The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 3, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1900
Page 3
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Ut. 3-1900 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWOOD, 8. D. E CENT AJVORD FOR RENT Eight-room house with bath, furnished or unfurnished. Call at DeMouth's Ark. LOST. i - .hi - hoarlDNf? Wagner Cafe Servo M.-iN Xi-lit and Ia . Best Cak- in C it v. W.C SPINDLER, Prop S. R. 1M A . .th three lines OEAOWOOD OPERA HOUSE JUNE 15, Alba I Ilvwood ...AND... And His Peerless Company LOST. A golil pan wat.-h . .harm an1 platinum .-diov. I. I.. at ' I(us.-!1 & Highies. , JTr M-nrh. livable ia advance : SMITH WANTEO-HELP. Tlio Arcade 1 LOST.- I'll;,.. ,,,,: . ! ll'-ur-..-IK m , v. .'!: j li.-tw.-.-n lii.i, ,. .;;, - ', ;,).,,.,. j office ail.! ( 'ila lii - .. ... , ,. i at t 1 1 I ) J i . . 1 1 o! Ii. .-. 'K'l !:. ki. AH . , . t laying si ii -I S' a , ,1 h'lUSO cle.niiu- .'I: 1 I' " ft:. ' ' L f .tKS??5-r...-- -?fv. 3 vlNVl" tivM VVy k ONE NIGHT ONLY. 1m.t vi 1 1 Si a i n i 5 ivnt-. Nunber of Seats Already Sold 350 .. , ,,..,tlv ilone. Wall I- M. i. LOW II ,1 It,;-. ' HI. !!-: nil 111 ii : i ALL ;KINDS OF. F1' nhone No. 14. fcolntyre, u-" '" U You Should Go to- Wagons, Carriages, Buggies, (drl for general house- iSTED V. N Dorr, & fatew- Palmer house lork. Mrs. J L avenue. Anna A. Leuhrs No. 01 Sherman St., VjjRoad Wagons, Surries, Etc. ror your dressmaking. A line of ff-'IV 'latK hl.H k li.-M .1. ,, t., '' ... i ,.it'., ... u,,ilu Vmirche. t livin i hi o.'isv U-rin-.. Wm H. McMaster, A ml i. i-llim We Iiainllt. STK A YKI i 1 'rum K .:,,UI, mare hetue.-n I and .". v. -a:., .,; aK', .shod all iuuii.1. branded liar H reward I'm- return or iul.inna-t ion l'-adim; in i i.. m , r". j, Savaf. C'-Iltlal City. S li Normal School. Tlnri.-.-i.ih, C',)unu.u, ..-lueu:, Ju.-.e, r.iijn. ANNUAL SKUMUN Su:,.,iv .v-Min June 1".' N' H.ill. K.. hlt Sli'Tiiun Woim-I.Jui f ci,ss i.w r.i:i:i'isi:s v i. ,v. Julie I !. - "" l in!. A lm lesion fr !l ar inv.i.-d i' )mm::m i;mi:"i i'o.vki; t w, i n. sdav. Juno 1.;, s ,) ,,. U1. Opora hous-Th" Alh.i Mi .a c . COMMKM MMKNT - I,-. i,-,. !,, 1Mu,;, Sill. II. II. II . I '...;, l'l,-,-,,l.,!, ,,!' ,!.. I'lornas. Tl-iit-.l iv. J.,t.. ii. v .i.i , ,,, Niirni.ll Mail I "I ,n; ,.l:,i ,.v an i' . J. . mis will ... rhaig.-d. Ti.-l-.-f- f..r "if ..- ion, i. "'' (" ' l"'-lli I - ..f III.- Al'l!llll; w ho 1 t I :''! ii -a . . , ; ;;. : i, ,,, M-'.' ' 1 -I !' I ! !' '. r ..a. ! ..1, LileFouMi-- I'lepiiiiiie u... ..... ri ady made ladies' garments kept constantly in su-k, at reasonable prices Visitors always welcome. Tin-: a 4 or farm; ...AT... line. A -ay ( 'th. . xicw nriLDixc, xi:v FrkwiTi Ki;. Xi;V P.KDDINC. 'n cot, thin vv it h the IvVMauraiit are ten hn.-ly furnished rooms with hot and t ..I.I water and bath. Open d .y and night. Short orders a : 1 I T.r. Celebrated Racine wagons and Carriages. I have mountain WAGONS, three seated hacks and moht every NltlJ' .inner Main juir' at. Call and inspect .'.!. .... thing needed l,y the LIVKRV I'EO my slock before buying. " . ... .,.ii"il linito- TED iri ' fork. APPlv to Mrs. K. N. Ogden, specialt ;l) I,in'll" UV' Mil' . I a I I.