The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 25, 1900 · Page 9
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1900
Page 9
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WtMt) mm "4th YEA 11. DKAPWOOI). S. D-.Tlirk'SDAY, ( CTOl '.!". R 25, FIVE CENTS. CHOICE OF VOTERS' UNION. Advisory Board Picks Out Men It Believes to Be Best. Ml I'CHI-'.I.L. S H. Oct. L'I It is bkely that the Voters' union in tins -late, wliu h was. oi taui.ed about a A CAMPAIGN LIE NAILED I -.. ar ago. may cut some figure :i, the j.h tion to be held in November It I the obje.-t of the union, which has Ian advisoiv board for the to FUNERAL SERVICES AT THE CAPITAL Episcopal Burial Services Held Over Remains of Jonn Sherman. Body is Shipped in the Afternoon to Mansfield for Burial. The Statement That Air. Mprtin Favored a Reduction in Wages in 1894 is Wholly False. He Never Made Such State ment to a Committee or Anyone. He Always Flavored our Standard Wages and has Always Paid Them. !!. t'e-l- ntc tif.g-:. ai.d t' 1 : I! mo- 'J ; tret ni ' ,:oHMl 111 , v.. ih them ARCM1K I- KUt; ".N !.e;id Cit S 1 ' i i. I ..' . - ..' ': STATEMENT OF JAMES C. E.ROWN. LEAD LAB - L'NICN ! v.-,. ; ;. . .(. :.' . ; . .t p:i- ..I. !.i i : . .. I .. .n .. .,i..- i. . -i j e I ... ..i, ! v.: I ! i.. -i a !! . !.:: .i tab.!: : ph. . i i I i:'-.-. .i-id t.. ir i .i am! He Sc : ' . i .' 1 1 ' 1 1 j ' ' i ' 1 1 ! 1 . 1 1 . , . e : I ' t . : a !:;.: ..- !.-! 1 I 1 to . ' v ' I ';'!. 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 . " I in. I a lie nu-: ! the ::"iiii!i. f' . i I .a!. or el ,. n- ii-h M l.'i'l' !"''i. i . I' i , m it -. -, ... , ! i ; 1 1 n- :. i' . :n .! . i.uary . ! 1H. ' ' t !- ! ii I. ,i -! I'll. 'in . I ,n:; in - Id at M i . I - " i.e s roi 1 1 u on I i -i : i ; i . . i i! I he il i ! i i .. '! i " i I : a '..! lat e- ;i null- ' ' M:. K'ni-li's ( I ..ibur "I a.'wei.'l Tin I w:t!i tl ' " t tin in in l..a ! f ;t v. 1 l.n.iw Mr I). V. Ma -1 in. ! ' i - ' I'll . lit a I a ii v el the ii,:. ' n - - l.e'".. -en tie- rep- i.: tin- Labor ortianiat ton and tin- r. pn --ntal : ol tb-. i mi j i.i hi . and our on, n.;' (' d 'I not 'all ebon ! -i :n '"n lie. lion with those in. in. is. I..- not malo- an- 'at' m.-nt 'ii II ft.-. I that wages shu'dd I"- I'-dm i'd fiom 'hi.-.- dnl ins ami liflv nuts i. em- dollar and seventy Ii 'lit.. "-i 'i.-ii, inn- any stai. ni. iii oi ihaiac t.-r lo my ; innvlei-ami il was not ilaiimd at our meet ins. or in I'lii-'lirn .lli i lii-ni that Mr. '.iitin bad made any si: h statement. 'Ma i o r 1 1 j . a 1 1 -. w .' at 'In- same time employ -ng miner-. i e i ! i 1 1 1 1 1 -' tli.h- i iiuii's at the head of Annie Creek, and He.-,, paving tin- regular w aires. $:i.r,n and (.' I"i' day. and Mr 1 .o, ke. the g.-ii'-ial iiianaL'er. always represi iit.-.l in mr cim i -rsat ion s that In- bad no intention of rodti'Tng the wages: but i pi ted pay Ibe standard wages of this o intry. .IAMLS K HKOWN. I ). -ail ,voi ul S 1 1 . in tuber "n. L'mi STATEMENT OF STEWART R. THOMPSON. ! w.i - i;.. tie! !,,' :,' nt .... mine.-, of the So itli Dak"':i Mining cuinpany in .lanuaiy li'l and was aeipia mted with 1 1 t a i i i il.. :i:,: i a g'-'-. . - lu) o: Ii ' i- c nt b nieii i on : . -iluit otnpanv As i : I " " ':' '-" b t : I Ii charge nr Hi- men .:l work in .i in In ' 1 a .ii v. .Ill 1 1.. . . ui: pa i: 's mining ope ata-li. ;: ' Mh bead oi A :. n i. (''.