The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 11, 1900 · Page 10
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 10

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1900
Page 10
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"He looks exactly j our views and position on all mat- 1 born too late to see in the flesh the at the City hall on-Saturday evening WEEKLY iIOBEER-TIJIES- "K6 Pn... .Tones of th n.. ' - . vm. Ul," ters that any citizen may consider of exemplar unique. It has been with last upon the issues of. the present a cowboy looking ,i . ! ! 0U"V campaign. His auuience listened at importance to the welfare of himself, I infinite care and watchfulness that his fellow citizens and-his country. xou have preserved you adherents L)BADW(50D - Roosevelt. at Got, - SOfTH DAKOTA tentively from the opening of his I have no hesitation in saying that from being cured of their maladv. "He is a cowb-y said Mother J regular: common I had hoped the defeat which you ex- j Danger you scent from afar and de-perienced four ears ago would be I hide your followers with a cunning as ani , he gets elected SUBSCRIPTION - - - J2.00 TER YEAR J u - cause sufficient to convince even yourself consummate as that employed by Ma- ornery cowboy." of th3 absurdity of the illusions by chiavelli; shorn of 'paramount ls- Seth Bullock ha address to the very last. He discussed the issues of the day in an open and candid manner, and in such a way as to bring the truth clearly before his hearers. His style of campaign argument is pleasins. He sticks to his text and does not wander off on to some side issue and abuse the opposition candidates in a personal manner, but confines himself to dis hwn to convince yourself that you know all, and would eonflnevour time trying to learn somethinthat is not above jour capacity,-and learn to "know -it-well," before you write about it. and get your New Testament, read the parable about the men with different talents, with particular attention to the man with only onef and that is you, Freeman. you would devote our time and study to polishing that one. instead of acting like a foolish hen of ten-egg capacity, trying to .spread herself over thirty egg, addling all and hatching none, you would cease to be a pain to your friends, and a source of amusement to the balance of mankind. You can. even in your present condition, see how ridiculous Entered as second-class matter at ta means of which thru an extraordinary sues as swiftly as truth strikes them twist of fortune, you were projected dead, you invent others as fallacious before the public eye. But In this and fictitious, with a versatility which Dead wood Postofflce. and the four hours soem tonight were th. , u 1 was mistaken; but it was no mistake I would have put a Munchausen to the most pictures,, clamorous of a,,,. nd th of reason, rather a misjudging of men. I shame : reproved by your own incon- OUR COUNTY TICKET vx nat there is that should hold men I sistencies. voti flood doubters among tne tour lPit i L PerN i .Republican newspapers and commit n n". . '-01 faithful to such a champion as your- your consort with glittering catch- cussing the principles as embodied in the platform of the republican party as arrayed against the platform of tees have thus far during the present ..r.uui nooseve r their irtl Ditalitv and h.. :r "toofl self, is, and doubtless ever will be, words and jingling platitudes, till inexplicable" Such a champion! grasping and choking in the torrent - eujuyea It. democracy and poulism. 