld f)EI'OT: Slre..(s. Trough traiuM to 1 rhhauo. St. Paul. Mi neapolis, witli ( lose i.-neetions fur all pun,' west and south, at l": mout. mi'i Omaha I'. am P DKPOT: Ixr M.ria Sir.-t. ANNUAL MEETING. The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Big Owl Mining company for the election of a board of directors for the ensuing year, and such other business as may properly come before the meeting, will be held at the office of the secretary In Dead-wood, S. P., on Friday, June Sth. 1900, Whitewood. Sliircis. K,'i:I. rWi arnt Intermediate Points i" I'l a a I THE gLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Springs. S. IX Is now thoroughly cleaned and renovated and open to tho putdlc patronage, with pleasant, cool, airy rooms In close connection with the Minnckahta bath bouse, the best of accommodations, reasonable rates. Terms one dollar a day or five dollars a week. MRP. HIOXRIETTE CLOUSE. U v R:lT a ra. ing: To Robert C. McShane, defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will he filed In the office of the clerk of the Circuit court within and for said Lawrence county, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and to serve a ropy of your answer on the subscribers at their office In the city of Deadwood. South Dakota, wltbln thirty days after tho service of this summons, exclusive of the day of tervlce, or the plaintiff will take Judgment against you for fifteen hundred dollars, with Interest at 12 per cent, per annum since January Slst. 1899, besides costs Dated, April 9th., 1900. McLAl'GHLIN- & McLAUGHLIN, flalntlff's Attorney. To the above named defendant: Plesso take notice that the complaint In the above entitled action wm filed In the nf clerk of the above named court on the Rellp Koiirohe : a ni 11 Wil Iii the Orphan's Court fur tho County of Philadelphia. April Term. 1900, No. 27r.. In the matter of the estate of James Mulligan, a supposed decedent. Notice is hereby given that Kinley J. Tener has made application for letters of administration upon the estate of James Mulligan, a supposed decedent, and that on June 22nd. 1900, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the court will hear evidence concerning the alleged absence of the supposed decedent and the circumstances and duration thereof, and will make such orders and decrees therein as In the Acts of the Assembly are made and Whitewood only 7 " a :u '4 6 ; ' n;xcepl Sunday. Proprietor at 2 o clock p. m. I,. F. BABCOCK, Secretary Peadwood, S. D., May 2ath, 1900. NOT 1 1 T. Ilml rnrriprs' T jm-.i1. 1 In. in N' 1 of a John Jennack. Black Hills. S. I) . dotiMi..! 3'' c. P Haa a nrst-class outnt of teams ana i.tin7 from .tun. 1 p""i R nrrtor nf ll.i.l Cirrirs' Cll earriages and is prepared to do all Special Summer Excursions. kinds of city work. Calling parties, She Beats Them All. funerals, etc., will receive prompt at Uth. day of April. 1900. Mclaughlin & Mclaughlin Plaintiff's Attorneys (First pub. May 8, lfiOO) Josenh A. Slattery . Attor Via Burlington Route. tention. Call Harrison telephone No. We have a coutiact with aWf" Annual meeting, German Baptists 83. nig near D.advool w l."in we kuwl ney for the petitioner, No. 1001 Chest nut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. (First Pub. May 19. 1900.) (Dunkards), North Manchester, Ind. k. r. whebt May 29, June 8, 1900. O. E. S. No. 23. DEADW OOD. nishes us with eo-e ,m to a bun! Annual Convention, Music Teachers Regular meetings second and fourth Mon (R. C. HAYES, Attorney.') NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the un derslgned Adolph L. Bernard, admin pounds of the most delicious butter you ever tast-l every National association. Pes Moines, la. June 19-22, 1900. Annual meeting, National Education days at 7:30. All members cordially in vited. ANNIE T. PHILLIPS, W. M. LILLIAN G. HATCH, Sec. When vou are in to oii.n- croceneil Istrator of the estate of Peter Derosier when vnu are toiiis liome. just ll al association, Charleston, S. C, July nrntinrl mir wav an.i try a roll of' SPECIAL SATURDAY EXCURSION 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, butter. If it is not the !vst ranch! t rvnu ever nte. linns' it bacl! ' Via BURLINGTON ROUTE. deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this no eet vour money, or t lephone t One fare for the round trip to Hot Springs and Custer every Saturday, good v will rnme after if. Only 22H. Baptist Young People's Union, Cincinnati, O., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, St Paul, Minn., July 17-tt, 1900. to return on or before tbe following Tues pound. Better than a!l your en . ,,.1 , ...f day. o Pioneer Picnic. STANDARD CASH GR0CEB1I tice, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, administrator as aforesaid at St. Onge, in the County of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood. S. D May 19th. 1900. ADOLPH L. BERNARD. Annual Convention, Young People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Church of North America, Denver, Col., NOTICE. f FIGHTING DISEASE. Let all who suffer with any form of SYPHILIS in any stage, Sexual Weakness or destroying disease of any nature, who are weakened in mind and body, melancholy and despondent and on the road to IDIOCY. INSANITY and the GRAVE, take heart before it '-,1s everlastingly too late and place themselves at once Implicitly under the care of Dr. Todd, religiously confiding in his honor as a gentleman and confidently relying upon his skill as a . physician. HE WILL POSITIVELY CURE YOU. By his wonderful. Intelligent and marvelously skillful treatment all signs and traces of Syphilis and impurities of the blood are thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the fleeh, the- bones, the marroV and the . entire1 system are cleansed, purified and renovated,, mental, bodily and i sexual vigorf are renewed and the ' patient is restored to the