The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 6, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1900
Page 5
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JUNE 6, 1900. THE, DAILTC PWNEEB-TIKE8, DEAD WOOD, B. D. ROAD TO DENVER. f - " ' in raf Pa CP 1 Page.) TfromFirat rnjvvwinnjwuww oriAArL.wuvuV'ji ' arvruirvrux nn (Con' ,h.. -tate. Hp delivered thousand. The political rostrum, he said, was not his place of business, but he desired to do something for his children, and for that reason, he had decided to take the rostrum for the republican party. He said be did not intend to say anything at that time about parti'-- but he ini!d not resist paying hi.-. :espeits t.i tie-howls aiio-it tni-is Trust- Mini.) indidatf Martin Mr. short ' Sa ,r man great bodily injury, in addition to the mental anguish which she has since endured. Pinski on the other hand claims that lie did not strike the woman, but that she came at him with a weapon, and that in order to pro tei ' hllllse!;' he ellileav or.-d to w rest the implement fro inh.-r and jio.-.-ibiy sic coii.-idered t all .i.-iNUUlt I'l.eil-'V iV 1. alley af a!toiii--s lor .Mis. llrandhui ,-t . and W. I. .M.-.a mil-iin for l'inski. FREIGHT CARS PILED LP. ere n at yj'i him. :m.l nt ., said to ins th ian ii If that Boy I. tea- .'udge .-' lf L' 1-,-iS 'ill' 11 H. E. Oewey. then introduced II. Iv ,j u -.. opt'ii'!1, his , , ..r .iry. 1 faid .. uas a r.itili'-ation hot li :ket ever i. 1 arc. 1-e said the no asiou to jollify .and i -utnlition of tin times . . .. i. ...... . )Binai.'l in . vrrt-d to t!"' II III ' . I'll' SOUJI uuuscn. Cosf.v t the bun.1i-"!. of thousands out 01 lu ... .. l,-..n,.. npent nf nrOK- Wear-, nut .i pair of, oniinai-y -.hoes in a nMtuli. put him into our Armored Cruiser." This ,hot' will stand the racket of the wildest Imh- that ever kicked out shoe leather. THK UPl'KRS are made of soli,! calf Wreck on tne Burlington Near Alle ance Was Disastrous. The w re, ., i, a ill,- iturlumtoii tins side of Alliance, caiise.l h a enu lllllision lietWeell I W O SeCtiOlls Ol a freight train Sunuay inorniim. as one of nie most expensive the company lias experienced in several years. Almost the entire second section of the train was destroyed, including the engine, and the track was badly torn up u.iere most of the wreck occurred Some twelve or fifteen cars are piled up in every conceivable form, and it is going to take several days to clear them out of the way. Some of them are so hign that the wrecking derrick can just reach them. Engineer Hunter and Fireman John-sun were on the second section of the train, lioth trains were let out at the top of the grade ,but the forward section being made up of empties sagged back on .e count of air. while the rear section, according to the operation of tin- an1 hrake. gained speed, until it was running miles an lunii faster than the hrst Out for Sixty Hours. l-::igil;.-er ) 1 ill.' r heel, nut on duly I"', ;.jl hours atid ii i- c,i 1 h,t iiej, I I ;i - c p III III.- ., :. I . olll Miaiislioii A i any . .-in lliet.- lio! h i II C to ll.' .lie III. II il'- I S.e.J lie under .leiii.,cv:ite ad m m 1st rat u m The i omlition- i ! I j I i- s-i. h an admin i st i at ion l.e-,,r ,,11 us. an, a ip.-; cannot live in tho.-e condition- an more than any one else. Tie- republicans, he said, are endeavorini; t- legislate for the government control of trusts, vet everv democrat and every populist voted against the resolution by which the republicans had endeavored to accomplish that end He then thanked the Lead citizens present and the band for co-operating in the meeting, and assured them that the Deadwood republicans would be glad to reciprocate at any time during the campaign. The Modern Woodmen band dosed the meeting with "Hail Columbia " The Deaflwood Central train was held in Deadwood to accommodate the Lead visitors. FIGHT OVER APUBLIC ROAD. Rosa Brandhurst Causes the Arrest Herman Pinski. Rosa .1. Hrandhurst has instituted proceedings in circuit court against Herman l'inski for exemplary damages in the sum of one thousand dollars, which she alleges she sustained by icason of a bodily assault made upon her by l'inski near her place of residence, in tin- vicinity of I'.row ns i!b-Judge Moore of this circuit issucl an order to the sheriff lo bring l'inski in and hold him to the order of the court in a good and sufficient bond The court's order was complied with, and l'inski is out on bond, to await tie-trial Of Ills case The difficulty is said to have arisen over the matter of a public road tli;it runs by the Hrandhurst home It is alleged by Mrs. lirrmdhur.