The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 11, 1900 · Page 8
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1900
Page 8
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lor (onrre .'.'ai'iii pti pii'm I' an i nii'i akll ,i!"ia en 'I ; -da? rPMR-TIKEE- or inai.hainl , i nt month io Lie' trailed, oil J. aim Atiiiy '(- iii, Jimative li iff senator pas. .a! s, at - up d by Willi til" nnu ilUa 1 1 1' b. U til." Io. -to - X 111 t fill 111 o.i,' '- IVl. unoj a- t'.uO io I out, that lie shouii.. in-f- " 1 1 1 if lie trjpa , Ills liite.lii'm i . ' "C'lllll lii-JU BUll.stH, ( , t hese m ( 1 he (jllalltl - Aim,.:.. '7 ruur... nt.- ,'m a opp .- it Mi " ' .ran ... ; apply to tip-; any more tis i ' one b"lie i ;) would follow art that won! Lis countiy , t !,-iu : , LEADWOOD .- try ' ; i i a i-L r ;:?S.ltfl ;a. ..'a," . li.Wi-i;e.-iied !: : ri V.'e , - '! - SOl'TH DAKOTA ti I a b.'.il i l.a." laaio the worn io t!,t- ijmul that there is uo po.ssiblc hoi' for the State ti cl ami Joe Moore, ext-rythiug must I t,. . i and i a:: ia ii' be tai i iffri i! in emit mole sopa , -1 1 ;. it... -li-ie- i lo lro:..' An' i.:n o : x an. ,. a:..- :u the th. i. Moil to bamttlii ntrtrofranTl no nation hour lllonill H:;i C ia. ,-i ! on (iii a. ,11 1 . St'BSCRH'TlUN - J .'.Cm PE'.t YE A I h gisluthi e am! i.ic. .No sooner J, In.' Iii; lin.n gaven (li,ui bets wciT ant then, itiiy more - a,, . , tha'' i.-, n all v ill. I i," w '.: n tea Ji:. aim t;ii!l. leutiiil, nu : lo ', on ,I p. :ii.i I ot lil.'li w. ! OOI11 1 an-io ,iii- l'"-t leitihlat' it'-i offer, r I.i' .1 on in' and hax l.i.e men I'll :n p or . I.,:. ' !., b WAYNE r.'. The f'ohou .. Ma . I ta ly iitid, : i ' f.nterej as a ronJ-i lice! x u'jd lass IlKl'lf 1'itafli, e. ...... ! Il a i i' di.v : x'i i 4-'!i, ''i' , . a:,', 1 ,r t. p if o - a w to tlio.-w l.o a: ii'ii .I e-4.aialiun i. ii ' I ,-.l.i i:.,po.-i;.-i.. ..:. -.. i i mill' e ai.y i t ;' M Noah. I lie t ' ii. i.a i .:.- '-uiniiy "'"'iiJ :''st,i i I' ' , : . , i ; . a l a : n ;.isl ;. .... ,r I'i :a- . ' la: Air.;, ,. a , '''el ( o 1 1 v 1 1 1 :n;- rtii iiiiig lb- loaclii'd up Hryrd l.iej. - of ioiir pin's a io. polnt- 1. 11 the laboring w,.. 6 friend. l:I!!l:M 1 a I xol.ed in paign. "K.litor - i"Jiitiiai i i'li' li'il instea,: nf a il'm i ate: had advoeai.'il a sji. :., of i rru,, i a m ihsiea.l ,o: leaildiii aii ai k h" x.nild 1 1 n ' " -i'laa THE MAN AND ... PR ETEN DE R. Hot Spriu-'.- Star . i i i - .dome i- oi," I-,'. I his friet,d XX 111 ' 1 1 Ih"; iiomiiiat'd he would at tune - w rui . ' 'i'-SJ iiit- have disai , not nun e t lioroiiKhly STAGE JOTTINGS. '"..- I'i' ,i I -1 1 1 l-ii:.. of til" 'll ama' a lentaies m 1 1 j - M'aoii is ()tii(a- at xa .'la!,'" Willi thai di in.. ji . . 1 : ii 14 mm - I., ti." pn-x ailing ml ir of w.u-t"i productions was a liit murky, si-iisatioiial tlio eminently dramatic l-'roin tin- plays that have al-i"..,; appeared this fall, as well as from tin'. forecasts of coming events, oin- judges that, aside from Shakcs-p.-rian product ion. tli" drama that this winter offers will he largely a rehash ed his lelalives tha fliniflairimi.-il his su i lia.s Mr. Ihyan ii'iirt-'ib all oxer I '"1 statu Sir: ' In n j : , : a staieiii. i.t ,,. porting; M, Kml do not know th more accuratel, .lie substantial! xvhieh induce them.' "For the war ii .., i . ' ' ' in s,-,,.;.. , ,i out llie liicimsisl. le y and hypoericy o, liie ib-nioeiaiic liseb is, on the trust ( i i i . s t i ' 1 1 and tore the imperialism anil nii!iiari-m bogx- man into tatters, j .-ide from being; a lluent and logical i -tnmiier. Mr. Mai tin is a man of po- , culiarly pleasins address, and our peo- , pie w ho had the pleasure of meeting ' liiu: are hunt in bis praise. He will make for South - akota a model eon- il e.-Mlla I! . --.''5'; the country. " "In repuhlican time- tin- prolili in of American lalmr is to Jet more. In democratic times th.