The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 16, 1991 · Page 30
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 30

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1991
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

-6 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Wednesday, October 16, 1991 Wednesday, October 16. 1991 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER C ; fft$ :?tj;i: t-eiij-;: -, " ' i. i i I I i 4 , " ( cqrriLUJ U I kLI I I I H I? iw iff: ;: VA Ounce Packages A I I I I I i i I . i Any One Pound Packaged Sliced Mil . pljK; J S 1 II i. JT t 9.4 Creamcttes Dinner ; r I Br I I I mim.MAkjm likli.ii Lk kL! i " i - tfy fT ftr i"'" t?fTi f ' iililillplil: VMUf) taaltl laHa WkntJU V VooKi i HMM i i i7 dl U 3 p LimH Tvw Free Packjoes wiW coupoo, Eflacttve Today flirough 0ctrr -30, t991SuDject to appWle stale anfltoca! taxes Onecouponper If trie gj m ii ii m m m an m mm u & Si jj Tyson Grade 'A' t i . tend -yTd ,., .(SljOLbJ f'WB" - f ' - f" i , , - , , A I I 5 Iii3ijil ! A I 4 kv town! I Ji 1 1 1 3" 13 Ounce Package I. ; lb- , J I Any 12 Count Multipack Package of Any Variety i piv r"t rrr r"t rrtci Wl bia bol , I ki.Wi E tWOwPaewtt&eEfteclivetoSayoa October 20, 3 . customer. "J iauuu'auuuuuuiiuuuu II IS" 1 CORN FLAKES BBQ, No Salt. Cheddar tl w J Cheese, Tanqy Ranch or Regular I M Assorted Colors or Designer HUM PAPER TOWELS Cereal LAY'S POTATO CHIPS 6V2 Ounce Bag C ; 1 I t j .-- . I i Jumbo Roll Jumbo Roll ItHLGSS'S G97J FUHS Ounce Box V.1 . 111 . . 'ft. j; S yJ in ..' I Anv ft i h oirnnp ncMnnp. m .1 v El - f ro?en. Minced Fish Sticks or 0 I I n r ", B S OS. PAUL'S FILLETS ! fit ryv r"t prr f"? FPFF! 1 V 1W Sutwct io apotwwsUJe and local taws Onecsuponpsrcuswiier. 1 ttfr fas tewlfJwfKjn. 6ffcfeeT (fwougri Of 2Q 1931 - V'SuttoaRptabie mate and local tarns Of coupon per cuew. 4tHiiuQaaai3ii3iiyaHEiyyF il Sl jh wwwwwwwwiiiwiiBWwwaii All Purpose, Self Rising or Unbleached 11 xfTX j j COUPON BELOW Pound Vy V J) US0A Choice Grain Fed Beef Round, Boneless Top Round Roast For L0atIIlIl 0HL I! White, Print or Assorted Colors rnmniFM nnm tissiif ami n ri"i n vi Aim m UULU l.JtUML MUUli E 12 Ounce Box Pound 4 Roll Package ri u El S Pound Bag if k ' ttj'.' yC I ; A. " l j ictiA A sy X jf X P 1 8 w ST' f. : S: II 111 .11 f ) j.s i TV ' .1 i 1: ti y " v.. 1 k, - , a a 1 I ( i D ' LJ,3 . a 8 limit One 6c w coupon. EftecSvs Today ftmui October 20, 1991 2 Suttfcicattesttearioctam.Owcouptmpercusr .5 1 '.fJrJ 1 ' L i n 1 nn mrm Hn Frozen, Concentrated, Valencia, Regular: FL0RIDAG0LD 0RAKGE JUICE Any Variety, Except Angel Food BETTY CROCKER CAKEKIX Prnnt lhiR rminm Hn jUiv (WF fMwultwf s cts on coupon, and q double the savmgs whin yu putchjise it Mnem LtrTMONEcouDontoranvHriicuiar I imi mm IPreswt mi coupon nwth any ONE Mnufciu(t (cwiisow coupon magi! douoth savings when you HifcMtm llm limn ONE coupon tar v particular rtvffl Ofler itmttM to ManutKlurtr a coupons ItessttunSOc ManutKlurtr coupons owr SO" or s thwii OOwtHbeteOflemifllv Si 00 Mjinii(l(ir iflnmrtftiouBSi (U i im ir m nem Otttr umnod to Manutaciurer $ coupon! m SO' 07 wss tmn t ouwihm rtdscmeci ior a I'T lil. r'lllll m Si 00 Manuiatlurtr scouDonioviril 00 Present in coupon with any ONE Manufacturer scents oil coupon and gel aoutrte tne uvtnos when you purcnase in nem Limit ONE coupon tor any pamcuiw rtem Offer hnvtedio Manufacturer stqupons lesithan&Oe Manotaciunw s coupons over . 