-. K . Tie- "in any w as pay i n t he : " i;i'i I-:, 1 " . ' ii 1 : u i p. i- i:i for ::il lii'iiin -b -in h i amli'lates on the -tale th kets. without regard to partisan i iatbin for wbi'h the members w ill . i st t b. ir ballot s. The ad vi -i'1-v board of this union has just held, a meeting and it has selected the candidates on the state tickets, without any partisan or personal bias, as is said by the board. A- to the members of congress. the board makes an equal division between the two parlies, and indorses tin- election of K W Martin and A K Lee. It indorses the election of the republican nominee for governor, over the fusion candidate, Itnrr Lien For lieutenant governor both candidates are Indorsed. O. C. Ilerg. republican candidate for secretary of state, receives the indorsement of the board, as does also .lohn Scli.amber for state traesiirer. The hoard makes no distinction between the candidates for state auditor in the presence of .1. D. K.eves and F. .1. Tracy. and it takes the same course with reference to the landidates of public instruction by indorsing K K. Collins and Miss M. H. Aasved For attorney general both John L. I'yle and A. 1-1 Hitchcock stand on an eipial footing w'itb the board, and the same is true with David Fast man and ICdinimd Cook, w ho are the lantUdatos for commissioner of school and public lands. In the matter of blacklisting the candidates, the republiian party has but one candidate who is not. indorsed by the union, and the fusion ist s have four. One of the ineinlnus of the board states that the union had gained strength in many of the counties in Hie stale ami maintained that the vote would be large. He said that the union would be able to cast lit b ast between two thousand and three thousand votes this year. In Grant, county alone he said that there were six hundred members In the union who Will vote the ticket selected. II "SANDI E" MOODIE. Tin. Lead City Call, the- organ of tin: fusion ainlnl.ii' fur Congress,, on August Suth.lUUO, published a lals.- slate hi tilt-' winter of lfc'j;; 4 Mr. Martin stated Id a nun Tern. C ,. i unloosed of the presidents ot til ago .0 lu slate VV Olllil Lmdaiid Deadwood Labor Unions, thai tln-ii .scan- ol &as luo high, and that he favored a reduction lnuii ikl $1.70 per day. The Call - dared Mr. Martin to pnbli-h a nietit over his signature denying" the liai -. . and it 1 1, I I ill;-- n::'. w in ! .. . i. it'll.' !l t w : a n. i i . . i'i oi t ' a mail-'. I'. in'l I think bat ..1 1- I ; I- IS 1 !'' i .-i I ' 1 1 I. W A.--II IN' ; I ON , 1 1. C . ( t - 1 s'pli i.ll I lie 1 11 1 1 ' I .1 1 "f t be late John Sbeiniau vvu.s held today, simple M-rviees being held al the Sherman home, aei onling I" the Kpiseo-pal iiluab Many high dignitaries at-li miid. Ibe body was taken to Mans-1,,-iil in Hie allernoon lor interment t Willi II l ow . -u - - TyO THROATS ARE SLASHED. Uouy Greenwood Tries to Kill His ti.vcetheart and Himself. Hung (..eenw.Hi.l and Ceitie . billies .,, , .n I in- ii" pnai w itli knile wound-on .lieu II' ek.-. 'I be gil l say s (ll. ell M J I led .l bill III ! .Hid I hen tl led io Kill him.-. .1 .Neither is in any ,,i in-, r I mm i In w numbs. lii' b v .-n-n, ,,, .... e gb lo i ea. h a itai pninl . 'I lie ..iliing was done in a vain-mom at the i.-ar oi 1M lb aly .saloon. In i e Hi een w ood a nd the w iiiiiau v.eie ill inking beer. l'li y had not 1 , n in the loom b'U.