The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 4, 1900 · Page 14
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 14

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1900
Page 14
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' f. . NO. 1220. aph-::at;j;. i OR a patent. BRYAN'S MANAGER- .. ATTACKS FOREIGNERS U. S. itiid Offic. Rapid City, S. JJ , Aug. 31st. 1900. I rinu.,,.. , . I "SkJillloriaJr 8 and 'Paupers (row on trie mui.r bush. When you make a millionaire you make a dozen paupers " The Man Who Advocated the Gold Standard the Semi tor described at no Better Than a Vile TtiUif " rfCAPABLR itr SBLK-GOTElWtrast. ' J " .,.1... "ollfcTt Notice la hereby gven that Frank J. Washabaugh, whose postofflce address is Ieadwood, Lawrence County, 6. D., has this day filed hia application for a patent for 1426.4 feet of the Joplln No. 1; 1477.2 feet of the Joplln No. 2; 1420.4 feet of tho Joplln No. 3: 1496.9 feet of the Julia Ette CHAT CHAIRMAN .IOVKS REALLY THINKS OF THE FOBKIG VOTKIIS. Republican Appointments. The following appointments have been arranged lor republican speakers, subject to Blight changes, as oc-ciijion may require: Martin and Burke. Rapid City, October 8. Stufgis, October 9. Belle Fourche, October 10. Spearflsh, October 11. Lead, October 12. Deadwood, October 13. Custer, October 15. Edgemont, October 16. Hot Springs, October 17. Col. J. S. George. Englewood. October C. Col. George will be given other QMvi n Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. ) , artificially digests the food and aid JNature n strenfftheDiug and recon suuctiiit tiie exhausted digestive or gans. It is the laresr discovered digest aut and tonus No other preparatlor fan anpr'nirri it, in rtfiriencr It in. Why You Should IniWonlW Only a Few Deals-ales; Filipino Leaders Are Making- the Mischief. Lr. J. Sanger, formerly of San Francisco, but for the past six years a practicing physician In Manila, is now vlaltlng Washington. He says: "If Bryan Is defeated at the polls II aV Tltrlolle Speech Made to (he Ar-Itaaeaa Legislature, aad Jane Seises the Oecasloa. to Air Hit View and 1JS0.9 linear feet or tne Magnetic I tr.incs on veins hearing BfM with s.irface p-outd 30" ft. In wldt h on Jullil No. 1 ind 2. 1 ; nil t0 ft . on the Jopiin No. 3. Julia Ette and 'lajrnetir lodes, situated" in Cari-onate raln-int; .listrirt. county of Ijtwrenre. an 1 itate f South Dakota, and designated hy the i tiel notes and official plat on file In this r.fnY" as I-.' number 14M. in township five r,rih. ranee 2 cast of It II M.. said lot i. It:;.! heintr described as follows, lo-wit: t I.n.lin No. 1 U)de: liPRlnnlnK nt p.. i- N'. 1, a pilch pine post 5xx40 inches -. i firmly In lhe around and in a mound ,.fiinfrnm which V. S. Ixicntint! Mon-.nm-nt No. 41 bears N. 9 24' SO" E 2494.4 f.-..t .'isunt: thfnee S. 71 53' E. 39 1 feet November the Filipino rebellion win crumble away like a house of cards. It Is only kept alive by the hope that n-iives and perujanently cure? ' yspef)s:a itirligestlon ileartburp uiii.'c ,m)ui- fttoinacn, Niusea .Si.-!; riediaci t'.tiHNtral(;ia,Cranip8,aut utner icsjluof Imperfcctdigestion reoared t; L C rc:Wltt a Co, Crjlcafl rr si, h, k O PHIUL1P8. Especially prepared. Keeps out water. A heavy bodied oil'. sful iu dates, and It Is expected that J. W. ,k. T,,....... t a wil he RUCCeSS p. wnson, .. xj....w elect inns Fowler, W. G. Rice, J Harness "The Filipinos are no more capable Thomas B. Harvey and ethers will be An excellent preservative. ' . " r.i . of self-government than the American beard from frequently. Col. Indians are capable of conducting: the stover has been reoueste 1 