- problem xvhieh American labor has to solve is how to r StfJ rc-inn Ihe jinlm'ship.. lie has not done mix tiling of the kind and probably le xer intended to. Yet the or. stitutioli has been interpreted by this same ..ionic to say that a circuit jtidtie is not eligible to an elective office. Moore's record for keeping his word is xx a beloxv par in the nort'iein Hills, and Moore is adding to that kind of a record every day. i K V. Martin has been duini- (t ib-iit wank for republicanism in tie- :'h S The affidavits of ivter T, r; i j -i :n. and tiio Vlrenzo. as published in t!e 1'ioneer-Tlmes. show as that. .Joeph IJ. Moore, fusion candidate for Congress, is indebted to the miners in tie- following amounts ior work dom- uu tin Aimed a mine in Is!':. Name. Days. Amt. Peter Temperino 21 73.50 Dio Ferdtnande . 64 234.00 Gio Gaspero 67 234.00 F. Marchiando -9-2 103.25 Gio Verenzo 28 2 99.75 lotal iii.;0 These iiiincis tonk out (in- xvho h was shipped to flu- Spearfish Cyanide mill and, paid for in a.-h I r i f tin-ori' Vas all (I ! t 1 1 1 1 . .s a mattir of fm l Moore drew . ' 1 1 1 1 more than tin' fain. tt?1 ' equalhj or last .season's popuTar novels, anil lii'iKv not filled with real dramatir I'oix.-r. So far. there have appeared licians oi notti p.iiti sponsible, but il. I;,o Kress ami the t.,-,.,. 1 '"s- 'wh i,, XVl'lu ...... Ira mat iza'ions of Hi . hard Carvel. Ca 1: i:. v. i and hint i shrill ami inu :.. , m 'matft to hold on the miseranle remnants ot what it has left. ' "1 believe that the whole future of society is wrapped up in the siiM-ess of organized labor iM shortening the hours of toil, that a more K"H"io!i-s leisure may be fciven to mankind for intellectual and moral culture." e tl Vankliili : ilhe I. i.M II I', i than presii h:: leb West and the llatlle of the Strom.', while x is ions of Janice M'-redith. W'li' ii Knight h mil was in Flower and ii.h, I.!l- ib nt xv a .'I n an t e - Tip tie. i1 lea of ho! I: ... -I In. -i . I.St' mad, Martin of for i onset, spoke hall In re rem ixed. the ;ipl.iu.- ulna' winks oi fiction will shortly 1.1! matter a I XX' state. ; ami po, a I fel li i',1 ml hex-in in part hini.self p.-opl, . in i M make t h, 'ir mot i niiol i ta n appearances. Il - ix ith Hi" a m r' r of tie .-i ' mig He W , I m. lay a e ,.oall: h ini- Hi-- am hand siiad. lia! .f iaiim-r ( I'I have .v,v hr "''': iitii-ni Well up of a e el! ! 1'h" re.- o!f is ii p.v, ept ilde ief eriorn- i-ei m ii xou that it is mm liortant for you lo lia' food I'm I I .1 Sp; the . speech. XV as lein e was mail, i i "..'i, . Avhn aiteiioon fie. , -iiia: nf t'.,- drama for tlio ii: ton 1' In of tin' nri- u nu ll II .N'nl vvit li -.1 a lid ! II J a niily. liildreii x aim t 'Mill hoes ami hook for sto, is i n-u s the'' .-. I i. tor din ,oiir a ii. I ni in ; i ' i i I ' not in- a i ' that Iv.ay, il h essi l,o h for a di this i ),-. -il' in n v a oi.noat fo in Ma- I a. s lo ti ll In! want is fo h ( :;;M rf ii r Si n :. I SVITH A SIOUa FALLS s an "in i ! a ii " in i n: m '! of ii'ix - BRIBER. l, .'il'I'l it 1; roll I I 11 II lint Im i III I"" IllX'c (Ill lulu r i ,'l Hi I i a 111' In ' l! I In II' 1 1 , I Wb (ail I- a hai -1 : 1 1 am if. ...v.! !i hi that da:.- "The joint moetiny of the unci- SON A L of de c i d growler.' was called for tae piirpose ing the dimensions of the POLITICAL AND RETROSPECT. I ,"; : ... - ! t a n ' i of tl ANOTHER FRIEND OF LABOR. II the I.i. I'u : II. i in a' I I ' th an lire! ih di , I XX I ' : ii.1 I" 1 1 - i l ' I'i ii 1. w i : I I mi: xx . hi h uu U!l; pal.'u. a-to yj i u e tome.- pr in I'. , V in h 11 a 1 ! a a o ! a ii n ti , I r oi wailing four I to in iiiei tile ( le i!' the ' tor ia in lev, lit, Who,- s x In for p 'ill! x si I! ' i 1 1 1 e ck I! mix iph- I! work done on -ail. ot M ni-.l!.'! I 1 1 ft' 1 a Hi i I , l.ien was the prim ow m-I romtiter. I.n-t week n Sim an I n-iin tali i in I II i '-ir ' i (ill ral.