-t. in tie-complaint that) l'inski struck her in the face with his hand, and inflicted Distance Reduced to Four Hundred and Fifty Miles. W. S. He, ken left Monday afternoon for :':. scene ot , on.-trui lion along' the r; ;h, l',-:rlir.g'nn rail road we.-- : 1 1 .in All. am He has a . ontract tlie work between liridge. port and S.dticy. on the llurliugtou utoff. a ; be say., i Ik- grading; is nearly ti: . e-d. 1 1 I lei ;ni r'.y special agent for the I ' i i I ; ti gtou in this sn t;un of 111" col.!.- ... i.'.s. ., ;..:.!'..,'. . t carter. i!(.; p'i i i i, ; ; ;,. g; ,,1 iug outti- : icily own, in Mike Hlmore :i( old tine- .ontractor Mr Burke has sixty-live teams at work, putting on the finishing touches in tin-way of ballast for the roadbed. He jgets the b.tlla.-t from a graw-l pit near N'orthpo; in Cheyenne count) . Nebraska. It is c.. i ted that the liin Iingion will complete tins work by the tiru of November, so that trains will be running between Deadwood and Den ver. Tie- distance between the two cities wi:l then have been reduced to 4.".1 milt s. Nearly all the gradlmj U done along the new line, and the principal work to be done now is the bridge in i oss the natte river, which will be a lug undertaking, and will require several months. When the road is 'ompb-te the Burlington will have opi nod up a territory rich in resource- ,i, agricultural land, for stock rii.-iiig purposes, and for minerals. Tie-re -are vast quantities of copper iiid iron ores near llartvill.-. and se !.il mine- ale now operating al that point E. C. Harris. Tlie I.' It! HP I'l1. Win . 1 i 1 1 I li I- this I o ,iv ' ii a I ' H tin - r I.. , . : i .!:.! - Hill t 'l : ' - ! e 1 1 I . W . , I I ..IV 1 . 'I .l.c Hills; I-! l v. !, i .'. ' - l I". .1' .' - SI. i : ..... ill,' I I "1 !:..- ' , ' iii! 1 - litd to I A ' I .' e; I - pa- I . I.i. Cell ' I i 1 1 . -iii A'- : i . I by I'n- -ii- : I :-i! i There ,, : ' ii,.ui i aili'ua I " :; , ! , v. .li r. ". . ec. i dingly . .c 'd , . M.u ris ha.- tie- reputation of o.-ii , a i evactii, official, cold and !p t rt bcs. who h.i- deposed biiiiiv a good man with a dependent family ironi a po.-. turn simply for the sligh'e.-t dereliction of duty . To espe ml ,1 lends, whom he imagined could assist Tin up" the ladder ol lame, he was more than kind, but with the "common herd'' it was "the people lie damned'" This is not written out of resent ne-nl . as the wiiii'i has no grievance." rt BUt I''1 ,l'l.i.ev -o-.-.,. wa on the road then that s,atesmaii and Christian Seman. William McKinley. and he Lht thtMvpuldkan party had done !rrthing advertised; had carried lZ ! prosra... in full. He asked If re were anv soup houses or Corey's lies now. He quoted the speaker i Sioux Falls who had said the popu-' were hell for peace in time of irand hell fur w ar in time of peace." Etook up the expansion question in-rmally, and said the United States id eipanded involuntarily at the ct017 of Manila bay. at the victory San Juan hill, at Schley's victory erCervcra. and at the surrender of ueral Torrai. Thanks the Lead Club. James W. Pouter was then intro-ced. and in In-half oi the Dead wood publicans, thanked the Lead repub-sn club for it-1 attendance and on-isiasm at the meeting. This he I briefly and in a liappy humor. He ke of tli- S:o i Falls convention i the splendid hody of men he had 'D there. And el that liody of liue kin? nu n In- in.ti.eil that the I,aw-ire county di h uation was made up skin, with oak tanned snle leather .liottouis. 5 E 'lilL SOLKS ate lillci with '-tecl eir-p licit-. lhe iiewr Wear mil. 5 II - I III .i ;: '. .i : :. : n.: 1 1: in o iv d paw a-i'I will u,- (. .tin- tbe finest looking irx-ii there. He ike of the sentiment In; had ob-ved in tlie eastern part of the te. and lie predicted that the state lid ro republican hy twenty thous-,. and Lawn-nce i ounty by two Shoe Co. Zipp 655 Main St. i Ii. 1 1 n v, , i t ' i 1 1 ; l llie c.i l, no - cm 1 In ii i . i s. - i in i ;,t a hit I !m- ii.ii and lolleil li ,.. ,ls sill" II-- W.l.