- wb n lie- i.ieii in the front pail of tin' : aloon beard a s. Hilling and the ovel turning of I n i u it u ri -. lu an in.stanl the woman tan out m 1 1 aining, with the blood triikiing from gashes " ui ross her throat. She could not be stopped In the saloon, but ran out onto Lee street and in the direction of .Main .street.' si learning that the man was alter her. and imploring pn-iloi tion. She was taken into Al lire. -ding's barbel- shop and plui ed on a i hair. In a f. w minutes she be- ame weak from tin- loss of blood and fell to th lloor. continually : oaiiing and begging that (lieenvvood be kejit away from her. 1 );-. Labcoi k and Dr. Mol'titt arrived, ami as soon a; possible sl- was removed to t be hospital. Hi.-i iiwood did not come out of the v, I in- loom alter tin- cutting until In-v.a- bioiigbl out. 'I In- men in the sail on the . lit be bad a gun and In-si i .a . - a in. il going in before assistance d .lohli I lor-ini w a - the lirs ' io . uti-r He foand C.r.-.-iiw..o. ,, , '.. ' ar ib.oi- to th.- wine I oi ,:,i- appal. 1 1 1 1 y 1 1 i ng to gat le-r up b I; g t I "111 lb.- -. -1 o 1 1 1 1 1 1. Mr ' I" , ... 'an;,., h. i o ...J oi!e 'bin ' aw;.- ,, a K,., ( i . . en -a I t inn . i i : i - i in i a I i :. v 1 1- a u "' and 1,;, , ( jlH l.pi 1 ' ! .. !" d II III , i , : 1 1 i . ! i . 1 1 i : : i- ii . i. : 1 a c I m prove liiin lalse. ill'. Mai tin promptly replied from the eastern aU m Uw stale, where he at making campaign sp.i. hen, anil Hiblislied a signed statement wholly deny in ; the- barge. -No luuuf to the contrary lias been produ. ed. and none can pioduii-d truthfully. Olfners and members of tin' Labor Unions, lamiliar with the entire matter, have now mad. and signed their statements showing that the accusation from beginning to end. i MR. MARTIN S STATEMENT. .My attention is called to the frequent publication of a newspaper article in which it is alleged that in li-fll I slat, d to a committee lrom four Lalior L'nions that their stale of wages was too high, aud favored a reduction of wages from $3.51) to $1.75 per day. The statement, is wholly false. I never made such a btatembut to a committee, or to anyone at any time, and never-entertained such views; no committee ever waited upon me in connection wit h the mining business of the South Dakota Mining Company, known as the "Annie Creek Company." I never attended any of the sessions of such committees and I had nothing whatever to do with the scale of wages of that company. I never reduced wages, or encouraged the reduction of wages, either professionally or personally; 1 have always favored maintaining oar present standards. Personally I have employed a good many miners at different times during the past twenty years; have always been glad to agree to P?5" the standard wages, three dollars aud three dollars and fifty cents per day, and have paid them whether my enterprises have been successful or unsin-cssf ul. KHKN W M A I TIN Dead.vood, S. D., October 20, l'JOO. present more than sixty mica mines in Cutter county but none have been developed to a greater depth than I lu feet and only two beyond forty Let. With this small amount of development, over "mi. 000 pounds of cut mica has been prim ed. Mr, tliay-don is expei ted to return to Custer In a few days and worn on the property of the New York Mica company. which he represents, will be pushed GEN. KEIFER TOMORROW NIGHT. Ex-Speaker of the House of Repre sentatives Speaks in Deadwood. Ib-nelal Warren K. ifi-r. a. general of two wars ami x speaker of the national house of representatives, will speak to lie- iilieiis of Dead-wood at tin- Citv hall tomorrow even illg. October L'i; C.elieral Keifi r is one of tin- foremost 11H-I1 ill public life III the I'llited States. He was a brigadier general of the war of the r. In 1 1 ion. and was afterwards a member of congress f nun Ohio for si-viial years. At the outbreak of tin- war with Spain in IVis he was i mi misMoin d a brigadier general of volunteers and si-rncl in Cuba. lb- -;i.. speaker ol the bou. of u p a M-niii'io , .liii in .' i'i.