- mi i i ; s III.. SINC YOU Prop. . Ii la I.. . - i. , i FOR SALE. v. I S. R. w SMITH f LEAD. sai.i: i'i'.ik- , ;,l Oa lnvi r i half ash. hal- ; t-i It. M. -Ma I. J'' Calhoun Bros." si re 1,11 t III')'. Bcehe & Cleveland THE GROCERS Special Summer Excursions. Vi.i lhi: hnm..n l; i n.-. ini'ii..! ii.. I iim. i '.i ni.aa I ;.l.i i ..;.:n I Traflsfer L'M I:i. .vU.K. , ii,.i laii.-a i , iMinKa.ii-i. hi.-; on-- hull - .May ?, J.H. .N.'llll M.IIlrll. .-. J'.i'lU. I' 1 11. a 11 h! 1 i -I ai 1 id, ;iin,:i. I 1 1 .,ll,ji, v 1 aOI'l 11 bl ami .i I. u , lirsl c . l.voii, Mai A alll; 'i 1 It ill Ml" I.I!, 1 il.i: Ji-.t' .11 I'.i'-niiial tut-t liiiK. h-U' ra! i'. ,, lion of Woman s i in!,,. MiU.;n., Wis . J ii ut -I 1 j' ill. .r t.',.nv. ut l i ! . M.i , 1 . ... le Il.lil.-f. I ,-. ...I. I L i 1 1 a 11 1 1 -1 - u i , i 1 1 I.. in i , -, , ! a., ai I. i-.-i i 1 v .'-. . . I : ; I ai: i I: i I 11 i. I i-..iii;.:i v. .1 a . t inn ; ban ,, ..ii.i.i. ; K ,t the ii.-.v i In y l i-.i i t ,iiii . s.iln it ; r pal 1 1 hi. ue. h.t.s on Lmcoin miller lui iiisli- d jElUAUI.i: !;;. . Naiiniiiil :,-.-..i,-i.ii...n. I).. M dm I : Ivtnui'. in-'i- 11 KhV.iN VAN CISL. Itf) build t:-.. i . tiu.-lv i-a pianos, t.'.t! Ma. , eVC- our lior IF I IllhUINu 1.1)1:-- IU I one . .. i- ... ft..,., ' V . niA 0U .-rt1I btion at J-. " '-"" ll" '" -vc-tU a PATCH -.ll) x 1 urx. r. Babcock. POLISH i.SALE.-'i'yi-vntfr. .New ueiuius n, No. 7, lad -t model. Call at this JOHN SOHN e I reel. e.KBv Now We Have It! K SALU.-Hors.-. wagon and liar- Till; WHITH ilOL'SH h )KKI-:ST JIll.L Tin: nio-t deiral)Ie location in the C 1 1 v. It-, at tract it mis are finely FrRXISIIICI) ROOMS, Rl . XXIXC, WAT ICR, STK AM Hi; AT. in. I ' il.iT,.' :i!l Ii. -a: MSl'A'I'i II. fcss Pease and uoehe. What? Why! ihe Best Polish on Earth! ii.ii-- r.'-:'L'. KIl'MI. Anni..i! mc-iim;, National Mural i, m-al a.-.- i. iaiii.n. Clial h -ntuii. S C. July 7-1".. 1 .',.. Annua! I nt.riiational Convention, Maptist Vouiik l'eoples t ' n ion . Cincinnati, ()., July 1900. lii. nnial Convention, Nitional Re-pulili an League of th United States, St. P.i'il. Minn., July 17-1'J, l'JOO. Annual Convention, Voting People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian CI urch of North America, Denver, Col., JUy 23-3U, 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, September 1st, 1900. The above is a partial hst of some of the most important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., call at ticket office. W. T. ROBERTSON. - Ticket Agent. J. I.. BENTLEV, Passenger Agent. IUSEHOl.I) furniture will be sold leap at ume. No. 1 Harrison .reel. FOR RENT. KLKCTRIC LIOUT, n is sr.i) No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable II RENT. A large tront room, 40 V(ei nth bath. Enquire of A. Kishel, f. JkjV rrL gleside. 3t V I S'l. i t: i-oi hi V nt.' A in laor i No. 15 L(k' Stmt. 'i.-Ih-. Id riniMMiNi'i' 1 1 m t hi jij.ii n no in p ;tiiiirsr to rc4 ( i i. j ru . A Full and Complete Line Of all th' lar.-r ami staplr -Jri :i ks, ;i n 1 ii b st hr;ir.tls or" ( will l.o . ontantl raiTitMl in slink, w h 1 1 hli unit :t will lie A Quiet Orderly Place Ti bi uiK your Ii it-iels for a sti.-ial s mi.