The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 15, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1898
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

v Dili v. THIS DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SUNDAY, MAY 15183. OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. t THE DULY P10MEER-TIMES. I OliE CHITA Weelt'.C Lemen Crc- 1 1 I fMimn MCiinne'S FOR FARM . . Pre r : 01 o Monster SiiOiis, II I I .. . 1 Three Ring Clrcu. S Continent ModmciIc, Roman Hippodrome, Kite Hon Fair. l urely Coming and Fosi'lvttly Exhibit at Harry DeLeray. IS SELLING CLOTHING TEN PER CEN r LESS THAN EASTERN PRICES. vmm 1 -.--.- kWaJ . . AND GARDEN, Alfalfa, Clover. Alsyks, Timothy, tm Grass, Millet, Cs s Knfflr Corn, Seed Potaisssj and Fora(e PI i. nt Seeds, Vegetable and knrsr Seeds. Thl Is one of ths best yean known for bay Ing and sowing seeds. Prices ars low Mi', weather favorable. Prices furnished on application. CaUlogus FREK. Tne Nebraska Zni Cc:.;::j, 1308 Faikm St. - Omaha, Xsbraskl . 63 Sherman St. 2 Main Stmt, i Dealer in 643 1 ODMS AUD HAND CAEVlERnS. If you want a Camera or Kodak write to us for prices, and circulars of the new Cameras, rremos, Pocoa, Rays. Adlakef, Cycles, Cvclons, Quads, Vives, Huttels, Bull Eyes. We are Western Agents for all Cameras. Wholesale Jobbers in Photographic Goods. THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO. rM TI Vt-l t Trained Animal Exaibltlon, Keel .MAY, 16. 1898. Ball jeo vlci,iDiao . Mlghtl Mongers of the Great Dors. Giant The Very Lord of Beasts. Than Any Elephant Ever Captured. High Diver. Flings Himself Backward from the Dived From. I Daaduood. Monday At Old Be ie THe JSuTlGxt Rarest. Strangest, Awfulest of all Th The Hlgg-t Brute On Barth. a Towering Taller, L .ger. Weighs More, Coat More Bigger Than the Famous Jumbo. Capt. Santiago, The World's Highest Diver; Actually Highest Pol at Ever 1 the 131$ Farnam Street, ... - u.j, icorasu MEATS. SckTR$AinTl-o7T WORLD ,f Steaks, Chopr, Hams, Lard, Etc. mm Fish. Game Best Occd3. - Deadwood, 0. D, Deadwood, B. D., Choice and Oysters. - Lowest 'Prices, Til 12 boons, uiass ana juiwwsib, Wall Paper, Etc. H. STEYENS, RESSiysr. BAHCAinSI DAYS. 1 n 5? - Qreat peceivers Xjittle ISdnct. The Olrl Wonder. The Only Lady Turning Forward and Backward Somer-auHa on a Bareback Horse. A Challenge of $10,000 to Any One Who Can i'roduce Her Equal. OF Smith & Whealcn ct, , kiiuietfivvn w .g. NOVELTY. The entire stock will be sold regardless of cost as it has to be clos d out as toon as possible. A ORJIAT 100 Exhalted Circus Supreme Complete, Largest, Greatest The Only Lady 4 and tVhole Droves and Herd of Animals, Giant Oamel, Long Maned and Tailed Horse, Baby Hippopotamus, Baby Lions, Serpents and Birds. First Gcr.3 First Smil. AHGAIHSl FOR 90 10 Per Cont Discount. e y other Will be ers on Leather art marke I returne! on all 'ash Sales to Custom A GRAND KRhaS 8TRBBT PARADK3 ttVUKY ENTRY DAY AT TEN - .jif--A- O'CLOCK. A. M. alga Dive at 10:80 a. m. and 6:30 p. m. XDacoiaravlorkssf on all Xl.allxocA . Q xls in tie Shoe Line. They in plain 3 i.res, Irss in price than Come and Supply Yourself at C. E. ZIPP'S Advertisements mr thla head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion whea run less than on month. Three lines 11.00 per month. Payable In advance. WANTED HELP tr Wanted Solicitors for in beautiful Life of Frances E. Wlllard." publUhed under the auiplces and indorsed by the W. C. T. V.: to onlr official book; pre pared by Anna Gordon, (or 21 years Miss Wlllard'a secretary; beautifully Illustrated; only $2; tremendous de mand; bonanxa for agents; auperb book; liberal commissions; credit giv en; freight paid; write quick lor outnt and terui. The Dominion Company Authorised Distributers, Dept