1 he pops campaigu directed their energies largely to national and state affairs The cause which you pretend to advo-1 they ' mistake volubilitv for wisdom. (ate with so much earnestness and a xsifion you place your "Moses," V. (Sioux Citv DEADWOOI). S.' cial. Deadwood is rhetoric for statescraft. anathemas for prophecies and blasphemies for Journal i l- Oct. 3, ll9 sincerity. Is that of a laboring man .1 Hrvan. He resigned his commission to the exclusion or neglect of the coun ty ticket. The work done for the na Your speeches are constantly over truth. in the army to come to t ashington, to us a en,. rounn or .luly r,.i I. owing with exuberant commonplaces tional ticket will to a certain extent get me treaty ratified that contained get me treaty ratined inai coniainea , ,, . , " "'auoti tM:i .. ... ,u. I Bands are p av ne .l. ""CI Iration tig. n Consistency of Old Time Democrats. I have ever cherished for the great about the laboring man. his misery tnese national pieuges oi nouor. inai i . . . - - -miTti who were expecting to hear their candidates personally aoused were disappointed. Mr. Martin wound up some of their pet theories so tight that it will take several Williamses and Bryans to untangle them before election day rolls around. We know of a few who were not decided in their own minds how to vote who after hearing Mr. Martin's masterly address declared that they knew now how they would vote and that was for Mr- j". t-itr- rdtitn.' ..... .. m""in (ue 'and neavens and misfortunes. is now going over 'the land urging partisans of the democratic party people shouted themspfve, T Who Is the Laboring Man? us to break, and you. Freeman "Know- that esteem and respect of which hon ineoaore Koosevelt ,lio "l Did you ever stop a moment to an Is. are backing him in this unholy the train hpwial train, k.- . alyze tlx word ' work?" Me sir is a est opponents are worthy. T'ntil four years ago they had always borne themselves upon a political runnins- nil .in- f. e' work that would put him "Saint Willie" in that terrible "Heveridge working man who earns his dollar by benefit the county and Htate tickets, but there is danger in this. The opposition has no hope of success for their state and national tickets and are bending all tneir efforts to the election of the county and legislative ticket. They are offering to trade Bryan and the whole state ticket for voles for the county ticket. Republicans should their tactics from the sweat of his bod v. bv the ach( battlefield as honorable combatants type ( lass. A. . KUKi i K. itmnns rif t., ... ,.. "Ti i of his bones, bv callousness ou his land held firmly to what they believed Kinley. Roosevelt and the entire re pub. their pictiiresniie ,,,' sse ands. and dimness over his eves. lican ticket, and they at once repaired IRELAND IS FOR McKINLEY. the right. Never had one to ask where faced their shield or on what II. is a Workinginaii who bends over to the McKinley club rooms and enrolled ' their names in the (dub mem o. ie. ran. ho,. r)eadwnru, ground was planted their standard. desk thru the long hours of the ty and iiinler the hot glare of electric tllll Of people. !(.,,,;,, rj( bership. Mr. Martin remained in or Great American Prelate Upholds the Work of the Administration. London (). t i - .trchbishop Ireland, of St. Caul, in an interview announced Their issues were issues for the Pacific coast as well "as for the Atlantic, for both mountains and urnirioK million over Sunday, the guest of : u-. ... . rr- i i Committeeman Thompson. Sunday hedi nod at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Those were the davs when dm two m i .I x oi ing for M r. M K i n- his mi It X .-o.ilil ;is l'l . !lt. ' lit f-iel. coat I lights ami feel his ticad throbbing and burning. He is a working man, who, awakened in the stillness of the night, mast aiise and hasten to some bed ol .sickness, to soothe, to aid. to com-loit. ami to administer, taking hours from the end of his own life thai the live.-, oi others m; !. prolonged. 