The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 11, 1900 · Page 11
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1900
Page 11
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. MARTIN AT HURON. DELINQUENT TAX SALE th W rod to place of beg in IB 2 50 100 2,.0 Mrs. Mary MoCready, that part of NWU, mm 41 roda S of NW cor thereof: the B 27 rwlei th S rode; th N dressed One of tM Mo.t atic Meeting. Held There. Nitilii- 1'escriplioll. NOTICE. (Continued.) i110" Elusive of the great Roose- ver over the new Burlington short line just for the sake f realizing that the world does move and that life'is easier and more luxurious than it was twenty years ago. The special excur sion to Denver will be run on Thursday, October 11th. just before the excursion from Denver . to -Dead wood, and it is well worth the while of business and ruining men in both cities to make tins effort to get acquainted t5 - u c 0 .2 a i 4 t, rtKis to point of De- 1 13.62 la t, ginning of NEW WAITE HALL COMPLETE. Third Story of the New Building a Marvel of Elegance. The second and third stories of the new Waite building at the corner of Main aad Dead wood streets, are ready to receive tenants. The second floor is "rii uleil into office apartments. The third flood consists of eight suites of liviutr looms ami a large parlor, which is for the lu ip-nt of all the guests on 1 1 ! mil The parlor is entered from Lie s::na', :.n,l is invariant Iv fur- .Pting here a few weeks since. Z Huron republicans the naiin was when a large crowd M 1 n & ? r 23 t 1 ST M 1 4" ! .1 : a L' ' - i i : : i Hatnsd.-ll . Hams. 1.11 .la; ifamsiMl .Lis Kanisd.-'l ,).,s p. mis,, .1 Mrs. Mary that imrt NWV com , f NW , ,-r: ' . th II'.' P. '. ', th t mil' of - l f d to hear nun. th , ....... i r.-tiublican nominee for Name. 1 '.s.-riptioi ! ' T ' 1 MqC ready of NW4 47 rinls S ih S 10"", ft i Ih V 4 1:, r. ft ,.f r- i ,.,' no' ef .'III .'I a- , -a i: ' ih f Dea jH-uss tome of the politi- with each other. The Head woo. 1 at 7. in th 11 S.f.2 .1 Te.l 1 Ml-- I ; , - n, ha M; - ,t..!i i v ' - V j . ..,r,s ol 11117 ' "" ' II 1SSU. ' . MiuTT procession -of at I tiaaa leaves i ii i i n : n and "a the sum " .!!, (.lie fare. ',,' tl.e net.,,; V wv - 1 letlVe Fur tills iTl '"' h-ad.-d hv the cor- ni, lit. " - 'i - 'l It . is I 'i7 Lot. along t he I IL N II :'l . Si. I HL.oilll . . 1 j M ii T I '! e I .- I a i i , (.1 l 'I' Hi-- !"!.! ; 1 1 u is car- i , ' 1 ( )pi i a house amiil i i irw , ho., i t ..i a 1 A-lots I , Tllll!' . .: . I .v 'I ! .i f . I " llribM-l- ...t.-. -t. o! le.iih l', . I lit - two !l.a .. !! : '!(.!-. : .! - 4 - P arc, Mi Col. .1. 1!. Ca.ldi.-. 1,1, 1. IV l.'ll'lal C l Ml L p. .. ' i -'. "i . 1;; I !, ..; , ' ' . : e 1 ,:' nil a. !.. . 1 t:,.. i in .it a- v :: a- th i -v , PRESIDENT BCVCE Hiad of VYe 'e-n Fe-;e 'HI HILLS. 1 i i ') ,', -f i. i ' v. ,'h 'la! ' ;, .mi--Hi. i':-.. .i "1 ,. a ''fans wa . :n iVet ;; : . ., ,,- - an ! !:,i : i a . ' . i ' "I I . a Tl ti D Ti;-:NVi' ;THR AND SISTt-R. .-: to Be On H'-, Way . vi Vurdfi BcpI. . Ml i; 'I 1 : . i a ., ! : ; I Si.t.l ;i ( ''a' i -op , . ,. , ,, , npj- ! a a a!., , aia! I,. ! !iieb. i, ! J v . ' at a u ! ai. I I- a !' ." I a n, ail to meet, n 1 1 1 as a p le el 1 ",. ! a , a u I T I o : - ... I , 1 I" . o tin- n a ! ih.