The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 6, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1900
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY. JUNE 5 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DBADWOOD, & D. Dr. Bismarck yorjWedelstaedt Hcndacho Biliousness, sour c'.omarh, eor.r. tion and all liver Ills are cured Dr. George S. yonWedelstaedt Geo. V. Ayres k Co. Hood's Pills pie prefer to have you steep thru the sessions rather than make noise plavs. First, be cock sure you havo sonic'thin? pood to offer, then go to the ity attorney and have him it in an ordinance. He is paid f thi-e. IN n-is it with vein ci nn i-i-rs before the . n ri 1 1 un i ts ;md In- pi i mire 'I to 'iisii it thru. I unit :oi ;:way in'ir t.-tn. u Ih-.iji talk ynii ill' pill.! i ii THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 174. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTAHI IS11KI) AI'RII. ". is" CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. 11 micro-aor-- The non-irritatine cathartic. Price ;? cents df all drniri-'isn or hy njail o! C.I. Hood V Co., Lowell. Mass. i:i Uiven 'o leal work. -,(. illu, k. Ot Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Companv. n k m - i.o , nei: i. ;, If:.--- 4 i.n.l interest llf I til I I I' 'I tl after th lie I M i! -nun l(Mjk .1111 nun Ti asm hit.- ,,s alnio.-t ) aim. y. w in 'a ,. Auenst. 1 -in a pan i .-t im-oii. Id I' l'l lil.lSlil.Ni, e-- nun PIONICKK- I !''"' . mil let ts fright. iiiMimiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiiiiiiiii i.-le - i tin at --..ihi pa.-.niei -tni,- u ! i o I !m MONEY LOANEU ON COLLATERAL itSe'KM' 1 Kin. TERMS OK FiGURE. HEROI Ti lii-nan to v from the ('ri sp.llteil on e nun's w.-re ( i, loan (I n-- hall i, .i , ii' ai n ii , n w v tii.-.r .-. Co! 1 1 1 I 'Ii tin- ' , , lie III lie! State- V Tic- f il t! ' 1 1 mi I " i .-tin : a . Tin 'awful Tate of interest, ctly '-ontidential. Will s. at a liusiiic-t- -ii 'ill iit v our i . .il cnrnaMni; tic-mia mi th. iii-iiiii.iu-. re or -liii lll l of the I t, monetized r r both alarm- e 1 Ulllii ' 'lie S iilliil lie .1 II of Mln t. .1 'side nee if requested. D. JACOBS. t!..iil tile Tin 1 1 T . .1 .- DAILY Kvm V. i i, .nK Km ;. Monday. (Hi. c:l ti ' Six Miu.tlii ' '"' One Mouth i 00 WEKKLV - '1 Kw-: I : j j r One Yt ai Six Mm.:!,- 1 H'-i Entered a A .-.mi 'Idw Matter .it the I le;i(l wend I'dstiflice. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. h'-duN- pin-, id and enraged the liiticitl popn Cigar Slcr. Cosite Bullock Hotel. an I''d in.i i in Si i i-. I.eiaU.-e aa. i-nlateU it of his an ins. has j.iit .11 1,1- 1 1 Il Ileitis e-t nr fi i r tun !i and fi'-e silveiife- we-t of the Mi- i sippi. and ! i ; 1 1 , 1-. r i j t 1 1 great radio. i i o i" po r a 1 1 1 1 n like f,.- I n.'on l'a:" ami Northern Cad'h . il.dl .1 -il i .-tan -t i rim. mi t.'u-nil tin- industry in i:tter : All brain in s of Had' ti nance began to : f t Beebe & Cleveland THE GROCERS modern ii;,; !. contain a I le'lf ell. lilt -HtS llf le,!. 11. Hie line.-, nf ii.' Ii.iti. ami In-i.' tin- A II III. 'IT Mo a t Of i (inlili' 11' e fo lil) business. was hoarded . the money niai REPUBLICAN TICKET. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII In pi li'llll :iit that il llll ,M- ii.:.. is ..f i;iu: u. lit Kilmer -I si i in any it.- of peace. i mat urn i on- ; a m ar i iii . lauKht tl;.-. at lintaiii 1 1 a :i -:. i a ! man Street. I'l-h phone 1 11. (Hit: c-M It Tl N. . il m i I : k I : rld Unit 1 1 a rrisc m lea nni; house . ti ! to in old,-, ami five tvli- i , I. ii la il tii pi ep in lim- ..: vant.-i i lei, ! I'lil.l I. ;h to supplv y i ,ii r i ii'i : - or ehf. k it ;h. Ill Hi a ry ! !!!.-- ;i:u u. Main St. Deadwood, S. D. ii K 1,. :t i !., I' !' 'II . .-1 I ' I F v iLITO FEED Ai SALE STABLE PATCH i: i. I'l.i.l . . 'c..: .:i i i : -ti 11 ! I ai,.- it t. I . 1 1 K.lllMl.el ' 1'lt A.N K I nan a I'e I" I'll! n I i 1 1 - ei a liiis to JOHN SOHN Until Sa Idle and Dnvit.g llors?n I i.rn.shi . Teams R night and Sold. Contracts take n or to move household goods and furniture, delivered. I an'i worit am i in-ill ea.