-. l.lkell mil I'l inn : i l tie- I c 1 1 w ,i : i i c i 1 1 1 ol th'' !,oi I. i boi ' , - ii i'.-di' -d and ina nie.i wlt.h tile' h 1 1 i i i : 1 1 : .- 'OoKcl in plac s .y i .-.cap I n; I'miii Tlie i'. 'i 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 i . and aitho lie ii.-, alie .i last I i-(n M t . II was not belloei that In- would recover. Alter the engine of the second section left the 1 1 ack I lie other cars of that section began lo pile up until tie-wreck presented on- of the most remarkable spectacles ever recorded in the annals ot 'railroad wreckage. Cars were piled three high in places, tuber cais were broken in two. and still others stood on eml. The engine was a complete wreck. The boiler had been dee I.'. -I id. siiiokc-ta I Spring and Summer 1900 II n HUM lr-a;gY Wr take "Teat pleasure in ofl'i'riiij: this sea-son's purchase for vimr inspection, heiiiu I'ullv aware of llie fart that ii exceed all our previous efforts. NOTWITIISTAXIHXC Till-: KKCKNT ;ki;.t advanci: in mimn iiandisi: in OI K UNI-;, WI) II A VI-: NOT AlVANCi:i HI K i'i;i('i:s in anv siNcu; instanti;. Our Men's. I )epart nieiil is replete with tender and pilot and bore little reaem- 1 STANDAPTj itr ill",, blaneo to a loi-oumt ic. I lie track was torn up, and a piece of rail driven ilea r t b in the u at'-r tank Track around the wreck. Men were sol lo u oi k at mice lay TICKETS VIA WASHINGTON To Republican National Convention. Two tonus of excursion tickets to Philadelphia will be sold via Pennsylvania Short Dines for Republican National i (invention. One lorin will be good over direct route, the other ia Washington. Faro will be tho same either way and tickets via Washington will be good to stop over at the National capital, June 14th to 18th, inclusive art) dates on which tickets will be sold at IMS South (Tark street and I ii:. .11 Station ticket office, Chicago. They may also be obtained by applying to H. li. Deling, A. I!. 1. Agt., -Ms South Clark St., ( bit ago. ing a track around the wreck, as it would reipiiii- several days to clear up tbe ruins. Tlie improvised track about l."n feet long, was completed within a few hours, and trains were What? Why! the Best Polish on Earth! Now We Have It! permitted to run, the passenger train being but about Uni ty minutes late as a result. How the train men in the caboose tlie very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest : shades and styles, ninjrin in price from ! $7."0 to ?i!L00. i The handsomest line of Men's Spring ' Suits we have ever shown; the very latest (lesions in high grade t:iiKrinjr, ranging , from $;..-() to 125.00. Fully equal to tailor-made, at just half the cost of inade-to-order goods. on the first section of the. train es mm caped is a question that is ausin Dewey On a Trip. WASHINGTON. D. ('., June Special.- Admiral Dewey and wife te-partcl tonight for a trip to Ohio and Michigan cities. much wonder, yet they got off without injury, notwithstanding that the car rr is ,.nsrl) was reduced to splinters when tho en EN BY glne came Into It. It was the only car . nirJ of the tirst. section that was damaged to any extent, or that left the track. Tho crew at onro cut loso from the EYTJqWHER Our Hoy's Deffartment consists of everything necessary for a boy's complete outfit, splintered wuy-car anil the rest Of tho forward section run onto Alliance, pursuant to the general rules. The crew of the forward section had been reliable goods, ami low prices being our Boer Envoys at St. Paul. ST. PAUL, Minn.. June 5. Special. The Doer envoys arrived in thi3 city today. This evening they attended a mass meeting arranged by a citizens' committee. Dr. Fischer exhibited specimen explosive and dum-duui bullets, wbic-n ,he says, had been taken from tin' British after the battle of Spiou Kop. Neely's Arraignment. NEW YORK, June 5. Special. ONLY AIM. Cjwrlrtt NOT bj 1M9W1D Bloch Co. TRY IT! FOR SALE OLNY AT De Mouth's Ark, B7 consent of all parties concerneed. the arraignment of Charles F. Neely, on the criminal charges or connection WA I J I To rr" rcM rJplUir witl(the Cuban postal frauds, was called today. The postponement from the former date was caused by badly shaken up. but no one was hurt. When the crash came the fireman of the forward section was