- l-'iuti s.-i.eii'h .nUgle-, fl'igl l I" bS.; He I- I.H- Hi' III" lU"-' " J!'!'! I"' I. nt s" !.!. Hi '!:- r.r. .1 Si .t-ami a bo-.- aiu''! i .. i bit' .. ,. a i i- r "'! em '''"!' IgOIOIISIV. Clover Leaf Officers. 1'ierre Wibaux, president of the Clover Leaf Mining company ami Frank W. Smith, lii-t vin president arrived from Wibaux. Montana, and wiil spend a ft w days looking .-. tin- eompanv's interest-; here. Mi" Republican Candidate for County Assessor. 3 The county assessor bus to do only with the districts outside of Dead-wood. Lead and Spearfish, anil Is elected by the outside districts. While the voters of Deadwood. Lead and Spearfish cannot vote for the county assessor, many of them own properly in the outside districts and i an use their ihllui'iice to se lire votes for tin- man who. during the past two v ars has given us a good assessment and against the repmliatlonist who. if .dected. would make the most unsat-i-fietoiv assessment the county has , v..- bad Mr . Moodie divides his t line b. t w feu farming and mining and r, tin i efure qualified to make a a r .- tun. i' of the value of both n:-n. i al and a. -a it ullural lands. V r 'di - !! ame to the 1 1 ills from Color. e'o in I s. t ami has since been a ... id- i'l of I .:iw fii' county. II" own- a p in . a:,-b on Hex I lld'-r a nd STATEMENT OF HARr?Y DeLERAY. . . DEADWOOD LABOR UNION. I: II. In . Id ! 1 1 v. fi w .1 ti.-" l -1 : - i ' 1 1 i';'' - '' I i ,. ;.-!'! lor a cm to ' lie 1 b : i" i.e, h, " ., - in- b' .;. and lis ': , , ;j .,' ,- ' I. :i. a a ni-b " lb-v. .m ed on a . I, iir. w b. In- :-'' " ; : ,- i! I i- Na'ii'e i - ban la : a , .t .I-,-': i.w b, . I e d :n V.:- 1 -' l . ,,.: :i -. Hi :! ,e I'm- t -'. o .'! Ill ' I. : - My attention has been called to a iriibli tit it. 'hich it is claimed that in IVJt. Kb.-n V. Mail in. -'- 'o a i i.iiii.iiUce icmposed of the president-; of th-"-i organizations of Lead City, T.-rry. Central City ami I ;.! vood,that their scale of wages "as too high, ami that lie f.t wed a reduction from three fifty to one dollar and s-v. ut five cents per day...I was the presiding ofli . .V V .-'.'.! Worfcfflan of Hie fieadVood Labor organuathm. th" lt. --lit ofl.aljor N"o. 217, during December, LVCI and .January ivl at the tinif that the committees of the four labor organi.u tions referred to had interviews with Mr. Locke, manage: f the South Dakota Mining Company, in conm-tinn with Ciatter known as the "Annie Creek 1 1 mild"." The committee from the Knights uf Labor consisted of .1. M. M. l'.'-n. 4"a.. Ed Graham and myself, as chain.. an. 1 attend. .1 the meetings of the Labor committees with Mr. Lock.-, the niana-a?er, and other representatives of the company. Two ol those meetings were held in Mr. Locke's room on l'P' r Main ll.- v :'! ' an ! : tartTd him lor tie- bos I 1 ibaux is a I'rem hni.ili and ha- b. - tl in I In- eattle b-i -: m - s in Mull! sun s ; i,.-.. the ea t-y i -b: i- lie is on. of 1 He- me -t prom v rt mid f-il I . :.:t:. tm-r, of 11 ta-.- Ii L a1 " ' pi- ident of the X i" il l'..n! at M 1 !. C -1 v a 1; 1 ': ' n - n . - t on ' b : ' .i.i.