The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 2, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 2, 1899
Page 2
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raHDAILT PlSraB-TnS SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 2, 18. J 4 BEK3 WINTER KILLED. enter any part of this) great tract sar- THE GRAND PARADE. tyTATCHES, )IAM0ND M Burgess reports that his bees are rounding Manila save as prisoners of war llSlieS HiS Order 'getting down to work In pretty fair shape, Marshal McDonald - There is "nothing alarming" In the sit uation, Gen. Otl declares. This appears tho until recently the season has been so cool that they have done very little In the For the Fourth of July The procession will assemble at 9:30 a. m. and will start at 10" sharp from upper to be a correct Judgment of the condl THE DEADWOOD PIONEER B8TABLIBHBB JVNB 8, 1876. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T, 1877. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. i UL..mkiiiE line. Mr. Burgess had tlons. The rebellion has lasted longer r.ither ooor luck with his bees last winter, Main street, and cover the following line loosing twenty-one colonies out of forty than anybody ejpected. In fact .nobody expected any rebellion at all. There would have been no rebellion bad the cop of march: r,iir He accounts for It on the theory Solid Gold Jewelry Main to Gold, to Sherman, to Van Bu-n, to Sherman, to Lee. to City Hall, per bead a lu the American congress and that be waj absent at the time last fall when they should have been properly f,,r This is the first serious loss In the newspapers remained silent. Gen. HONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Black Hills Gold RjJ Otis shows that he grasps this fact. He V be h;is experienced with bees since he be where Mayor Star will deliver the address of welcome and an oration by Col. William R. Steel, after which the procession will disperse. The various bodies will form lu the fol r declares that "the only hope of the Insurgent leaders Is the I'nited Statee aid." I TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AILT ETery Morning, Except Monday Mcning Silver Novell V scientific cultivation of them. How wiiti a good season he hopes to re :i f:iir share of this loss, and wll Ons Tsar 810.00 lx Month 8 00 On Month 100 ever, tr:ev. lowing order: Advance Guard Main street, right rest let it hapiK'n again. WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. to not .Mail At Special Prices for the m. v i iirlcavor Spearflsh Ctn Year 2.00 SOX Month 1.00 lng in Muyor' office. Aguinaldo. incited by a few fanatics like Hoar, a few malignant like Atkinson and Carrlson, and a handful of soreheads and trlckxters like Hilly Mason, things that President MiKlnley and the administration will l,e beaten ai the p An nexs year; that a ticket headed by some copperhead - Ilryan, Gorman or some other Agulnal-disl will be elected, and that the United lNext 20 Day Report of the Condition of at the Btotered a Second-Class Matter Deadwood League of Wheelmen. Visiting wheelmen. FIRST DIVISION. Marshal N. E. Franklin, Main street Dead wood fog to dice. : at ' THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK right resting on Stearns Co. office. States will withdraw from the Philip "ort Meade mounted band. At Deadwood, in the State of South Dako I., al (In- chmr of business. .Imic li". IV'.1 A. F. SNYDE tines. " hie Is the one hope which nerves , RESOURCES. the rebel chief to continue the insurrec tion. The men who have been mentioned Loam and .liscounls .. . . iU'Jl Street. Overdrafts, secured and unse WHO AllE THE SAINTS? The popular notion that a clergyman is pursuing a "holy calling," while the llacksmllh Is purauInK a "secular," 1b a Bigfe . coayealent diaUntift of srda.a AH honor to St. I'aul , a character whose In-fuence for good is probably next to that treatent of men, Moses. Hut the grand preacher was not a type of th perfect In rporlthj fw stf the iftiieflcaii cured ; :. n blood which has been shed In the Phfl I' s linnds to secure circulation ..n null do I,mriiice county bonds and Ipplnes. They will be accountable for all that ma-- be shed hereafter. There will school bonds Tu.Mmj.OU blocks, seelll'it ie-c etc v '1,J;!0.S Banking-house, furniture, and I'rosident of the day and orator In