-r in e ill oollimol o ! i 'a i ; 1 1 1 1 1 a t i 1 1 ; :i: pl.ii x c'I'ort sta 41 -ettin -' ii.t cud din : hi s lulu for I aluna: i S. th" 1 o- l:ii in ' i i Tin t i . 1 e l,ol . a I, due I,, -uppoit in both . oinpaijie.s is ad- THE CROWN CF THOiTNS. .,-v. ... . ib i .i i, i is,. :, i of i ). !ol i r I . a,', e,. a tahh ot ell a! I I la a n hi "p " i-nil i l 1 .IP il .-1 He !,,,i,k li!''!i'" I, ,' I a ll.'lliie , t - - wild i ah xx h- li ma i ham or man i a: : i. i hi h.-t cior. am! compared it m tic XX 111' Il ,a 1 1 Hi, n: ia P : K.nv ex a i y n i . I. "rant o! or (bte iiiiiiniit it had with lulls to sri. hoxv m i' It Icpi ei ialed over ?i i 1 1 1 . And Thi- i - t man xx ho -aid in I le Deadwood Citx hall Moiidax nUla thai, h" Imp. d "Cod would take M, -Kinlev ami his full dinner pail awax now n-ptsJ Jean CowL-ill. v.e'l knou'ii to all Hlack Hillers, is at present playinn leads thru the Atlantic states with the Aubrey Stock i (inipany. The - company, said to be an unusually able one, is presenting "We t'ns of Tennes o'a'i in i il'i on the 1 Marl la." x. to i'ai: count r x and con lion, sla ( ago jda i Late lie great i w hi' h ! I ft o win-: mitte : Red. White and Mm and uf lian: see." "The others. - til Kll-i Hi ;, an In.x I lonlit fill i' 1 It pi . ilii Is Idaho. Indiana an,! Molilalia in t he li. t of doubt fill stat e.s ; gixe.- AT a i l;i in 1 and Kentucky to Mrvni,. California, the llakotas, West Virginia and, Kansas to McKinh x! Th.- Herald can never be accused of favoring the rojuthlican party, and it. probably has better means than any other paper in the country by which to obtain a fore' ast of the results, so tha' the above can he taken as n fair I i ir.o'Osi is of the situation as it ex I"' fjfr't I .'ll'i'tlt i-i' o ra pal I t l it W v .'K Ma.VE.iH with all the glamor cast around it. that, is just what Hi to I mean- T lie working man along, xvith the merchant, and jill others pays for what he gets on a gold basis, let the currency he makes the pax ment In be what it may. It was so in the s.ame in d Tl.". So milch lor stale hanking under di inoeiHtic administration. Still, small as the pay was. we imx -ir i einplailied. and whi n we cuiihl make a dollar a day thought we xvere doing finely, even when xvorking 1 ' and 14 hours. For a year or two' it was an Hlyseitui. bur. soon wit- heard the grow ls of the coming ea ri mpi:il:e. Now comes the period of tie- American exparsion. Apiil. ill, tin-Wiir i .imi'. People, both North and South went war mad ami the can and s"!ul them doxvn xx lu re tie y belonged before another election. " lie also said lie would he willing "to di--own bis country if he thougnt the people of the I'nited Slat's were ready to send McKinley back to Washington on a platform of bacon and cabbage, and lie would cry out to Cod Almighty to disown the country, too." This is th- man who is asking tin-people of the P.'aok Hills to vote for Bryan and Pettigrexv. Andy l.oo and .loo Moore A man who hires otlu r mi n to perjure t h. -nisei ves : a man xvho xvio I roii-I't to Souih ial o!a lo '"bxir li ni'iiai'S a.'aiii -f lejniliTii ail i oiaaii't ion i si i who iir-it.s in false lam la :t ".a ! ! I 'oo -ey, ! ' ; xvho etiila I- 'llr. a Mysterj. du5' pel i ount ry. east ill npa- San ford Dode is organixing a new omfany and xxill tour the xvest. presenting "The Two .Musketeers." ami "The Count of Monte Chi isto." "Quo Vadis." and "The Merchant, of Venice." Mr. Dodge was married last month lo Miss Leslie who was in his company when iney played ill Doadxvooi last spring. . John D4l!on. the delightful vomediaii who has played to often in the Hills, is no xv playing the part of Joel Whit-beck in "The Dairy Farm." xxhi, h is limning at present, in St. I'aul. Mr. Dillon, who is a 11 old time comedian is r-'ceix ing excellent notues from the press. la w ,!d tna'i -I'm h tliriliiilt the pie in the all.