The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 2, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 2, 1899
Page 4
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THB DAILY PIONEEISVTIMES, SUNDAY MOIINIXO, JULY 2, 1888. SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. LIQUOR LAW REPEALED Assaying 50j Gold and Silver. STYLE! Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It curd painful, smarting, nervous feet and ingrowing nails, and instantly takes the (Oonthiiied From First Page.) Islatlon may nevertheless be deslrablr ami j sting out of corns and bunions. It's the valuable for the purpose of deflnlnur the I . . .!. Al The Union Assay Office, right and aiding in its enforcement . r-'a"- m'"rl - Anl in support of this doctrine numerous1 lc-n'x Foot-Ease makes tight or new snoes Thr Form and Make Arc What Count LooJ;atour Clothing The wide square decisions from the Supreme Court of (he I t.y It is a certain cure for seat-l nitfil Siati'4, and from almost everv State! in the fnlon are cited; and that sin h i:- '": '-a""" :in'' no- ,lreu' atnlus ieei thr law ly the overwhelming weight of Try it today. Sold by all druggists and Sol It snouiaers, tne broad lapels, the gracef tnc autnoiltiea none can ga nsay I ,,.-,. 1 tll refer to hut one There cited. lhe shoe stores. Ity mall for l';,c. in stamps, case of Duehanan vs. The Citv of I, it, h i Trial package FllEE. Address, Allen S. NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADW30D, S. D. "Will Give Correct HfsuILs of On All Samples rjjrovtght to the hang. wt. t TT.-.-;rn. an urnnrr hrouKhi I,y iv'u nauan to re-over me amount .,r iiii- (limstead, Le Roy, N. Y. o THE DEADWOOI) They Have a Tone i paid Interest coupons attached to certain i bonds issued by the City of Litchfield. The I City defended c t :i the ground that the ! bonds were li-fuecl in violation of the t'on- Ojfwo. A first c lass beer hall will be opened in S!tbllhed In 1889. JyON o 'iiution or the .tate. and eonsequeri'lv OZ V O i imposed upon It no liability. The Cir 1 he commodious room on Main street next to the Lincoln restaurant near Sam Swartzwald's Saturday evening. July 2. . uii v uuii iieinK 01 oiHiuoii mat the law waB with the City, Judgment was rendered in its favor, and the case waa carried to The celebrated Tony Faust beer will be Agents for the Blickendrfer $35 00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. the Supreme Court of the United States wherein Mr. Justice Harlan, who In deliv ering- ine opinion alnrmlng the Circuit t.ourt. said "The words employed are too explicit .10 leave any doubt as to the ob r '"e coiisinuttonai restriction upon municipal ItlUebteillieiis. .iiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiinniimniMiuitiiiniiiiiiinii(iiiiifitniiiiininii iiiiiiiiiina MINES AND MINING. ! 011 lap, a nice lunch will be served, and the best of cigara and purest llcjuors may be had here. The public Is invited to call and Is assured of every consideration and attention hy the gentlemen In charge. The "Dead-wood" will be maintained as a pleasant social resort where everything will be neat clean and first class in every appointment. You are hereby Invited to call. 1 ne aumorlty therein conferred by the act or April 15th, 1S73. to Incur indebted neRS " would be within litttMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItlMliilHIHIIIIillttillllllltTninitlUMHiM.lllliiMIIltlllniui niiiiiMiiaiiiiiiiiii tne constitutional limit. No legislation could confer upon a municipal corporation authority to contract indebtedness which the Constitution expressly declared It should not be allowed to incur." And so CHURCH SERVICES in mis case it can be satd that no teutu latlon could confer upon the Countv com missioners authority to license the sale of ! intoxicating liquors, which the Constitu Y. N. HANSON AND ASSOCIATES Til second payment was mad yester-earday upon the mining ground that P. N. Hanson and associates bare bonded on Squaw creek, and there now remains but n payment to be made, which will