The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 4, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 4, 1809. TRY ALLEN'S FOOT EASE. to a deserter of the First Cavalry. I suppose In his hurry to leave the train he forgot them. I gave them to a fellow who Is corresponding with him and he said he would send them to him. Well, my friend, J shall bid you good STYLE! A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. Your fee feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Base. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Br Form and Make Are What bye for this time, Please give my rds to Mr. Hampton and wiih regard -s Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing se hoping to hear from nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieves 1 corns and bunions of all pain and gives to you I vou soon. shall Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the (fracefo, Very truly yours, CI f AS. F. JSAROHN, Trotnj. CLJttL jl rest and comfort. Try it to-day. bom Dy I all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial hang. - i tmr-lcnire FREE. Address, Allen b. uim- Puerto i'linripe, Cutu I stiad, Le Roy, N. V. tearing 50; Cnld and Sliver. The Union Assay Office, NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. Will Give Correct Results of &0U1 On All Samples roizglit to the OJJicc j E. C. Johnson at Hill City, S. D., U ex Til IZ CAMBIUM'S (It TING. KniKlHs of CamDrHius took their, elusive agent and headquarters for the rich Thi Established In 1889. M. H. Lyon & Co vertical free milling gold mines and copper properties of the Southern Hills. Sev-I eral prospects as promising as the Holy i Terror was are for sale on reasonable terms. Telephone or write for particulars. (tf.) Agents for the Blickenderfer $35.00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. outing Sunday, at While's pond. mar tli" old fair grounds. About twenty of the Knights went out. and had a greatj tiiii-They took along a bitf lunch and liberal s'uijply (if the liquid that made Mllwua-kue famous .and they stayed until the supply ran low. The lunch was served hot, and was ver ypalatablo. The day was nr-cifffd' lit Idtftiliiff quoits, fishing tti the pond ,and swimming. The fishing was nr'. very successful until Pete Zoeckler fell into tho water, whwereupon a school of (lernmn earn and Irish mackeral ycnt up r NiMMMIIIillililif i iiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitftiiiiiliiiillliiiiliiiiiiiMliaiililliitiiaiilllliillf llltllitiuiaugiiBuuHt MINES AND MINING. RED MEN All RiknfcHirs of liafeota Tr-ihp -Nrt -1. I, i l(. M , are requested to be at the opera bouse at ! o'clock sharp July 4th, to take part iti the parade. - J. W. McGlNMS, ('. of K. iiiiiillllllilliimit iiiiiitililiiilllfiiiiiiiliiliiiiiiifliiiilliliiiiiigfiiiaitiiii iRmuimtuisflii f uui -o- the bank and took to the woods. Tun (jt-hfeT Knighte went around wHi salt asd They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. Tne Clothing shown by us is especiallv rn tde for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloiea and white shirts, Wil-son Bros Best are not too good tor our CUSTOMERS, It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clothing Extra Knee Pants, ahirta and Waists for the little fellows, OUR Tie3 are the talk of the town OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. lishment of Christ's kingdom In earth. Their trust Is In the Infinite One, who will guide the advancement of the triple alliance to a glorious destiny. The League and Baptist Union have been holding THE TWO BIO PLANTS. " The D.'& D, smelter of thls city is treating a hundred ton of ore dally from the 'Golden Reward properties In the Bald Mountain region, this ore comln from the appropriated them by the right of eminent domain. Kred Helm and M. J. Dono laedorah and Ruby Belle. Harris Prank van had a swimming race, but the water wta not deep enough to create a demand for life savers. The gang had it arranged to baptize Jim Krawley. without waiting , AN OPERATIC MEAL.. I The Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational church will serve dinner today at ' the vacant room in the typera house. Fol-! luwwlng is the menu : 1 Hot Roast Beef Ham Hot Potatoes Itaked liea.H Salads Pickles Coffee Sherbet Cake. Next Door to City Hall. Price 35 cents. meetings together once a month for over a year and so successful have been these tin. Tic president of the Goldon Reward Consolidated Mining MillW company, gatherings they have