to visit the S5CUUL" LOSl your harnei. Never l.tir, t .. govirnment of. the I'nited States. The Hi,,a (llrinK trie month. Tacals are the only tribe that rriake That Joyful Feeling, any pretense to education, and only a very small portion of them can read U;T 'father; ltj Eniciency is increased. tecures l est service, titches kept from breaking Oil s sold in all Localities IGNORANT FOREIGNER? " "These comprised fully one-half of th - number of votes n-cived by M.Klu-ley." Deliberate Assertion of Democratic National Chairman Junit-s K. Jones. "He believed dt-voutly that l'j-an had been elected mid was wliid'eo Out of the presidency. " . "He believed that in the ttme- talllc forces would win a Kreat victory,'' His declaration that the principles of 1896 are "Absolutely essential to the welfare of the country." The man who advocated the rold Standard dtnounced as "No better than a vile thief." (From the address of United States Senator James K. Join s. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and write. In point of numuers iney are one of the weakest tribes in the on- hltiod pois4n. nirrht JWMf, .iiprvooi .: v rind iiMirtl trouhlps treated tiixier a lepa anii't', 'Drre.-ptindpire rictly private - -rt of imitators v. ho are c jpying a?er m ; for i.uc-l ion li-t .) i y. i Cirtfj 5t. rnvrr. Colo. Siand.rd Oil CwZJl tc, corner No 2; thence S. 23 32' E. 270 7 r feet lo corner No. 3; thence S. 23' 33' E. J V!l 4 feet to corner No. 4 thence S. &! ; "M" V 30" 1 fee' to corner No ". : thence N. 23' 3.".' W. 1417.7 feet to cornpr No. 1; j i heave N. 24' F7. 0. 3 feet to corner No. 1. the place of tiptrtnnine;. riatmlnir 1426 4 feet alonif the vein. 37R feet thereo' running southerly anil 1051.4 feet P-ereof innninK northerly from the center of dis-ooverv cut. Jopiin No. 2 Iode: HeRinnins at corner No. 1 .being the N. E. comer of this location and Idenlical with corner No. 4 De-launay IikIc and corner No. 3 Nanki Too lode, lKlh of survey No. 127S, whencp I!. S. location Monument No. 41 bears N 7 33' 10" W. 27M.2 fet distant; thence S. 72 f.7' W. 300 3 feet to corner No. 2; thence S. 23 3T B S31.4 feet to comer No. 3; thence P. 23 4"' K. t'.4"i.R feet to corner No. 4; theme N. 72 ".7' E. 2!"t.9 feet to corner No. :.- th-nee N. 23" 39' V. 56 X feet to corner No 6; thence N. 23 3:.' YV. t20 t feet to corner No. 1 tho place of beeinninK. CiainiiiiK 1 177 2 feet alone the vein thereof jnn feet thereof running northerly and '"77.2 feet thereof running southerly from Phliippeties. and as they are hated by the other tribes there would be constant war should the Tagals attempt to govern the islands. "The desire for self-government Is confined to a few unscrupulous leaders, who would rob the country and then escape to live In luxury In Paris or some other European capital, while the powers of the old world gobbled up the Islands. No one ramlliar with the Philippine islands has the faintest idea that u Filipino government is even remotely possible." With the ehilarating sense of ninwed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of FU?s. is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old-time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometime offered but never accepted by the well- informed, liny the genuine. Manufactured by the. California Fig Syrup Co. V 0 Last Saturday night between 11 and 12 o.clock the home of John Hurke, at Squav creek, u consumed by lire. The residence is build upon the ground formerly owned by (lushurst and Wolzmuili and recently sold to I'. N. Hanson & Co , of Minneapolis, and was owned by the com before the Legislature of Arkansas.) The Best Cooh in the Country