The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 5, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1900
Page 2
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TTESDAY, JUNE THE DAILY PIONEEE TIMES, DEAD WOOD, a D. diers to endore my candidacy, I am truly grateful. To have their support takes away the stiag (,of defeat. Count on Sanborn county to help make it L'O.hOO majority this fall." Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co, mercial and industrial interests required tnat their vast territory and their wealth of mines should be shared with thirest of tho world. Industry and trade cannot halt at any barrier establishing by an isolated people. The Amim n an mm nn.n.- lin : 1 1 in j t -i to THE DEAD WOOD PIONEER ' ESTABLISHED JL'NE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED Al'KIL T. lfTT. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. s SB iKVeissors to Ma PRESS OPINION. I'ahbr ( .pillion : lion. K. W. On nii'iiiiiati-d at Sioux Falls ti i i 'l Mr. Caiiibb- in (onvss. II I Sis Mive ilit-m!- Ilililltlt In.! .,m! t' Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. U 1 r. 1 1 m il ..f 1. 1 Wl.i I lvii-nii; man of i , . ptionally ki li .:. Ivi-s III lb- I ill- tt.'iV I tin- !!..!!' ' ..!. i,i. hi-.-. ii;.b;.- a'l II- II' :n i-'m- :i' H: ih.;i- I T .-11. i t and i tl": honor to tiii' t;t; : i v ,, j . i .f-'i i 1 1 1 ni. ii lii PIONIXK TI.MK.s 1 II 's'iiv; CO : ,i M.mili-.-t .'. : i! I: iiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHin liny A ill tury mil- TKICMS OF SI iiS' fiM' I in M- will !,- . and nation .n ' . ' l.i. i featan as til- s,. i: i. . ' i ii tollo wile.' : ! a s'l-m ami :. lint iilready i ntion had i.i . i ei-( tion of hai. I s.'llen. The lllai k Ii a. ai in ); ' 1 1 -' t j I, fdi- !i t!n:ii t h i - in :! it will 1 H in tl..- I" M'i;..IjL. i Jiail-i of i (iimi ' -t-. S'.u-: ( n- of ! la lb- i mi !!' mn -a , .-p i ii hi Mr. Ma' ' i'ii', i ati'iii. I , v. as ill' -'I ail w!a ill'! bin. that tin- i-imv. mi tin-taki- in its m nt:. uf lb- iDii-;;'.'.- l- Sn.-t Xi-w s li-li-uat-.s wi-i- iu - s .- pt Mmi-$in I'll . . Liu .. l."U sii.iy . . . no DAII-V i day, One Y Six .Months. . One Month.. WEEKLY I.-One Vein .... r-i! at tl.- on Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Six Month I BRYAN IS RESPONSIBLE. . f r ! : ; 1 l. M- I , n - hcw.iax-r t li-I f ' 1 1 1 . i 1 1 r 1 : 1 1 1 Ktifiii!-er. Las n,i !!!! limsc j-n tin- Sioux I'.-ills iov iiiiiv.-:ii ii in and i .i i 'S up a rapid lii- ' iny day. It !-as tin- aitinii dt -h- t' l-iua ni;inlist hi. vi-nl inn at Sii .n 'I".i 1 Is was ii pi-re i,f -upn-nie iiiij" i tini Hi and was srt afoot and mn n: pi i l;i I ii! f. r the purpose -, ''in. sta 1 1 i ni: and l-ii'liMi-iim tin- ili-ni- -. iati- party i-f tii- Tnit-.l Si-m-s." i In I'latfoini i- ridii uli-d a inaii- tip "f i'i- fln-(,i'irs of i i;iv n:i-n. ' Af-r .'mlule-tiir in this outburst Mv MiT..;ui's "DEAR MRS, PlNKHAM I was very thin and my friends thought I was in consumption, "Had continual headaches, backache and fall' ing of uterus, and my eyes were affected, "Every one noticed how poorly I looked and I was advised to take Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, "One bottle relieved me, and after taking eight bottles am now a healthy wom&n; have gained in weight from 95 pounds to 140; everyone asks what makos enc so stout," MRS, A, TOLLE, I94G Hilton St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs Pink hum has fifty thousand such letters from grateful wotwa. Entered as S-.-i-nd-Cl.iss Matter at the Ii adwiiu.l l'ustollke. REPUBLICAN TICKET. Mi i:,!'rH nf Cmir--- - i;ilKN V. MAKTIN. .-f V.a i iiAi;i.i-:.s it. in i:ki;. ..: n u-ii- - M-niiun last u-ok. -They got what thv i aim- aft. r it boat liftinj? a I..' :. i. No trail-, i ion or other ' .' 1 -1 was i-piiii'd or icsoitel 'i'ln-y -,v-i:t homo li.ipp but h.-' realize'! tb.U tin s had l. n to a -a'' i i n -I, linn. i "u I.I i. ipiiiion Mr Mai tin. of - 1 ; la . Ii llilK ii'm :--i i-iv-il the i, ,i" niu'js Horn i nat :on of th- r-piiiiL a-, fur i OIU.I-. ss jii'a. II. ally a strai. -' : iti S'l Uh I i.ihota J i I ! 1 1 1 s . init ho i-of th- lit',' l b t--t in-n in t ;- m-eat " ' a :;i sj ;, ,,. a, i -plain o a : - "". "V i. ' a,- a iia pp.. siirpn-,, -, , i'i ''!' ' 'hat .1 '!,,,! Li- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIII M. I'I. I . .vi-nuii - - ('. N. HKMtl Kl ' I.I.-llt.'Il.-l nt (..n . i m i i t:o. u'. smw. ii t k : tin Main St. Dead wood, S. D, -i(,n that wa- not -r t'opu- '.' was a : va ". 1 ri'i : rv i ) Li, in wirk- up to the. - Sjoiiv Falls ,-n :) t-i pi . i u t a : e i ' van j ! . i . 1 1 r a ie! -,i-.: i-.-..