-. BEST BEEH ON TAP AT ae EVtHPnU; 'he Spearlish Creamery Co. desires lent or lease the factory and skim 2- : Lee-Glass-Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. Jk station for one year or more on f terms. John ISresliu, Secretary, jOnge, S. d: TRY IT! FOR SALE OLNY AT De Mouth's Ark, w.s.j?v.M.'j.w;J!j OMAHA 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., h RENT Furnished rooms at 21 luruham ave. P. S. Lundgren. J. C. CARSON, Agent. Dead wood Office Syndicate Blk. f- RENT Office loom, lower floor J. A. CREEN The Grocer SPECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXCL USION. Via Burlington Kouie. $"..20 for the riniul trip. Tickets an; on sale next Monday an 1 Tuesday, J in-3 4i'a and f.tli, good to rem in on or befor.) J-iu" 9th. account of annual conveiuioa n. V. V. V. society. The 2:.10 p. m. train U tho one to take, as you arrive at Hot Springs before dark. oody & Washabaugh block. Ap-ly to Mullen & Munn. Cook Remedy Cs. II RENT Overland hotel, Sherman I NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, j Quotes you a few of his prices: HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR reet; newly plastered thruout; sctric lights, steam heat, sewer J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- SOT AR FIDELITY BONDS. All kinds of bonds written: Appeal t lachment, replevin, bonds for executors. dILOOD POISON Buckwheat Flour, 3 pknes 30c Best Honie-.Made Bread, per loaf 5c Evaporated Peaches, per Hi 15c fmnections, etc.; 24 rooms besides PRIMARY, SECONDARY TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b treated at home for the 8am fice, dining room and kitchen. Ap-7 to JcJn Baggaley, Agent. 0 Dr. Bismarck vopWedelstaedt Dr. George S. yonWedelstaedt price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will administrators. All Judicial bonds executed without delay. Don't ask your p..ntra-f tn nT rnllmad fare and hotel hills and no charne If e fall to cure. H Evaporated Apricots, per 11) 20c Best Bacon, per Hi 12AC Best Ham, per lb 16c Best Canned Corn, per can .... 12AC All other groceries in stx k at the same low- rate. A trial order II RENT Delmonico Restaurant, t door to postofflce. FOtnished friend to sign for you until you gt our rates. Lodge officers, treasurers, and W eam heat. F. D. Smith. official bonds specialty. Olympic Block. Dead wood. Phones Harrison, 138: Black H11U. 101, Phons In residence. Harrison. 88- JN'TED. Men and teams for grad-f Apply at the office of J. J. Feld- lausen. W. H. MOOHS p'TED. Plain sewing to do at No. 5 Williams street, or will eo out T. J. DOWD, Watctaaier, Optition, Jeweler Special a 1 1 .' n I ii .n ('.iv.-.. all m i.-1 ns.i ' -leal work. OFFICK Olympic I!h. k, opposite Ii & M Dejmt. HOt'KS 10 to 1- a. in . 2 to 4 and 7 to S p. in. Residence :'l City Creek. f8vttv;v;v;v;v;vi MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL Security at a lawful rate of interest. Business strictly confidential. Will call at your residence if requested. D. JACOBS. ynu have taken MERCURY, IODINE T'OT ASH and tnll have achefl and pain. MCfOl'S PATCHES In mouth. SOORK THROAT. PIMPLES. POPPER-COLORED SI'OTS, ULCERS on any part of tre UMv II.MIt or KVBBUOW3 FALLING OCT It la this BLOOD POISON that w C.I'ARANTKK to cure. We solicit th moflt' OBSTINATE- CASES and CHALLRNCB THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public mec. Kings and Emperor of foreign land have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the !est tslejkt unlimited wealth of nations could employ, hut we have a SECRET REMEDY knows) only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no lea, than twenty different concerns have started