I, S5 Dearborn 8L, Chicago. Wanted Woik by the day at wash-ng and house cleaning. Apply to No. 127 Sherman street. Julia Vedano. Wanted A girl far light housework in small family. S3 Lincoln avenue, IngWwIde. FOUR MEN WANTED To occupy 1 large room with two beds, at 1 each per week, over Thompson'! wagon shop, upper Main street. Wanted Couple for ranch, without children. Woman must be good cook and good housekeeper. Man to do chorea and take care of team and gar den. Wanted Competent girl for general housework. Enquire of Mrs. Bjn Baer, Ingleelde. AGRNTS WANTED FOR "WAR WITH 81'AIN." Including all about armlea, naviea fort aud warship of botn nation ana xrs phlc story of th great victory of the gal lanlDewey; tell everything anoui samp on, Hrniry, nianuga lh ana mama cou niander, by Hon. Jauie Kankln louug th Interpld trailer for Cuba llbre In the halls of Congrves. The greatest war book published. 600 large pau; loo superb Ulua tratlon. many In rlcbeet color, iiu large colored maie. Btaieal book. Blabeel com minion, lowest price; only SLio. ttacn lubicrlber receives grand $1.00 premium free. Demand enormous; harvest for agent ; SO day credit; freight paid; out fit free. Write to-day. Addreee, TO M tlooal Bowk Concern, Dept. 16, i&i Dear' born street, Chicago. FOR BALK. t7Deslrabls building lota on Lincoln vtnus Ingleslds. Lumber (arnlshsj to bull I. ndwln Van Cls. tt cLots For Sals Howard's Addition. Ibis addition U Deadwood, beautiful ly located ou the Park bench, adjoin ing tbs Dudlsy Spring, t& th First ward, is now opsn for ssttismsnt. 8ss plat and prices at office ot Edwin Van For Sals At a bargain, a group Squaw Creek claims among the oldssi locations ot the district. Will sell half Interest or ths whols group. Snqalrs at this office. For Sale Seven the finest resident lots in the city, all in a body. nqulrs at this office. FOR RENT. For Rent Two furnished rooms f Jf light housekeeping at Clark house. For Rent Nicely furnished rooms over Frits Amnion's. Mrs. J. H. Ru castle. wanted Two rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board for two and child. Address S, Pioneer-Times. Rooms to Rent Furnished cr unfur nished with privilege of light house keeping. If desired Apply to No. Fillmore street For Rent A furnished house of sis rooms, centrally located, to a family of no small children. Address Box 60S, City. I wunt to rent a good piano. No old rattletrap wanted. Cash maat&ly In advance, "B," care Pioneer-Times. For Rent Furnished roo.m 733 Noble block. Mrs. H. J. Mooney. For Rent Nicely furnished rooms on Williams street, one block south of Catholic churdt. Mrs. Easlnrer. LOST. Lost A tnall gold cross with all diamond sets. Finder please leave at Pioneer-Times office tor sultabls reward. II .Msww IDBS. SC leror n rwlf r lOfess rMS) JsfsasieWes. In Old OT tAUL 0iml?mTTSAu vWtpiMiii 1 rim l x pgirasm ill for $3.(Mt egsesm DwsmiiiswseeitnW ssssy vfmmS4. Uowt 9Vy -MratTiosj, exA MsnsiiM bat last INDsVfSX If yostf CreagSsstt tksM fM '''i '"'' MarBIa touvwwoa OCR U10II -eww ii hi ii UndsrtaLxra and Ernta!n::r39 Chtmaa Street Pull llns of O0FTIN8, CASKXT3 and ROBES always on hand. All or promptly attend) to. OooeU alPPd to any part of the Kfilf. Harrlaoa TMephasM 114. ranrreasTrr ait , v vjt esnssji br Ms , mim (Xstabhshsd 1876-7 PIONEER-TIMES PUBLI8HINO CO TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAIL Ifr mornini. exrept Monday. On Year '0W Biz Months 6-W On Month l.W WEEKLY-liiutd every Thursday. Otis Year Hit Month 1.0 PlONEER-TIMKS Deadwood, 8. U. fntered as second-class matter at the Dead wood PoatolTlce. w - - - " AN INTELLIGENT ENGLISH VIEvT The Ixndon Graphic, one of the mo Influential paper of England. In it liutuf of April 23rd, glvns a very Inter estlng review of the dlllU