'I hose. I si c and iiiunx ot tiers are ihe w oi k i iigii, . ii uu whom j ou piiil.-- iiin :1a of III) 1 . THEIR WORK IS now on during the f-w remaining weeks of the campaign. A vote won for tli ' county ticket will, in almost every instance, be a ole won for the national and : stale tieket. Our conn I y 1 it ket is as good as t on Id ha ve b-.-n named, then- i.-. no d i.s -at i.-i at I ion with any of the noin uu -. There m t i was a t l'-ket tnoi e i -lit il h -'I to tiit lull MncntalnJ Ii. i oi.l limed uu in I ho I 'nil... tl.e si. Item-Ill "oil tie' Slates, that F full over th,. : came in fro mthe ill-' district ox. I ). .'id '. mi.! n, , . i people ill ' . );. .' i "ix in r - v , ', .. narrow e.J i .-'ni, a c:nr.;l i . u'.li ' '"i ii'-'aij-.i .11 p VERY C0AR5E ' ' 1 comir 1 ' ' 1 Slam. ninth a n let v nil. I h- elia i.i pioii h ol lie' laholTllg la-. .' .'.oil ! .'.Ol.l l:V ;n I i. i . ii,! the Labor U n vole an. support oi !! I i ' I lie I , lo i I.-- no: Had- 'I :'! it v. i I i . . Moore and P: I .. !!. ." ' ter WdntJ .)- In id. 'A hat Vv il 11 elt del b I:l.t joi ,! if.- ia ::'i:iruiaii:ii l I 1 1 1 1 V e .- I . I I 1 - a;,. I 1 1 - .'OINT MEETING OF L MON. With i: 1 . 1 -r- than Hi. i oppo ,i I it I I ,. le I ail. I il' I : - I ii. il a t i ilo h.i. U Ii l.'t I It lie- V I I. ol i ( i ai .- a -o. il is a -oi I ol i on u go as on h a ale tlllee or loll illleo.b 'I I i) i a . i : . .-. 1 1 1 . "nil h.iX e oc"" tTai ' V . d e.' i. i, 1 . . : r ..'!..' : g I, I li ;. Ill . 'l I i .'i inlaial e I l tin., U il l .o! oil. Th. -I ron '.( il- r j. elements ot strength have abandoned the now ot her t ha:. I ... i. ies. v hi i ii we n I ! e-l ilk our cataio;; Funnel l. x on laid i il Itfl'illls Ol' il 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 knov,- i auk- I.e. of in . ;i pa I ion I, ii in lo I he law ; . ii l ie i that L' I ( I 1 1 pi'lM'li I i . : ni orgiito.'i k Hills h-: -. Ils.-lou of ' desire to u i a Uer. st nirk in. ti ; i, - 1 1 i... n-.'.:. of i We VXele .-II be .1 I I lie fi iell'l Men of tin- Ilia. tJiif than the d meet itiLis. and xx top'-' d r t !.,. lower i n t of i f y xx'a s e' t ti". pot. Coyer.,,.;-t ho r 'I I row xchere he addn e'l'hiisia-tit' yet .oil : hut x on r fa i I out alone shore. Th and are pulling for tl.ii y are making a persona P'lhii-!, ill. O'll lie ,, illllO'lt! ' inn 1 1', r -;i in 1 th" '.'.-'It l!" r.nT ff S" 1 are was so signal a one mat i x'eti now ol ill II. i. II I the lira I lo tllll III I I reveal t:in:.;- ml. W. 1 li inn make no pretense to hide it. You i oil Not. Min Western l'i .1. t:i I ion ol il.or union a... i.oi In tho ir,-'"!;ej canvass, ami it is but natural loi them to try to trade off candidates oil their ticket who have no possible in it i n l be d lint it is the last four vcars that I t ' i . - lo: -.1 by I .in. I tl a ml in - i .- ! . i t i i i ml th. ir iii'.x. pioi, '.i; regard lo l heir liava.i '. We feel 'thai if the ask you particularly to review. Duk ' :s of th" jH i.aiii.eil for tin- purpose of use. of (he same during lie army of lobbyists at the s. aspiring for election a.- i bhovv to Ik- elected. Republicans ir meetings Sinn of the 'prcso'itat ii. 1 1 III 1! t lion ing that period your entire time has !-- hum.. I.'.'.iv,,.,. ; Iroiii the lihe k and are e .lidi been devoted to preparing for the con have nothing to gain by traditK Their own candidates are good cnougl t. winch now contronts xou; vour xx hole efforts have been employed in harmonizing other men of your ilk; vour a lunula lit powers ol sti lewdness shall 1 not say rather cunning. have been conci dated upon the one pe. ting the votes of the union men. have th" interests of the laho' in- p, o pie at heartithat it will be unnecessary for u- to re-ort lo lolii.ying. bat that any reasonable legislation that we think xvould 1" r.eli! us. will I " properly looked ."Iter by them We do not l.iiow xvho is responsible for lie a it i' To published in tljji Call, but we do know that the attention of the' editor lias been (ailed to it and he ha"? 