-o I Ilex' si ::: the ' wa-le all I : - "I a- :o!i :. 1 1 1 at:,! xx i ' ,-IS tl, The I ilel I' etlga t'ltlit:. po'i: lime in received from I.i. n a part of tip. wages due him. which was an .'ickmuxT eilgmenl of the debt. I.ii n is a rich man. able to pay labor bills in.di ;n uf Keating' them. RIDING THE FRATERNITY. Jerry S. (!reen. of Iiavenport. Iowa, who was in the Black Hills a few-weeks atfo. , delivering, lectures on Woodcraft, was paving the way for a political tour of liie Hills. It transpires that he xvas usins Uis office as lecturer for the Modern- Woodmeni'of America to open a channel for him to ring In a fexv ,ryan speeches, in direct violation of the laws of the order, and is now goinff over the same trail, making, the rankest ixind of populist speeches, hoping thereby to get the ears of men who would otherwise take no stock in him. The fact s.that Green is a pretty common cJass man to tane stock in any way. He is coming Into the Hlack Hills with nothing to recommend him-wive uiat-lw belongs to the Modern Woodmen of America. The notorious fact that all flocks have . Mack she'ed), and all herds outlaws, nhoul 1 lie borne in mind and rnein-lers of the Modern Woodmen would better remember that Jerry S. Green, In speaking of them as a politician, is viplatins one of the fundamental principles, of Woodcraft, nnd is therefore entitled to less consideration than the ordinary stranger who conies into i their midst; tli stranger may he hon-est and to conform to their laws and usages ho has sworn to u-, hold, and should "he given the benefit of the doubt. Green has. proven himself a. gross transgressor. I ft-is taking Into po.-.ics an order that promises every candidate for atlmis-fdon that the obligations he is about to undertake contain nothing to inters fere with his religions or political beliefs. The by laws of the order provide that It shall not become an instrument to further the cause of any political party or candidates; that ta members shall be at perfect liberty to worship God, in their own way and .1 en h'sh ale t oo hi is !: I v bu-iiies opiiur-, t'liir ir am Their ninds il e X el f ' ' I T ' 1 1 ' X ' fa'! l.l.i t .-m l low dell x p h i ir 1, re- o-llie the how I w hi, h t Ii" x i ntitir.-.; but and ceiling ".' aihan'U'a" was at ha ml - ' H umii n slav.rv t aiiia i-rael Id a b a1'" m-"e w ii h the mo -t lla-;heiiiv aid I it s of vn: "a ' il , o I tin! a man with an v i" woinaii's - !!, t i t .' xx oil I (1 Hot e I V rs. ho vnimi '' li.- Autrust. hi. we he- t, : xv i IV or , la n a h t , '' - io I i ' t licit ih i at s to : . ,-,, mi sham, rani for ; permit hi to lam. Smith's being etit mnndant I ' t -1, xx jf,. ' : t: at I lot Spring'. ri (aim ! hv Col I, inn . i otii of the 1 1 a; ae, nt t he epen se I aro'i!" I !, ta I ' an'. I rid'ii -; la, ah i found latino: i oniel 1 j 1 1 xx j i mall ! door o I break 1' of the . to avoid paving a hotel bill, f mi: h 'hiniserf. w ill eat tin- nan ,i : r ,i es- .(irrnv. i v an ' Miss Mattie ("hoate. who played Dead wood and toe other Hills towns xvith the' Bittner 'ineatre company, is flaying leads in the east xvith the Snow nnd Heron Stock (ompany. This company played th first week in September in New York City. The dramatic papers contain maiiy commendatory notices of Miss Choate'' work. . Cel. r. What ami t:;. the lalt lili lit. id have to h, ", -ilti ttoufde '.an is to d State opinions these I'lim elidnrse hi-. : do ami XVe be- li : do we have to give th in the integritv of iib la; Fire. L'.an to know what it meant in artiest Tens of thoii.-ands. like the wait a-, left t he crops liniia r o-teii : ot ,.er I' ", of thousands left their work iinliiii.-h. I in shops and tactorietf. and to -,v,ir xve went. The writer and fifty neighbors went into th" Thirty-seventh Illinois and ii proud, h'trb stemi'ii1 body of men that regiment was. (V cored by as gallant a set of oftt.