a due aome time in the fall. This makes DISCOVERED BY A WOMAN. Another great discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady in this country. "Disease fastened its cluthches up her and for several years she withstood its That is all Our Own. Tbe Clothing shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will gu aran tee i c u Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts Wil son Bros Best are not too gjod tor our CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clottrinsr, Extra Knee Pants hirta and Waists for tne little fallows. OUR Ties are the talk ot the town OUR Hats tho Nobbiest and OUR Prices the Jowest. The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. tion or tne Htate expressly declares "shall I be under exclusive state control ' conducted by duly authorized 1 agents of the State." Article XXVII of German Lutheran. Rev. Voss of Rapid City will hold German Lutheran services In Odd Fellows' hall beginning at 8 o'clock this evening. German speaking people are Invited to attend. ' e i St. John's Church. Sunday school at 10 severest tests, but her vital organs wes the Constitution Is negative and prohibitory In Its character, and prohibits every one except the State from engaging in the manufacture and sale of Intoxicating undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she roughed incessantly. Dedication 1 liquors. The Judges of our own Supreme a. m. Morning service at 11. and could not sleep. She finally discov two payments that have been made upon the ground, and that the gentlemen who are behind the deal mean business la evident. Mr. 9. H. Bowman, of Minneapolis, wbo Is Interested with Mr. Hanson In the lining deal, left for home fast night, after spending two weeks on the ground ered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us a bottle of I. Hangs New Discovery for of altar and Holy Communion. Offertory solo, Mrs. Westphellng. Short address by the rector. OKO 0. TVARE. Rector. 1 oun. niea an opinion February 18th, 1895, in the State Census, 6 South Dakota, page 540, In reply to a request made by Governor Charles H. Sheldon for their opinion as to whether or not It was imperative upon the legislature to provide by law for the enumeration of the Inhabitants of consumption, and was so much relieved on taking the first dose, that she slept all First M. B. church. Sermon by the pas. night; and with two botUee, has been ab JTor the last few weeks shipments of the 're have been in progress to the cyanide solutely cured. Her name Is Mrs. Luther the State in the year 1895 as required by Sec. 6 of Article 3 of the Constitution, in which they say on page 542, "There appear to be three classes of provisions In the Constitution: the Srst class embraces slain t In Spearnsh, to ascertain how well Lutx." Thus writes W. C. Hamnlck 4 tor at 11; "The Two Forces In HlBtory." In the evening a platform meeting will be held, addressed by Hon. E. W. Martin and Hon. W. 0. Rice. 8unday school at 12:16: hey were adapted to thep recess and the tests have been abundantly satisfactory. constitutional provisions negative and pro Co., of Shelby, N. C. Trial bottles at K. G. Phillips' drug store. Regular elze 60c and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. nibltory in their character, and are self Mr. Hanson stated last night that active C. B. CLARK. Pastor e e executing. All the laws therefore In force when the Constitution was adopted in con operations would be resumed os the (round Immediately. The ground that he filet therewith would necessarily be void Salvation Army. A big time at the Sal Insofar as they conflict with such provl THE APPETITE OF A GOAT Ia envied by all poor dyspepticee whose stomach and liver are out of order. All sions." Again, our Supreme Court In the case of Searle vs. City of Lead, 10 South vatlon Army barracks on July I and i Brigadier Halpln and Ensign Grass, assist ed by officers of Lead and Sturgls will con uajcoia, siz, nave aaoptea ana announcea has under bond consisted originally of the Croups