'been L'iir'i .-ul'ti. i.-nt time for an i xpla nat ion. and while we baxe no desire to inline any of the papers of the Itlack Hills, still we would siicii.'.-t to union men that if the Call has nothing but ridicule for them, that they give their patronage lo a paper that will not belittle thei' actions (Signed.) (t).MMITTI'K I.KAl) I. AMOK I'NIO.V Load. S. IV. Oct. L linio. A PROSPERITY DOCUMENT. The delinquent tax list as it appeared in the 1'ioneei Tinicn Halunlay morning was the smallest of any year during the past fifteen years. This year there ate only r.n.. lines, while here object, of mastering the democrat U TEDDY IN DEODWOO'D. Some of the Press Kfoorts Sent Out About It. i I . i n ( i i n Journal i PI-: I nvniiii S. 1 1 . () : . '. i Hp.-. (ial.l (lovenior Koo-.ex. i: mad. a lecord breaking trip today from oi l em Nebraska to it s western e"tr"in it ' au.l ou into .the .(ities of the lihek Hills, where ho ; -poke tonight to two immense crowds. A part of the tram was h'ft behind at Chadron with th" evcept'on of Mr. Dietrich, remained to attend th" night meeting. The balance of the party went on tip into the Hills, meeting with crowds at all the little towns machine. Not an hour of these four years has been spent in the pursuit ol making a. living bv iiri:.Tit work. ll of this time xou have run up ,1nc! lown the land crying that the work ing man was being ro'ihed. crushed. nil deprived of their rights and due. reat parties stopped boldly into the Yet the source of vour own means of arena, each teeting tne coiiscio.isness 'nil tit pot . The si re. i . :'..: --; r,i. 1: i! yn- m - ion p:i -s. -I . I., i . i xx hi ' . , p. and red I; l,t w .::.' i.-r )! i m ! h y a'.d "T.-.! I . . . .' i!... ::-r ;.::!e -en . d a mil i mi . :' I in L-nh !i .N'jtf ,e I nio'.-P It .ci i ... i '. :" , ,ni( le.x rm.r I,' ! :e, ' .11111111'- II :i-l ' I'- eixx i tZ Ulle I.KMi S 1 1 in :: ..T"'i , The ( ;t '. iC y 1 i' ;i xv )0, f il iei . pi . . ' ' ''.- '. T'::""l: j) 1,'oos, veil . "' 2;, thi- the n : -t i:'. ark. siat.-. :, 1 1 1 . . 1 . 1-. I..- --.iti'lms w ' an M uiit si .1 1,, '11 1 . .. I-, xx ..-'.! ir.'-- sm of I .a XX l'i II e ... ' I ' ' i.'H li Or up A ii'ei iea'iT- I -: -rt - F r.'rfi ,., and all , la- .. -!.''-:' fis, M. Kin I. x : - ;' TV : m ori-t 1 1 10a h . I ' '"''fi' (oi ina lo t he 1 1: . .-, I' l''3,Ii l. cniii, ; ih,. . ' " ""'i" ' aks 11 : . I 1 . 1 i . !. : ' i '-' ",'i li" !. a do' u - . ' ,' "' : I- i" I ,-t !. '' ' :" ' Htl' Me -, ,! ,0, ' v.., v , : . 1 ;: " ''''' ' ": er-i ('., Aiidrexis. on Monday In- went to 'i'anklon where lie addressed a large meet inn in t he evening. Alpena Journal: Mr. Mai tin's of their right in tne sincer ty of their xistence has been a part of the hard nrnod dollar of a portion of these i ( nvict ions. They used not a'fe' ked tnen-v-obtaitted from -4-Umi- .varluust T.-mirrre ns iy-bei dona- by .tUiiiat- ..p-cli was the .nioL. logkaJ uS any has insidious methods. While they were on the way. A man nt Rapid City .'I'd (i:t that iitarlx ex.txbody bad gone to I leadwood. but down" near the 1 1 at k I hex had a honlii e built to liuht a .the train a- u went, bv and a bm ter-dav democratic party since you that has been delivered here. II p.ssumeil the dictatorship of its des ringing a livelihood from th.1 e.i"'li r toiling in the shop, you have lived tiny. They (ought a good Tight ami tofore it has made from S.uou to iM.