recognize tin superiority ot LEA & PERRIIJS THE ORISin,, SAUCE the center of ill-rovcrv clft. FnKlnnil Furors Hran' Flection. One of the bogus issues raised In the present campaign by the Democratic pnrty in order to play upon the prejudices of a class .f American voters the s. ret alliance bogey. Not a. rtcln- ( tllla of evidence lias ever been fur-r,loh..,t HTi'nn which to base the declara WORCESTIRSHld 'IflNArurB 0 ' or IMITTI0H veru Ronu I .loiilm no. lo.le; Ileelnninp at corner J ' No 1 l-'lni- identical with ibe N. V cor- I ner of Hie lcfHiin ftnY w i I li corner No. 1 I .'"Wio N'i. 3 lode of this survev, niul corner j t V,, i Ti..-. f, v end corn...- No For dame, Steaks, Roaits, Sourj, nu everv var etvnf nmAA.. "Hundreds of thousands of iernnrant foreigners, who were here taking the bread out of the mouths of honest labor, voted at the last election at the dlctetion .of McKlnley's supporters. These forelsni rs comprised fully one-half of the number of votes received by McKinley." These are the words of the man who conducted the Democratic campnk-n in 1896. The same man Is the present Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He owes his position to the wish of Mr. Rrynn. The lnngunpe quoted above was used In a speech. It is no remembered scrap of Idle conversation., It was uttered in no heat of discussion. It was a deliberate expression. "Hundreds of thousands of Ignorant foreigners." said Chairman James K. Jones of the Democratic N-'ional Committee, "who camo her.- '.'king the -is. , r ( most invaluable Johm Duncan's Su-.s, Ai . New Yob, tion, yet it has been -dwelt upon with ; the same persistence and demagogic Iteration as tie- imperialistic fiction. , As the imperialistic In .gey is dwelt ' upon to mask the real issue, so the ' secret alliatue iy is insist.-. I in to j dtceive that . lass of voters it Is hoped j to influence through national preju-dices. j N.'Mlkl T'.o lode, tiolh of lirev Vo 127v. ''l' 1' S l.c.-Hlintr M..nitl"ellt V-l. It l.-ar N 7' "V '0" YV ?7 " feet .V tanf It'elli e V. r r f 2'' I f.-' '. l.'-licr i Vo ' I c j 1 1 -, , V 7s' n-e I.- ". ! f. I .,, rrvrn,.r - tcpr.,, Q -ei I-,- .- .-'.it 1 i ' to i-'.rm-r No 4 tli,e,, ,. ; -- - v . i t.r... ,.,:.;., n r,.f, .,1,,,.., j " .1,,,,., f ...v r .... r.... .,rih,...t.. K,"r t(t(iifi(t(iir. r, ' t . A'K H.t kkKkM1 ' " t ' " ' vxuzciiif triiaiisiBfieteiftBiirBizBiiirfcirucri pany. Mr. Hurke na.i I n loremau ,it the Squaw creek mine until they sti -it down work and since then has been work -iiig upon lie- Anne creek mine, but he and family ie-ahd at the rej-idciu-e upon the former ,ro;..ii The building was a one- and half story structure and was valind al about . four hundred dollars and the conleiils, which was lhe property of Mr. Hurke, was .valued at aUmt four O livo hundred dollars. everything burned, even the wearing appearl of the family. The lire originated in a cabin adjoining the house, but how it caught Is not known, unless it. was from sparks falling upon it. The 'fire had got such headway before dUcvered that the family had barely time to escape with their lives. The fact is. desires uie e.e--tlon of liryan. Two gnat Ktiglish imirnak the T.i.n.hni Spectator (inii I 1,1 1 " ' '!,,,,,(, o. .-onlherli- f.-opi the I 'In I "A BfessiRi lo ell women jov ;ind romfnrt ri'nvs into ev. rv h"ii'"liiM tw ivh' n tin' u:ue i " tiiothcp's Friend" i ; known. No tanre gloomy torcliodings orm rvutincs-, 'uu l.y t x;x'Ct:'i::t l!i.''.h"S, risall pain is prevented by til.; i i-xternal t-.'-e .f " Motlwr's l 'riend," tho marvelous jJ liniment. There is notliiut; like it. WW B. F. ItRIW V, nflVii 'ill, I. a , : " Many nf mv ifr't frirrxK hire s:, m w Mother v ' l. ! (. iirin-mrnt, an.t sjyth.