-ers as ever drew In oath or sword. As an instaiu'e we Were called to strike camp after midnight, were on the road before dawn, marched 110 mile in three days anil rushed into one of the most fiercely contested battles of the xvar. Did weeyprmd? X. ell. should say xve did all dver eleven southern states nnd as tne constitution those days with the coppei heads of the Adlai Stevenson type was the paramount issue, we expanded so fast that the constitution had a hard time catching up with us. Expansion did. I pay. She lieve in hi up all on our man ; man from i ...e wheel because this N'ebiaska who has some a-a V'l fame as a speaker, but none whatever "ll.-i sel Among last season's successes still making good headway, are "Barbara Frietchie" at the World in which Mrs. Le Moyne stars; "The Pride of ',.. were si Frank ill-lit. lleXI-c Tbi1"' I: hit:-: I ' state's pi i.-ions ii"t San day. ROOSEVELT ATTACK WAS PREMEDITATED. Cicneral H C. Merriam, I'niteil States army, last, week made a speech n the ixayai.I.i i'.ion haniu. t. in which he auM rt d thai the recent riot uf Victor was due entirely to Cotur d'Ab ne miners, lie said: "We have heard Ceiieial living Hales epeii ence with Roosevelt in Victor, when thing's were thrt.wn his way. I want to tell you in this connection, that I have in my desk the names of thirty men, murderers and violators of the law at the Coeur d'Alene. who were housed at Victor just before the incident alluded to. Places were pre , ! !::ri '1 ,,.s :,DJf 1 Jennico." with Hackett in the lead; . n "ie v. wm vr.uih'i f "The Lady of Quality," with Eugenie Blair In the title role, and "The Only Way." Henry Miller, who played the The da' $.".!! tl! more t! t rob it'lOU not The & as a statesman tell us that the government of Washington is dragging this nation down to destruction, and that he. the said late colonel, lias arisen up like a second Lincoln to throw a guardian arm around our liberties. Oh. when we hear this late colonel daring to tamper with, to usurp the memory of our glorious dead, tell him hot to add his rrnwn of thorns to the cross which recalls the trials and sufferings of our mighty dead, one of whose chief crosses was the bitterness iihnitl was not plu.-t. ablaze, 'when lead In the last named play has been obliged, on account of his health to take a rest His place la filled by 1.x pal fire was easi mt. , ,:.' at tte even Lae south expanded as never before. Even thru that bitter aijony they were touched by the magician's E. J. Morgan, th:!!)"5" il'inn-S !" wand oi progress until the sons and Viola Allan, in "The Palace of the the to Tote for whom they choose, without .. any restraint and free from all lnflu- - ence-en wayor the otherThl3 writer. Is a member of the order and knows what he is speaking of. . Such practice on the part of an of- - fleer representing the supreme camp isan outrage on an order whose pose in the world ia th exercise of the principles of charity, hope and fra- - ternity not to see that some political party is not boosted into office. The Modern Woodmen of America is a "fraternal Insurance order. Men. Join King," another dramatization of a popular novel by. Marion Crawford f. hit v s.i one tl"' Mr. Pepi" r trie light P1;" moments bob he saxv txvo one tall man shorter man i the origin' of had been sh cidentally set match in the opened what promises to be a success s that pared for them. "The names were furnished to me by the detectives who were placed in all the mining camps thruout the mining regions, and I tell you that discourtesy tP the flag dates from the time of tne riots in the Coeuf d'Alene. Many of these men wore the United States uniform and the flag as a mask there. It Is not strange that with which he w,is assaulted by this same democratic party of which the late Colonel Bryan Is the leader. o INDORSED EVERYWHERE. Madison