thrown from his seat thru the front window of his side of the cab. onto the running hoard of the locomotive, and barely saved himself from falling to the ground. The shock also drove the engineer against the front of his cab. but he struck against the side of tho w indow, instead of going thru, and was quite severely bruised, altho not seriously. Wrecking Crews at Work. Two wrecking crews are at work on the wreck and the work of salvage ia under way. The loaded cars scattered their contents all over the ground, and there is a vast quantity of kindling wood on the scene of the disaster. Large crowds ot people havo visited the wreck from Alliance and the surrounding country during tae las te dn- and hundreds of people v.ewed the heap of riiin. How a Woman This season we have paid particular attention to the TLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just like ?a's, from $2.00 to $6.50. Shirt and collars just like Papa wears, ages years and arck 0U1 GENTS' FUHNISHINU DEl'AKT MENT, corn ?in every Jetail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-iiing that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, 1 by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades I shades for spring wear. The best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in new style Plaids and Checks. )nr Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in 's Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. waiting for he decision of Governor Roosevelt in regard to the powe rof Suffers. the state to Isseu extradition papers. Absorbed by L. & N. R. NEW YORK, June 5 Special. meeting of the stockholders of the Howell, Ixd., Nuv. M. I will Blwaf prtira Wine of Csrdul It hu don m more good than all the medicine I hare ever taken In my lite l'loan end book about femaia diseases to tbe ladlee wboae namee I enclose Un. MINNIE STODOHIIX Montgomery, Haynesvllle & Camden railroad is being held here to formally vote on the proposition to sell its line to the Louisville & Nashville. About seven and one-half miles of graded road is involved. l P HAVE YOU A HEADACHE? Try our headache capsules. PALACE PHARMACY. It Isn't necessary for a woman to cive particulars. When she says she has "female troubles ", other w,mcn know what that means. It Hot In the Valley. Judge Plowman 'phoned from his ranch at St. Onge yesterday that from C to 8 a. in. the mercury stood at 102 in the sha-'-y. with not the sliclites; suspicion of a breeze. The ai;- was heavily laden with the scent of cvap oration of vegetable moisture not unlike to new-trtown hay. A slight Die o sprang- up after S o'clock, wh:. h :n a small way relieved the pressur . It mc'jns headaches which "Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in.appear-ance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. c l f.r insf and Jragind tackache, and shouiJer It mians nerves on It means debilitating leans martyrdom some- means oays ana nights ot enJicss .Mi:itTi!i;. no tongue can discnhr. it iuc.ui' that t down in tbe lower ab-i- .:n.n. . it v.wxn ache, and arm ache, an.l acX . :.i t:.e .,v. r edge the blues desp..n.i 'n.v and I-.s i,i drains tiiat tlie c i 1 i i. .rr;- i . ' times even death seem pre;,:.. A; .; -. ;..; -ir, -C-.-'v r "h ji-TJe Baking .'ovtticr CttCfc t.' uv a ftlad-eti'.'j r-rico. IA01ES' A0VIS0HT OEMftT'Mlir. .i '. Ce of Cardui will utterly ; -i i : ' .-; diseases and pains to rout I: I o c-ireJ thousands of cases v.lm r. thintr else on earth would. To tht: btidJir.? woman, to the bn Jc, to tlie wife, to the expectant For ait Tlc In omen r-n n r r . tlirt-rtiont, a.l'lrem, pvi:,j i.. ,. iip' m.rj Up'L, lh I H'l I ytomi Powder Ebirua co, Chaitaiiooitii, I ther, to tiiose going through Say, Strangerl ' Don't you know- that you can do better on jewelry by going to Central? J. B. LaBeau of that city can ti tyou out in anything that you want at prices far below those you would have to pay elsewhere. He has been in the Jewelry business in the Hills for 22 years, and is thoroly reliable, what he sells you is strictly as he represents It. Get other prices, then get his, and compare. the Change of Life, this VeretiMe Wine is a blessing. NONESOCOOD. Druzrists Sell Laree Bottles for $1.00. NOT I iVADE BY I THE V TRUST. J

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