-i.-sfj III th"H -!'f S'.i'. :n a'l ' ',' M l'i h lie ha . b. -1 :e 1'ul I -. 'diipnieiit. o: I i .;, I ' -i Sara I 'nine. 1" longing to "-. C'..-.. r I. af "in pa ii y . is pi i -: -mr - a ' ; ! , i I oi i ' !-. . and the m - ''' . .-' ' "! in - tailed It will t, .. a - :lli i:e: cap i 1 . t v of IU'iO fe. ' i Mr. Wibaux jt en In - v.iv bail: to l-''a'ii" fur a vi I and e;u-. t to .-a I on the fourth of iiMi.l r on t h- ' - anu-r Touraine. - ---1- o Wanted in Montana. j Sh. riff Plunk it and Shenll A ' L Aiken of C.lendi.e, Molilalia. iau;e up , from Sturgis. b iiaing with tli.-in K. ( I. Wilson, waided at Hl'-ndive for fraudulently nblaininir wolf skin bounties from tie- government. He j had been in and around Sturgis for I some time. He was brought in on jthe F.lkhorn yesterday morning in shackles and it was immediately reported all over town that the mur-' derer of Mrs. Jl'-rdmna had been cap la- . M., n n - mining i!(4.--e.-ts in the , , e.nn lb Las a bar idea ill' v a I :. and ! a'.. - all I'b-.ll if - or , Killed in the Coal Mines. voting man Ik the nn-nie of Imk-ie on was killed Tuts. lav night in the i oal mines at Maiblin. lb- bad just stopped from me room into another to speak t" someone, when a part of the roof of tin mine fell on him killing him instantly- He was a single man and bad worked for the company some time a voir or more ago. but lad been away and had been back onlv a month or two. stre"2t, in Ileadwnnrl nn.l thfcro was one meeting held in Lead m 1 1. ad-vo. .. !':...; i..w i n- i...- an.', will ! -.k m 'b'- ' v ba'l. II.. w I'I .-:l ' I ' Vein ,.t f be .11 :V Luilirgnni tr-b'. Satu-dav "."nur: for Hot Springs, where be is to .a-liver .ni a. hlre Siitunbiv ni -lit A le. eptiiiii .is being Jilanin-d for lbni in I'eadwooi.1 and Hot Sp:i'i ' w lil'h the V' ,,',;iTU ef the t wars will par ! i iiat.- Custer Paint Plant. The Custer paint plan t is now in continuous anil successful operation under the management of ft. W. Phillips, a practical paint man from Aurora. Twentyfour tons of ore a day are beine treated, ten. of iron ore from Xahant. and ten of graphite from Oreville. Eighteen men are employed at the mill and ten at the mines. c'ty. The committees did not wait upon Mr. Martin in run action with these matters. My recollection is that Mr. Mar t"1 was not present at any of the committee meetings; that "e made no statement whatever irpon the subject of wages. that his name was not mentioned at any of these neet- '"ss, or in' connection therewith. I have known Mr. Mar tin Personally lor twenty years. My understandlne at the. time ami since was that the company was paying full miners' wages, $.'? 50 and $3.00 per Concentrates. .1 !!. Safforl the mining man who spent some time in the Hills not long ago. will return in a few days to close a deal on some gold property in Custer county.. J. W. Gillmore has made arranage-ments to ship ore to the smelter from the Montezuma mine just outside the city limits. George S: Oliver, the high explosive man. cam in from Chicago to get relief from an attack of miasma and do a little business on the side. tured tor all work at their mines. h HARRY DeLERAY.. "aster Workman Deadwood Knights of Labor No. 217 in 1SX I , i ; . w a - ' n-i: oi . i -i i " i a i a. ,.n.f '. i v in:: w :i - Lke that of a : : ii ol I bo-,. Win ii a-l,ed w bat h- bad 'bile- the , .iiing with. (In eiiwo'.'l said it wa not him. but the woman, who bad done the ' lining. Th.- knife taken 'otn hi.