-y .,11. 1 not Jjk llifuuli li.c ordeal ".n without hvint; it, even if it lost tai P' buttle." C..I hv mrra naM on ri-mt,t ol pnre. rVKOOnr Rattle. rWk. I - on- -n- 1 n op, ti. V AA'- 1 -o " It vat m frmi - it1 on- . "Moilrhuod," written e-tci.tlly lor young 411 J nuilule-agcil women, mailed Irte. tuirr. Sold iy all Druggists. TUB URADFIELD RBCIXATOR CO Atlanta, . vjiiiiiuiiiitaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiMiMiiiJiiiiiiiii the London Truth, have made no scruple to declare that It is for the Interest -of Great lliltain and wouJ.d be most gratifying to her if liryan should be successful ' in tlv Americ an presidential contest. Senator Depew ot New York recently arrived from a visit to Europe, and upon being Interviewed, declared that there was no doubt of a prevailing sentiment in England In favor of Bryan's election. Now, 'It would seem from these facta that If the detested "secret alliance" exists. Great Britain would be quit willing to forego all the benefits derived from It in exchange for the greater advantages that would accrue from the election of Mr. Bryan. But, aa Senator Depew says, England's solicitude for Bryan's election Is prompted by a selfish motive. It Is none other than "commercialism," that thing which Democratic leaders affect ao much to detest. iUi)IHMVHMVlVVUllUlltMMlllk'ltlllli bread out of the mouths or ionesi i-bor, voted at the last election at the dictation of McKlnley's supporters. These foreigners comprised fully one-half of the number of votes received by McKinley." And then, on the basis that the Republican party owed success In 1SS to "ignorant foreigners," Chairman Jones proceeded to hold out the hope of success In 1900. . "Can there be any doubt," he asked. a to which shall prevail, the six and one-half millions of Intelligent .Bryan voters, or the three and one-half mill-lona of ignorant foreigners who voted for McKinley T" . , It would seem to ehaiWe FoJSf-most incredible, that ,Ur.harntiv the Democratic National Committee could make such statements In a pub-He speech. But the Hqriorable Jamea K. Jonee did It. 4fitntVl . More than two months after the election of 189 he uttered tTwmssertlon quoted. ' MTW mtnw WAS tA lAM NfrlOUS thail Yeetarday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Robert Hurlbert and Mrs. Woodward were united in marriage by Rev. Foland. Botht he con-IraoLinK pal lies are residents of Lead. The Broom Is a fireman at the pump-house of the Homestake on the Deadwood and Lead road and has resided in Lead for several years. He is a sober and Industrious young man and has many friends here. The bride has held a position In the household of Supt. Grier for How a Woman Suffers. A Political Platform. I some time and is highly spoken of by her ' friends. They will make their home in l Lead. ' llo-nnt n 1 -" o- o v.ln & AA 't rlinnlni. oniitlin.l, nnft 1Ao: o tn rnnnlno- nnrttinrv 1 n-hpn.o If U T oo-.Ht.'. " 41 T-oo-s v i in u T7" ono-9 tntt r,,(. tl.pnpo C 0 o. p. o-n 0 r not-o XT0 V. r ik- ft so R fapt to rompr Vn. tn 1 "T r-1 1 o .a or-ro- V, J- fhoriro M. Sfi" '4' V m O fpot trt m'nr Vr. K- u.o M. 11 3" V,. QQA n fpof frt r.vnr Vn. fi : .pro(, 93 40' tv etr, q foot in rortr XTn. 7- IIitt-o ?4 TV. Rft1.7 fept to rnrr)- XTo 1 .Tin rlin. rf hpHnnlne. rMafmlTi 1!tRft. fwt pinn? tnp v'n tpeof. 240 fpt ninnine porther-t'- anfl 1140 0 ft mnnlne southerly from th- center of dloverr she'. Variation t all corner 16 ")' H. Area as fol'ows: .Toplln Vo. 1. C K".S pores: Jonlln No. 9 lode 10.1" toti. lln No. 3 lode. 1.!8 perp' .Tu"o "te lo. lv48 prrour Mnmetic lode, 13.339 acres. Total. 