-c to lt K li in: Iii- I I. .'hi i rnillta i rni' i i pol: f reel. f Miica I if coiir.-e. h -Hit of --.- 1 i I s t 1 :t liii- u r h USPATi'll. ii- in, GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main St ! a'e'l all a- i nam 'We declare ourselves in favor of the enactment of a statute, with proper penalties, providing for the purchase within the state of all printing, blank books and stationery for public use." Republican Platform. o CAMPAIGN SUGGESTIONS. ils heel! lie I- It and set- M , Ti w;n' i i in ' "- pi Hide;,: - -e' Since hi will ivcugni.e ilS the .-,1111 II that the KukIi You Should Go to- in Atrii a lit dally til would comniandin treneral. or whoever i-respon.-ilile. should he more careful about startini; reports of the death of Agtiiiialdn without good foundation. They are a severe shoi k to his friend.-. aid ar ish iiinph. As ;i matter of e.uidid fiict. all the ri-lit and justice nf th Kiiment has been with the Kiif The republican congressional ami state ticket is made up of clean, clear Anna A. Leuhrs No. CI Sherman St., For your dressmaking. A line of ready made ladies' garments kept constantly in stck, at reasonable prices. Visitors always welcome. cut, dignified gentlemen who need no from the beginning. Tin y have been fighting against "taxation withoat representation" a proposition which caused our forbears of glorious memory to dye Bunker Hill and other familiar spots rad. Under tne name of a republic with the organic law of an autocracy. President Kruger has been administering a government which makes that of the Persian Shah seem like a mild, humane. Bellamyesque The Ladies Bazaar 2f Silk WaiStS for this week at a hai-ra.n. : New Dress Patterns for spring ,wns. Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized Ginp;-haras, and all fashionable fabrics fi r summer fc: dresses and shirt waists. 5p Tailor SllitS f'r e vervone, Come and --c. B Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood .Senator IVttigrew and Judge Moon-of this state and in Massachusetts it is said whole villages go into mourning for days at a time. Of course there are corresponding days of joy when it is known that he has escaped and is once more merrily sprinting over the veldts and kopjes of Luzon with whole regiments in hot pursuit. Still, it is jarring to the nerves of the American tagalogs. THE BILL Or FARE ...AT... defending and the legislative and county ticket will be composed of the same character. If the opposition places In nomination a vulnerable ticket in part or whole, that will be their misfortune. The Pioneer-Timet proposes to conduct a clean, dignified campaign, worthy the high character and intelligence of the nominees. To do otherwise would be to detract from the strength of the ticket. It is expected that pop papers and pop orators will employ their own peculiar methods and make free use of their only stock In trade. Republican principles when championed by such men democracy. He not only made the dog taorait of an Outlander bear all the burdens. but pay heavily beside for the privilege. Weak sentimentalists talk of the sanctity of the home, the inalien able rights of tne individual and the rapacity of the English. They load Is complete Their table merits the patronage of the public. N'i 1!' Lee Street. J. A. GREEN as Martin, Burke, Herrled Snow and i ships with sympathy and shed tears We've Get It! Yon want Ii Let's make a deal. Oar busines Berg as candidates, and Gamble. Preston, Stover. Loucks, Tripp and scores of other republican orators, will triumph. It is not necessary for republican newspapers to get down into the mire with the opposition papers. It would be unreasonable to expect pop papers to even attempt to be fair of honest. It is hoped that representatives of the republican papers of the SOUTH DAKOTA OPINION. Iroquois Chief: The Chief does not hesitate in going upon record with the prediction that the republican state and congressional ticket will be elected in November by from 12.000 to 15.000 majority. Alexandria Herald: The convention was, by all odds, the greatest convention ever held in the state great-et in point of numbers present, greatest in