ultlf bctwo-ii the United HtaU" and ttpuin. Thr ur tW-le I no less noteworthy for It In tttlliwnt grasp of the situation than fo It tone of sympathy with this roiin try In lis determination to abate an In tolralile nulsame. The Graphic -ay "Tht tlcu-rnilnalloii of the Cnlie Hnutiw to xpl Hpoln from Culm !i not lon arrived at with any undwvre- clplliition. Indeetl, If evtr lutirffi'"ii of one atate In the affair of another waa luntlflral. It I ao In the rase of .he United Statm and Culm. People thla side of the Atlantic are so little I touch with the historical aide 01 theCu ban Qiieailon. and are to deeply Inter ented In Its more Immediate imped that ihey form but an Imperfivt Imag of the real and terrible provocation suffeml by the United Htatoe. They look upon Cuba as, perbapa, a some retrograde colony, but still the colony 01 a civilised power. They soe Spain full of a certain picturesque dignity, act) resounding with pinky deflance of r foe Inflnltoly stronger than herself, nin. they are Inclined to think the action ol this foe somewhat harsh. To a grea extent their sympathies are quickened by tie pathetic picture of tho excellnn woman and her young son, who are .b chiefs of the Spanish slate, and tinou whose Innocent beads the reeponsihlli ty for the sins of others Is being visit ad. Unfortunately all this does no get rid of the facts that the Cutiai problem la one of the most hldeo'ia di graces ot the century, and that no w-l ordered government suffering froinein Lamination with It can permanently ig nor It, In the first place Cuba Is not merely a colony governd on comparatively retrograde prlclples. It Is scare-ly an exaggeration to say that It la s plece of Armenia dropped Into lh new world. While all around It liberty flourishes, while It has seen the Span ish colonies on the main land win thelt independence, and the Brlturh colonic! on the same 'hemisphere granted th fullest rights of serf-governing com munltlea, It has been condemned to ai administration little short of mediaevl a). L,lke the pashas of Armenia, th chief functionaries attain their poal tlona by bribery and repay themlvet by extortion. Except to drain It of lt wealth, the mother country does llttli for It, Soarcely a tenth of the area Oi the Island 1st under cultivation, am) many of the districts are actually Iwr explored than the wild of Central Af rtaa. 'Until a few years ago it was governed by decree, and Its governors werr Invested with authority which they rarely failed to use oppressively, auj which generally they applied with re voltlng cruelty. The rebellions whlcb have thus been forced on the madden ed natives whltea and blacks alike have been repressed with a disregard for human life and amid horrors which many a sultan might envy. During thi first Ave years ot the last rebellion un der Ceapedes, the Spaniards admltte that they shot 43,500 prisoners, In ad dltlon to 13 800 Cuban killed In battle That wo the period of Valmacedo's bloody administration scarcely more than twenty years ago when t'.n whole world cried ahame to the Span lards. Cruelties of this kind naturally beget reprisals, and hence the mode of warfare today Is on both sides little short of savagery. Eighty thouan.l men perished fighting In the 1864-7 rebellion, and during the civil war ol the last three years over 100,000 liven have been sacrificed to this Cuban Mo loch. Wbat Europe,! state would toi-erat such a condition of things like this at It own doors? Since 1849 the United States baa been uninterruptedly occupied In policing the coast of Florida li! order to prevent filibustering ex pedKlons leavlnf for Cuba. During the, whole of that period he hu been plagtiod In various Irritating ways by the disorders of the Island strained relations with Spain, diplomatic