-v .full-' 1 . ih'im I. . ' , -' ' Tt t '' f-r t ' . Mini. s,,-.i j K,u i,, ; , i i-.i: M. at! 'a w,i ' 'i -i. . Tl'' IIMI I'I I' liillN s A :,,bi-r -.1 l. Kt A ."-!',,. v' ' .H'il.V !. Sup;, n: F i: i: ci I ',,!il .,f Si I. ll l!..ib'i.a, i I'll Wis I'K LIVERY FEED AND SALE STAB 1 1 I i vu:. ' ' i.i.i. -. I-' ' hniil mi I I'lii'l r. .-ti v " n Tiolil or it : !' i- M'p li . -p in a - f.-.-iii. pn.La'. .ii:sts : is aM " work - lie ani Good Saddle and Davii.g Horses I 'in.:sh-i!. ! Teams Bought ad Sold. Contracts taken to do or to move household goods mid furniture. I.iry delivered. r ofli. - s. -I-:.-: 'is lanounri'l i war-l politi-s. It ran hardly bo as deeply I'linii'i'iii i rat ic pol it ii s as i .- -p. i- i!i 1111' ,-a n i , i , d at a man nt il-nin-is tint a- 1 1 1 1 : . i , iimi' GEORGE BENNER, 5Q9 Main S a; t !i" . lail'li. an i a 1 1 Last W--K ine-ts w-t'i L i: . a 1 ai i -TV part of t la iii'liii?- to our -xcliaii.-s "We declare ourselves in favor of the enactment of a statute, with proper penalties, providing for the purchase within the state of all printing, blank books and stationery for public use." Republican Platform. Will' that the L'r-at infliioiiei bob-nil was Mr. me ioii i- alls I'onvi ntinn oral aii'iu state, a.-i Tin- only r-satisiied w: tion i- the .. : " .t-.-1:'. I: Las tL.- tr-ie riii:; va an p , 1 1 1' a it ; s 1 1 j i;i j; Iron: :, -'-! iiia t.i ill- ia.-t. No su-Lp'N-t ri ,t to haul liowu old Glory front -v. oi ma- p., -sessions, nor no expressions i.;' ".sliain- for our loimtry." It lifts the stars ati.l stripes hiirh in the or and proposes to stand by them and to stand by our great leader and t!i- !u uve boys who added new lustre to its sailed folds. No sympathy is expressed for those who are "asahm-ed of their country." .or who would have its defenders dishonor the flag. pniili. an paper that i- not il til- W (II Ii Of till- KlU'a M Spirit, of Howard, bin Mryan himself. Tho delecat-s were Bryan's rlose friends. He addressed them in a most amicable spirit as thov passed through Omaha two days before (isiKin luoiiiit out two or tnn-i- :m n for governor, but tin v would not ,o the convention met. He spoke in eept, an dnow h- is a little sore for some reason or other. PERRY HEATH MUST GO. first Asst. Postmaster General. Perry S. Heath must retire. It was Heath who sent his relative. Neely. to Cuba and he must follow the trail of sorrow trodden by Alger. While it is not probable that Heath is guilty of any iroquois lniei: l tie three pio:m- praise of the populist party and of fusion. The platform, which McLean refers to as the theories of crazy men. was submitted to Bryan in advance. Hp made no objection to it then nor nent places upon the ticket were filled by acclamation; in other words I The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this week at a bar -rain. New Dress Patterns for spring cri.wns. Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerize! Ciintf- : hams, and all fashionable fabrics fur summer St: dresses and shirt waists. : jE Tailor SllilS f'r everyone, Come ami s c. they were placed there by the rank and file of the party who unanimously instructed the delegates to vote for Burke. Martin and Herried. Two years ago C. H. Burke fought for a thing more than a desire to see all of hla relatives and political friends from Indiana fitted with fat offices, he should be held morally responsible for much of the mismanagement of postal affairs In Cuba. He may have been Interested In little deals on the side, but that he was implicated in the steal nomination, out nis record in congress g Mrs. Nott, - - Main St. Deadwood j has he rejected a single clause of it since. He is a nominee for President standing upon it. Mr. Mclean belabors the Sioux Falls convention, its platform and Mr. Towne with gVeat fury, but is too politic to strike directly at Bryan, who. more than any other person, is responsible for the whole Bryan and Towne program, the crazy-quilt declaration of principles included. She Beats Them All. We have a contract with a lady living near Dead wood whom we know to be an excellent butter maker, who furnishes us with close on to a hundred pounds of the most delicious ranch butter you ever tasted, every week. When you are in to order groceries, or when you are going home, just drop around cur way and try a roll of this butter. If it is not ihe best ranch but-te ryou ever ate, bring it back and get your money, or telephone us and we will come after it. Only 220. per pound. Better than all your creamery product. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. has been such that those who opposed him then were among his most loyal supporters this time. He has won the unanimous support of the party and the plaudits of the people by the able manner in which he has performed the duties placed upon him. Charley Burke never sleeps when there is any ing In Havana nobody will believe. When quite a young man Heath went to Washington and began busi ness In a small way as Washington cor We've Got It! FRANCE IN DANGER. Yon want II Count Boni de Gould Castellane has broken lose' again, and Paris is filled with fear that this terrible little man Let's make a deal. Our busiie transactions are strictly con may do something rash. He has pub In Central For Twenty-two Years. J. B. La Beau, the old reliable Cen tial. We've got the money, JM want the monev, so come andul us. tral jeweler, who has been with us for I" voq po far. mfiljo qm-tliiTiff vnn 7onr lished this statement: We rnn't allow thp Prime Minister to insult the army. Thp Insult Is all the more heinous coming at a time whn we are threatened with war. His stlnpiiiK slimt of ' felon" at an office whom even General Gallifpt felt compelled to rail honorable respondent for the Omaha Bee and an Indianapolis paper. His stuff was stilt ed. tiresome and wholly devoid of interest, humor or climax, but he was persistent and never expressed an opin Ion that could by any possible process be tortured Into an offense. He was occasionally taken on a Junketing tour by some wealthy senators and in 1889 be was sent to Sioux Falls to report the constitutional convention for the Omaha Bee. . After the fall of Murat Halstead in the early 90 s he formed a syndicate and bought Halstead's paper, the Cincinnati Commercial and he became its editor. Iater he sold the Commercial and became a banker, still taking an active interest in the success We have on !..,:, i a large stuff of unredeemed plcdris at prica&l below their cot ot n. mufarttirt in the line of jewelry. Strangers who would like anything in his line would do well to call on him first before placing their order with any other. will stir the beet blo&l'of France. We have No. 2i Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office Designs o( any and all kinds com pleted on short notice. tf raiiKht Jitspph Relnarh ami the government in an iKTloblp effort to revive the Hrryfus rase. All their denials are vain In view of our proofs vt shall smite the government hip and triirh. This will rot the WaldtH'k-K-us ;eau ministrv its lif" POX! I'1-: "" VSTBLI.ANE. The awful threats contained in this occasion for being awake. Belle Fourche Iee: The VVV, Flying V. Turkey Trac k and Cross S cattle companies are all shipping in large numbers of cattle at present. They are unloading at Red River station and being driven to the range. "More cattle are, being placed on this range the present year than any other year since "86," says an old stock man. One report says that 60.000 head are to be placed on this range but it is probable that that number is a little high. Hower all the large cattle outnts will increase their herds but we have been unable to learn the exact number each outfit will put in. Buffalo Gap Republican: On this page we print the republican state ticket that was placed in the field at Sioux Rnlls last week, also the platform adopted. No better ticket or platform was ever placed befoi-the people of South Dakota for their suffrage and consideration. Every man on the ticket is well qualified for the position to which they' are nominated arid .that they will be elected is a foregone conclusion. Hon. E. W. Martin, the next congressman from the Black Hills, is a gentlemen of high character and standing and well kpown ability, and one that the state may well be proud of. The platform Poison In Potatoes. The public is becoming excited over the statement recently made that pota FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. toes contained a poison called solnnin. It is announced that new potatoes con tain much less than old ones but those which have commenced to sprout are limited States Deposit oi quite dangerous. This may be true, but it seems odd that people have lived and thrived for centuries upon them of the republican party. When McKin-ley was Inuagurated president he made Heath First Asst. Postmaster General. Heath never did a brilliant thing during the whole of his public career, dominant characteristics have been ac-His dominent characteristics have been acquisitiveness and persistency. As chief of the republican press burea Aschlef of the republican press bureau during the campaign of 1896 he probably did his best work. He ute,d excellent Judgment In the selection and preparation of literature sent out from headquarters. Personally, all Black Hillers who have met him will agree that he is a pleasant, companionable JBort of a nan. and that their danger has just been discovered. It is safe to assert that . KflT DIRECTORS: t. j. orier. p. e. sparks i'. d. a. Mcpherson. 