50'OTWssffunii oxiwtiberenwrnerjfar $1 00 Manuiiuff i coupons over Jt 00 ml' be redeemed at face vatue voumusi purchase products m sittt specified on the . -coupon This olftr appin$ only to Manufacturer $ CENTS OFF coupons for rtems sow at Krooer and noi to FREE ' w tooacco product coupons Amounl refunded CANNOT EXCEED THE PRICE Of THE ITEM Ofler good through MONDAY . OclutW t , ' 1991 Lmrl6pe'fanWy .: Iwm bo rMeamed at fact viiu roumusl . wHitoradwnditttMiu. Voumusl ft purcrMHprorJuctSKtsiiMipKilmlontfii purchase produeism aim spila on in H uiuhjii (iuuiivi aiuire wnr w - . w luuv"" tmww uniwsuniyj .: M r coupon T his oner iDDlsofli Manufacturer 1 CENTS OFF coupons lor 0 ui ; 18'4 Ounce Box EManufaciufflr's CENTS 0PF coupnns tor ttms sow at Kroger and no) lo FfttE I IZOunce r t jf , j f UP TO A Can Ww I 1 60y WW MittmsaouiiKroger.arwfwto Htt or tobacco product coupons Amount refunded 1 CANNOT EXCEED THE PRICE Of THE ITEM I H iwi Limn per rmR w iwj. urrwoptr urrwy i i" . n I US Government Inspected Fresh, Pork Loin I mvnn dapit i mm wmm mm UjrU4 ! efresenMhiS oouoon wrttft any ONE i m Manullduflr ICCMSOH coupon iccMsoHcouDon dd AnyVxMy.lKjhtlnMilkor woliHMwnowh,yoii.purc(WMiht : V. V II II M M W I X II II f t S porxlo::j TEXAS GOLD ICECREAM EPrweni this coupon wtih any ONf Manufacturer scenis oti coupon mdott - fdouWe ine savings when you purchase the rtem limit ONE coupon fw any pantcuier rtem Otter limned io Manufacturer i coupons I less inafl 50t Manufacturer s coupons over i 50' or less than $1 00 wtii be redeemed lor t1 00 Manuiatturer tcouDonsoverSi 00 win be redeemed at lice value You must : purchase products in tins specilwl on iht ooutwn This otter apphes only to I Manutaciurer sCENTSOFFcouponsfw : Iitemtiowtl Krooer andnono FHEE at tobacco product Coupons Amount reiunfltd cannot exceed the paice of the item. . . I Otter good through MONDAY . October 21 . 1991 Lffltt 6 per family . P Manufacturer scents on coupon, endgrt bdbubM) (he stvngt wtien you purchase the titem Linw ONE coupon tor any particular flem Offer wnfted to Manuleciuref a coupons hfesithanbOc Manuiacturer s coupons over W or less than Si 00 win be redeemed for 11 00 Mafiulatturef'sttuponsovwSi 00 fwiUbefedeenwlaltecevaiue you must purchase products m wes specified on IW t coupon I His otter applies only ManufattwersCENTSWFciwponstof demi sow at Kroner, and not to FREE or tetotwcM product couponi Amourfl refunded CANNOT EXCEED THE PRICE OF THE ITEM 8 Offer good through MONDAY, October ), ; i1 Lww6pfamiry. . UPT0 V sjoo A 103 I W IV II f Contains: NX 11 - , One Loin End Roast, I VV .w 1 ' SJ1' J 1 12 Center Cut Rib Chops, Os S XV'' 8 Country Style Ribsy SN,X,,1 I Pooni ' mn lhthi um coupon w My pilcuujr (torn OttetiBWrtfoManutaciufT icoupom ffi MullUnSOc ManulMlurtf icluponsow : SO'OrltKlluntl OOanUMrahomHIot : S1 00 Manultttuw'i coupons owS! 00 .IIMrOOwnMKIact.iiuO VtHifflull tpurehmpriudsfflumiDiuJontltt ; coupon ThaonttplsonlyU MjnoUBUW 5 CENTS OFF COUpCfl! W SHcmswWal Kropjer. ondnntlo ' FRFG '0( lotMccopiottucI couponi Amount rolunoM CANNOT f HCtED I fWCf Of THE ITEM. : m gocwmrouanMONOAY. Ocuixr I iwi.uwterwiiMy n nw HaK Gallon AOramSED mi nuei; Each ot these advertised Items Is required to be readily available lor sale in each Kroger store, except as specifically noted In this ad. II we do run out ot an advertised item, we will otter you your choice ol a comparable Item with the same savings or a ralncheck which will entitle you to purchase the advertised item at the advertised price within 30 days. LIMIT ONE MANUFACTURER'S COUPON PER ITEM PURCHASED. COPYRIGHT 1991 , THE KROGER CO. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. NONE SOLD TO DEALERS, Prices and Items effective Today through October 20, 1 991 at all area Kroger Stores. I itslt I Carton H limn One Carton wilhrotipon Etttclivt Today llrtougn OctotMT , 1991 . SuOjecl to appnuUl and loul laKis, Ona couoon of cuatamar m mm m m m m m m V

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