The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 5, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1900
Page 4
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TI.ESD.VV. JfXE 5 THE I, fl-Y PIO.NEliH TIMES, DEADWOOU, & D. i: , .ii t , Spain. SINCE THE MOMENT sov i..:kh;.' i'y passes to the a.vier e ,.s wju are fret- to transfer your alle Seebicl fiance. This is in accordance with th' i- 1 national honor. On the othe hand mu i nn m. ion i .line the follow 1 Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver I THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE PMabllshfrd 1889. i' Established 1889. ill the fa r.l ' 'i. l0 S ,n l I b. !' til e 1-Y-, h'!u' ea il,. Thi.- u i Deadwood. 37 Lee Street Results i.l' Will live' Cnrnvt ! No. Gold and Silver For 50 Lents. ; t !: JN A 1.1. ,'.e !, -I' ..1, 1 .. what I !, Villi u. f,M till , I . 1 - l i pii r k KOI CUT TO THE OFFICE. M. H. Lyon & Co. : l i a r T.'le li-'l ill Ul I pllle annouiK'e an c.pic of Spring Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of J Agents for the Lilickensdorfer 135. uu Typewriter, in June ly, a i'h the Spain. ml-ai. that the Aim- This I, tier .--hows ih.i ua- in eoia espoteb-nia' 1 le complained a meat 'i ii an otlicers would not tell him their He complained lutterlv. ami the wall was r taken up by ihe American Tagalog--. that he was not even informed that the Ameri MINES AND MINING. can soldiers were going to assault Manila Well It i- fortunate that they did not fo- . , I t is safe to say. tiiat had he been informe 1 4 a 7 his soldiers would have attacked the Amer icans in the back, while they were assault Deadwood's millinery merchandising this week will be an attractive arrray ot "first hats" and small hau for strrvts and shoping at popular prioes. Geological Survey of Alaska. HuriiiK the ruining c rasoii I lie KeoUi al Mitvry will hale thrtv parlies in Alaska. One has sailcl, the s.toilI "ill leave Ina few days ami will be followed the mouth of the Allen Kakat river. Thence the projHMe route in by the Allen Kakat to the divide from from which the streams How north to the Arctic imcum and thence down diip of Huso streams to the Arctic and along the roast westward and south- ing the Spanish breast-works in their front It is now to be hoped, that after this proof of the treachery of Aguinaldo, that no American will so far forget hi-country's honor and (lag. and for a moment, waste any sympathty, mock or genuine, over the fate of this Kelf-confi'sied Our Special Sale will be on Saturday June 9. Men's Boy's and ChildrenTs Clothing. double dyed traitor. There i now no ei westward until the party shall be picked up. The plans of the geological survey to work I'll Alaska both this season and next have been outlined after careful consulta I ruse far evrn crih'odile Ii Why wear a worn-out suit of clothes, when you can buy a new ars from any on A. George. tut iroci t'liasoa t th. se fun ' .MeljV Suits ,. ? la. llll. ( 'hildren's Suits, regular Suits $tj.i)n, regular pi i pnee City Hoys' .aU. .Men's mi. lnce ?j.,i(l. Children's Suits $;!.imi. regular .? I. HO. Suits $ irru-o ;ul; shortly by the third. Con Know at tin.; cession has appropriated $35,000 f,.r explorations in Alaska, uhirh brink'- thf fumls now available 1'or tiia' work to ?-:v00'. Riillieient to i.iiuilete the task rn'it.-in-plated. The priie-ip.d survey will be In I he C:im Nome cli-itriel. Alfred H rooks will be it' (harire. with to Ml;ft assi.-t;. His Ilivestirti'ion will cover an area from I'ih river to Cape Nome and l'ort Clarence and also a reconnaisanre of the Cape York district. He will determine the evleiii of the gobl-bearlDR formations and traei- out the if a 'aie staaj. XotiwuK kills a bu-:,;. iar price in si ill. Our Vat. bu. Treasurer's Report For the Month of May, 1900. KKt'KH'TS last i i'jiiu t $ l.i'',T os I t.nv s s. wm ssa:,,! Suits $7,011. Children's Suits $ I mi J.",. mi. tion between the directors and officer- of the survey familiar with Uaskan work, ollii ers of the war department, incmbi is of congross and private individuals, and h intended to produce much data that will be Invaluable in the development of Alaskan regular jii ice urtilar price .Men's $1 Li.llll. Mens II;il l.i Lie Itlle riv us, 1 " "Keep '" c'ive spe- (Jur losi la .Moviic: This is why Suits $:) tin, regular price cial ;,ib'S every Sain:,; , will be your nuili. Hoys' Suits $ $I.Wt. , ?1 ..."in. Men's Suits inaniil'act itieil by ,,trou ino- t iier- t'ect fitting ,i;ann"tit on lllria to he And all our Poi t clothiers Art' the I liy ail A; llrothet, ot Haltimore. wlib h is , market, will be sold in proporiioi. Main St. Deadwood S. I). CHASE'S Where They Sell Cheap, Total ii ' I'l.-sm'KSKMKNTS. i 'ul i and sa lai warrants redei-niril i,'' r,: i;ii'tri liglir warrants a- ileenil.'d :ll I 7.1 Street and alley warrants (leenii-il .".'!:i. .11 Fire fund warrants roilt'oniod " in KiiKincoriiiK warrants iv- (lei'tnt'il T'l.