0. J. 9AUSBURY. declaration should cause the enemies of Castellane to pause and consider seriously the frightful danger that menaces Frafice through the anger of the little Count. They do not know him in Paris as we know ,him here. His terrible language while a guest of the Gould's in this country chilled the blood of all Americans who read the accounts of his rage against his enemy, the editor, and we learned to know that once driven to real desperation, this small French demon would stop at nothing, so long as he could secure newspaper space. France should beware. She stands upon the brink of an abyss. This man Castellane is not to be trifled with. If his wishes are not rganted he may be-driven to borrow another million from the Goulds, or. in a moment of uncontrollable rage, he may walk right up to the Prime I anyone with whom potatoes do not agree has stomach trouble, and anyone who has indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation, biliousness, or liver and kidney weakness needs Hostetter's OFFICERS: Preeidant O.J. 8AUSBURT I CMhier D S. MCNMAN "Strike For Your Altars iy. Vice-Prudent T. J. GRIER Assist, casnier ... .j- and Your Fires. t--js . .t. j- i j j j Stomach Bitters at once. This medicine does more than promise, it cures. Avoid substitutes and Insist on having the genuine. Try it. J. L. MARCOUX'S Minister and slap him on the wrist, r A PlWBABLE BLESSING. It is not at all probable that a guerilla campaign will follow the final defeat of th Boer armies, but that the civil ml of British authority will be recognised. There is soma disorder s.nd a few small battles have occurred, la the Orange Free Stat since it was remm by British- trope, but this will aot last long. No doubt the Boers will take kindly to the new forms of gov A LOYAL REPUBLICAN. Lieut Go. Keart is loyal. In an interview at WooHsocket. he says: "The ticket nominated at Sioux Falls and. the platform of princioles adopted there will command the loyal support of every republican in this county. Patriotism is always commendable, but in every breast there should be not only the desire to be a good citizen, but to be strong, able bodied and ivell fitted for the battle of life. To do this, pure blood is absolutely necessary, and Hood's Sarsapa-rilla is the one specific which cleanses the blood, thoroughly. It acts equally ivell for both sexes and all ages. 4 H umor ' When I need a Mood puri-fier I UAt Hood's SrsApriIbu t Cured my humor ind is txceUtnt ss nervt ionic." Josk Elton. SUfford Springs, O. It $ Delicious The best mocha and Java coffee to be found In the country Is now on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The Increased sales of this article which makes such a delicious drink, is evidence of Its superiority over all other brands. The next bill of groceries you order, Just add to that your order for a pound of mocha and Java. Once tried, nejr forgotten. tf STANDARD CASH GROCERY. New Undertaking Parlors No. 20 Lee Street. ernment, after the first mortification For mvself I hnv nnlv tn cut that I tit defeat hjut najuutriL In Cinnitt ' tnil ' .-.a L.m - - . uow auu uvici nju, lii dAC lllf Australia the people are about as inde J gratification of my own ambition the pendent as the people of the various test or standard sf my own party fealty. To parapMase David Ben Are the Neateet and most complete in the tst, All Embalming done by an expert. j Only Funeral Car in the Black Hill) states in the American nnlon. Allegiance to a central authority is not despotism If a rule of law prevails. and If popular franchises are not denied. The Boers are a wonderful people. Their homely prosperity has been a model for communities remote from central government Bat they could sot live secluded lives after great com j nett Hill, 1 am a republican,' and shall do all in my power to uphold the standard of the party. I have an abiding faith, however, that the republican party will some day right the wrong visited upon Sioux Falls. I can afford to wait' For that chivalrous spirit of fair play and love of Justice, which prompted 16a old sol- Ratification Meeting. Th Deadwood and Lead republican clubs will bold a meetluc at city 211, Deadwood. Tuesday night, Jum Sth.' to ratify the aomlnaUoas made ai Sioux Falls May 2M. Everybody Is . invited. . Democrats and populists are especially lavited. : Calls answered promptly Telephones 80 UCLj aiigub Boo4- flUt ww Mtw Ul: a-trrlf ttaf Mi plr orturtH W Uk with Hood SwparUly

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