difficulties with other poweri, excitement among her own population. Injuries to trsde, and so forth, flhe has now determined to get rM of the nuisance. She has resolved to give peace to tie island once and for all. Striking a' the root of all the trouble, she liai called upon the Spanish government to yield up the colony It has so unworthily administered. No one ran blame her, and many will applaud her. Mt'l- tary a".rry not to be won by beating 8ptn, and It hi not for that or even for an extension of her dominion that the Ufllted SUUa will Sght. Her object to give peace and a stable government to a spot on the earth's surface which has scarcely known either the one or the other throughout Its history. It wars ars to be 'waged st all they could not be undertaken In a better cauae." This, the eve of a dying century with the clash of fiistorfc events resounding in his esrs, and the shadow of gigantic coming events striking hi fading vision, is a Outngilme for the death of ihe "Orand Old Man" of the century, Gladstone. One of tho most potent forces of ths passing century feas been the mighty train that Is now tsm Ubc frltb th lawful Question of dsatft and future tire. a WE BOND YOU. Ws are now nrepared to writs bonds in any amount for Bute, County and City Officers, Justlcs ot ths Peace, Notaries, Administrators, Executors, Assignees, Contractors, Secret Society Msn, Salesmen, Agents, Cashiers, Bar e Also Appeal Bonds, Attachment Bonds, V ar N THE SPOT WITHOUT DELAY. ALL JUDICIAL BONDS WRITTEN 0 Don't ask your friends to go your bond when tor a small payment you can get the best bond In ths United States and be Independent Pleas) call and set us. temple a Mclaughlin, Att's. j. p. hymer. General Agt for the Black Hills. Unltsd States Fidelity ft Guaranty Company, Baltimors, Md. (Capital paid In cash, 11,000,000.00.) Lee-Clarke AnQrc3s:i Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and 8portlng Qooda. tsie-aie KAixn - okaju bewtwood Caee-SriMlleaU aioek, J. C, CARSQX, Dr. E:!!:j DENTIST, Ta rl n , P.iias BlMk, Omska, VV Full Set Teeth IM Dost Set Teeth 1M Alloy Fillings LOO Purs Gold Fillings, lt.00 or nnweitia 22X Oold Crown, SS.dO be.... tM Drldgs Teeth, fS.OO per tooth aad Crown Teeth extracted abso'utsly without pala. riftesn ysars experieaee. The Npw Muirav, ThorouKhly Refitted. Rates $2 50 to $4 'erDay. x Speriai rates bf weak sr . ssea ass a. mux) wat' Pres. Mr. 4. STlCSlfTT, UkrVS. Headquarters fuESssk H!!s ttz;'.i -run- MILLARD J. E. Markel & Son, aaOFBXXTOS4B, Thlrteeeth and Douglas Sta LEADING HOTEL OF GAIU Moat deeirabio looattoa. AiBri( Plan ill 60 pestewaaS SB. urnpraii ln 41 00 perAava Id Xleeaat Omtm In nuwlloi, Dr. J, F. Hortzmann, Ths esdfW.eyeslsi Ut whs kreala all Diseases ea Bales Sad Tssssls Wsahasss aad . Xeatkhr Inea-aJarf ies ef VeimeJee CS years la Ossaa. OeasalsaMea PtrSsn 5:3 1 mzx, u. DR. C. GEE WO. Hs to sas ef the oet skillfui ef Chlaese Soetors, eauee of mta areas ksowiodgs aad sra Having seea e t years la tke se6.wj eolleca ef Chiaa, be UBSeretaads U las mediate artlea ef ever S.OOS remias. With slfthteM years of eapeHeaoe aad aver alaht vau. mM that time la Omaha baa gives blia a rep, tattoo backed up by thousands ef teetiia. nlala In curing EVERT CHARACTER ef dlaeaea, whether CHRONIO OR OTh. -WI8H. Dr. C. Oe Wo guaraateas a ers to every oaa er tbs money wui b rortas-ed. Consultation fro. Send a tws seat um, for book and queetloa blaeis. DR. a Ota WO. Slf N. If tk SC. Cmabs, biee. Kodaks and Camcrca Flissant aad Froflubls Slwersleat. WE HAVE ALLTS2 FC2TLJLS.