carriage. Second regiment, Vnlfornaedj . .Ranli, Knights of I'ythias, Captain Beck, commanding. Dfamond company. Knights of Pythias. Lead. Deadwood company, Knights of Pythias, Deadwood. Oeneral Custer company, Knights of Pythias, Central. Harney Peak company. Knights of Pythias, Hill City. Cambria company, Knights of Pythias. be a surprise for Agulnaldo, if ho Is a liMures 10.fi00.00 at the time, when he reads. Just after the oi her Heal Estate and Mnri- habitant of earth. He was asked to give tls life, shorn of most things that belong election next year, how the American peo k'aiips owned .YI!1S.4.I ple have extirpated this venomous gang of to man, that he might help other men to line from national banks i mil rserve agents) f.'W tricksters and malignants. line from amiroved reserve au'ls. Ki'.i.lCM.titi Checks and other cash items .... J.H.ri.7.1 THE LICENSE I,AW. Infernal Revenue stamps 'iiii. CASH TALKS Notes of other Nat. banks rifia.tlO The liquor license law adopted by the Cambria. Wyo. live the all-round life. The single man, traveling up and down the world to Instruct, 1 less than the head of a family, with a spot of the earth Into which tie ha Infused his productive Industry. The philosopher I not the Ideal man. He Inculcate Idea that shall bring forth fruit in the Ideal man. The teacher Is pop legislature of 1897 was the most un satlsfarorty that could have been enacted, Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 1.1 fl'i Lawful Muuey Reserve in Bank, viz : Specie $:;:!. r.::i m Legal tender notes .. 1.2.1 4n.7iU.10 Redemption fund with I'. S. Treu-s. (.-,'; of , j rt 'n I 2.N0.00 altho it was in line with all pop legisla Tecumseh company, Redmen, Deadwood Lakota. Tribe, Redmen, Deadwood. Sitting null Tribe, Redmen. Lead. SECOND DIVISION. Marshal James Frawley, Main street. tion. Under the '97 law Lawrence County paid into the state treasury about $18,000 Jess than the taught. per year as the state's portion of the We have got the goods and want your trade, right resting on flour mill warehouse. $i;4i.:n;i.2: Saintly Uvea are those that, In the true intent of the Creator, occupy this globe Total liquor licenses while other counties did LIABILITIES not pay anything at all. The money for lb Regimental band. Knights of Pythias. Car of State. Pioneer Hook and Ladder company, Canital stock naid in 50,000.00 and develop It. The farmer Is more tMoesaary than words can express. The censes should go to the county and towns we Deadwood. in which they are paid. Come and see us, will treat you right. "holiness" of his occupation Is In the direct ratio of his place in the Creator's great scheme. The planter of corn Is of South Deadwood Hose company. Dead- Under the decision of Judge Moore the wood. saloon business will be free for all until Surplus fund . 10,000.0 I Undivided profits, less expenses i ami taxes paid tiO.,'70.3.' National bank notes outstanding 4.",00.00 j Hue to other national banks ... !'J3.10 Hue to stale banks and bankers. 6,445.114 Individual deposits subject to I check :!ti,:i73.18 Demand certificates of deposit... IH.ril0.32 Time certificates of deposit 121.138.3". 'Cashier's checks outstanding..,. 1,400.00 things are regulated. The boys who have more account to us. Just now, than archangel. It Is possible for every man, whose Vocation is upright, to regard his business Homestake Hose company, Deadwood. Deadwood Hose company, Deadwood. Fountain City Hose and aLdder com been paying the heavy license for the past two years and who haye invested five Ayres & ffarian Hardware U pany. as "holy." He may think of It as the errand tor which God sent him here. He to ten thousand dollars in fixtures will Car of state Represented by a young have no protection from competition with should invest it with corresponding scru irresponsible persons who can get trusted pies as to Its honorable conduct, Re lady for each state and Porto Rico, Honolulu, and the Philippines represented by native girls. j for a month's rent and a jug of red liquor hould rejoice In his usefulness. It, and Hot mere wealth, Is the true measure of his or a keg of beer. The city authorities Total $ti41,361.22 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. I. Wm. Selbie. cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. WM. SELBIE. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of July. IS'.i'J. JOHN R. WILSON. THIRD DIVISION. Marshal T. Foley, of Lead, Main street, should demand a beverage license and then protect the responsible men now in the business. right resting on Pine street. i Modern Woodmen band of Lead. Gold Run camp. Modern Woodmen of High license places the liquor business Notary Public. America, Lead. Correct Attest: Deadwood camp. Modern Woodmen of success. It I the hope of the world that broader view of what constitutes a holy ailing U being taken. It is undoubtedly permitted to the men - Of this century to count themselves as dear to God as Abraham was. Why not? What was Isaac, but on of God s creatures? But so U the reader. What was Isaac doing but seeking to live his own lifer What was the divine help in that Ufa nore than it will be. If you seek It nd harmonise with It, in your life? The America, Deadwood. HARRIS FRANKLIN. W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. Directors. In the hands of high class men. Low license and prohibition is responsible for dives, holes In the wall, blind pigs and cheap drug store whiskey. Clan Stewart in Highland custume, Lead. Shoes With a Reputation "Our troops have worked to the limit of Tonight Lead Hose company,- No. one, Lead. Lead Hose company, No. two, Lead. endurance." It was probably that graphic sentence In Gen. Otis's official summary Of the situation In the Philippines that has brought to affirmative decision the Just before retiring. If your liver Is sluggish, out of tune and you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take a dose of Hood's Pills And you'U be all right in the morning. question of enlarging the army. The I Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless Alert Hose company, Lead, j Hook and Ladder company, Lead. Central and Oolden Hose company, Central. FOURTH DIVI3ION Marshal James W. Myers, Main street, right resting on school house grounds. Terry Peak band. Miners Union lodge. Lead. Miners Union lodge. Central. I SHOES method adopted (p most commendable. It is an avoidance of the enlistment of militia regiments as organisations. It charge the recruit against the 36,000 provisional volunteers authorised by the last congress, and at the same time makes no distinction between them and the 66,000 regulars. Their enlistment Is limited, under the present statute, to July 1, 1901. but future legislation can be expected to authorise further service it be needed. Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. CIGARS L. C. VERPLAST. Jt pybllc benefactors of the world ar itoi patterns. They if partial, fragment tary men. George Washington lived in the saddle tor year that million might 11 v In the shop, at the fireside and in the peaceful field. Ona should not think of Dewey as the tru type That great hero make possible, we hope, millions of the true type, peacefully developing their human Uvea In what are now barbaric re-ioes. The divine plan I not the fighting man. Ship should carry commerce. This In the end that make war permissible and the warrior's a "holy" calling. To live In health, to deal In equity, to produce one's share. . to grow in that beauty which Intelligence lends to man, to present happiness god contentment before Him who then has not crested us In vain this is saintly living. To reduce the tax which one places on other every year n little lower and Increase the surplus which he can bestow what dream la holler- To be Increasingly conscious of the relations, of child before the Infinite Father this "sanctifies" man or woman. C1VC A JXTo. GO KHx&xrxxxek.n. St. MMMMMeeMPs. a Miners Union lodge, Two Bit. Deadwood Labor Union, Deadwood. FIFTH DIVISION. Marshal James Harris, Mala street, right resting on opera house. Redmen band of Deadwood. O. A. R. camp, Deadwood. 0. A. R. camp, Lead. Barbers Unioa, Lead. Pain tars Unfdh, Lead. City council In carriages, Deadwood. School board In carriages, Deadwood. Mayor and council In carriages. Lead. 8chool board In carriages. Lead. City and county officials .In carriages. 