68.148 acres. Artioinlnir claim" are: T)eliinay and Nanhi Pno lodes. Survey N. 1278, on thp north: Gila and Little Bonanza. Purvey No. 977. n outh. On the weft. Vieor. Sornoa, Co-Moa. Cwt. and Cottontail lode, unsurveyed. There are no known (jonfiicts. The locations of thes mines are recorded tn the Reetster of TVeds nfflre of TAwrenff Oountr. South Hakota. In the Book 104. rvHcex RR3. 474. 47K and 320; Rook 151. iae8 an address before the Legislature n. Arkansas. Senator Jonea had jusi neen wnen m.j- vi. ...i. in Hi. United Had been quietly turned down? hie third term in the United elected to Tes. Howbll, Ihd., Not. M. I will alwaya prtiiaa Wine of Cardui It haa don ma mora rood than ail the medi-olnea I have ever taken in my life. Pleuae and a book about female diaeaaea to the ladiaa whoaa namaa I encloao . Mrs. MINNIB 8TODOHILL ntn senate. On the 20th of January,, 187, the senator appeared before an In- . formal Joint eeesion of hia State Legis- Did you see them faces "lake-lature at the Capitol in Little ,Rock. When they said "We 11 have to ak. Si return ed hi. thank, to the people One more pill for Bryan's sake? of Arkansaa through their representatives the Legislature, and then he Eroded to discus, the. defeat of Bry- Did you hear the silver bel SfTiInt a. thV Chairman of the Peal forth joyfully and well-mcTraVational, Committee and That Towne dldnt Ket a smelir the Head of the Management of the - SrTouthrt6 ? h Did you - nicf croker smlle uenevcu i, stntKh his mouth half a mile. The authorities have as yet no tangible clue to the murderer of Mrs. Herd-man, altho the country is full of wild rumors. A man in from Polo gulch yesterday told the sheriff that he heard a horse pass his house on a run, about 2 o'clock i-onday morning. The sheriff and deputies and prosecut1 ing attorney ere working hard and will leave nothing undone to bring the murderer to justice. It Isn't necessary for t woman to give particulars. Whoi she sri the has " female troubles", other women know what Hut means. It means days and nights of endless sufiering. It means hKutaclies which no tongue can describe. It means that terrible bearim; and drawing down In the lower abdomen. It means a'oraiiu; backache, and shoulJet ache, and arm ache, and aches in the lower limlw it means nerves on edge the blues despondency and loss oi h v. It means debilitating drains that the doctors call leucurrhaea. It muis martvrdi.m-some-times even death seems preterable. And stiil W ine of Cardui will utterly Been Hlecteo. am. v -w., hV Towne men lost their pile? of the Presidency. You know it. LADIES' ADVISOHf DEPARTMENT. put Hi. se diseases and pains to rouu It has cured thousand'; of casS when n--thins: else.. a eaf!i wwiU To lije budilmi! w.-nun. to the liride, to tut- wile, to the Wpectam. PoradvlfA In r-nae r.inirltiu'., 1.1 . ' He declared his belief "that in 1900 the bimetallic forces would win a great victory." This still makes 16 to 1 the paramout issue. He reasserted his conviction "that . tho principles he spoke for were absolutely essential to the welfare of the country." That Is 1 to 1. . 7V--The Senator spoke. for over an hour. . Running through his spetjfta were two principal thoughts. One was this" Idea ... V1 Kaah Did you see him smack his chops When the Ice Trust knrcked the prop. From beneath the Western Pops? You bet. Do you think this two-faced crew Can deceive the crowdsanew. As they did In Ninety-two? Nlt. 540, 53ft: Book 13fi. pnijp S4. rpunfctlvelr. Any and all person' claim!"