owned by P. A. Gushurst and John WoUmuth, and Messrs. Rosenthal, Hennessey, Martin Mason, Oiilmore, and sabers, and Ilea in a group. Some excellent or has been found recently upon the such should know that Dr. King's New Life Pills, ths wonderful stomach and liver a rule of construction to be applied to the provisions ef our State Constitution. That lUimjfciuiNfcS. IRON FENCK duct ths services. Ths Brigadier Is one of ths best musicians the army has In ths was an action where the City of Lead sought to change the grade of Mill street, remedy, gives s splendid appetite, sound digestion and a regular bodily habit that United States and it will bo a real treat and the plaintiff brought the action to restrain the City from changing' the grade (r to hear him. Refreshments will be served insures perfect health and great energy. -(round, and Mr. Hanson and Mr. Bowman ate feeling well pleased with their until the damages that plaintiff would sue on the evening of the trd and all day Only 26 cents at K. O. Phillips' drug store. tain thereby had first been ascertained and paid, as provided by Section IS of Article VI of the Constitution of tbe tate. Chief MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Makblk and Granit o BURLINGTON ROUTE are 4th. Everybody come. e e Congregational. Morning service. 11 Justice Corson In delivering the opinion esld, on page 321, "But an act of the Leg FOURTH OF JULT RATES. Usual reduced rates one fare for the . ft Jo&Bmms at Hill City, 8. D.. Is ex m. Sermon by the pastor, "The Moral nf of islature while entitled to great consideration cannot abridge or control the provisions of the Constitution. The provisions of the Constitution are not limited History." Solo by Mrs. Remer. Commun idostre scent and headquarters (or Che rich "wtleal trss milling gold mines and cop- round trip between B. A. M. R. R. R. stations not more than 200 miles apart will ion and reception of new members. Plat at J.Calma,ls 660i' Iain Si. dbadwood, a. r. J. H. CALE, Agel be nl effect July ) 2, 3 and I. lie I urn form meeting In tho evening, to bo ad' to a change of grade once established, but are general, and Include all damages to private property for public use. The Leg ,er Properties of ths Southern Hills. Sev-.eral prospsots as promising ss the Holy Tstror was are for sal on reasonable limit July I. dressed by W. C. Bower, Edwin Van Clae islature is not authorised to restrict tbe language or take from the citlxen the protection the Constitution has thrown around him and his property. Tbis provi Telephone or writs for particulars, (tt) qjviuuiAviJTJVuxruinriru vtl: u lttuxi iAAAiniuinruxnjriAiAA.vuu Aetna Powder Go. Dynamite and Black Powder, M01T if. sion of the constitution Is self-executing and If there was no law to carry It into effect, a Court of equity would, in the exercise of its inherent power, provide some method for ascertaining the damages if any, caused by the Injury threatened." And so this Court placing upon Article and 0. O. Bennett. e First Baptist Church. Prayer service, 10:30 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m.; subject "Ths Steadfastness of Jesus." Sabbath school, 12:15 p. m. Junior union, I p. m. Union meeting of tho B. f . P. U. Gospel and song service, g p. m.; subject, "The Effect of the face upon the Human Race." The ordinance of the Lord's Supper at the close of the evening service. XXVII ot the Constitution of this State I the same construction placed by tbe 8u-1 n.. A ,L. O . , I O 1 1. - On alf personal property of value. A large stock of unredeemed pledges at sur- K'isingly low prices. Al siness strictly coofidentiil oiu. v uui v vi 1111a oiuv 111 owrig i II Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, City of Lead upon Section 13 of Article VI, holds that Article XXVII of the Con Tbe Dearfiootf Lou Offltt C. L KIRK. Faster. SOS Presbyterian Church. Services are held stitution la self-executing, and that it there is no law to carry It Into effect a Court of squlty could in the exercise of Its Inherent power