up to Imitate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; today not one of the remains in business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competittr, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has) . world-wide reputation for speedy cure, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLEDGES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Afldress CODS REMEDY COMPANY 1928 Masonic Temple Cfiicano. II!. Blacksmith and Wagon Maker al mw by the day. Call or ad-ress. R RENT. Seven room modern Me with bath room, stne cel-tfn4 cooking range, at 87 Stewart ,ret. ADnlv tr nnn n. i.' a 1 , HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. - ' - a. LiUlUUllUS. All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage .furnishings. P RENT. Niceiy furnished rooms f Mrs- Calkins, No. C02 Main street. Cigar Stor.i Opposite Bullock Hotel. lm 11 ami I.' Tine St., - Dead wood, S. D. Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Klkhoru R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. PR RENT.-XeW five- room house m barn Lincoln ave. P RENT.-Three furnished rooms i . . -lij-'hi s Ti-r I , ; , . ; . i .';- 1 :-",tl-i n-.'tiT ;i ' c w . i..'--!'-f (' ri-'i 1 V tr- wi'f : .. - '?- . ii... , vs'in him (.'.) lu; lifvT 'H . .. ...ii --"cuecping. Call at De- foutli' Ark. . 1'nrtic St . Offl Vf r. Clt. O C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEAD WOOD. 8. O. !i? - - - THE FINEST MEATS AT TRT 1nn. . Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. I : a i U licially dik'(ts the food and aid Nature in Ktrt nirtlv-riinp and recon-st i uctini.' tlx-fxiiunstcd digestive orpins. It N i h; latest discovered dipefet-util and tome. No other preparation tan apr,t'ii' h It in cfl't iency. It In-st,iDtl relievt- and p?ri).aiieni !y eure9 Oyspeix-ia, Indigestion, Heart Ijutq P'latulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea Sick IIearlactae,Ga8traltfia, Cramps, ant all other resu 1 ts of lm perfect d ipestioo. Prepared by E C. DsWltt A Co- Cljlcaga. For Sale by K. G. PHIWLIPS, .tfi;: BISHOP S riLI' fur all diseases ar The Last Chance That old popular Sherman street report, is no'' under the chaise of John Nelson, . " r-u. .a r.av. DON'T Be Fooledi excesses or cigarette smoking. In use v :iVlllRH;",v',e'.1' I BJ.J .-..-iibs. -,f jjred hiJr0 your manhood, sures rieph ud, v omnia men vNiJIi-.-00,1 J11 tissue. Cure wastlnes and all lopses. ma makes 1 lasl- V'j'22J,!fw' lmpotency. lost power, emissions, loss of aiemory. r"ui)uoii. t .i, J 'w uwunn aa- i . . adds iit..r. Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Mode only by Madison Medicine Co., Maditoa, Wis. It keeps yoa well. Our trade marx cut on each package. Price, 35 cents. Never sold eyes, sio nervoius ti.cuiu-a MORMON nop h.Vr lakes lif n. . i. . v t-. vmm? nr oi.l. Kimn t-i voune or old. of share who solicits a your patronage. L tTnJ.vT1118118 nd restores small, weak organs. Stops all loss by to. . Prlc vlthia ttl. For sale by N. B. FRANKLIN C(p W0P fiPruU- for J3.50 br mill. Send for free circular. AJdremJUb Gus Keller's Market 12V Mala Street. Dead wood. "E - r ? l "Ti gii in bulk. Accept no su bttt I kmkuro u tute. Ask your druggisU FPkZZr co-. San rmMu r?h nvi, nf aiu. Guaateed :a cure. G-ltro Hlm a Oull. T, DeadTrooi o n

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