!? ndvprsp'y onr nortlon t said .Toniln No. 1. Jol!n No Jonlln No. S. Julia FMe. and Mae-netif mine j-'surface eround are rpoulred to file thAlr r)yprso clims with thp "Register of the Unltpd States Land Office at Wan'd Titv. In th County of Pennlnetnn. P"Uth Dakota. dnrlnK 'he sixt" flays' neriod rf iiuhllratlon hpreof. or fipv will hp harrert hy virtue of the provisions of the statute. A. K OsRTN':P. Rpelnter. Tt is hrphv ordereJ. that the foi)lppoln! nntlre of aonliontlon frw patent he n"h-llahed for the peHod of t"i ronsoutlve week?, in thp Weekly rinnper-TlTnts, a weelv newenaner puhllhpd at Dead-wood. Pmilh rnV"tn V K. c,Pn'FB rtocrfter. fFit puhiiraHon Sept. fith.. 1900. 1 dtrerttotw, ad.lrrw, glTlrii Kyni.i,'ii UeW ArlwlMry lte'U Tr (HAfTAM.I.GA iiuiiua iv, Lluutanooau, Trim. mm her. t tiioe gom woi the Change of Life, this Vegetable Wine is a I less ;v Druggists Sell Large Bottles for S1.00. that KepUDllcan uqce. Blt Deposits Belle Bryan- achieved through 7g?Renator uTsollcitude ha. been expre.aed Ignera," a remilt whfehhe Senator epponents for the depositor. In reaertea intne--nse -.."-, hanka. They constantly pa- , southernpopuiatlonjsrh -.., ,mor before these depositor, the ad- American. - , .!. of a arold standard, but the a othaiWM.tral idea with the Ben- wlrt be la vam. because sav The atoi wxatue injustice Of-the unequal i ,' . v ,,.nolltor. know that undei inira bank depositors know that under STRAYED. From Lead about Aug. 6, 1 black Polled Angus cow, branded PMX oa right side. A reward will be paid for her return to Patrick McCarthy. Lead, S. D., or information leatnAg to" her recovery. RANCH FOR SALE Includes 2240 acres, 20 miles of fence; four windmills, tanks and extra pumps; large sheds, barns and corrals; stock scales, three mowers, two rakes, two sweeps, one hay stacker and other ranch supplies too numerous to mention. 15 miles from Alliance Will sell with or without live stock. 700 tons of hay in stack. Come and see for yourself. Will sell cheap, if sold soon. A HAGUE, Alliance, Neb. (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, Attys.) '. SUMMONS. In the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Circut, -Within and For the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. Mary Gillespie, Plaintiff, vs. Raymond C. .ne8ple. Defendant. The State of South Dakota, to the Above Defendant : You are hereby summoned and required, to answer the . complaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled' action, which was filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the Eighth Judicial Grviit, in and for the County of ' Lawrence, and State ot South Dakota, June 12, 1900, and to errt a copy of your , answer to the said Complaint on the subscribers, at their office In Deadwood, tn said Conn- . !' in 1 MUKMUM BISHOPS FILiLS for all diseases - u j pauoa, aeir-aDuse, excesses or cigarette RinoKing. " -m BHagm back your "manhood, tares depleted, wornout men. rea Diooa ana tissue, uures waitings and an loss.. . l.l. .. - 1 . i...t,-.c lues w "Tl "' """"ii i ww uupubvucj, uwL power, eiu.!".o.'- lt.htnC 1 eonstlpatisn, adds luaturs to-tbe eyes, stops nervous lw"c -oM eves. Makes Ufa worth llvln-. a hnAn to roung or oKL ., BISHOP PILLS strenrtheoa and restore, small, weak organs. P.,ifJ dreular. A0- Fries a Kx, U eeoU, 4 for $3.50 by mall. Send for free a gel -standard there Is Increasing eaViger -that -they will lose tbelr deposits because of the inability of the banks to collect their aatets; and they still further know- that. If the rold standard is to continue indefinitely, they may be compelled to . withdraw their deroslts In order to pay living; expanses. Bryan's First Battle. Since that was uttered savings bans, deposits have grown, enormously, 'la the year 