duties, joys, and pleasure of life. , v. - LADIES wiu receive the most dell-' v eate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS," IRREGULARITIES. IN-' ' FLAMMAHONS." DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS ',' peculiar to their sex. SYPHILITIC and all diseases of - EYE. EAR, NOSH and THROAT suc-. - cessfully treated, , URETHRAL STRICTUR18 promptly i' cured without cutting or pain. ' J ' A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. i TAPEWORM expelled, RHEUMA-. . TISM. STOMACH. LUNG. LIVER, KIDNEY ; and BLADDER diseases ' cured. "' ' . : ' N ' PILES and RECTAL diseases post-r , tlvely cured by RECTAL MEDICA-' TION alone. , . "RUPTURE" r radically cured by an entirely - new, , afe, painless and - bioodlesa method. No detention , from business guaranteed; no charge ' for examination ; and , advice. - Dr. Todd will also furnish those who pre- fer It . with his Anatomical Hernia! The board of directors of the Black T nrlll now all canPral i ..i p.; ... -- Hills Pioneers hare accepted the invi tation on behalf of the Soldiers and (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) State of South Dakota, Eight Judicial Circuit In the Circuit Court !n and for Lawrence County, South Dakota. Henry S. Graham and Myron J. Graham, as Executors of the last will and Testament of Samuel Graham, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. George E. Marvlne, Defendant THE STAT.B OP SOUTH DAKOTA SENDS GREETING: To the abort named defendant: Ton are hereby summoned and re-Quired to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiffs, a copy of which Is herewith serred upon yon, and to serre a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their office In Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service oLJLhls summons; exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs will take judgment against you for eight thousand, eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars and forty-two cents, with interest from .November 28th, 1898, at 6 per cent pen annum, besides costs. Administrator of the Estate of Peter ciuamE regiBier uumi"' . -- July 25-30. 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Py thias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, Septem ber 1st. 1900. . t- etv, 15(1(1 sailors, and the people of Sturgls, to cot kicasca u uuc ' ' ,-r urnwiV niSCW1' Derosier, deceased. (First Pub. May 20, 1900.) ' hold their annuakplcnlc at the reunion of the Soldiers and Sailors at Sturgls City TPJaso errnun UAfjn TYPE- The above is a partial lst of some of the most important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For on June 13th. Appropriate exercises and speaking will be provided for entertainment and a general good time is RnnrB-Pols Rrevier. Nonpareil- up and in quantities to suit puW dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., at ten cents per poun i -Ti call at ticket office. Tinneer- anticipated. All Pioneers are especial, ly requested to be present, and a cor dial Invitation Is extended to every body. JAMES CONZETT, Pres. W. T. ROBERTSON. In Central For Twenty-two Ye Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent i n t . Roon th.- .1 1 re!ia!'( ICE! ICE! ICE! From pure spring water delivered in r.e ' (Granville O. Bennett. Attorney.) Notice of Application for Letter of Administration. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Heln-rlch A. L. von Wedelstaedt, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that George S. von Wedelstaedt has filed with the clerk of this court a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Heinrlch A. L. ron Wedelstaedt, deceased, and that Saturday, the 9th day of June, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to wit. of the May term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house In the City of-Deadwood, In the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested inar appear and tral Jeweler, who ha -22 years, can make 1 in the line of jewel: : " any part of the city In any quanttt I'amlly trade a specialty. Bell t?ie iirrt phone 191. would like anything ; ' ' do well to call on placing their order ' ; JOB LAWRENSON. Designs of any at ' Notice to Contractors. Sealed bids will be received up to the erenlng of June 9th. 1900, for carpenter work on the new Schwarz-wald store. Main street, Deadwood. The successful bidder will bo required to give bonds in two-thirds of the amount of the bid. Plans and specifications can be seen at the Schwarzwald furniture store. The right is reserred to reject any and all bids. M. ALBER, Architect. pleted on short not . uuea at Deadwood, S. D this 6th day of April, A. D., 1900. , .PlalntifTs Attorneys. NOTICE! To the defendant above named: Pleis tak notice that the complaint la this case was filed la the office of the clerk of the above entitled court NOTICE. There will be $12,480.00 of state school money on band on the first day of July to loan on scbol bonds and improved farm E. Baker. lands ln Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed in this office soon. -' Sapporter,; an easy, " perfect retained vw i. ii. - r .i a, Baker & Hayfa Deadwood, S. D May 15, 1900 - W. A. ZINK. County Auditor. A cure effected.. All who have rup-sh(mld Bot , , ture are In danger . at tbe court bouse la the city of Dead-wood, on AprU 27th, 1900. - free ABSTRACTG ROCK! ROCK!! Anyona wanting building rock, call Dated May 29th. 1900. . ; FRANK X WASnABAUGH, Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. May 21, 1900.) DR. FLORA H. STANFORD Homeopatlite p&ralciaa. Offlc and roi- ldeoc. 174 WUUama stmet. Morphia, llqoor and tobacco kabiti treated. The sick - are i Invited to consultation. No ' I'wurable ' " JJedtclnes free. MARTIN MASON, 7 Plaintiff' Attoraeya. Syadloat block, Deadwjod. S- a 4 and see J. J. Feldhausen,

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