enjoin say one but the 8tats from engaging In tbe manufacture and sals of Intoxicating liquors. Mr. 2 "- 21 Lee Stmt We & ADAMS COMPANY. TUUnnnflnruuinnnnnnnnniwnnnniinnnOTnnrinpiitAnnW"" In the Odd Felllows 'hall. Sunday school Cooley, In the sixth edition ot his work on at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11; subject "Too Constitutional limitations, on page tt, has Bethrothal In Faithfulness." well said. "A cardinal rule In dealing HE BRITISH-AMERICAN COLO AND COPPER MINING CO. with written Instruments; is that they are to receive an unvarying Interpretation, ,W. 8. PETERSON. Pastor, -o o Trinity 11: B. Church. Sunday school. and that their practical construction Is V, A WEATHER WIZARD. . If. R. Russell la abl to "call ths turn" a ths weather better than anyone In sewn. H caa simply look at the horlson - asd tell whether the elements are bluff-lag, or whether they mean business sure sough. Thursday of last week a black Jband of clouds was piling up in ths west, ,da4' tt looked as If rata was Imminent Mr. Russell Informed a friend that la hi opinion it would not rain that day, and isffered to wager ths xlgars on his Judgment Ths wager, was U ken, and two Volock Friday, afternoon was set as ths Wmt tlznlt Is ths meantime ths ominous looking cloud kept coming from the west aad it looked like ' cinch for tho fellow hat bet it would rain. But all at once key went to pieces, aad not a drop fol-3ower Friday afternoon the sky was a tatter for small hops. But shortly be-, tors noon a storm was seen forming. . This was a little mors encouraging and It ths Aims Tim mad been set a little further ahead Mr: Russell would have' lost tne wager. But at ten minutes before 1 the other fellow went In aad liquidated, for he had been fooled (or so long, that h had lest all faith la ths indications, aotwlth- . standing that rain waa still promised. At Jnst I o'clock to the minute rain began to be uniform. A constitution Is not to FIRST NATIONAL BANK LM Ok, HOTT;, Manager and Assayer. 1:45. Preaching, It Junior League, I Ep-worth Leagus, 1. Preaching. S, Prayer meeting. Wednesday evening I. - All are be made to mesa one thing at ens Urns and another at some subsequent time when the circumstances may have so changed aa perhaps to make a different rule In the case seem desirable. A principal share of ths benefit expected from Ka. H Bros 1 way, Eaadirood,B.D. lrt lUtn aask Will do eertaih ament ot voetom erk. saaieKiast Aeen Of CnsMr erek SmIh. wwelcome. ' ' : " ' eyas peaeese. Wsl sssd dry tasUag. 0. X. OlDDmaS. Pastor. written constitutions would be lost If ths rules they established were so flexible as to bend to circumstances or be modified by DEAD WOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 6100,000 SURPLUS 8J50.000 DIRECTORS: O. 3. SALISBURY, 1 J. ORDER. jj. SPARKS, P. A. GtJBHUBSI D. A. McPHEHSdn public opinion. It lrwtth"ipeclal refer- Pnlt f ine nf gesso Shars) aartave of sUssm. Bismarck bad the frankness toon enoe to the varying moods of public opinion aad . with a view to putting the fundamentals of government beyond that ho looked upon tho comedies ol their control that these Instruments are framed. A Court ot legislature which would allows a change ia public sentiment to influence It in giv Dumas ths younger, and Indeed oa most French pis 7s of tbo lighter sort. aa grossly oortoptiag to tbo pabllo mot ing 10 a . written constitution a construction not warranted by the Intention of Its alt r "ransni s eiroenses.- aniiea im OFFICERS: Prastdent....a 3. 