- fssf sms's a"4srs Prim Casisrvj rVee Caaterss kldlakt Camtrat VI f Camels Diamul Co were tulfm-tt CsStSNtg, tulltt Camtru Tot rieoear. aad prodl la laktag Ptetwe ef Sit Bports aad Soeaeee .... , TT "12 mm o1 rise esoss LMeiavies, rretsesotsark too sad bwi' laber far t eOour. A poetal card asdveeaM b a wiy brlBg yea eer lllaMrated nWnjui rr. am a M l - -w- GAS0LII1E STEAM. GAS Jr WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS MORSE CO,, 1102 rarnam mu omsna, nsb. 1-1-8-D. ft W. Lawrence Skow Taxldsrmlst and Tur Dresser. . . I a f 1 t at Fur Rugs abd Robes to order. Taxidermy supplies sj stock. All work guaranteed Brat class. SOS Bonth 13th Bt. Oicaha Esbraika, Seed for eataltgua. I 1 88 It. m w. Capitol Hotol Ob blork mm of K.w IT re. Northeast Cor 18th and Capitol Ave Omaha, 3PiJofc. A tetlr Fin Clue Family Hotel; Omnfnrtable Rnnine end rareful attention! Jive Traaaleat gueeie alio viall TrauaMlM. (MttUoB. RATES I T'.analenta par D.T . . Tabl. Board per Week. H f Me oooi ass Hoard,,..., t W aud Uliwaru krs. a. ii. tmm. tlm 1193 MISSM. P. D1K.N, Preps. W. !S ROBINSON, Assayer ana Chemist 1112 Dodge Street, OMAHA, . . Nbra.ks Samples by Mali. 9S-D. ft W. BISHOP & CO. Luneh Counter I 'Dining Room.! 1617 Gap tol Avj,, Oaaoa, 5eb. Seatloff Capacity 2i'0. S-24-9S 4 and. LEWIS HENUERSON, FLORIST. Fine Cut Flowers, Plants and Floral Designs Shipped oa short Botlos. 16th and Tama'a Bts., 0 I 1? IS D. ft W. .a, Ssbraska. THE MADISON Xlrr. F. L. Axtell.Prop. list Chloago St, Omaha. A first class family hotel, one block north High School, one block from ear llns.runaing direct to Eznotitloa grounds. l-e-dAw-.m. r.icQRnvv ; is rn oLf jA SPBOIALIST aA wao nun aix. i iJ Prtv&ts DUtssai w i ONLY SO TaartKtpeetaf,, 1U Iearela Omaha. Bun rre. tonanlta. 1 Uoalre. ltoafts,o ) ta.k m UBIA.HA. MJCS. FS1IT1 E. HABTII, rtxrlt tree orders J4 oa short b ttoe. Corrssondsnos eolicttsd. 43 Boalswd Avs r '"v Star & Bullock. Hardware Co, Heavy and Chelf Champions Acts 'a 150 Horse Rider In the World. Performaiioes U I and I p. m. The resignation of John Sherman irom ue caDinel removes one mure veteran statesman from the stage. The value of John Sherman's services to the nation can never be estimated and the page of history containing hl name Is Imperishable, and will shine with brighter and brighter and bright' er luster as the years, yea centuries pass. Nothing In recent years has creata.1 a greater stir than the fall of Manl'a it, iima a aeciaen cnange in tne traditional policy of America. One pe culiarity about the matter is that, though discontented, no other nation In the world will protest against the acquisition of the Philippines by America. Had any other nation acquired such vast territory In the far east, it would have had to fight all the othr powers to retain It. OLYMPIC BAKERY AVS BoffccCbec Basement of Clurk Building. Opposite B. A at. Faaenscr Ixpol, Sherman St., Deadwood, S. D. I take great pleasure to Inform the people of Deadwood sod rldnlty that 1 will open on Monday, May 16th. A fl rat -class Bakery and Coffee house, under Olympic, Clark building. AU orders for ics cream, plea cakes and bread will be filled and delivered to all parts of ths city. rxjTS COFFES jLXD ICS C&ZAM PA&L03S UT OONXXCTI0N. llartin Eeuppel, Prop. WALL. PAPBRS. Maks selections at your own home, over 600 new patterns to show rou in my sampla books, which are ths sams papers as will be sold at Alfred Peats ft Co.'a mammoth New York and Chica go stores this year. 4-t-tf 3. OOWBERO. AaMt. DOUBUB ENUU8H YIOLBTV. Alwara fresh out. fSe to ii os kj knnrh Orders by mall or otherwise promptly BUsd Fremont, Nb. A TRIP TO THE EA8T on tbs New Pennsylvania Limited is sure to be a pleasant one. Ths grand scenery of ths Alleghenles may be eu Joyed through the large plate glass windows of ths Observation Car. For details apply to H. R. Derlng, A. 0. R Agt., 248 South Clark 8L, Chicago. DR. A. 0. ALLEN Hss removed his office to seeoad floor.trost room, of th sew Clark building, Shsrmaa treet. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I will not be respeostbl for any bills eeBtraet4 by parties Living la say houses In rMf1wfWt bp mKa mImm m - BMUrtal, without a written order frees Us sBasrsigsta. WM. H, M'MASTZJL Hardwares Sanitary Plumbing, Sewerage Connections, Oornloe Making. Doors Open at I and 7 p. m. CHURCH SERVICES. OONORCGATIONAL. it. Alex g. MoOotuMlL D. D.. Pastor. RaeJdeoee No, li CeaUaalal Are. 4ei-vices morning and evening. iunday 9ohool, 1 2: IS. Prayer Mooting. Thursday, 8 p. m. Jholr Rehearsal, Saturday, 8 p. m. .-Special mueic by quartette. i he seats are free. FIRST BAPTI8T CHURCH, a L. Kirk. Pastor. 10:30, Mooring prayer. 11:00, preaching by the pastor. 12:15, Sabbath school. :30, Junior meeting. 4:00, Oospel and Song service. t it B. T. P. U. A cordial Invitation to friend stranger. and METHODIST CHURCH SXRVICES. Rev. C. B. Clark, D. D.. Pastor. TODAY'S WORK AND WORSHIP. 10:30. Morning Class. 12:16. Sunday School. 3:09. Junior League, 6:30. Ep worth League. 8:00 Even tag Service. All welcome. Strangers In the city specially invited. ST. AMBROSI CHURCI. TTv services today, Sunday, will bi is follows: At 8:30 o'clock, 1st Mass at Central. At 10:30, High Mass and Sermon ai Deadwood. 'rom 3:00 4'clock to 8:00 Catechism snd Instructions for Children an J Adults. At 1:30 o'clock p. m., Rosary Sermon and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. T. W. STANTON, Rector. ST, Rev 11 o'clock, JOHN'S CHURCH. 0. G. Wars, Rector. Morning Prayer and ser- mon. Sunday School at 12:30 o'clock. Bishop Hare will be In Deadwood, May 23d. All are cordially Invited to attend. GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCH. Services at City Hall building S p. m. REV. LINDORFER. TRANSATLANTIC NEWS. Router's Telrgrami, ths Direct, and Max-key's Cables suddIt the readme i'fuli commercial nubile on thl. kM. t .he Atlantic with fakhful news. Ocean oramunlcat'on with the other slds ha tiso received Immense rmpetus through the Improvement of steam vessels, and ihe Increase of their else and motlre power. Passengers across the Atlantic ire, In spke of splendid accommodations and ths lessened vibration by Im provement in the hull of steam vessel, always liable to sea sickness. Ths nai- ea wnicn roe compiainc produces is m-able with Hostetter's 8totnach Bit iers, which quiets snd Invigorates the stomach and relieves biliousness. Ma .ana ana tne ataoraers caused ny changes of cUmate, exposure In Incleuv ent weather and unusual diet, ars al so remedied by It house in the state. MAIN STREET, DuAuWOODi Officers, Employses, Guardians, Office Officers, or any other kind ot bonds. Replevin Bonds, Indemnity Bonds. Minoond LI HI Oupplles. oe. w. a. rmATT, sw, axxuaaT. tx. T. d. DOWD, PRACTICAL VitchiDEkEr, v J:;v:!:r And OPTICIAN. Wsteh Car ieee tor the r. C St PI. V. H. aw a wial sad I will mnatN auk fcouoa la work sad stums. In Stmt. C,i. P$?gr.:t. C::f::i. r. W. MOFflTr, If. D, nsr C::ti'i Crr; Jtsn Ti!:;.::i Eg. 343. Deadwood, - - gout Daketow -Atloiioys at It:- taMsdsosr A Kassablsetu pQvnr:3f.:::j73 effff TTMTw1"" leMllieelei Swat, I I I I Irtlw l erMw, ami um J f - fk JWAalefe mri . iairaay- e An i.f fW. i 1 nil e fct Mieiwm, W , J I J V mmmm- mar.j Saiiae-aW kilk - I STLJS tlXXAIT gaertai am amaass an Fieri H. St:ni, M. D, HOMCEOPATHIST, 70S Sain St- -i- Deadwood. JOHN W. QIBB9, ArtlltrsiaiiSiiJilildMl Kee eH4a PaaSMaeS 4 (ae lMaeS ef jbe smmI ohetlimt eamf of OoMrrbM s4 Gleet, nennteed Is rroej IMS Say ao olh.f trMtmant reqturea. to of ail mffwia. t leeaaawMwakwl Cl CIIEIIAIIOT. f7 . feeeeiiwwaeyiwyMoaaaaM E3iiui tost Ciiits, Balls reams, a D. Dead wool, - ww dS SjHpec daw raas wW' WS fj 0 (TBSXeV. - ...... 1-

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