point of unanimity, greatest iu probable result. Pierre Free Press: No machine dominated the work of the convention, except that machine of popular sentiment and approval that made every move in the work of the conventi6n as one of accord, and left no stings of defeat and discord after its work was done. Springfield Times: The move toward the republican band wagon is transactions are .strictly couito tial. We've got the money, 7 want the monev. fo come and enough to float the same, in sorrow-over the oppressed and misused Boers. But sentimentalism is never sense, and the name republic as applied to the Boer government has covered a multitude of political sins. Yet for all that, Oom Paul's deathless purpose of resistance, his relentless unwavering war against the giant of military nations, will be regarded as the sublim-est incident of this century. Not until such time as the Berserker blood in our veinR shall turn to water, and the genius of commercialism assumes full tenacity of our souls, will Kruger be replaced by a greater hero. us. We have on hai.d a 'urge stoet The Grocer NO. 7 CHARLES BTRDDT, j Quotes you a few of his prices: Buckwheat Flour, 3 pkges 30c Best Home-Made Bread, per loaf 5c Evaporated Peaches, per Xb 15c Evaporated Apricots, per rb 20c Best Bacon, per lb 12Jc Best Ham, per lb 2 6c Best Canned Corn, per can 12Jc All other groceries in stock at the same low rate. A trial order of unredeemed pledges at prices ntf helow their cost ..: manufacture. No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office, taking the form of a wil finish. Black Hills will meet and outline a plan of campaign to be followed as closely as local conditions will permit. It was for this purpose that the promoters of the Black Hills Press Association organized. It can be made a power for good. Before the campaign opens in earnest The Pioneer-Times hopes to see a joint meeting of the republican editors, the chairmen of this county committees, state committeemen for the several counties and prominent nominees. The benefits resulting from sueh a meeting must he apparent to all. In numbers as well as in council there is wisdom. Vermillion Republican: Only bine months and three davs more for Rich FIRST NATIONAL MM i Tni; White House DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. ard Franklin Pettigrew to misrepresent South Dakota in the United States senate. (,'enterv ille Chronicle: The con vention was not in session to abuse or besmirch the opposition. They tannin thousands to organize for a sweeping victory in November, anil with that idc,'?. dominating they have selected Fork Hill '.United States Depositor l in: most (lcsiral)le location in tin- City. Its attractions are ;-rST DIRECTORS: T. j. GRIKR. P. E. SPARKS r. d. a. Mcpherson. O. J. SALISBURY. BRYAN AND I HE FARMERS. The fluf tuations in the price of wool durin the past decade are no doubt familiar to the wool growers or Hiis section. From 1 V'O to 1 xf' 2 wool ranged in this state from 1 to :.' I cents Ten c ents its paid in';I.T ha and '9Gand. 11 cents in 1VU. Pines began to pick up in ls:T. sales having been made at K! cents. Iu is'.S and 1S9'9 a still better showing was made, the price advancing to Hi ceuts. This year the same grade of wool will probably bring 0 cents. Yk the farmers know anything about the economic conditions that existed when they got the low and the high prices for their wool? Can any one doubt they do not readily understand that the protective tariff and republican administrations of 1890 to 1892 and of 1897 to 1900. were not by far the best for the American sheep grower? Shall they then give their support to Bryan, who says that farmers don't want free wool, but who exultingly remarks: J'l am for free wool." The natural conclusion to draw then is that the farmers don't want Bryan for President, or any representative in either branch of congress who will vote on Bryan side or run on Bryan's finely FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER. STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, color bearers that have honored themselves and the state. Men of honesty, virtue, integrity