-000 lines. There are columns this year, but the columns are two and four inches shorter than seven and eight column papers. It will also be noticed that this year most of the ""space is"'ta!kelii" ii jT"Tiy" (TesTTtpttoiis of unproductive mining claims of doubtful value and lots in outside additions to towns and villages that should be listed as acreage property, bo that the amount of outstanding taxes for the year ISila is very small compared to other years. Then again there is considerable property that will be allowed to go mi sak- for the purpose of clearing titles. The bill for publishing the delinquent listisalso the smallest that has ever been pre at vour ease in Pullman cars, in vour hol(.- victory or defeat was ileir no personal abuse for anvone. amf made friends for himself while in Alpena and he wa - well receive. 1 by, men of the opposite political faith'. ;ind be made a good impression on the x (iters of this" vicii.itx . '.x.i- lie a lici ll'i - on I he The) T,blx , .Men: ch' . in :. :;!liiip.. ol' ix J ) I a I loi in ibrary, or over your billiard table--our pioperty and income has inulti- i i dw d cauu'ht x. Ik. w , I .a - oi xirtion. they boie it inaje.-t icallv. Hut is ( naiigeil tor on:- jiaiTy lo-.v. 'onr pub. x has '! ra "-rv.l it ilie.l a hundred fold, and all wi'hont 1 1 I I' .lt! XX Ot)d 1 e. cpUOU i.hti tiiu ua.n oil tin olll X. .1 . da-.' of man's toil. Forsooth. I mi to sic h a iiepin linn i"- noon 'p 1 great men have departed from it might.i'y tempted to ask how tii-e y of the working class whit h you li : and iiilin : t with sorrow in their hearts but while laini to represent have a conception of .Il ihl.el tin i.ds mil' r w a in. .o i 111.- I ; , BBEVERIDGE 5 BAD BREAK. TTi l epubl it a ns are a! II it t . d xx it h j a liir-;" nintiliei ot oiatoi- xxhn xxoiild lieip I lie rn Use o! 1 heir 'pari X it t hex : w ere to slay off t h" .- ti.tiip. Th. . a I I low M r. I '.. craUe In oi,e h -c the ! (.tiler d'l.x wi.. ii whoop and nii'ioani his. I (list my eye over this Ian. I of their e-. iit. lieOe shone yet tair and 1 riuht. Your . ili. v lias be- n one which the aiicfent leaders of the iletn- our.-- at (I sigh to see now mniiv yt t . Hi:- 11,. , I O XX i - ii- ,-al" ! I, 'il. X, 1" : e ort on the lie Xa- : leave to you. So strange t tiling ile li ! ! K. Mi li and a 1 . ' I I X '' j J . i : : I y it, l.lil .Oil. ..I ' ... l.'.pni. le Jit the wot Id has in ver seen so ;ul a ocraey. tho tniHitles ol wnnni your belliTinien profi t to see nl.out your I oi u tl to boulders, woujd have imsst-d by with i onVmpt. Your tiolitital conduct has ; il t hat Cuba on - ht not lo he free. He eciared that c. i y sn at nat ion do 'Toped a colonial poll. y. and t Me. 7j rx I, TrtL L been of a sort that thev vonld have 1 sented to the commissioners $1.3. SO. It was awarded to the lowest bidder as it was last year. The rate per line last year for three issues was the same as this year, li'-i cents. Last year the publication fees were $204.71, thing I hope it shall never see again. I" r i it is when 'men lay n'l il.ei: iiope and faith upon the altar .if so phantasmii al a folly: sad it is for when 1 1je awakining shall come. Hi v w ill f:n! in you r.n idol with cla- f. ( t To them then all the world will r.eeni 1-t w!lh '" ""' s imperial poln y xxas only an sfoursi (1 you fiom their in fcotlle the whips of their scorn and wrath. I l'ilile- I il','1 Mill. . . It cam pa i : 1'Ille Jti.U, In laid 1 s. le. u 1. I'll, tod. ix has been and liiat'-k ilill.- In Sep our conduct has proven to he so lor, 111 t: lerp is ill. tit .. in I. til 1 1 , 1 .oi I , , ' i I e o I ! ii t ', , 1 Me overlooked the tact, tiiat xxe are pledg. ed to give Cuba independent e. A nation's pledge of honor is a tnatt'-r of no consequence to a politician of the base that rather than pass Into history .ii-. .; ; : ii ti ii. ii ICifil.l Cl prosei x e. only pap-t ii-l of Ih xx old ol t the as your associate, they would have ( oniitry - the 11 --ion -i ;i.e all 1 lie 1 a I'e the niihil 1 allb i le th T tin Heveridge typo.