0FC0MF0OT SMOKERS PLATiNOTYPE PHOTOGRAPHS, PORTRAITS la 00, Pastel, Water Ooiora and Crayon a specialty. I! tographs colored; Picture framed. Amateur work enlarged In brooli Kodak and Camera Supplies. Photograirtiku; on SILK and Porcelain. "We (hare moved Into tan " deutfi Studio, No. I B. Main street. Lead, and are prepared to do all WaA lUtfn (rada mrk. Entire aatlafaction guaranteed. Photographs may t na by mall to be enlarged. Our work la dome at borne. BLACK BILLS PORTRAIT A ART PHOTOGRAPH CO., No, 6 B. Mala fit, Lead. . FULLER 8TUHM3, Prof Allegorical display of business houses of TRy ONIT Deadwood, Lead and Central. Citlsens In carriages. ClUsens oa horseback lAXAYlS'SONSaCO. MAKERS If there are any organisations not men tioned In the above list, they will be as JOHN G.W00DWARD fit CQj WHOLESALE DISTRlFyjTPO signed places in the line, by communicating with , i McDONALD, Marshal COUNCIL BLVFFS.IOWAr THE CONTRACT AT FT. MEADE. Mullen V Munn native received word that thler bid for construction of the new barracks at Ft. Meade baa been accepted that la th. chief quartermaster at St. Paul had telegraphed Washington authorities to close th deal. The bid was about (22,000 for one set of barracks and in the neighborhood of $43,000 tor the two et advertised for. This did not include heating apparatus or sanitary plumbing. The best authority says that these two items will exhaust the total appropriation of 130.000, and therefore a deficiency of on set of barracks-seems te be the only alternative. Congress wHl have to appropriate some moer at the next session. There Is an appropriation of three million for construction In the general bill, which Is available uhtll a year from now. and possibly the second set of barracks, can be secured from that. Sturgls Record. p V FOURTH OF JULY DANCE . '" Lakota Tribe. No. i. Improved Order of Red Men of this city. Is arranging? to have dancing la the opera house ea tba evening of July , and on the afternoon and evening; of July 4. The Martin orchestra baa been secured, and ' ten cent a dance will be charged. Th dancing will be la charge of gentlemen wht will see to It that It la what It ought to be. and 'hat every on may have a, good time, i ; Are You Prepared? j C. L. SlEWERS ;v Gunsmith, Locksmith, THE PHILIPPINE QUESrTION . Gen. Otis dispatch to the war department telling of the conditions In the Philippines will arous no serious Uneasiness in this country. ' He reminds the autho-ities In Washington that "this Is the rainy season, and little inland campaigning 1a Luion Is possible." Sickness among th troops has Increased, about 11 per cent being laid up by ailments of one sort and snoiher, "due mostly," he says, "to arduous service- and climatic Influences." All the troops, have "worked to the limit of endurance." This Is the darker side of the picture, but the picture- has a side w hich is not so dark. 5 " v The entire region from San Fernando on the north to Imus on the south Is in th undisputed possession of the ..American troops. This large tract of country la, of HEADQUARTERS FOR Fine weather , ha come at last, and now la the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. . . - . ' I My Stock includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear -: ' No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when , ;. it comes to .Good Shoes at Low Price j and oar stock is the freshest as well a . the) largest in th HilL .' . and BICYCLE SUNDRIES. - THe Most Complete Bepair Shop in the Hills. t , HB FOOLED THE. SURGEONS. . :nrn All doctors told Renick Hamilton. - of course. In the heart of the Tagal country. It includes Manila and almost all the other important strategic point la the island of Luson. Outside of Lusoa Aquln-sldo' authority doe not extend. Tht is the only Island which will give the Americans any trouble. Only a part of It is Implicated la the rebellion. The most populous and Important section of It which a un.lfr Agaln&ldo's sway Is in control f Otis' srmy. fnlws they accept Amerl-f in control audi lay down their arms neither Ar-'v.aldo nor any of hi men can Qo to. West Jeffersoa, a, after suffering IS months from octal astute, ha would die unJesa a costly operation was performed; bnt he cured himself with five boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve the best calve ta the world. 25 cents a box. Sold try X. O: Phillip, druggist " , FULEERBROS & McCUMSEY f c ; (GEDDES OLD BARN.) M Carrfciss c! hm: M Eriiti j:i sills His Boardmg Horses by the day week or month a Specialty.-- I: ZIPP Sa M.MMM.MOMtUM

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