decided tb continue -tales that the combined capacity of the them lndeffinltely. The Endeavor Boclety two plants Is 12,600 tons a months. The was recently reorganized at the Congrega melter baa, alone, been treating about 8,- 600 tons of ore monthly. for him to ijisrobe but he got on and did not go within shooting distance of Hi' pond. ,. j This was only one of a series of picnics j that the Knights intend to hold this Bum- j mer, and. now that the matter has been in- ! aupurated, the rest of the summer will undoubtedly be very pleasantly spent. j ! tlonal church, so it was invited to Join and the members gladly accepted. The first meeting of the triple union was held In the Congregational church, led by Miss Maude There have not been any changes In the -working forces of tha different mining jiopertlee ,and. neither has there been any ti. . R. ATTENTION. Members of Keogh Post will meet at post headquarters, City hall building ar, it o'clock this morning to Join the proces change in the methods o.' the smelter. Baggaley. The subject was Christian citizenship, a topic made approprate by the near approach of the nation's greatest holi 'She plant Is still taking all the custom IRON CREEK TIE CAMP. Peter Ecklund came into Deadwood Sun ore It can get, and giving good terms. sion in charge of the seige gun captur ed at Manila and presented by the govern day, July 4th. The leader had her lesson carefully prepared and the result was an iO day from the Iron Creek Tie camp, and ln- ment to the city of Deadwood. All old tendsd to remain until Thursday, in order , 8oldierSi soldlers of Span8h war and sons excellent meeting and a good time. The Baptist choir rendered an Ice selection and to spend the Fourth of July at home. He of V8teran8 are reqUested to Join with two young ladlee of the League sang a GEORGE M. NIX IN CHARGE. George M. Nix, general superintendent Tor the Wyoming Missouri River Railroad, and fof the Black Hills Coal company was In Deadwwood Sunday and yesterday, Tiaving come In oa matters of business. is running a saioon auu Beuerai luercuau- the G A R ,n thls parade iMiJ dise store at the camp, in partnership with duet. Miss Van Cise presided at the organ. Mrs. P. D. Smith read "Kipling's Recessional" very affectively and to per By order of GRANVILLE O. BENNETT, Post Commandedr, o I J. O. Uhler has resigned bis official posN wlth A. Koch man, formerly of Galena. He says Lepple & McLaughlin have about seventy-five men at work, and are anxious to secure more men. A man can cut from lOMBSIONbS. IRON FFNCMf fection. The ministers of the three " - mm ivwifc churches were present, showing the deep A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER tloa with the company, and David Lloyd, the coal mine superiatendent, has gone way, to remain, which leaves Mr. Nix la Interest they had in the social trio. The twenty to forty ties a day, ana receives Wnj ofen u,, a horrible burn, scald, cut eleven cents apiece for them. After the or bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, tha meeting closed with the immortal song, - absolute charge of everything about the I MONUMENTS Foreign and American. America," benediction by Rev. Kirk, and first of Augut the contractors will pay! best In the world, will kill the pain and a general handshaking. Many of the mem twelve cents for them. w. v. ooyle ts promptly heal It. Cures old sores, fever company's works, Mr. Nix was In Deadwoed yesterday ordering soma hoisting machinery for use Is the main slops of the mine. This slops bers complain that these meetings do not come frequent enough, asd the suggestion Marblk and Granitb to meet, oftener Is a good one, and onf It some nine hundred feet In length, and going to do the hauling, and will have gores uicerti boils, felons, corns, all skin thirty teams ait work this week. It is two eruptions. Best pile cure on earth. Only miles from the Burlington "Y" to the 25 emta a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by camp. The "Y55 ts at the mouth oIron 1 jr.. q. Phillips, druggist. creek, four miles above Maurice station j 0 and all trains stop there. j that ought to have the serious considers' that la rather a long distance to raise a car tlon ot the societies. The next meeting, the first Sunday in August, will be belt s at N, Cata's 6601 Main St. T h CAIF AJ DEADWOOD, S. D. J' VV, AgOl In the Methodist church, led by a Christian The Burlington company must have Endeavorer. . Aetna Powder Go, million feet of bridge timbers by the first of August, and