-I Printing warrants redeemed 101.2s Miscellaneous 222. '.'2 Balance on hand 4.H52 ijS tiimnillillliuin STOP LIVBHY FULLER Su BROWN, PROPS. (GEDUES OLD BARN.) Truth At Last. l or more than a year, the American Tat; iiIol's have been charging thai Ihe American people have been acting in bad faith with Aguinaldo It did no good for our gallant soldiers and sailors, who were upholding our (lag and our honor in those far distant fields to deny on thiir lion r an soldiers and sailors the falsehoods of Aguinaldo and his conspirators in this country. All who disputed the truth of their assertions were liars. But trh is mighty and will in the end, prevail, and it is from the captured archleves that the truth has come out and the American Tagalogs stand before the people of this country as slanderers of the good name of their country. The captured documents show that at a meeting of the Filipino Junta In China, when the arrangements were being made for Aguinaldo to return to Manila, it was then decided that the arms they were to get from the Americans. SHOUln HE Total $b'.0'.)8.M2 AT water fund: City dew Carriages and Bupies. Best Drivim and Saddle lis RECEIPTS Balance last report . . . Collected during May . . . .$1,154.44 . ;t2i;.4t Faust's Pharmacy Boarding Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. rondilion.s from nliichthe pbterr nob I has been derived. The trend of tl'c gobl bearing bell or Tape Nome and vicinity appears be northeastward across the Seward peninsula toward flood Ibie bay and the Keewhalik river. It is deniable to ex-' tend the survey along that direction, but it Is linprac tirablo for the proposed parties to do more than the work assigned them. Reliable reports from officers of the geological survey and the military survpylns parties In jUaska, as well as from private sources, lndleate the existence of an Important copper district on tlie tributaries of Cooper river, called the "Chettyna." It Is south of the Wrangel Alps and on the headwaters of Ihe Cooper and Nabwrna rivers north of that ange. Previous explorations hare accomplished all the desirable reconnaleance work In that region, and the value of the economic resources Appears "to Justify more detailed topographic and Reologlcal surveys. As stated the most Important work to be done in Alaska during the coming season 1 is the detail topographic and geologic survey of th Cape Nome district, and Its extensions In the Seward peninsula Accord-in to the best Information available, surveys intended to definethe extent of the gold-bearing area In the southern portion of the Seward peninsula between Cape Total $2,3Si)s4 DIS It!' KSEM EN'Tsv Water fund warrants redeemed 10.1.98 Balance on baud 1,774.86 With Your Prescriptions. c have expei ience w hich i Vdtir bene tit. Total $2,380.84 HERMAN BISCHOFF, City Treasurer. 1300. A proscription prcpciiv June 1. t'SED AOAINST THE AMERICAN'S How well Aguinaldo tried to carry this out can be seen from the letter herewith pul.llshed. dated Oct. 2a. ISfiS and in which he refers to a letter PREVIOUSLY written to Capt. General Augmstln on June fl, ISM. LESS THAN THIRTY DAYS AFTER HE WAS ALLOWED TO LAND. The following letterwrltten by Aguinaldo to Cen. Rlas was captured at Hollo: nnd after reading It let those who claim to be Amer 300 HANDSOME PREMIUMS How to Avoid Trouble. Now is the time to provide yourself and family with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diahrrhoea Remedy. It is almost certain to be needed before the Bummer is over and if procured now may save you a trip totowu in tjne night or in your busiest season. It is everywhere admitted to be the most successful medisine In use for bwel complaints, both for children and adults. For sale by Kirk G. for saving Diamond "C" Launday Soap Wrappers, ..Send postal for Free Premium Catalogue to..- The Cudahy Packing Go. -So, Omaha, U 111 imt mat ski nl UXtc HmmtV Uutry Sns, kt a kw h n wis itt ! Nt It Ii itod Phillips. I lilled is worth a thou- l sand pofir ones. It I I may save ytnirlifeor I dear ones. I I If you fo to a f j DOCTOR : to be cured your benefit will ? i be in the medicine : taken. I We are prescription I DRUGGISTS i And prescriptions shall be f i our Specialty, 1 Yours For Health, k L Faist M i Notice to Contractors. Sealed bids will be received up to the evening of June 10th. 1900, for carpenter work on the new Schwarz-wald store. Main street, Deadwood. The successful bidder will be required to give bonds In two-thirds of the amount of the bid. Plans and specifications can be seen at the Schwarzwald furniture Store. The right Is reserved to reject any and all bids. - M. ALBBR, Architect. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO, Nome and Pish river should cover an area between 3,000 and 4.000 square miles inex-tent. For this survey two parties will be organlied one topographic and the other geologic. In cooperation with the coast and geodetic survey it has been arranged that Mr. Barnard's party shall complete the trianguia-ttoa between Golofnin bay and Port Clarence, work for which the coast survey would otherwise have to organize an independent party, and in return for which transportation ii afforded the parties of the geological survey from Seattle to fp-lofnln bay on the steamers of the coast survey. tTpon the recommendation of the director of the geographical survey-tie secretary of the Interior has authorized the organization of a third party, which will consist itC ,-W.' jr.' Fetora, topographer, and W. C. Veodschall geologist, with a sufficient number of camp bands and canoes for a topographs and geologic reconnaissance of th Cape Noma belt 'The geological surrey, In making preparations for Its explorations lnl901. has decided upon a recconalsance of Koyukuk river to ths Arctic ocean. The headwaters of the Koyukuk river north of the Arctic ' circle were partially explored by a party under. Mr. Bchrader In th season of 1899. IN&ERSOLL-SERCrEANT DRILL Cfl. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL (Succeuor to N. E. Franklin.) Palace Pharmacy. icans and have been praising and upholding this double-dyed traitor hang their heads In shame. The letter Is as follows: w (Private.) Revolutionary Government of the Filipinos Office of the President Malolos. October, 25, 18!8. The Excellent Senor General Plego Rlos. Respected General: I write to you without any desire of offending either your dignity or your patriotism, or Interfering In your high duties In the present circumstances, so critical for all of us, Filipinos, Spaniards, and A-merleans. I write to you, General, actuated solely by the desire of doing an act evident Justice, compatible with your honor and with those high duties which I site above, and especially with the hope OF YET SAVING FROM THE SHIPWRECK THE SOVEREIGNTY OF SPAIN IN THESE ISLANDS. I shall explain myself. General, to see if you can understand me. and See whether It will be the same as WITH GENERAL. AUGUSTIN. WHO DID NOT CARE TO PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE FRANK WARNING I GAVE HIM. WITH NOBLE INTENTIONS, IN MY LETTER OP JUNE 9 LAST. Time has unfortunately justified me, and I am able to declare that of all the Spanish Generals, you alone have known how to defend the Spanish flag! In these Islands. Oh if other had only known how to sustain it as you have, how different would be today the sad condition of the Spanish Empire In these -lands. I am Informed that you are considering surrendering the place to us or to the Americans. After six months of rigorous siege and of total abandonment. I understand how you can prefer us to the others. The way to make this surrender Is to join us and pto-claim the fedetation of the Flllpfne Republic with the Spanish Republlcrecog-nliing the chief tanshlp of our honorable President, Senor Emllio Aguinaldo.- A fra ternal embrace will take place between Fillpines. VIsayaus and Spaniards: there will be hurrahs for SPAIN and the Fill pines united as a federal republic. Your troops will pass Into the common army, yQU will be promoted to be a Lientenent General: the Bpanlsh employees In th VI-sayaa will be supported by us:. the government wilt pass to our provincial councils and the local Juntas. Those who want to go back to Spain will be- sent back at our expense, with enough to pay their way to Spain, and the FLAGS OF SPAIN AND THE FTUPINES WILL FLOAT RIDE BT SIDB. You will give an account of tMa at Madrid and Moeciallv to P! Marfsl- Or. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. Deadwood office at Glllmore House, Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays. , Lead office, 415 Main Street, Tuesdays, . Thursdays and Saturdays. OFFICE HOURS 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. i Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dat I H. Richardson, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 28 City Creek. J. HATTENBACH k BRO Between the Koyukuk and the nhores J5f the, Arctifl Mean ethers ' 11 a district of Go to the. which little Is known, and to whkA explor say a i n Leave orders at Flshela Bazaar Main St ations should be extended. It U Impracticable that a party loaded, with supplies for a season's work should leave Washing ton and reach the upper Koyukuk sufflcl eotly early In" the season to he assured of returning In the autumn, but If supplies Java be put In by steamer on theKoyuknk during one summer the men with light out and Mocha: Family Liquor, store For Pure Wines and Liquors Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 633 Main Street Deadwood. Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Blaci Powder, Fuse ail' Caps, Eleetric Batteries, " Battery Sipplies. fits may proceed by sledge to the starting point the following winter and be ready to take advantage ot faTorable-- conditions of travel In ascending rivers on the ice early In the prior, d In descending COFFEE is unexcelled. them when the Ice Is broken up. To oj AND IN THE MT5ANTTMB WE WILL Have you tried it? FTOHT THE AMERICANS TOGETHER. We shall conquer, and then w shall wait and adjust our future relations. Tour transfer to our side does- not really Involve complish this object It Is proposed that supplies hU be sent In by steamer during the present summer, to be stored at m ADAMS COMPANY X,

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