--Freeman Knoxx all In Equality. lis th. I" Sr: this year $123.X0. The commissioners nave awarded the publication every year, except ope, when the treasurer took it out of their hands to use as a political pull. It cost the county considerable more that year and cost the official a re- Cere c e are giau to see'tliaf h rceinan flit I a in 1 n:. i l.h S.l X - no ing the . to do so somel bin: thing to lress h.e for has a glimmering spark of reason left Toenti and admits that "A nation's pledge of puia t honor'' means something. We now ith ( hit ;iko market. , Deailxvoud wound yp the eatnpai::n-ins of the day. The famous kuIcIi greeted the governor cordially and he had an audience of .'iiiuo. The chairman of the Deadwood meeting this evening was W. H. Steele. Mr. Steele has been a demo-rat all his life. He is a former dele-sate of Wyoming to congress, and In 1884. 18f8. 1892 and 1S:G was a delegate to the democratic national convention and a member of the committee on platform. He came out for McKinley and Koosevelt this year. have hopes that with proper diet and watchfulness, he mav be cured. Not low o; bill and it is right that, they sould make the rate, or award ft to the low wrapped their clonks about their heads and have drawn back into obscurity! choosing to be the proud possessors of an unsmirched honor, even with loss of fame, than to possess thus at the hands, of the future an infamousnotoriety. The Shadows Are Approaching. There is hut ore result of this policy for you. And no one Is better aware of what It Is than yourself. Tho shadow is approaching. Already you are laying other schemes in your home state in the hope that when the wheel of fortune, which so strangely flung you to the surface, will have swirled you down again you will be able to save yourself from total extinction. But not fK" The party the v to overload his stomach to a point be 1 nios , ii xce ' ;.,,- M ., a llU'i ff ,,, ',. S,.F' , . i Mr. Marts i. i ii.'P-".1 ,!,!:? ". ".'in. . , , i.iir siH- ', . ..((-.KltW , ,, . . - th'- ii: " , . psi-.Ti ' ,'!' , "' Th" I to !' , . ." V-: ,x ,: -ri. lit t0" ,, . x.-iir" yond his present digestive limit: we Ies. Hon. Iv VV didale for campaign sp. . Monday ex i n n ellce. He I'M - of the Caz' tif between the !' the Philippiii" issue with Ion get ele'ted he as well ns etc: ering the xcrx ing repuhlicani People will submit a pledge, "a solemn nation's pledge." for his perusal, so as to keep himself out of the "fieveridge type" class there Is in the treaty with Spain. By Art. IV the United States gave the nation's pledge; that for ten years. Spanish ships and merchandise should enter the ports of the I'hilip- Fir da during the falser for it. Farmer Bryan, Put not content with carrying the deception to this extent, you needs must drag tipon the stage ik1i a travesty that fools jeer and wise men grow sad. Thru the assistant e of your "lieutenants, a landed property comprising t owe thirty acres was procured and labeled the "Bryan form." Broadest over the land into nook and cranny were scattered aceni,DU of Farmer Bryan at work. Full page illustra'Juis of the proprietor in rustic regalia sped eac.t, west, north au.l south, as fast as mails could nci them. Almighty shades of American statesmen! Ne'-er in the history of all our politics has such a burlesque been perpetrated upon this republic. It is enough to make all honest men of the democratic party wep to see their ancient prestige thus lain prostrate and to make them cry with Antony: . O mighty Caesar! dostjhoj He so low? Afe air "the conquestsT" i?!6rtesr"tri- omphs, spoils, i - i Shrunk to this little measure? Unrivaled At a Demagog. , I can find la my dictionary no softer word than demagog . with which to crown yon. Were I less true to myself and were the th:ng less deplore Me, I might congratulate you upon tl 1 mlnatlon to whtch jrou have h " your duplicity. In your special u stand tmriraled. As a Chealie '.J ch tft oav which you for the ,time have sub w the , . . . . ... . .. .. 