in order to get It out Messrs. Leppla and McLaughlin will have qjuuvxuuiruuinnjiJiJinwinjvuuv f coal by the ordinary means, as the rade Is pretty severe. The coal at the fact Of that slope Is of an excellent quality, and teams to be really Improving as It goes In and has mora pressure. It Is Mr. Ktx't Intention to Increase bit mining lores within a short time, a the demand Hor tha ooal Is Increasing, and it will coon nn accessary to begin on tha winter's sup- Jty m fuel. BLACK HILLS BOY IN CUBA. to keen a lance force at work. All of the MONEY L0A1 largest and best timber Is cut up into lengths' for bridges, and the rest is util Arthur E. Oore, operator In the Elkhorn ticket office 1 nthis city, has received the following letter from a former Black Hills boy, Charles F. Marohn, a corporal la "O ized for ties. Mr. Ecklund says there is going; to be a big camp out there before fall, and it will last at least a year. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY, On all personal property of value. A large stock of unredeemed pledges atsr prisingly low prices. M The artesian wsll ku richl a depth of "7W feet, and if Sowing about thirty tal- "lent of water an hour.. Mr. Nix an- troop, 8th United tastes Cavalry. Corporal Morohn lives In Lead, and has several brothers there now. He was at one time a student at the state normal school in UNIFORMED KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. Business sincuy uwuua" All members of Deadwood Company, The Deadwood Lou 0! 21 Lee Street Uniformed Rank, Knights of Pythias, will meet In tha armory at 9 o'clock this fore (TUUnnrLnnnrmnn n nnnnn ruumnnruinninnnnnnninn nnnvU"" """1 v Bounces that he la going to continue the r kola to the Impervious formation, when he - feela 'confident that an abundance ot wat-w can bs obtained. The bottom ot the kola Is la what Is called tha "red beds," i formation that absorbs water like so Wth sand. The bote has been In that formation for ti last four hundred feet. Bpearfish. Shortly after bis regiment landed la Cuba he was taken 111 with fever and was sent to oFrt Meade, where he remained for some time In the hospital. As soon aa he was able to get out of the noon, to prepare for the parade. By order of the captain. C. I CHINIQUY. Recorder. hospital he came to Lead, where he re -y v--1;- - BstsUy Mfcsaed. ltt, Beerbohm Tree relates an atnns THE BRITISH AMERICAN COLO AMD COPPcR MINING CO. Assay OfXloe. LIS O, HOTT, Managw nd assayar. No, II Broadway, Esadwood, 8. D. 1st Nattiest Will do a eartalk amount of eastern work, paeialtiaei Amj of Onppw ora'by slcctre-eyneproceea. Wet amd ary testinc. mained for a 'week or two. Of his trip back to Cuba to rejoin his regiment he telle in his letters CHRISTIAN CITI2BN8HIP. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Havana, Cuba, June 18, 1899. big story about boisterous voyage from New York. Ha was lying in big oabin. The laggage and fittings were flying round. The vessel was rolling terri Mr. A. B. Core, Deadwood, 8. D. - bly. Suddenly there was an Bxtra special Friend Gore: .'."','' ': Well I am aa far as Havana and still DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 tirch. Vlr. Tree was knocked to tn- This was the tople discussed at the Methodist church Sunday night The subject win not at all unapproprlats oo acoount t the oloae relationship good cltlienshlp kas with the church ,; and religion. Two rhrmaes covering the whole question pretty well were dlsctwied the enlarged significance ' and the unexpected In history. Hon. E. W. Martin took,ths Brat and Hon. TV. a Rice, the Utter. Mr. Martin was quite a ways from my regiment, but I door by a heavy weight suit lay half tanned. On tally recovering his sense be locked to see what it was that har! Full Line of thought I would write you of my trip so far, as' It has been- quite interesting. 1 stiad at Fort Meade until June 14, then lyeft for Kew York, arriving there oa Bat- foiled him. It was an admirable con- i trivanos and was marked, in bold let CAMERA'S DIRECTORS: o. 3. salisbury, t. j. obibb,p. h. sparks, p. a. gushcb2t d. a. Mcpherson. ters, "Life Saving Apparatus. 