8AJUSBUUT J CaabJer ....D. A McPHBRflOd TiesareaMeat T. J. ORUOt f Aasica. ashler... J. 8 DsWlUM rounders -would be justly cnaraable with Moray. "Panem ot solurnsJMU- on CAMERA'S : .v.: - AND SUPPLIES. -. . AT . - - Fishers Bazaar, A 663 Main St '.' t reckless disregard of official oath to nub tored Bismarck. -. fall, but Mr. Russell ttad wagered that It "PrlDoo Blamarok is respectfully t ile duty. What a Court is to do therefore Is to declare the would not rain beore 1, and he had ae- oested," wrote lbs Ameriosjo. "to oa bla a few words In eoferenoo to tbo fol law as written, leaving? It to the people themselves to maks such changee as new -eerdlngiy won out Had ths other fellow elrcumetancso may require. lowing qseattoo: What benefit will b aoeclOed "on or before t o'clock ho would The object of eaastructkm ss applied to o derived la yoar grsco loplnioa rrom ia have avoided paying for ths cigars. Ho written, eonatitutiea la to glvs effect to the intent of the people la adopting it' t am atiooai oxpoaitioDar , Oa Uo margin of tbii tbo prlnoo dee , feet by the fraction of a minute. For ths Constitution of ths State of South Dakota Is higher la authority than any law, ply wroto in pencil, "fl 000. "ana marc Table Talk. " by a Low. Hot Springs oireetion or order made by any body, or sny officer assuming to act under It since Black Hills Institute A CELEBRATION , " AT THB LIEBMANN' STAND. , such body or efneer must exerciso a dele . Werre lasssg rVwi gates autnoruy, ana ooe that must "Va inadain, I oanoot split tbo wool my be subservient to the Instru ment by which the delegation la made. Ia LIVERY STABLE. an which too so Indelicately rarer, u any case ot conflict fundamental law must Oa July J aad 4 wo are going to clsbrate and extend aa invitation to all to come and Join aa. We aro going to show you how happy ws caa xnako you feel before would "bo a violation 01 a laoroa farms govern, aad ths act In conflict with It must be treated aa of ne legal validity. (Cooler's F. B. SMITH, Manager. Constitutional Limitations, page 7.) I made to no agd mother. "Nonoensel What kind ot a atom IsaP' Satisfied that ao other const ructlos caa tearing town and It wont take but little money to do tt with. Our stock la many be placed oa Article XXVII ot the Con- Good -Higs. and Saddla Horse stituttoa that will carry out the Intent ot MW bare tbo poker babil la onr family, ma'am, and I promised motbat Una la Tory choloo and as our stay Is the people ef ths State Is adopting that - at. :Reasonalls Raies: short wo aro going to make tt aa object provision, this Court with great reluc I'd nsver toocb a cbip la aay lama. QereUnd PUia Doaiot . . . J ' l . '-. -i .- , y 1 - . OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic BuUdinf, Dead wood S. P. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secret J. j. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. X eaBeBBsB5Be TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. .Harrison 98. IJSLUSS!!? ,ld4 ehrH ttosaasa itici se Crer. toSim Vhaa daaea aad la fact. Bsost ef tbe eglfl .TP?;" fr rtloa are Mr. We bsaeflt slot "J an carsnteaffastina ah..i . wi- w.iiiar srtten " tance, fully realising tbe Importance ef this to yon If you will only come. ' ' -. This will very likely be ths last lnrt -tattoo to the old Llebmana stand.,-'- ' . sUver Aveeas ', . ruling, but from Its researches being forced thereto, unhesitatingly holds that Article XXVU repealed the liquor license law passed la 1S97. The demurrer Is sus flnnBtrrcIrla U Spain ssldom wsss K3T SPRIKCS SOUTH D4KT0A. XrrT Main St Deed wood. 8. D ban or bonnets of aay kind. It was la ciroin hw tho war. that tba custom of 4 tained and the defendant discharged. Done by tbo Court this first day of July, a bride wesrlna orange blossom la bet j.-;:rn ford auctioneer. hair originated. 189a. - JOSEPH a moorb. Judge. IT A If you are having Dead wood and have till II Uuul . Liflul Lf.ll U u (L A maks does BOt f irt.iture to sell or anything else, get Ford krnab brooliUg around IV bet by bald- tOe Per seat, at tassi ww ma mad iaJare ana. " Lady's gold plated Waist Set tree with Will reeerra PUPILS ia Vocal an4 ZostrnaiMotsI if ogle at ear reai4sLjoe. -0 sell it for you. it will get you more k ... ney fur your r . ' than any one else. ins on with its soaJsa A snake ew, a BHAKCH CFF1CE EEETTE.L BLOCK LEAD CITY, 8.1 Vane of glass is a I meet helpless. Diamond C Soap wrappers. As. grocer about It. ; " r Jc-rru ford, o..l0 Danrar ATa, . Demdwwrf, & a

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