1 unita on. tut? rrt.iit. itri uis ms uiir suiys dued so completelv will have dis-i .. ' V Ins oiiu ui v: x,uuuxiiviv. i x 1. 111, oiaiu . Ju'l tto. t I. The Argu est bidder. 0 CULMINATION OF DUPLICITY. . William Jennings Bryan: My Dear Sir: Now that you are again directing- your efforts to secure the greatest gift of the ' American peoples and therefore the choicest in all the world In their minds, I address this communication to you. Tou are seeking the most sacred trust that it in In the power of American citizens to confer upon any one man. Therefore itaJMinljrJheir jrlght feit their duty to examine and scrutinize the Qualifications ot those' ambitious to gain this honor, because it is necessary that whoever is chosen tor this ast agency of our commonwealth, must arrive at a thoro understanding upon affairs of mutual interest, with the peoplei of this nation. It is not for you to decide how much you Will say. and how -much yon will leave un thai wea 1 Chicago Record.) rKAIYOOns. n.. Oct.. 3. At 5:30 tonight the Roosevelt special train crossed the state line between Nebraska and South Dakota, and before dark f'atp. Seth Bullock, sheriff of Dead wood and successor' in the Black Hills to Sitting Bull., had a rough rider by the hand and was introducing him to 500 cowboys, cattlemenand citizens of Deadwood. A stage coach of the vinta-e of 1819. drawn by six mules ai:1 f swn by Seth himself was the vehi which bore Governor Roose- 't he speaker's platform. Cow- J. riowmun Ih Steele and '"',: frn the Itlack I for R, van. N1U p,un W.1" foUen ,,f the f e or t Rt'i, gorged-yon the more quickly for the audacious tyranny which you have displayed and .exploited. Like the fabledbat acknowledged by neither flesll nor fxrwi, you "will he condemned to" flutter about In Stygian gloom, destitute of hope, ridiculed and loathed by - men, till eaten by the fever of despair within your -own heart, you sink at last 'into oblivion and decay. Very respectfully. h of t stumping for b lv r'' ? lL- III-., .. l:i: .!-!;( in tW r satis Ht- 1 , ,'( Ksi w country. H. I. one sells to the United States all buildings, wharves, barracks, forts, etc. Art. IX we gave the nation's pledge that all Spanish subjects who resided In the islands, who owned property there, could remain there and be protected by the United States, or they could sell and remove if they wanted to. Art. X, we "gave the. nation's pledge, that the inhabitants shall be situ red (by us) in the free exercise of their religion. We could give more, but, re cognjzing the weak condition of ht brain digestive organs, we fear a relapse. - . Now, Freeman Know-Alls. If yon would not waste so much time trying p lati p tasti f4. ot t.grew w .i n. - d member froni in;' " , jn th J ere th, tuinc s Just in from the range, 500 Iucks may w nn ... he is a pretty f-"'1 ' "e i shall await the, fulfl ff. ffj i" ail. formed, the escort of honr. So -wift was the pace and so fierce the MOROLAT. r, I .11 7 'l, 1 I . tpp hall,., prophecy with ,-nnn'! tH said; but it Is ImperatlTe that "you MARTIN MAKING CONVERTS. Vermillion" Republican: Hon. Eben shouting that the town band was rrowned out of hearing and was then gus-Leader is on in shall answer, hilly and frankly, all dustry poaterity will thunder pi ""ft behind as tne rushing procession ',W. Martin republican candidate for ntiAatfnna. that sr asked of tou and Steele supportct. . ago. galloped thru the streets. I gr", niKt crowaeq nowse 6UtleariyithBO-nlTOcaUoaftround-inourit

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