- i i, i. i '. i M i. in.; 1 1 , w a i -: a t u n n . -1 on Pe.l vpe.j lii put up a plant a t in. -lit of concent i ales. frivol I . '.! ci t . ji-iiifc M-ern I i Si iitt atal hT da 1 1 : IH els' nit. who was thought v,iv from Ileadwood. ; tin j ..i i a .on,, oi i ... i el. I a ! of w hi. h goes to show that even be on h ... r an aildi e-ana he will na ! e Will delier all e ,ii ,! ipei v union veiling he will at , i union ana ami TIiiii -e.i e Titi'Ml.iy eveiiaiv, addl .aa-' In i he pul hall Weiine-ilay plain- mining is losing ita simplicity .. Sheep Raising 1 , ll c, 1. -- 'i - f - s sua e ai.. oi la 1 1 : i a I I lie ,. nd 1 .... en ,i.n- .... . oi Hi' .-uii. s i. cri.v light ilira i in- gl.i-s liar Llion.s and ai.-o by ne an.s o! shyliul-there bung seven skylights in th. hull, ling. 1 lie suues are uniiii nln d and the guests will furnish llu m a. conling to their own tastes. Their i.-. no staple industry that Pi i:i be figured out more satisfactorily paper t'lan that of sheep raising. It In safely he assumed that the wool. I Tiie parlor wo. be a .sumptuous . s';,;ir '' I. an I lam ! ' n 'aid a I. an ' -n lao-l an I.P.I, I an Land 'u . Land .'a Land' La' I ' n I.n- ' . a La- I ML' A1-- en iimler free tariff will pay for e keep of l he sheep and even at I r ,',n i a i n a '' . I w r, hi. oi mi I, , .1 V laoi.oi. una,,. lo 7 i" .1 V ( 'III I., II. I Ml I ee . . . ,1 W. 1' mi-Oe... L. P Larson L 1" I. ,-- -i , W i ii'-iaii. oils:,.-... , W Cm: i:i li 1 1 ii-le,. . . .1 W. ' ' ' 1 ' I -1 1 1 1 III--I er lots 1 In . L a ; , i, In' a a- .1 V I' On i,e I, as pi l,i an pit. I I le ,r W 1'iiriaji. ti ii-i. e. . l: l.:n- L' i I- v . . . M' Li.... ". : -I -. .... .1 V iv,i : 'i a - i. . Pas iv i, 1,1,., p 1..! . .1 V i ' a r i a " I"' ; place for the guests of ihe building t t-n-.ii P. I" 1 ss jngiegale lor social intercom's sine pin es. lanins win not go eeiou tend the meeting of the Terry union, the Ileadwood Labor union. Friday i veiling he will l t th.- Lead union again, and Saturday owning the Central City union. Monday evening, October la, he will deliver a public ad-ilres sat the Ileadwood City hall. Tuesday evening be will speak to the public in Terry. Wednesday evening, the ITtll. he Will attend the meet-ing of the (oilena union, and Thursday lie will leave fur the southern Hills !o visit the unions at Hill Citv and Keystone. From there he will h a e for Hut tc. PLUMA MINING COMPANY. 1:1 M leading, writing, holding receptions, P ,. a -n -h parties and oilier functions. For tin se j.,"',' .'j. This is not overestimating the lie. fur as lung as beef keeps up to ii whirh was tile lowest price of .V 11" ! ' ,f llnild ,v lanld- pniM- M-iil.l - A l!.I'l- ,V taelL A It-e ! A ll'llld- ,v P.aild- ... !!M ami b e. oniing as coinplicalrd a.-, ever thing else tit the end of tin- century. 'Speaking plai er mining." said an old si'V. iily sixer yesterday, "it is curious wherever you Iin.1 g I bar diggings, there are no values to apeak of in the creek bed, and when the ihannel diggings are good the bar is never rich. Now in the northern Hills the gold was all in the creek beds, bill in one or two places it was on Miliar. Thei r were places w her.