'Lon urdoy afternoon, the 17th. X bad a fine m eloquent as ever and the writer thinks don Globe. i AND more so. He Is a speaker that all love v,, --.'' . stat Oalosua. ..... : Oniooi are stated to be almost the time while In New York with a few old friends I net, aad then sailed from Brooklyn oa the steamer K 11 Patrick. Tuesday af to hear, but there? Is one objection the SUPPLIES. OFFICERS: . President.... O. J. SALISBUltT j Cashier ....D. A. McPHBBSW Vice-president T. J. OK1KR I Assist. hler...J. DBNH' beet nervine known. No medicine, It if audience had with, hkn that night and ahat Is, he stirred wp their patriotism so ternoon, June to. The Bret night at sea olainwA Is so nsefnl la oases of nervous AT I sr . SS) was very stormy, and thea we had fine that every man, woman and child wanted prostration, and there is nothing else that weather until Saturday, whea ws struck a to get up and yell with enthusiasm for will so qoJckiy reUere and tone np a wornont system. Onions are nsefnl la few tropical squalls. their country, and If Pastor Clark had Fishers Bazaar, 663 Maio St. all onset ot oongha, ooldi and lnflnensa. We reached Malaccas, Cuba, ea Sua' lven them a fragment of a hint, they would have made the "Welkin Hag" wit outbursts of pure patriotism. Mr." Mar Eaten every day, toe- soon be-ve a Blearing and whitening affMt oa Uts eons day morning, unloaded twe water wagons blexiaa. . .. for the Second Cavalry aad heaved the anchor and sailed to Havana, reaching tin reviewed the history of national ex Hot Springs here Sunday evening. Twala-a aTatettal 1Fi tmUm. . la Berlin, ben on pays his fare to The ship was anchored la the harbor tbe ooodootor of a street ear, be reoeivee about 104 yards from the Ill-fated "Maine" !; Black Hiles Institute OSTEOPATHY a ticket, which it aooa afterward ool- passion so entertainingly that all were awrry vhem be concluded. He concluded by likening righteous nation to tha man snenUoned la the 1st Psalm o David, adapter which all vor readers are familiar with. It was thea lir. Bice's turn. He -was in his prime, and el tho sir. Martin and I had a good view of her. There Is LIVERY STABLE. looted by an inspector, who boards the one mast sticking out of the water aad a ear at a fixed point One day, jost as a large pile of beat and broken steel, but so one can take any of her for relics, as It Joke, Mark Twain paid bis fare IB times on one trip, eanh time throwing F. B. SMITH, Jlanaser. Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Bnildln?, Deadwood S. D. lad covered some of his ground, he made a fine talk, showing that he was as much Good -2ig$ and Saddle Sorse Is closely guarded. Havana U a large city and quite modern; steam and horse ears and steam ferries are the same as In tha ticket oat of tbe window or under bis seat as soon as he had deposited tbe regular far with the conduotor. A few minutes later the inspector would get on tbe oar and demand tickets all . at -Reasonable Rates. at home in the pulpit as before t$e bar. Dr. Clark made a few appropriate remarks, E. P. WOOD, D. O. : .U DENMAN, Secretary-J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. the States, but the railroads are out of date. I spent the last two days visiting Morre Castle, the large prisons, and var after which the service closed by singing the battle hymn of the Republic, by the around. Of course Twain bad none to Ban en Xlfw Awaae show and had to bay another, apparent ho5r. the audience Joining In the chorus. HOT SPR1SCS SOUTH DAKTOA. ious places ot Interest. TELEPHONES: Blak HUls 155. Harrison 98. ly with reluctance. The perl or man oe amused tbe American, domfoanded tbe o A TRIPLE ALUANCB. ' I do not know how long t shall have to conductor, who had never met to reck stay here but I don't care much. There Ciiloo, combine or trust has been formed y the Epworta league, B. Y. P. V. and TTaii asrroos aod ehraoic dtoeases suck as 11 vw. M5m4i t trwMesrheniaadsm.St. VMas daooe sad la tmeU xsost irZtl leas a passenger, and tickled tbe native passengers, who thought the foreigner Un't much sickness here new but yet Mantle Warner MacPhetriflge. w people of una seetioa ars Mr, We 4 t all es3ileaffaBta ahn mm tnmKU b other MT"m low fever Is afloat la various parts est the T. P. S. C. E., societies of this city. They well poniebed for his negligence. C Island and the rainy season is well en f 19 considered that ia anion there at wfcoeji sereent. ef Uuca ears aad Wats wui receive FOWLS tn Vocal and Inatraneafal Mosto at her ' resddeuoB, ' It rains every day, and it Is very' hot. this modest investment -material was obtained for ' capital story, which net t?d Mark Twain just $500. Ladies' rOll'U flrrinp nnmrl 1 aau I ri nTITV .1 arid by combining their Influence r , -1 ii-.'ty ba aUe to hasten the estab- Those pictures you give men belonged a JMamr At ie-ood, a a Home Journal. -

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