and ability, compose the ticket that will ask for the votes of the people Canton News: Tne fusionists know, now, that there is no hope for their ticekt. no matter whom theey OFFICERS: MOSTLY ABOUT WATER. The rew alJeiamnie-agitators sh )t. Id agitate the water question. The situation at present is about this: The city owns and operates what is known as the Gayville water, qual'ty poor as the poorest, supply for Main street only. The Black Hills Canal and Water company supplies the residence portion of the city when the water is not needed for the mills ot the Homes take Mining company. During the wet season Dead wood gets the seepage aid during the dry season we get nothing, or aa Billy Bryan would say, we get it President O.J. SALISBURY I Chier D. a F.SMAN Assist. Cashier J- S- J .T. J. GRIKR No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable nominate at Tankton and Chamberlain, IVioe-Preeldeot, and the pop papers are ugly as satan. DeSmet News: The republican machine filled three or I our railway .trains, all the hotels in Sioux Falls. Wagner Cafe in tne necK. Dut mat nas no enect on ALA 1 M .L . l J , 1 Serves Meals JJight and . ub w? oi ihq cuecx uemauueu in J. L. MARCOUX'S Day, Best Cafe in City and Its hum can now tfe heard in every voting precinct in South Dakota. It's a hummer, all right. Chamberlain Democrat: The republicans of the state appear to be ready to make any sacrifice in order to defeat Senator Pettigrew. They apparently have no use for anyone who feels disposed to uphold the can- payment ior ine water snppir. jno .'matter how small the quantity or poor 'the quality, nothing less than $450 per month will be accepted. Should the W. C. SPINDLER, Prop ticket present dry spell continue three weeks New Undertaking Parlors! We cannot afford to run the risk of longer, the residence portion of the city will be without water. So far as the public Is Informed no frreemon a repetition of the disastrous results of democratic ascendancy in 1892. W- H. MOORE And the only sure wAy to guard against No. 20 Lee Street. ,or understanding has been had with the water company for a supply from every mothers son of a candidate, no matter how bJgh or how Are the Neateet and most complete low the office to which be aspires. in All Embalming' done by an expert. Every candidate on the democratic ticket in this county, in this district, is In league with the free silTerites, stitution and live up to the declaration of independence. The Hannaites have taken quite a contract The people of this state are loyal to a free, republican form of government Egan Express: The convention was full of men who hare come back to stay, independent fellows who permit no man nor clique to say they shall or shan't hut put it to a test of votes. Just think of a convention of 1,061 delegates and Only one sore place. And feren J. T. Kean says that be looks to the future for the recognition which be believes be deserved at this time. 'and has started out to make the maJorttylO.OOO for McKinley. Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE PAIRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. All kinds f Carriage and Wax-on Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St, - Deadwood, a & we water uai is oeing Drougnt over from Spearflsb. The remedy for this evil is easy of solution, not expensive. Now what the people of Deadwood want to know is whether they curl expect relief from this reform city council or it will expend itself in wind. The Pioneer-Times baa advised a number of the aldermen that the way to do a thing is to do it Don't waste ' time In discussing 'ordinances" before they are eren drafted in outline: dont indulge in grand stand plays. The peo- Only Funeral Car in the Black Hills Telephones -) JJ-'K so is a free trader and stands squarely on the Chicago platform,' which la saturated with anarchy and fraud. - What would the election of Bryan or any other man, to the presidency on the Chicago platform mean to the business interests ot the country, when Ven the nomination of Carlisle as iav ui sv i iit

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