- -pocKet bad no blood on it and if tin- .iitt-ng was done with a razor it could not be found, altho a search was made outside the back lioor. He said he was silting at. a table wlnn the woman cut him: that he was drunk and she was trying to kill him. The woman has three ruts, one extending across the throat, almost from ear to ear. and the others across the jnw. Neither cut is much more than skin deep, altho she bled profusely. When she was started to the hospital she pleaded violently not to be taken near Greenwood, saying she did not want to see him. There was one gash on Greenwood's throat, the knife having penetrated nearly an inch, almost across the Adam's apple. The cut was short, altho so deep that the flesh was laid ba.k in a flap. It was near the windpipe but did no particular damage. Greenwood is a barher by profession and ran a shop in Spearfish from until a y ar ago. when he came to Deadwood. Gertie James had been his sweethart until a few weeks ago. when1 thy quarreled, and Jealousy .seems to have caused the cutting. mo 1894. Deadwood, S. D., October, 20, 1900. STATEMENT OF ARCHIE FERGUSON. LEAD LABOR MINING NOTES. DK SMET The repairs on the mill are nearly completed. It will be started on De Smet and Deadwood-Terra ores. MAYFLOWER -A bond has been giv-enand the mine is being carefully UNION. I Vno .. i . . . . . . . , . ... y Mrs. Herdman's Murderer. Officers at Tiismnrk. N. P. are holding a man suspected of being the murderer of Mrs. L. R llrrdman The man rode into town rvnd was- first noticed by Thomas Fortune, nt -whose barn he slept all ni-ht. ITc refuses to talk and is heing held in the mil awaiting fuller identification from officers here. jf . OI tne Lead "liners e iiiini .i... temhl t0 May 1893' and was a member of the Union in De" JreuM 1892' and Janllary. 189. and was present with the 1(ient of the Lead City Union and oncers of other labor otni 8 at certain conferences wi.u Mr. Locke and Representatives of the South- Danota Mining Co. I was ent at at least one such meeting in Deadwood and one A Quiet Wedding. A very quiet wedding took place at tin- home of Mri and Mrs. W. H. Stewart at r. : .TO last evening. The contracting parties were John L. Wells of the firm of C. R. Wells & Son of lit lie Fourche, and Miss Maud Hemingway of'' Spearfish. Miss Murva Stewart acted as bridesmaid and Fred Hrutiger of Lead as best man. Rev. C. B. Clarkpastor of the First i samfHe4 with a vi w of reopening if the conditions warrant. ( LKOPATRA The new mill is running steadily. I"- apacity is 100 tons for nmalgamatn n and 50 tons for yanide. ltOMBSTAKK -Twenty new stamps mineral has been disiovered in the Imine and the management propose to start up the Pluma chlorination 'works to treat it. A new shaft is to be started. Black Hills Mica. K. C. X. Oraydon. who has mi--a interests in and around Custer is in ihn east at present and has dosed a deal with some eastern enmnanr to purchase all the mica that Custer county will produce. There are 'at tS-1 yty- Mr. Harry DeLeray. of the Deadwood Labor W Ir ,tion" an1 otners we"e present also. I knew Mr. E Ma?rf 8t th,t titne- My ''eco,le,'ijn is that Mr' Martin frred present at either of the meetings to which I have re fEr113 he did not to my knowledge make any statement" thTS reduction of wages from $3.50 to $1.75 per day or c W'M. T v -X..11 xi .1.. r innV nri nart ' M. FJ. church of this city officiated. j iciunei-uun is mat air. ..aum i

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