- men hauh-.l the dirt as, lijio h as two miles in wagons, to the creek to wash it. and made it pay." n Miss Lou br Thorpe, who ha . bren with the Vienna Malo-ry for some time pie (,.. has. resiiiued iK'r position, thorp to ;e ' , p a T. ) i al one in the ( '., I a ih' , on!, ,-l iniia y at the iiiiiht of Sher-u, i n dan la,- si i I -. 1 ' l is I is t -i, IDO'I nier; liantahle beef in '!i: there .g puiiose., n has not ;iu eipial in tin- , ' cl" 't he second Hour . (insists of si i c 1 suites of looms, water closet and l,n;i j '; lory . i:.e h suite has three (.Mb e . s,.. looms, and fronts on i.e street. All ji I , i oeins of one suite face on Main j ;,I,e, I. d Ii.-m- moms are well lighted s. Iv--hle wohUva is-,ni4 - W.i- tllUut -WiLU.. ..a n r oh-h,, 11' -"S 1 to .1 w i ,i i 1 a, I AV p. l, .1 V I.e-- ill he tiiiul money in having lambs at L'."i anil feeding tin -in for the Slu ing arki't. When the miniiniini ligures 'an industry promise a profit, a man surely justified m expecting a forme when times are gifod and prices idi. Of i-aerse if -is always easier i fienir out big piotits with a pein il 11 II liv ;i fal epi I iepee. and when mnies to ,e t 'la I praet i. e in t be leep iiii. i'..t 1 1,. i ... are a aood many ak lint have p, it he. mi i-. 1oiii1. he l.lRlii '.e i. Veperally I e - s than - :. peially le I h , t ii. it . and strain beat . I Iny a a ; ,,,,.11,0,1 b,l I", o'.e.-s i, mill of tier.- and ! . ,. mien;, aia v'Jb'' '1 for ir j pa P - a., I !,,., !: J,a i! le IP 'I', o! , ... ,, a, 'in I" a' and . ' j .led Pluina Gt'Ourrrf-Wrll Be-W(M'ke4 -by- Nev Company Mm I Be Built. 'I i... l'.,ma Mining mucin, ha ; born "b "!":' ,l , ,;;., ;,.,.) v.'" s on tin round '' -U i, :r;e I .'' "1 'l !l'' i11"'" ' '' ' , ,11 be :ii .-p!o'i. .I.e! ' '" m,h!" m l ' ":; ' ' up.! V, . r a i ' ' " in.." ' r- ' ' ::; . , ononis p,ia! v id r.-,-Mi I . 1 ll -1 ' II -I I- ho !i H : I on. when the la on, when tin , i : i i i a, 1 1 .. ai I, , , . . i, i e,. , . - i . , . , 1 a .t I .a : in I then ' the lit;' si.i'in,; '. i I . a n 'e ( an I. uii, 1:I ni a 1 he lie id '.iniaillv ii. 111 I '; t i' ' n . .!s u a n-I i and . :e; danaer on tl a::-l !' .-ad I. e lla'. lanae. o. out. an a lie. u ; i . .-. ... I M; . If smith's- ( a'l i , I o ha . i iiiiii ft' n th.- I p -te -I r H'Mill J. O'H.eded over a preci-i1 HI ;n i ii in I io of them being of Pyt.-n Kni'iat: - frf'tliei'id. In the spring Heav i'- la n,e;, l.i lia'a and l'1' id' ' ! chiles ml 1.. iU add .0 "' la dm el - of Ma w ealt by i oi.i p.. : Mll'ie-s 11 W!; ii, 1,111'e llUlllbel .lin-iUelllble til II. n nspr of smothering and in the fall I-' li.e,- .a inn of Siouv ( 'it . d lla a M'-aduood' v - te'-d-,v , Pi li.e.i liiis. Wm. i L iA poi I - Sioux ( 'it 's e.-i i 1 1 1 a I 1 1 a .H Le led.. Oi il ( ,il,a ami fio.a la om 'ere is ilanger of bloat, and. altog"th I r, po Ii ,i I. a aieJ i; in the man who Imndles sheep inut rp them his thoughtful, constant. adArod ls.'.