Sentinel: Hon. E. W. Martin took the 10:40 passenger at Flan- , and ful season. -- - - Clara ThropR. is playing in stock in Texas, and Walter Green who sttp- ftr 11 r s; lal AI: if of mi i pee , ini F9 of kt Ight rtt I? lOft M i daughters of the men and women of those days have expanded until the width of the continent is too small to hold them. Great God, is a nation of 75.D0fT.0W peefpteand snch people -7-to be forever chained to the brake-beams of an unpatriotic, improgres-8rve. demotpopulistic-unsound-money-negro-shooting faction of tte American people? If so, a good many of us have lived in Tain, which I don't believe. In the fall of '59 the writer , ported her during her financially dis dreu. where he speaks today. Mr. Bail' ; 1...- th Martin drove from Salem after four KeauLC . ,,; vested A motion wa- " . o'clock last evening, arriving barely the attorneys for na i In time for the meeting at the Opera the flag when seen on the, stage should provoke them as a red cloth does a bull. I h'ope noon to have th evidence In hand and some o' thin will be called to answer indictment fo'ind against them in Idaho." Ing trial in the jam y- M had -the exquisite pleasure -of listening reduced from . to a speech of Abraham Lincoln de bouse. He has spoken in a majority of the counties east of the river during the past five weeks, and be finds the .republican sentiment growing er- Moore hearu in- ,.:ter "u livered In the largest hall at Bloom-Ington Til. I . have heard , since and took th. " ' -" in ,, , - astrous Ibsen towr, has av part in Secret Serrlce." . . James A. Heme's new pastoral play, gag Harbor," bids fair to be' one of the greatest successes of the season. -."..''HO';' .- -k.:S0M E- ROOSEVELT GEMS. "We stand on the gold standard, aid we" stand on it on the Atlantic seaboard and la the Rocky mountains, anywhere. We- are fortunate In har-ing issues that doa't wear thin io any part orihe country." -1 1 c-; : . After returning to his CoSur d''ne -, e i irvm mils uia vux:ui u no " It because of the fraternal benefits and that at their death beneficiaries may receive the pecuniary, considerations stipulated in 'their glides. They do not Join It to be led around and told how they shall exercise their prerogatives as American cltljena, and endeavor to drag it Into politics should .forfeit his standing. " Senator, Petti grew's recent trip to the Hilla seems te hare ben:ome-thlng of a boomerang.; The candidat-,es for office on the fusion'tlckets of I . - experience:,"" General Merriam sal'' 1 Bntil 4UU m",1. m theff Iftidreea -of -owforemost ora erywhere. - He places the republican ent The inPT,t The 4eP8va"-i ot neatly all shatleiorbpln- "The 'abuse of the press has n""er I case or xx rMjStW . ... ,i r-iih re enppie cnu" d ion for forceful-logic, clear diction "c' the art of stating things causea me tne loss or steep oi o"- night. Duty of this kind is the 't fleer, came before iu ' majority in the state at 7000 to 10,000. It waa Ms first tialt to Madison and he made many friends in his speech last i evening . ,,-' UVV4" --' 'a - ''... ..'.".', ' . Brldgewater Trlbunei About 500 that the soldier covets, but he doe- rrtsoner was plainly' and comrpehensively; I hare " .! c-VyerSiince heard equaled or approached. A word of v. J. Bryani ' The nvu FJIIIi K' I don't wonder that when a man VLA) r . r,.-Ti'i:'v not hesitate to perform it. and for th we hear the cry of militarism, by the same men who were yelllt. In 1864. Cut militarism does feela BicJt and doesn't know what i.:' riter heard him speak four different the aeTeral Black Hills counties haTe EK AMI "' 1 ' ' T u, ,VESTERN-,MN'' oCT- voters listened to a discussion of the political Issues by Hon. E. WY Martin. pretty strong belief that they are ; the matter with tlm and cannot find .:res. Physically he ia line apeclmen :

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