1894. under pemocratlo free trade, 8.413,477 depositors , in savin banks had $1,285,400,418 to their credit: la 1809 the number, of depositors had arown to 4.254.518. and the money de-poslt'V f Il.:2.f74 ; : f " ':., Tour best friend can give you no wtter advice than thU: - "For impure blood, humors, scrofula,' salt rheum, .lyspepsla. weak nerves, tired feeling. Guapteel io " uionvr nnvriur CO., San Prandaoo, Cbe reach of alll. Palaca Pharmacy. Deadwood, CD. AH OlLLSi -1 , J.mSi Rouse A the tor I pld liver, and Cure ; dlBtrlbutlonfweaIUuJIpqn3hl.he dwelt with almost the emphasis which he rave, to the "Ignorant Foreigners." "What haa been the cause f thui threat strugglef the Senator asked. , ' "The people are as honest a1d indua-: trious a. they' ever were. What then, waathe matter? The last censu. report .how. that thewealth of th eounJ " try wa $65.000,000 000. or about J5.000 to each family of five members, v Ch Senator quoed figures to .how the 4n equality of the distribution, of jvealth, Why was Massachusetts so much better off than Arkansas? Were they more Industrious "and more deserving? He considered - that , the Southern people .rank fully up to. If not ahead of tha people in the . balance of the country. The Southern people , are more completely Anglo-Saxon than those of tho v other states, and. therefore, more American." ;-":. '..V i At this point the Chairman of the -Democratic National Committee made one ot the most remarkable ot this series of startling statements for Arkan-" . aaa . consumption. '' He illustrated his assertion that the' Southern people are -more American" than the rest ot the country in this way: ' ' . " ' "it took the people of the ccmblfled North and the East four years to con eroer the Southern people, and the latter aad built for :thej. a pension list ..nalllnr't I i - bfllousneas, sick I headache, Jaundice, Wholesale to Users. nausea, lndigea tioo,etc They are invaluable to prevent a cold or break up a fever. Mild, gentle, certain, they are worthy your confidence. Purely vegetable, tney can be taken by children or delicate women. Price, 29c at all medicine dealers or by mail of C. t Hooa A Co. Lowell, Mass. , -Our -General Catalogue F them. Send i t" V"" LA Constipation to cured by Hood's Fills. " MrTic ' summon, upon you. 25c. 1 i exclusive of the day of service; and If :" r: : ; -a " v - ; you fall to answer the said complaint eighty-four per cent occurred In Lead. Withithe lime aforesaid, the plaintiff Charlie, the Tailor, in a neat lit- itt this action will apply to the Court tie display1 ad which maes its fln&jfor the-relief demanded In the corn-appearance this morning, has some-,; , t . - . - . DONTBC FOOLED! ':&0' postage or expressaire 7 ' 3881 . . send youone. It ha, mooJJ til-: !Zin':l--3T Pnces on, nearly 7o,oop-M ' - 5 7"-- Tm& that you eit ' and n e . . t y.t mS.- We constantly carry m laa the pMbs, eriglaM ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made eejy fcy Maftm MUoV dm O.. Madteea, Wla. It kwfss rm wail. Oar trade Mrk cmt aara sacaae. Price, 3 cent. Never oU UllMB U1H Will W U1WV7K io any one contemplating the pur aesi- articles ouotea. . , - . i chase of a new fall suit. 'Our advice MCLAUGHLIN:, McLAUGHLJN, i -. : Attorneys for PlalnUff. . Dated Deadwood, S. D.. June 12, 1900.' i ' - ' '. - Te Tleai aWtatatila fcriMte. i the WsrM. MoarrrOMERY WARD ' ease hi Occaslid I Eicsiil Ua. - ,. - - "-lw- "Taf I The Senator's speecn. bristled withu that you read hat Charlie haa to assertions Intended te Incite the Pplrit gay aO profit thereby.1 . ' - ne ywr stranut. . SHIIIIIII ' . . .

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