- t( bo a sle cess Two sl.O.lg loda, hav ' 11 ' " ": , : .. ..... 1. I ..-ka Lod .'. -I, t 1 gii.te; mi Iheie as being om- of i mo. t . -f'lt gatherings m tie- h to-y of thiil proud western m.-tioi lis.' 1 unremitting care. In return for is they give him a big profit and : t pi J 2 1 1 pin i"..' 11 Rraze and grow fat on pasture '. I'fivli P.- ii-L' --a, a Pa I I : ', . i a t ,-f S LL XL', fre cattle would starve. If it were t for the many chances and heavy freentase nf loss, raisinej sheep 1 s 1 V 1 tild he like coining money. As it i'lg v -' a a 1 T ,., c, ..T-n-'i i nsr Pn-.-o-fish ' ing As' 9....(.rfl-h ! i!i? Sira t fi -h t , ing - ?"arfih ' inz C;'a'-flah L. Ine Ass ' , A ,. .a ! a H l- I - HiM-T- , A. p-,. 1.1. I A- H i' I 1 - A- Had) ith fair average management it ion of the mott profitable Industries The I'ioneer 'rimes is supporting the republican legislative tieke because the candidates are tm-n of broader gauge than their opponents, and they are the representatives of broader prim iples. They will give, us better and more wholesome laws, more progressive and less pessimistic. The nominees on the county ticket will also give us a bettor administration of affairs. l"e west, and w ith extra care it is f t profitable- of all rural indus les. -o- Mrs. Tan-Mr? tan, ,"1 IV The Old Sidney Route. People who came to the Hills ia t r " in 7 11 4 11 4 1 - "( , ,.'., ;' S".' a r r,' : sc. Mi. L '1 ft: ,), N 177 -h W. ".a f I t h St ".7 fi . to ,,', f n. g i ' 1111 1 1 r v W ca - ''ml l art of SW, SW, coin. .',,.11 ft fr.n'i 'he SW rnr. ,..r. ,,' ih K "1 't : th V l.-a- f- -h W M47 ff h s; t-:s f, to td'iint of ... cinnim: ' 10 fl 2 1 :2 r.4 ll .1. T'kH, a V 1"" ft W of Si arfnh Trk 10 1 2 :,0 MO 1 12 Mr. t,ai-a Th"flow. bo. L-: lining a' N f.'nr of Ilk i 1 Snearfi-'fi t h .V en sa La.' of 1 "',". f. . h S n-a) ;,:.rj. i I' ;-h VV 1i-a- of Id c;- i-.,, f. . r -ir wbi' h tl,.. ,,,r of the fl.l - "...I 1 1 K - 1 t ' '!' I i'h F Lao ' I -a v.-- " 'h ? 1"i ' th W 12 V - 'h ... .....m of hrif of. . . 10 (! 2 11 MT iM. 11 -vr ' " cy-w . GIBSON'S LOT. 1 CI i, e7-'l "A 4 r,;. ; " Cl Vt r, n tly days pver e old Sidney route during all the discomforts of stage ch travel thru an uninhabited coun- j Vo 1 " - Mis. K V -V.t. Mrs K. V " ' W J Ne- V .1 Nm - - M- T,o, Tt.ail Mr. Jes- - i-'lo Ill - I at'.loneau. am. Mi - on, I. at I'oug-;.,s island calb-.l Noitii ' ' Xo. J-the lati.-r gives prono-e i ureal success, being in th'' vicinity of the great Treadw.dl mines that operate vso stamps run day and night, and einplov about'i men. Ttiough'ilke all fraternal orders the Knights of Pythias ma le sl.ow prog-i. ss during long period of business depression following lV'a. yet it quickly rr.rponded to improved conditions. The net gain for ihe last two years was ".7 SOU thus bringing theh total membership up to .,ns.:.u. not including fifteen grand lodgese yet to be heard from everything now points to a large increase during If"0- At the recent convention of the supreme lodge ther, was a large delegation in Uetrto.t. from CaJifornia-.t ianie with a view to secure th- nold-ing'of the r.2 convention at the city of San Franacisco. ll opened a splendid room for headquarters, and dispensed its hospitality with a generous hand The proposition to. meet t the -.'balden Gate." in lV.'l. was adopted bv a uuaninious vote. The committee having charge of the funds contributed by the order at large for the relief of the widow an,d orphans of the brothers who were killed in the terrible mine explosion The New Pluma Company. The I'lunia Miami: r.,iup.n, i, u' lv ..ruimize.1 to exploit ami wo. k th- IMuma ground, is on ' h- most sua- stantial companies that has come into the Hills. H has capital to thorn y develop the ground and erect plants for the treatment of the ores, ami the niebers of the company are sat.sfl.-that they have a property which i w , in a very short time be one of th. prin.ipal producers of the II. Us. The company Has forty five acres o. pat onted ground adjoining the Home-stake, and a water right. The monitor vein, recently opened up v the Ilomestake, near the north end of the IMuma ground, is .found to e 300 feet wide at the '-foot e rL This vein runs into ami thru he Pluma ground nd .l..w narross th. railroad south of riuma. This alon. "adectuate assurance of a sufhc.en -,v large amount of ore to warranty, work which the (ompnny expi ts to do. A stamp m... will be buttt . once and also a plant for -be treatment of. of the tailings R B. HughelTiupe-riutendei.t of the Ppatraas i:. the city yr. -r da He says everything around th- -Hide is runnin smopthly . ami t company is much plea-.l w,.h the condition of affairs. nave now an ODDortunity to go f r the same old route in a Pullman RAVSDELL'S ADDITION. Instead of two days and two hts, the journey is now made in IL V. Ellington, the well known niinitw man. left yesterday for Hat-tie Creek. Mich., where he will enter t..e Sanitarium, where he wrtl be given treatment for stomach trouble. He was accompanied by .1. A. Mills, of I!ews & Mills, who will remain at al'ttle Cre k two or three weeks after he gets Mr. Kllingt'On there. Mr. Mills 'will then visit' relatives at Monmouth. Illinois, and Rod Oak, Iowa, for a few weeks. H tban twelve hours, and neither' r leather nor heavy gumbo nor 1" 1 1 i: Tl ' 1 1 .", Ul Mmaa et . 11..' i t. T, -,n.1",o 11 II Kl rorh-N 1. Ar V. 3.. At v.'l. a- V L. V Mrs Ma Mr Ma-Mr.. L ' Mr. T.. ' Mn I, ' Mr'. L. Mrs. 1. ' MP. I, Wm T Ja Rjf fradb Jax. R ' ruen streams can lengthen it to fe or ten days and nights, as in the f of the stage coach. Passengers r Mtlgfy their hunger in dining cars fa elaborate menus and perfect serfs instead of n a little room parti-Pi off from the company stables. Jere the bill of fare was beans and 2i n : -! 7 ! 1 : 1". 1 1" . o 1 " r - i T--' 1 T-l 1 I" n u Tl H nbon. h" 2 Sn-.r-h IV, nt.rv r'o . ' 1 sab 1 iiv of ?B V X'W :, 17 M-- Mtv M f'fiilv. ..i' par' of N W ' ; VV , i.. mm. ?s ,roli st of , VW .or ho.f,f: th E 27 rod -Ii SI rod- .. dollar and a quarter was offered yesterday for Deadwood-Terra stock, but so far, none has been foun 1 for sale. 1 IS.' L' ntaH with a possible luxury of PPles, and ihe butter and salt ;u7 til out It is worth an old-!er while to make tlie trip to Den- -y

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